Lasting Impression: Frank Caliendo


That's what she said is presented by ziprecruiter ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire that's what she said. That's what she said. That's what she said what. She says that's what she said. Welcome to. That's what she said. Conversations with interesting people wolf the world of sports music comedy more talking about their lives careers successes and failures. My name is frank calendar and my dilemma is coming up with a dilemma for this promo listen. It's a sure sign that a guy has a custom pool with a slide that goes through a mountain jn on a compound that he calls kellyanne. Oh compound in the middle of arizona. I believe it's arizona is assigned to that when they can't come up with a dilemma. I mean you ask a guy for a simple dilemma. It could really be anything it could be much short too tight in the seat. Today it could be people suck at driving it could be my in laws annoy me and yet somehow frank kellyanne. He of the perfect golden life is most troubled by the fact that i asked him that question and i'd like stay you could judge him terribly and assume that this is going to be a brutal interview because what kind of guy i can't even come up with a little dilemma but as it turned out i think it's pretty cool dude and we had a great conversation so i'm going to let them off the hook. This time and i'm going to tell them that his dilemma is that he doesn't have a dilemma which makes people think that he doesn't have any dilemmas which makes people think think that he's a jerk because everybody got their something and that's the only dilemma he has. I guess which is again no dilemmas. How does the commission fix that the commission's spoken fokin. This week's guest is frank kelly endo a comedian and impressionist. You know him from mad t._v. Frank tv e._s._p._n. Fox n._f._l. L. sundays he had a vegas show countless other appearances and we don't really interesting conversation. I've gone to his show live <hes> he's worked with e._s._p._n. A ton and you're used just seeing him be this sort of manic frantic back and forth between all the characters that he does and it's hilarious and it requires an incredible talent but i loved getting to talk to the the man who actually became that impressionist and what brought him to that his his baseball past and how he sort of started comedy behind the plate as the catcher turn youth baseball <hes> how he learned that honesty makes his impressions come to life and makes them more than just mimicry which impression he gets asked to do the most which ones are the toughest to to pull off <hes> and how we sort of evolved and changed since he started out and wanted to make that joke every second instead of becoming someone who wanted to be more honest honest with himself and his family and his storytelling in between the punchline so the conversation started so we're gonna jump right in right in the middle. Here's my interview with frank kellyanne. That's what she said. I was like to start the beginning and it's fun to start at the beginning with you because you're from chicago. Which is where i'm from well but then you went to wisconsin. So at what aged did you end up in waukesha. I was four years old. My dad worked for a place color. A company called caloric corporation which made ranges stoves and microwaves and stuff like that it was a part of a bigger umbrella company called raytheon in what he he moved. He was the regional manager or something like that for the wisconsin region from coming. I was born in elmwood park illinois. I was actually born in cook county chicago area and then when i was four we moved here for his are there for his job to the waukesha area and what happened actually there along the way was he was like the district manager for this for that company they would scott yes and he would sell stoves to all the big and little stores well. All those stores basically evaporated right they they went away because little stores where you buy i <hes> kitchen appliances and stuff don't exist in exist anymore. It became more like the best buys and stuff like that so then his position was eventually eliminated. He ended up working as a high school. Guidance counselor later which i thought was the craziest thing in the world that my dad was guiding other kids a range yeah. They're jell o no hope that's fantastic but in in terms of going off on tangents things things people really don't care in terms of my dad but that was a lesson for me that you could lose your job at any point and to take a chance and i heard jim carey talk talk about this in one of his like any biographies or something. His dad lost his job later in life and jim carey. We went out to hollywood and started. Hey i'll take the chance and go do it. You only live once so that's kind of how i was tying it in back to where where it was my wife's from cleveland by the way in here from cleveland right so i was born in cleveland but just like you and even earlier we left for four of a suburb of chicago when i was two so i've been less of a connection to cleveland and thankfully my parents were not sports fans so they didn't force me to grow up with any allegiance to cleveland teams. I'm planning on getting divorced anyway so i'll get rid of my ties cleveland imperfect. I've totally kidding about that right. No i think it's worth it right just a divorce myself from cleveland now. My wife and i are extremely happy. Kareem happy incredibly happy when you said it for a second time. It made it a little less believable talking at the same time. I think i'm gonna keep growing up in waukesha where you into sports growing up or were you more of like the i'm sitting at home and i'm watching saturday night. Live were listening to comedy cds so now. I didn't watch a lot of comedy at all when i was a kid. My dad was a former minor leaguer in the white sox organization nine yeah just a few years he played with the sarasota sun sox now defunct but we grew up playing baseball basketball football. Even though you'd think wisconsin's more of a hockey type of state as well it was really those three <hes> <hes> and we played baseball mostly that was that was my sport because i'm five six and i could hit a little bit but i never had the arm or wasn't really fast enough in terms of true athletes but growing up we were around a lot of work for a guy named <hes> mike higgins. You remember my keegan. He was a played with the as and <hes> his dad was jim again so couple minorly <hes> league baseball players but there was indoor baseball softball and basketball place called mike higgins grand slam and i was one of the token givers and my brother used to throw batting practice to craig counsel all the time craig was coming up this year. He played in whitefish bay dominican. I think was was the school he went to and i was we were we were still in middle school at the time and they wear their creek was a team of all stars from wisconsin that went to urban dale iowa and won the national championship eighteen and under here for a._a._u. Baseball that you're we were on the fourteen and under we were the wisconsin all stars as well he they were the wisconsin dukes and we won the nationals in urban dale iowa's well so in that i think it was the second year of eighty you baseball. I was named an all american. I believe yes my last time. They saw what this that was fourteen hundred nineteen eighty eight nine hundred eighty nine at the trophy behind me a picture with the trophy behind that yeah i i'll i wanted to do was play baseball. When i was a kid you ever hear <hes> billy crystal talk. I would spit liepa ratio. I would throw like louis upper. I just wanted columbia aparicio so that was that was mad. As one i had pictures of benito santiago and all kinds of of baseball players in my room <hes> those old super cool posters that <hes> that will clark and the the those types of post jose can saco bash brothers all that stuff so baseball was was my whole life all the way through they basically senior year in high school and i was a catcher i became a catcher i think because people looked at my stature churn thought of me like in the bad news bears or something but i would talk doesn't have to crunch right right. That's pretty close to it and i would talk to all the batter's so i talked to the ump's and joke with the bumps and do different voices and stuff. Maybe not impressions of famous people but i would mess around with the batter's. There's a lot in the ump's always had a lot of fun with that but i think that was my first. Time kind of really performing was behind the plate so that's cool so did you a- as as your then growing up through high school and you're you know you're focuses on baseball. Your family's really into sports <hes>. Where does the comedy come in. Does it is it is it perhaps puberty the and being your height verse six feet when i was twelve so i started to be very funny because i was deeply uncomfortable killed the b. six feet at i bet you probably would have been happy at five six i would've been i would've had a lot better chance at the dance. That's for sure you made all the all region and state teams didn't you. Yes yes so i've been that's that's all i wanted. You have my life so oh well. I wanted to go into comedy. Is it too late for us to switch well. Let's just do it. Let's see if s._p._n. Figures it out so i i i don't really know i was. I was a chubby kid. So i think that was probably part of it too. I was very quiet up until still about maybe six seventh grade and then i kinda started breaking out of my shell and truly awkward with girls. Just terrible could even say hello or just like the worst and just see a confidence problem. My dad used to get mad at me because he's like you. Gotta have confidence not even with girls just like in anything. It's like you got confidence like you're not helping it right now so yeah i think a lot of it's a defense mechanism awesome but i just like to hold court when we would travel on the road with the baseball teams and stuff you go to the hotel. Nobody's got anything to do at that time. People didn't bring their xboxes xboxes with them in the hotel rooms so we just be in the lobby teams would be hanging out and i kind of hold court and beate and people would pay attention so i think that was a bigger part of it was sports for me brought me into what i do comedy wise because that was my social will where my social set came from yeah social currency which is why you're the wordsmith and i'm just the smith but yeah i didn't i tell people that get into comedy and drama and acting all that kind of stuff i say pay attention to your english. Classes classes social studies history. I didn't pay attention any of that stuff and i wish i had because i was so into just the sports stuff which pays off in many ways but i wish i was a little more well rounded growing up because anytime you can use those references <hes> it's it's great and the the fact that i know things maybe not even specifics anymore but i remember andrea scholar ragas batting average being at the top of the u._s._a. Today rectangle in the bottom corner of the paper and stuff that was that's what i spent most of my high school doing that and asking somebody to go grab me snacks from the vending machine so just that well rounded but sports definitely ties into my comedy i think and i honestly i don't think i i may not have ever tied again. That might be a revelation on your show today. Say wow. I love being around for those. Perhaps perhaps to cause them to go to university of wisconsin milwaukee. I i went to parkside. Though i was going to play baseball at the university of wisconsin parkside a bunch of my friends that play we played some travel baseball together and and stuff were a little better than me. Parkside was division to school and i was gonna walk on there and then i got to my first college classes and i took a calculus this class and i'm like it was a night class and it was like this is way too much for me. I ended up dropping it but i was also like i can't spend i'm not going anywhere in baseball and all i can do is hit. I'm not good enough. They're looking for five to players. I have zero so <hes> so i went to parkside for your and then transferred to university scott's milwaukee partly because they had a broadcast journalism mass communications set of courses audit okay and did you know at that point so like at some point around that time when you're thinking about what's next what am my doing with my life entertainment and comedy became more of a serious thing. I thought i wanted to be more of the. I thought i wanted wanted to be a sports. Caster thought that's where i wanted to go. I thought i wanted to work as like an e._s._p._n. Sportscenter anchor even a local anchor later peter when you're watching like i don't i'm trying to think of the right age for this was the hat on time at like the big show was over. One hundred percent would absolutely make sense sense that you'd be watching that and thinking okay this gets to combine the things i like most sunday night doing bits basically while giving us our sports absolutely seinfeld on thursday in and cheers i think at the time and then that was at parkside with my friends and then we would get back early on sundays to watch patrick and olbermann and that that was a that was a big deal to us so yeah that i realized later when i went to e._s._p._n. And was around there more that i did not have the brain to be e._s._p._n. Anchor even in the least because you really had to know a history of more more indepth history and understand stats in. I think personally a little bit more then i did. I knew some baseball and i i knew some basketball and football but and i know people kind of have their specialties but at the same time i was looking in talking with people and just their vast knowledge of sports sports there is like i think i didn't try this because i would have been outmatched completely and i never would've gone the direction that i that i thought i could so. When did you make that turn. Or when did you decide to focus less on the sports side because i know you started doing stand up and stuff during college right yeah a little a bit i so i started taking classes at university of wisconsin milwaukee for broadcast because they didn't know anyone to do but i knew i knew i loved television. I knew i love sports and my my revelation was kind of this. I didn't like to be the interviewer as much as the interviewee right so i always wanted to be. We like somebody my goal in in television or whatever at that time was really just to be a guest on the tonight show joe just to be a guest on letterman. That's all i really and i got that. I wanted to be letterman so somehow ended up in the right roles here. See ah that's the thing though too because i remember talking to jimmy kimmel years ago and he said he did the n._f._l. On fox before i did and we're just talking about stuff for a little bit and he's like talking about how he didn't know what he wanted to do. He didn't want to be an actor really the he didn't wanna do sports per se. He's like talk. Show host is just kind of where i fall in. I'm like yeah. I i just like being a guest. I don't want to have to work that hard so there was a reality to that but i i i also had a problem and i don't know about you but if i was going to interview somebody for a project in school the you know for just a paper and pretending like it was a some type of real broadcasting situation. I just i didn't i didn't have the guts to go do that and it was hard for me to stick the microphone in front. Somebody just felt awkward about if you have that cube on it that says you're from e._s._p._n. Kick it gives you a a bit of credibility and gravitas in that situation i just i figured if i can't do this now. I'm not going to be able to do it later and so i i actually actually sw finished up my major which is broadcast journalism and then just started trying comedy. I went to a comedy sports class. As as i think a junior in college at whitsun comedy sports for people who don't know is an improv games type of art form not long form like second city where they do big long scenes. This is more jokey and and quicker quicker hits to the laughs and the first class. I took the guy's like you should try stand up like does that mean that terrible at improv he's like no but you do these little impressions and stuff and that would work in stand up so i went up to stand up comedy club. I got up and i immediately actually did extremely extremely well and the club owner came over to me and wanted me to start working there right away. I'm like i don't have this is all i have a three minutes. That's horrible three minutes. Just do that three minutes. I'm like well. What do i do for the other time because you want me to fifteen minutes. He's just to make some stuff open. We wish it was that easy. That's not what it is so i actually a hurt my back and i only had like five impressions. At the time i was still in college. I hurt my back and i was out for a while. I was this sounds ridiculous ridiculous. Now it sounded ridiculous. Then i hurt my back playing baseball and football in high school and middle school and i went down to tie my shoe shoe i turn wrong and i couldn't get back up at seventeen years old eighteen years so i'm a ninety year old man so in that time i learned to do a bunch two different impressions a couple of years or another year later. I went back to that comedy club and they started working me right away at the time. I'd worked on a bunch of more stuff there and gotten better at just creating a little bit of an accident at work some of didn't but the crazy thing was i started working right away. Nobody really we did that and i i try to use the analogy of it's like being a catcher in baseball and as i was a kid that they always tell you when you're a catcher you have the fastest way the major leagues as a catcher because there's so few people doing it and there's even fewer people doing it. Well while the impressions was like being catcher. Nobody at that time this is before youtube youtuber any type of social media. Nobody was really doing impressions and people who were were doing. Vaudevillian kind of rich literally type of nineteen eighteen fifties feeling stuff and i was leaving them all together because i i grew up loving jonathan winters and robin williams and kind of combining and talking to myself in the different impressions and putting out little scenes so that all evolved. I graduate from college. I'm like well. I don't know i don't really want to do the the sports casting thing. I don't think is directly for me. I just took my chance and to type back into the thing about my dad losing his job. When i was in high school and jim carey and his father i went out and just try to figure why not just go take a chance. Take the plunge and what do you got to lose. You're gonna go to oh claire wisconsin and try and be a reporter for a small local news station awake your work your way up. You probably probably the mid range. Even it's probably start smaller than that. Ah nothing against oakland. I'm just picking a smaller city but yes so i just i just took the chance tried stand up. Some college. Agents saw me and they're like so you need to be on the college circuit. How old are you twenty two years old at the time like you're talking to these. You're the same age as all these kids pretty much men it worked at i was nominated nominated for college entertainer of the year and college comedian of the year and did extremely well in that for a few years then you get to be twenty five twenty eight thirty already you start to look like the college kids dads more and then they don't wanna listen to you time for a quick break and then more that's what she said with sarahspain credit card bills every month you get them with multiple payments and multiple due dates. Wouldn't it be easier to just have one payment at a lower rate. 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How long after you decided to take this plunging and go full in before you made it because it feels like you didn't have to wait that long and that's part of the problem. I didn't get to develop develop as myself and have my own voice. I was just this machine of impressions right so five. Maybe even five six years ago. I wouldn't have been i it could have talked to. You talked talking that i really yeah. You did okay so working on it. I'm working on past participles. At least they know the part of all right so i know brutal brutal is the language so you gotta get back on track doc in this 'cause. I threw myself off so badly with that so we're going to say that. You got lost impressions which actually want to get to okay but but i wanted to. I wanted to hear about about like the feeling of of not waiting that long before you get that break and how that may be yeah so i was i started. I graduated from college in wisconsin milwaukee in ninety ninety six. I was on. I was on television. I think i did craig kilborn set kelvin. Oh yeah you gotta love me who does kilborn nobody. Nobody demand right now so right so he that was like ninety seven ish so i was on. I'd already gotten on atv there by ninety nine. I had that show or i was. I got a development deal to do that. Show in two thousand called hype on on the w._b._z. at the time so when i first went to l._a. I just did a bunch of impressions for people and people were offering me all kinds of stuff because when you're new in l._a. It may not be the same now because people can see you on youtube and all that type of stuff but when you at the time when you when i went to l. a. people like who are you. Where did you come from. They were amazed. I couldn't even get on make me laugh on comedy central and i got a manager an agent that that week one of the the biggest agency in the world even at the time and i was in rooms with network executives and presidents. That's crazy. Yeah just just nuts i didn't have i didn't have enough. I didn't have enough things. I was really one dimensional and i was. I didn't as much which is i'm struggling to speak right now to get this idea out. It was that all the time before a constant as myself. I never would have been able to talk doc. I could do it in a room but not in a situation they're in or an interview like we're doing right now. I would have mealy just started going to the impressions going to the well and trying to be a a jokester. I've learned over time that it's more important to be interesting and i the audience determines that but it's more important to be interesting than trying trying to be funny all the time if you're trying to be funny people start to feel this thing about wow. You're really making an effort to be funny but if you're interesting people go yeah yeah. I want to hear more about who you are and that's part of the the difficult thing that situation that i've had it's been difficult. People are waiting for the next magic agic trick as an a person who doesn't prussians. They think of you like a magician. What's the next impression you're gonna do. It's never what you have to say. What do you think about something. It's what what does jon gruden think about this. I don't know ask them. I'm just going to like this for a second man or it's like music. Maybe like play free bird yeah most comedians when you've heard there. You don't expect to go see them. Live and have them do that bit again. Maybe if they have a voice or something that they go to but with you it's like you'd wanna on evolve and advanced people and they wanted to keep going back when i don't do like the like i do a little bit of the madness stuff in the show and stuff and if if i don't do specific things it's like people come to see a rerun. People come to see certain things and i have the right allen's that with totally different stuff and some people at a show. It'd be like well the same bit. You did three five years ago. I'm like yeah but i did an extra twenty minutes of other stuff just so i could do because i know people are coming to see that as well and there's i've actually gotten to the point where i've started a phase more and more of that stuff out because i've got the confidence to do more of the new types of stuff and have somewhat of a point of view of my own. Yes when you're putting together a show. Let's start with when when you're putting together comedy before maybe this recent rebirth where your understanding how people see you and maybe wanting that to evolve your elevating into comedy instead of copycatting. You can't just do a stream of impressions. They have to connect to each other. There needs to be a story to tell how. How do you do that because obviously you want it to be. A craft you wanna be observing things and not just and that goes a lot to the vaudevillian style of impressionist that i had seen before that the people who would just do lines for movies and it's funny because you'll even see that on youtube now. It's funny how impressions they don't evolve that much people just do. They do a lot of copycat piano often. Stop sounding the way that they do. Just suddenly get a change because your needs change a little roy. What would i like to do is find a take on the person is what is the what is the person doing and that you can do more inside of a sketch or talk more about a subject now sports analysts are the easiest is to do that with because what do they do. They break things down in the sporting event. You're watching during before and after so let's say we're talking about. Let's charles barkley charles barkley nestle ridiculous playwright there look at everything like so now i can take him and talk about anything anything in life breaking that down said that's a terrible terrible vacuum right there. Nobody will use it like all of a sudden. People are on board because they know where he's coming the other thing i've found with charles barkley and this is a lot of where i'm trying to come from an acting in my whole life. Now is honesty. Charles barkley is one of the few people people that you know you're going to get one hundred percent candid and honest answer from all the time. He's not really going to self censor and the for that reason they've even put them on c._n._n. I know he's part of the turner group. They'll be like what do you think about what's going on in the middle east right. Now i think is really crazy. That evidence happened in right there but it was really crazy is that you guys had on c._n._n. Knucklehead like he'll be honest about that in the middle of the interview the draymond green thing. I talk about this in my act like draymond in green he was so honest like i want to punch draymond green in the face. He said that on national television which was fantastic it was real honest right but then he apologized you know we had to apologize because they said you have to apologize. We don't want this to become worse and worse then. He apologized but with something he could live with. He went on t._v. And said apologize for recognizing acknowledging that draymond green has such a punishable that that's not an apology to cheat code but it's brilliant because it seems like an apology but it's also something he can live with and he's not the type of person. That's going to go out there and do anything but be real. The whole weight watchers thing that happened with them yeah just given money. This is simple and then weight watchers was brilliant because they realized that honesty was the best thing like yeah. It's that simple even charles. Barkley can do it and and get paid money to talk about it so it ex honesty in many times. You don't realize how much that can pay off. We're always so busy trying to hide stuff. I think and for me that's a big thing of where i'm trying to come from nowadays yet so people pleasing is a big part of comedy though and wanting the audience to like what you're doing. You know what you think you you think it is but and i've always thought it is but i don't know. I don't know if it's that one hundred percent and i'll tell you why because now if you are a a accommodate let's let's just use a comedian whose political politico okay your audience will find you online or on tv and then come to you and then they're already thinking along the same lines as you so. Is there people pauperising yes but it didn't start out that way. You're not trying to please everybody. You're trying to just have a certain group with your point of view that really fits and that that was the easiest for one for me to pick out because it's just when you narrow narrow it down the internet's made it so much easier to find your audience in terms of people used to have to go all the way around the country and there were only a few different or around the world there only a few different places. You could go on t._v. And people could see your comedy well. Now you can just do it anywhere online and you can do something very specific and with the hashtags and people i favoured re tweeting or what sharing it however people will find you that are looking with similar interests that you i used to have played a very broad audience and you couldn't be no now you can find people you're talking to and they will actually search you out but i guess what i mean is not people pleasing because i think you're right in some of some of it is taking risks and going with your gut and then driving people towards something interesting and different that they didn't even know they wanted but when you're trying to balance silence of show and you're saying i want people to get to know me better people to get to know the comedy. I'm doing and the choices. I'm making to make it funny not just mimicry agree. How do you balance. I'm gonna give you a little bit of this john madden because i know you want that but i want to also create something. That feels different than what i've been doing well. My the initial answer is i'm still learning that i get up on stage and if i don't work or mentioned something about voices upfront i i feel like i'm carrot top and the airline has lost my luggage because you can see people waiting for jeff done without the puppets. You can feel people going i. I there's another analogy you. You're going to see a live concert with for a band right before you ever see a comedian open up up for a band no but i did see a freak. Show okay so explain that well. It's like dude like picking up bricks with their genitals roles and the inch nails. It was my very first concert. It's seared into my brain forever because i was twelve but research was exactly i could see over everyone. Unfortunately i had a really great view of said genitals. I know i've only seen other their musical acts open for musical acts other than aforementioned freaks and one of the reasons for that is because if you're going to see music you are are in the mood for music before music. It's warm up music well a lot of times. They'll have comedians open up for a musician and the difficult thing about that. Is there any the music mode but you're up there trying to do jokes and you need silence in music. People will sing along. You don't need silence. It's always there. Silence silence is very important to have pauses in comedy and the analogy is this the impressions for me are the band. I am the comedian before for the band so you can feel people. I can feel it and it's getting better but i can feel people going. This is going to start doing as john man. Dan listen settle for some jeff goldblum right now. It's it's that kind of feeling and just a little bit of confidence. Some of it's me you being a little bit too. <hes> aware of it and you have to block some of that out and other comedians who've had more time working on the craft and and not becoming going right to the machinery of stuff which is what i did and working and being in a lot more situations where they bombed early and it gave them a lot more strength in those situations. I have to because i don't. I really don't mind bombing with an impression because it's not me if it's me deep bombing as myself. There's a little more to it. You know it's a little more personal and it hurts a little bit more because you're not it's not the puppet failing pulling. It's the puppeteer so i do try and balance it. Though i'd get up there i mentioned some of that. I i work some different things in i talk a little bit about up my family i get into the voices and then for the rest of time i go back and forth. That's why i've been doing a lot of smaller club. Dates is it allows the proximity doc semi of how close the audience is to you and the the smallness of a comedy club really gives you the feeling to experiment more as opposed to to a theater or a casino or a corporate type of event where you can't do that kind of stuff. It's it's much harder to get people to go along and follow you one weird tangents whereas where i really want to go right now so you mentioned sort of the feeling of it hurts more. It's the puppeteer and puppet taking the blows. Do you feel like you've used that ability to move in and out of various characters to keep distance from people avoid situations in real life yeah no. I don't think so i i mean i shouldn't i shouldn't go to the answer that quickly that that just tells you that it's a defense mechanism. No i don't think so because i am not like that at all in real life in real life i i'm not doing anything like that and maybe years dozen years ago but once they had kids everything chains. I have a daughter and a son and i'm a i'm a ball a puddle of mu- mush right now. It's just i cry at the silliest things like especially like a sports movie like the rookie or something like that. That was the no no not rookie of the year. That'd be ridiculous. <hes> no like the natural are just baseball movie but the rookie is when i i can't remember who it is but i played buddy holly dennis quaid yeah dennis quaid worry comes out and throw in a ninety five miles an hour as an old man and he goes back can starts playing again after a surgery and all that kind of stuff those tear jerker things. They said that dennis quaid. I met him years ago and and was like oh that just made me cry. That's what's supposed to do but i think years ago. Maybe it was a way to put on a show show so people didn't talk to me. I do think that but now it's just kind of what i do and it's an easy way to get a laugh. I'll tell you ah that's you go into that. It's pretty simple but there's also i've found honesty can do that same thing. People just aren't really ready for honesty all the time. Think about that little bit. When you're honest with somebody it gives sometimes it gives somebody that little bit of shock and they a they love the element of shared experience right yeah. I've had that yeah that's exactly. That was my ah one hundred percent. That's what it is so honesty and comedy. They do go hand in hand. It's just a little bit of a different tool in the box. I guess so to speak but they're very similar when you think about it. I don't know if i've ever i know people say honesty is the best comedy but i never thought about why but it's shocked because you don't hear that much honesty and then the shared experience that that bridges the gap that you know there's other things in common like assumption where somebody gets you going one way and then bags back but that there's nothing better than honest comedy and something oh i know exactly where you're coming from on that you've been talking about honesty a lot and and obviously it's gonna drive. You know you're especially if you're doing observational comedy or it's going to affect the perspectives that you give to the characters that you're doing the impressions that you're doing but it also feels like that's something that is sort of new to you and that's why it's dominating the front of your brain. You're wanting to come back to it. What are you being honest about that you weren't before or or why is it so so front of mind for you. Well first of all. I took an acting class. I live in the phoenix area and with a guy named matt deering hiring and he opened my eyes to what acting actually is i always thought acting was performing for people but true acting is replicating inexperience replicating feelings and reliving that so to speak in the acting situation or in the in the scenario you're in. I always thought it was okay. I'm gonna put on a show. The show is the show is what you get is the the end result of all the cogs dogs being put into place when you're acting you really are just trying to be honest in that situation and that opened my eyes to. I was always putting on a show. I was always going and my comedy was. Hey look at this magic trick. I was actually at the things i was mad about like. Hey why do they always want the next magic trick because i there's always just giving them the next magic so that's why it's at the forefront. What am i trying to be more honest about where i come from things. Why do i see z. Something instead of just getting to charles barkley and doing the voice like i talked about before just what it would be more. Was that stuff i did talk about with charles barkley being honesty honest and that's why people do love him so it's about finding the truth behind that if it's in the character and for for me it's about sharing experiences about family and life <hes> that i probably never would have done if i was with a gun. Why does anybody why would somebody find that had interesting. What people do i don't understand. Why but people do their inherently interested in other people's lives especially when when you've been on tv or played a character that people know they want to find out more about you and i think part of part of prolly ali the reason i didn't understand is i'm probably narcissist level and i never cared as much. I don't think i don't think when i was younger. I just kinda was me but having doc kids and a narcissist would assume that everybody was interested in you because you're the most interesting thing around guests i mean so i was an anti hi narcissist selfless at all times thinking only of others mother teresa's frank. I didn't have any way to put those together very yeah but tried and i struggled mother keesa yeah. Thank you yeah so what would that. It's weird well. It's not just the the if you've spent a life curate these great impressions and stepping into other people. You know that people want that. Yes so maybe it's hard to say but do you also want me without all that because this is running that you're asking for you. That's that's why you're the skilled professional one hundred percent. That's it it's but in isn't it funny that i'm thinking about in terms of these impressions. I'm interested in the people doing the impressions of and maybe i'm not as famous as those people but people are interested in people they've seen they wanna know their stories right and that that's something i've come to. I ah it's weird because a lot of people say to me and i still think they're wrong and someone like you. Don't know how famous you are watch. I can walk anywhere unless i have a grey a wigwam and a fake knows people don't really know but sometimes when people hear the name and they see they expect me to be six six three and four hundred pounds first first of all and so it's a letdown john madden yeah right i mean it's just they're like what what why. Why aren't you seventy years old because i'm forty five. I can't a change that so. I have to apologize for my genetics. I it just is what it is and i app listen. I don't know i don't know what to find out what the latest cliques have been but it's just more hey i just wanna have fun and come from an art aside more than a business side and for the longest time i'd come more business than show in show business. It was less about art and more about how can i make as much much money as possible and i figured out that doesn't as much as i love money. Don't get me wrong but it's like. There's other parts to life. Life and having a family was part of that too and i missed some great things easier way to go is to get all the money and then be able to explorer versus people who want the art. I don't necessarily have the privilege of then saying all of a sudden okay. I'd like the money now. Oh wait. I missed my window do or i don't know how to be that thing yeah. You're lucky in a sense in having this skill that you used it in a way that got you a ton of success and fame and people know you fort art but now you do have that burden of the expectation of who you've always been and wanting to change it which is chelsea handler on the podcast and she went from. You know i'm gonna talk about being in drunk and having one night stands to wanting to sort of be an activist and talk about the therapy she's doing and a lot of people don't want that from her because they decided who she was and we put people in boxes so you're kind of pushing back against people. Who've said oh i like you for this and i don't want you to be anything that yeah. That's the difficult thing you know. We see it in sports. We see it everywhere everywhere where people say the whole lebron james thing more than athlete type thing we see that and a lot of places and it can disrupt but i think people as long as for me. It's as long as it's coming from the heart. I think it's great. I see some people <music> at times just trying to monetize their feelings then were so it's like. I don't know about that but i do think when it's coming from the heart i really liked that but yeah people definitely put you in boxes and i put myself in a box and you have to realize a lot of times you put yourself in that box and you're upset that you put yourself in that box and i'm a person who's a realist and go you know i've i've <hes> contributed to this some two so i'm not going to just blame blame other people on it. I'm going to try and figure out how can i get to the next level and just keep working at it and if i never get there i never but at least i put the effort in and that's a big thing for we'll be right back back with more. 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That's what she said so. Let's go back to when you started doing impressions. Can you take me through how you make one. Where do you start art. How do you get comfortable in that person's skin or you starting with mannerisms or voiced or catchphrases. How do you do it. I think first of all if you can. Let's let's let's start with the audio the the sound of the person i if you find their cadence that's the key. That's the key because you don't have to the have the pitch right. You don't how many christopher walk ins. Have you heard you've heard a long career high right in the middle the barack obama stomach and you can say that but you know what it is because of the cadence with president obama talk slow at the beginning and speed up the what's that the cadence of the person and then you can say lots of different things some of it comes to to add onto the take which i get to later but then the first that cadence because you can cheat a little bit with cadence you don't have to have it exactly right in terms of the note or the pitch then you add mannerisms or facial expressions and that can sell it even more saturday night live. They'll make you up to look like the person that could sell it way. More per person might not even do a very good impression of the person but they look exactly like them. David spade talk about doing impressions on on saturday night live in the late eighties and maybe early nineties. It'd be like well. They made me look like him. I didn't do an impression of the person people think oh no your impression perfect nick like years ago. Somebody said hey when you're mad t._v. You do the great rosie o'donald no. They just threw a wig on me. That's all they really did. There wasn't fortunately. I just looked enough awfully rosiak you. You say i don't want to say i'll get in trouble but it's like a there's a lot of that. You know just make you look decently enough. I like the person that sells it even more so than if you don't have that the facial expressions and the mannerisms really can't sell it that can be even as much if not better than the the voice and people watch you do that when you put it all together cadence if you get the pitch or tone of the person right and the mannerisms that all works to to make a great impression even if it's not a dead on impersonation which an impersonation would be. You're trying to mimic and be the person that's in my vocabulary in in my head whereas an impression goes on a little bit of a take of what the person has george w bush trying to figure out what's coming next and something like that or in the case of morgan morgan freeman sounding exactly like the person is the only way to go but now when you take on him. I'm just going to narrate everything. That's going going on right. You need to find that. I think that little bit of a taken that brings you from just regurgitating lines to having a full character with the person on on stage and i believe also on the way to do it is like a speech and when i was in school they used to tell us that the the the way to go through speech or tell them what you're going to tell them. Tell them and then tell them what you told them so. The tell what you're going to tell them is let them know what impression you're going to do because then people aren't figuring it out all at different times think about the fact that morgan freeman could narrate anything and it would sound good yeah right and you near it anything that you do it again now. The joke is because you're acting it out right but you've done a couple of things there. You've said morgan freeman so so they know the name. That's another problem. Has i'll say a name of somebody and people like is he going to do no. I'm just mentioning a name so morgan. Freeman is part of the name of the character is the the first part then you do a a mannerism or facial expression to set it up even more and then the the voice is the third thing with the cadence and by the time if you have enough in out not every impression i do has that but by the time you do that third. One people are laughing laughing from the first two and you're already. You've already got them in and so that's <hes> that's the tell them what you what you told him so it in that formula formula which it all works but again i'm in that mode trying to break some of the formulas and trying to do some things a little bit differently differently when i first started doing standup i did i had this thing about. I don't wanna tell them what impression i'm doing. I want him to figure it out and i realize that people some people didn't know what impression i was doing until about four minutes or something. Maybe the great jokes. You've made yeah the incredible humor. I've crafted earlier. Yes uh-huh so when you're learning a new. Are you walking around the house just doing the voice there's a lamp or whatever you know in the voice to get yourself used to it yeah that that would be the main thing and i used to work on them a lot more. I would do impressions all all the time i when i worked at indoor baseball softball place i would give out tokens opens as robin williams like oh goodness here you go. It's a part of their little apricot and okay my friend all right so we would we. I would do do that type of stuff now. It's it's probably more to myself. I will watch things but it's hard to try and find mind people that enough people enough of an audience is going to know for the stage a lot of times the cyber different now in different places that you go for content it used to be everyone wants the same three channels so everybody knows that right and even after that when it was cable it might have been fifty channels now. There's it's it's an infinite really it might not actually be infinite but eventually hit it feels it. There's just so much audiences are so segmented and people are programmed directly to that people don't even know ooh certain genres exist or people people that watch net flicks. Don't necessarily watch network television anymore or know anything thing about certain move. That's their whole world is is that it's like being in the simpsons and you only know that world so it's the sports thing was probably good for you then n. b. s. you know that people who are into sports. They're going to get every single. One of them not just the athletes but the people who work for e._s._p._n. And the people who work for fox everybody else and when i went to e._s._p._n. I realized that people that watch e._s._p._n. It was like the simpsons that was its own worm. Everybody knew all the simpsons characters but a lot of people just walks e._s._p._n. Dan j maurice to do this bit about people watching it might still mentioned it but like about people watch sports center like you watch sports center and then that's sportscenter is over then you watch the reruns sportscenter. Why don't you just watched the same sports center. It's not halfway through like like. I just saw this exact same interview word for word but you don't change it you watch the saints and you can't figure out why you're doing it but you you like it happens opens with the spanish channel to you ever just accidentally. I don't know if you speak spanish but i don't speak really speak spanish not since high school. My kids are learning in school right now but it's i don't really i'm not fluent in spanish anything but sometimes come across the chance flip through the channels and it'll end up on the spanish channel and i'll realize i've watched the spanish channel for the last. I've been watching univision for thirty minutes. I even understood a single word. I don't know what happened to me then. I just flip it back to sports center so yeah i i don't you know what that is but there's a reality to that yeah. I'm let's do a quick speed wrong. Because i have a couple. I wanted to get to so <hes> your least favourite impression to do listen. I don't know if i do have a least favorite. I i don't if you get tired of doing. Maybe eh physically taxing like oh okay voice or your your posture or you're just like okay not this again. I just got my voice back the gruden face for any extended period of time making that making the chucky facemask. I mean i'll i'll do like videos for that on instagram or something and i'll be we like man my head. Just the back of my head starts to hurt. It's not even the front leading forward yeah back. It's i mean it's just it's it can be deep painful but in terms of voices none of them really hurt that much because at the beginning it's almost like breaking down a muscle and then rebuilds itself south. I think maybe vocal-chord wise so most voices they don't. They're not taxing on my voice at all. Maybe a maybe maybe a movie voice type thing. If you do this for so much time you know that type of thing or an optimist prime auto botch transform like that could be but but that those would be the type something deep rumbling worry the most difficult my colleagues stugatz does something in called the <hes> the sports whisperer and if you try to whisper for several minutes at a time. It's so painful to listen to someone do because he just loses it all together. There's so hopefully you never have a long character that involves just hard loudly whispering almost almost as painful as trying to listen to stugatz. Tell the truth for recommended. That doesn't happen very thankfully. We're saved more often than not. Is there an impression that you really wanted to get you kept working working on and you just never got it to the point that you didn't even use it in your act. That happens all the time. People think i'm way better at this than i am. I talked to a friend of mine. Ross marquand kwan who red skull in avengers. He's on the walking dead. He's pry the best dead on impressionist. I've ever we're seen and we talked about this together. One time it was like people don't realize how long you'd have to try and work in craft an impression for it to even beat decent and there's so many just throw out 'cause you never you can never do it and there wasn't it sticks with you. I don't even i can't even do it. Good joe pesci. If somebody says do joe pesci joe joe br jim breuer jim breuer does a great one. You just outsource it. You know i'm sorry can't but let me let me send you in the right dress yeah. I'll i'll give you a start with joe patchy and if not jim breuer at at jimbo right. I believe you can find them. Is there one you're most proud of. No i don't think so i i listen to george w bush because i was so fat at the time that people are like you should not like mad t._v. Did not want me to do the george w w bush. They tried everybody on the show except for me and i they never said that but that's probably what it was and i get it because because i couldn't look at them and then i mailed this one sketch as george w bush and it was it was a debate sketch where the michael mcdonald's playing john kerry is doing george w bush and just hit it out of the park and nobody expected it and i took over the george w bush role from and then on mad t._v. They were contemplating having josh meyers seth meyers brother do it. They had we'll sassa. Do it for a little bit who wasn't even skinny by any means but i was so big at the time i think they're like no and they were even asking barron hilton. Everybody people didn't do impressions. They were trying to get george bush president of everybody except for for me so i think that's one because i stepped up to the plate and i really that was something people weren't expecting so it was not so much about getting the the impression it was that actually allowed me to do something other than just the john madden popcorn popper on mad t._v. Because it mad tv they i would try to do other sketches. It would do really really well at the table read where you go through the first time and the powers that be say yeah well. We're going to put that on back burner and maybe it in a few weeks in the meantime. Can you do john madden building a birdhouse birdhouse really yeah all right yeah so what's the most asked for when you're out and about and people recognize you. I think that depends on who the person is a person who loves movies in general might ask for an al pacino or somebody might be a robin williams. Fan sports people live barclay some still like the madden although i feel like he's so far gone but p i'm known for that at the same time <hes> gruden people people wait there on the edge of their seats waiting for gruden a lot of the time people have heard me do some of the avengers stuff if they're younger couple audiences right right now which is weird that i find it the old guys i can feel in the crowd. They're just waiting if they want john madden the whole time and then i'll throw in something i am loki of asgard and embedded in with glorious pappas and who cares about our beaming robert downey junior okay do me a favor enjoy yourself get to the madden not just give me a minute and like like they don't even know what i'm doing a throat a chris hemsworth lewke my brother. The crowd is more more more and one crowd is going. Can you just circle something. That's tough. It's weird right because i'm getting known by different audiences and that's what i try to do more of the newer stuff enough on like instagram and stuff like that because the the all the people aren't even on that really so but you have to try try and stay fresh in different and new and that's the difficult thing that i find it why try to go to less impressions overall and more storytelling. You never know as well what celebrity nowadays is going to have a hashtag a thing that happens to them to you hashtag me. You'd food yeah liam neeson's. There's there's there's an for a little while. It seems like people forget in certain things but other things are too big and too. I talk about this. In my act to ten years ago said the name bill cosby everybody in the room be like oh. I hope he does bill cosby. I say the name ups and say bill cosby now people i hope he doesn't i'm doing bill cosby. That's there's just information comes out about people and i'm not saying people should hide that that's not that's not at at all what i'm saying but people are much more responsible for themselves now because they can't get away with as much and celebrities if you've ever been in that world they the bigger you are celebrity. There are some things you tend to get away with a lot more because there's power involved and so so it's a weird thing with that and a lot more minefields for you too. Yeah and i just have to be careful. You have to set it up right and i don't wanna wanna make a joke about hashtag metoo. I don't wanna do that but if it's a person and i can make a point about something i want to be able to make a point about that person person as long as the victim in it is not the one that's in trouble and that's very hard. That's hard on social media because people immediately go to what you're making fun of these. These people and i know that you missed the point. You didn't listen to morons first of all so social media is going to be the toughest place to have anything with nuance or satire or intelligence behind and it's gonna be like common denominators action on that i had noticed what's the what's the impression people try to do at you the most easy once and that's the way the reason they'll do that because they'll try to get into doing their impression for me so somebody would be like really in love. Tell you did that. Yoda coda mike. It's just a joke to buy like oh. Thanks arizona first of all. Thank you iota grover over but it's one of those things. I don't even know what to say then they'll do start. They'll start doing parts of my act for me and i know those lines too so it's and i don't want to be mean but at the same nice oh that's cool that you know my stuff and you love it but also like yeah. It's got it done that yeah and i did did the same people i. I'm embarrassed but i'll tell you this people come up to me and they will say my son. Does this incredible impression. That's just you doing the impression. There'll be like you'll love it in the killingbeck. Hey fats john madden here okay. Do you even know who john man is. No not really my dad made me do this now. I when i met tom hit allston who plays loki. I made my daughter do an impression of korg from thor ragnarok and i was like oh this is awful. I'm being the person that i that. I have trouble without live. 'cause tom hilton does a bunch of different impressions and his line to me was great because he's like yes. I do impressions of 'em the people i work with in movies. Oh i do impressions of people i've seen in movies so we're similar but so different and then i made my daughter do this impression she she didn't really want to do but i don't know if he was just being nicer and at the time i realized this is the probably the one of the most embarrassing things i've ever done but i'll give you the most embarrassing well. I might not be the most embarrassing. I know we gotta go here soon too but i was on a plane and what's his name. The place aqua man you guys has got that on hand yeah jason momoa jason momoa he was at the airport and something had happened. He was supposed to be in a private plane somewhere and he was at the airport and everybody's taking pictures pictures of them and they're not really talking to him but he was with his family. So people were kind of leaving them. Alone was nice in that respect but he gets on the same plane as me and and he's just sitting there for a while he gets up to go to the bathroom and before this happens he looks at me like three or four times and i don't assume that he knows who i am because it just might be that i've catch up on my face or something but i feel like he's recognized but doesn't know why so we get on the plane plane. He goes up to the bathroom. I try to sneak a picture of him. I don't get enough not like i'm not gonna put it on social media thing. I'm just going to tell my daughter about it because she loves the superhero. He catches just doing it now. The reach out of hand it gets worse off because he comes back from the bathroom like a sorry dude. He's like that's when we had this great conversation sation his part of it was and then he went and just sat down but then the flight attendant reaches over to me 'cause you're gonna race that right. I was like she was watching yeah but not only that you can't tell somebody to erase pictures. People have taken of me like not i'm. I'm that i'm that level of superstardom but it's like you can't stop like people were walking on the plane and i wanted to go. Hey i am on t._v. To expected more from you in first class frank guess the plea biens in coach are going to do that but you we expected more. Maybe it got even worse because i talk really loudly on the phone after it. I'm like yeah. I'm heading over to the studio. Now record some stuff on television because i'm also on television. Maybe not in the movie but i'm on television by tv studio. I'll talk to you later a terrible feeling we were. We were leaving the cubs game. The other day in the broadcast kaskai for the opposing team was in the elevator and i saw his badge mico you called the game today and he's like not not a great for your guys but and he just seemed so annoyed with me and i wanted to be like yeah you work for e._s._p._n. Might you know and i was like you know. He's so annoyed that i'm just gonna. I'm just gonna let him think. I was just an annoying person in the elevator like just it's not even i'm not even gonna need to connect with him but i wanted him to know out of principle that was asking because i was just interested in his gig and how the day one but right yeah now what's the weirdest situation in which you've been asked to do an impression or you've just done. I know you've liked called some steve times before and left and left. A message is another another g._m. Or another coach or but has somebody asked you to leave a voicemail for someone or in the middle of the wedding or have you been chris hemsworth and bed. I wish rush my wife writers to. I don't know i i years and years ago. This was the most awkward i i called up a news station as john madden. They'll tell you how long it was. He was on doing sunday night football at the time. It was like i can't take it anymore. They're like what i can't take anymore out. Michaels goals is driving me crazy they're like. Is this john madden yes. Have you been drinking mr mann absolutely you on the air one yeah right now. Let's do good and they were gonna put me on the air like tells you about the credibility of the news source at that time but i was like i can't do this so i. I got really close. I got through like three people. I did a lot of trouble. If i go on the air i mean you could easily get a lot of people in trouble and get suit called. The white house and people always wanted me to do that. Especially the george w bush years they're like just call like those are the worst people to try and call because they have a flat tire. Send the secret service out to grab arabia they have they have access to everything they can find me. There's no. I can't hide at that point. You don't mess with that high of a level. It's a a great point. So what do you still want to do. You're sort of evolving your act. You have your podcast. Now on frank pods dot com. What are you what's in front of view that you want to do next. I'm just i'm working on getting getting getting back but really getting into the acting side of stuff playing some small characters auditioning for that that type of stuff which i don't live in l._a. So it's difficult because if you try and put stuff on tape it's really a i didn't even understand this deal recently you you have to go in front of these casting directors actors and work through stuff and they they see you a couple of times and you develop the character or the person in front of them a little bit and that's how you get a role but that's that's what i wanna do more of is <hes> finding like non impression characters not huge over the top big fakey characters but again to go back to that that that line of thinking truth is finding like being a real actor <hes> even if it's the smallest roles and just learning and being part part of that that's that's where i really wanna. Get working in terms of more of me on stage that too but a lot of like i said from the the beginning and keep going back to is that that honesty just keep going from there because i do struggle. Sometimes i start to put on the show instead of trying to just be yeah. We'll before we let you go. You have to put on one lascaux. You have to do the thing that everybody does but nobody expects. It's called the spanish inquisition. Kind of spanish inquisition expects the spanish inquisition. It's the ten questions everybody gets. Nobody expects number one your desert island album. You can only have one <hes> oh jeez. I'm not a huge music person so this is the worst for me the wrestling album that the w._w._f. W._f. guys did the superstars did years ago. Just the worst deeply upset pyromaniac pyromaniac something from the <hes> just brutal this is what would you say what was what is yours. Mine is august and everything after by counting crows okay. That's my man okay perfect. You are welcome number. Two what happened quality. Do you think has contributed most to your success. What quality has contributed attributed most of my success ability to repeat the question in the phone <hes> i would say wow mimicry. That's that's that's a that that element of success one hundred percent mimicry number three. What would you consider your biggest failure. This interview is way up there. At at this point merit down the spanish inquisition <hes> my biggest failure would be <hes> in terms of entertainment. I would say not being ready when i first got to los angeles with hollywood with a lot of different <hes> stuff to do to to not having to just being to allow him myself getting pigeonholed so much because i didn't come prepared number four ever been in a fistfight a i usually use karate so so improvements such a bad. No i more more. I would say more of a lover but not a fighter but we already got the chris hemsworth thing yeah. Have you ever been not since i was a kid i all right. No no i i remember tackling and being tackled by guy named ryan easter when i was a kid but that's that's not a good name to number. Five of you could switch lives with anyone for a day. Who would it be switch. What live with. I thought you said take wives no. I thought you said labs lavatory like bathrooms like i dunno. I bet you robert downey. Jr which is worse. Yeah i could switch lies is with somebody. I take my son or daughter because there's just so much in front of them. I think i really would i. I wouldn't trade most of what i have. I the ups and downs have all been worth it but you know what i would. I would take robert downey junior to the second question though i do it. You'd yeah i just like counting money irony number six. What's the most embarrassed you've ever been that that that jason momoa that's way that's way way up there. I don't know if i could top that number seven. What's the thing about yourself. You'd most like to improve. I still think the the honesty that we've been going back to and i'd like to be taller ed like hey you can want to improve it. I didn't say you'd be able to <hes> you know what willpower in terms of chocolate let sugar. That's one thing because as much as i exercise now i'll count my calories all day. I'll be at eighteen hundred calories and then they'll be a piece as a cake that doesn't even belong to me and i'll somehow figure out a way to get it and my kids will be mad at me on number eight if you were the commissioner of life for a day. What one rule would you enforce that. All of society would have to adhere to just ah be respectful of other people. I think that a lot of that ties in all the kindness and all that stuff a lot of that ties into respect. I mean in which i guess be kind of people to <hes> that's all in there somewhere but if it was one thing eat eat your vegetables number nine with the most scared you've ever been again trying to come up with a number nine here. That's pretty frightening. <hes> the most scared i've ever been. I'm trying to think if i've ever had a near death experience that somehow somehow escaped my mind. That's brutal if i had one i i guess it hasn't been my daughter fell one time she she drives she she fell. She hit her head and <hes> this is just the look glazed look on. Her is was very scary to me that yeah yeah when anything there are so many things with my kids now that i think about it got out of myself thinking about what scared me about myself something anytime i kids that can be really something. That's yeah number ten. What three words would you most hope that people would use to describe you. What three words people do this a lot where they repeat what you're saying well. They're thinking of it. Yes because these are tough questions but i do not like to give them out in advance because then i don't get honest answers curated answers so what three i'd love to have somebody written this for me a freeze just three words that you would hope that people would think they can be just words separated by com. Let's see cautious which can be good or ban of changing it <hes> friendly okay so i'm gonna go honest friendly and i. I wouldn't mind talented. That's good enough yeah. That seems like you'd like that'd be good. I tried not to be too selfish there so i was trying to think of different there's different things to narrow that down. I just have so many single words to say about myself right that that i'm fairly decent amount but then i changed them halfway through so those are good ones. I like those <hes> bonus. Question should have on this podcast to talk to. Who would i find interesting. Oh let's see there's so many people go around a rent a guy by the name of ed my let who i did his podcast just recently one of the like fifty richest people under fifty in the world like amazing and he's a huge instagram star and a motivational speaker just a <hes> and he found me through some sports and stuff like that too and he was one pat. Mcafee is another one. He's that guy yeah. He's great. He's he's he's. He's doing college football now for it's been i'll say he's pat. Mcafee fi is one of those people that a few months ago before some of the stuff star break from there's just something magical happening with you can tell with him for sure yeah. He's just something something he's got something. That's the next generation of people that you could never teach somebody but you like. He's got no fear and he's just connect connects with people in a way i i haven't seen maybe ever yeah well that one's in the works so i'll tell them that. I'll tell him that you you said to come on as well. Maybe that'll it'll be the final push frank. This was so awesome. Thanks so much for taking the time to do it. Thanks for having me. It's a really great and it's a true journalist to eh actually mean that cause lots going podcast. It's it's a different way you structure questions differently and you come from a different level of research research and stuff like that so it was very interesting to me is actually learning. I take it as a learning experience for me to to get better myself. I love that thank you. That's what she said. Be sure to check got another great podcast in the laboratory. In france podcast network marty smith's america college football seasons right around the corner and guess ramadi was last weekend clemson south carolina allina download and subscribe to mark smith america and apple podcasts spotify or wherever you get your podcast. That's what she said. It's time once again for south. Bitch sessions nations where i rant about something that bothers me and fix it this week. It's people who say jeff now. I get it one time. Someone asked the guy who invented into these things you know these images or sounds videos that kind of loop continuously they don't you don't have to press play. It's not a full video. It's a gif. It's a graphical interchange format format and i know they asked him once. Do you pronounce it gift or jeff and the guy said jif but that doesn't mean we have to say like that one day if i snapped it's probably going to be about this because 'cause graphic goo ga graphic sounds like which is probably why people assumed it would stand for graphic interchange formats and therefore be said gaffe f the fact that this looney toon who invented it inexplicably says it sounds like jif peanut butter doesn't mean that we all abandon this accepted term and and start using the word jif and i realized on the list of problems much like frank kelly endo. This feels very minor. I've i've rented about some much more serious things but for some reason every time someone says jeff instead of gift and i get it you know people have their own way of saint things tomato tomato except it's tomato wpro and potato. It's not potato. You're not british. You're not madonna who pretended to be prejudiced. You are an american person and you should say tomato and potato and and you should say gif okay. I forgot about what we accomplished today. Nothing we accomplished. Nothing because frank doesn't have a dilemma and my dilemma is that people say jif instead of gifts but listen people. Sometimes those things are important to their. I fixed it. If you've got a dilemma for the commission fix tweeted to me at sarahspain or go to the tinder enter podcast app subscribed to that's what she said was sarahspain rate and review. Leave me all the stars possible. Leave me all the glowing reviews and in that review. Tell me the dilemma that you've got and maybe i'll fix it on the show. Thanks as always for lasting about an hour with that's what she said. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting living most of her life in the dark inside the other nesting getting dole's. She has plenty of time to think if we could sadly she has no brain however when nesting doll here's the geico not only saves people money but also also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious you should switch because yes switching to gyco is a no brainer pity in most nesting dollond her lot in life.

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