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38 | August Battles, Brandon Marhal, Founders of Vance Global


Hits Tom Welcome. Back to the cannon boomers podcast you know each week. We are looking for things to talk about in terms of CBD and cannabis in your own wellness and usually we're looking for something new and this is new but in a way. It's old our guests this week. Our August battles and Brandon Marshall there the CO founders of company out of Milwaukee called Vance Vance's making joints out of CBD rich hemp. So you don't have to swallow a capsule or a tank. Sure or put on a topical patch or whatever you can get instant relief by inhaling it through your lungs sort of the ultimate farm to Table Way to get your CD with minimal processing and and these guys have made a big splash. Their product is already available in twelve thousand stores. Nationwide so clearly. They're onto something in. It'll be interesting to watch this space. But it's a cigarette style joint that you buying a pack. Just like a pack of cigarettes. Only it's way better for you than smoking tobacco so we had a great conversation. I hope you enjoy it. I want to invite you to stop by cannon boomers with a K. dot com to sign up for our newsletter. So you'll always know when the next episode is coming in a big shot to Danny and Milwaukee also Makki who makes a sound good each week and also sent us tweets that we can share. Thanks Daddy everyone else. Enjoy the episode. This is let's talk about the Cannibal. Mors podcasting CBD microdosing in all things related to medical cannabis for baby boomers from San Diego. Here's your host Thomas J. I'm here with August battles in Brandon. Marshall Co founders of Vance they're making CD joints and are having a lot of success. Right now how you doing guys very well. How are you good? Thanks for making the time on a busy Monday. Sent you a an outline his. Tell all my guests we can follow the outline or we can bounce off it but the big topic is guys. Have made a huge splash in a short amount of time. Are You surprised that at your success to this point I would say definitely? Yeah we were kind of shocked by it. We were just kind of you know working jobs in rolling cigarettes at night. Kinda just expecting this to be like thing you make money on the side you know like maybe. I can get a bigger TV by Christmas. Kind of thing but Yeah they ended up turning into you know. Have a factory in more workers really just kind of an all allowed party? It's just been nothing but constantly going and we're really surprised by it and pleased in. I think it's best case scenario really force as so far. That's a great story so just to fill our listeners in we're talking about CBD pre rolled joints right and you guys do a sort of a cigarette style as opposed to sort of the cone style. Yeah Yeah it's It looks like a cigarette. You know same shape and everything. Being Brandon actually had that idea a few years back and we didn't really see it being done so then we kind of just made it happen so as you say in the beginning you guys were just kind of hand-rolling those I soon. It's mechanized now. You have automatic machines. That are probably doing that. Yeah Yeah we have machines you know. We took several months to develop those in. But I'm glad we did because otherwise you'd have about eighty people here using handwriting so you developed a filter to go on the cigarette itself. Yeah that's correct. We developed kind of a unique tube uses hemp paper and we also developed a high flow biodegradable filter. That's healthy doesn't block any CD particles and We also branded our own our own tubes so we have a pretty unique to now. People buy these impacts like a pack of cigarettes. Yeah let's just make sure people understand the difference between Hampton and cannabis right. You're using a a C B D rich hemp. Yes yeah so it looks the same smells the same tastes the same as you know your standard cannabis to know there's different strains and whatnot but I guess it's it's just really not psychoactive at higher doses. It can be but it's really just you know it's really just a relaxing Anti NAUSEA ANTIDEPRESSANT GONNA scenario. It's just a different strain of cannabis so a lot of people can't really tell the difference when they look at So we had in the early days we had to deal with you know a lot of police interactions and you know getting pulled over and things like that but it was you know. Eventually they got the idea. Now you know the police force kind of nose Vance global net. It's a legal product so but the differences are really just feeling based is good for people that don't WanNa lose their minds and on their `blanche break or something at work. So right and I guess we should mention you. Guys are in Wisconsin where cannabis is still not legal right. Yeah that's right. Are you sourcing your hemp locally. Yeah we have Wisconsin farmers that we work with Really just we like to go local last year only about six percent of the have that was grown in. Wisconsin was actually able to sell so we kind of try to help out with you know buying as much as we can locally here than in the early days. We did go through Oregon growers but For the past several months we've been using Wisconsin grow. You know you mentioned. It's an anti inflammatory anti anxiety. And some of the other medicinal properties of the plant. Are Your customers telling you that a they get immediate relief? I mean that's the thing about smoking it right. You don't have to wait for a tablet to digest your stomach or when you're smoking it you're GonNa get a much more instant effect I would think. Yeah that's That's correct smoking. The effects happen a lot sooner than later compared to like ingest in like oil so it usually hits our customers within five minutes and with the lavender being added there's additional anti anxiety properties in calming effects on top of the HAM. So it's just a much more. Effective ways is a smoking because it also absorbs into your bloodstream. Fleiss CLICK THAT. It's you're not gonNA lose any of the CD potency that you lose when you ingest like an oil. It's it's when you smoke. Cbd It's about two hundred percent more effective than if you don't rebel lotion on your elbows or something. So it's It's just much quicker and and as far as you know what our customers are telling us. We get emails and messages reviews every day. You know. It's a lot of people that have medical needs that are saying that you know that. Stop taking their prescriptions Not that I'm saying let's go do that but they just. It's helping them out helping them with their pain. It's helping them with a lot of things out there and it's me brand really haven't had a bad review. It's all just been good things every day which was kind of odd we were expecting. You know the way the Internet is just everybody to be knocking. But it's just nothing but positive in people just saying thank you for having a product like this out there so it's definitely a motivating factor for us. Sure absolutely less summer we heard a lot of negative stuff about vaping and obviously there are a lot of people went to vaping as an alternative to smoking but it turned out that it might be just as dangerous so here you are with an alternative that lets people have that experience of of lighting up but like you said not getting sort of planetary and getting a a shot of medicine right. Yeah Yeah it's an you know. We made the specific hundred milligrams per One hundred and fifty milligrams per se. We we made it that high for a reason to that's an actual medical. Those people take a five milligram oil. Drop or something under their tongue Need about six milligrams of CBD per ten pounds of body fat. So if you're only taking ten MG's every time you're doing something you know they're lying about what's in the oils or you know. It's your smoking other CBD's segments only got ten milligrams in it and you're not really if you're fifteen pounds. It will work for you. But it's not gonNA work for full grown adult so that's why we have two hundred milligrams her stick till so. Do people typically smoke a full stick at a at a shot? Do you think or or some people do and a half or that's pretty nice dose of CBD beginning. Yeah Yeah it's A lot of people do smoke it all the way but also people that smoke half and then save the rest for later. Which is the nice thing about the cigarette? Because it's easier to put out an easier to relight up as opposed to like a joint or something you know where it's Kinda like paper so thin messes up towards halfway through but it's Kinda however you're feeling you know once it hits you and you're like manage but this down then go for it you know so. I interviewed a guy from tweedle farms and they sent me a a cone shaped one and I tried it last couple of nights and yeah the whole thing is like a kind of a big stick to smoke at one setting but I definitely notice some relaxation. And you know I'm not stoned. Which is fine too. It's a nice way to test it in and try it out. I was impressed with it. How about the advantages of smoking over vaping When you think about vaping people don't understand that some of the oils that are invade products in your lungs aren't really made to process. Oil Right. People are getting the Dimona and stuff. People have been smoking longtime time. We know that with tobacco. There's the risk of cancer. Can you talk about Hamp in smoking? Hampton what would be the advantages or disadvantages that yes so I guess if you compare it to being with with they've been there's all types of different cartridges out there most of them are you don't save on but some do have you know cheap metal coils that can kind of contaminate the liquid in things like that. Plus you have to have the additives. Coconut oil the mcat on top of diluting kind of the CD. Isolated or dislike with that with our products is full spectrum. Because it's it's helpful our so it doesn't have to go through processing. It doesn't have to get various different sands removed in order to turn it in isolates or this split is just Full kind of effect when you smoke it and with you know the ham paper and cannabis in general. It doesn't coat your lungs The same way that tobacco does other the Silia in your your lungs will. Actually it gets activated so it it clears all the the by products of smoking from lungs. When you smoke cannabis on. So it's it's it's a really safe way to consume it baby also pretty safe But personally I prefer to smoke other the him. Cigarettes as opposed to drive aping the flower. It dry being isn't really too much maintain either Is kind of like preference. I guess when it comes to drive. They've been but I noticed you guys do sell the flower as well right. We do a lot of our customers. They have their own equipment like they have their on bond their own pipe so they liked to grind it up with the grinder. Inches cannot smoke it out of their pipe. I take it. That's how when you're making joints or do you call pre rolls joints or cigarettes. What do you? How do you refer to them? We call him Vance's can't really technically marketed as cigarette And it's not really a joints so it's we we call him Vance's so we got the term trademarked referred to over here. Yeah that's a good marketing decision to. I think it's it's like Kleenex. Era If you can kind of own it. Yeah that's a good position to be in. So that's great. Maybe we could shift gears and talk for the entrepreneurs in the audience. The fact that you guys started this literally in a garage is sort of a side Hustle. And now you're you're hiring people in running a factory in. Can you talk about being a startup? And I know. There's a lot of red tape around cannabis is it true of the HAMP businesses well Yeah there's definitely a lot of red tape around him and there's also kind of a lot of various different obstacles. You'RE GONNA run into like the banking issues credit card processing issues I. It is a high risk industry to be startup So I guess entrepreneurs out there if you WANNA get into the industry Make sure you have adequate savings. Make sure you have kind of a plan and just kind of do it. I guess the fact that you guys have succeeded. Obviously you hit the right part of this market at the right time will know there's so much. Cbd Out there. I tell people you know. Be careful about buying gas station. You WanNa see if there's a certificate of analysis you want to make sure you have a nice clean product right you know the FDA isn't there yet. Are there other licensing things that you had to do to bring this product to market? There isn't much licensing You you do have to get Industrial Hemp Prosecutor License in your states. you do have to get industrial hemp grower. A license if you want to grow your own stuff Some states don't allow hemp flour to be sold. So if you'RE GONNA start a company this make sure your state actually allows it to be sold and that's the main kind of special licensing that we have that we had to get and you've found a untapped market. How big do you think this is? So what's your sense of how big Vance could become. We've been really exercising. The idea and kind of letting people know that this is an alternative to cigarettes am vaping Which as of today. It's a thirty billion dollar a week industry cigarettes vaping. I mean that's a if we can have something like that Even just one percent of that. I see it being quite large. The only downfall to some of the things right now is that there's so many people now trying to jump into it that don't use quality product and they don't use a quality kind of business model you know the more saturated the CD markets become less power. The people truly have in the easier. It is for larger corporations to come in basically take control so I think if you are going to jump into the CBD markets now Just whatever you're making it better than everything else that's out there. Already that exists. Is there something different that you're doing that people aren't doing you know? Don't just rule up an oil in your bathtub and put it in a jar and be like yeah. I'M GONNA go sell this to people. I think we just gotTa keep kind of pushing the envelope and keep kinda making quality out there. Unfortunately we don't see a whole lot equality in the market. You know my my biggest concern is that somebody tries another. Cbd's cigarette that is in quality and then now for the rest of their life they think seaweed e cigarettes suck you now. They're not giving one gonna be willing to give higher brand a try so you know I would just say make quality keep going right the barriers to entry. Weren't that high for you guys. You're able to stand up a an enterprise and put a product out there which is great but you know there's a lot of innovation to be done yet thor's Topical Patches. There's people are going to be doing. Cbd nose sprays and stuff. I guess some of that might require corporate resources and capital but the fact that you guys were essentially sounds like bootstrapped pretty much now. We really did It was actually interesting. We thought we thought of doing you. Know Patches before the cigarettes even and Is Mentioned Topical Patches? I do. I do think that that's going to be a large market coming. You know as far as the bootstrapping thing that'll be the next thing that I could see being started out of a garage that blows up as well as the patches. Yeah a lot of advantages to those. You don't have to think about it. You put it on in it. And he slapped on. Our biggest drawback is just you know some people. Just don't like to smoke in general and then with the vapes making things easier you know for indoor smoking. You know you don't even have to tell your boss you're hitting the CBD pen or something worthy of you guys Smokers before yeah we. Both we both smoked cigarettes and then so we were kind of making it for ourselves in the beginning in then we actually quit cigarettes using our product here in that was. Kinda like a big. Aha Moment for us because we didn't think it was gonNA work. There's so many things in cigarettes that make it. So you know you're dictated like almost the second or third one you smoke. It feels like you know and then with CD. It's a little sets you down easy so but it did work. It got us off of cigarettes than yeah we were. We were smokers. I smoked for about two years at I smoked for a couple of years to a store factory jobs through temporary work and like everyone smokes so I was like I was smoking. American spirits for A couple years I mean they were. They tasted good but I knew the habit would eventually cause lung cancer and other types issues. So you can have the quit and was kind of a way for me to do that. That's fantastic. I mean like you said we all know that smoking is a bad habit. But they're still it's still there and a lot of people take it up and then struggle to overcome it. But that's the harm reduction aspect of this right. I mean you're you're substituting something. It's really good for you for something. That's really bad for you. You know this. I'm not addicted to the the Vance's per sag which I know that's like a typical thing that inadequate would say but like I can go a couple of weeks without smoking. Wander anything in you know. It doesn't have that kind of chemical dependency that I would say nicotine. Does you know Kinda like we mentioned earlier. Are You did help the jewel k? Mountain? It was it was made for people to get off smoking. Cigarettes WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE. Just for them to find out it's five times more addicting. Now you're giving yourself pneumonia instead of lung cancer in this. It was just like you know you smoke it. And then you realize that gives you a better effect than nicotine does keep smokin that instead of nicotine and then you realize that you can go without it pretty easily than you know just. Kinda I duNno it. It really does work. It does everything that the vape said they were going to do back. And then there's sort of a crossover aspect to it. If you're smoking cannabis joint a Lotta Times. You're doing it with other people in your passing it around and there's a ritual to it right. You're cleaning your weed and you're rolling it up in lighting it in. There's you've done it many times and there's something comforting about that in that's true of cigarettes too. I mean I think there's a chemical addiction but there's also a psychological addiction. This is how I relax. I light up so if you can do that in a way that is not delivering tar nicotine into your lungs but delivering some CBD. That's a that's a nice place to be. Yeah Yeah One. Hundred percents of people like drinking. Some people like burning stuff in front of their face. So now I'm all about it. Do you guys pay attention to. I'm sure you do. The some of the minor cavanaugh instead are getting some exposure people talking about C. B. and C. B. N. Do you see room for that in your product. Yeah we definitely do. We've we've tried. Cg CBN before very very similar to CD of you know. I've I've dabbled in. I don't know if we would jump into it. You know as of right. Now I just don't know you know Company aspect than on a personal use aspect. We we don't see a benefit as of right but if we get enough requests for it definitely will consider jumping into it. She BG NC Bien. They're both you know much more expensive right now than CBD part of our kind of a company practices to make quality product. That's at a cheap price so that people can afford to use it. You know who have medical needs with? Cg PROBABLY BE ABOUT YOU. Know maybe four times more expensive There's just not a whole lot of grow operations that are going on in the United States in comparison. Cbd As time goes on in more farmers are growing at maybe there are some who specialize in CBN. I think which helps you sleep so possibly a formulation. That people would after dinner before bed. Smoke a cigarette and we can have a nighttime. Daytime can cigarette thing going on. Yeah that'd be cool. So what excites you? Most about this business in where you guys are at right now I would just say you know the continuous growth. The fact that we're seeing this industry. Kinda you know it's it's really like the People's industry right now. It's owned by businesses in local people that you know we all know. We're all just kind of being able to see everybody around us. Just kinda come up in grow with us. Y'All doing things that we didn't think was possible a year or two years ago. I like CNN. I like seeing local businesses. You know come up doing really well and also knowing that you know people are getting actual benefits off of these things you know. It's everybody's always known. You know that cannabis was gonNA come in. You know have been stuff like that was good for us in all all kind of wanted it and Now we're Kinda they're letting us have a little taste of it so I'm really pleased with the community. That's developed through it. And just you know the fact that people are really positive in receptive to it in. Brandon are best friends and we're able to work together every day. You know we don't have to work in factories or working in office for somebody else anymore. It's really just US doing this quality thing and getting a good response to it. It's it really is I. I would say you know exciting. I'd like to see you know what we do. In a few years. We have a couple of products lined up to be released this year. That are you very unique and not been done before so we got a lot of things. Turn I'm excited. As all hell to be honest it sounds like a great place to be a very gratifying business to be in. When as you say you can have positive impact on people in your part of a growing community in your brain about a positive social change which is a lot of fun. Yeah because not. Everybody is lucky enough to have that kind of job. So congratulations just circle back around. We didn't really mention the percentage. Cbd goes through a testing process. Right where there's like a certificate of analysis in it's gotta be below point three percent. Thc Yeah that's correct So as a ham flour Da Is GonNa be the CD is going to be the THC a NBA the Delta Nine thc and with the twenty twenty kind of FDA or USDA guidelines a total thc must be below. Point three percents on Orford to be considered illegal products So I'm going to be source of. We have to make sure the total. Thc is less than point three and then are you working with like organic. Farmers were working with organic farmers as correct. So you can tell your customers. This isn't organic product. And Yeah we have organic certificates as well in case anyone asks for him. Well that's another great feature of the product. So where can we find you online? Yeah you could find us at bans that global dot com. That's a Victor Alpha November Charlie Echo Dash global dot com. Are you guys on Twitter Instagram facebook? Yeah we're we're on instagram twitter and facebook and Pinterest as well. The best way to connect with US would probably be on instagram on. But you can message us on facebook too if you WANNA talk to us on their okay in to be clear. Your product is in retail stores as well. Yeah we're in a about twelve thousand retail locations across the country holy cow. That's that's huge. Are you mostly in the midwest or all over the country? We're a little bit all over. Were highly concentrated in the north of the Midwest the South Southeast in the East Coast. That's great your practice out there all over the place locally our listeners can can find on the shelf and find you online. They need help finding us some email and if they just send us you know their address Find the closest store to them. Is there anything we haven't covered that you guys would like to say covered about everything? Are you in a legal state where you're at right now? I'm in California. Yeah Cannabis's legal out here. All right. That is awesome. Yeah we're I guess you could see breaking into that markets here pretty soon as well. So Everybody keep their eyes open for and that's all I can add interesting. That sounds like a announcement almost as a little bit of a release but Yeah we we got a product that we're working on In the cannabis industry. That's unique in. It's not being done will release it. I would say look around maybe six seven months and we should have something we might have to get you back on the show. It sounds like some kind of category breaking products. I'm excited is is a this is a first place believed it. So you're you're here in verse. Mu Scoop thank you guys well. Let's put a bookmark on that and try to. Maybe we'll reconnect and six or seven months and help you launch. This thing sounds good. You've been listening to. Let's talk about the cannibal-murder podcast with Thomas. J for more on medicinal cannabis. Baby boomers visit us at Cana. Boomers DOT COM.

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