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Terse broken after airstrikes carried out in the capital of iraq. The president of turkey calls for a two state solution. Cyprus poland and hungary veto a stimulus bill in the european union and china tells australia to work to fix the deteriorating relationship between their two countries. This is the world at large and we are politics one thousand and one. Thank you for tuning into episode of the world at large where we cover news from all corners of the globe. If you enjoy please remember to share lever review and of course cliff that subscribe button so without further ado. Please enjoy this. Episode of our podcast. Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the world at large now before a hand. The reins over to josh over here to talk about. Well you know. The world weaving any law support Recently one of you in fact left a lovely lovely review named mama laps and thank you to mama labs. I'm glad you enjoyed the show. It does mean a lot to us. 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We've looked at it so many times. We will continue to to look at it There tends to be a lot of different interest groups militant groups that exist in this part of a world with their main priority being well as per the definition of geopolitics says we've already described. They want power some They are no exception with these airstrikes. That just happened in iraq so in the iraqi capital baghdad. There have in fact been not only just the average you see in iraq. This was a this was more upscale and violent airstrike so this was carried out in the green zone of baghdad which is a part of the city which contains most of the major embassy stationed in the country including the american embassy in also happens to be the seat of the iraqi government. So it's the green zone right. This is where all the diplomats they meet up. They shake hands. Maybe the elbow bub nowadays they they like to have their coffee really. Just be the decree relationships. She nominee iraqi government and other countries. That are also there this. So when you're diplomat you know you tend to be a lot more immune to this type of stuff But so so the fact that missiles are actually reaching inside of the green zone. It's kind of big deal because it's no longer the outskirts of baghdad's slick the city center. This is the elitist part of baghdad. We don't want to be seeing missile strikes there right. No aegina and so this marks the end of informal ceasefire slash troops that was offered by the iran backed militias in this country. So let's describe this truce a little bit Because it's quite important to understand that when looking at these airstrikes weather such a big deal. So this truce originally was created in so so if we look back in january in early twenty twenty because believe it or not. There's a lot of stuff that happened this year and that includes no. I don't believe it. Yeah and if you guys either one even want to think about president. Trump was impeached this year. Which is quite interesting to think about But also other What also happened. This year was the iraqi. Government passed a bill in the parliament or a demand to the united states. Saying you need to pull out all your trips. You're they're no longer welcome here. I don't know if you guys remember that if you ever heard of that but if you haven't while i'm telling you now iraqi politics past that and they said. Us troops you need to go. This was back in january until the united states. Pretty much said you know that is a look. That doesn't amazing suggestion. I'm really glad you brought it forth. I'm glad you're expressing your grievances with us being here. But here's the thing i know and so it's the united states is saying well. We can't do that at this moment. There's still a lot of threats. Isis still possibly a thing. So we're just gonna hang around a little bit iraq. If you don't mind interrupted mind that they sent okay. We'll i'll i can do denounce the parliament but i can actually check you out. Don't have the strength right now. do that So the us they stayed put but this created. There was a little bit of a truce that was made right and this was an october because I don't know if you remember this part. But the iraqi government or the. There's there's it's split into two different factions in iraq right. There's the government which tends to be a lot more wants to be pro iran and pro united states. But at some point you have to pick a side and they've started to lead towards the united states. Because what i what. I'm talking about january. What happened in october. Two different things because The united states will there had a different prime minister garage which is a prime minister. Right i would like to say like every four months at this point because it's pretty constant cycle So the prime minister currently is tending to lot more in favor of the united states Instead of iran. And they want to be close to ride but again you have to pick and choose when it comes to two arch enemies so that that you're seeing that and so the iraqi government has decided that they're going to side with america. There's the other fashion in. This country is the one. That's a lot more pro. Iran and these are the militant groups that operate in the rural parts of the country and they tend to carry out airstrikes on specifically american diplomats and on the american embassy in to threaten them Because because they want they want the us troops out there like look the iraqi government even say get out. You don't even respect our wishes. What do we have to do to get rid of you. I guess we have to fire missiles at you. Easy solution to come to. I always come to the conclusion all the time. It's just seems so. If you wanted to get rid someone everyone the missiles just by a missile or two. I've sharon began to legal trouble. Some want our listeners to we do not trying missiles people guys. You didn't already guessed that. But anyways the air strikes these airstrikes cared about these iran backed militias and this was kind of breaking a because the militia said all right. You know what fine. I don't wanna shoot missiles at you. If you're going to promise to leave in the president trump says yes. I will leave. I will pull out the troops. I promise In so they said all right fine will will stop the airstrikes for now So the us. They made this little announcement where they said all right. Listen everyone this was today. They said listen up everyone. I don't like our troops in iraq. So this is what we're gonna do. We three thousand troops inside the entire country. We're gonna pull out five hundred them okay. Sound good So i feel like that sounds pretty good however the ronnback militias did not think it sounds good. I think that sounds terrible because they want all the. Us gone just five hundred of them. They said they want all the pull out at once. They don't want this little little stagnation because you could stop stagnated some point. I just want to guarantee that they're all gone. How did i get that guarantee what winter actually gone so they said you know what the truth does not hold up anymore. We're going to carry out. These airstrikes started assaulting the embassy so these airstrikes specifically resulted in five deaths including child who was in the green zone at the time as well as the injury for injuries for to iraqi security soldiers. in a strike a again this was in the green zone but this was really close to the. Us embassy was about two thousand feet or six hundred meters from the embassy itself of so the odd part about the attack came less than an hour. After united states announced that it would be again withdrawing his troops from iraq in so it seems like again. It seems like it's kind of following the demands of this coalition in roller rock but at the same time It's seems like they want an immediate exit and that's why they're angry is so the response from the american government directly is not yet known but considering the fact that washington is threatened on multiple occasions to close its embassy to baghdad if the strikes continue in threaten us only a month ago it probably will not be the happiest of responses. I cannot imagine the american government a government would be very happy about airstrikes narrow embassy. I know why. But i'm just getting that feeling. They wouldn't like you have a hunch that they wouldn't like issues too. Small little hunch. Look i don't like airstrikes near my house. I'd assume the government doesn't like them there. There's however i mean we all have our preferences often sending airstrikes at josh's house. That is what he is referring to. Yeah it's stopping secret In so Why why why are there. American troops in iraq in the first place. Well this is a good question so In two thousand three the united states actually did invade iraq these same troops that have been left there ever since in the. Us is slowly pulling them out but they still do have a presence there. They went back lot in like With ice started to rise up again the united states are descendant even more troops means of putting them down in they overthrew the president saddam hussein. I'm sure you've heard of him In two thousand and three. But if you want more details about the iraq war we actually talked about it in episode seven called licensing registration. So if you're interested definitely check it out. We talked about it a lot. Who spend ten minutes talking about every little detail of the iraq war but in the meantime For this event specifically it's not clear what's going to happen right in the united states. Mike pompeo secretary of state has threatened to actually just sleep redraw the embassy which the united states is invested millions of dollars into it the. Us embassy in baghdad is absolutely massive. It's the biggest. Us embassy. I believe it has like the store supplies on water reserves Its own like security system. It's it's like a. It's like a fortress right. It's supposed to be salsa can self sustain itself for months on end eighth siege down like they have enough of their for their entire staff for many months. Getting airstrikes shot at you. I guess i would. Want subsidies sustainable. Yeah so they have definitely preparing for those airstrikes but again check on episode seven year itch. Timmy rapport. But we're gonna move on quite interesting story indeed. So let's move on to cyprus. In cyprus similar to iraq as in a state of a tension shall we say for a pretty long time now in the started in the nineteen in the late twentieth century when turkey invaded northern cyprus and it or or or data not recognize it this they lay recognizes as liberation but every other country recognizes this as an occupation of in. They set up the republican turkish republic of northern cyprus while the republic of cyprus in the south so this turkish republic is only recognized again by turkey while everyone recognizes greater cypress including the turkish republic of northern cyprus. They think of that as part of republic of cyprus every other country does and so turkish president receive tyke tape arab third. oh god has said that he is. Intent is to create a two state solution on the island. He's done that he saying. You know what we've had. We have the turkish republic of cyprus. We have regular cyprus rightly we don't need to fight it at this point. We might as well just do this. Now he emphasized the necessity of it right now in so he said that neither side recognizes the two different countries officially And turkey broke off the recognition of cyprus in nineteen sixty three after a series of violent events that lead to severing of diplomatic relations of this is that there's a huge story behind this. I actually quite interested in breaking down the history of cyprus later it's it's it's it's. It's really complicated but Essentially turkey broke off recognition of at night to sixty three after some violence app. And so pretty much with this. Two state solution proposal do cement. The reality of the situation that is there's two different countries have different governments. And what's the point of not recognising eachother. We might as well just friends with each other. So that's kind of what he suggested. However let's just say the international community was not very happy because they're saying why would we recognize. Why would we recognize a country that does not exist in northern cyprus. So there's the conflict right there in so yeah the the this two state again just cement and make this current state of the island. More official that a greek cypriots their side. The turkish cypriots will get theirs. We'd all move on. We'll be happy. So are doggone said this statement specifically he said and quote today and cypress. There are two separate people's two separate democratic orders in two separate states. A two state solution must be discussed negotiated on the basis of sovereign equality and quote. So this this again triggered fierce backlash from the international community as every country again decides turkey recognizes the republic of cyprus as one owns the entire island so in a state and the president of cyprus. Cyprus nicos anastasius said this in response to president reagan he said end quote. Ankara has absolute no respect for international law european principles and values and his obligations towards the european so again every country. Besides turkey views the turkish republic of northern cyprus occupation and turkey. They point to the infamous day of bloody christmas in. That's the thing that happened to california. This is the thing that happened enough. Cyprus this couple. Christmas and this is when greek nationalists in nineteen sixty three killed over one hundred turks within a day. Who's living on the island them. These were like again nationalist. They wanted independence from they. They wanted to kind of merge greece as a single country in so they in so turkey saying. Look if these people were killed over one hundred of our civilians. How can we trust them. How can we trust them to preserve cultural heritage in our people and our language if they're going to do stuff like that the only way to guarantee the safety of turkish people is to pretty much have our own state on the islands for them and so That's why turkey says that the greek and cypriot governments cannot be trusted to protect the turkish citizen. So this has always been their main argument as it was also. The rain are good in two thousand seventeen. When reunification tops toxin psychics were attempted and failed. However in the speech. 'cause erdogan he's got a sable will things in the speech is not just about the two state solution was made everyone angry He's also has to talk about the fact that we got a search for gas a little bit so he said in a speech that he's going to continue these new this gas explorations in the mediterranean in the eastern mediterranean and he will no longer tolerate quote diplomacy games and i said that he will only stop in a again until a fair settlement was reached. So what does this mean specifically. He's saying that. Look look. Look look we. We do not want to search for oil. Oil is on a priority. We don't need all the time. It's just that if you guys are nice and you create something fair if a nice fair deal yom it will stop. But in the meantime we're just to keep searching. You're really making seem like the turkish government and the president just signed in a room and listened to that song that goes. Why can't we be friends. Non talking about i do. You're talking about much chagrin. The international community did not listen to the song. And as you guys know We've talked about placing sanctions on other people when they're disrespectful the other european countries. They've threatened to place sanctions on turkey for for having their ships going around the mediterranean. Looking for oil. Yes so certainly going back to that. Classic disrespectful move which is placing sanctions on someone. Can't we friends man. Yeah turkeys nason to the song ladies. Want the two state solution right. Besides the fact that every other country thinks it's occupied They wanted it right. They don't think it is So that's kind of the spiracy right like turkey versus the rest of the world at this point for just cyprus not forever single geopolitical conflict but before we continue i cannot recommend enough especially to our listeners who enjoy international news the mindset podcasts there also in international news podcast which likes to shed some light on the news and current events and i really think you should check them out and here's a little advert of what they do. Hello good evening. Good morning good afternoon wherever you may be around this wild wacky in sometimes disturbing our yes. That's the intro to the mindset. Podcast a weekly attempt to open eyes and shedding light on. What's really going on in the world. All done by ripping apart the media madness. That masquerades as news join me. Gareth davis every sunday on the mindset. Podcast you can find the show. On all major podcasting services such as i teams stitcher and so on or you can go directly to the main mindset website that's www dot mindset central dot com check out the mindset. Podcast bring your curiosity your opinions and a sense of humor and remember that some world views or stranger than others. but anyways we're gonna move on to. Because i. I love talking about cyprus but i think it's only fair that we talked about the former defense secretary of the mexican government. Yes that's only fair. It is only fair until his name. What is his name. His name is salvador san diego cepeda and he was arrested for being accused of being a drug cartel. Boss as well as money. Launderer by the us government. So those are charges. Let me say years. Don't live in the united states. Those charges you want get charged with if you don't live in the united states that's probably also something you don't wanna get charged with fists. Socialist overall pretty bad to get charged a drug cartel boss in a money launderer. So what did mr cienfuegos do. Well the evidence against him is quite is quite interesting but let. Let's look at what was actually happening. So this originally triggered a lot of the mexican government since they said. We'll you're never informed this investigation or the subsequent wet arrested actually happened the us government. They're just spying on inflation. Goes the annonay eventually seized time in the mexican governor. They had no idea what was even happening. That's not nice. It's not nice. Use the former defense secretaries. Look a diplomat of our government. This how you treat a diplomat. How dare you. Yes so having only step down. San diego still has many close ties mexico which is why the the anger from the mexican government is especially high So the us the us government against seizing. This guy is really high up. It's not good luck and so the. Us government has agreed he. They agreed to transfer Goes back to mexico. After the current mexican president andres lopez obrador of threatened rethink their cooperation. On how the. Us drug enforcement agency operates in the country. so essentially. what's mexico doing here. They're saying all right. You don't give them back the we're just going to rethink all the deals we've ever made and i just about drugs and i just. I don't wanna do that. But you're forcing my hand here. United states and the us is saying you know what it's just one dude you take care of him treat them treat them like he's a criminal. Though in mexico says in mexico said yeah we will come to the appropriate Solution we he will receive his punishment. So the us said they're gonna we're gonna bring them back. That's fine we don't need to rethink anything. He's just hold up a second mexico this in so yes. Essentially the american government thought it was not worth the hassle. A charge guy He's caught right like he's not going to be. He's not going to be Drucker till's getaway and specifically there are some reports that came out from mister cienfuegos. Which said that he was favoring some drug drug cartels over the other like he cracked down on some of the other ones. He looked the other way is so he didn't want the equal between the drug cartels. Are he was prioritizing. Certain drug cartels. That's what the investigation shows in. So what's it's important to know that Goes were closely with the us. Government to counter drug to counter drug influence a drug cartel influence during his time as defense secretary It under the obama administration early trump administration. So that he was there from two thousand eleven to two thousand eighteen or something like that And so you know it's the government saying oh we're working with the drug guy the whole time to counter drugs a little bit of irony. Well i just be outworked shots. Yeah so that. That's i'm assuming that's why the american government was a little bit angry but let's let them be angry. Let's at the cyprus. Talk about two state solution unless let airstrikes. Continue to go around my house. But in the meantime We will talk about a budget plan in the european union because this is actually a very big deal so the european union they have this thing where all the little countries get together. They all talk about bills. They wanna pass regarding money in these budgets that they want to do in how they want to structure their little blocks for the next few years ahead right so they got together. They they are. They're pretty devastated. Cova doing all these lockdowns turns out. Lockdowns economically. So what we're gonna do is just we're gonna pass this one point. Two trillion dollar stimulus bill and so all the european in this. Obviously it's a lot of money but you have so many different countries in there right so all of them do a little bit of all their contributions and so they got together and they plan this out and this has been negotiations for months until they finally. They finally got to the vote to talk about this bill this trove over trillion dollar bill. And because it's the european union looking at their laws Every single country has to agree on it. And hungary and poland said you don't but we're not going to agree in fact even thought enough they also said you know what we're going to veto it. Every country has equal feeding power. One country videos at the whole thing goes for in so hungry. Poland day vetoed and. That's just put the whole thing under and this made a lot of countries in the european union angry. Because this is this supposed to be a stimulus bill for the for the people in so why did hungary and poland. Do this well. They both had pretty similar reason. That being that there is a risk that passing it. They might lose their subsidies from the european union. And so you has this the standard that they set up regarding into values in its democracy and it has this whole list online rules of law at once every country to hold it and you has been critical poland and hungary for for one reason or another for not upholding these values of the european union. They pull into cracks down the press Hungary is moving in a more dictatorial path. Of course all these countries denied this stuff. But this is the. I'm just telling you what they're saying. It these that's what's happening right. And so the inside. The the wording of the document was off but absurd. I actually took a quote from the era. it's it. I'm this is what they're kind of referring to here. It says quote this is from the document even if has even if has not found universal endorsement democracy in its liberal variant which protects fundamental rights is based on the rule of law in separation of power. This was the most well established system in the world at the end of two thousand seventeen saying that democracy is flourishing. It's coming much bigger in. They're saying that well they're kind of will. A lot of western. European countries are saying well hungary poland or kind of going in the opposite direction of what this is trying to imply in that you're becoming less democratic not more democratic and so The so the part. That's a little confusing. Here is why porn- hungary thinks this all comes out to the wording of the bill so a few months ago they had bill hungary. Poland were willing to sign off on it. Then there were some tweaks and those tweaks statement poland hungary little bit unhappy because the leaders of the eu again hinted at the prospect of countries do not protect the rights of their citizens within the block they can lose valuable subsidies and many of the countries in the eu have openly expressed concern again over the two countries for those reasons In a they think there's an rosen of their democracy in these respective countries. It's so hungary and poland find. These claims are religious. So let's we're going to look at the wording of it in a minute and so what the wording actually is is. It says that if that language within the bill says that the countries cannot receive funds unless they hold the standards and so that comes down to a matter of opinion right. Does the country actually have hold the standard of roy of law and democracy and since all these countries in the us said well you. You're certainly very questionable on holding the standard poland. Hungary can be like what are you gonna questionable. What does that even mean. What do you mean. I hope holding the standard of might not holding pulling it. You're saying i'm not that it sounds like if we pass this thing in. There's a chance that i can get these subsidies with health for me. Because i don't uphold your criteria than i might not get the money. So why would i pass bill. I'm just gonna you know it. Until i'm guaranteed the money and so that's kind of what's happening here so this made the head of the european people's party that ap very mad his name is donald tusk and he said on twitter and quote. Whoever's against the principle of role of law is against europe. I i expect a clear position on this from all the parties. The opponents of our fundamental values should no longer be protected by anyone. Some harsh words certainly striking back. And so what mr saying. Well i think you guys can already kind of understand. We say but what is hinting at here is. If you're this should not be a problem for the european union. Everyone should easily meet the standards. You admitted to the european union as a democratic nation. So the evening to question you is the problem. Hungary poland through just making a fuss fuss by vetoing it on really being. Yeah in poland. And hungary are saying look. We need subsidies aware we have current virus now countries to we need these subsidies. You're not gonna withhold it because Sufi criteria and it's again disputed over if they actually do meet the criteria or not because there are valid arguments both ways The fact of the matter is that's that's what's happening. These subsidies are possibly going to be with health due to the wording of it so they want more clear wording what it comes down to essentially so quite interesting relations are clearly breaking down within the block of so. Let's keep an eye on the european union but while we're keeping an eye on that let's talk about the chinese foreign ministry. Be very angry at australia. Never heard that before. So china and australia recently. They tend to fight a little bit. They don't like each other Their governments are pretty polar opposites right. So let's see what's going on this time. So the chinese foreign ministry released a statement in which demanded that australia actively worked to fix the rapidly deteriorating relationship between them invasion so shallow john the foreign minister and spokesman though the four minute i four ministry spokesman for china not the foreign minister is a spokesman said that australia's started the conflict between them in china and that it will be their job to end it so essentially like you started it right. That's what they're doing here and so Leash leon said this specifically an quote. I want to stress that. The australian side is completely aware of the crux of the decline of bilateral relations. We hope the australian sides should do more to improve the mutual trust and cooperation and enhance the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries So this new wave of criticism stems from the fact that australia has done to key things that his anger the chinese government. They've won the publicly demanded international destination into the origins of the corona virus. Which means that they wanna know where it came from this kind of working with the united states here in saying that. We want investigate. What's going on here and to australia. Signed a defensive packwood china's biggest rival japan which they promised to protect each other. Have each other's backs in so both of these things. May china quite angry. China also went on to say that. Australia is just a puppet of the us. They just they all think for themselves. They just think whatever the american stick. That's not good china australia. You need to be an independent nation. We're actually trying to help you. We're the good guys. Yeah so but you start worth Use started it do created these bad relations or cutting off your barley or cutting or imported barley or your coal import from mongolia. Now guys remember that post and they're cutting off their strings. One could say strengths the puppet strings. Yeah so the Bat is what's happening in you see australia. And china starting to their tensions have been increasing for a while especially on the naval side. And this defensive packwood japan especially is really just certainly not making it more peaceful but less peaceful if anything are everyone so that is all we have for you today in the hot cast on. We are quite happy to have recorded this We always love doing this. 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