Melissa Gorga breaks down RHONJ Reunion PT1 and Mark Consuelos reveals he broke up with his wife Kelly Ripa a week before their wedding!


Welcome to the Bravo. Clubhouse for the podcast division of watch. What happens live with me? Andy cohen. Her husband's always wanting some nestling, and we all almost died when we saw him in Archie wrestling. It's watch. What happens? I was listening Oregon market Suelas now. Cohen live in the rubble clubhouse on national handcuff day with two people who I find very arresting tonight shirts reunion. My I left. No doubt. As to tagline is don't try to bully me because I'm a boss say real of New Jersey, Melissa gore. Go. Scott. Coincidentally plays a boss who is also a bit of a bully. Welcome back. My buddy markets twin. The two of you ever meant. Yes. Yeah together. Really? Yes. Yeah. Like three like when I first came on. That's right. You agreed with me. And a lot of really, unfortunately that won't happen today. No. I'm just kidding. I'm totally. I'm just saying struggling season. Yes. Great CU, Mark. Thank you. Tonight is a medium Moos ensuring our hangovers tomorrow or extra-large from Hollywood medium on E. It is Tyler end, regardless. Lot of Bravo. Liberties on the show you've a bunch coming up this season. You've got Kenya. Tamra Joe's Aaron Sheena. La LA was her favorite of that bunch on my gosh. Like picking a favorite child, probably wolf. Lou Ann from last season Deng big one hammer this season. All right. Let's get started Melissa Theresa has been photograph with this hot young guy and rumors are swirling anything you can tell us about this. I mean, really like because by the way, I hope it's true. I ensure you do I want her to be getting it from this guy that I now listen, I know nothing about it. And I feel like if it were true. I would know something. No come on. You Andy what she'd be maybe beaming? I don't know. Okay. Okay. You don't seem like her favorite person right now. I'm obviously not we'll get into that. In a second. Jennifer. Margaret didn't always see I this season and tonight's jersey reunion was no exception. Check it out, you know, someone for two weeks. They're coming in from overseas mail order bride. I it's a joke to me that is an insult. Somebody was talking about my brother. I would be mad to your brother went marry someone after two weeks were you trying to get back at Margaret for the mail order bride comments by insinuating. That March senior is an adult you can say about me. It's March senior dot or I kept thinking about was the wife that he cheated on. Oh my God. I think shake how she was terrible. I'm not gonna feel pity per woman rat. Okay. Go to WWF show TV for first ball because we wanna know whose side are you on Jennifer or Margaret I was tickled that Theresa never heard of a mail order bride tonight. I never heard of one. To be honest. I I'd never know looks like you guys are on Margaret side. That is what we call a landslide. Listen marker coming in. But before we get to those. Here's what three things I'm obsessed with tonight. I we may be well into twenty nineteen but on tonight's jersey reunion. Jackie founders facing off against the hotter. Headed two thousand nine to research. Jude is I am just thankful that. There wasn't a table within flipping range watch this. You wanna be me? Thank you very much. You. Yeah. Fire to be Theresa bad. Why you've been following me for ten years shoes to stand on my book, son? Defined stalker. You jen? Can you shut your pie hole for us in junior? Tiny pool ball has compassionate. Going through away. Right. You're. I met this. Right. He pulled targeted Bates. Trees. Oh, okay. Here's what go to WWAFL TV. Tell us who side are you on their Jackie or Theresa and the survey ship. He's taken on Theresa the shows changed very much. Yes. She doesn't care. Yes. She she didn't seem to care how this one is another landside in the other direction. This one's go into Jackie. All right prize that no I mean, I don't know. You do second is if the old tracer showing up to Jackie wasn't enough to reopening age old feud with Melissa is making me seriously wonder if tree has access to time machine watch. How can I have someone back who is trying to prove a point about meat and wasn't saying anything better? You were saying that once again, I was getting for the. For your brother and your father with Jackie, and I have very threatened on people who can think and reason rationally. You can't really rational gonna toll Turney more. Don't even talk to me. Don't talk to talk to losing your show. Heavily. I am Lee. As you sitting bull. Oh, wait were you guys? Good at some point. Yeah. Pasta house today's before that. Okay. I was I was before that not after. But before. Yeah. I was confused. I was a little confused. I was surprised no shortage of glitter and spray tan that day. I right. By the way, I should point out. Joe Gorgas here. Great to see. The women were were getting into it. So hardcore come on. I can't I can't deal with name. Yes. I just can't. Well, here's what Theresa Melissa may not be sisters by blood. But on next week's part two. They are sisters in a blood bath. That doesn't get better. Here's a sneak peek control, please. If you want my brother to get it, right? Honey. Your talking with me right now do think Melissa can control. Joe? No. I think he's like they're strong wills and what they wanna do. Because your best friend. This is what I feel you don't like her because she likes me. You're saying nothing. Down. All right, go to WWAFL dot TV tell us who. Would you rather have a sister in law? I should say, you know, what? It's reunion night. We gotta go. Ooh. This is going all over the. That's three landslides in a row as veronica's dad. Mark Mark's Riverdale character can be so sinister that is a new dad by health. I have been taking notes so that I can do the exact opposite. But I wonder if any those bad parenting skills bleed into marks real life. We're going to find out with are you a bad debt? Have you ever spied on your kids using their social media? Have you ever stolen your kids? Halloween, candy. Yes. Yes. When they were babies did you ever pretend not to know your kids needed a diaper change? So Kelly would have to do it. Probably Kelly told me you were the greatest Suad ler though. Have you ever tried to intimidate a boy who was interested in Lola? No Lola can handle herself. Yes. Have you ever completely forgotten to pick up one of your kids from school? No. But I did leave one of them in the car when we pulled back in from the ham. Since your kids when you in Kelly engage in PDA you ever kissed her just to bug that all the time. Do we make? Okay. Have you ever broken something or made a mess at home? And then the kids I don't think I've done that. Yeah. You're you're right. Thank you very much. I should point out is Hiram Abed kind. No use misunderstood. Yes. Passionate. Yes. Melissa miss, Jen. Ortiz wants to know why you are so quick to defend Jackie. But stay quiet when insults are being said to Theresa Jackie was defending me. So how could I not defend Jackie who's defending me? Okay. Mark Jenner H wants to know who works out or when you're filming Riverdale you or K Jay. And are you guys competitive at all? Yes, we're competitive, but I'd say he works more. He definitely works. He's always she shirtless and every other senior. Yes, I'm never sure this. So we need to change. We may. We did all enjoy those wrestling scenes, I just want to. Yeah. Let's bark was texting me like stills from the Senate as you should be. Whereas this thing. Yeah. I'm like, this is gay porn you're shooting. Let's go to Charles from New Jersey for Melissa Gorka. What your question Charles? Hi, andy. Hi, Melissa love you my questions for you wondering if you think Theresa would be better with or without Joe once he is released from prison. I definitely think she'd be better with him because the kids are hurting and she needs they need their family back together. Elizabeth from Florida with a question for Arkansas lows. Elizabeth what your question? Hi, Andy, my question for Mark is when did he realize that Kelly was go one pretty pretty early on? We would go out with groups of people from work and slowly each state would go the the group started getting smaller and smaller toes, just the us too. I was I was shy. I'm not I wasn't very aggressive that way. We're you too. Together on the show before you started dating. No we start. No, no. We don't dating way before we were to get on the show. You did. Yeah. I love it. Jennifer cellini wants to know, Melissa what's up with the hesitation from Dolores. What happened between her and Melissa? I don't know. You know, when I watched it back even today, I was like damn she was like feisty with me a little bit. No, you all were hurt. Hurry surprise, Mark. Rachel P. This is interesting. She texted and said, I I've never heard this. I heard you in Kelly broke up a week before you eloped. Is that true? I mean. Yeah, we, you know. And then she came back home and she was visiting her family in south jersey. And then we both had to meet and do an appearance on ever stoke. No live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Wow. We were we were pushing like furniture on for Queen for the day day special. Here's to see that club. And we were together. She wouldn't talk to me. And that made me go crazy fall. Joe I followed her father into the incident central park stocked her and then we went back to my place. And then we got married next. The big radio going to your place, and you getting married, I think, we know. Oh my God. Christina from New Jersey with a quick question. I wanna know. No like that. Who? Are we talking I wanna point out that truth? Glenn who's not telling her comments. Well, she called us from space. Listen to Theresa Jackie. I mean, it's two totally different relationships raises, my sister-in-law, guess what? It's game time. You guys. Gutting them some spousal support. Anyway, listen, Mark, I asked your life partner, some relationship questions, you have to guess how they answered followed by live reveal from Joe and tapes reveal from Kelley, let's go I'm excited about this game, Melissa if if it weren't already to call Tarzan, what nickname did Joe say you would give his member. Needed answer quickly. I don't know. Okay. What would it be? I got to name. Okay. And the Khanda and Bonecrusher. What do you think? Kelly say her favorite physical attribute of yours. She likes my hands. She likes your hands. Okay. Kelly. Let's hear it to make it television friendly. I'm going to say his beautiful gorgeous hands. I also love his. Well. Are we still in there? Okay. Who to Joe say as your celebrity hall? Melissa. I'm. Brazen Adamy what's his name Dr retreat? Yes. There you go. Mark view and Kelly were to role play in the bedroom. What did Kelly say she would be oh gosh. We don't do that. I'd like for her to play like an immigration officer like an ice agents. Okay. You have your papers. See my papers. The over deported only. God very current. Yes. This current okay Kelly. What do you say? We're not being role players. I would say I would be I would have to be some sort of wounded animal. I like. I love it. Okay. What a Jo say has been the cause of the most fights in urine is relationship like pet peeves would be like run the water water too much. What did you say Teresa? Yes. Very close. It's very close. Sent did. Kelly say is her biggest turnoff she doesn't like when I eat garlic or garlic cocaine Kelly Ripa, what did you say even say this? Turn. Because they can smell it mile away. She's right. She is she. Mark dillon. See what's new if you know who the Garg gargoyles king is on river. I really don't you? Don't know. I don't. Melissa j w wants to know your reaction to seeing Margaret and Joe throwing Marty in the pool over rea-. I loved her reaction after when she was like your husband's in the poll. Gen see wants to know, Mark. I adore you and Kelly so much your secret to along sexy marriage sense of humor, and I'm just I have a crush my wife. I'd like. Like. You know, what I like about the two you. Oh, I can't say it why? Because I just Kelly texted and said your daughter is watching the show. So I was going to be something sexy. And it goes to the news that making Markle's New York baby shower was held today in the Penn ounce of the Marco tell it walked by it. You did co hosted by a mall, Clooney, and Serena Williams, I can't help. But wonder what it'd be like if Harry's grandma the Queen had been invited. Today's Jaakko goes to the man who went to a Dallas dog park wearing nothing but a gold Speedo while covered from head to toe in peanut butter after coming in dead last in his fantasy football league. I mean is seeing anybody out there because dogs love that stuff. But the gold Speedo one can only assume he was headed straight to the roundup afterwards. Right. That's what I wanna take Melissa. Mark. Kelly Texans said Lola's said we're all disgusting. And she went to bed. Right. I said she is right. We're here with milissa, Gorka and market sweat. Henry the show premieres tomorrow night on e. From you for you, saying I remember during your joint session between Chloe and Kylie and twenty seventeen you told them. There was going to be a situation where someone tries to get with one sister. And then tries to get with another. Do you think that was about what's happening now with tristen Jordan, and Kylie, you know, I have my doubts because I felt like it was more of a sisterly thing. So not so much, but definitely in the reading the direction of relationship, and it didn't look good. But I wish the best. All right. Let's go to Anne from New Jersey any what your question high anti was have your baby cute. And my question is for Melissa has Joe changed his mind about your career at envy, he's gotten better. I think I cracked into a little bit. Yeah. He's he's definitely better with it. Okay. Let's go to Jasmine's and Tennessee. Jasmine, what's your question? Whoops, Krista from Oklahoma. Christa? You must be offended tonight. If you watch the reunion within I certainly was, but I really. End a hearty, wonderful biddable and beautiful. Welcome from my beautiful state. Yes. Absolutely. Well, Melissa did you enjoy Oklahoma loved loved it. Very good. Brought my boots. Did you ever question? Yes. I do have a question for Melissa. Who do you think brought it the most unnecessary drama this season on necessary drama? I'm gonna have to go, Jennifer. Okay. Let's go to jasmine from Tennessee jasmine, which question. Thank you. The question is for Mark. I want to know what his real health last tag on will be. That's a good question. We vast to that before when you're Brown. You don't frown? Jerry. He what your question. Hi, Jenny from quakertown mazal tov. Anne, I'm being father. I'd be honored to be your sister in law. I have a quick question. Jackie wrote something about some cast members or one in particular. Why is it okay? For her to be ridiculed yet Theresa wrote about Caroline and her son business negatively in a book. Oh my gosh. I wish I had had that question at the reunion. Right. It's really good. I mean, it's a lot of double standards. I feel like I'm trying to stand up against all the double standards that go on now a days. So that's that's the big double standard. I guess personal question. Oh, you're scaring me. Are those your original boobs? Now. Okay. Let's go boo. Why am I wa wa how could I not? Let's go to Patricia from Nebraska is that okay? Okay. Right. Sure. Server nebraska. I appreciate it youthful, women, beautiful boobs abra Tricia. Handy high. Hi, congratulations on the baby. So happy for you. Thank you. What's your question? My questions for Mark with all the heat that Melissa took from Treasa about control. Joe I wanna know if Kelly can control Mark of that's a really good question. No, she she's never done that. Right. She's always she gives me the rope. Usually hang myself with. Okay. I wanna play. I wanna get back into this game. A little bit Melissa. What Joe say is his favorite sex position. Coping. I used to be on top. Okay. Joe? What did you say? I like it on the side. I it's kind of like doggy style. But it's on the side. Spooning a spoon a spoon. What is called a little strangle? Yeah. The side to side. Yeah. Yeah. Good. Strangle a little strangle I want try. She gets mad a little like, you know, trying to get show. Doggy style that on the side yet. It's like Doggystyle outside win and. Get it. What did Kelly say is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done in front of her? Oh, gosh. I fall asleep a lot. Okay. Let's see. I fall asleep a lot. Oh, he falls asleep. And you guys are good every dinner guests ever had Viale Jenner youthful show, thanksgiving dinner, thanksgiving dinner. And we had cocktail hour on for a long time. And I woke up in the middle of dinner staring at a guess at dinner to it was bad, Melissa. What Joe says the one thing you always spend too much money on shoes? Shoes. Yes. Okay. Says her most overused phrase her most issues phrase. Oh my gosh. She's always, right. You know what? I mean. Like, you know what I mean? Okay. Let's see am. I right. Right or my. In my write him off every sentence. Okay. Melissa what number did Joe say you would choose as your freak number from one to ten freak. Yeah. It's like Franken, the sheep yours Finn which seven. Four. Mark, which would've you did Kelly say we're survive longer and zombie apocalypse and why? Oh, I would she just she would not she's picky with stuff that she eats. Couldn't survive. Okay. Kelly. Mark would survive longer. You know thousand percent he would survive longer and why he would either eat me or trade me off or Roby to his home. These okay, Melissa. What's the what article of clothing? Joe city hates that you refuse to stop wearing. To house will swear pinch. She's going skin because the bed. I talked to get on with home. Keep her warm Joe, I tried Mark. What had Kelly say, you would deem her most annoying habit. It's cute. I don't think she has of annoy have it, but she knew were driving. She puts her feet on the window like on the on the dashboard, and I see her feet prints on the on the window. Yeah. Okay. Let's see what Kelly said, I think will say that. I be Jack course that I don't let things go. Oh, yeah. She. Just. Right. I would've take ballista. Would media would return tomorrow at eight on his an unbelievable lineup of guests this season season. Thank you. Thanks, guys. The more. For listening to the podcast everybody. Hope you enjoyed the show. Remember, new episodes? Go live Monday through Friday at four PM eastern time. Make sure your subscribe to have a great rest of your night.

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