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Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from American pest as the leading provider of safe sustainable pest control solutions across the DMV. Let American past help you to take back your home or business. From menacing pests. Visit them today at American pest dot net. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. President Trump says he'll help farmers hurt by the US trade war with China by offering a program to cover some of their losses from higher taxes on exports. The announcement coming days after the US slapped new terrace on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods as NPR's. Rob Schmitz reports. Officials in Beijing responded Monday with higher import taxes on American products fidgeting announce it was increasing existing tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of US imports from ten to his highest twenty-five percent. These will cover more than four thousand products that include vegetables fruits, lamb beef as well as chemicals and liquor the higher tariffs will go into effect June. First the move is the latest esscalation in a trade war between the world's two largest economies. The Trump administration is now preparing a new round of US tariff hikes on all Chinese goods, not currently subject to import taxes. Meanwhile, the two nations remain open to further trade talks, President Trump and China's president Xi Jinping. Are set to discuss the matter on the sidelines of next month's g twenty summit in Japan. The police department disciplinary trial of an officer accused of choking and killing an armed black, man. Nearly five years ago is now underway in New York City. WNYC's Yasmeen Khan has details officer Daniel Pantaleo is accused of using a chokehold aband- maneuver while arresting Eric garner for allegedly selling loose cigarettes. The altercation was caught on video with garner, repeating the now famous words, I can't breathe during a break in the trial Garner's mother. Gwen Carr pushed back against the argument that her son was resisting arrest, you see how cruel they was even if he accepted they went to slow the kill tune the administrative trial is expected to last ten days and will determine whether Pantaleo should keep his job at the NYPD. He's been on desk duty since the incident for NPR news. I'm Yasmeen Khan, New York. Actress Felicity Huffman is facing four months in prison. For her role in the college admissions cheating scandal Darren Campbell of member station. W B, you are reports that Huffman admits paying a bribe to help her daughter get into college. Prosecutors say Huffman paid fifteen thousand dollars. So her daughter could take the SAT in a private location with extra time and a Proctor who corrected. The answers afterwards Huffman crabbing as she entered her plea and said that her daughter did not know about the scheme. Federal prosecutors are recommending that Huffman be sentenced to four months in a federal prison, plus a twenty thousand dollar fine. And a year of supervise release Huffman is one of about a dozen parents who have pleaded or greed to plead guilty to charges stemming from the admissions cheating scandal for NPR news. I'm drone Campbell in Boston train where reserve unsettling financial markets. Asian shares are lower that the sour down over one and a half percent. In Hong Kong. After Wall Street stocks fell over two percent on Monday in after hours. Trading. US? Stocks are up nearly one percent. You're listening to NPR news. Five minutes, alleging they were sexually abused by Roman Catholic priests say they will file suit against the Vatican. The plaintiffs are demanding names of thousands of alleged predator pres. They say have been kept secret by the Holy See, including the names of top church officials accused of abuse. Minnesota attorney Jeff Anderson says he'll file a case Tuesday. Former vice president Joe Biden made the first appearance of his twenty twenty presidential campaign in the early primary state of New Hampshire on Monday as WBRC. Anthony. Brooks reports the former vice president is competing in a crowded democratic field Biden address several hundred supporters in a restaurant in Hampton, New Hampshire. He cited his time working for former President Barack Obama and says he wants to return the country to what he argues were better times before the election of President Donald Trump. I want to restore the soul this country. And secondly. I really want to quite frankly rebuild the backbone this country. This time bringing everybody along the middle class. And Thirdly what I wanna do is. I wanted to unite the country among other things Biden wants to repeal the Republican tax cut and shut down hundreds of tax loopholes, which he says would free up trillions for domestic spending for NPR news. I'm Anthony Brooks in Hampton, New Hampshire, family, friends, and fans are mourning the death of actress Doris day, she was one of Hollywood's biggest stars of the nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties following a singing career often showcased her comedy film. Roles door day died Monday at her home in Carmel valley, California. She was ninety seven years old. I'm Shay Stevens. NPR news in Washington.

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