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Crude oil is crude. Natural gas is pure. That's why Pennzoil's based oil is made from natural gas, not crude gives you unbeatable engine protection, the prove pennzoil based on sequence for aware test using sap five W. thirty. Radio Man in his own attic episode seventy six woman. We're going to START WITH NASCAR today. Bubba Wallace, who is the only black driver in Nascar, told CNN and I'm quoting now. My next step would be to get rid of all confederate flags. No one should feel uncomfortable when they come to a NASCAR race. Get them out of here and sports business. Journal is reporting that. NASCAR is considering this. So, what do you think should NASCAR do this? Just start with my bias, you know me well enough, but let me just remind people. I I'm a son of two southerners who fled. The South fled during the great migration after the depression and. I feel a certain way about the confederate flag, and probably even more strongly than Bob Wallace and I understand exactly. I see the southern flag and it. I mean it it just. It raises the hair on my arm I I. Find It loathesome. Tony I don't know that this is gonna fly I. Mean a significant portion of NASCAR FAN base believes front first of all is southern, if not directly from in terms of heritage, and believes in the confederate flag, and when you talk about Biz is going to take a strong stand, and it's going to take a stand where the the president of NASCAR says. This is what we're doing. He's GonNa. GonNa, get support from the other drivers, not just bubble. Wallace Jimmy Johnson is out there saying he's out in front saying Hey I'm educating myself about all of this I am calling friends friends of color and listening to the experiences of their life, and he's already talked to bubble. Wallace and I'm sure we'll talk to him again. I admire the courage. It takes to say get this Outta here. Do I, know that the NASCAR is going to do that and make it fly. No I, don't. So I was looking at one of those video presentations that the NASCAR drivers did which is sort of similar to one that the NFL players did a lot of big names. NASCAR involved including recently retired. Dale Earnhardt Jr. whose word mean something to me and I. Think in the sport and they said they were committed to listening. They said and I'm quoting now to no longer be silent to make real change. This would be real change. This would be walk the walk. Because as you say, there are southern roots in Nascar and a lot of these people. They look at the confederacy as a sort of romance of rebellion as breaking away from authority, they may have no understanding whatsoever that to black people. There's no romance in it that states seceded from the union and fought for the confederacy did so to retain slavery, so there's gotta be a business calculation here and we're both at the same spot because you have to say how many white fans will walk away. How many black fans will walk in, but I will tell you this might, and I think I. Find Myself saying this all the time. This! Is that real moment? These are those real conversations. You can't sell look confederate flag getting more. You can't do it so I think Nascar not too should I think they will. I do Tony. I. Once again. That's about the fifth straight day I. Find Myself saying partner. I hope you're right, but you don't Tony One hundred and ten miles south from where you sit in your attic is a place called Richmond and they host a big race. Yeah, and if you tell me can go to Richmond and that race in Nascar, veteran flag in the future and in Richmond, they just took down a famous confederate statue, or decided to take down the governor, so we know that that change appears to be a common, but that would be that would be substantive change. Tony I think. You're one hundred percent right? Yes it would. Yes, it would yeah. Let's. Move Tony. To this I was story over the weekend I restrict coach Chris Doyle was put on administrative leave after allegations of bias behavior toward black, I will football players since that action, more and more current and former Hawkeyes have spoken out about the culture for black players at Iowa last night, Sophomore Defensive Back Caviar. meriwether posted a statement on twitter. The State of Of Iowa, fans would not support players who neil for the national anthem quote. Do not support us during the season. Do Not Watch us on TV. Do not ask for photos and autographs I would rather play. Four thousand fans would care about us as people than seventy thousand who only care about us when we are on the field entertaining them close quote. Tony. We continue in this vein. Your thoughts on what's unfolding at Iowa. It's very problematic for Iowa football. It's very problematic for the longest tenured D. One coach out there ferrets I hope. I pronounce his name correctly. He wants to recruit black players into a state that is ninety one percent white demographically. He's got his current and former black players, saying they were held to a different standard than white players. He's got this strength coach out there. WHO The black players have turned their I R- on this is Fahrenheit. Drew brees moment. He's gotTa find a way to get that team together and convince them that. This is a Redo for all of them that he's with them. I don't know. I don't know if he can do it. Well Tony. His credibility is what's at stake here. For that for that program and the university boss's the president of Iowa is going to have to really sort of be plugged into this because Tony, look. GROWNUP CHICAGO. There were always I will recruiters basketball and football where I lived getting kids from Chicago the south side of Chicago included and so Tony. When I grew up. I didn't know much about historically black colleges, because the big ten schools, including the University of Iowa had black students. You decades back you go decades back with many of the victims schools, and so yes, the coaching staff and I will now their credibility is on the line when they say look, we're going to make it so that you still want to come to Iowa. Believed so they're going to have to prove this. They're going to have to sell their own current players Tony and their alums because of their alums, and there's some famous guys in your guys who played in the NFL if they don't WanNA sell Alma Mater. What's going to happen at the University of Iowa? You're going to see them sink like a rock in the big ten if they can't do. So let's just take a look at at what I think is going on here. This is the me too movement coming to athletics. There's an inventory out there that you're going to have to go through. You're going to have to go through all of these claims as people look back on their careers and they say this happened to me. All of that is going to have to be dealt with this is. You always talk about the real hard conversations. These are the you'll hard conversations to use our first story with NASCAR. Some of these coaches, some of these staff members. They're going to end up like confederate statues. They're going to be toppled down. This you know change is not easy. It's not just a will do this. Everything will be fine these hard conversations. You and I have to have them you. Everybody's gotTa have everybody's GonNa ask credibility. During dating trips now. Don't you think recruiting visits to people's homes and going to be a little bit different now. A lot different. It's going to be show me prove it. Sign it. Give me an out if it doesn't work all of those things. Let's move on to a topic. I know that you're interested in because it's you boy Daryl Morey who have merged from his cocoon, and he has told something called the pump podcast that he takes the blame for not surrounding James Harden with a good enough cast. He said I'm quoting most days I wake up saying I've let them down because I haven't gotten the right players to win a title unquote. Bunny standing with your boy on this one. No I think it's a great bit of GM. ING. Out there and you say the James Harden Saint James Harden He. He knows the stories out there. Put It on me. I like people at every level who can say I will take accountability and sell that and mean Daryl means. Daryl's not saying this sort of. sock up to James, Harden. He believes this because he says he thinks about it at night and I know he does because I've talked to him about it and no, I'm not pinning this on on Darrow Maury James Harden's had some big moment in his career and most of them. He is not cashed in on because they've come in things like all game. Five gained six gained seven. I mean we've seen it Tony so no, I mean when when Chris Paul was on that team and they nearly had it. I you know I believe if Chris Paul is healthy and he doesn't have to go out with the with the injury. Game six or game seven one of those games I think Houston's going to win and get to the NBA finals. I know you don't really believe that but James Harden wasn't the most important player on that team, even though he was perhaps the best player on that team, but Daryl Morey put the right team round James Harden at least twice and James Harden had every chance to get his team through. If you're going to be one of the goats, you gotTa Win Those Games and he didn't do it. So. Let me say first of all that if Daryl morey wakes up every morning thinking about James Harden. Matches you cannot wake up every morning. I think about James Heart and let's go over what you're talking about. James Harden is a great player on a Wednesday night. He's ever in January and February. But in the playoffs in clinching games two thousand fifteen golden state. To of eleven shooting twelve turnovers, two, thousand, seventeen, San Antonio to of eleven shooting six turnovers, two thousand eighteen golden state to thirteen from three, two, thousand, nine, hundred and Golden State four turnovers in the fourth quarter Houston lost them all daryl. Morey tries everything Chris Poor Russell Westwood go small. Go big down. Boy Tries everything. Not Everybody wins Mike Not Everybody wins. There's some great players out there who have never won and and a lot of people came up against Michael Jordan and it couldn't be my. You, know, James Harden couldn't win with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in. Oklahoma said it sometimes happens, but the fault is as much. James Harden's as it is everybody else's and not everybody wins all the time. They don't I mean just little history lesson, boys and girls, Jerry West is the logo and we love him. But Jerry West and the Los Angeles Lakers choked time after time. They want one and who's the first person who reminds US say? How great is Jerry? Jerry says. We didn't do so I don't know if James Harden has to have a moment. We deals with himself and how he's playing Tony. Those numbers you cited those are indictments. They are in terms of great playoff basketball, and by the way it's not automatic. It's hard to have great games in those moments and he. Hasn't has it? Is it is? Golf Tony. Golf I know how excited you are. About to get a restart Thursday at the colonial in Dallas, good CBS announced yesterday that some, but not all golfers will be might this week, and none of them will be wearing earpieces which allowed for the announcer. To player conversations that we saw enjoyed so much in the match with Tiger and Phil Manning and Brady. I know how crazy you are about having people might up. What do you think about this? Okay, so first of all. I don't care if everybody talks, but if some people are miked up if you carry one little piece of equipment, that's physical I. believe everybody's got to carry them. You have to talk to everybody but everyone. The playing field has to be level in that regard as far as I'm concerned I. Find it amusing, Nick Faldo. Who's really good in a great guest on this show. When we used to have guests, he said Dolphins are entertainers, and they have to do something different now. Yeah, they do but Nick Faldo also admits he was a golfer, he'd say no I don't WanNa do this I don't Wanna I don't WanNa have to talk to anybody out there. To your point, just being mic`ed up to me is half a loaf is weak. I want the cross talk. I want the dialogue. Barclay. Did you know you got I? Want you to have to answer. Some might up. So what so we know you want Charles in the tower? Now or on the course you'd provoking people talk. I know that's what you want. To be. Like a giant blimp. That's what I want. On. Tony, you notice only about five golfers you WanNa hear I. Understand what you're saying is. They ought to be Mike for a formality. That thing is a way that much. It's a microphone. That's it. The technology today allows for some wireless piece to be carried around that a golfer. Does it notice? We're told I don't want to hear from all of them I don't want them. All might cause ninety percent of people. Being Mike is a waste of time. Where is the NFL the NBA? You just get people like Lawrence Taylor helping whatever redskin. He ran passed on a Sunday to say son Y'all got to do better than this. You don't get that often enough right so if you could have war if you can tell her everybody's GonNa be Lt. that put them out there, but they're not gonna be that. Now I know you're right about that and you don't have to talk to all of them i. just think that what made the baseball games so charming was the players were miked up yet? A couple of guys on the cobbs Brian Rizzo right I think. Those guys. Now these yeah. Okay well. Rory is personality of justice. This is yes. They will personnel, and by the way just as a side note, the field is great for the colonial. A top five and eight of the top ten tiger I wish I would've said yeah. I'll go play time. You shouldn't just walk into the room with the rest of the boys can come ten minutes late. You want the room to be feeling. Then you look and you see tie. Come on now I. Don't Tiger show up for this. You'll get there. then. Let them come to the second round. Just show up. Say. Let's go great with Debbie Tiger with a microphone for the second round over the weekend. They'll be so cool. For the happy's in my own addict. Happy sixty nine th birthday dave, Parker history lesson kids, the best arm in the outfield always belongs to the right field, and for many years the best arm in the National League belonged day, -partment Pittsburgh won three straight gold glove. Thousand Nine hundred seventy, five to nineteen, seventy-nine, he throughout seventy two runners, and he was feared at the plate career to ninety hitter, nineteen seasons, the two thousand, seven hundred twelve hits and three hundred thirty nine homers in Pittsburgh where he was part of the nineteen seventy-nine. We are family world champions. He was the NL MVP and nineteen seventy eight, ultimately, he was a seven-time all-star and he. He picked up another world series ring late with the as Parkas. Five million dollar deal over five years with the pirates made him the first professional athlete to average one million dollars a year there was controversy as well admitted using cocaine regularly and testified that the infamous Pittsburgh drug trial. That stain is said by many to be a contributing factor to why Parker is not in Cooperstown. Cobra, Tony. Dave Parker such a big man and he moved by. I loved to watch day. Parker play growing up even when he was in those. Hideous uniform by the way, those hideous pirate uniforms in time, those relatives of like. A yellow cab insist America. But I I was parked and just think how great you have to be to essentially. SORTA Kinda. Replace all you can't replace Roberto. CLEMENTI! I mean you have to move into I mean come on now. Roberto Clementi don't want to follow that and Dave Parker Man. I think he belongs to hall of fame I really do. Personal note happy. Birthday, Carol. We moved to happy anniversary. Barton Valentine on this day twenty one years ago. While managing the mets, Valentine got tossed only to return to the dugout meaning later with a fake mustache sunglasses and a t shirt. As you see in this classic video, it looks like a porn star skulking around. Valentine was fine. Five grand suspended two games for this stunt. Downtime played ten seasons in the bigs. Were he learned enough that the Texas Rangers named him their manager when he was just thirty five years old, and maybe that's why you always thought. It was the smartest guy in the ballpark. He managed the Rangers. The Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan. The mets the Marines again where he won. The Japanese world series has played through into the air like a rag doll in the red sox ranks forty seventh all time in manager wins, but he has just a five. Oh, four winning percentage Valentine by the way is now athletic director at Sacred Heart University in his native Connecticut. Doesn't seem to you like Valentine was just one of those people. Who loved baseball so much he will go to any corner of the earth to have a team. If somebody said you can have a team, you can be in this league and I know. The few times I had as a sports writer to be around. Listen to Bobby Valentine. I don't know about how you felt about that. I liked him very much. I liked him on television. No, he was. He's great to talk is great to talk to. Happy trails to training camp for Dalvin. Cook the Vikings Star running back once a new deal. He's threatening not to show up at camp if he doesn't get one. This happens every year with somebody when you it's. Melvin Gordon one you. Zeke Elliott one years Lebanon del this year. It's Dalvin club was the centerpiece of the Vikings offense last year with eleven, hundred, thirty, five, rushing yards and thirteen touchdowns. It looks over Kirk cousins, making one hundred fifty million dollars over five years, and he says give me some of that. is due to make one point three million dollars this year, and is reported in looking for something in the thirteen to fifteen million dollar range, but as a player with less than four years in the League Cup stands to lose a year towards his unrestricted free agency, and would be a restricted free agent, two thousand, twenty one, plus there's the possibility being fined fifty thousand dollars a day for his holdout, which could. To more than his salary. So, where is the leverage here? It's only the leveraging net. You WanNa put this all on Kirk cousins. You like that you want to put the whole thing on them. Because I mean I I to me. That seems like a bit much. In Cook Thirteen touchdowns only Adrian Peterson for that franchise has more in a season rushing hot. The Great Chuck Foreman Big here twelve a couple of times. Maybe he was tied with once with thirteen. Come on now. Vikings serious. Are they about winning? It would seem to me if you're offering ten and you know the guy really wants thirteen. You can get the something that's doable. It would seem like that.

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