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External. Tallest not the same thing I've seen it at the Fisher House. The Fisher House I know is a huge part of recovery for somebody like my husband for them to know that their family members are being taken care of that's a huge burden off of them so they can concentrate on their therapies. Just having that assurance that no matter what as long as we were there for Anson, that someone would be there to take care of us. Took so much weight offer shoulders. How can you help good fisherhouse dot org. I. Tried to read one one last night ready dramatic might say even told me excited a homerun turned out to be a long single unless reds win win tonight and. They're back the five hundred but until then so many issues going on including page Johnson, what happening Clermont county including a good friend Brian Hamburg that is judged Don Gentry in Kenton County. Talk. About hanging. Banging on the courtroom empty beer bottles Jim beam dancing on tables grunting squeaking and judge's chambers working things out. I guess plus you had the police shooting yesterday since I police shot someone in Coleraine Township News Conference scheduled beginning a few minutes Bryan. Bryan Hamrick has his finger on all issues and Brian Hamrick welcome again to the bill Cunningham show and Brian. How are you? GotTa. Thanks again Mr kind of understand. You're out there in Coleraine township and there's a news conference starting in a few minutes here but At this point about the police Cincinnati shooting, seemingly drug dealer and he's alive. Apparently Cincinnati police observed some sort of a drug deal. They went to pull him over he pulls over this shell station on Compton. Road. I think Coleraine. It's actually in Coleraine jurisdiction they were there but somehow, Cincinnati police were still on the scene. there was some sort of an altercation or a lot of blanks to be filled in any minute. Now, we should be getting. Some details on exactly what happened in probably the body cans on the body cams I'm guessing but there was some sort of an altercation. A Taser was deployed and a shot was fired. suspect was hit last word we had no real condition but they said. That he is stabilized. So that's about what we know about it and Joe. We get a little bit more information coming out. I guess it should be any minute now there's mayhem everywhere. I think you know many years ago you and I discussed the situation in Covington with pace. Johnson on Rob. Sanders. Many Times. In fact when this guy was arrested, we finally he thought we may have found the right person but he was in Clermont County when the body parts of the body was located plus we have satanic rituals happening and Lachlan. Got First of all, let's deal with satanic rituals that Tony Bender Joy. So exactly what is happening in Lachlan with Worshiping Lucifer? Well. This was a case guy named William Studios was charged, and this was a while back. See what happened is with all this coven almost all the news you would normally get. Got Either. Like totally taken off the table, you just didn't see it because there was so much cova news or it just showed up in a small presentation or be you know fifteen second reader on it but we had done a number of stories on this is William Studios allegedly had this. Shea Tanic warship area in his apartment. This was up in. Lachlan he had a he had a bedroom where he filmed these sex acts any and he and another guy were trading children in the midst of all this The guy was Joseph suitor. Now he got he pled and ended up getting a twelve year sentence for this little guy who had this this satanic altar and his bedroom along with this place where he shot the video. He pled guilty to two counts of rape and was sitting at ten years on each of them. So He's serving twenty years and that that happened in April he pled but but nobody even knew about it until now because it was kind of so far under the radar, but it was a bizarre scene affair with Iraq. And Child Sex and all that it was it was just. Hard to imagine, and so this, this is one of those incidents that needs to publicity. So those neighbors in and around Lachlan knew what was going on and so you had children misplaced children children on the street children with dysfunctional families were used in sexually orientated videos for gay porn pleasure. Oh. My God. This should have been the story but because a covert nineteen and didn't even bubble up to the surface but those living in around Lachlan reading need to know what the Hell's going on at least this guy's locked up for twenty years minimum. He probably won't come out with his teeth but what's the guy's name again? The studios. and. It was interesting. I remember he lived She lived up there. I can't remember exactly top of my head name of the streaming zone but he but his his parents, his mom live downstairs and they said they didn't know anything about it that they didn't. They didn't have any information on this what was going on upstairs In their own house. The. Victim. was just five years old and. I did back in September. rate grossing. Hindering sexually oriented material all these things using a legal use of the minor in nudity oriented material these sorts of things but he Cheaper. One of the sergeants up there in Laughlin said at the time you know was partner with basically set up like a sex room and his bedroom had had met. So we could each cameras to him and he could record the sex. There's all this kind of. sainte-anne totems and things like that. It was just weird and he had. His. In shower as well it's just bizarre. Let's move onto something equally maybe. not this sick, but it's bad which is in your home area of Northern, Kentucky row was born in Covington judge. Don. Attorney recounts. Judge. Asking her for threesome and a kiss. That is Kathryn Schultz's fine attorney and she was propositioned by Judge Don. Gentry, who's married to another judge male judge he's married to and part of the deal was that there was testimony last tour three days the Kent County. Family. Court judge. Don. Based decisions using sex coercion retaliation is tools and her judgeship court personnel found empty beer bottles, Jim, beam bottles squeaking on couches moaning, and groaning and sexual ways. Plus you have this fine female attorney who was who was propositioned by the judge to join her and her minister slash employees. Penrose character to join them in a threesome on judicial retreat. Now, at this point judge, gentry's still getting paid large amounts of money like hundred, forty, thousand dollars a year, and this poor female attorney said I didn't know what to do and the judge admitted quote. I admit that I engage in interact with the attorney Ms Schultz in inappropriate way but she initiated the personal contact with me while she was under the influence quote quote I also admit that I did not handle the situation afterwards properly unquote. So at this point, all hell's breaking loose and we're going to have a decision I guess on Friday or Monday. She ran in twenty eighteen for re election was elected almost by acclamation. Now you take some of the things happening all you often say we're blessed eleven consequential times. Did you ever think Brian hammered because the power five that one of your find judges in? Kenton. County would be hanging Bagan lesbian relationships drunk dancing. She admitted bringing a guitar indoor chambers to place some star, play some songs and then to get drunk and have sex on the desk. Did you think this was possible. Sound like it was like a pattern like this was going on for a while that that these things happen that that the pastor slash. member. Brought his instruments to work so to space and he would. Play in one room and other people get here this music and then she brought her instruments Jorg and then they go in there and I guess you know use your instruments together and big would hear this this music, and then when they weren't hearing the music favored other sounds coming out of there. They they all testified to this yesterday So Yeah No, it's you know I guess what's happening you? You just got an instance now I just have a feeling that a lot of this kind of stuff happened in the past. It's just nobody talked about it didn't get out and now we're getting no wait a minute. You know. Now wait a minute. Well. I've spent. May I say now? Almost half a century in court systems from Lucas County I'd been before the Supreme Court several times edgy. No I sleep with a judge and she's been a judge for like I don't know twenty five years and I've been in every courtroom and Ken County Campbell County Butler County Clermont. County Hamilton County. I've been to Switzerland County in Dearborn County. Not, one time if I had a suggestion that a young thirty, nine year, old female judge was getting drunk playing the guitar and providing providing oral services in the middle of the day in a rope that never came up in my mind with any judge and the history of Hamilton County or can. No one over there don't forget about. The charges things that were going on I just think that people didn't talk about. I don't know that it happened in every courtroom. I'm not saying that I'm saying, have you seen judge Norman NATO. Recently, you can't tell me something's going on I refuse to believe that I come on man. No I have seen some of his poetry and I. Think, it's a regular event I'm telling I'm telling you. It is not a regular event. I'm telling you I never I never had it. I don't know what to say but you take some of these cases. I've never heard I spoke to in the last three or four days to three or four female judges are, of course, friends with my wife and they're shocked amazed and incredulous is show deeter Susan courtrooms. Every day says never in his long career every day in court as Joe. Ever seen anything like this happening with judge Morrissey, or judge Matthews I just don't see it happening. Midnight. To innocent. Well. I, really think that a lot of things went on behind the scene and the people that knew only those people who they knew not to say anything and in this age people are like, Hey, if you don't say something again and just as much trouble. So I think we're fine. You ever watch dateline episode it's like they were the happy family. Boyfriend girlfriend you know your likely. The film their sex, put it online about this the attorney attorneys Schultz said. She'd found Judge Gentry sitting on the bathroom floor in the basement with a nose bleed Catherine shows the attorney says you want to help judge get up and gentry lunged at her with her nose bleeding and kissed me aggressively and I kissed her back. She said I'm going to rule against you in all cases from this point on the kiss wasn't fulfilling when asked why gentry made that threat right then. Schultz said I didn't know but it got it got so bad with attorney shots that she had a heart attack. She's thought on May Thirteenth Twenty nineteen she was under such pressure anxiety about this threesome. Did Not engage in. She went to the emergency room thinking she was having a heart attack and she resigned from the panel appointed by Judge Century the next day she said has taken a toll on me and my family. So, we got issues everywhere. I mean, you know this is how this stuff works out though it comes in and then it affects the job and then. It all begins they collapsed down on everyone and then everybody thought they were just having fun all of a sudden you know. Nobody's having fun and it was not you know. It turns into a huge mess. Go through people's minds before this this sort of thing happens but. A lot of time you know I. It doesn't it just I think it's kind of thing going I just don't think I remember years ago in my my grandmother was showing a picture of some of her classmates and she's going through and it's my grandmother and she's like that one was a floozy there that went out with all the guys and and we're talking. Twenty. Yeah Grandma These Worse than than ones today. I'll never forget she looks over glasses you go I expect so. Well claim is maybe I'm naive but I haven't seen sexual activity. Between Judges and lawyers to my knowledge except if they're married. Maybe I've just been doing this job too long, and that's where I. But. It's certainly coming out now in ways that it never came out before the you know and we're seeing prosecutions and people in court and And you know. It maybe it didn't happen before because people just just knew better but. I just feel like people just didn't get caught I. Think people are people and people what people do and I just think. They probably have always been people you know. You GotTa get to the news conference about the shooting there the guy the alleged drug dealer is going to survive Gimme a minute or two on what happened with page Johnson allegedly picked up and COVINGTON allegedly murdered didn't die of natural causes. I don't think and remains found in Clermont County tell the American people the latest on that. Well the charges are abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence and that's what the prosecutor said they. They knew they could prove. So they won't at least at this point, they won't be charging murder What they have is you know page Johnson was a seventeen year old family sched in I think it was September. Of Two, thousand ten. Or family was totally distraught I mean your your seventeen year old daughter walks out the door. It's the last time. You ever see her a lot and then no information about what happened nobody knows what happened there were rumors they were all these things about what could have happened to her and and and from the beginning a Jacob Baba's fell under the umbrella suspicion and that was mainly because he was the last guy who admitted he was with her said he dropped her off in Covington but then police got ahold of his phone records and those phone records don't a whole different story at the time he said he was dropping off and Covington his phone said he was in Florence. You know this is fifteen miles away and later on in the evening at about I think it said for thirteen his phone pinged off the South Tower Near East Fork Lake, and then it again at four eighteen well, that led you searches out there but the search has turned up nothing and so years went by and every day for Donald. Johnson page jobs mother this has been just a quarter waking up and not knowing what happened well finally last March Hunter was out he was just searching for like where to set up and where there might be some deer. Sightings and it's SORTA thing for hunting season and he comes upon these bones. Now, these bones were right off of thirty two. If you're going out toward Oregon thirty, two williamstown. If you're driving on that road, you were not seventy five yard from page Johnson's body. He could have been there and done that. We'll look I. I hear the news conference about to start a no, you gotta get going but. If something dramatic happens please call back. But once again we're blessed to live in. Interesting Times Brian. Hamrick thank you again for coming on the Bill Cunningham show. Thank you. Thank again Mr Cunningham Bryan. Brian hammered because the power five let's continue with more your reaction five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, pound simply pound on seven hundred reds baseball kicks off about five forty tonight I pitch about six forty. Go to five hundred tonight. If they beat the Kansas City royals thank God they're not playing the Kansas city chiefs the plan the royals tonight on newsradio seven, hundred WWL W. why? Not Billy Cunningham and when you're the family court. Judge. Judge Don Don Gentry it's good to keep the family together. And we're going to have more on this later on it's incredible. Fry Go to the American people that I loved so well and served. So long after one o'clock today is going to be Brian Thome. Talking about family court, judges. And riots and protests and things that are happening Brian. Thome. One. Oh, six today after two o'clock today of course is going to be senator. Rand. Paul. About his proposals and I received a call for the first time ever about three days ago from a woman concern about the accumulated debt and the annual deficit, which is the only call I've gotten and many years about anybody caring about passing onto our children, the debts upon which we now maintain our lifestyle as Americans, and pass it on the cost to others that's coming up later. But before I take the calls of which there are so many. I want to relate to. Some information I received on the q t, of course, from meetings in downtown Cincinnati, and over the Rhine and what is happening physically in our great city, which is, shall we say well below? The radar. And as you may know, if you listen to me quite often, I'm a supporter of downtown especially ot are because I know many of the business owners there whose life and limb has been at risk after the riots, the pandemic and the lack of business the shutdowns all government sponsored on a pandemic that affects less than one hundred of one percent of the tri state residents, I. It's incredible. The amount of time and effort spent on this and the subject is that the main street corridor and not our community council and made him and held the last several nights, and this is one email that was sent from the leadership of main. Street. Also, Saint Mary's and also tr. Dealing with issues in the last few weeks, you know tr. It says here special. Thanks. To police officer Darrell Woods and math saint tallest not the same thing as saying the Fisher House. The Fisher House I know is a huge part of recovery for somebody like my husband for them to know that their family members are being taken care of that's a huge burden off of them so they can concentrate on their therapies. Just. Having that assurance that no matter what is long as we were there for Anson that someone would be there to take care of us. Took so much weight off our shoulders how can you help go to fisherhouse? Dot? Org. Pro Pay tax. Stop logging that tank we deliver propane straight to you extend your. Does through. That's. Pain taxi. PENTAX DOT COM. Let's cook in this weekend. If rilling is your plan, then make it easy on yourself. Go to propane taxi dot com enter Promo Code bbq Ten for ten dollars I barbecue tank exchange delivered to your door that easy with propane taxi. So you can focus on family friends and fun you Homie City of Cincinnati Parking services supervisor for your cooperation. And participation listed below are the notes from the August eleventh meeting issues provided by each of today's participants loud stereo music blaring every night until five am selling drugs on sidewalks. Open air key drug dealers are setting up daily on both sides of Main Street group starting hanging out on main starting about noon continuing until five. AM The next morning double parking both sides of Maine. And thirteenth blocking both lanes pot-smoking throughout the day and night loitering that blocked sidewalks entrances to businesses intimidates customers and panhandlers public drinking intoxication and urinating and doorways on sidewalks drug dealers and others are using Saint Mary's parking lot each night music playing groups throw trash on sidewalks and streets cars parking in gets and bland alley's on a daily and nightly basis blocking neighbors and potential. Emergency vehicles motorcycle racing up and down main street and nearby streets groups arriving on Main Street, late afternoon with chairs, music, and cooler severe open dice games with money on sidewalks and stoops that generate arguing yelling conflicts, fights, numerous homeless sleeping in doorways Woodward Street around Ziglar Pool is a parking lot party, Thursday Friday, and Saturday with loud music drinking pot-smoking and Toro early morning hours. That is part of the problem happening in not are because of the riots, the pandemic and then the shutdown. So. First of all, we had this pandemic. Then in response to the pandemic, we had the shutdowns. Then when the government ordered shutdowns mid-stroke stroke, then you had George Foy two and a half months ago having been killed by officer Derek. Chalvin. In Minneapolis which was spark to cause one to two thousand people out of two million living in the tri-state to use that as occasion to break down doors trash. Break, Windows Steal Loot Rob, whatever it is, which caused these business owners to lose up to thirty million dollars in damages, and now business is not coming back because the suburbanites feel that don't feel safe. and. So this is what's happening. Every day in ot are, and as you know, I'll be there Friday night. I go once a week generally and I walk around and have dinner keep my eyes open. Half the businesses are shut and the other half can't get business when individuals want to do business and live and ot are one point five billion dollars was spent almost sounds like judge gentry's courtroom for God's Sakes, but nonetheless. You don't want to continue to go there if an reality, you can't be safe. And that the police have been, shall we say encouraged to be as passive as possible and not to call us anymore disturbances it counted began when city council voted to release a not charge misdemeanors, large numbers of people who were there illegally violating the curfew, but that's the least of the problem. The total number of individuals involved tend to be white drug users and black drug dealers. This is not racial. It's in reality that if you're a Druggie, you know where to go and what street corner to go to I can recall your good friend and mine a former police chiefs Tom Striker, etc. that said it is known in the Drug Community at thirteenth in Maine Marijuana Fourteenth and vine tear one at fifteenth and and fine it's going to be methamphetamine. And so when there's a sense that no one's in charge and that there's no political support for the police they stand down. And when they stand down the criminal element bubbles to the surface, destroying the property values of those who live in and around downtown. And those who come there and infrequently in order to do some business, and so I can imagine if pagey sitting Feld who wanted the homeless encampment on third, street to be called a community, the PG sit in Feld who spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a streetcar bankrupting the city of Cincinnati PG Feld who does not support the police. If he is in fact, the mayor and Joe is not the prosecutor we're going to become Detroit Minneapolis or Portland or Seattle we're on. We're close. And When coppers on the beat tell me they're not going to be proactive. They're not going to be aggressive knocking to chase these knuckleheads down alleyways when they know they might be confronted. With the situation that may result in massive rioting than the standard of living continues to slide downwards. Would you buy a home and ot are? Would you spend a half million dollars on a Condo in the American building? Would you spend money in downtown? Cincinnati when this is? Becoming a regular occurrence my answer would be I think not. But let's get your calls and after one o'clock today's Brian Thome after two o'clock is Rand Paul, and let's get your calls. We'll go to a dean and Columbus first and then Wayne in Franklin and then Marie and Hamilton thousands of others. Now, for the next fifteen minutes, airwaves are yours dean in Columbus. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham show dean. How are you? Good. Talking to you again how you doing great day to be an American. City. And Billy. Issue I had this is not with you. It's with all the people saying. Sydney kids back to school send them back to school. Well. Wouldn't like the president are other world and people when they sit in their kids to school. Then out being safe. Luckily my grandson just graduated here. So I don't have that issue anymore. Would you agree with me going school in Columbus or Cincinnati? Dayton it's not the same and going to school in Batavia or an owens borough or in Bethel. In other words, one size doesn't fit all when the governor said yesterday thirty, eight percent of the school districts are all in person mainly in rural areas twenty six percent remote online, which is like Cincinnati. For the first five or six weeks twenty six. Twenty five percent or hybrids, which means I think deer park has like three days on in two days offer it's Monday and Tuesday and. Wednesday which is virtual then Thursday and Friday virtue I duNNo in other words it's a hybrid and so. I would not want to governor passing a law that says one-size-fits-all Cleveland is different than Bethel and I want local communities to make local decisions when you agree that. Yes I agree with that because you know public schools. Compared to a private school say say cavs versus Indian Neal is a big disparity there. So I would say they're in the city. I would be reluctant but maybe Indian, he'll Madeira in those areas. Maybe kids would be able to go back to school and they should. They should because let's face it. I know at Madeira with Kenji who's a superintendent kids walk on one side or the other side you have to wear a mask every night everything is disinfected and so if that's happening taft, if the kids at taff with follow the rules, which is walk on this side and that side enter exit where amass the entire time we're going to disinfect everything and as much as possible say stay six feet apart what's wrong with that as much as you can't I went through supermarket here in Columbus Sunday. They have you go one way of one how you come. Down now nobody is. On each side of the aisle. So you at least six feet the bar. Good. And so I think if we follow that. Keeps mask on when you're around of this. Limit the amount of people that you around. and. What we have to do your older like I about the same age. I would say this we have challenges in America before with pandemics this is the fourth or fifth one and the last one hundred years and He's not GonNa be the last one. It's GonNa it's GonNa happen again it's going to happen again and again a jeff that's it. We're GONNA live with man we can't surrender. We say it doesn't work anymore. Right I. Tell people it happens you know what I mean. Knows that can adjust to the the best or ones that come through without stress and and only of stuff that comes along with it. What do you? What do you think about these judges and I got a text, Terra Linda tally, Smith, who's the prosecutor in Boone County who was hanging in banging the Lieutenant Bruce McVeigh and? Brian Hammer. The power five, he says these sexual misconduct happen all the time and every situation with judges, employees lawyers in the courtroom and I say. I don't believe I don't believe. Not To my knowledge that I work would be grow according. Cincinnati back in. The late nineties and early two thousand. Judge Kim Burke I think a female. Hair a judge deidra. Your hair with. Did. You ever have I'm glad you're here and I've said this an hour ago I have never received even a suspicion that these female judges or having sex with female attorneys. Have you know? No Quite a lot. So if it was something on than I would have known dean thanks for your call. There's testimony of the first order. Let's continue with your calls and we got Maria and Wayne, and chuck and thousands of others read space but a good game last night for Change Joey votto performed in the clutch for a change I. Think he's hitting like two. Oh, five and the reds can win tonight and they're going to be back to five hundred at this point to Saint Louis Cardinals have played a total of five games. Cincinnati's been close to twenty games. Twenty games I don't know how you make up that many doubleheaders. In fact, on Friday or Saturday of this week, the red legs would have played one third of the entire schedule. At this point cardinals have played five games. We'll see what occurs. Let's continue billy Cunningham the great American. With Your Day your home of the reds newsradio seven hundred w automobile. Score your virtual ticket to be a part of music history on the capital. One Fan Wall and interactive video experienced with our superstar are twenty iheartradio. Music. Festival starring as Coldplay Cain Brown was special guests Khalid Keith Urban migos miley Cyrus Thomas Rhett shirt and more. Can have ready to win your front row video fan wall access who radio DOT COM slash festival. No Cunningham. The Great American for Paul Luck McKinley mortgage right down there telephone number, which is five, one, three, seven, nine, one, twenty, seven, hundred, mortgage rates are right now at all time lows and the value of your home right now is an all time. 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Story is five, one, three, seven, nine, one, twenty, seven, hundred when you do you speak to real life mortgage broker and not to some dern computer if shy go online bessler rates, bessler rates, Dot Com. and. Of course, more is coming into me about to my comment about this doesn't happen in the. Legal. System. Kathy Adams a former Clark County assistant prosecutor admitted Wednesday in federal court that she traded her legal services for medicine phetamine. Pairing before Judge Douglas Cole she pled guilty to participating in a narcotics conspiracy while being in Clermont County Assistant Prosecutor Federal Indictment unsealed an October twenty nineteen showed that a total of twenty eight people were charged in connection with the distribution of at least a pound of Meth in court. The prosecutor admitted that she used and sold meth for the group as well as trading our services for the drug between March of two thousand eighteen in June of two, thousand nineteen. Prosecutors. Say she gave the drug to another person's as well. Incredible. Find it hard to believe but it happens among nicknames or people who went by the nicknames cooter am L. I. F.. What is out in Austin M I L F, he has no idea and old girl. That she, she she is a mother and she has a son as a prosecutor selling meth. So. Maybe things are happening of which the Great America is fully. Unaware. Up Next Brian Thome and more aligned becomes available five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, pound seven, hundred, eighteen, t reds. Baseball five, forty, tonight you're the reds newsradio seven, hundred wwl W Cincinnati. News traffic and weather. News radio seven hundred W. l.. Delegates Cincinnati. It was an unintentional discharge with the one o'clock report. Dumb. req- Chino breaking now Cincinnati police chief, Elliott Isaac providing an update today on yesterday's officer involved shooting at Shell gas station on competent role road in Coleraine township playing closed violent crime squad officers were conducting surveillance. In the Mount Airy. Neighborhood of district five. The officers witnessed several hand-to-hand drug transactions on a residential. Street. involving an individual that was known to them at the time. Who is now identified as Mr Andre Thomas, a mill twenty, seven years of Eight. The officers followed Mr Thomas to the gas station where a struggle ensued Thomas trying to resist arrest allegedly, and that is when the shooting took place. One of the violent crimes, plainclothes, officer officer John Brown. Attempted to grab. Mr Thomas, as they were falling to the ground. Obser- Brown discharged a single round from his firearm. The struck Mr Thomas in the back chief is, says that shot was an unintentional discharge by officer. Brown Thomas meanwhile out of surgery out of the ICU is expected to recover. No Body Cam footage is available as the officers were in plain clothes. Police are still looking for any surveillance video nearby evidence still being collected as well. The investigation is ongoing. Thomas meanwhile is facing resisting arrest charges as well as felony drug charges. Out of our. At the door they foul. Bad Billy Cunningham the great. American, these are difficult times. Of course I'm not sure times have been easy. But look at what's happening around the country with looting and fires and protest assault on police. The fact that police officers do not want to respond. Now because their lives are jeopardy, they have no backup when the make split-second decisions in think respected by the communities in which they operate and by the mayors and governors who have to support them when I look at what's happening in northern Kentucky with embattled. Kent County Family, Court Judge Don Gentry, and her attorneys. What's happening out of that courtroom is at sex was for sale and exchange for judicial activities. WanNa look at what's happening to the McDonalds CEO all the money in the world, and he uses power and prestige to prey upon not defenseless women and I think there's all kinds of difficulties that we see. Hopefully Brian Thome of crossroads can bring some peace to the tristate Brian Toma crossroads welcome again in the Bill Cunningham show and Brian how are you? William I. Am as good as anybody can be in the midst of this crazy kinds we live in right now I'm talking you today. So how can I be doing good to its reissues percolating in my head like being an empty railroad? Bosco. Boxcar one of them was what's happening repeatedly. In a major American cities which happened in Cincinnati for like four or five days, and that is a sense of non belonging a sense of entitlement. A sense of what yours is mine what's mine? Is Mine a sense of disrespect for the law and so when I look at what happened in over ot are for like three or four days there was about one point, five, billion dollars in investment by Steve. Leeper of three CDC and others small business owners, small shopkeepers. Obliterated when I look at fifty percent of the restaurants and bars, the government's orders are going to close when I look at the disrespect for law enforcement and very rarely as an earned. But what happened to George Floyd was probably not murder, but it was a crime committed against him causing his death and I look at every night in Portland the last two or three nights in Chicago, of massive looting and There was a comment this morning John. That I monitored that said that black lives matter believes they're entitled to reparations and that is taking flat screen TVs from best buy or or Gucci purses or those from Louis Vitton some house entitle mentality as a man of the cloth. Following Jesus I want to ask you what would Jesus do? I? Think we know what he would say and what he would do but what is speaks to is a lack of involvement, a lack of commitment something greater than myself that. So many Americans feel that somehow were not all in this together that I'm a victim and then I have to lash out. Do you sense. You've been out this twenty years or so do you sense these are different times? One average Americans feel as if they're entitled to certain things whether it's sex from its aboard, get ready to watch more of what you love xfinity one like live sports and more. With, xfinity sports zone looking for more streaming apps they're all in one place xfinity X. One is the ultimate and experience. Click business store today restrictions apply not available in all areas or knit whether it's judge gentry. In Kent County demanding sex from lawyers for a favorable decision or the head of McDonald's corporation. Having sex with a female subordinates I want to say to you Brian Thome what the Hell's going on. Well. I have been around for a while I'm I'm sorry to say that I keep getting older and older can't beat back by the time four years old my gosh. And I I gotTA. Tell you. Yeah. I think our culture has been shifting bill I think that we have gotten. Gosh we've just got knocked. In a bunch of different and you talk about just there I think, I think our disrespect for the law and make our disrespect for order I think disparate disrespect for due process is. There's an all time and of course. We have some things that people are not happy or excited about go country. I'm one of those that doesn't mean. Fashion Open windows and stuff. Every indicator just doesn't look right I remember the good old days bill your mind for a moment. I remember the good old days when preachers like me not a conservative view, the Bible used to talk about not having sex with somebody want married to that was. The good old days there today Today this is really weird man true today I have to tell people have sex with something other than a machine or yourself because younger people are not having sex because we are. Just drawn into the virtual reality and start sex world and our relationships are suffering and everything. But everywhere, you look at a weird time it is weird and I I personally when I had to get married because my wife wouldn't have sex with me and I'm thinking, okay, it was she wants her father's home I want for my mother's home together in an apartment, and then life begins and now one of the main reasons that men would marry a woman eighteen, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty at that point you whoever you were dating when you were nineteen or twenty, you got married. That's just the way it was, and now you don't have to get married to have sex in fact, normally an impediment and then you also think God be my life whether you're Catholic or whether you're a Protestant or whether you're Jewish or Muslim, whatever it is you have to feel as if this is about something that my life is relevant because I'm working toward a light I have a goal the there's somebody keeping an eye on things and keeping count to see how I live my life and What occurs and that whole idea is now gone, it's up with me to hell with you. I have an immediate need. It's going to be satisfied and I don't have it right now. I'm going to bash it I'm GONNA, take it out of a window I'm going to go I'm going to take what's mine whether you're there McDonald's co or judge gentry whatever it is. My needs now must be satisfied they not be delayed or denied I must perform right now and it has to occur immediately and so. It did Madison Avenue was an advertising. What was it? That so fundamentally changed America the past twenty to thirty to forty years because America has changed. I think it has changed bill I think that we also have to be careful not to look back in the good old days if the previous days or so. So morally enlightened versus today I mean it wasn't too long ago. We we did have a good percentage of America that was fighting for. Slavery. Wasn't too long ago that we we had a lot probably that, but I'll tell you when you start talking about different things like sexual ethics, ethics of honoring forty these kind of things that used to be bill that every American for the most part of always had atheist agnostics that are some small percentage but. Every American have known awareness that there was a divine. There was a divine entity that was above you beyond you. That wasn't you. You needed to answer to someday and guess what if you if you messed up, then you had to deal with that and to see you see and you had to ask forgiveness everything today that entity that to see of God has been replaced by the masses. So now I don't go to God anymore to ask for forgiveness I, have to go to facebook and I have to go to instagram and I've got I've got lay out my stuff and hope that the masses. To them and guess what the masses under grace given. Up For The masses. You can have a perfectly worded pr PR statements and you actually mean it to and the masters just say, no, sorry you. You can never have your job again you know you're done. The masses are never going to tell you that there's a god that's above and beyond you and it's for you maybe maybe the reason why suicide is escalating mental illnesses escalating. because. We've been drilling into people's brains for a long time now that there is no god, there's this cosmic Gu, and then there is you, there's a random amalgamation of proteins and there's some big bang that God wasn't involved because there is no god and things have evolved and this is where you are. Now you tell me how you take somebody who is told their whole life there is no higher power there is no god you're not important. You're not special. He doesn't love you. There isn't a heat to love you a she he whatever there's no forgiveness. Just a random amalgamation proteins and life sucks and that's the way it is. There's no way out to you. Tell me how you can have the average person who believe that and being a hard time and not commit suicide. What is what is crossroads do that? You found it when many others? May, you're the main, your Saint Peter, Saint. Paul, what does crossroads do specifically that addresses the idea that the? Of our country, which is the constitution, the court system Reverend. Jerry Falwell junior is pulling his pants down and thought it was good to take a picture of him with his pants down with a female subordinate I look at Judge Gentry. What is it a crossroads that you do? That is receptive message. You now have one hundred, thousand devotees. What is it? Well Jerry Jerry Falwell Juniors, and folks like that. Their problem I believe is. We. Those of us, who are my profession Wayne to stick to talking about Jesus when talking about 'cause people like you and others others who have your job to really good job to a fine job and making people aware of the political issues I think that when people Come, to crossroads or people hear me, they don't need to hear my take on the list today. Many people do I need to get people to God I need people to Jesus and out of that hopefully they're they're they're images change in their values change and Jerry, Falwell is coming under. you know unfortunate amount of pressure didn't opposite guys I met a guy before. He's hurting us. All of leaders bill we're stressed we're fried. We're you know we're trying to keep our organizations afloat. Our jobs have changed. We don't understand the future, and so you're gonna stay the worst behavior from people from everybody in society I mean people are drinking more. They're they're eating more I, got a buddy of mine who who has a little You know gas station with Beers and liquors in there his liquor. And Beer sales and cigarettes have been through the roof. I Made I think he said it's like This sounds so ridiculous I. Think it was saying anyway like thirty times what they were before covid nineteen just ridiculous. we're self medicating. So guy like Jerry? Falwell. He stressed just like the rest us are, but his problem is he's he's he's taking all these political stances and so now the the masters of divinity out there who exist are just coming down Pretty Brian Tell me you've over the years have not taken political approaches political Democrat Republican don't vote do vote for whom and you're very wise to say I'm going to stay focused on Jesus in the Bible when I go to Dewey's to get a pizza I, don't WanNa hear about animal testing and why it should. Be stopped if I if I go to McDonalds to the drive through I don't want somebody pushing me a second amendment issue I. IF I go to skyline for three way go blue as chilly to get a three way I don't want the server to be talking to me about trump I'm there to get that particular thing and I don't want to be preached to. But now whether it's black lives matter logos on the NBA Courts or Major League Baseball B L on the mound which I thought was MLB maybe I'm dyslexic but be. And then you got football, we're going to sing the black national anthem and the first game before the national anthem and everyone's GonNa stand on the field for the black national anthem and the first NFL game. Then when the national anthem is played, everyone's GonNa Kneel down which views disrespect and so when I go to a football game, I want to watch a football game when I go to pizza, I wanNA eat pizza when I go to McDonalds I want number nine, which is a flay officiant small fries and when I go to church I want to praise the Lord but now everyone feels as if. There are broadcast entity on their own part, and I'm gonNA coercion demand that you think a certain way and if there's if I wanna go watch Lebron James Play basketball I don't WANNA see black lives matter logos, which is associate with the killing afford Dallas police officers doing black lives, matter protest, and so if people stay in their lane and do what they're supposed to do then society functions better by staying in your lane and not supporting trump or supporting Obama or supporting Mitt Romney what you do is support the word of God and then these political considerations to decide can you smell when I'm cooking? I know what you're cooking smells wonderful to me bill. It sounds wonderful. I I also feel like for people who remind position we've gotta realize our country is incredibly divided, right? It's about fifty fifty. It's the Biden. So it's soon as I come out and I make some kind of statement. Around something political which I'm not against doing like if Guys there was there was a pastor well known pastor who tried to be in on the assassination plot of of Adolf Hitler. You know So I'm not saying he shouldn't do that. I mean if we have a president that gas in you know six hundred, million people or whatever it was six, hundred, thousand, I'm sorry I'm I'm on? I'm on the radio I'm getting getting all kinds of. I got six years. I'm not saying Sometime Bill Violence is the answer. Sometimes it is. Someone's beating your wife sometimes. So I'm not I'm not a hyper passive saying why won't speak up but here's the thing as soon as I speak up on something. Half the people aren't going to like it and I cut my influence in half I wanNA have the most influence as possible as a man of the cloth if you will as a pastor and when someone says, why aren't you want you speaking up about? More racial injustice stuff. Well, I spoke about it. But why don't you asking me to speak up about abortion? I I'm I'm adopted but I believe I can very easily could have been aborted people people want me to speak up on anything. They're excited about five advice up on on everything I'm excited about they wouldn't want that happened. So I've gotta say, what's my main thing? I want to get people to Jesus that's what I want anything else getting away. I'll let people like you and everybody else go down the rabbit trails that we need to have really seen discussion about this is not my lane I want Democrats go to heaven I want Republicans go to Heaven agnostics go to heaven I went those that don't care about politics. I mean half of is never vote in any election and we act if all of us are embroiled in these political conflicts between trump and biden. and that kind of stuff. But in reality, most of us live our lives in a simple way and I, my job is to comment publicly about the issues and pizza job is to make me, Godfather Pizza, and never the Twain shall well, we gotta run Brian Thome. Thanks for coming on. These are difficult times we need to hear from you more about how individuals got to stay in their lane and do what they're supposed to do, and then after that ministers pull their pants down or talk about politics or who to endorse are never gonNA make it. To, heaven the way God intended which is I want to come to underneath meet not just those who believe a certain political viewpoint but we gotta run and Brian Tomir the best and let's do it again as things become more turmoil, we gotta talk in September and October about the election and how that doesn't involve itself necessarily in religion. Well I'm happy to take a swing William always an honor to be with you Brian Thome. You're a great American God. Bless you and God bless crossroads. Thank you. All right let's continue with more Brian Thome. Your calls are next to five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, seven, hundred, eighteen t reds back tonight against Kansas, city, fortunately, it's the royals and not the chiefs on newsradio seven, hundred WWL W. Good. Always going to win it's always good when we win Broadcasting. More testimony the judge. Don Gentry. Matter. Gate say his got going you come into the snakes dead you're gonNA. Get Bit. These days. More action today now Kenton County Family Court judge the home of Rob Sanders. Attorneys things are. A good friend along with Boone County Zone Linda Tally Smith. Try those two together hanging in judges over there I, don't know but alleged a g proposition attorney. Catherine SCHOLTZ WHO's an attractive course female attorney it all began when she was sitting. I found the judge sitting on a bathroom floor with a profuse nosebleed. So I've been over to try to help her with nosebleed she grabbed me. And kissed me which I cooperated with. And then we stood up and had a glance in a moment. Don't ask you a question you've been with I'm sure the hot chicks like I have been all. Wife Fox, news yes sir. But I would you find attractive for a woman to be in a bathroom? Without a women. Roddy. Nur's. Kathryn Schultz's female or perverts. So she goes in to check on the judge and she is bleeding from the nose and pulls her in for a romantic kiss and what and then they had a moment. Why is that I know Tom I don't know the sidelines rock with the colts. Hot Chick and all of a sudden like one of the big stars, all of a sudden. Bleed and what are you go over and like try to hold his nose or something to say, Hey, hey, got your badge back. That's all you're not gonNA, kiss time for a warm in. Britain not. You. Have a moment now cared for a moment. Right there in the bathroom or does that Later. The question. So Catherine Solti for an attorney posted said, she received a message from judge Gentry on snapchat asking her to go to a conference a legal conference for family. Court matters in Louisville to quote arth have sex with Stephen. Me Steve is her minister slash employees defend rose. Was Stephen Penrose. Penrose worked on Gentry's case. I bet as a specialist more ways than one was her former pastor and. bandmate in the band south of CINCY. So Jank. Bands. Garage. Bands. Yes. And she said on another occasion. She found herself she just found herself Kathryn Schultz's found myself. I'm. Just happened to find myself penrose basement with judge jets ridges, what the and we've been drinking in a bar and Covington just having a find ourselves there. And suddenly, this needs to be a reality show. Live in this area I saw. Catherine Scholtz said I didn't know how to take these advances from the judge. But that work. Thank you Catherine, showed, said she believed that judge gentry would give her unfavorable rulings based upon her performance. Now in your legal, no, no, you're never happened never have. Never saw like a major judge no in by touch NATO such. Hotel or? The date. crusher. Crush her nose. I. Don't see me in the locker doing anything. I don't sit I like I said anything's possible but that is not possible. It got so bad for Catherine. Schultz the attorney working with judge Gentry had what she thought was a major heart attack. She reports Er on May Thirteenth Twenty nineteen. She's only like thirty five years old and she was having diagnosing anxiety panic attack. She. Then there's a lot resigned from the court and said, that's it. I can't take it anymore. This is hard to follow his essentially claiming herself that'd be the victim and all of this. Absolutely. Not. Her fault. Good found herself. found. A basement ever found yourself in a basement drunk. Usually I've I've walked myself down. Saying, you've found yourself. I'm trying to find myself now I can't do it and court personnel testified quote quite early quite often in the early afternoon, there would be laughter and squeaking and sexual moaning from the judge's chambers that this is day two of the House is going to I wanted to last. Gaber go on. Man. Talk about anything cove it. I don't want to talk about things. The Judge Linda Tally Smith Phone County with Bruce's McVeigh exclusive interview and Reverend Rose, and get it all together and let's get. Dirty laundry out what a stooge would be and hurt guy she was nicknamed Chiquita. Queen. Goes. Why it's Okay. She was she liked Chiquita's I. Guess. She was the queen of the Chiquita autocratic. That's the prosecutor. What happened to her? She was defeated in the primary okay and the murder case supposedly that was screwed up because of the relationship between the prosecutor and the chief best? GATOR Bruce McVeigh. That just gave me a headache. Thank you. Thank you. Is the victim claiming there was some circumstances that may have negatively impacted their case. Yes. The defendant said that that Linda Tallies. Smith. Hid evidence that Bruce McVeigh brought up that indicated that the truck driver who was outside the warehouse was the guy who actually guild the secretary inside and it was all all hell broke loose. Where's Rob Sanders while we need on? Yeah seriously I have no idea I I don't know I hiding. I don't know what to say. This is how long I mean. When do you think a judge will make a decision I'd say, take your time your time we need more evidence. Yes He. has to go over the evidence to write more very mostly. If I'm judd and she's thirty nine years old and she's married by the way to a male judge in boot and getting. So what got to coach couldn't make. If you get to in this. What do you do? Look I'm sorry sorry I got to find God I gotta find. The Lord and I'm resigning you don't say they go when they. What to do is put everything in the public domain I. Want my lover's. Employees I want the groaning I went the bloody kiss I want it all. Let's get into public is that what you would do? You do that wouldn't you? Why not? Going to take a few times month off paired. Off. Whatever she don't know lotion can't find herself. I Have Brian Hammer gone twelve to twelve thirty saying this stuff happens all the time I'm going. I don't see Judge Patrick. St. Dank may have happened to a prosecutor. Will the into port pros every local tempstar heating and air conditioning dealer side? Tempstar. Quality Say Cincinnati Calls Sheldon Braun at brought heating three, eight, five, seventy, seven, sixty, five. Clermont County prosecutors remains Kathy Adams saying in a small wonder there to just go into Lord how This stuff see Butler county doesn't have this 'cause sheriff. Jones according to Clermont County Prosecutor Kathy Adams Clamor County Prosecutor who involves herself in methamphetamine dealings Get up and go to work come home and eat dinner and I'm going how are you serious and this hurt recruiting one bit and hug you and talk about somebody. With a little bit of activities on a table in a restaurant in Lexington right there. Rick Pitino there's Rick. There's record their. Indian necklaces. Service the waitress after hours with a spell allegedly allegedly with a special. Well, he admitted to it but he said he was. Shall We? found. Just found himself inside of one afternoon and then. I don't know I'm on a table. And so I I don't know what happened. She kept her et Cetera et kept hitting salt shaker out. All. But he said it was one of those moments was. I lost control of myself and I found myself inside a waitress. Well we all got problems say that's for sure in fact, you've posed naked in a cornfield in new town. So did you you were right next to me? Some. Very Debbie Lens on you don't you don't tell the other half story that was for a charity calendar for a Garden Club Marty and Joe were in that too. Can you believe there's photos of Marty and Joe Naked in a Cornfield? Is. That Pot Marta was into wheelbarrows in who US right? I don't know how these things I found myself they corn facility. Lightning here folks that's what we're talking about. I said, look I'll do it with say getting naked if Marty Brennaman Joe Nuxhall or there, and they do the same thing and I thought okay I'm. Sick. I'm free of this thing. I said what? I'm going. Joe What they said well as for good said, Marty tell me not to take your clothes off. He's an ally I. Word. So he's there naked in a wheel barrel and look at it for. Hello Give me some sports. Willie registered royals wind it up tonight coverage begins at five forty are carriers site pitch Kelsey Chevrolet extra show after the game bengals receiver John Ross left camp. He's caring for his young son after the boy and the boy's mother tested positive for covert nineteen in. Los. Angeles besides that of the pictorial muscle being enjoy at trae Wayne Mike Daniels official bengals. Deal today over the Washington football team says there's not gonNA. Be Any home not fans at home games the Dallas Cowboys. Plan to play their, games in front. Of Fans. because. Jerry Jones wants said Green Sal Salvation. If a restaurant can have twenty-five percent occupancy, why can't stadium? Why can't you go every third row every third seat let people in have one entry point one exit point I'll take longer. Of course you have the temperature checks but can we not attempt to do this? Why is this impossible to do? You're making no sense at all pleased him let's see the master system asked us golf tournament last season. He'll well, no patriots. Aka. Fans in Augusta. Outside on the golf course, there will be fans. And the hallowed halls of golf. When you go to the GBP as I understand it segued never pays for anything you walk in with a tech data scanned you walk to your seat do you have a mask on and you sit there outside watching a baseball game? Now. What is the problem with them more? You don't even have money you you take your car ticket and Let's tick him attendance at the Kentucky. Derby September fifth will be limited to less that fourteen percent total capacity at Churchill downs no general admission and the Infield will be closed. So they're they're doing it right? They're finding a way to have okay. Fourteen percent what about the bengals won't be able to enable having said anything all they have is twenty five percent capacity. Anyway we got an update on the cardinals. No negative test since Sunday. If that continues through today their season, Kim resume Friday in Chicago against the White Sox the cardinals last played on July twenty nine. Five Games right. Reggie. Address or there a minimum amount of games you have to play to be standings in the playoffs and all that the other day they had of makeup they've had to make up forty six games and fifty five days. The cardinals have to play a lot of doubleheaders pretty much. So so probably while seven innings, probably longer than the Columbus blue jackets played last night. So by Friday, the reds would have played one third of their season about twenty games. Correct and rams play a Saint Louis I believe next week. But like after two, let's see what happens hopefully no brawls. Not. Rocky. Clermont County prosecutor. Is. Important. Methamphetamine drug trade. The Reverend Penrose gets a job would not Lyndon Tally Smith chooses judge gentry. And hanging in Bang and bringing his musical instrument into her sacred chambers and she strumming a guitar. Listening to. Groans of sex. And more sex. Lennon Tally Smith Judge Nolan. I mean, maybe these notes that are not going to do it again. Thank you. GimMe a ruling, judge Gimme a ruling. Keep going for another week and a half place. Lastly what about the Ohio State Buckeyes? I watched the this morning Smith talk about whether he may join Nebraska and playing. He said Look we've been here for one hundred ten years. We're not leaving the big ten and we're also not leaving one hundred million plus we attained during the course of a football season from football and I don't WanNa take away. DOT The. I this year right. But how do you find the extra hundred Millon in the horseshoe? What do you? mean but maybe you do something you get footballer he maybe you get a quarter of that something versus absolutely nothing there's GonNa be. So this'll be a disaster in the spring. What about Because they always say. All will allow the first round picks will won't be able to play be thirty. Got I think there'll be. Four. Hundred guys. Potentially that won't play 'cause air all these kids. Now we're going to leave I'm going to play in the League if there's even a smidgen of little bit of a hope that they're gonNA play the next level I. Don't think they're gonNA plan they're going to have to push back the the draft, right but then you're asking them to play like a season even as five to seven games and then go right into the combine and right into the draft and. Twenty game season. The NFL player safety. My you know what will be stupid. Only, deer park kids could do that. They practice absolutely going to school saint shipping opens today or Monday whatever their park those kids are tough. I was told today say next of the Fifth Fourteen Sixteen hundred kids only twenty are gonna go all remote. Twenty I want to go to school I wanNA. Live my life. Or they're courageous no one at deer parks or most of them can't read and write but that's okay. Kind of like me. Iraqi. Thank you very much segment out of the report in honor of judge. Don Gentry. Will in honor of a cloudy day here in the tri-state and we thank you, Mr Lindner at one hundred years old for our multi shakes about that. United. Under, years old. Thank you. We leave you with the immortal words of the stew report as I glanced at it. I had a Louisiana thought of maybe that look like an ally condo around his neck was so big. Sounds like a tape recording and judge Gentry's chambers. Segments heard that Tempstar air-conditioning. Quality you can feel. Rocky. Thank you. Thank you. Continue what stop by anytime. Rock. Senator. Rand Paul is next. What Senator. Be heard any of this. You won't come on newsradio hundred. W W. This stuff. Try new protein shakes united dairy farmers and dip to order media protein shakes are packed with twenty five grams or more of high quality protein and classic taste great after a workout or whenever you want to boost more power to you with delicious new protein shakes only at UDF. Billy Cunningham the great American, let's continue with all the chaos Washington Lisa loose one US senator that is proposing positive ideas. Maybe change the direction of where we're headed that a senator Rand Paul, the Great State of Kentucky where I was born in Covington and Senator Rand Paul welcome again to the Bill Cunningham show and senator how are you? Very, good bill. Thanks for having me. Chaos confusion reigns supreme. We're GONNA talk about your pandemic pay and Tax Relief Fund School Act Before we go there I had a call about a week ago. That was a shocker. I had a regular caller say to me. How come we can keep borrowing right now it's about twenty, seven, trillion at another three or four, trillion to it at some point thirty, trillion dollars. Why don't we ever worry about the deficit? I've gotten one call like that out of thousands. I know how you feel about the deficit is that something senators and representatives actually care about is the deficit. And the. I THE PEOPLE STILL? Do you know the tea party started as a movement against big government big spending Republicans we were concerned with the debt. We were concerned with the Constitution we were concerned with the separation of powers and you're right. It doesn't seem people in Washington are really listening in the Senate. It's very lonely place. It's often Mike Lee, and I standing against spending occasionally we get a few more right now there might be twenty of us. They would vote against another trillion dollars in borrowing and spending but you know that means there's about thirty Republicans and all the Democrats who don't care at all Republicans pretend to Care Democrats don't even. Bother to pretend they do not care about the deficit, but unfortunately, a little over half the Republicans are pretending to care. We'll vote for any spending bill that comes down the pike. One of the morning talk shows it was either Schumer or policy talked about the American people seventy, five percent of the American people want us to spend three point four, trillion dollars. The people are with us, and of course, if somebody should we spent three point four trillion are one point one troy to benefit each individual person it's GonNa be the higher number but ultimately, there's going to be chickens come home to roost at some point now talk to us about your pandemic. Pay, and also we're talking about tax relief for struggling families. First of all Senator Rand Paul explained one of your three proposals. You know we're talking about borrowing another trillion trillion and a half the Democrats want to borrow three trillion one way to pay for it would be to freeze public spending freeze government spending. You don't even have to cut a penny, but you don't let spending go up under the normal increases that it gets each year and believe it or not. We're about a three year period. You'd save about two and a half trillion dollars. If you simply freeze spending at current levels I think it's the least we can do. In fact I have proposed the penny plan to cut at least eight percentage point. and. I find most people are accepting that if you're not in Washington and not elected office, even people who want government spending say look you know you get the same amount that last year you'd get ninety nine percent of what you got last year. We just can't keep doing it and they're usually most people even liberals will not their head and less there in Washington, and then both Republicans and Democrats think that the the world would come to an end. If we didn't keep spending more money what about the tax relief for family struggling from government mandated shutdowns I've pointed out often Senator Rand Paul. Nine hundred, Fifty, seven, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, eight, nine, hundred, nineteen America was struck by more severe pandemics than we're being struck today but the government reaction was different on recall Lbj or Eisenhower shutting down the economy sending people home don't open up UK don't open up. Louisville don't open up UCI I don't recall shutdown the foot college football. None of that happened we simply kept going. What is your sense about tax relief for struggling families mandated by government shutdowns? This is a government created depression and people need to not lose sight of that seven hundred thousand people in Kentucky are out of work because of one man governor, Bashir economy down, and he's proud of having all the power. I call him drunk with power, but he also needs to accept the responsibility of seven hundred, thousand people out of work. One small thing we could do the really we have to open the economy. That's all you can do to fix this. There's no amount of money and John No amount of money. To fix it. But one thing we can do to temporizing and make it a little bit better would be to people to deduct expenses for working at home that would be Internet service online service computers Etcetera, and really I think those ought to be normal business expenses anyway, and so we should let people deduct tell of those things and that would help a little bit. But all of that nothing we do of dollars we bought nothing we'll fix the situation till we open again and here's the danger. In two or three months they're going to be back asking for another couple trillion, and if you give Democrat governors who were shutting down the economy and some Republicans, you give them money against what they'll keep behaving in the same way they will keep it close. The only incentive they have is they're gonNA run out of tax receipts in the State Treasury, and they'll realize after open the economy, but if we bail the state out. To do the wrong thing. Long before you were a senator, you're a medical doctor you know more about these businesses and most of us do, why do you think in Twenty Twenty Democrats and Republican governors including Mike Dewine is shutdown Ohio for like eight weeks. Now, we're back out at opening up a not Kentucky and their popularity share and dewine or like the most popular governors in America I seventy percent and why do you think? Even, though we had more serious pandemics at least three times in the past that the leaders at that point did not shut things down where did it come medically necessary to shut down the economy to solve a problem that at least in Ohio, effects under one hundredth of one percent of ohioans in Kentucky it's a low number two. Why? Why did we shut down the economy to solve a medical problem? This is an example of unfortunately technology. Then driving bad decision making, we never had the ability to test for these viruses. We had indirect tests, but we never had the ability to test so many millions of people for it. So we never knew how many people had it. We also tribute almost everything that walks in breathes and ended up dying we attribute Kovic, the numbers get inflated there but here's the big news. There's huge good news out there and everybody American needs to hear this number one they've already gone two weeks past the high incidence of infection and Florida Texas. California Arizona there about a week or two pass the peak of death the desert much lower than New York, and here's the kicker. No one's talking about this. New York is not getting any new infections and barely having any deaths and it has nothing to do with government has nothing to do the lockdown. They have achieved immunity I believe in New York and I believe Florida Texas? Arizona. And California are now to have enough immunity. They're not going to get this again foul she won't tell you this nobody will tell you this but I believe that they have achieved immunity. One of the reasons is about a third of the public have antibodies but here's the other thing they're telling you this now but they wouldn't tell you this. A third of the public has some immunity because they've had previous colds caused by krona vars they're in the same family, not be identical virus but similar enough that you have enough immunity in your memory system that you're able to combat this, and that's why in virtually every. Age Group even the older age groups virtually ninety percent or more are mildly symptomatic array symptomatic because they already have some immunity to this because the common cold is also coronavirus along with dozens of others, and so if one has the cold a couple of times last winter, your immune system, t cells understandable I recognize that and it beats down the infection. I'll give you an example before we talk about your school to empower parents. The Nation of Sweden and the country, and which is a nation and the state of Michigan ever about the same number of people, which is about ten million. Sweden did what should have been done, which is protect the vulnerable everyone else get to work they did not wear masks not socially distant and through Sunday night Sweden head five, thousand, seven, hundred, sixty, three, deaths, fifty-seven, hundred deaths, the state of Michigan. Under Governor Gretchen will whitmer shutdown shut down the schools to factories etc. Michigan also has ten million residents Michigan as of Sunday night at six, thousand, five, hundred deaths. Hot Eight hundred more deaths and the state that shutdown as opposed to a nation that did not shut down. What does that tell you? It tells you the viruses doing things regardless of the shutdown shutdown doesn't necessarily help. Sweden is close to the natural history, but so is Brazil and India and south, Africa, and most of these places in the Third World or second world are really unable to do all the mitigation stuff and you're GonNa get essentially with the natural rate is so Sweden ends up having sort of the natural death right? They did some social distancing but didn't shut things down interesting New York City shut everything. Down and CUOMO's a hero to the left and yet they're rate is three times greater than Sweden and yet they all hate Sweden because they hate freedom they hate the idea that individuals would decide their risk and decide whether to go to the store where a mass they want big brother to tell you everything because that's what they believe. That is their philosophy. So this isn't just about science this get ready to watch more of what you love with Xfinity X. One like live sports and more. With the XFINITY sports zone looking for more streaming APPS, they're all in one place xfinity X. One is the ultimate entertainment experience. Click. Business Store today restrictions apply not available in all areas about the philosophy of collectivism versus individuals deciding their own risk. I have the global statistics from Sweden Sweden has. Confirmed positivity rate of about seven percent New York. City is eight point four percent Sweden has had fifty six deaths, fifty, six deaths per one hundred thousand New York state has one hundred and sixty eight, which is three and a half times more people have died in New York. City per one hundred, thousand than Sweden. New. York, city. Largely, shutdown and Sweden largely did not. The disease will do what the disease does and then how we react to it doesn't matter. Much, if you're in California New Yorker Sweden Ohio Kentucky, it is what it is and I love you saying this that I've seen this and it's not well published. Those of us that have had colds those of us who have type a positive blood have different immune system to someone that doesn't, and lastly Senator Rand Paul talked to me about the school situation. You want to propose a bill in the United States. Senate called the School Act to empower parents please explain. Your school won't open up parents ought to be allowed to take their kid to another school which kids are doing this middle income class kids are already doing this, but four kids don't have chance. So there's money that is distributed from the Department of Education. It's called title one funds and the federal government it goes to the school districts. I would let me go to the parents now go in the form of outer. So it'd be a piece of paper that says you have this money and you can take it where you want. Do you WanNa go across town from the school that you're in right now says how thirty percent of Kids can't read or write you WanNa go to one school in the suburbs. It has a reputation in your kid. We'll probably there you can do that that school choice we'd let people do it. We let you go to a private school parochial school home school you name it we let the parents decide and guess what competition will drive the school scope and backup already in Maryland they're trying to shut down the private schools because they're afraid that the kids from public school will go to the private school and show that it's okay and that they'll lose these kids to another school. So they're trying to ban school in the private school so. We got a lot. We can't let these people run our lives. We have to open up the economy again and open our schools. No question is there I've seen some say that the Democrats, and the Teachers Unions WanNa, keep things shut down until November third that they're willing to sacrifice. The American economy get Biden elected do you believe that? I think that you know have a lot of family members who are teachers have nothing but respect for teachers but you can't let any occupation vote on whether we want to go back. I mean if if I said to all, you know Bill Cunningham would you like to collect your salary and not have to your Radio Program Oh, that sounds like a good. Yeah wouldn't do any work and I'd still get my salary so it doesn't make any sense. But what we should do is reassure the teachers particularly the younger teachers that the death rate between those between ages eighteen and twenty five about ten in one, hundred, thousand it's very low death rate and teachers can safely go back. What they're getting is CNN CNN and MSNBC or scaring everybody to death, and they really think they're going to die when in reality the kids. Don't die from this. The younger teachers won't, and we should use some precautions and if there's a big outbreak, maybe we do closed some schools down. Well, never know unless we open we've got an open them to find out what we really need to do off the Americans now living existed when we got the Plymouth, rock would still be hugging that rock. We wouldn't left I tweeted this out a couple of days ago nurses, doctors, truckers, kroger employees, McDonnell workers, or tar during the height of the Cova. Their lives were at risk. Now, kids must be back in school. Do Teachers Unions say teachers are too afraid to teach. Are they as essential as beggars at Kroger and what I'm trying to say is we know there's difficulties in life March April May and June. The truckers rolled there were nurses and doctors reporting to work knowing what the risks were imagine being an ems emergency personnel imagine being a firefighter. or a doctor Koldo is seen what covert nineteen patients and a homeless encampment that these individuals put life and limit risk in their health to go to work because it is their job to go to work it's teacher's job to go to work teachers need to work kids need to learn America needs to succeed understand the thrust of what I'm saying on my twitter account we gotta get back to work. Yeah and the thing is is if you have a teacher that sixty five years old and smoke cigarettes for thirty years and has emphysema make allowances for them, figure out a place for instead of in front of the classroom. But fifty percent of the teachers are between ages twenty, two and forty five. There's absolutely no reason unless had cancer or on chemotherapy or something that they shouldn't be teaching and their death rate is lower the seasonal flu and this is something people don't want to understand. But for kids, this is less dangerous than the seasonal flu for those ages eighteen to forty five less dangerous than the seasonal flu above age forty five, it starts to put the other way and when you get above age eighty, it's significantly more dangerous than the seasonal flu not nearly what they tell you but it is still dangerous but we've gotta get away from this notion that Oh, my goodness, our teachers going to die eight you know from age twenty to forty five most of the. Teachers are barely going to get sick if they get sick at all, they've also done contact tracing studies where they find out whether kids spread this very well and China, the Netherlands England and Iceland nationwide study showed that the kids were poor vectors. Kids were poor transmitters, not impossible but poor transmitters this disease because they're a symptom attic they're not coughing anything up they really are not very good at spreading this disease and That's why you see now since I've said this for three months the. Stories. Now on. CNN AND MSNBC or trying to counter that because they wanted to be afraid and they're going to try to prove that somehow kids are a big danger when in reality, the mortality rate from kids is much less than it is for the seasonal flu Senator Rand Paul. You're a great American and thank you again for coming on the Bill Cunningham show God speed, and good luck. Thank you, senator. Thank God. Bless America let's continue with more Senator Rand Paul on newsradio seven hundred the. I'm Billy Cunningham and here's the deal was Senator Rand Paul. He's an ophthalmologist, a real medical doctor. I hear all these stats, all so-called experts telling young men, and if you're eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty, one, twenty, two, you're a man by legal definition who WANNA play football. That these terrible things are going to happen if they play football. And that so many kids have already been infected without noticeable results the great majority of time and these things are happening. Without, them being in school, right? Because no one is infected now with results for March April may or June or July it's happening now August or September. So the implication is well, if we go back to school and those who play. Men's soccer women's soccer those who play. Football or basketball. You know if we don't play football then everything's GonNa be Great. They'll be home. With no testing no masks no quarantine units no expectation of performance. So if somebody could say, okay, don't play football and everything's GonNa be okay. The implication being if we play football, everything's going to be terrible that is a false choice. The best thing to do is to be in high school and in college doing your damn job and enjoying yourself and living out the American dream can I say too many times and the State of Ohio Kentucky Indiana and the general population under one hundredth of one percent have died a covert nineteen. Ten Times more have died under the age of eighteen of drowning. Swimming Pools Lakes and ponds. Let's get your reaction seven four nine seven thousand bill. Cunningham newsradio seven hundred W. All w Cincinnati. News traffic and weather news radio seven hundred w ell delicate Cincinnati. The chief says it was an inappropriate use of force. This is the two thirty report I met speaking now. Held Accountable Prosecutor Jodi leaders is now looking at the police involved shooting yesterday afternoon that left a drug suspect injured. It happened at the Shell Station and the twenty four hundred block of Compton and involved a struggle as a suspect thirty-seven-year-old Andre. Thomas allegedly tried to escape police Cincinnati police chief Elliott Isaac says it was an inappropriate was appropriate for officer John Brown had his gun drawn but ultimately too much force was used according to the chief says the officer admitted that the gun accidentally discharged? This'll contact. Absolutely. Once you get into this situation are also expected to be resistance with a reasonable level of force. There was no weapon introduced on the part of Mr Thomas. So that is definitely something that we will. We'll take a look at. It appears in by the on by the officers zone explanation. This is probably not. That probably this. The chief saying it was not an appropriate use of force. She says the suspect who has a long record is in the hospital recovering from shot in the lower back is charged with drug possession and resisting the microphone I had no idea that sensitive. Oh. On Broadcasting for your own. Segman your Buddy Joe Biden is made the selection of Kamala the head hunter. Let let they get your get your take a good bad or indifferent I've been for the Democratic Party it's good and I think It's going to be positioned by the media as like a housewife suburbanite wife issue that she's a woman. Now I have a speech she did and what she said I would become the first Asian American to become president when she was running and then she gave another speech in which he said be the first Jamaican. Become President I'm so I went back in our history. And I have a text here. Yum. If I may share with you from one of my devotees, go listen to me with a question. Are you ready for the question always Joe Biden? Has Selected Kamala Harris as his VP. If Crazy Joe cannot serve out the full term. which I think is likely. Although I wish Joe Biden, a long and productive life outside of office but he's suffering diminishing greatly, Mentally Kamala Harris cannot be. The, president. An anchor baby mothers from India father is from Jamaica on. Neither were American citizens of the time of rebirth that means the presidency would fall on speaker of the House Nancy. Pelosi. Reasonably Nancy stated that she was next in line to become the president. That hung in and of itself as vote in November for trump Democrats have worked a whole scenario out voter fraud is in the works to get Nancy Pelosi is president. So Kamala Harris, this is somewhat peculiar as you know segment being a political. Mabon. Correct. Barack Hussein Obama's father. was a Kenyan correct as you know, yes. His mother was a Kansas White left winger who met Barack Hussein Obama Senior So. Is it fair to say that? Who Santa Mama's mother was not African, American. Because, she was a white Kansan. Is. It Fair to say that his father Barack Hussein Obama was a Kenyan wasn't an American. Now. We have Kamala Harris, her mother. Is An Indian from India. Will may not have to worry about it 'cause they're both GONNA lose right to the trump and they both lose. Then we don't have to worry about I. Don't have a constitutional crisis now act the argument is that WHO becomes Vice President? Is that that that No loud mouth. Nadler no or what's his name the other guy? Windsor as you continue to battle. You mean mean Senator Schumer Yeah Him. Well, as you know, if the vice presidency is vacated as was in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, four. Yes. With with Gerald Ford. Well. He's selected Nixon here's a question for you. Segment Spiro. Agnew went to the joint too. Didn't he? Yes, he did. Damore. Joint who was convicted it is. A dreadful situation. Thank you bread. Now, who became the selected Vice President? Confirmed by the Senate. Because as you know. I in Nineteen, seventy, four I got the guys I got the guys when mixing my head when Nixon went north or shall I say West and left? Yeah. The VP became the president was Gerald r Ford. And Ford head to go to the Senate. And he nominated a person to become. The vice president. This. Is Driving Me Crazy Austin knows who of course Gimme, GimMe Gimme initials. And? Nelson Rockefeller and go right there. So when you're asked the question, what happens when Joe Biden who's mentally shall we say dull? CanNot Continue. Kamala the head-hunter that Kamala who just recently passed away. Correct. And that was Kamala Ugandan. Yes. In peace. So what would happen? Tomorrow superstar. Susi and I WANNA. Thank you all. Super Thursday Lewis Tomorrow's Hunter. Stupor Thursday, but it is Thursday he predicted that the once. So then come all of the head hunter a Nigerian. Giant would go would nominate a person to become vice president and the Senate would confirm. There's no way Joe Biden and his condition can't figure can say for you you know what the best thing is. The trumpster wins again, if that happens and all this anchor-baby Jamaican, but she said to a group of Indians from India I am Indian she said Jamaicans from Jamaica I am Jamaican Mon- I am Jamaican and now she says two parts of the suit to different parts of the world. Then then she says, I'm an African American from Jamaica India Mon-. Segye reaction. The stooge reports of proud service over local tempstar heating and air conditioning dealers. Tempstar quality you could feel at southeastern Indiana Call Joe Eckstein Eckstein Heating Cooling eight one, two, nine, three to twenty, twenty, six. I've Aranjuez man to make an appearance. In CONNERSVILLE INDIANA. Really Connor. Leave. The the great American bubble for one reason. Barack Hussein Obama No. Oh I'm. GonNa. Speak. On Friday. Friday September the. Eighteenth. In CONNERSVILLE INDIANA. Do you know how to get there have no clue. I'm going to go I said. West. Just well, then you'll have to check your executive, GPS and get their google. I'm a mover and Shaker thank you, Tony Reds, royals today will he five forty with the carriers inside Pitch Kelsey Chevrolet, extra show after the game bengals made it official today by signing free agent and Pro Bowl defensive tackle Mike Daniels, and I think really she can become the president if her father is not a citizen from Jamaica Mon-. Her mother as a citizen of India she is was born in this country. And I believe she's eligible to become the president unless Nancy Pelosi takes over and golf the masters. In November will have no fat patrons I said almost fans. With no patrons on the grounds for the Masters and horse racing the Kentucky Derby. September Fifth and Beautiful Louisville the home Olympic Cunningham and Chris Mack what happened to her by the way we'll be limited to less than fourteen percent total capacity whereas A. Dog Pony you said you were but you now you gotta be honest I'm GonNa be honest with you. Segye law you're lying dog face pony soldier what the hell's that hit that again from Joe by a hat. You GET MEG on happy? Champion Alive Caucus. No you haven't you're live dot phase pony soldier you said you were but you now you got to be honest I'm going to be honest with you. Say. Why are you a lying dog face pony soldier I don't know I don't know what that is. Please continue. And the no general admission in the Infield is going to be closed for the Derby. Now, that is a crisis. When will Mike DeWine approve the reds to admit like ten thousand fans or eight thousand that I don't know Willie when when this starts to really go away don't you think I don't know I mean. Well I mean, if you're going allow the Bengals to have fans, I, mean the Washington football team formerly, the REDSKINS says, they're not gonNA have any fans at home games the Dallas Cowboys says, you know what they plan to play all their games in front of Fans I. I wonder if these guys know how to spell the word lodging. Thank you Marty. As as Jerry Jones going to have one hundred, thousand people every Sunday and Dallas he's no, it's GonNa. Be a number but he's in Texas the skins can I say redskins? Well, it's The Washington football team there in Washington and the politics a little bit different. That's for sure. That's for sure. So I think one is one and one is the other you get the government we deserve and that worries me greatly. Mom we can. Figure that out a November there goes my efforts to go downtown with ot are in the Ot our community council saying drugs, drunks, urine, poop, drug sales, homeless bums, and other degenerates proliferate throughout tr, and they're not getting help from CPA because they're standing down. Segye. Reaction. I don't know what to tell you. Well, he I can't remember the last time I went downtown. I'm going to be there Friday night to have dinner. I'm not afraid. I don't feel any me in my eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. And Sports yes. Sir All give me out of the students. Report is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is she the product? They're supposed to be in Wilmington Delaware well, pretty soon, lead in Ohio. Ohio know they're supposed to be in Wilmington Delaware soon aren't they are appearing together as a as this virtual thing I think conventions next week. Did you know that? Yeah. Okay. It's in. It's in Wisconsin. So they're going to go up there and talk but I don't think he's going. Only anybody's going are they. No say under one hundredth of one percent were acting as if it's the. Plague or the black death row acting as if everyone's going to die when in reality kids are much better off in school correct being masked, untested and sanitized rather than be at home. When none of it goes on correct I give me out of the students report will honor of a cloudy day here in the tri-state. But warm we leave you with the immortal words of the stew report quayle three seven. All created by. You know the thing. What is that thing I don't know. I'm sure we'll find out if he if he gets elected, WE'RE GONNA find out but you better get some notes. He doesn't speak dwell from the top. Shall we say in fact he had have printed notes to ask Kamala Harris the Nigerian princess through Jamaica India to come will you be my vice presidential candidates that what he said he said on the notes and he had his phone upside down. I'm not sure he's real literate when it comes to of course neither am I. With my apple device. Thank God I have my grandchildren assist me through this. Segment, thank you very much. Yes sir. Well, let's continue with more coming up next or your comments at five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand or pound seven, hundred eighteen t bill Cunningham with you to at least three o'clock or longer on news radio seven, hundred wwl. AM blessed to have about four minutes so with you until the rock takes over. WanNa share with you a post. I made about an hour ago on my twitter account, which is Willie W I L L I e seven hundred wwl w. Can I say this with all due respect to all my teaching friends whether it's Grade School High School Middle School College N K you Xavier. Uc Dare Park Cub Cath Muller Etcetera. This is a quote from the great American on my twitter. Account Teacher Union says that teachers are terrified to teach this year. Thank God that cops work firefighters show up and save lives nurses still perform well in difficult times heroes rise up and do their jobs with courage. Our teachers exempt from teaching are they essential? So. Understand where this comes from. All of us know and certainly have done apply to me but most of us know the risk inherent and one's performance of one's occupation or job. If you're alignment for the county if you're working for Duke I love Duke if you work for rump key, there's no group of Americans I respect more than rump key sanitation workers who physically work in every weather condition they get up and they work every day during Cova nineteen knowing that every year tragically in the country. Several. Dozen sanitation workers are killed or maimed by cars, but they get up go to work cops know when they go to work part of the risk of their job is getting shot becoming disabled possibly being affected by covert nineteen there's been nine hundred. Medical workers have died of covert nineteen in the entire country. So when you're a nurse or doctor respiratory therapist part of the work you deal with are those individuals who are infected are sick with a whole range of human maladies. and. So when you're a teacher, your job is to teach the young and old whatever it might be the disciplines that you're educated to perform. So well, when when I see beggars at Kroger and checkout clerks at Costco and those working drive through windows at McDonald's doing their job during covert nineteen knowing there's a risk inherent in meeting the public during a pandemic I respect them. Teachers have largely been off since the middle of March including all summer. Now, they're looking for a reason not to work instead of a reason to work it is your job to teach you're prepared to do it. Now, if you're sixty sixty five years, old underlying conditions or otherwise go to your superintendent jody principal and I bet they'll make amends for you in some way to keep you on the job but senator rand. Paul said about an hour ago. The great majority of teachers are under the age of forty five it is your job to. Are you how are you somehow nonessential? Are you as essential as a bagger kroger. During the pandemic and did his or her job as well as they could quit crying quick bellyaching teachers and do your damn job show up and do your job take precautions make sure the school district has kids on one side and not the other wearing a mask as much as possible six feet apart us plexiglas and get to work. It is your job to teach quit being a crybaby and teach. You may get more for me at Willie. Seven hundred wwl W twitter all day Bill Cunningham. newsradio seven hundred wwl W Cincinnati.

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