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Week 12 Preview, Lamar Jackson & Marty Mornhinweg, NFL Franchise in London


Back once again here the GM shuffled. Thanks much checking this out. We're going to talk with some major games coming up this weekend including a heavyweight matchup Mike. Green Bay San Francisco. People are fired up for that will be the Sunday night. Football game also Seattle Philly and your mailbag questions as always you send them to the GM shuffler But we start with Lamar Jackson and former Baltimore Ravens. Offensive Coordinator Morty. Morning Wag denying a report this past Tuesday that he wanted to move quarterback Lamar Jackson into wide receiver morning. Sin Statement released by the Ravens. That didn't happen. Never said that. He denied that he suggested position changed for Jackson who by the way of course in the MVP conversation precision. Here's morning quote my thoughts before the drafted even more when we started working with Lamar. Was this young man was going to be a special quarterback very early. We saw that along with always throwing escape abilities. He reads feel as well as any young quarterback I ever worked with. Is He telling the truth here. Mike you know according to my sources he's not I mean Marty called me this week and I was violently defending himself. And how he you know loved the kid and then so I reached back to my source and actually to sources within the the building and both of them said they stand by what they sent to me and look I believe what he told me but I think the actions speak a lot louder than whatever words people are saying the look the the thing that's fascinating about this whole Amar everybody the NFL's filled with people that want to jump on something that's successful and this this would have gone the other way. Had Lamar not been successful right. There would have been a lot of people saying I told you couldn't play it. I mean he's the fifth quarterback picked. Okay if this is what people visualize initialized before the draft. Why were four quarterbacks picked before him why we're teams trading up to get quarterbacks to get him seriously if it was so so obvious and you know I'll go? Martin defended it. Yeah I got it back and the guy sent me an exact quote from the room that I wouldn't repeat on air but I mean I've got it back from people that were in the room. This is Steve Bodies Decision. This was nothing by premeditated by anything that the Baltimore Ravens did. It was his decision season to make it. Let's give it a shot. Did they. Not like the kid. No in fact milt Hendrickson was the one of the only scouts who was jumping on a table for him. He's he's now second in command at Green Bay. That was the guy that was pushing it. It was one of the only scouts jumping on the table for the kid. And I mean look let's examine. Ad Let's examine. Let's do await forensic autopsy here of their draft day that they're picking sixteenth in the first round correct right and they get a phone call from buffalo and Buffalo's lows willing to trade them up and so they make a deal with buffalo they trade with Buffalo and they get picked twenty two and they get something else right so they trade down to twenty twenty two which was originally puffer. How the extra pick then? Tennessee wants to go from twenty five to twenty two and Baltimore which is madly in love with Lamar madly in love with Lamar. And they want to build their whole franchise around the site again to trade from twenty two to twenty five. Now you gotTa know this the Patriots. It's been a lot of time on the Mark Jackson. They spent a ton of time and when Baltimore traded from twenty two to twenty five at New England sitting at twenty three they had no new England was all over Lamar. They had sent Josh mcdaniels. There they spent time with them they had spent all there was a lot of talk. I was talking about it that I thought that they would draft craft. I really did and at the end of the day I think they felt like they have to change completely and the transition from Tom to Lamar probably would have been too dramatic in one year and so I think they pass but I think that they had genuine genuine interest in the kid and I mean I know this because my son coached at Louisville. My son was there. My son was getting phone calls from people in the League genuinely interested in Lamar. Yeah here's what I find fascinating. So how did so many teams Miss Lamar Jackson and I'm not blessed the Ravens because they actually did pick him. Maybe they could've kicked buyer but all these other teams. How did this is? This is an indictment by the way and everybody on on Espn Fox every college. Football analysts the fact that nobody said Lamar Jackson should be a top ten pick. Everybody had him behind Baker Mayfield. Sam Darnold at the very least and after that. Okay Josh Allen and so on and so forth how did everybody missile. Badly Lamar Jackson. I don't know but I got my ass. Ripped I got my ass right by the Great Cleveland media when I said that to me if I were the BROWNS I would've depict Bradley. Chubb Quinton Nelson Roe conn Smith. I would have done one for I would have picked Nelson and Chubb who I really wanted to pick a dolphin defence alarm and then I would've traded back into the first to get Lamar. I said that after the draft and I got my ass hammered hammered. I got hammered for that. I was one of the only people apple that was saying because I had I had my son coat. I watch this kid play every single day. I watched them play. You know all these draft guys are talking about go back and read the draft greats rates. You know it's hit or miss with Lamar it's hit or miss with Amar and you're right. You're absolutely right. Give Baltimore complete credit but my only point about talking about Baltimore trading around if if there were this many people in the Baltimore nation that love Lamar like they say they do. Then why the hell were they trading down why were they risking leading New England. Pick them in front of them and then when they get to twenty-five when they get the twenty five they don't even pick them there they pick a tight end who allegedly claim they building their organization around Lamar so so they pick the tight end to help. Lamar wait a minute. Hold on. Don't have the right. Yeah it's bizarre the way it went like that. Let me ask you this to for the march. Everybody right now is in love with the guy for good reason. But you don't WanNa be a flavor of the month it ought to be a flash in the PAN. What potential concerns you see with this guy because in terms of great running quarterbacks ax? There's only a few that have been truly successful whether it's Randall Cunningham or Michael Vick or Cam Newton Brief Philo Newton who knows where his career is GonNa go. We all know the strength of the Mark Jackson Right now. Mike the arm strength and the capability excetera. What concerns do you though? See for Lamar Jackson who I think. There's a when you have Lamar. You have to be really good on defense. And I and I think that's where the people have misconstrued. What's going on in Baltimore lately because of what they've been able to do defensively in the last four weeks defenses really improved tremendously improved approved? And I think when you break it down and you see their ability to improve defensively. You're like Holy Heck. They've been able to slow teams down. There been able to get off the field I mean Arizona. Move the the ball at will on their secondary but since about the bye week after they got beat by Cleveland. They fix this defense and they're playing at a higher level so you need a really good defense because the reason you need a really good defense as you can't get behind in games you can't allow Lamar to play in a dropback world. Lamar Jackson and Jared Goff are essentially lead the same parameters that you have to build your team around jared. Goff can't play in a drop back. Pass game I don't give a shit. How much money they give them? They can't play job back past game. It's gotTa be all play action for him and you can't play action when you're behind you can't play action when you don't have a run game. Lamar needs play action in the run game and if he ever gets into a drop back pass game then then we're going to sit there and say why didn't like them. This is why I didn't like them. There's a style that Lamar has to play. It's very clear he's got to play a certain style and he is is the upper echelon of that style but when it gets into a game where he can't run that style and he has to go left handed as opposed to being able to run his style. Then I think all all hell breaks loose and then I think all these other teams the other team that I think that I really believed in the draft in my bones. I believe the chargers were gonNA draft him at seventeen eighteen. I believed it. I thought it I believed it. And when they picked James Great Pick. Don't get me wrong because I really thought Anthony. Lynn wanted somebody back. I thirty wanted somebody to challenge him and I thought they were gonNA pick them there. So you said okay. I thought the Patriots and I thought the chargers were the two teams and give Baltimore Credit. They come back into the first. They trade with Philadelphia. Get back into the first at thirty two and they pick them so look. I'll take Marnie morning week for his word. I'm not backing off. What my source told me because I have other other sources from other areas in the same organization at tell me the same thing that being said the proof in the pudding like if everybody loved this kid and thought he was going to be the next great quarterback back and then you start Joe Flacco and let's not forget let's not forget when they benched? Joe flacco there was a lot of unhappy Campers within the Baltimore Organization. Do you remember that. Well that's I was GONNA say a part of this demi comes this flacco had a lot of defenders and it's amazing Mike. What a super bowl? We'll do for you. No matter what you say about Joe FLACCO. You could criticize him. Every which way would Sunday bill is. Avenue won a super liberal. And it's not the same quarterback he was. He's not as strong as other players to your point. Maybe Lamar Jackson was pushing me. Camp yet. FLACCO had a lot of supporters. If not apologised at one point and I mean they weren't going to bench him. I mean you know. It wasn't until really and give John I mean. I think John Harbaugh came into this thing with an open. Mind I really do. I think he was listening to his offense of staff and is personnel people. And I don't think there was anybody all due respect Marty. There was anybody screaming. This is the second coming of Steve Young here. I mean let's face it. I mean the word in the building was they thought he was Michael Vick but not as good as passer. I mean that was one quote that someone said. I mean. There's a lot of things that are going went on here right and give John Credit when he came in there and then when they made the change to Roman and in fairness Tamari and fairness tomorrow Mardi couldn't really love Lamar Montes a west coast offense guy. He's a rhythm thrower that's the one thing lamarche. Not they kept trying to make Joe flacco a rhythm thrower. That's what he wasn't either you you know. And so sometimes coaches that don't like certain player. It's because he doesn't really quite fit what they wanna do. And that's understandable. Yeah it's It's fascinating the way everything has happened now. Because because with Lamar Jackson could be considered Michael Vick two point. Oh as we've discussed. MVP Conversation Baltimore appears to be a Juggernaut in the AFC and now with the quarterback position evolving evolving. We know that everyone loves a good imitation of that. It's a copycat league but there's only so many Lamar Jackson's out there. But you watch college football passionate as much as anybody Buddy Mike. Do you think the quarterback position now becomes everyone's looking for the next Lamar Jackson or is it. Hey listen this guy's phenomenal but there's only so many of these players are like this. Let's keep looking for our prototypical. Big Strong quarterback suggested Herbert at Oregon. I think it's not going to change. I think that what Lamar's doing is so revolutionary. I mean look I think Harlem Elementary has proven that. He's better than I thought. He was. Carla Murray and I think what Cliff Kingsbury is done in the last seven weeks of what he's done with his offense is really good. He's moved Mary around. He's given them a chance. He's taken away from the offense he's been some to back sets he's been tight end sets. I mean he's really changed what he's doing. I think Kingsbury has really proven that he can adapt to the NFL which really for me if you're an NFL executive in Kingsbury is doing this. You should look at Mike Leach's at potential head coaching candidate. 'cause leads can do it as well as anybody and if Kingsbury doing it like this. It's GONNA open up the door for Mike Leach. I think but the reality here is you're not gonNA find a Lamar Kyla Murray's not even half as fast asses. Lamar he's not. I don't care what they time. Lamar breaks through angles on tackles all the time. It's GONNA come down to the challenge that we have in evaluating quarterbacks in the NFL is is simply this. We can't figure out the college game because the college game is really more of a seven on seven game and the quarterbacks hold the ball for too long there's too many any like Mason Rudolph for example Mason Rudolph the classic seven on seven quarterback. He holds the ball too long. He can't sit there and say okay. I'm GONNA cut it. I'M GONNA throw it before. The receiver breaks open. He can't quite do it. And I think that's the problem with college guys and we see it I mean and look the. NFL's is right now. There's quarterbacks that are highly paid that are playing to the level they are because there's some issues let's take one Carson Wentz I mean Carson Wentz his implant anywhere near where he was a year ago two years ago when he was almost the MVP VP. I mean he's a yard and a half down below savage. Tom Brady not playing nearly as good as he is it. The receivers is it. The quarterback drew brees can throw the ball. Downfield is he not playing as well. way down yards per attempt. Yeah and this is interesting. Is the clue. Those guys are all while at least in the case of Breezy Brady older guys you can see the wear and tear etcetera. We'll we'll talk more about Winston. Okay that game is against the seahawks. But will we ever get to a point. Where you'd have to quarterbacks in the backfield if team would say listen? This is going to be are typical throwing knowing quarterback. And this'll be a running quarterback who's primarily running back but also throw the ball could ever happen. I think it's going to. I think we're getting close to. I mean look. Carolina has it with Reggie Edgy Bohannon. He played quarterback he played quarterback before Lamar Louisville. He was a quarterback there. They moved him When the Mark Amen I mean there's guys like that bouncing around the league? That had this unique Joe. Joe webs play career in the NFL because he could play in the specialty. Do you put him in the backfield with the Shawn Watson and you run plays where he can throw the ball a little bit like what Ataman Monday for New England. Last week I mean elements. You know he played quarterback Kent State. So when you have this versatility within your defense and you're in such desperate straits to make plays down the field which a a lot of these teams are. I mean look. There's so many of these teams that can't make plays down the field. That can't get chunk place. You can't score. You can't run the ball for four all these people that want to run the ball. Oh you can't run the ball Michael Vick. When he took off and ran it was a chunk run or when the martigues often run? It's a chunk run all of a sudden they're making plays down the field. This was our make me smarter segments. Certainly the quarterback position will continue to evolve. And it's fascinating to see what happens. The Mark Jackson and the Ravens overall coming up after the break the seahawks travel the Philadelphia Take on Carson Wentz and the Eagles as Mike mentioned Wentz has been underachieving so far it's a must win game for Philly will preview that game plus the monster matchup with the packers and niners next next. Are you ready for what's ahead. He can't always predict the future. Sure but you can. Game Plan for generations of families and businesses have horace the Power Pacific to help them reach their unique goals. Whether you need to save enough money to meet your needs. Insure your family is protected. Or make sure you don't run out of money. Pacific life has a variety of financial solutions. That can help. Pacific life counts for more than half of one hundred largest United States companies as its clients and has been named one of the two thousand nineteen world's most ethical companies by EPA fear institute protecting what matters most people apple for one hundred and fifty years in county. That's the power of Pacific ask financial professional about how Pacific Life can help you game plan for your future or visit. WWW W. dot pacific life dot Com. We keep saying this because people don't appreciate how well Mike is doing because he's picking these picks. It's not outright against the spread. Okay this are harder than you think especially since Mike is not a professional gambler. Okays he's hanging out with Mush and a bunch of other guys is. He's on a bookie right now in ocean city. He's just a football guy who loves football guy some money right now against the spread thirty seventeen in one and you know what I've tried. How to do is is like like anytime you try to make decisions? You have to take your confirmation bias out of it and I think you know you gotta be able to really have code. You get in these situations where you need a code. You need something. I'm reading this incredible book. by Ben. Horowitz called what you do is who you are. It's about how to create business culture. In this and Horowitz it goes into these prison camps and he talks to this guy shock US Gore. WHO's fascinating? I mean just absolutely fascinating about the culture within the prison and about the creed need they have to have and the things that they do and look. Let's face it there there because violent criminals but that doesn't mean they're dumb and I mean shock. He's basically saying look. I had all this intelligence. I could have been a lawyer. I have been this but the culture I was growing up in was so bad. It forced me down the road right and so because your culture determines where you WANNA go based on your confirmation bias. I've tried to take out of it and I've come up with my own power because I'm figuring like hey if some sloppy can do power things I can do them too. I mean look I I know what determines the outcome of the game and then I let the power rankings speak for themselves and if they do they do and sometimes I'll take games that I have really no interest in taking but it tells me that that's what the power I should should do and I think that's the only way you can try to maintain some level of consistency because the books are always GonNa win if you can get the fifty six percent. You're the world CL- billy. Walters is imprisoned down in Florida. I mean he's the World Class Sports batteries at fifty seven percent that got us on jeopardy. He's fifty seven percent. I mean that's what you want to get to. If if you're really good in the sixties forget about James Holt's our jeopardy you know you know the trends coming toward you. You know you eventually. You're going to end up losing but if you have a model like this sky sent me this link I can you promote my model. I think my models great I said. Look why don't you send me your picks for the first five weeks of the season and tell me what you're doing and if they're oh good I'll promote your model. I know problem with that. His picture disaster affects your model. Go Fix your fucking model like seriously. You're models broke bro. Well like I'm not going to promote your motto. When you're when you're five games below five hundred I look like a huge sounds like Michael Keaton in beetlejuice Nice model? That's unbelievable. Let's get into these games. SEATTLE ADALAH PHILADELPHIA. The seahawks are eight into the eagles are five and five. It's a must-win game here for the Eagles Russell Wilson's twenty three touchdowns two two interceptions. That's the fourth best estimate single season. NFL history in terms of ratios. And the concern here for the Eagles defense they have not forced an interception since week. Seven and more that I mentioned a good Brussels Memphis seahawks offense while acquired a pro football focus Carson Wentz. His receivers have dropped twenty three passes this season. That's the second most football Mike. That's brutal. Yeah no now and I think this is we talked about. You know the great article that they put in the inquirer we talked about last week about how it's even more fascinating. That article came out because the reality of it is is if the guy that was leaking. That article was paying attention to his own team. He would realize that the last three Games Eagles have played defense that might be the best defense in the NFL. They've averaged four nine seven yards per attempt. One game five nine five four eight four in the last three games I mean. They'd been remarkable about shutting teams down throwing the ball down the field. Just flat out remarkable. They play twenty four minutes of defense. They've only given up nine. Plays over twenty five yards in the last six weeks. I mean it's really unbelievable. They've given up eight touchdowns touchdowns for the Minnesota game. I mean they have been unbelievable on defense. And yet they this article a complaining about Schwartz picking the players. I mean seriously. Are you watching your fucking team. You should be given Schwartz a contract extension based on the last three weeks because Carson Wentz who you drafted and you WanNa make the glorification of as a yard down from MS yards per attempt. I mean even though it's Nelson Aguilar now. I'm sure you'll blame chip Kelly fry guitar because he's not good this year and I'm sure you'll blame somebody else for the other picks but the reality of it is is your offense is horrible right now. You can't move the ball. I think the one thing that screams screams screams is the eagles Miss Frank Right. I mean you can't put it any other way you can't put it any they. They Miss Frank right a great offense coordinator who know how to balance an offense and the eagles have not had it with one hundred yard rusher in thirty eight straight games. That's the longest active drought the NFL. You've got miles sanders. They're not run the football with consistency. Now having said that the Seattle's defense this isn't the Legion of boom of the past. They've allowed twenty five point four points points per game this season that's thermo since twenty ten so maybe phillies able to take advantage of Seattle defense. which isn't as good as it's been years past? Yeah I'M GONNA go philly here and I think that the the reason I'm going Philly here's I haven't liked the behavior of teams off by this year. I mean everybody just assumes they're playing really well off a bye I think teams off a bye take a little bit of time and I thought the Patriots last week didn't look off the bye. I just don't think teams have looked crisp and clean off buys and I think that look let's face it. This is a make or break a game fulfil the home game. I don't think teams lose two home games in a row especially teams that have some sense of pride and the way. They're playing defense and Seattle's undefeated on on the road. They'RE GONNA lose a road game. We all know that I like Philly here. I like Philly the lines coming in my favor I think Philly it's three point game now. It's down to one and a half. It'll probably close at one. I'll give Seattle a point and a half and I'll take philly all right. Moving on Eagles are chasing the Dallas cowboys. Were six four taking on the nine in one New England patriots east sixty a loyal listener. The podcast wants to know what's up with Tom. Brady three games this season with zero passing touchdowns that's his most in a season since two thousand nine and take a lot of it is the receivers. Look I said this earlier. Antonio Brown wasn't a luxury he was in the city. They really don't have an outside receiver and now they're really beat up. I mean they're not healthy. We saw awesome get hurt last week in the game whether he plays or not. I don't know you know Julian Edelman was kind of suck it up and played through the week last week. He's hurt door set. Left last week's game with a concussion. And that's why I'm giving you the players and they're not even great now they get Isaiah win back and when I broke this game down. Typically my point was new. England should have been a four point. My favorite I'm Dallas. I'm getting six and a half. I don't Love Dallas at all I think Dallas is defense is not as good as people think pro. Football Focus has jalen. Smith is the greatest linebacker in history. You football will why. Why don't we will just watch him on tape for a little while and see what we think there you know so I don't love Dallas's defense? I think they're small. Here's an interesting nugget when Dallas's says defense place thirty minutes or more. They're five and seventeen the last two years when they play less than thirty minutes or twenty and fourteen. You GotTa Get Dallas's defense to play over over thirty minutes you've got to control the ball you gotta wear them down. You gotTa make it so that it's hard for them and I don't know if New England can do that I don't think New England's been very sharp on third down this year I don't league New England's been able to make any place down the field ten for twenty nine in the last two weeks on third down you know and they haven't been able to averaged a six point five yards per attempt and and they've had fourteen plays over twenty five yards in the last six games. They can't make place down the field. And here's what's fascinating. The Patriots have allowed more yards on the ground in the last six weeks the average five point two yards per rush the last six weeks and they allow five one one yards per attempt. The last six weeks you actually do better through running the ball against the wingless defense than throwing which is insane to think about and the cowboys offense. They read the last time there were a number one. They're ranked until nineteen seventy seven seven. They went on to win the Super Bowl and Dak Prescott one hundred plus passer rating in four straight games. That's the longest active streak right now in football. No doubt I think that what he's been able to do is he's been able to. They've got great skill. It's not by design. It's all by the players that have I think what ballot check will do is. He'll take hill. Put Gilmore on Gallup and he'll double Amari Ari coupon. He'll say Jason witten Randall. Cobb beat me beat me. He'll set the edge on the Defense Force. Zeke not to be able to get the outside of the defense forced the game to be played from numbers verse two numbers and see if he can take chances. I think Dako move the ball or they can move the ball pretty well on him like he did last week. But I just don't think New England's going to be able to score if New England wins I just don't see him winning by more than more than a field goal. I think it's a field goal game. I think New England could win a field goal game. But I like I'll take the cowboys and the points I'll take the road. Dogg here all right so taken the eagles and the cowboys so far that moves to the match up of the weekend. Green Bay and San Francisco Eight and two packers against the nine one forty niners mistake free. Football Falls McKee for Green Bay entering week. Twelve Aaron Rodgers one hundred thirty eight consecutive attempts without an interception. That's tie for the third longest active streak in football but say this for the niners. They have balanced only team in football. That ranked top five in total scoring offense and top five in total and scoring defense. This season what do you think who who wins this one. You know this is a toss up game for me. I've gone back and forth on this one because you know there's a part of me that worries about San Francisco turning the ball over the turn it over five times in the last two weeks in Green Bay lives on turnovers and I hate to go in a field goal game. How do I go against Aaron Rodgers? How do I go against Aaron Rodgers and but then coming off the bye I am not really in love with teams coming off the bye? I'm not in love with that. I'm going to San Francisco here because the reason I'm doing is simply. This is when I broke. These two teams down on San Francisco is should the line should be six. It's only three. My line should be six. It's only three. I'm going to go San Francisco. The niners they do average tour. Twenty twenty five rushing yards per game against teams ranked bottom ten and rush defense. Green Bay's right twenty fifth and data apartment so often focus on quarterbacks but maybe the niners running game will be the key to the victory here. Yeah I think so. I think you can run the ball on Green Bay. Look I think she cal- Shanahan will do a good job. I think if Kiddo comes back it'll even be better but I really really like. Yeah I like San Francisco. I think they need to play better. Defensively and I think that defensive front can create problems for Rogers last Talk Carolina and New Orleans five and five panthers against against the eight and two New Orleans Saints and Saints Are Thirty Two intense drafting Alvin Kamara in two thousand seventeen. That's the best record in the NFC in that span. I mentioned that 'cause I know Oh you're such a big fan of Kamara and what he brings the table for the saints. But I want to ask you about drew. brees he's one in five in his last six games versus a team that lost by twenty five plus in their our previous game so basically Carolina lost by twenty six last week. If you go by that theory then Kyle Allen and company are going to be raring to go Alan by the way nine receptions since week what do you make a breeze in this one. I worried about brees last week. I didn't think he threw the ball down the field very well. I think Kamara sensational. I think Sean Payton does stuff on tape. That's remarkable I don't I don't think the lose the game but I think nine and a half. Is that really a heavy spread. I I like the road dog here. I like Carolina only because I think would you just said they've been embarrassed. I thought the the line should be eight. If I'm going to get nine and a half I'll take the one and a half extra points I think. Typically these are closer games especially the rivalry. Especially when you know David Tepper the owner of the Panthers Panthers is breathing down your neck that you lose this game and you're five and six in bed. He's cleaning out the organization he's GonNa Clean out the organization anyway but I think that's the case I I think these Games are typically always close. I think New Orleans has played really good on defense. Are the Carolinas Defensive Fronts. GotTa come back in the game. I'M WORRIED ABOUT BREATHING A playoff game. I'm worried about breeze. If he he has to go outside the Dome and playing and weather where it's going to factor if he has to go to Philadelphia. Let's say and it's a windy day. Does he have enough juice in that arm. The arm doesn't look like he can drive it at dickey's great mentally sharp all that you know but to me the two players you know that look like they could be near the end is breezing rivers. There's and you know the way that New England's offense doesn't have much going you could say well Brady's near the end I don't know that they don't have a lot of things going for him he brady's trying to do it with a lot. I don't see a decline decline in. Brady's arm I see more of a decline in Brady skill players the other two. I see a decline in their skills. All right so Alvin. Kamara zero scrimmage touchstones by the way at five straight games. That's the longest streak of his career. Maybe he can help out your Brady to as you mentioned Mike Certainly in terms of arm strength doesn't appear to be the same guy so far this season coming up next though those are the Games of the weekend. We'll talk more here in the shuffle. About having a franchise moving the London. That's right we talk England next support for the. GM shuffled comes from spotify. Love Great Sports podcast. Now you can hear. GM Shuffle and more of the best sports. 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That's how we really keep the podcast rolling. Here's by people offering such kind comments and please do keep those going. We like to read a few of them here. In fact this here from facile beans I love the show and I love Mike's insight that no one else brings the table. I also think it's always good. The fact that you guys do not have annoying shouting matches because Lord knows we have enough of that in sports media also hear from the more or listen to Mike Lombardi the more I realize that almost just all answers have no idea. What's really going on if Walsh to that? Every year only competing against eight teams and Mike Lombardi is really only competing against eight analysts. Love Your Book. Love your insight a better coach because you keep up the great work. Good stuff Mike. That's awesome that's awesome. That's the best part about it. You know the funny thing is. Is this call from head hockey coach. That was great. I I've been you know the the people that reach out to you because of the book because they WanNa Kinda supply some of the wall the lessons of culture within that you learn. I think it's great and that's what we're trying to do here on on the shuffle and and that's why we're growing and I think that the one thing is I don't really give a crap like people simply Lombardi to sit about morning. We you know we're doing good enough on the shuffle that we don't need clicks. We're not hot takes. Here were honest conversation. That's more important than I don't want hot takes on this conversation. I'm never gonNA say something that I can't back up with facts if I say drew brees that lacks arm strength. It isn't because I want to take because I just watched him play and I think he can't drive the ball down the field. I think drew brees a hall of fame player. You know and so I don't want this to become a personal personal thing or shouting match. You know because the you know the shouting matches or whoever loud yells allowed US wins. That doesn't make you any smarter. That just makes your hearing a problem. So I think that's really the essence of what we're trying to do on. The shuffle is to just get people to understand that. There's a different game than you're watching. There's a different game. I mean Mike Palm on on visa in this week went completely off on and he was so right I mean they spotted the ball in the game against the chiefs in the chargers. Can you imagine play putting billion dollars players on that field day. Can you imagine this us. And so they spied the ball and they win. The ball went out of bounds and they wound the clock. They started running clock and Mike Palm from visa. Going crazy because it's an air. Meanwhile Joe went went and blogger at talking about shower. Crosses and praise and Andy. Reed's play calling. I mean it's just at some point like I said last week about Kris at some point we as Americans deserve deserve honesty in the press. I mean Howard cosell most most of the people that listen this by don't our cosell. He was just honest and you know when he went to the Monday night game. Same people will love them. Hated him whatever it was but he was honest he gave it his opinion now. He wasn't caring about some team carrying up to see. I don't need somebody to tell me who's playing good like I don't need that. I don't need somebody in someone's Front Office to tell me what I what I see. I don't need that so I don't really give a shit if they talk to me or not. You know what I mean whereas whereas most of these people they need somebody to tell them what to think. I don't need that like I'm going to think on my own. It's working right now brother. And that's why we all these people listening to us and we appreciate that the earn Varda's truth here here from Michael Lombardi Joe. What is your question the week for us here so I ran into an interesting story last week? That rumors swirling about that Amazon. CEO Jeff Jeff bezos is interested in buying an NFL franchise. If that's the case which franchise should he by and why I would say the bengals right. The bengals angles have been such a disaster for so long guy. Could anybody resuscitate the bengals would there be a better image. Obviously the browns won. You would think obviously but I'm saying the bengals because Ah You talk about. Ultimate woebegone. Franchises lackluster team's lack of identity. Haven't been no super bowl since eighty nine boomer size and in Tim Krumrie. I mean you just say listen. It didn't work out with Dole. Marvin Lewis was there forever. Couldn't get them over the Hump People beat up on the bengals. Call them the bungles. If somebody could resuscitate the bengals make them a team of prominence Mike to me. That'd be amazing. I mean I. It'll never Mike Brown's never going to sell that team there's no chance Katie Blackburn. Her husband her husband. Troy gotta run that team and they're going to. They're going to be exactly what Eric Shinseki inskeep said they're going to be. They'RE GONNA hate change so they're going to become continue to be irrelevant but their bank accounts are going to go up. I think Seattle's the only team he would buy and it'll be interesting because I don't think people people truly understand what baseless is about especially in the NFL basis built his company on leanness. You know when they first started at Amazon. I don't think people understand this. They had the desk ask that they gave the employees were basically old doors that they put legs on the products that had to be cheap. Nobody was getting luxury. Nobody was getting luxury it was. It's like we're streamlining this shutdown that we're going to go. Can you imagine walking the Locker Room and say we're streamlining it down the Amazon. I don't know if that would go like these guys are two used to having sweets meets on the road you know. Where's my free coffee in the room? You know where's my Lord sweet you know. Can you imagine going on the road and you have to have a five bedroom suite when you get there because you're sleeping there for one night I mean what are you the sweet seriously biggest waste of money of all time all right. GM SHUFFLING JIMMY DOT COM. We love to open up the mail bag. This one's here here from John. Being from England I'd love to the thoughts of a GM on the following. How teams deal with London? Game and the possibilities of a franchise over here if that would even work logistically -gistically. PS Don't forget Mickey Blue Eyes in your mob references. That's right Jimmy. Con Hugh Grant for a good love. Jimmy Carter got. I love Jimmy counties every time Santino Keno don't go just stay there. Sit in the car and go I think it's really possible. I think I think that to me. That's a fascinating city would be Munich or Berlin to have a team along with London. I could see us having two teams in your look. Let's face it. Their travel is problematic. But you know I mean going to the L. A. is problem I mean Baltimore's got to go to L. A.. To play the Monday night game. They leave Saturday. It's GonNa take them probably now in November with the wind five and a half to get out there so you know whether does factor into air travel but we're a global game and we need to be more global Germany the World League when they had four teams in Germany people in Germany. Love Football. We need to be in Germany. I mean I wish I wish shocking go to Germany. Have somebody come over and invite me to speak at a clinic or something because they love the sport and the same thing in London Ryan holiday sent me a picture this week. He was over in London. First thing he did is go out the chartwell. That's the smart man right there. Go out and look at Churchill's property you know Ad. It's the only place that I've really ever been in my life that you could feel. The person still was in there you. Could I feel his presence. You could feel his presence at his property. It was amazing you could feel them. You know the bricklayer that he was the pain that he was you could feel them. I don't know the guy from the man on the moon but I could feel that is interesting you think of the presence and all the history I mean it's pretty incredible male. Churchill did Thursday night football preview colts six and four taken taking on Texans here good. AFC South matched. How do you size this one up to six and four teams look at? This game is about. The colts have dominated this game. But reality is as you know. The colts can't make any place down the field. They Struggle Without Hilton. Their offense as a horse and buggy without Marlin back this week. I think the Shawn Watson being held at two hundred thirty two yards by the Ravens Ravens last week only converting to of ten third downs. I think the Texans come out and play their best game. I mean they need to. It's the best thing for the Texans was as bad as they played against Baltimore. The short week helps them because because then get that taste out of their mouth if they get will fuller back I love him even more but this is a game the Texans have to have. I'm going to go Texans here. Think about whether without Jacoby were set with without Out Jj Watt how these teams have been impacted but ultimately to Shawn Watson Eleven and four and his career at home. Nine eight on the road if that winning tradition. We'll continue at home as be closed shop. Mike always says great sources around the League. Anything you're hearing this first potential breaking news. You know. There's a lot of stuff going on. Where's Antonio Brown GonNa go? What he's going to do what he you might be doing? You know there seems to be a lot of smoke around Antonio Brown maybe nothing maybe just a lot of talk. I'm not sure where when. or how. But there's a lot of smoke going on on right now as always thanks so much check another. Gm Shuffle spread the word. Here apple podcasts. Also you can follow us on instagram at the GM shuffle. And we'll talk to you guys again coming up on Monday.

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