Survivor 39 Episode 7 Wiggle Room + This Week in Survivor


Yeah Josh Blur Blur Blur Ler it. Yeah that's where back wiggle room for episode number seven seven final wiggle room of the pre merge of season thirty nine the final pre merge of the decade a here with the Great Josh Wig. Ler wait a second hold on. I just had a thought yes Dead Air doesn't really translate as a great job on a podcast. I was going to really stretch that ten seconds as around like I had like this very pained look on my face of coming coming up with a with a great brain brain child but just said audio medium and it doesn't really connect okay. All right I'll put up my shirt down onto because that's not really connecting either for the podcast audience. So I'm fully clothed now and ready to talk to you about island of the idles. Okay yes Here we are you. Have you throw me off with the imagery. Yeah well focus up buddy. We've got to talk about the. The emerge is up. Here is up here we are. We're walking away from the pre merge merge into not just the final pre merge of the decade we're entering the final merge of the decade. Would you framed it like that. I was like Oh my goodness survivor. Entering the twenty twenties with this very strong season I like it a so far so good and so we'll talk about everything that's going on Josh. Some speaking of twenty twenty look ahead here for one moment because just to put it on everybody's calendar be sure to circle February twelfth twenty. How we'll just go on? That date seem as like a special occasion very very special occasion. Josh wiggins and I'm so glad that you you asked by February twelfth. Twenty twenty is the ten year anniversary of rob as a podcast. Ten years after the very first episode of Rob was posting twelve. Twenty ten dead. It one yeah amazing. Amazing ooh Wednesday. It's Wednesday Just a random Wednesday just very casual ten year anniversary of Rha. Wait a minute hold on. I had already put something on my calendar from earlier. Rob Are you telling me that the ten year anniversary of rob has a podcast February. Twelve twenty twenty s the same date as the survivor season forty premier. Oh yes yeah. Are you kidding me. Oh they must have planned it that way. Did you plan this. Did you in Jeff Coordinate Award at eight behind my back. Wow How oh. That's so exciting. Oh my gosh we gotta get commemorative shirts shirts. Yeah it's a little addition. wombat hats such a day such a big day coming up on February. Twelve twenty twenty so theon theon look out for that but okay. Let's get back to the task at hand here. It's very exciting. And of course a lot to do here not just doesn't join nineteen but today here in the room because Josh and I are going to go through everything that Josh is thinking about survivor. We've got a wound up coming up and then and this week in survivor later in this. Very same podcast. Kirsten McGuinness was going to join us to talk about. What's going on? And then we will get into Jordan Kayla issues quiz quiz with a pinch quiz for Kirsten mcinnis so a lot a lot to still come in this podcast okay. Sounds like we got a lot going on here today. Let's let's let's wait no more further reduce. And let's do this thing. Yeah Well Josh. You had a big scoop today on the survivor. Beat because I was very excited to see that you had an interview with none other than the Great Nora Salman I Dara yes this was exciting. This was great I've been I've been deep down the minds of a couple of different. TV shows this fall TV season keeping Yawn Wigley rather busy over these past several weeks. I feel like I have been shirking. My survivor duties as of late and with great. Great apologies to the fantastic members of the island of the idols cast Who who I have been neglecting from time to time but I really felt felt like we couldn't escape the pre merge without at least one active player interview and I was very very delighted? When I got the thumbs up that I'd be able to have a quick chat with your friend and mine the Great Nora Of of island of the idol fame of of so so many laughs the caller that never was the shock collar that never was and she was a delight and that interview is right now. Ta Chard Dot com slash survivor where she weighs in on a bunch of stuff. She weighs in on how her expectations of survivor is. Somebody see who wasn't a huge survivor person coming into this. How they measured up against reality? She gives some behind the scoop Intel on her. Visit with Rob Rob and Sandra and y things. Maybe didn't work quite as well as she wanted them to partly. Apparently a conflict of approaches according to Nora. She's do you want to hear what she said as for why. She wasn't able to properly utilize the lessons. She learned on to become the shock collar for Foci. Yes of course I asked her and she says I think what people need to realize. With with the visit to Robben Sandra is that they are villains and that is not my personality I am more of the hero heroine role so it was actually hard for me to take advice from villains silence when they gave me the various options of persuading my tribe. All of these were villain approaches. I didn't feel comfortable executing because they are simply not me or or my style. You can see the distinction when I said heart slash heroin and rob said ego slash villain. Nora continues and goes on to say if I'd had the opportunity to do this again. I would have candidly told my group that I know the details of tomorrow's challenge and if I get the most important role in that challenge I will get a block vote advantage. If I don't get that role I will lose my vote. which will be detrimental to our tribe? In the event of a swab. We will not have the numbers. That's what she wishes she had done instead. She says it was an expensive lesson to learn early on. But from this moment moving Forward Norris says I know that I'm going to play the Norway with truth and honesty versus lying and backstabbing So lots of similar pearls roles of wisdom in this great with Nora that I was so thrilled to conduct. Yeah it seems like that. People are learning the hard lessons that the island of the idols. Yeah I mean I think it's it's a tough school you go out to survivor and you expect to learn things and you expect you expect. Some measure of Tomfoolery Eh. I don't think you expect to have to sit through class and actually like past tests. That's the that's the name of the game this year Josh I. It was able to get a quick clip of Nora when you asked her if she would do the interview with U. UBUNTU CHR this week. Yes yeah it's pretty close before I even finished making the request as I. It's Josh moving from the Hollywood reporter. How're you doing today? Yeah Yeah it is. It's me Josh. Like I told you exactly who I said I am okay all right especially I loved Dora. I'm so happy I need to take a second here and say I am I am. I was very confused and surprised when Jack was voted out and announced as the first member of the jury. That really threw me off. I did not expect that at all. I'm typically not a huge fan of there are being people on the jury who haven't had the chance to interact with other people still in the game like there's four people still in the game that he's Never GonNa get the chance to meet. I don't love that but then that was quickly mitigated by the realization. That Nora will either be on the jury or in contention to win the million dollars and like everything was forgiven immediately. We have made it to that point at least that nor is here for the long haul nor will have ponderosa videos like this is the greatest time line that we are living in. Okay Hi yeah good point good point that is not been brought up on any of the podcast yet. So that a good thing to see that it is not literally hasn't been brought up yep no little behind cast interview the cast interviews cast was great and Sierra was really great to adjust just started with Sierra earlier in the day before we got seemed like that was going into a fantastic direction. Okay Josh so we're talking about the move this week did you. You have any thoughts about what Kelly pulled off at this week's tribal council. It was a lot a lot. Don't don't get me wrong. Big Kelly Fan. I Love Kelly. Kelly has been excellent television and I love that. She's thinking big dreaming big. There's a lot about the plan that I do like. I kind of feel like maybe she should have just cast the vote for Jack Herself. I think maybe you keep this a two person operation ration- you'd give Dean the idol. Let Dean make snake his way into the merge of it's very important for you to break up the jacket Chabal pair you bring Dean in with you to the merged urge you give them that idol. That's fine stirs the pot. ha ha ha and makes everything all crazy off. Yes the POD. Incredible it does all of that. and that's fantastic. But now I think like she entrusted Nora with a piece of this plan and I hope that it goes without saying at this point that I am a huge fan. I twelve Dora Nora I am. I am very much but I don't know that like she's the person to rope into this top secret replan. This is the person who couldn't stop dancing. Even though footloose rules were implemented back at Boakye so I think if Kelly wanted to pull this off I think she should just throw in the boat at Jack. Then everyone's like who. Who is that extra vote for Jack? She just stays quiet on it. No one's owning up to it. I don't know that people are necessarily thinking that it's Kelly who did it like maybe it's charisma. People are starting to alienate her. Further or arouses suspicion or you just stay the company line and you get out there. But I I guess for her. She feels like she's got a really good connection with him. He seems like somebody. WHO's kind of adrift in the game? You can bring him to the merge maybe becomes a loyal person that you can you can use in other ways raised the line. That idol has effectively worthless. There are enough of these people going to Iowa and participating in these games that maybe Kelly can surmise. That there are other people who have these combustible idols. This idol will self destruct in five tribals type of deal that like. She can't even really bluff effectively with that. Maybe like even just having an as an artifact maybe that move is a little less useful on a season like this when enough people know that there's expiration dates and play so I don't hate the move overall I just think it was overly complicated and then just in conjunction with your interview with Nora where it sounds like that her interview with you she said. Hey the lesson. I learned at the island. The idols is that I need to be truthful and not be deceptive. And I'm not going to be in make Nora world a place where people lie. I I have to tell the truth about what's going on so under questioning. I don't think she's GonNa Cover for Kelly in any way shape or form when she gets that question. Why did you vote for Jack? Jack Kelly how do I also think that it's an interesting person to pull into something like this when Kelly herself has already observed in the past when I came back from Iowa and was like okay so this is going to happen. Cool thing happens if you let me pick the position that I'm in and I have my pick whatever all I want right. And it's unanimous decision. Then we all. I'll get to practice the challenge and I got to tell you the stuff in Co.. He's like wow. This is a terrible lie but the good news is she's so caught deepen the lie that everybody knows it. And that's the conversation and it's not even like the lie about what Iowa is that no one's heard about that so Kelly had observed that already and she's entrusting Nora with this move To Take Out Jack a very complicated way so I don't love that I for Kelly. I love that for my experience as a television viewer. I think whatever's GONNA come. I'm from this could be fantastic. I think that is one of those people that you overweight their ability to toe the company line at your expense and I think that's great for us but I think that that could be bad for Kelly in the long haul josh before we start to head towards the Wanda off merge time is coming wide open merge urge. I am expecting to people to go home and say double episode on Wednesday for a quick merged Dram Moon Ram. I love emerge boo draft. Yeah this is always fun. Yeah let's do it What do we WANNA do snake draft three versus three three three three three d the three snake draft and basically you got two bites at the apple at the Applebees van? We're looking for a person. Isn't that could go home. You could win. One Zero could be a tie two zero. It's a tie. Whoever picked the person who went home? I okay okay. That's the way I like this. How do you want to? How do you WANNA go? How do you want to mention to you? Want the first picker you want the next two. I'll I'll take. I'll take the first pick. I pick because I feel strong. I feel I feel like it's going to be hard for this person to survive the merge it's a it's a two episode merge to our merge you assume that two people are going home Lyra just down in numbers original tyro in a way where I don't think the game is quite shake it up to the point where it's possible that'll be like a vocational. IRA goes home but at the very very least one LYRA. We'll go home. I'd be really surprised if that's not the case. And I think that after the some wishy-washiness at the current Foci after playing both sides of the line after being very afraid of their own kind of challenge beast threat level status at perhaps they project jacked. I think somebody who may have alienated himself with too many people to survive the early merge because this is somebody who typically gets. I'd at this point. Take my buddy with the cool socks. Aaron Meredith I feel like you know once upon a time this is sort of like your classic merge boot and maybe things are shifting these days days but I think with with one pick overall. Just start here. I think starting with Erin I feel like with two shots in this episode to people who can go home. I feel pretty good about Aaron being one of them. Okay which bummed me out. 'cause I've enjoyed Aaron a lot on screen things a good storyteller. I like that. He's willing to play sort. Sort of seismically. He's not playing safely. I don't know if it's great survivor. But it's really good TV and I love those socks but I think if you're is to be voted voted out soon. Then at the very least he ends up fueling a really great sake wand off at some point in the not too not like when you go to the Karaoke bar where they serve something. Yeah you drink sake. It's it's a little smelly but the decor the aesthetic of great. Okay Josh. I'M GONNA go with my first pick a man who This past Wednesday night he he had a little something something now. You would think that people are like well. Dean doesn't have an idol. Now he is one of the LYRA guys. He voted out Jack at the last. I vote which I think. Kind of blow up his spot a little bit in terms of like was he sort of ingratiating himself to the people with the new vocab even though they were going to vote for him there so they were planning on voting for him he seems expendable to just about everybody except for Kelly. So Give Me Dean with my first pick. I think it's a good good pick. I almost went with Dean myself. I think there's the reason to get rid of him. Also the reason to ignore him right now from me which which is like. He's set adrift on Memory. Bliss right now you know. He's is all on his own An Indian is detective dean. Gene Inspector. Kowalski is is off on his own path. Now I that's exactly indeed. It's real baby bear so I don't know I feel like there's reasons to kind of just ignore dean. He doesn't have strong ties to the old Bairo Arrow. He was just targeted by new Iro but that also could just mean. He's a very agreeable person to vote out early. Somebody that seems a little bit physical. I don't know that he's Out Quite as nerve wracking to me as some of the other players in the game on that level but I think the upshot if deemed goes in this to Arab sewed read it will be heartbroken. Read it has really taken in a shine to dean. But the upshot will be got to imagine we'll get our first like Ponderosa Nar episode. Oh maybe first black and white ponderosa video. So I'm here for that okay. All right Third pick overall my second year in the snake draft. I Philip that Jamal is somebody who could be on the outside. I think I think I would look at the guys not to say women's lines but I do feel like that. At least the Lyra women are saying who are the men that are expendable and Jamal is not part part of that and I feel like he lost a very close ally in Jack and I could see him as somebody who is potentially outside of the inner circle goal over at Boakye so I could see Jamal being a person who goes home in the double man. I hope not I was. I was really sad to see Jack go first of all I I really broke my heart but I I was so happy. Once I watched his Ponderosa video where he was just like the sweetest even being on the plan is like I can't wait to welcome everybody. Everybody in with open arms and be like the happy go lucky mayor of Ponderosa. You'll love to see it so I'm really glad that he made the jury. But I was so sad to see Jack and Jamal broken up. Jim Ball is now sands idol. He has just made an idol play. He has made an incorrect idle play publicly and I think if all the vote is fractured and if old Vo Chi feels like they are in a place of such security that they can shed a little bit of the numbers that they they had had in the past. Then maybe Jamal somebody that they would look to get rid of here. They've always been on the same page with him. He was excluded from the molly. Vote at the start of the season. This is all just gone down here at current Liar Oh. I don't think that Jamal is a bad pick. I don't think that I would have picked him but I think that he's of the vote of the original Boakye. Think he'd be very high. If not number one on my west of people. I'd be concerned about moving into the merge this week Okay Josh. Two hundred zero are to to go. I really really like her Olot. Obviously and I've been hyping her since the preseason I think that she is more than decently dope I think she's super dope. But I think also somebody who has been like the high commander of of the crew like I think she's been one of the most one of the most obvious strategic players on the board for better and for worse and I I think that she is certainly worthy of that title. I think that she's somebody who's thinking about the game a lot. I get the sense that a lot of people think that she's thinking about the game which I don't know is a good thing for her or not. I think that she somebody who is talented enough that I could see her going on an immunity run. I can see her building up enough of a coalition that she's able bliss survive dispersed voter to at the start of the merge. But if there's like a major anti Lila rose sentiment I could see missy getting targeted quickly. Because she's very aggressive and maybe Byu don't want to leave her on the board for too long because she's somebody that could be dangerous enough to rally something short stuff up and there are these three x Foci people people were. I guess they're stove. Okay people but you've got. WHO's there Tommy? Dan and Lauren who've now all been on the other end of being somewhat betrayed by missy. It's like for similar reasons that I'm picking Aaron. I think I'm picking Missy here as my second person. I hope I'm wrong. I hope I hope nobody goes home at the merge. Nobody goes home with them. Obviously there's obviously that's not true but I really do love this cast. There's water too but like you know for the most part. I'm really really happy with who were at the merge with and most permutations mutations moving forward I'm going to be pretty pleased with but I'll take missy here just because I think that there is a decent shot. A decently dope shot that she could find herself targeted. Just the number so we're going into this merge seven six with original line of seven original vocab I six original Lyra but the six is also a very fractured six thousand. The four people that voted together and then also dean and Krishma Rush MMA who may either of them might flip even if the four that went to new Boakye stick together either one could end up voting with Voca Foci for one reason or another against people from their original tribes. So maybe the Jamal pick was a bad one. I don't no I mean I just don't I don't have a great enough sense yet and we'll we'll figure it out very quickly into this next episode of just how broken down the original tribal lines lines are because they think on current liar. Oh you do get the sense that people were ready to bake moves. It wasn't like an overwhelming vote against jacker required a very very convoluted move to get him out of there. Dean was down with that. Kelly was obviously down with and even if she didn't cast the vote and nor was in on it as well and Nora apparently hates Jabali which is not the worst thing in the world. Apparently you should feel happy that I ate you. Instead of being indifferent to the logic there is just aimed. But let's go with it so like already already like there's that that that like that valve is loosened. You know so I wonder I wonder what happens with the Greater Boakye gets back together. You you got to imagine a lot of questions about what the Hell happened to Jack Jack. I think just from what. I had examined of the Times that I've gotten to talk to Jack. And what but I got to observe from Camp Life with Jack being there I would imagine that Jack was deeply loved figure out there and I think that people are going to be very surprised that he is the one person who is not showing up at this merge so depending on the fallout from that I think could be could be really interesting. A lot of filibustering. Let me make this. I've been I've really been putting it off because I just don't know where to go and I don't feel great about the pick but I do feel like I should take a an original Tokai. Just even things out man and I'll take Tommy Tommy Tommy popular sentiment is like Tommy doing good time going far. He's doing great. I was like this whole segment of like the like Tommy's trying to throw Dan under the bus but maybe him trying to throw Dan under. The bus is throwing himself under the bus. Because has people now think that he's Shady Shady. She hand So I feel like you know Tom is another one who like an older era of survivor. Maybe CBS somebody who goes around this spot. I don't feel great about the pick. I feel like this is a little bit of a wasted spot but I'm just kind of panicked and I don't really know who to choose. So the Tommy Okay I'm I'm really torn between two people here with the last pick and I guess I I I have to I. I feel maybe a little bit better about one person but I'm GonNa go with you know. I've planted my flag all week that I thought Kelly made a bad move so let me say let me let me. I was really surprised Kelly or Elaine I could see Elaine is Emma Maddalena Lane was where I almost in terms of that it just when I look at the numbers where you have of seven people and I don't know how who invoke is super tight with Elaine. She had that advantage. She played it at the tribal council. You also have dean who is not super loyal to Elaine. And he could be another person. That could flip over to vote. But I I came out so hard against the Kelly move in. I love the execution. Don't get me wrong but in terms of the success of it working. I have my doubts. So I'll say Kelly just to play my flag. Eggen US keep keep consistent with my takes do you. Do you want to each pick. Somebody who we say absolutely not. This person is now going home so that if they we do go home we look like the biggest idiots. Yeah okay all right so do I I because you just went with Kelly. Yes okay who is the safest I and I would be the biggest idiots if they went home I would you would be a moron and Nydia in. His person went home a moron and an idiot if they went home. yes Janet got it. Oh Man I was gonna take Janet like a whole thesis spied this. Yeah I jet. It's it's going to be fine. I think if you're a big Janet fan I feel like there's no reason that Janet is going to be in trouble. Why would anyone get rid of Janet right now? She's spectacular. She seems like she hasn't wronged anybody. There's bigger fish to fry right now and that's probably two to everybody. Foolhardiness Janet will will outrace everybody in the grand scheme of things but I I feel like Janet is she's made it this far Very exciting Janet has has made it this far and I think that she's had she's played with the three Cs and I think she is. She's GonNa core heads are going to prevail in it through that she's going to make it out of the merge urge episode. Okay who else called man. I was still filibustering WHO's guaranteed safe? Okay you know who I think I I feel like we may. They've been they've been positioned as rivals throughout the series thus far. So let's just get them both in the water I'll take buys will. Oh gimme. Elizabeth Elizabeth is safe. Feel like Elizabeth is going to swim away from the merge episode and she's going to be a okay. I think that Lyra could be in danger. Og Oh gee Lyra could endanger. But I think it's kind of plays similarly to Janet not just in the fact that they are both professional swimmers but the fact that they're both kind of straight shooters I don't. I think there is any indication that Elizabeth has been playing any other way than above board and I feel like right now at the merge I like her I like her position Ryan unless she's like somebody to target because they think that she's kind of like a safety person to target. That's what makes me a little bit nervous. But otherwise I feel like she's going to be okay so I would have preferred Janet. But I'll take buys Eliza back. Okay all right. So that's what we're going to be watching out for on Wednesday night Josh before we go to the Wanda and let me just take a moment and thank a sponsor for on this podcast those our friends over at sharper image. Who Bring you the coming? Comfort waited blank Josh. Did you notice this week. What missy said when she was talking about why they needed to vote out? Tommy me this. This is what she said. I why they needed to devote out. 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Blanket Dot Com Promo Code Rob because he can't put a price tag on a great night's sleep go online at Calming Comfort. BLANKET DOT COM. Use Promo Code Rob for your special discount. Today Josh One of the things I had done this week to prepare for my interviews with cast and Sierra was I went back and I started watching some survivor. Ever second chances. Yeah and you imagined how Nora would fit alongside the witches covering. Oh no no. I had so much fun going back. It was starting to get me high. No yes yes I know what. You're saying four. Yes yes oh my God. It's going to be the best. I had a very similar experience. It's last year when I went back and watch survivor. Second chance for the first time I was I was already starting to formulate the gags for the second chance chapter after I feel like a lot of them right themselves. It's going to be a good time when we get to this in ten years in every time seems to stop was on the screen I could not not contain laughter. Dying every Stephen God. That was so great. Do you remember do you remember. I'm doing the ring. Toss Josh I just remember the own goal you get there you go Eleni and wing you need. You can leave happy for the rest of my life. You shut the circle on your you could. It'd be did arrested. Let you finish. That thought. Pick up where we left off. I actually I just remember the own goal. The own-goal the own goal and the gastrointestinal distress. which as I recall was severe cell? Phone the ball defeat now. Can't get the BUM rap. I think Gartner's yeah certain quarters orders of the survivor spear it gets a bum rap. I went back and watched it and at that point like at least somewhat free of reasons see bias. It wasn't the most recent all star season that I had seen at. That point certainly holds up better than thirty four on that much but a lot added a lot of gold in thirty one and I think what we go back and revisit that. I'm very very excited to do that. Launched me on like a little mini. Rewatch I went went from thirty one through go back through game. Changers coincidentally that's where the rewatch style so bump bump lightly prepped for whenever we do start digging into the evolution of strategy again. All Right Josh. Can I kick off the Wanda off with some happy news. We we have a birth in the family of the wand off that Corey be and shelley gave a new arrival. Oh that's amazing. Congratulations Corey be. I would say if we hadn't already wished you. Congratulations because we already wished out. All the happy birthday is earlier in the season that was to people that are great how currently existed they hadn't yes. That's a good point. That's a good point. Yes I'm being very route so I do think that Corby and shelly need to have more children to give out all the hats that they the need to have more hats than at their house. Need to have one for every hat Twenty three kids. Don't stop until that's where you're at now. Congratulations to you both. Fantastic fantastic news birth in Wanda in wombat nation. Yes spectacular news all right. Let's talk about the old business. That's how we always start this off. We need to talk about last week. And what went on in the wand off voting. Of course you could vote all week long. Rapids website accomplish vote Wanda in third place last week with thirteen point nine nine percent of the vote you want off newcomers Tina toner and DJ Derek with the Oopsy Duke C.. Do Psy A little bit of an upset last week I actually thought. Okay No I. I thought that this one was going to take it in second place. Twenty four point twenty. Three percent of the vote went to Alex G. Wow For dad block vote wow survivor. Phillies vary on Alex G. Yes and the the survivor Philadelphia. Yes on your Youtube and of course that Alex g yes that it is coming up this Friday November fifteen th at eight. PM on Youtube. If you want to check out the the survivor philly new episodes will be released every two days. Wow Breakneck competitive with survivor. Filthy survivor driver Philly. But there's there can never be enough. Survivor fills yeah all right josh. So that begs the question who did win the wand off a aw last week who had forty point nine six percent of the vote why I can tell you that. It is a one-off newcomer. ooh named Mike from Massachusetts sister. Nino two point Oh on where have I seen slab wins. He says he's he's got the right there. You go mike from Massachusetts. Yeah it was is because of the bourgeois. Obviously as we enumerated eldest week I absolutely one hundred percent will get you every time all right. So Oh Josh. Let's talk about this past week of or the current episode of survivor and talking about what the wand off artists came up with this week. Of course everything is going to be on our wand off soundcloud playlist available to the patrons Robbins podcast. But here's the host of the one off the late. Great Casey. He Case Rob. It is a pleasure to be back here for this final free merch of the decade Wanda. While I have to say surprise you did not bring any case. Oh considering rob's previous comment about using a weighted blanket like a Burrito that deep enough poll that is a weighted blanket tug this far that is such a deep. Pull that my feet are sticking out of the way to blink at educate in their operated right into it Josh. Let's get to this week's auroral mentions will start with Jordan from Vancouver who had a keen observation about what was is going on in the new Lyra tribe. After the rain I'll suck at fire. It now was Alicia Keith. Nail with a song that might soon be added into the. We didn't start the fire or list. There were just going to have a ban on all fire products. All fire hazards must be removed from the Wanda off to. We're going to be picking elements pretty soon new Wanda role. If they say the word fire in the song we've probably gotten it before for a wand off that includes fire in the verse. There's some exceptions. We know all your heart. Which of course is another element as per captain planet? Next up here is trevor with a a song about the offer for Janet on the island of the idols Janet. Do you WANNA a player show. You could win an advantage. It's called the safety with our really freaking random and Who Played Jim Chance? I self run you lose you it gets you more. TV needs no okay. Not Now was song from curse Alex Bell From this movie froze on warriors. I know I was GONNA say anything other that I thought it was beautiful. The beautiful beautiful. I love how you love. Pick a rock out of the bag. Josh says one of your favorites big fan of pick Iraq out of a bag in challenge for more challenges should just be pickle rock out of back. It's a fierce. Take that I will did not submit Redknapp. The NAP of and this one feels yes always always has that Arnold Palmer tree great right on your down hot hot. Winter's Day Josh next up. Here's Jason Lee with a song about the person who put together this week. The unlikely pair. Hey I know your ex girlfriend no way no school at war to pay rex girlfriend. Hey team deal. Let's form an alliance no way. No way it's gotta be a secret. Hey Hey dean dean. Has I know your ex girlfriend detective or so good investigations. Does you could have mug. Great collaboration everybody else on Lyra once. You've gone to bird causing me so much frustration. Shit Oh my God I just had some inspiration. I'll give you can play it. They're like Mike. This will be so easy flow. Vote for a while. He should play the expires. The restaurant Fred no way no no. I don't mean Chelsea girlfriend how was from artists. Averill Levinas as good well done Josh. Our final arable. Mention is something that we don't normally normally do. We don't normally traffic in conspiracy theories here in no wiggle room. No typically not you save that also oh for renounce your mind great Antonio in the sky but Robin from Rochester is here and she's got a conspiracy very about this week's most recently voted off castaway not to go into wild conjecture but focal your seatbelts. Things are about to get an eared inspiration. I couldn't put my finger on it in the pre-game something thing about Jackie deja-vu but not the same. His personality familiar at all sir. Something didn't seem quite right. Ways San Rondo. Sookie Matt in two thousand thousand fourteen. A pair of brothers with long hair grease starts screens some side if drew was his brother. Alec wouldn't be disrespectful. Froze cocky rude. ooh My Gosh Fan Mazda taken it upon themselves to change Josh someone back in time. And they stole the Little Alec Babble Way. I know a sound deranged pretty strange. But but you've talked time travel in the past so bring it anyway really do need help Christie alter term. That was kidnapped as a baby right so he could talk. He said sorry to learn to south. I Kelly starts a fire bullied. APPLEBEE's a jury any way. Wow now that was from the crew panic at the disco wrong the disco Yeah do you buy that that that Jack is actually no. He's actually Alex Third Christie brother. Well well my understanding of the theory as it was projected upon us via Song Robin from Rochester from Robin from Rochester. Her is that the survivor casting team went back in time and plucked Alec Christie from when he was a baby to take him when he was raised different different way a different dimension. Yeah so so. They worked out better I think just so he was more respectful of of of people to do that like try to learn to be better stuff. Yeah I think I'm in your in Excel. I didn't really see the resemblance. We'll have to go back in this. Scott I'm just GONNA go ahead and say I'm into it. I feel it and I like it at. I don't see any reason why we shouldn't sign on for the theory of I'll say that I'm also also currently making like the Ala Christie jury face right now because I'm a little shocked by this news jobs on the DOORKNOB. How sorry Jeremy? We'll move onto the top five now. Not Christie brothers are us. It's US it's us. It's always been Josh. Were ready for the top. Five songs and combat's nation to get things started. Here's the pairing of Love Arid Robertson and Jordan Kayla. Ish Dr I talking about. Kelly's move on. I I just had to use use this powers of detection have disconnection into this. We will vote check out. No one crazy strategy is hazy. But let's fool son gays in this booth. Jack do get I do out Kenley Pool in Norfolk blindside skills are tribal council freaking bona fide. Teach at Harvard or warden. She's was satisfied then. Tom Laid off at Tim. Horton's be idols of proud. She's mastered the art of persuasion. Speaking out shaking up with carbonation megamall all the check of foolish. But who am I to judge this was written by Dece coolish. Yes the. The newer works of the artist. Kanye West Nail The tiny sounds ugly. Sell all right at least according to Aaron Robertson and De Schoolers some like digital Kazoo next up there are are some listeners that we're not thrilled that Jack was going to be a member of the jury but Adam B and Craig L. are not some of those people own they a bar Vena Go ahead That was from the Eagles Rock Montana home of survivor contestant Randy Bailey during the time of survivor much for the Casey that was that was really. I mean come on. You're trying what are you paying you for pay. We're paying Josh. It's rude to ask me that on the air. I'm not talking about the direction of the money. The resources are you kidding me. Jerry podcast what do you need money. Four four just like you. Maybe I'm being harsh Josh. Josh Layoff Casey Kasem. Come on. Let's go staff to make an after living afterall as well sorry Josh even though Oh you said I don't bring much value to the podcast. Not exactly what I said. I'm GonNa keep going with the number three song and wombats nation put together by the duo of Michael Clark and Laura. Ed All about of a former fling one of the great detective co Alcee ex girl for show we Good Canada's the judge at least the Forgot about that denies he we. That was the artist Boston. Robin wouldn't that song if I mean deans ex girlfriend. I think I'd be like all over twitter of like I did that I did. This was me this week. I put this together. This was Bradley Clyde ex girlfriend at the very honest the same that she was so vocal. I feel like that Kelly's friend flesh. Deans ex girlfriend is keeping a low profile. It's funny because clijsters girlfriend also works really well as a substitute lyric for a call. Your girlfriend the pair. Also I think my issue with the line about Having more friends than NBC did in in the One thousand nine hundred. This is the only single brands bar. Yeah I mean more than six seventh friend right. Justice factoring gunther into the equation now. Nobody was his friend Josh. The number four song wombats nation nation comes to us by familiar duo with a new member of the trio. Dave from Ohio. With if becky and Taylor talking about Janet's retured from the island of the idols stomach in doing flipflops. Everything's Coin Up. There might froze song for the island of the idol has put a target on people's backs and I did not want onto happen to me. I'm sitting in a good spot. Man Huge target on your back. It started onto the island of something she fears. She's leaving beat her face covered in tears when she gets this. Your Zia Thuan. His Queen Next Sandra on the show a gap from Boston with. It'll be on the safe but she don't meet she such a smart lady. She says it hurts. Rachi establish some steel establish some more revealing she made with amazing brand. Abso- There tells me the longevity the end game. She's got the makings of a winner. Wow that was the great will wall Smith. Yeah that's funny mental picture. I was getting into it with a friend of mine recently. Who who swore swore up and down straight face simply fully full heartedly believes without question this is a take that he has and he will not back down from it and will not hear any reason or arguments to the contrary that will Smith is indisputably beautifully the greatest rapper of all time? This was my friends tate. I would like it if it's possible to add a question to the poll this week. The census yes. Yes yes yes or no. Yeah it is. Will Smith the greatest rapper of all time. Yes or no get official. Wombat data let me let me add some fuel to this. Because I think and you can make the case that he that he is because he makes it sound so easy. Because if if you're not will smith you could. It could turn out like you are attracted to tell you this trust me assured you section took place that you need the two men in Ooh I is this. Is this another show that you have that so quickly on stand by. What does that joke missing shortly after the US? So it's GonNa say there is no edit time that happened as quickly league in the actual playing of events as it happened as you listened to it. There was stopping song right now. There's no stopping down. You just played it all right so I'm out now. Everyone else is in. That was mesmerizing. All right don't need for the question will. Smith is obviously the greatest rapper of all time but josh back to content that caters to use specifically. Who is last week's winner of the wand of going for the the to win a row here is Mike from Massachusetts talking about the lesson taught on the island of the idols? Hey Jan answered with violence Sandra. She's she's scared. It's Sir calculate risk me where a big impediment comes rock. Music does waving the next talk to strangers. The man came. They were the worst of my entire life. That was the duct Taylor stocker well. I really amazingly easingly outlook at Christie's mentioned twice in the Wanda off amazing. And you know shout out to Rick Evans who was such a great sport. It's important come on so it also this week a while before it even came up. Yes took that you you ask for things and the wand off artists deliver Josh. It's true it's true except that I've asked for one more glycerine and that didn't come but the rain dried up. Yes yes still still time to pluck the fruit from that low hanging Bush. All right I don't know I don't think it is alright. Josh Winkler with that of course that we could not do the wand off without the help of the great randy new poll who uploads all of your submissions Shins Wanda off Soundcloud playlist available to patrons rob as a pod. Gas Or without the help of Jason Curtis Rivera who puts together all of the music videos. Josh even though you said I shouldn't get paid further Wanda off. I will see you next time. Keep your feet on the ground and keep your hands on the table book. Screw up everything. Josh Winkler is doing all right. Don't feuding we had a couple look good weeks with him and now you set them off. This isn't GonNa go great. I don't feud well you start with me and really earning one of your hats. Yeah Yeah but then I move is really just ignore it. Yeah freeze them comfortable. Just move on. I go deep into like my Miami hidey-hole and just pretend it doesn't exist. It was like Oh if I ignore it for long enough then. It'll go away with a lot of things. I might that with a lot of things a lot of things and it's something that he should get paid. I think maybe he should be making money. Fame you like seems like the more apt these CASO unlimited case. So that's fine. That would be a lot of cases. All Right Josh. I know you're so busy with everything that you're doing not just survivor. But what else do you have going on right now. It's a lot. Lots of stuff. Watchmen were four. Weeks into watchmen weeks in all right. The next two episodes from your for you right. Now Eh watchmen is underway on. Hbo My coverage is underway at T. H. R.. Dot Com slash watchmen and that includes weekly podcast coverage over at the series. Area's regular podcast on the Hollywood reporter with myself in Antonio Massaro breaking down each. And every week of watchmen in copious amounts of detail L. Antonio and I are also podcasting about Mister robot. We have our next episode of the PODCAST. Coming your way later this week recording a little later than usual so plenty plenty of time to get feedback in. If you've got questions about this final season of Mister robot. Now's the time special feedback. Show is how we're going to handle this one Jessica Lisa and I will be recording. Are Walking dead podcast on Tuesday night so we are six episodes in rob people are excited. Okay well I run into a problem. Run through roadblock an issue yes like when he gin put up those roadblocks for the day. I don't have AMC right now. I changed my cable. A they see if somebody really wants me to call I need I need a log in and for somebody WHO's AMC to watch walking dead somebody Hook or rob on. Though I just I don't I don't have it on my fourth quarter and that you no you can't buy as cer by the season on itunes or something but that's not. Yeah but why would you do that. GotTa gotTa be another way. There will be another way way. I'm just saying I need help. Walk could right now walking dead while they now they're they're keeping me from it they're keeping you from it the walking dead's good right now. So you you out there have. AMC access you're watching walking somebody'll help me. Somebody told me Jackson I R- podcasting push recaps very very fun stuff. So that's GonNa Record on Tuesday night and then Mike Bloom and I we have down the hatch continuing. We are up to the Herald. Paranoid flashback special literally. It's called called special starring. Harold Perrineau as Michael Dawson. We're going to finally find out more about walt and I find out more about wall. I mean just a little bit of information information that they don't really ever fully pay off in any kind of huge way but that hasn't been the leader of that. Walt is going to be seven feet tall. Yeah he's literally. It really becomes a huge gigantic. You Yes yes yes. Yeah so. That's all happening on poster recaps goalless subscribed already tons of podcasting happening over there. All Right Josh great job once again I also I would love to say Happy Veterans Day to all of our veterans the veterans that are listening to the podcast gas and of course that I hear from people from time to time who are serving or have served and listen to the podcast and sounded really. Appreciate that and thank you for your service to present all of our veterans that are listening to the show and Joshua. We'll be back next time. Absolutely can't wait all right. Let's let's do a little bit of Twi- sh- stockham bow take so we can smartest sworn Yeah that's the sweet elite sound of will from America singing the theme song to this week in survivor and the man who joins me every week ached talk about everything going on this week in survivor. History Quiz please. Welcome back at the Great Jordan Georgian in. How're you doing well? J just jets jets Finally got our second win of the season. There I was I actually at the game with the greatest winokur who is a big fan of Joke answers for Choice Day. Okay all right so Jordan. We're very lucky this week because we are joined by a woman who actually join me for a podcast with the affirmation Akiva winokur this week and some are saying. It was the best podcasts. They ever listened to here. She is from the Love Island. Wrap up brother candidates six and more course Kirsten mcinnis Curson how are you. I'm good rob. How are you also the Riverdale recap over on Hausky casts? That's a that's right. You have to say it okay but this isn't Caskey cast but we're going to be testing you on the facts here today accepted now. I'm doing the tax. It almost almost made that work is it. Why is it cow ski? If it's both of you how come your name doesn't get in there. That's were going okay. Let's let's sixty. We were hemorrhaging listeners. All right we gotta stick. Let's stick with survivor for for a minute for one minute at least earliest okay. All right now. That's impossible. Kirsten happy to have you here with us. So the barrier to getting here with us was that you said Hey I would do do the podcast. But I'm anti quiz so we will have a pinch wizar- joining us later on in the show for this week and cyber history quiz exactly. Yeah so so I think Jordan Kayla's actually is the first person who saw any potential in me as a podcast or other than you. He messaged me originally about this weekend survivor. History Quiz Many moons ago a according to my facebook messenger five days after I was not voted into big brother to ask me onto the quiz so mike while the iron is hot exactly. I'd only done. I think to podcasts at that time and now here I am and this is not even only podcast recording today so Jordan. Really Liane saw that coming okay. Nice Job Jordan or as a teacher I always like to be an inspiration to people and Carson. I am happy that I it can be the person who started off your take. No credit for regular rock but Kirsten you were part part of the hot takeoff which has been received very well. Very rare to have back rene episodes that have received well. So congratulations and thank you for were you or Helping to make that possible. You're welcome. I was a lot of work. But thank you for including me. Because I don't think I've ever had more fun recording a podcast resonated on that one. I was giggles central for everybody involved and I. Yeah I think you guys are GonNa have a hard time coming up with the third third one after the master napper. Okay all right. So since we're mentioning hot takes so cursed in an openness to Jordan's and put all the pressure on you do we have any hot takes about survivor. Thirty nine in terms of survivor heartaches so harks anywhere to go until the definition of a hot take and all that but I I would say that my my strongest take about this season is that it is very fun to watch the episodes But then trying trying to think about it outside of them is very complicated annoying. So you're talking about the game play. Yeah it's just like every episode when I'm watching I'm enjoying it but then I find that I have a hard time getting into the mode of thinking about it in between where it's it's just so for not egg and which is fine but then it's confusing and hard to predict Jordan. Early hot takes about the season. I would say my hardest take right now and it's this Kelly's move. Ah Give di in the idol and get Jack Out of the game has been spoken about on a Lotta podcast this week and I think everyone agrees that it was very exciting and it was great tv it may have been a little bit shortsighted my heartache is. I think it was actually a really good move. Okay Good Kirsten thumbs up or thumbs down on Kelly's move Well it was incredible and masterfully. Done But I just worry that at this point in the game that things are not going to work out as well for her like. It's basically made from the idea of well. If this idol two gene and save him he'll oh me something and I think we've we've seen over the years that that's not necessarily the case people don't really. Oh you things in and these shows and I think it might come back to bite her. Okay so let me hear Dece ghoulish that. I haven't heard anybody really say that. They love it in terms terms of moving forward so make the case so I do understand. It's risky and I do understand that. If I were to say to tell people that she was the one who gave him the I could come back to bite her in the butt. But I don't think that's going to happen in every the reason. I don't think that is going to happen. who was dean going to? I mean He. Clearly the people the vote on his tribe now wanted him out. They all voted for him. And is he going to go back to his old era team members who he wasn't doesn't really closely aligned with. I don't think so so I think that in his mind his closest ally in the game right now is Kelly who just saved us and I have a hard time seeing him turning owning around on her. I mean I think maybe if we go further down the road and it's a situation where maybe he sees a path to the end without Kelly. I could see him playing something Off where he may be tells people that she was the one who gave them the idle at this point but at that point they might be a little bit too late and it might not matter so I think that actually Kelly might be in the clear and I understand that Jack did say in his exit interview that he was maybe a little bit skeptical of Kellyanne. She thought maybe she had something to do with him. I'm going out of the game but if no one else feels that way. I mean he's gone. He can't tell people that until you know we get to the Elliott at the end. And he's he's on the jury obviously but I I. I really think that it's the kind of thing where Kelly now is potentially part of a very strong alliance with some of her old vocab tribe members like Janet. She's going to be able to link up with Tommy and war and now that they're going to merge and she now has deemed potentially in her back pocket if she ever did need to turn on one of our allies it ever got to the point where it's just her alliance left plus a couple stragglers. She can use him as a number so I I really liked the move Kelly. I don't think it's necessarily just a case of big move. I I think it's something that could help long term in the game not not just short-term Kirsten is Jordan convincing you at all I mean I hope he's right because I love Kelly early but I just I think there's also the factor to consider which could comeback like Kelly's the one was talking about you know having an alternate vote and I don't know that we can trust or not to say anything when she'll straight up at tribal council say well. Yeah but I was thinking about this thing You know and she's just such a wild card. Hi She is a wild card and I just wonder so much about the You know the Janet's in the malls asking a lot of pointed questions about how did this all come together. And maybe Kelly Not Kelly ordine or not having all the answers that are going to keep everybody's like Oh. I guess the that was weird at the united idle. All right. So let's let's not that well on it too much. Jamal was also now someone who played an idol. And like you know if anyone asked S. two mall where he got his his idol he may end up saying you know. I found it on the beach so there are people in the game who know that there aren't just idols at the island of the idols. And I also I think the fact that you break up Jamal and Jack get Jamal flushes idol. That was a very very tight pair in the game. Who might be able to pull in some of these these free agents who were left and and now it's just Jamal on his own without an idol? So I think it really clearly weakens him. Okay it's been a fun week for survivor talk between some the people defending the move. Everybody agreeing it was great theater and I really of course Kelly making the move. I don't want to be the a person to always be like you know because I get on Stephen. Sometimes he's always like Oh. That movie was bad. That movie was bad so I don't WanNa be no. Oh Fun Rob. But I feel like that it's a survivor is often not these flashy moves that happen at least in the middle of the game. I feel like that more towards the end is when you WanNa make these kind of moves. Kirsten Yeah I definitely agree on that. But it's very exciting that we have players willing to make these moves and it does make great television so people should definitely continue with these crazy maneuvers and especially people like Kelly. I Love Kelly so much and once the Times Stephen and I were both very famously. Wrong about Tony's Lakos and all the moves that he was making so Really it comes down to what we know about Janet a little bit and and Kirsten that I thought that hasn't gotten a ton of attention. So the Janet had very curious move when she came back from the island of the idols calls that she was coming back on the boat and saw her tribe and then pulled a pseudo. Oh Michaela with her tribe when she was returning to the beach about this today and Nora has city oh well Jannine. China's showed us that she didn't have an idol when she came when she came back but she's such a free spirit. I've never I've never seen somebody uh-huh is that a move to disarm. Everybody had an idol. Well I think what we're seeing is. Nudity is beginning to play increasingly more and more a role in showing that. You don't have any idols. Bills are advantages so janice just right on on board with that. I also I loved in that Nora quote. She's like she's a free woman and a Free Spirit right and she likes to be naked. Apparently it was like on. This is news. Yeah failing show the idol show us the idol and she's like I got nothin often forehand and apparently that words like she didn't have to cry on the beach like Kelly Dead Chris. My favorite part about that is after after. She flashed everybody. The tribe was going nuts but then she apologizes to the boat driver. She's like a sorry driver man. If you're ready for that he's lucky didn't crash the boat. I honestly he really is. I really liked also on the the boatman originally came out Jamal's like now we got a little boatman like let's see what little boatman has to Jordan. Jack is also very upset to go to the island of the idol. She was crying very emotional national. Yeah I mean I think anything that sets you. Apart from other members on the tribe can be scary. But she's really put herself in a good position where I think even if she had even if she decided to play the game and had gotten something and maybe shared some of her tribe members. I think she would've been fine. But I understand the kind of visceral reaction like I am going to be set apart. I'm GonNa be away from my tribe for a little while anything can happen in that short period of time but I think he's playing such a social and very ah strategic game as well and I was. I agree with with Boston. Robinson her that she made the right move not to take the What are they calling it? The A a safety without power which is stupid name. Yeah I think I understand the the reaction but I think that Janet would have would've been fine coming back and just going going back to our allies and having been away from them. I think she's an in a good spot. Yeah the safety without power advantage. That's a mouthful to say the very least. Please a a voicemail that I didn't get to with Sierra but maybe we could answer this question this is from one of our listeners Zack Arab Hey Sierra era. It's back from Georgia. I was watching the TV this week. And I saw Janet be given the opportunity to compete for a safety without power advantage. I just had a little bit. These people make television for a living. How are they so bad at naming things safety without power that's terrible that's cut catchier punchy it all wanna call it something like the peace out advantage where you just use it to travel council or they could honor like Jonathan Penner and call call it the advantage or something like that you guys? I don't know hope like some kind of advantage name Rehab because locked the votes not great either block the vote and safety without power. Give them better names. cleese thank you okay. Kirsten can you help us. rebrand the safety without out power advantage. I just I feel like after the peace out more is there. That's the pinnacle of naming advantages. The incredible tenors naming things on the show. I think we could get interesting. Thank spot what A. What about the screen Gaz? I'm going home advantage. Yeah Love Line. Do you think it's possible that Janet didn't take it because when you you are including a without without power in the name of the powerful safety without power like award I want any advantage that's called blank without power. Yeah it definitely has kind of that neutered sound to it. I also really liked during this when in Boston. Rob is like wow Janet. You really understood this lesson on calculated risk and it's like obviously he was preaching about calculated risk to a woman who already understands cost spend analysis. So it's like I don't think she learned it. She just knows she's in a good spot and already has that skill set. Well I like that. She laid out the whole Reason about as you said like well if I did this then I would lose the trust of my allies. If I had to use it I'm not GonNa do it and then rob is like why again I think it would make me a target after after are usually like the. That's WANNA know why I'm smiling like that. She was like made it pretty clear why she she wasn't taking it in. The first place guy was definitely very clear. And the other thing is that shouldn't rather have tried to sweeten the deal there to try and get him to take. I feel like at every other. Someone's like oh no they're like what about this and then immediately make it like a hundred times easier or the advantage more powerful but this time she said no and he's like can you pass the lesson that was it and it just a little strange compared to some of the other ion excursions to suggestions have said I want safety with if power. which is I guess? Basically just handle Yeah I mean maybe she cut out like I wanna I wanna I wanNA cast my vote so i WanNa have power and then I just want to leave so I can't be voted out so she's just not there when the votes are red but she still gets a guest vote or allies are habit. Yeah I don't know what was on the table with this one but maybe she just was supposed to turn down the offer the lesson and then she didn't get anything was she got the lesson. Oh my God already had it. But she didn't get watermelon. Once you made the right decision. They should have given her some food. Yes she got host your love production giving them food To you oh you don't like you're being you're are being norris the only person that got it and it seems like blatant favorite Yeah I don't know if maybe that was going to be part of the lesson and Nora just like accepted it. So fast. Up The watermelon. In some way Rosen just in terms of the the new name. What do you think like a kind of like a ghosting? ghosting idol. Like I'm going to disappear and then you're not going to hear from me but I feel like what's it called. Something goes but then like POPs back up in your life because she's GonNa be at the next tribal council so I it's not like a full ghost uh-huh yeah it's it's a classic half Ghost Africa. We'll give you a half ghost advantage spooky. It's also but like it's also normally ghosting. Because she would stand up and be like guys I gotta go. I'm so it's like she's she basically just playing with our emotions. I'm leaving. No I'm back like I hate. You know I love you. It's very confusing Yeah so maybe she should have and been like what. If I don't have to go to any of the tribal councils but then I get to I get to be in the final three and they call it the Chris Underwood advantage they go. Hey that is the best example of calculated risk Dece. Okay Yeah Underwood the great last six survivor. I have to take him. Okay let me get. Let me get you to weigh way in on another love slight conspiracy theory from our listeners over another conspiracy theory at least a mystery this comes to us from Darla in Pennsylvania Abraham Sierra this is Darla from Pennsylvania. Did you happen to notice that Kelly wrote a small a in. Dean's name when she voted. Friends Fran at tribal some the caught my eye. I don't know alrighty stay crushing it okay. So thank you Darla so Kirsten I went back and I looked at this and when Kelly votes for Dean she writes Capital D. Capital E. Lower case case a capital and is there any significance to why she might be voting that way now what style title of little a is it. Is it like the one delay. What kind of a is I feel like this comedian something but it depends on exactly what it looked like? I should have looked yes so it was just a small a is it possible personal. That could be some code. Where he's like? Well how do I know so what you're GONNA do well. I'll vote when I vote for you. I'll put a small a in there. But why would he be obsessed with if she was gonNA vote for him or not. Yeah I feel like it. It could be something where she's like. Yes I'm I'm going to vote for you but I'm GonNa put in this special signal. It could be that. Maybe she doesn't like her upper case a why would why would he be like. Hey how do I know. You're going to vote for me. Tribal Council because detective Dina's on the case he's going to look at all. The clues could also be that. That's maybe not how she normally rights and she's trying to maybe frame Nora. WHAT DOES NORA like all caps in one len lower case? I don't know it could be the thing where they're practicing. How they write the alphabet out and the Kelly's like oh I only raise or could be achieved? Notice doesn't like her as Salangi's trying to copy it but if if she's trying to make it seem like she didn't vote for Dean gene than everyone. Assume that you voted for Jack and that looks even worse for her So I I kind of think maybe maybe it goes back to her personal connection Chen with Dean where they where she knows his ex girlfriend. Maybe it's some sort of like inside joke from their town or something. I don't know maybe ex girlfriend's name is like denise and she wanted to do really highlights t. e. n.. For shout out Denise bourgeoning farther and farther away has a theory if there are any detective qualities out there that could crack the case of I can we. Can this be serial season four next. What's the next season? I think it would be four if they did anymore but It would be a great a great premise for the season. If they could somehow investigate why why did Kelly in in the midst of all of these mackin nations. Why would she take the time to write simply one letter? In a different way. -tective Dean could crack any case except this one. Why line take all the trouble? The right three letters capital one the very first letter in the alphabet smaller. The thing is we know the dean will read into everything. And he'll say I know I didn't do it for All right so all interesting theories on a serious note out Kirsten I would love to get your take on the conversation that came out of this trouble council about whether or are not people survivor. Players should presuppose. There are women's alliances. And how do they go about talking about women's alliances on the show. Well I think like Kelly made a great point of. We don't necessarily really talk about men's alliances that much in the same way there somehow just this fear her surrounding women's alliances and I'm not sure if that comes down to like a societal thing where it's like Oh there's all these you know women banding together in taking over or or if it is Like also discussed if it's kind of taking away the the unique human element at I found it really interesting in strange but it's also like I personally don't feel like we live in a world yet where we can be like. Oh Yeah we're JUST NOT GONNA consider gender at all because it does play into things unlike especially how after having that really great discussion of microaggressions with a giant Jamal. God was that only last week doing and I feel like there are those same kinds of things towards women and we hear all the time about how being on survivor kind of puts a woman back into more of a traditional all role. So I think it's it's a very. It's a complex issue and the conversation around it also needs to be complex. I thought it was really interesting seeing Janice perspective because you know Janet is obviously older than the other women on the cast and her experience is a little bit different. Like I'm sure that She has a lot more experience than having to work a specific way to be successful with men and I think that that came out a lot in her her points. It was just. It's a complicated issue. And I'm glad that they gave it a little bit of time to to breathe but I feel like there's there's more to it something that I noticed was that Kellyanne Janet and I think the result another by remember exactly who they wouldn't make like a long in point. That was very good and only what apologize for too long or Kelly said. Sorry I care about this guy and that to me just kind of put a point on it like we do still have have kind of a long way to go because you don't really see the men apologizing for making a point at tribal council. Yeah you don't need to undercut it or a hash tag. Sorry not sorry yeah exactly sorry not sorry yeah alright Jordan you got that okay all right ready to talk about some social media from this week. I believe a he collected by Alex Rabin who I ran into on the transit. Oh yes how is he doing well. He's the giants fans inaugurate. Okay I've run into Al's ultra at so many different sporting events mainly Yankee Games but this was the first time after a jets giants game. Okay all right keep us posted any any any place I think every every now and when we run into each other we'll just like tweet out a picture all right let's say here. What Jacob Sager Leaguer Weinstein has to say tweets daily tweet thought Really was a great confessional. I really did enjoy how that was presented as well Carson. Yeah that was really great. I almost wish it had a little bit the leg. Big Brother editing where they would do like some sort of visual effect as well by it was. It was incredible the Big Brother version of that would be like. Oh my God i I just had this moment of inspiration like cut to like Kelly. The driver spoken. That's like the editing editing trick they do of anybody says they're gonNa do something good and then immediately like a thing blows up in their face. Yeah it's like okay guys. I'm doing really well in this complex. Okay all right. I'm losing Jordan with the big brother. Talk on him okay. All right So Kirsten did you notice that Queen. Sandra had some wraps on her arms this week. Yes the she didn't get to pull Janet in for a hug like she normally does with everyone and I was very worried about her Yeah Sandra explained on twitter that I wasn't allowed to hug at carbon thirty nine. I had an allergic reaction from some branches. I removed while building holding the shelter and ended up with horrible. Pus filled blisters. My arms were burning swollen and feverish. The doctors change my bandages every single day. For more than a week I get. Why are they having bussing Robbins? Sandra live and the elements. They're not contestants. They're like just the small part of the show where people come to visit them every once in a while. Why can't they live either ponderosa or in like a in a room I get? It's it's survivor. But they're not really they're not playing survivor. Why can't they be like in a room with good food comfortable bed and like every every couple of days they go out to the island of the idols and people on what what I understand? I believe the answer to that question again. And this is what what is what is Canon is think they wanted to. I think that that's what what the answer is. Is your impression also. Yeah I feel like I've seen that out in The ether I. It's just such a strange thing but doug they are at least laid aren't linked living off of lake meager rations of rice. They solve a little bit of energy and have some food sued. Did you see the secrecy in were Boston. Rob Didn't want to like give her a fest bomb. He didn't want to touch her hands a pulled. Aaron talking about it where he's like like what like what's going on with you. How your hands? And then they like talk about it and then she goes to like give them a fist so I purposely didn't watch this video because I heard it was really gross but I will play. Let me let me let me play a little bit of it and then let's listen. But but this right here I was like this is killing me. I'm forty four and in Fiji's taken a toll along with twenty five. That's for sure the hanging. Yeah I don't know vis contagious. Yeah maybe we need to get Dan over there sleeping to Sandra. Maybe that's how we get them to back off. Yeah Well Kevin. He'll disinfect like the rest of the tribe when he starts touching them. You're worse yes I feel like if he wasn't going to get the message from when he was talked about it literally early in the first three days. I don't know that someone talking to him about is going to make him understand boundaries. That's just not something he's got. What doesn't seem like it? Do you have any thoughts on what needs to happen with the situation. Will he needs to listen and I need to back off like it's just like it's not just like a one time thing where he was mistaken and then someone talked to him and he was like oh I see the era of my ways. It seems like he has a pattern of inappropriate behavior happening out there and like I'm sure he doesn't mean anything by it but if you're making the people around and you uncomfortable you gotTa Stop Right in a game in a social game. We're trying to win a million dollars like you feel like oh I got to be able to pick up not not even on on hints but if people are like our like hey this. Is You know the uncomfortable. You would think that we could do. We could do better with that town. Yeah you'd you'd think they'd be like hyper-sensitive of the effects of everything that you're doing on the people who are out of jail and and maybe if something's not working great for you like when you're I I guess cuddling with people and they don't WanNa cut it all. You'd think that you'd be like Oh. Hey People are reclaiming my touch. Maybe I should stop touching the All right so this week at Kelly underscore Kim said literally. My heart is beating so fast watching this and I know what happens hashtags tags survivor. So there was that tense. Big Moment for her. I feel like when you relive those moments. Sir You'RE GONNA you're gonNA have reaction okay. Chelsea Walker said Jack was robbed of a spot on the pre merge shrimp yeah a fun adventure so who is this pre merge crew. If we're going to just do the frail Mary Fan Fiction Real quick so it was just didn't sell it was Ronnie then Molly Chelsea Jason. Jason and Vince those pretty crew. That's yeah that seems like a fun a crew however I mean if you go on survivor and obviously the the goal is always to to win. But I think he'd rather be on on the jury even if you don't make the merge then on the on the trip should I think you want like a fun group have to go on the trip and might trip was myself the late great rudy. Bosch Richard Hatch in an Tina and it wasn't exactly exactly a party crew. Kirsten really shown here that. Believe it or not the biggest. The biggest drinker that was there with me was rudy. Probably to deal with you all day. The Dow was the worst part was talking around. It is and I hope I never find out. I mean you said that you were going specifically out of your way to needle him. When and I love that he enjoyed I was? I wasn't making fun. How can send like Easson with you guys the well that that I? It was an issue with the Richard Ensue of it. All odds they could not they could not be in the same place so they ended it up splitting up our group where she actually ended up doing her own thing and then and Richard ended up leaving also so they could have sent her. It would have been I would love to do around. Yeah I feel like I'm wondering how planned out who was going with on that one. That's a Ah yes. An interesting result came out right and then also it was that we were sort of. You know well known people who were or they felt like there was more danger of detection with the bigger group of you know because they take they take you out and stuff like that so to have a of some really famous people like rich and Rudy and Tina and then also to to add more famous people like Ethan Jerry and in Colby then they felt like the danger of detection was starting to get very high so they split up into smaller groups which also we get your big big time. Huge huge celebrity big big survivor going out of his way to be like there was famous people and not listening himself because I think he he knows that he's about to get roasted survivor survivor hall of Famer. He's up there. No I think I'm pretty incognito. I will say that there was like two or three times that I got recognized in Argentina Argentina but I am not like a I think I'm pretty incognito out in public even at the height of my survivor popularity. I wasn't being harassed on the streets the way that I'm sure people like Richard Hatch and Rudy and Tina and Ethan Kobe. Jerry were and so you know you you don't stand out not incognito as and you like your teammates yeah I have to be at a like like sanctioned survivor events for people to say is that Jason. Jason Linden's here. I thought he looked like fish back. He acts like fish back. It looks more like Robin. I think he sounds like the voice. Sounds like a lot lakers I feel like he looks like Mr Sheffield from the nanny book. I haven't I've been saying this entire seasons. Oh Kirsten your favorite rick. Devon's tweeted this week. He was shown depicted losing saying in the final four fire making challenge. He tweeted a picture he wrote back in here. They're showing my season. Oh wait a second gin and a picture of him with the Hashtag Awkward. At least he has a good sense of humor about it. Yeah that could it'd be like at least you didn't let it like emotionally devastated. I'm not really ruined the know it all those in state. I'm yeah that's right so Aurora tweet it out. She said Sandra Sandra looking like the new rocky hashtag survivor thirty nine. Fema do they rocky from survivor. Fiji Jordan yes. It was definitely referring to Iraqi from survivor survivor. Fiji because everyone with with great detail remembers the pre merger that's MTO s of it so she also tweet. Aurora about a random centipede makes an appearance. I call him Fred Hashtag survivor. Thirty nine curse. Did you. Spot the giant worm. That was on Jack's head I know I didn't and I'm really glad I didn't because I would have had to turn off my TV. Because I was traumatizing for for me is that the kiss of death is that like a survivor curse where they don't really talk about the island. God's too much where. Oh you've upset the gods and you get voted out but like if a giant insect crawls on you at a tribal council is that typically omit going home I mean I guess we go. All the way. Back to season is in one way or the survivor. God's put out the torch of the person who was getting voted out before it actually happened. So maybe the the worm on or centipede or whatever. It was on on Jackson. Buff was the new manifestation of survivor. God's telling us who's going home but I I didn't catch it on my first. Viewing I saw some pictures actors on twitter afterwards and then obviously since I knew about it. I cited crawling around in in my second doing and I. I'm surprised it feels like even though he had the buffed between the the worm and himself it's thinking thank you. Yeah Yeah it's on around has however many you just like on around your head hundred Gandara I know maybe it was a little bit centimeter of millipedes. One hundred feet and no appeal is more. Yeah I don't know we know if we have an entomologist out that knows thousand right. I think I diagnosed diagnosed what the bug was. So smeal is two thousand and Spanish. Yeah Yes yes okay. Yeah I feel like maybe he just had had so many worms crawling on a money to notice anymore. No now he's like a westworld robot If it's a worm so maybe if it were a worm he wouldn't feel it but if it were sent to Peter militate he would okay if it was a little snake you'd feel and they don't have any feet were basically I mean another. They're not reptiles but they are sort of like little snakes are they. Animals animals. Fine the great. ADAM KLEIN LINE tweeted all caps. Survivor is the best show on television. That was one of the most amazing easing hours of TV. I've ever seen real raw powerful a fitting tribute to the life of Rudy Bosch. Who helped start these conversations? -tations twenty years ago. So Adam Klein give him standing ovations survivor this week. I felt like he was right here with Hannah. FELLOW-FINALISTS WITH ADAM millennials next boy Jordan. I feel like that survivor. Really misted. Did they almost had it with millennials verses boomers. They get what they get genetics involved with that I mean they the I don't know why they felt like they had to like manufacturer. This this war between the two generations I think usually are at least on a similar a page but yeah the boomers millennials. That would be enormous. Maybe that's going to be a season. Forty one yeah. boomers versus Jen's e is coming versus Gen Z.. Okay well also so really really young and then really the older casting so the Gen Z.. Grows up all of it. I don't know if we want like whoa how what is Gen Z.. Like what's the cutoff. How old are now gen Z.? I didn't like ninety seven. I'm pretty sure we'll technically agenda when he's so. Do we want like a tribe of walls chirp. Why not? But I don't think everyone with agendas central. Yeah that's that's true. We learn up to generalize. Because someone's Jen's it. Yeah Yeah he could have passed for a millennial. Sal I feel like It's different and he missed his chance to vote off of Chris. HAMMONDS and say okay boomer. Sooner Chris Chris Hammonds not not a boomer in that sense only is a Oklahoma Glaucoma graduate. Yes okay I'm borrowing. Mike Bloom joke because I had tweeted to him earlier that I wanted to do a podcast with him so I could use okay bloomer on a podcast well now you've used it already so it's not gonna mean anything when you get that opportunity. I also try to see you try. The joke's on us first and then our reacted mental use them with I was also trying to workshop a parenting joke. About how when you go to a we have a birthday party for your kid and then some somebody comes and then you have to go to that kid's birthday party that's a kid. Pro Pro quo out. And that's why I it's telling Nicole. Stop inviting people to birthday parties because then we have to go to all these other birthday parties parties. I mean I feel like you should let your kids the social life just because you don't like leaving the house so many podcast anyway so Hannah said I wonder if future survivor players will use last night strategy of having an ex girlfriend common smart. Yeah I think yes you. Should I really do you. We know yet who did get the fishy. How come deans ex girlfriend is an on twitter? Remember when Bradley was on survivor cursing cursing and then she's like. I'm Bradley ex girlfriend that I'm watching survivor. Why the atom climbed voice From the okay. I Love Bradley. I I don't remember that but I also wasn't super plugged in at that moment in time. If somebody's if she's out there you know I wanNA follow. Yeah I mean I do be careful what you wish for rub I want to follow. She doesn't have a to follow me. I wasn't being demanding a follow from her. Okay well you'll have to go looking her. You know who was really mad about this episode Carson Hill Alexis Maxwell now tweeted in all caps. Why is Jack on the jury if he didn't make the merge nothing against Jack but I beg to be on the jury when I was booted? I didn't leave the game. She didn't like that Yeah IT'S A. It's a strange move. I feel like I've seen a lot of people out there. You're saying well. Now that he's on Robin Sandra definitely voting has this changed your view on that at all. I don't know why would why because it's like okay. Well now if we have a million jury votes than what's what's a few more from Robin Sandra GonNa Matter. Well it's because with them being on doesn't it put it to thirteen votes so then it would be on people. I mean unless you're doing filed to it doesn't matter if number Jerry I mean you could. I doubt with a thirteen. Gene Person. Merged that they're going to do a final two. I gotTA assume they're doing final. Could be six six one maybe the jumbo jury for edge of extinction. And they're like well. We'll make an extra big this time. Eleven thirteen doesn't matter offer a jury numbers in terms of math. So I don't know I don't I don't i. Don't Love Love Jack Jack. I don't love somebody who hasn't played with every person game being on the jury. I mean it's happened before and I'm not usually a fan of it I would. It would pale in comparison to how mad I'll be though if Robin Sandra Vote non-players get ready to be mad. Randy Bailey said I. I was born at night but not last. Night was dot clever or funny or original. Sixteen years ago in Boston Rob's and it's not clever or funny or rich today. Bus Rob was doing in a callback of himself. Is that one of his catchphrases Jordan. Not that I know of them. I guess I guess it's possible but look. That's not really a Boston rob close. That's something that people say okay. Ah Yes an existing quote but he is right. It's not funnier original No yeah they named the episode after two. Yeah let's it's not so naive born last night but then it was born in the morning but not yesterday morning. I say that once and it didn't have the same Gravitas catas- it doesn't have the same ring to it but look I mean I feel like I'm someone who was born at twelve thirty one pm and I feel like it's a phrase that someone like me. He was born the afternoon show. I mean shouldn't shouldn't be using. I mean it's not a great phrase in any way. Maybe maybe nobody should be using it. Because it's all the point I was born in the morning Jordan. Can I not say it now but why can't I say hey. I was born in the morning but not yesterday morning. I mean you can have. But it just doesn't have the same impact and I was born around lunch so I was born around lunchtime but not not yesterday's lunchtime. Yeah Hey me too. I was born in Twelve Sixteen PM. Fifteen in minutes before me but I believe years I'm sure if I'm pretty sure a few years later and also on a different day. Yeah I mean it's sort of a a fancy way of saying like not a baby not on board. Has Anyone who can say this phrase was definitely not porn last night. They can't talk. They can't do any when you when you started your sentence. We knew that you were not last night. And babies can be fooled hold very easily. You can just play peekaboo and they think you're gone so obvious go. Object Permanence Yeah I was born and at night many years ago not yesterday for your information the idiot what you thought. I was a little baby little infant. No I was not born yesterday or even six six months ago. That would be a great final. Tribal Council reveal where where someone's like I was not born last night. I have not really a baby. I know I've been lying to you this whole time. I told you I was a baby but I am fact. An adult It would be great if somebody did the the big and said you know. Hey reveal I actually am. I actually am baby. I wish you grown up here. Zoltan cast a a wish on its altan result talk. She doesn't cast a wish on you genius and they're like hi guys. I'm actually a year and a half half. I know I told you I was not born last night. But it was closed. Okay and then. Jason Linden tweeted greeted. I watched survivor. I wasn't on it by now. I feel bad for him. Julius Rosenberg said hey you never know when you'll see a flashback of yourself. Alpha one day by choosing the flashback Jason's at ll the flashback. Be Of me getting my vote blocked or not getting air into pound me back Sad Jason Okay. All right down or not end that there's also a bunch of tweets from Shannon Gates. Who was I'm not sure? She is live tweeting lottery when she was watching. But there's just a bunch of great ones. She said though that she almost turned off the episode she missed the whole task. because the a flashback to season thirty eight made her brain explode but she did rally to say how Kelly picking the target keeping a new ally in her pocket. Still voting for Dean flushing an idol. Not Feeling the need to take credit or spotlight and being in the background. The unknown mastermind behind the pits. My level of STANDUP has reached critical levels level so shannon gates seemed to really applaud. The Kelly move. So there's somebody else in your corner these good good person having your Shannon Gates arguably one of the biggest in the world the biggest biggest all right. Let's get into the quiz. Is this week. And we're joined on the line by a pinch. Quiz are here for Kirsten McKenna's or Kirsten McGinnis as some say and we ear very excited to somebody with GM people are mad about it. Yeah but not so. We've introduced anything thing we want to. We don't want to lose great gasp. Because they don't WanNa take the quiz so we've added the option to like the National League that if you don't wife life or the the American League Jordan if people don't WanNa take the quiz we're gonNA bring in a pinch quiz and here to help us out with the quiz. He he is a man who is a self proclaimed Trivia Whiz. He cannot be something when it comes to survivor. Tribe names here. He is his new patron. Andy Andy how are you alot hello. I'm super excited. The pinch idea is a super good one and I'm excited to up. I one pioneer. Yes Kirsten Andy. Also he is a big survivor fan and got into big brother recently because of the podcast and is currently now. He watched all of big brother. twenty-one without any past big brother knowledge now has has gone back and started binging big brother one mistake. Mr Tried doing that a few years ago. And I think I watched like fifty episodes and then I realized Kirsten what are you doing. This is bringing you know joy. There is no reason for this. Turn it off and turning it off was the best decision I ever made so I highly recommend. Just turn up brother wonderful. Anyone actually finished sixty episodes in to finish just to tell you guys what happens. Go Gosh we're going to talk about it. How many how many episodes do you have? You been through. So it's been about fifty fifty eight. I'm actually superjet legged right now. I just got back from a week long trip to Manila so I really been watching. But I'm definitely going to finish Japan. Commend what I see. Yeah I've made this. I made a post on the facebook group. Showing that will mega quote. That was Reminiscent of Jackson Nikki. Yes I'd rather die on IRA feed. I always have trouble with but yeah Some crazy stuff. GOING ON BBC one's crazy all right enjoyed the first season stink just the right time to watch it. Actually like you feel like you might find some enjoyment there but again just turn it off start season two okay so this is the way that the pinch quiz earlier is going to work. Okay Hey that Kirsten will still pick the categories and then we know consulting allowed. You'll have to just pick what you think Andy will. We'll be best at and then Andy will give his recommendation for the answer. But that you have the final say Kirsten and so when Andy Destroys he'll do I count as part of the winning teams like name on the scoreboard with Andrews. Okay I'll make a Beyond Pearson's team. The way that I look at this is that I'm like Bron. From game of thrones. I'm a mercenary since not in her trial by combat. But I am I'm selected. Yes fans your route for me to win this cow. This is incredible Andrew. Have a question for you are were are you born. Last night. I was born at night the not last night attack. Baby podcast maybe four non babies. It's amazing altogether okay. All right and what are the categories this week okay so the categories that we have for this week's quiz. We have have subaquatic survivors immunity a- signers Jack's Sunday and not so hidden immunity idols. Okay Kirsten what category would you like like to have. Andy answer a question for you. I watched a genius. I know someday okay and you know the rules. Also yes I do but but I don't need to hear it. We don't have that kind of time tonight. Time for the Roessler. Everyone knows the rules. If you're and you'll figure the rules out if you don't know them okay. Perfect well I also watch the genius. I will go with Jackson Bei Jack Sunday okay so we are going to go to survivor. Cook Islands Una last episode of survivor island of the idols. Jack Nick thing join the exclusive club of pre mergers who made the jury who became the first jury member of Cook Islands becoming an early member of this club Slam Dunk. I know this the Oh can I say I give you into recommendation. Say if you don't WanNa hear the choices okay. I know it is Brad. Okay so Kirsten. Are you going to go with with Anders Answer. Yeah I trust arrest Andrew. It's brand it's Brad Brad. VIRATA is correct originally. When I was writing that last question in my head I thought maybe he was the first person in this club? It's good I did by research because it was actually Erin from Thailand who made the fake merged but not the real merge so yeah Brad Brad. VIRATA was the second member of this club of people who did not make the merge. What made the jury and Andrew Kirsten you get two points? Good start outfield. So good yes rob. You have subaquatic survivors immunity Aditya signers and not so hidden immunity. Idols seems like it was going for like a rhyming thing and then gave up after two grace potentially okay. I like when you're asking your own hypothetical questions. Okay I will go with. What was the last one about the idol not not so hidden idols? Sure so we're going to go to survivor Philippines. In what Jeff probst called at the time most complicated entertaining tribal council ever are which two players pulled out idols revealing them before the votes were even cast. Okay there's some confusion about a question from last week where I have. How many answers were there? This is specified. There are two answers to this question. You need to get both of them. Okay Could I hear the choices. Yes we have a Abby Maria and Malcolm Be Abby Maria and tanner. CRC and Malcolm DRC and Penner her. And you're going for one point now because you've heard the answers. Okay yes thank you. Can you say the choices one more time. Yup Abby Maria Welcome Abby Maria Korea and Penner. RCN Malcolm are seen Penner. Okay I'm going to say was a abby and and Malcolm Abby Malcolm is correct. Penner played his idol at the previous trial so he didn't have one left at this point. So this is correct. You a tribal council on where Jeff Kent was voted out and rob. You've got a point so it's two one pistol and you if you were on fire. That's when I take your thoughts on the roads right now. He he said Live no one else knew a live event in that I miss because I was in California Korea. Okay so I mean actually he probably. I think it's a very odd thing to for anybody to do. It's actually not what you should do. Someone if you're a sadist. Maybe whatever happened to baby. Yeah Okay Kristin you have to do categories. He's left you get to choose for Andrew. We have subaquatic survivors and we have immunity a- signers while go for either okay Let's go with Immunity signers okay. So we're going to go to survivor Pearl Islands after winning the first individual immunity challenge. Who did Burton give the necklace to tribal council being that he was already immune during due to returning as an outcast? Can we talk this out. You can talk it out for a roofing for the the pinch quizzes. If it can kirsten choose to still go for one if they talk it out. How variety yeah okay? So yeah. Talk it out. And if Kirsten wants to hear the multiple choice options when it's time to answer she definitely yeah. See The problem with my memories. I haven't seen it written down. I'm not going to remember it. I didn't want to do the you'll remember is that the immunity necklace was a sword that season so I have a visual memory of passing it but so this is the merge he I remember him having immunity for being an outcast and then he would give it. Does someone else do. We need the choices. Yeah Yeah let's give us a names okay. So we have a johnny fairplay. Be Rupert. See Sandra Dee Akiva winokur. The joke answers are hilarious. I wonder if he's been one. He's the joke answer. He doesn't listen I did I. Did you tell him that he was going to an audience of one for that and you pick the wrong person so he worked with fairplay. I would just go maybe with that. Not how like. How confident are you a not a I'm a solid three ten thirty percent. What kind of inquisitor as got Brad Giradi? Yeah yeah that's true for more than thirty percent. There's only three real answers so you should definitely be more than thirty. I three point three percent. You the unless you're thinking wait was a key on that season. I don't want an. He's up famous survivor. I definitely okay so it was. It was Rupert Sandra or fair-play. Let's go with fairplay or Akiva Curson. Do you want to go with fairplay or you're going to go with someone else. Yeah I I'll follow injure anywhere and we'll we'll go play Elliott Okay so you follow Andrew on the last question you were right. You followed him on this one. Unfortunately oh you were incorrect. It was rupert was actually came in second place to Burton that challenge and a burn gave it to rupert. So you don't get any points there and it is Rob Turner Rob if you get two points on this on this answer. You're going to go into the final round with a lead out. We're going to subaquatic survivors. We're going to survivor Thailand. The last immunity challenge before the real merge of survivor. Thailand was a competition to see who could last the longest underwater while breathing through a bamboo. Snorkel which player lasted the longest underwater winning the challenge for their tribe who lasted the longest one more time. Sure the last immunity challenge before the real merge of survivor. Thailand was a competition to see who could last the longest underwater while breathing through a bamboo snorkel. Which player lasted the longest underwater winning winning the challenge for their tribe? Let me hear the choices sure Was it a helen. B Brian See Clay d big Ted. I'm torn between Helen and in a Brian. I know that Helen is a dive instructor. And I know she has experienced in the water or so say it was Helen. Hellen would've probably very good choice. They're based on on her profession. Unfortunately it was Brian who I was the one one who lasted the longest so professional dive. Master I guess. You don't really have to stay underwater that long. You just get to come up whenever you're ready. So it is. It is two to one So Andrew Kirsten had a lead going into the final round so Andrew. When I when I met you at a at the latest survivor know it alls we talked a lot about about different survivor history? We gave me some very good information on booed orders. And you're correct on everything checked and you seem to be a very very good with a lot of the pre merge tribe names which are the ones that I think that are probably easier to remember and it's still not easy to remember. There's been a lot of tribes in survivor history. But some of these posts named try these. These merge tribe names are not really spoken about too much on the season. I think they're a little bit harder to remember. So I am going to be quizzing. You guys on some of those today so I have. You're GonNa give me a actually rob is GonNa give me a number from one through seven to decide the order after I am going to give you the merged tribe name. You have to tell me the season we're going to go through four of these. If we have a tie after four we will go to a tiebreaker. which will just whiskey? It'll continue the game and if one of you get a question wrong on this the other person gets to. It means that I introduced new patron Andy that the that his his talent is that he knows all of the tribe names and you literally made the survivor Trivia the bonus round of job guest the tribe names Pat. I'm glad that he was the guest like so in the whole week that he was the guest. I mean look. We've done this game before. Okay all right all right. I'm calling it W I mean it's you're lying now. I'll be really disappointed. Okay all right rob you you have to. You have to also Kirsten's wildcard here personally disagree so and this I disagree. Honor of the jets. Getting their second can win. I'll go to number two okay number two and these are just just with both of you there. These are going to be all odd number. Seasons is history and that's how it works. Okay number two arrive. You get the NECA I'm giving you the season that was. Because they're all in Fiji so I'll say it was David versus Goliath in versus disquiet. And is is right or wrong. He is unfortunately off twenty years. He's in back in Fiji millennials versus genetics. That's correct so if you can you can you tell me which I say. Yes that is what is the David versus Goliath. Try merced name not together on her Callapollo okay so maybe this was not a good. I'll look you got the wrong anyway anyway. So you got the Franklin wrong. Yeah but even for the record even I knew that one was money versus the final final score. We have two to one entering Kirsten or winners of. I'm just the baby was born yesterday and it was great. Great working with you. Even though you snubbed my hot takes will move forward remade a good team. This time there were so many hot takes. I can't I can't be fair region. Good they were a little spicy. Okay I have the one about adult diapers so prone okay. Well then. I'm not apologizing. What was what was the date? Adult diaper should be more common and that they should. It'd be putting more money in self urination technology. Okay all right A. Through on the insides. Besides it's just the bodily function I mean. I had a close call even in Manila in traffic in two hours. AL's diner or the bathroom. Okay this sounds like it's more of a problem than anything else to rob paid to author when they're at work so a boy voter. This is the the thrill of Manila parts. Oh boy well thank thank you andy for leaving victory. I know I'm dying to the war. And these other takes Kirsten we round found out the quartet. All right you give the rest of Andy's takes let me talk talk about of course Make sure you want to check out the BNB. This weekend with Mike and Liana talking with Mary Holland. And of course why Jaguar. It's pretty bad I wanted some clarification. My doesn't technology cooperate with okay. Okay maybe this is a good omen for Kirsty head. First I survivor you fall into Chris. I'm oh I found just takes by the way. I'm pretty sure that it was rob. It was rough. Okay the second best take from from Andy's second hottest second hottest adult diaper. Yeah I'm an eight by eight room and three possessions are all the material things you need to live happily. I agree with that. All right. The three dimensional by those three things is adult diapers on. Maybe he really is just a baby. And then I'm going to say your take on sleep. Being being a burden is horrible actually. Okay we don't need to get into. That's right okay. We'll take adult diapers all right. The second one is the second survivor. You follow it was the first survivor on twitter. WHO's not on this bike? As right now all I have absolutely no idea. Okay Oh love Kelly all right thank you Adrian. It's been an honor. It's do you WanNa give out your social media or do you. I WANNA be in. I S I have very normal. Not Crazy instagram is just Andrew de Rada as my last name are you. EDA The DA. Which I think is a handle? You approve of yes very good. Although I do Heaven Jackson Nikki Situation Going on sometimes Andrew sometimes on Mandy Affair utterly to get that straight. But you're not your last name so that's not too hard to say all right now. Of course Kirsten. Where can people find you on social social media? Instagram twitter at Curson said what on twitch dot TV slash Curson said. What and doing podcasts? Over on caskey cast that is cow L. With a K.. And maybe I'll have to change my last name too. Quick Hausky I don't know but Intel just gas for now. Thank you. Kirsten McGinnis This Aka Kirsten mcinnis and Jordan Andy. If you want to get a hold of that Wanda off Soundcloud playlist head over to rob. His website accomplish patron where you can find out more about about becoming a part of our patron community. Just like Andy. Thank you so much for listening. We will be back with news AF on a Monday. Tuesday I should say Everybody have a good one bye. Go Louis this home on. Where have I seen his from? God wins he search because his disturned close it looks just access successor. Nino assessor Nino point. I don't really know resemblance even hey swiping so even has day. So Hey Jason Louis. Oh no this AMMO. Even his best online roller just Rousey all-stars. Wait a minute. Wait a minute wait a minute wait. They came in here. Some people think he looks like talk a handsome guy. Certainly we call him. Jason would it and it was an inside job. The town of the The island because John's Austin because Boston.

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