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Ep177 - Trash Kelly


You're listening to happy out of conversation. It officially happy hour. I'm so FIA Stanley joined by my renewed fellow conversational mixologist, I got a colour junior. Hey, what's up everybody? I'm Canadian there is so much disgust. But we really actually have two things that are of the utmost important. So let's line them up and shoot them back one at a time. In January of twenty nineteen lifetime. Aired a six part documentary, titled surviving ARA Kelly that chronicled the thirty decade criminal activity of. In be artist R Kelly. After watching the documentary. We now are witnessed to not only behind criminal acts of R Kelly as he has preyed upon it. Not only women but more specifically children. We now are left in the aftermath where we as witnesses must take accountability for our role in living in a society that has possibly allowed such agreed criminal acts to go on for the last three decades. I'd like to open the floor on whether or not you watched. And even if you did not watch how you feel about the situation. Now that we have a renewed conversation where we have now had multiple witnesses come forward and clearly articulate and chronicle the criminal activity that they suffered at the hands of one Arkley. There's so many layers to this conversation. One. If you have been a fan of Rb in kind of interested in pop culture star back in the nineties you've heard some sort of rumor about our Kelly now they're people who've been popping out of the woodwork lately. Saying I didn't I never heard anything you lying. I just don't I'm not buying that either. You heard that he was married to Eliya when she was fifteen view. If you didn't hear you knew he worked with the lien. There was some chatter around that situation, whether you knew was an actual marriage or not and now we really put into together a sexual relationship 'cause you marry nobody knew twenty seven years old that you not having sex with then whether you were privy to Saul heard about the sex tape that came out around two thousand to two thousand three two thousand four again that was a major conversation to the point where they were even selling those copies of that DVD at the barbershop that w-. Being bootlegged all around the world. To recently with even with. Him be on trial making songs about being on trial flash forward to now where he supposedly holding women hostage or having my control of a woman in there being his sex life. So if you at some point have heard about our Kelly is just fascinating to see so many different perspectives from different people about the situation ranging from. I knew this. And I knew he wasn't this. And I've been got him out got him out of here. All the way to the other end of the spectrum to the point where they're saying. How do we even know that any of this is true that people are still here? So it I think it has literally brought out every type of person in every type of conversation that you can think with this case, and it specifying. Well, I have not watched it yet. But I have enough friends in socio have watched it. See it all social media. See like those same France commenting on it, and you know, people's true colors are shining bright as far as where they stand on this. And I think is unfortunate that so many people are still trying to defend him. I don't need to watch the documentary to know that this is true. You know, they say that with every documentary which this documentary there is angle in there is a certain like obviously bias in like what they're trying to portray a documentary. However, that doesn't change the fact that facts are facts in like Milius said we've heard things for years we've seen things we talked about our Kelly on this show in the past. Didn't he have I omitted like we talked about that on like? So there's multiple things. It's just frustrating that so many people one are trying to come up with excuses for him. Because unfortunately, we're still not we in this room. There's so many people who still are trying to do the separate the artist from like what he doesn't this personal life? But when people have literally been abused. I don't think that's situation. Where is not. I don't think I know that's not a nation where you separate because regardless of that that in itself is one of the reasons why so much of this happened, and he got away with so much because people were just put turn a blind eye because they see him as an artist. And there knowing the fact that he was literally abusing people on top of that. This whole side conversation where people keep trying to bring a Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein. Everybody else that separate that separate indistinct like because it'll be different of you're trying to bring it up. And but the reason they're bringing it up isn't too. A lot of these people isn't too. Basically, they're still trying to our Kelly. So this is the thing is, and I'm going to start backwards for and I'm going to be going to try to be very impeccable with my words. White entitlement does not negate the criminal activities of a black man again failed. Again, we as black people should never dismiss the criminal activities of one of our own simply because a white person is getting away with something we need to be the moral compass of our own community. And if we for Amy reason or going to ignore countless firsthand. Summaries from multiple people women men women making account of when they were underage that's on us. And to me pointing in any other direction to anyone else is irrelevant number one. Number two. The fact that we actually have not demented that he'd be locked up then takes away credence if we say that Kevin tweezers should be locked up right about it. We cannot not say that are Kelley should go to jail and then point to Kevin Spacey. Do you see the hypocrisy? So so so if you think that rapist should go to jail than they all should go to jail, if you think that let me come down specifically child, rapists. There is one win. We're talking about children. There should be a different. Humility that we use to approach the situation in. So you know that we're on a group text and over the weekend. You know, things were coming over my social media. And I kept seeing surviving are Kelly surviving R Kelly, and I saw a couple of memes until further and so on so immediately took to our group tax. I asked hey, it's anyone watching Camelias said she watched the first two hours, and she was just like gutted. And so I talked to my sister and her boyfriend, and so we started to watch we watched all six hours back to back to back. Eat was one of the hardest. Six hours for me for from from the perspective of having to watch something on TV. I we had to stop. I had to walk around my house. I almost kick kick my door like I had to I had to smoke a cigarette. Like, it was it was it was so traumatic and all we were witnesses. And all we were witnesses to an account. Do see what I'm saying? And. Not only was it. Agreed his the actual heinousness of his acts. But what it really did? Is it made me realize how culpable we are? And how we have somehow. It's almost that. If if in any way anyone can make an argument that this is somehow oppression related to oppression. Then we should be that upset that literally we have been so brainwashed that we can't see what we're doing in our own community that here. This man was caught on tape raping a fourteen year old urinating on a fourteen year old and that we as a community not only solve the tape. But we saw the tape because it was bootleg that we had no sense of humanity that if in fact there with Amy chance that that was a child that we were peddling and child pornography that child was our child and that literally there has been evidence for decades. And the reason I am so mad is because I was one of those people I was not a defender, but I did not. We I did not allow my brain to see how heinous is that? He is a predator that has because of his celebrity. We have no idea how many girls he's on this too. We and I sit in our group chat as well. We all trash everybody. We are all a part of this problem. And I'm speaking for myself. I was an R Kelly fan when I was in seventh or eighth grade. Remember, the magazines like ride on I had a picture are Kelly. The ball hit our Kelly to twelve player Kelly in my locker me and my locker mate, we had a pitcher arket. We were will we have pitched a picture of our Kelly in our locker last around the same time. He married a leader was like, oh, she fifteen Awale. Oh, we'll shoulder. Shrug getting a little older sought a sex watched it with my life sisters. We will win. This watched. It we like, oh, man. That's crazy. That's why that's terrible. Guess what? Still step. In the name of love still trash. I am willing to emit. The I am a part of the problem is will honest are saying archea Bata here to maybe four or five years ago. And when I was really sat down and put to into together when I really was like, okay. Wait alita was fifteen. This was a grown, man. Then when I was like I thought at tape. He wasn't having this wasn't two adults having sex that girl looked like a child. She looked like a little girl to the poor. I had argument with somebody other day 'cause they tried to say she looked grounding in video. No, she didn't. And if you think she looked wrong, then I'm questioning because she looked like she was thirteen fourteen. Anyway, I said today we are all part of the problem. The thing that we need to maybe Accu actively try to do is just recalculate. Yes, we supported him before. Yes. We turn a blind eye to it. Yes. There's still a lot of people who stood on give shit. Okay. Cool you out of here we you out to paint too. But for us that have becoming who have become a wakened by it. We know he trash now. And then we need to act accordingly because we can't change the past. We change our position. But. We are. We all garbage in the name of love out here. As far we stop listening to the music while ago, like we don't support in that regard. We are vocal about our lack of support for him. But then whether or next steps because Harvey Weinstein is going to trial and make Evans bass he's on trial right now. So like, what are the next steps? I think the next steps are I think that in our smaller communities, we need to have conversation. So for instance, even when so so actually I think it was either yesterday the day before one of my friends who's extremely close to me. And to me within our world has has very visible position. Posted something that not only find with distasteful. But I felt like he was laughing at the situation. And now to me, it's not a situation to laugh at right? And at first I was like, okay. I'm just gonna uncommon him. Right. And I was like, no, no, no. I actually I actually know him. I was like I need to take a moment to take a screen shot of Instagram post sent him a private message ask him if we watched the documentary and then dialogue with him the dialogue which fruitful going forward. I don't know how he's going to kind of pit it. But I think that's kind of the first step doesn't make sense to start to have dialogue. So that if we have friends around us saying things that are in any way, supporting him, we have to have that long larger conversation, and it's something that can said before is if people around you specifically young people and arguably everyone probably knows a young girl somehow in their life right in this point in time. And if you ask them. Okay. Cool. What if someone was raping your your your niece, your daughter, your whatever, and they get mad, then you have to say, okay? Well, your feelings about our Kelly is why she's not going to tell you. Go ahead. I was gonna say I saw interesting posts that kind of going viral where people were saying in addition to like, not support anarchy. Some you guys need to have conversation with those in your family that you completely ignore. And I think that's another conversation too. Because then that don't that's not just within our culture in general like when it comes to family in that the issue with this whole conversation is there's a problem with why we don't believe these young girls, they're saying why it's such a hard thing to believe, especially when they're so much evidence against this man to still say in I was reading earlier about how if you actually go to the social media of the people who are participating documentary how they're getting trolled. And how people were saying you're line like all these different things. It's it's not even going gone continuing from the conversation that we need to have a family members of whatnot. I don't even think it's to the point where they don't believe it. I think it's to the point where sexual. Saw abuse in not just the black family, but American flam families and families around the world is so normalized that. It's not. I don't believe it's we all went to the Bush. The what's the big deal because it speaking from just speaking from having friends and family members who have went to their parents or their grandparents aunts and uncles about someone in the family touching him. And they showed a truck it off, and they say things to the effect of and they don't directly say it because we have a generational issue. Where communication is flawed. They kinda pretty much put it to the sense of it happened to me, and I'm fine. So you deal with it. So I'm to the yes, I think there's a good chunk of the population. Where we have a problem where we don't believe black girls because one we don't see black girls girls. We see them as women as soon as they start to be able to communicate. We that looking at our black girls Amboise s children. So I think a part of that is that. But I think another part of it is that they're not necessarily not believed. It's that's the status quo. So get over it. Did you guys see the earlier today shaving post today? His brother came out and said they were molested as children and their sister by their sister. And. Again, those are two separate conversations because that doesn't excuse the actions of an older, man. Okay. Not only that nobody won't even admit that. He's he did it. Right. Just don't use. We can't we can't. We can't even we can't even engage in the conversation of whether or not he was in fact of us if he does not admit that he abuses people. Do you see how it because he went on tablet smile years ago and made that allegation? I'm having another moment because the reality. What can you said is so true, it's upsetting? And I think that we are at a tipping point as Americans for a number of reasons. And I think that we are arguably if you think about it coming out of our childhood right as Americans, and it's only now as adult and arguably that's also even maybe why. Now, we have a different perspective of our Kelly because we are now adult and with an adult mine we assess the situation different than being children, right? Given that now as collective Americans. We are now on our adulthood, we need to start having conversations about sexual assault and sexual molestation specifically that was my bad dropping off as especially because the majority of the situation happen when someone is close you and your family. So we need to have that conversation. The second conversation is we need to start having a conversation about how we've you celebrity and realizing that celebrities are real people. So they can also be criminal and not allowing them to be treated as family. So not only do we need to have conversations about family, and what that means that we need to start setting different parameters for how we allow family access to our children. And then second thing we need to start having a conversation about how we view celebrity and ironically, specifically with black till every somehow we treat them like family, but I think that we have a very forgiving completely. But you're right. And I think the last thing is I think that Kenya's mentioned several times civically in this country. We wreck Estado early. We recognize money over the lives of women. But specifically over the lives of black women, and sadly specifically over the lies of young black girls. So we need to go after his money. And to me, how do that is we start campaigns with anyone connected to him? And we tell them that we will review remove our money, we will remove our financial support for them and their organization regarding all of their artists regarding all of their things. So ev. Every single hotel that we saw documentary we need to write them and say if in fact, you ever take another dollar from our Kelly R Kelly camp, we will never never again. State your Salish -ment for the record label for is management company for Amy one affiliated with him. We need to use the power of our collective narrative to chew definitively. Not only mute are Kelly, but arguably hopefully to jail our Kelly. All right, guys. I know you're probably still buzzing after our conversation. So makes you jump online and mixed up with us. Happy hour underscored TV. And then also go to patriarch that calms happy hour underscore TV where you actually really mix that with us. You can watch the live each week. We give you the link if you are subscriber seven dollars and above. And if you don't understand what I'm talking about go to patriot com. Happy hour TV there's video explained it all and join us show you. That was a great segue. Somebody had an eventful weekend. It. It was me. So this year with seventy six annual Golden Globe awards, and you guys know AJ my boyfriend he was his third year in a row hosting the official red carpet pre show, and so I've been grateful to be as plus one every year and this year, you know, we've talked about this privately, but like we were in a different stride. Like the first year was kind of like, oh my God. I can't believe we're here like still every last year as kind of like, I'm more relaxed. But like, oh my God. I still can't believe here and this year like, oh, we belong. I felt like. Just the different different movement to it. This is interesting though, because we will first of all I do office -ocial media when I'm there, and I was doing the social media, but at the same time, I was also blogging this time for you two channels. You know, if you follow me on YouTube because see like what the experience was and everything and that was fun yet. Exhausting trying to do both at once. And I think first of all let's talk about some of the winners from the Golden Globes that made me really happy in Sofia should be really happy 'cause he works for Sony and Spiderman into the spider, if you know about animated films stiffly when it comes to award shows, usually Disney or Pixar sweeps to category and Spiderman this year after I saw that Texas opium and camelia after watch the film, and it really at some point move me to tears because it has so much heart. It was so well done, and it didn't feel like you're watching a kids film. It felt like a film that parents could enjoy kids all generations. And also. So on top of that the leakier was after Latino so it was just amazing on all different levels so much diversity in the film. And it was just it was really really really amazing. So I was so happy that I saw that before the show and even more happy that it one. Also if Bill streak could talk Regina king one. And what can we talk about Regina king house? She's quietly been killing the game. Listen acting like she people seem to be forgetting or I don't know what it is. But Regina king has consistently killing is eighty six to seven early literally though. No that that movie, I'm gonna be honest. So I watched the bills we talking I remember. 'cause obviously a head of time when age is perfect for the show. We see who's nominating. He has to watch all these films and these TV shows wherever and I saw that Regina king was the only person nominated and I was watching the first half. Like, I love her king. And have you guys seen it? Have you seen it which one bills you talk? Yes. So it wasn't until she went to Cuba. And I was like, oh, no, no Puerto Rico when she went there and that whole, and I was like, oh, I see it. Now. I see it now. 'cause before I was like, she's good. But I'm seeing it. But it was that. And it was the scene with the that, mama, mama. Yes. Yes. So I have to see. A really good film and KiKi person as moonlight. Yeah. Barry jenkins. It was it was a really great film and her slightly one Rami Malik whose of addiction to say he won for rhapsody. It was just a great night. Sandra Sandra, which I watched the pilot for killing eve and that like killing I want. No, no BBC America. Secondary form, but I watch all of it. I watched the entire season during during holiday break. No, she deserved that that it's a like, it's a really well ridden. Like, I just loved it before I get back to my personal experience before the show. So a mom text me. And she was saying how she how she watched the show or whatever. And I want to rehearse text verbatim. She said hope I'll went well at the I watched it. I thought Black Panther and crazy rich Asian. She didn't say, Asians, crazy. It's asian. What have gotten awards the only movie I've seen is crazy rich Asian? We are on our way to Tennessee nine ten. Tony's grandmother funeral. The only. Okay. Movies pagers Asia. I love on river black. No crazy. It's Asian Asian Asians. I talked to on the phone later Brian up again, she's like, I'm just I'm just shocked apprise the band crazy rich Asian and Black Panther didn't win anything. And I was like mom. Did you see any other fell? She's like, no. But I'm still shocked if so proud. Pair noth- like everybody. We are Leon. We are and black. Panther was incredible crazy with incredible. They both were but the highlight of the night was we went like eighty show and then. We were in the room. And then we went to this after party and at the after party. So basically what I do. I do social media after the red carpet show is over we go into the main show. And then we go back to the room to change after price. I was on my phone throughout the night. Checking I search for AJ gifts and Golden Globes. And I'm searching news. I'm searching images Getty. All this stuff to see what we can get for social media because you have to get all that stuff hot. So I got the Getty, images, whatever, and I'm looking for his Iglim, by whatever. And then I went to news, and I saw something about Christie met and Allison Brie and how Christie minutes. Call Allison brea bitch at the time. There was only two articles. But it was on page six and TMZ. So it wasn't like like to random. It was like pays TMZ and need to see this. So then we're watching it. And then I'm like, oh, gosh, we're running out of the party trying to listen our phones. And he was like, I I don't remember saying that we listen, let's be clear that the interview in question AJ was the interviewer AJ whatever he had a co host. But he was the one who asked. A lead in question that kind of led to this whole drama, which he wasn't they tired. I was watching. Wow, they happened. It wasn't. Oh, damn. It wasn't. I wanna know. And we're still trying to out where the initial article came by who started the initial thing. So I wanna know, but point being they turned it his whole thing. And then. As we were at the party. It kept popping up on more and more article websites, and like major outlets where everybody was picking it up. And then it was to the point where we were walking to the park through the party trying to get outside. So he like trying to deal with this because he was getting emails from people from entertainment thing, all the different outlets. And this woman might hey, Jay, he's like, hey, can I get a statement from us weekly? And we're like what like what is happening? So he did like a couple of emails and response and then like with a couple of minutes just explained that he heard babe. And if you listen to the video like she didn't say bitch. And then I didn't find out until the next morning because the next morning he was on people like there was a whole article with his full statement. And like coho speaks. Whoa. So apparently, he couldn't sleep. So at four in the morning, he got an Email from his speaking agent. Who said, hey, you have an inquiry from people magazine that came to your website inquiry, Email, or whatever I wanna make sure you saw this see this. And then he was up. Four in the morning like riding his full statement like type in. Meanwhile, I enjoy the night. Passed out. Anyway, all that being said, it was definitely it was definitely a great experience. And it was I was I was dead. But it was called because if you know AJ he came on this show, and he talked about his book flipping the script. So it was literally like a live flipping the script moment where he literally was living. This group of what this whole media engine was trying to create and he was like, no that's not what happened and Chrissy Mets. He's interview her multiple times at this point. And she literally one the sweet is women that he's interviewed. And i've. She's one of the Swedes. Every every is not nice. She actually genuinely super super kind. So it was nice for him to be able to make a statement. And I think he was overwhelmed by how big like it was literally on entertainment tonight. The next day. E news like everywhere the next day. Sorry, I just wanted. I just don't want it to go. This moment pass the first thing, you said is that you is felt like you were in a different stride. So you walked into the situation. Calm because you belong there. And it's almost as if the universe bounce things out. So we really shows like he's properly in the arena. Right. And so because he is actually actively in the arena he was able to use his positive perspective to potentially save it scandal that arguably should not have been a scandal. Listen. Chimera heritage has just entered chat. Like, she said happy new year. Oh fund is here too. Happy new year new. You're happy new year to market, right? Y'all miss. It wine. By anyway. Finishing this conversation out. It's the new year. We're happy to be back. We took a couple of weeks off. Sorry to say y'all like like literally right now need to go to at meal and his junior on social media. Because when I tell you you are boy, look fine. Like, no, no, no, no like on the real when he tells you they were in a different stride. Like, I was watching them. Like, I didn't know them. Why debuted the blonde hair for the first time and keep in mind is like super blind right now. But I have a photo. I'm getting you hitch us on the seventeenth and I wanted to be fresh. So hopefully, my roots grow in some by the because I wanted to have like 'cause I have thought and pepper looking before. And I want be like that. Yeah. I. The ocean. I remember. Out. Chameleon? I was like I was like I need some help because I'm waking up, and I was like my hair was like frizzy, and it just looks gusting as she's like do great. And then I started wearing a do rag. Do you not many directs been left in my apartment? Brushes been in my. Brushes. Dax all right. I'm be elderly. Quick last call. Thrown in the trash my last call. Did you guys see that video of the girl because Oprah throwback clips the girl who had that super long name? With the everything that that made me laugh mine mine was going to be long, but I'll make it quick. And we'll talk about it next week. Twenty nineteen is officially the year of return for the African diaspora. So twenty nine thousand nine marks four hundred years for since the first enslaved African was kidnapped and brought to the Americas and represents the beginning of the transatlantic slave trade. So I think it is the president of Ghana was the first officially to launch his asking all African people to come home. So I'm going to share with you guys next week where I am going specifically where I'm going because I found out where I'm from my mother's side. Brian. With the guy next week. I am and get and you guys, please comment, and guess where you think that I'm from my mother's side for my last call. Like she was supposed to text us in Russia. Tell if the head of time the package came out because they say you off below winter certificate, you know. What did you use? You know, what we feel and good for twenty nineteen. We are in a positive changing our language. We change our perspective entering the new year with the new attitude. I got a new attitude. You guys continue to do the same. Make sure you're staying positive because we are here. And just just because his last doesn't mean that you get the last word. All right, guys. Thank you so much for listening each and every single week makes you continue to listen and share. 'cause remember you gotta spread the word of between nineteen about the podcast. So telephone telephone number tell that person on the street and also trash where can we find you guys on social media? Twitter and Facebook at these on Instagram, you can find me on Twitter Instagram Facebook at camelia, you can find me at junior and go to my YouTube channel same thing dot com slash in junior. And you can see my whole law from the Golden Globes. Also since FIA dropping news I signed a contract for a new hosting job today. Tired? So it will be it'll be different. It'll be challenging in different ways. But I'm very excited. And yes, so. Prayer guys these same time same place, Nick. Bye bye. Thank you for listening to happy hour. Make sure to mix it up with us during the week by following us on Twitter and Instagram at happy hour, underscored TV always talk responsibly at happy hour underscored TV.

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