Bird baths can. Did she kill her band? Okay my first question is this. Did Carol Baskin killer husband and feed them to the Tigers police. Dm Me Right now. Let me know okay next question. Do you WANNA come to a party with twenty of my really smart friends. Do you want to know what they think you should do right now? In Your Business if yes. This is the episode for you if you were series okay. Let's keep going a few weeks ago. I asked some of my favorite entrepreneur friends to help you out and give you their best business and mindset advice. All I ask is one small favor. It's free and it will take you two point five seconds during this episode tag the guests you found super helpful and give them some love and I g I know as a creator this means the world to US feedback is our fuel to keep creating for you so tag them. Dm them whatever you want to do with. Just show them some love for their incredible free advice. If you appreciate them taking the time to do this for you go tell them. Okay okay friend. Are you ready buckle up? Let's kick it off with Jill Coleman. Her advice will not only help you to see this time as an opportunity as an online business owner but it will also give you actionable steps. You can take today. Let's dive what's baby grandma is. It's the energy and it's Mike and if you guys don't already know my he's my brother and the CO founder of soul CD and Real Talk. We need to know. Are you feeling crazy and anxious right now in quarantine like is your family driving you up a wall hold on wait you mean? Is your sister. Drive you up a wall okay but seriously if you were also feeling super anxious during this uncertain time and you need something to help you relax. We have just the thing for you and listen as entrepreneurs we know stress we know how much anxiety can really hurt your business more than ever. This is the time to stay calm and stay positive. And that's why we created soul. Cd You've probably seen me share this anxiety with you on edgy stories. Because you know. I'm Hashtag obsessed with edgy stories. But if not you have to try our brand new. Cbd INFUSED GUMY's low sugar vegan gluten. Free I am beyond obsessed in did I mention they taste delicious? Our new coconut vanilla flavor tastes like a vacation. Which is what I need from Mike. Right now. I need one too but honestly. Why do we love so much? Cd CAN help with anxiety inflammation trouble sleeping and so much more. We wanted to create an all natural solution to your pain and anxiety without any toxins and zero. Thc That means you had not get high from our products. So don't just take our word for it. Go check out. The thousands of people sharing their stories of finding relief with Seoul. Cbd You could check us out at my soul CBD DOT COM or comes to us on Instagram at my soul CBD and Great News since you're one of my loyal listeners. I want to hook you up. Use Code Baby Grandma at checkout to save my two favorite products right now. Are the coconut vanilla. Gummy is which I love taking mid day when I have a really busy hectic stressful workday and watermelon teacher which. I'll take every single night before I go to sleep. Yeah and I'd say my two favorite products after years of being an athlete dealing with sore back and sore knees is by far the extra pain. Cream and the fifteen hundred milligram peppermint but honestly friend no matter how you're feeling or what you're struggling with right now. We have something for you. Relief is waiting for you at my soul. Cbd Dot Com. Something that has given me a lot of Solis is knowing that while a thriving economy is amazing. It's also like a super low buried entry so meaning anyone can really get in. Anyone can do well with it. There's more abundance. Yes but there's also more competition. There's more noise. There's more copycats less originality less resourcefulness etc. Because there's really no incentive for people to try harder or to try something different and on the contrary what we're dealing with now it's times like now that forced us to really get better to innovate to pivot to dig deep because honestly at this moment. Not Everything is right for the taking and I think that there's probably about three things to help people who want to survive this and want to do well coming on the other side with a business and presence and a brand that is even better than where they're at right now on the first is you have to have real mastery of the material so whatever you're teaching whatever your area of expertise is I think that it is important that you do have a real deep understanding of the thing that you're doing if you don't have a real understanding of the thing that you're teaching it's going to show you're going to get left behind so what that means is that you might need more education. You might need the ability get better innovation. Become a thought leader in your industry study more. Think outside the box that only someone who has mastery over their material really is going to be able to create those things. That are going to help you moving forward. The second thing that I think people need is a clinical and objective perspective. I think getting too attached to the way that you have done things in the past or the way that you think things should be done or the week that you like things to be done. Sometimes we can get really email about that. I think we kind of think. Oh well you know. This is the way I've always done ahead of this. What's worked in the past? I think sometimes we take it personally when things aren't working and look we're at a position right now. We're like a lot of things are not going to be working. People are going to experience a ton of frustrations failures obstacles and things come up and I think that we have to not take those things. Personally I think we have to look at all of this as clinical. So when things come up in your business and you try something and people aren't selling are people signing up or the message isn't hitting think. Resist the temptation to take it personally and try to just look at it clinically and go okay. What's working and what's not working and realize that it's probably is just a marketing. Issue is probably just a communication issue. Might even be kind of like mastery of the material issue. I think that if you look at it and you kind of remove the emotion. There's always a place to go and I think you have to maintain that possibility mindset in a place like this and we can't afford to be super attached to doing things one way and so what that means is again being clinical as possible and not taking your failures or your struggles personally getting clinical with it and then being action oriented and the last thing that I think that you need to do to survive and to do well in this time is be a leader because if you have a personal brand if you're teaching something on the Internet you are a leader whether or not you think that you are whether or not you want to be one or not. You absolutely are a leader. And I think that leaders lead with level-headedness. They leave with being grounded with having balanced the lead with action. They take massive action even in the face of insecurity even in the face of scarcity. And I think that it is important for the people who were phone you your audience the people who kind of look up to you whether or not you want that. You have to be that example. I think we have an opportunity to be that example so acting in abundance even when you don't feel one hundred percent secure even when you are getting a little bit into scarcity. I think it's important. So the three things that I think in summary We need to survive in do well in this time is number one real mastery of the material. I think that the masters and the people who know their material super well are going to be able to whether the storm number two getting clinical and objective with how you do things so instead of taking being super personally and getting really emotional. See Things as maybe marketing issue. A sales issue information as your communication issue and detached from being emotionally invested in it number three leadership and level headedness. I always ask myself. You know. It's okay to get emotional. It's okay to have all the feelings but the end of the day. How do I want to show up? And that's a conscious decision and it is a decision. I think a lot of people. Just feel at the mercy of what's happening and I always try to remember that we do have a say so those are the three things again. I think a good economy is great. And it's amazing but it's also a super low barrier to entry so to me. I would rather have something. That's a little bit tougher. That's going to force me as an entrepreneur to get better and to innovate. Hey I'm Joe Stanton from screw the nine to five. And if there's one piece of advice or loving kick in the Butt I could to help you navigate. These turbulent times. It's this this is your time. This is your time to show up. Serve shine and sell now. I know that sounds so obvious. But there are a lot of business owners out there who are in their heads right now beating themselves up for wanting to make an offer to their audience. And what I want you to realize is that creating something that truly serves and helps people in the wacky. Times is the best thing you could do for them and your business. So what could that look like? Maybe you create a free experience for people. Inside A pop-up facebook group that helps them achieve a specific result and gives them a quick win and then upgrade them into working with you in an even deeper way or maybe it looks like doing exactly like what Angie's doing with this kick ass mash up episode and creating wildly helpful free content for people. Or maybe it's leveraging the power of affiliate marketing. Were you simply connect your audience to the people products programs and services? You use like a believe in without having to create a product or program yourself maybe it looks like creating an intro offer. Something that is low on cost and heavy on the value. That could be something like a paid virtual workshop or a quick three day bootcamp or paid five day challenge that helps people in real time overcome a roadblock and makes them want to grab your course or Join Your coaching program or even your mastermind. Whatever it is. I just want you on the field. I want you in the ring. I want you showing up and connecting with people leaning into what you were meant to do because this is our time as entrepreneurs and this is when the world needs us an even bigger way. Are you going to step up into this opportunity or wait on the sidelines? What's up baby? Grandma's this is your homegirl. Kk coming at you live. And I've got a burning question for you. Are you going to choose fear or are you going to choose faith right now? Fear or faith. It's such a simple decision. And sometimes we get stuck making preferences. I'd prefer to have a tighter but I'd prefer to make more money. I prefer to have a better relationship. I should do this. I should do this I should do. They should do this and then pretty soon we all over ourselves because we never made a decision. A decision means to cut off from and means no other option exists. The interesting thing about fear and faith is that they are completely made up neither exist and a lot of you know a lot of people that are operating from one of those two categories in our world right now. Fear occurs when we direct our attention to something that we don't want faith occurs when we direct our attention to something that we desire something that we want one of the greatest lessons. My boss Tony Robbins. Ever taught me as he said. Kay if you'RE GONNA make shit up in your brain in your head than why wouldn't you make up something that serves rather than destroys you? Our world has gifted us the opportunity right now to sharpen our decision-making muscles that's all you've been you've been gifted a big decision to make and that's fear or faith regardless what's happening around you. There's a part I already know that about you because you're listening to the show which means you're a cake ass baby grandma. Okay call on that part of you. The part of you that is hungry. The part of you that is courageous in the face of fear. The part of you. That won't put up with excuses. Here is my quick tip. I want you to think about the area of Your Life. That right now you are most stressed out about the one that is keeping you up at night. The one that you're like. Holy flack Jesus. This area of my life is doomed. Nothing you say will make it better. Then I want you to take that word that area of your life and attach it to the of this sentence. Corona is the best thing that ever happened to my insert word. Now brainstorm. What would you have to do? What would have to happen for? That STATEMENT TO BE TRUE. Humans are rewarded in public for what they create timelessly. What they practice relentlessly in private. So I guarantee you if you put true relentless effort into that list when we come out of this thing which we will you will be light years ahead of not only the human you were before it all started but all of your competitors. Okay you got this girl shooting home here. Of course you could tell the baby gratify me at Judy. Holler J. U. D. I. H. O. E. R. ON INSTAGRAM and by website is Judy Holler dot com for all the things but my advice and this time of disruption and anxiety and fear and overwhelm and stress is to stay in forward momentum to keep moving things forward for yourself in your business inch by inch hour by hour day by day microdosing goes small. Go small to go big right now because I think sometimes even though spall moments of just inching projects forward who really help you stay informed momentum and a gives you this really beautiful dose of confidence encourage because when you do one really great thing for yourself today it inspires you to go do something great for yourself tomorrow so interesting. Ford keep informed momentum and the other thing I'm doing to stay sane as I'm moving my body because there's a lot of science around this idea that when you move your body you change your mind when you change your mind you change your life so get on the bike. Go for a walk run. Do Yoga in the basement. Dance out in your office. I've been doing a lot of this lately. Putting on like a sequined jacket. Somehow Pink Lipstick to raise my vibe and just dancing out in my bedroom in my office so I guess the moral of the story is keeps smiling but yeah move your body. Move your body to change your mind also to keep inching forward one day one hour one project at a time. I'm I'm founder. And CEO of brand up were a creative agency for online entrepreneurs. And we've been working with Angie on Oliver. Brand touch points from building visual brands to highly converting sales pages. I'm here to let you guys in on my tips for leveraging this white space to really get into a creative flow so whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or someone who's recently lost their job and looking launch online now is our perfect opportunity to do a little brand and business audit. I think this white space is a beautiful opportunity for creation and getting into creative flow. So let yourself get inspired. That might mean a few different things for you. I know a lot of us are being mindful of budgets right now but you could totally roll up your sleeves and get scrappy here. So if you're an established brand I'd urge you to Do Audit. How are your websites? Converting right now is your website doing a good job at selling. If not now's the best time to figure out why and optimize from there. And what about your visual branding? I always advice to get scrappy or diy in the early phases. So if that was you now is maybe the best time to revamp. Everything and make it cohesive and do a little bit of future casting look at the rest of the year figure out. What other product launches you have and right now. Take the space of building those visual brands. That when you're ready to launch you could just hit the ground running get creative get inflow make it intentional. Make it strategic. Now that we aren't forced to create we could just allow inspiration flow and on the other side of things. If you're starting from scratch don't over think it builds something with their audience in mind make it intuitive and make it beautiful remember conversions. Are What matter here? Not Building something pretty with no endgame so roll up your sleeves and get it done. Feel free to reach out to me. Directly my Insta- is Anna doing things. I'm always happy pointing in the right direction. Come say hi and visit our website at. Www dot brand up B. R. A. N. D. UP DOT I. N. K. There you can inquire about working with us one on one or if your brand new we have some awesome branding and website templates. That can really get up and running stat. I really hope you're all looking at this as opportunity to create and I look forward to co creating with you guys I got good news for you. Baby Boo never before in human history. Has there been a better time to grow your business online better yet. There's never been a better time to market your business on social media. My name is Jasmine Star. And I'm a photographer and business strategist and also the CO founder of social curator and I have the honour of speaking to hundreds and hundreds of small business owners every single day and what I tell them is what I'm going to tell you. Early studies have shown that with the increase of people being at home. People are spending now twice as much time on social media twice and another piece of aggregate news has been that large organizations conglomerates businesses. Aren't spending as much on advertising at this time. Because they're not quite sure how their business is growing in relation to the uncertain times. So what does this mean for you? Sweet Hustler Dreamer small business owner. Is that more? People are spending more time and big companies aren't paying to play which opens the doors wide open for your content to get seen by more people. I get it. Times are a little tough but you are tougher. This is your opportunity to create great pieces of content. That not just sell what it is you do but you serve your audience. In one of three ways you can educate them you can entertain them or you can provide an escape. All of that type of content is going to resonate with the audience. Who's at home ready and waiting to hear from you. So now the real question becomes. Will you show up for them? I can't wait to see the content that you create and you produce wanted cheer you on along the way you can find the instagram at Jasmine Star. Send me a Damn I want to give you a little shoutout. Want to have a little conversation and have a little fun in these crazy times Ladies My name is Kayla craft and I'm super excited to share with you the most powerful business tip I ever learned and it is monetize before you create if you have this amazing idea to share and contribute to the world put it out there and get buyers before you create it. One thing that this does is it creates market research for you so when you buy it you can ask people. What exactly do you want to see in the course? What exactly do you WanNa see in this book? Whatever it is and find out exactly in their words what they want to see. These are buying paying customers of yours. Then what you do is used their language to market to other people that are your potential customers. This is so powerful once you have buyers then you create the program and make it but don't get caught up in that getting ready to get ready to get ready in plan plan plan plan plan and create something to then go and sell it to people that don't want this offer so that's my little tip of the day. It's how I've created to multiple seven-figure businesses in just the last couple of years. So you gotta be in the knowing in the knowing a certainty that everything that you desire is already yours. Everything that you desire needs to be in alignment with the belief that you can have those desires step into that This is Chris. Harder host of the money mindset. Podcast for the love of money and De Truth of the matter is this. Unfortunately Corona virus is gonNA cause far more bankruptcies than it will deaths but the good news is it's also going to create more opportunities more new products more new solutions more new entrepreneurs and best of all more brand new millionaires than any other period in our adult life. And that's because with every great shift there is also a great shift in opportunity and while some people are focused on the loss. Other people have trained their minds. And you can to to focus on seeing the opportunities that come out of every single situation just like this one has a matter of fact. There's two great questions you can ask yourself so you can recognize the opportunity and see were you fit into it. So that coming out of this thing you'll be one of these success stories and those two questions. Are this number one. What are the brand new needs? What are the urgent gaps that have been created because of this new situation that did not exist and did not have as much urgency just a few weeks ago before we were all living in this new world? What are those brand new needs that were developed? That's number one and number two ask yourself. How do your current skill sets? And how does your past experience fit into solving one or some of those new needs? When you ask yourself a better question you a better answer and when you sit down and really spend some time asking yourself. What are the brand new needs that have been created? And how do you fit into those needs? Then you're going to see the opportunity you're gonNA see a ton of opportunity and when you see a ton of opportunity and you take a ton of action. You're going to come out the other end of this thing. One of these brand new entrepreneurs one of these brand new success stories and possibly one of these brand new millionaires. And you know. I'm sure you on because it's my belief that when people make good money they do great thing no questioned for my fellow entrepreneurs who also suffer from S. B. S. Squirrel Brain Syndrome. Add if you also have SPF. Keep listening my friend. Do you wish there was something you could take. That would give you insane. Focus during your work day but is also completely natural and Caffeine. Free is yes. I have something for you. That may just fix your Squirrel Brain Syndrome. It's one of my best brain. Haxhi grits and something. I take before record every single podcast and every single time before I speak on stage. It's called be liquor brain fuel over the years. I've tried so many things to help me with my focus and I'm so happy that I found something that actually works. Ballitser helps with fighting brain fog beating the afternoon slump. Incredible focus for your workday supporting your focus. Your Mental Energy your productivity. Oh my gosh. It's my little obsession and if you follow me on stories you know. I'm taking shots of it every single day to keep me focused if you're ready to not suffer from Squirrel Brain Syndrome anymore. Head to beekeepers naturals DOT COM. Use the Code Angie lead to save beekeepers naturals dot com code. Angie Lee saves you Moolah. I'm so excited. Let me know how it helps. Usps I love you. I love your brain and your brain is going to love ballitser. Next up is my friend. Jordan Lee Duly author of own your every day so I have been spending a lot of time during this very interesting season reading and trying to look at it as an opportunity to really get clarity I think sometimes as entrepreneurs as go getters and as creatives it can be so easy to just get so caught up in all of the things we love doing. And all of the ways we love serving and all of the working in our business that we can sometimes forget to work on our business and that can really lead to a little bit of chaos. A little bit of lack of clarity because when you are multi passionate when you are passionate in general. It's really easy to feel like you're being pulled in a million and five directions and so this season I really have been encouraging creatives and entrepreneurs to take some time as much as it feels like a little uneasy that there may be a dip. In sales slower season when it comes to revenue. I always like to think about the way that fields work when you think about farming. Well how a lot of farmers would farm for thousands and thousands of years is that they would farm for six years and then on the seventh year let their fields rest and I think in some ways. We as doers and as business owners forget to do that and so what? I think is interesting about this time. As as much as it was unexpected and maybe a lot of felt unprepared for it. It's also an opportunity to reset and to come back stronger and I have really been focusing on reading business development. One Book that I really love is called. Ema Three visited and he talks about developing Your Business program and there's kind of seven key components to that the first being really digging into and clarifying your primary aim what that is now maybe slightly different from what it was when you started or several years ago and then when life gets busy and you go through pivots sometimes that primary aim begins to shift and you need to revisit that then. The next step is to determine your strategic objective. The third is to determine your organizational strategy next thing your management strategy than your people strategy than your marketing strategy and then your system strategy. You might have bits and pieces of this figured out. You may have gone through this process or thought through a lot of these components. When you first started or your two ago I think it's a great opportunity to revisit that to strengthen some things to make an adjustment where adjustments to be made. I also think it's a really great time to get super clear on your numbers. One of the reasons we panic when things go wrong or when they don't go according to plan is because sometimes we can feel a little bit unclear it when it comes to things like our finances and our projections because again when we're so into what we're doing and we're serving our clients and as long as we're making revenue. Everything seems to be good as long as we can pay our bills. Keep our lights on. It could be easy to get caught in that like hustle mentality to where we don't really sit down and do the hard things. I was just talking to a lawyer friend of mine which she pointed out how her business booming right now because so many people who have kind of put off some of the legal things that are boring and not as exciting as getting clients and marketing on Instagram. And all the things that we hear about she kind of referred to as the dentist a fact and she said a lot of times people don't want to go to the dentist until they have to go to the dentist and in some ways a lot of business owners are experiencing that right now like they don't want to have to do the boring legal stuck at their house in order if you will until they kind of have to and so if anything look at this as an opportunity to get your house in order to really clarify some of these things or revisit some of the goals that you had set before to clarify your projections what you actually need financially when you know what you truly need and where. You're really going less likely that you'll panic if things are uncertain are things. Don't go according to plan when you can get clear picture on your finances. You can make the necessary adjustments and decisions to continue to sustain at least for the most part so yeah just really take this time to work on your business even though it would probably feel better financially and what not to be working in it. This is really an opportunity in your business is going to come back so so much stronger if you choose to take advantage of it in this way Low It's Rachel Luna Aka girl confident on Instagram. And the host of the PODCAST. Real talk with Rachel Linda the best advice that I can give you in this time and any other time. No matter what's going on in the world is to get into a great journal. Practice in fact studies have shown that journaling boost your immune system. It improves your mental health and increases productivity. So right there your mind body spirit. It's all taken care of with a simple five to ten minute journey practice every single day. It's a life changing. Hit Me up if you need some props the second practical tactical thing that I can tell you you're going to want to really focus on is starting your day with income generating practices. So you're GONNA do your journaling in the morning and then you're gonNA go out and start making money. What's an income generating activity? While it's following with the client's it's creating a post that has a call to action. It's writing a sales email or writing a sales page. It's anything that will result in a cell or someone coming back and saying. Hey tell me more about your offer and the third thing on a more mindset perspective is really reconnect with your identity and the way that you do that is by assessing. What do you believe what do you value? And what do you want to see in the world? When you have the answers to those three questions you will never against juggle with indecision. And I'm telling you right now. There are going to be so many opportunities that come from this season. And there's no greater chance for you to grow ten x one hundred x like this is the moment the only way you're going to be able to leverage that is if you're very clear on who you are what you stand for and why you are here so. I hope you have fun. Get to journaling and definitely reach out to me if you need any support with this ad. Love it's Natalie Jill Natalie. Jill Dot com website and Natalie. Joe Fit is me on social media. Gosh what crazy times. We're in right now and it's really letting me reflect back to other times in my life where we had massive massive setbacks and the blessings in those and I know that sounds funny to hear in times of crisis but I can remember very clearly like it was yesterday. What was going on When nine eleven happened also I lived in Reston Virginia area years ago when we had the sniper attacks and we were put on house arrest and life changes we knew it and then back in two thousand eight two thousand nine when the stock market and the housing market crash and just everybody was in massive financial breakdown. What I know for sure what I have seen firsthand witness in my own life and witness with so many others is that when there is massive failure step back crisis that innovation creativity new brilliance is always born out of it hard times never last but they always always create innovation creativity and massive shifts with people. Some of the biggest success stories. I know of came out of hard times. My recommendation for what's going on right now is one surrender to it instead of trying to fight it and being uncomfortable with the change. Look at what the opportunity is right now. The opportunity to create space the opportunity to think the opportunity to go within the opportunity to really take some time for you to get back to your roots and really do some deep thinking on where you could serve where your gifts are where your creativity can shine. Think that first and then looking at where you could potentially pivot in your business or with your life. The question always to ask is what is a problem that people are facing right now that I have gifts awareness and solutions. They could really hope that problem. It's not about being original and it's not about being better than somebody else's idea but it's about coming together and really thinking where can I actually add value? So that question again is what is a problem that people are facing? And what can I offer as a solution to that problem with my gifts? My skills my creativity if you approach things from that direction and create a win win. You never edible news Study here and I know everyone's kind of stressing a little bit about what's going on with the online business so and he wanted to check in and asked me to give you tips that I'm doing right now right now for me. It's all about goodwill some of us. We meet times like this. We get a little bit stress. We think we gotta sell but right now. I'm all about capturing leads so I am giving away a lot a lot of stuff right now capturing goodwill and part of I did that. I have a huge generosity bank in terms of all these products that bill so one lesson I would say is when you're a creator and you're putting out lots and lots of stuff. I capture everything and then I basically put that stuff aside for times like this so I'm giving away workouts. I'm giving away programs and especially stuff. I'm in the health and fitness. Baso especially stuff that I built. They can help immunity sleep program stress programs workout programs meditation programs. All of that kind of stuff is all the stuff that I'm giving right now and so to me that's really what it's right now is goodwill and then of course there's always going to translate into better business later and so that's the primary thing I'm doing and then to other tips is to me. It's there's certain people right that this is a time of possibilities as well as fear and so in marketing. Yes sure you WANNA tap into some of the fear base aspects for example. If you're dealing with trainers and people who are coaches those individuals want to kind of be like. Hey listen you've missed the boat and you might WanNa get an online space and then other people who are the lay public. I'm kind of speaking to look. Did now's your time to focus on health and fitness so the marketing aspect. There's a little bit different but I hope that's helpful. That's what I'm doing friends. It's your girl. Alex Beedon you can find me at Alex beaten on Instagram. So right now. Thanks to a heavy dose of self-isolation. We all have extra time on our hands. We're spending less time out in the world socializing which inevitably means we have more spare time in the house to do whatever we want to explore other things right so I've three pieces of advice for you during this time. The first is to use this time to connect inwards and get clear on what you really want this time to be about. So for example I'm gearing up for a big launch in. May and I've decided to start using evernote as a space to organize all of my launch thoughts and ideas which is something. I normally don't have the time to do so. I've been using different notebooks to divide projects and goals and it's been so beneficial to not only help keep me organized but to keep my goals top of mind because guys. I'm a very visual person. And so seeing it on the left hand side of evernote with all my projects and goals. There it's just so rewarding it has feeling even more confident that this will be my best launch yet. The second piece of advice is to let yourself play and explore something new. Ask yourself what opportunities are showing up for you right now so for me personally. I decided to challenge myself to show up on talk every day. For thirty days specifically creating content for my niche giving advice on how to build your audience online and guess what guys I grew my talk followers to two thousand people in only seven days so you never know what can come from committing to a fun project like this plus. I love that. Not only do I get to be creative with this. But it's also good for business. And then thirdly I'm encouraging you to connect compassionately with yourself and the world. Obviously it's a sensitive time for everyone but I want you to ask yourself. What can you do during this time to offer? Someone supports so for me. I decided that I was going to offer free. Weekly Corona virus support calls. And they've been going really well and I'm about to give a massive shout out on my email list which has like forty thousand people telling everyone to go and help a business that has been really negatively affected by the pandemic. So simply ask yourself. What can you do to help and support Ngo tribe you guys? It's Laurie harder. My handle is at Laurie harder. And I'm so excited to be doing this because I think times like these are some of the most important times in our lives there the Times that make us assess what we really want. What have we been tolerating that we don't want and what do we want to focus on every single day with this valuable time that we've been gifted so one of the things that I think everybody could be. Focusing on right now is adding value to their audience and acquiring even more audience because when the time comes to make an offer or maybe you have an amazing offer right now. You want your people to know what's coming be raving fans and be craving it from you and view you as the expert and remember that visibility is everything if you are not visible every single day for them and adding value in some way then you're essentially in visible so be visible every day otherwise technically you're invisible because you're just not showing up for them in the algorithm or in life and one of the questions that I'm asking myself every day is what's the story. I'm going to tell from this time. Is it going to be a story of victory? Did I move forward productive? Did I connect deeper with my current tribe and friends or did I let fear completely consumed me in takeover and paralyze me every day? You guys routine is everything you woke up and worked out in the morning before all of this happened. Keep Waking Up and working out in the morning. Drink your water. Eat your healthy food. Connect with French just via zoom. If you went out every Friday night put together. Resume Party with all of your girlfriends. Keep normalcy in your life. Routine is everything and I promise. If you're connecting in your tribe and adding value this can be very powerful time in your life that you will look back on as that time that launched all those big ideas and big things for you and got clear on what it was that you wanted to do. Love You Hi this is Christine. Hassler I have a master coach and host of the podcast over at non with it. What should you be doing should in air quotes? Be Doing for Your Business Right now. Well my answer may seem strange. My answer is nothing but by nothing. I don't really mean nothing. One truth that we know right now in a time of massive uncertainty is that there's massive uncertainty. We just don't know what's going to be next. We don't know what the economy's going to be like we don't know what the consumer is going to be like so we can do our best to predict and prepare for that but not at this moment right now right now. We're in the beginning and right now we as individuals are being asked to go within before we look outside of us and try to go figure out what we're supposed to do and as entrepreneurs and as business owners your business is often a reflection of where you are internally so I would highly highly highly suggest using this time to do internal work to really look at our where my blocks where my fears that have been coming up. What are some things that happened to me in childhood that I haven't dealt with where some old relationships I haven't let go of? Where do I still have scarcely? Where was I running my business in a way that wasn't sustainable? So instead of just trying to put a band aid on that and think about what's next go in I now. I'm not saying that shouldn't think about your business. You may be saying. Oh Christina silly advice because I have to pay the bills and make money but again that's coming for more of a scarcity mentality if you really invest in yourself invested time energy and maybe even money in your inner work and get more clear about how you can show up in a way that serves people better and is more prosperous for you. I promise your business will be different but trying to figure that out. In a time where there's mass uncertainty is like trying to speak a new language overnight. It's just impossible so my advice is just pause for a moment. Look within trust that the answers will come and you'll know what to do and you will be better at Your Business and you will come up with even better ideas if you take a little retreat deal with some of that stuff you haven't wanted to deal with and then look forward. Sometimes we gotta look behind us to move ahead. And that's the big lesson that this time is teaching us. We're seeing a lot of systems collapse. Received how reliant. We are on certain things. And we're all being asked to take a big pause and reevaluate. How do things we can do that? Best buy starting from inside. I'm Melissa Rambo Saney bestselling author podcast and entrepreneur. And my tip for you. Today is to make sure that you are taking care of your mental health. This is so important and one of the best ways that you can do. This is through meditation. So if you don't already have a meditation practice now is the perfect time to take one up and this will not only help you'll personal life but it will help your business to there is so much going on right now and taking care of your mental health is key to staying healthy and happy. So you can start with guided meditations. You could start with one first thing in the morning. This is the best time to meditate. As soon as you wake up. Don't pick up your phone straightaway. Don't open emails? Do something good for you. That feels you up. You can do a guided meditation for one week. Stop that first thing in the morning and then on your second week. Add a second meditation in the afternoon and commit to this for a month and see how you go. Watch how. You'll mental health and your happiness levels in crease. This is the best way to boost your immune system and calm your nervous system so make sure you stop meditating today guys Amanda Bucci here and I am coming at you with a tip on how to survive and thrive during this time and the thing that I want to share with you is really about leadership so I know so. Many of you are feeling the call or the poll. Or maybe there's a sense of pressure to step up for your community and stepping up for your community really means that you have to step up for yourself and one thing that I really noticing for myself and for my clients and for people around me. That is really supporting. The sense of taking ownership of the word leadership is stepping into what I call service consciousness and I heard this term at first and my spiritual psychology program at the University of Santa Monica. And what it really means is to kind of remove from the picture and really recognize the fact that you are a conduit and a vessel for service to be transmuted through you and your body to other people and what this really means is making sure that your first and foremost taking care of yourself you are honoring your body's needs you are honoring what you were going through your struggling with. But you're also recognizing that you have power you have influence your story matters right and it's almost this energy that comes up from inside of you and says. Oh yeah I know exactly what to do. I am going to get out of my own way. Pressed the record button. Press the play button. Turn on my TV. Send somebody a message. Saying how can I support you fully detaching from the outcome of making it about you and make it actually about your level of service and with that will do is it will create a sense of trust with you and your audience. And that's what they really deeply need right now. They need creators and entrepreneurs and leaders that they can trust and know are going to hold them and be there for them in time of crisis and the best way you can do. That is detached from the outcome of is this. Dm CONVERSATION GONNA lead to a sale or whatever it actually is and recognize. This conversation is going to lead to a relationship a connection and a loyal audience member who is going to follow me through whatever I do and I can show up for them I so leadership really taking ownership of that word is my tip for you. I hope you guys enjoyed the episode. What's up you sexy baby? Grandma'S IT'S SAMANTHA. Skelly here from PAS breath work and Hungary for happiness and I WANNA drop in and share a breath work tool that can help through these anxious times through these times where we feel like we are overwhelmed. Were spinning loops of stress and anxiety. Ten Times in those situations we can feel very untethered and when we feel untethered and we are in no man's land it can bring up a lot it can bring up a lot of feelings of. I'm not good enough. I'm not qualified. I don't know if I'm going to be able to support myself. I don't know if I'm safe. I don't know if I'm protected and so whenever you're in states of anxiety and overwhelmed like that you get to remember that through the breath we can access safety through the breath. We can access certainty through the breath. We can access deep seats of calm and contentment. And when we don't have that available for us we tend to spin out. We tend to just get anxious and get all SPINNEY. And what's really important to remember is we're not gonNA find certainty and safety in the external world anytime soon. So what's really powerful is having a tool that we can tap into any minute of the day to allow us to really find these deeper states of contentment. Peace calm safety so a powerful breath. Rick Technique is called the Halo Act of breath. We're just going to do a little one just to give you a taste of it. Fifty brats enter the nose out through the mouth in through the nose out through the mouth. And then what we're GONNA do is we're going to take a deep breath in through the nose and we're going to hold it and then we're gonNA relax so when you're ready. Let's begin. Lost Ten taking a deep breath in through the nose holding at the top holding her breath for as long as you can feeling the peacefulness. The clarity the ease that comes from moving energy in our system beautiful and when you're ready just relaxing the breath that's it all right. That was a little forty. Five seconds. Little snippet of that. If you feel called to do more breath work used this practice in your everyday life. You can follow me on instagram. I do breath work every single morning at eight. Am for my community. You can also head over to pass breath. Work Dot com where there is an array of resources for you all right. My Love have a beautiful day. What's up everybody? This is Britney Hawn with hustle and flow. My instagram is hustle and flow official. During this time. I have come up with three things that you can apply to your business right now. The first thing is empathy right off the bat. I think that is the key to what's happening. People are feeling uncertain. They have fear. They're stressed and the one thing that will get everyone through. This time is community. But how do you cultivate real community by showing empathy? The second thing is education people still want to learn. They still want to consume information. So give them the information that they need to hear whether that's reassuring them letting them know more details about what you offer or even something really off the wall of a personal life like how to cook and five simple ways if you're not used to cooking from home. Ding Ding Ding. That work for me because your girl here is not domesticated at all and I am forced to eat from home or I'm just going to be eating a bunch of popcorn. 'cause I know how to use a microwave and that's about it so even educating on things like that we'll get people feeling that you're interested and you're serving and you're giving information that they could use and lastly entertainment listen. I know things are heavy right now. I'm not even going to deny that but everybody wants to have a moment to smile and a reason to laugh so give it to them. If there's something funny that you're able to show on instagram stories. Show it whether it's a mean or it's a video that you made or even a tick tock that you made people are really looking right now to just send some positivity and get their mind off what's happening even if it's just for a minute is my friend Cathy Heller. Who is the author of? Don't keep your day job. First of all Angie thank you so much for having me be a part of this. I think it's so generous that you continue to shine so bright and do everything you can to help your audience wall. There's so much going on with the virus there's also so much going on in the economy and I think it can make people feel like what do I do. Do I press pause on building a business? What what is the right move right now? What would be sensitive what would be ethical. And at the end of the day the the body needs blood to flow or else. If there's no blood flowing in a body the body won't work. It's the same thing with money. The money has to keep flowing so truly the best thing everyone can do is to have the courage to be in business so that we can spend money in the economy so that we can hire people and my friend. Susie said it to me so well Susan more she said Cath you either have the courage to sell or you work for someone. Who has the courage to sell? But if you WANNA work if you WANNA make money you're either going to have the courage to sell which really means to serve or you're going to work for someone else. Who has the courage to sell? Who has the courage to show up in serve and one thing I want people to understand? Is that while the parts of the economy that are completely collapsing right now. There's other parts of economy that are really soaring. I just read an article in CNBC. That was saying how has borough is seeing a spike in their sales. People are buying Jigsaw Puzzles. Monopoly Games people are seeing this. There's a spike in crafting. Stuff people are buying stitching sets and people are subscribing to online classes and people are being more productive and using their time connecting with people over zoom so. I think it's really important that if we're going to see what's here that we see everything that's here. There are people who are absolutely devastated from this economically and then there are people who would normally right now be spending money going to events and concerts and traveling for spring spring break and right now instead. They're looking for other ways to spend that money to entertain their kids at home to pick up a new skill or craft to start to start enrolling in some online courses. And so that is definitely here and so to turn a blind eye to. That isn't really going to help anyone. That's certainly not going to help us. And I do feel like what we're being called upon right now to look at is what is really essential and some businesses won't survive. They're going to have to pivot their model. Maybe we're being asked to find out what's really in alignment with who we are. Maybe there's an opportunity to figure out. What do we really have to give to the world? That really feels like it's truly who we are. It's really sharing. What's essentially what we're supposed to be sharing with the world. And what is really laced with that empathy for ourselves and for our customer what businesses will sustain themselves. And last it's going to be about relief figuring out how to pivot right now. Show up an answer. Those pain points and really be clear that you're here and and leaders will emerge and we need people who have the courage right now so I would say do whatever you can take care of yourself cry when you need to scream into a pillow when you need to have a glass of Rosa when you need to take a bath when you need to Sometimes you can watch some reality. Tv I finished. All of love is blind. And that did me some good and at the same time there might be a moment where there's a little crack in the clouds and you can start to think about how to raise your hand and give yourself permission to have courage to serve. Maybe in a new way that really emerges as a blessing of the cell phone keep going. I hope that helps you. Guys hope this was helpful. I hope you have a great day. I'll talk to you again soon. Thanks Angie does

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