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Hour 1 - Eric Dickerson (08-12-19)


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Real protection is the latest innovation in smart home security from a._d._t. Not with everything from video doorbells indoor and outdoor cameras smart locks and lights all controlled from the a._d._t. App or the sound of your voice voice you could even stay connected to your family and friends with the a._d._t. Go app including location sharing driving activity alerts and an emergency esa westbound that's a._d._t. Not real production brought to you by a._d._t. From the mercedes studios in los angeles this is dan patrick good morning los angeles and the rest of the country. Dan and the danettes dan patrick show always great to be here. The home office's a._t. and t. on the campus of a._t. And t. and brought the boys with with me. We're in the rich eisen studio and we're here. All week got some great guests eric dickerson so eric dickerson in the back. There looks like he's still play. I think he's fifty eight looks like he could still play. I still i think he holds the rookie single season rushing record and the all time single season rushing record that's held up for a long long time and for some reason there's certain numbers not many anymore stand out twenty one o five now. Would you use that as his security pin pin number. I'm wondering if eric uses that for his bank a._t._m. It's twenty one five and what was the other one eight hundred eight anymore. That's for sure. It did yeah all right if you'd like get in touch with the program every monday its best and worst through the weekend what you saw that you liked. You didn't like eight seven seven three d._p. Show email address dp. Dan patrick dot com twitter handle at ep show nice little rain here if you're watching on direct t._v. Audience channel two thirty nine. It looks like we have two the different shows here seton and paulie right there in front of me and then doubt here at the kitchen table make love and fritzy wherever here if you need is dan okay where around thanksgiving we're waiting for the chicken nuggets come through the little league table what happened. I have no idea did you guys secede from the union here. I don't know actually apparently they wanted to put it even further back behind that i did the math here. They're almost equally distant from you as we are actually closer to you than they usually. They're usually behind us and now they're closer <hes>. I don't feel that way but look. We're very inclusive here so i want you to feel like you're part of this team. Just for the record. I offered to swap spots spots with anybody. No takers really yeah. You liked that spot better than where you were. I'm just saying i mean we could switch it up. Actually i like to arrive and start complaining about everything. I have been doing all morning. I know why streak is intact to get coffee around this place like i'm like i have to rob to get a cup of coffee. Go left go right. That's the constant complaint for me at four in the morning. You came in here on fire i did. I was yelling at security guard. It's telling him where's the coffee. They almost blake escorted me off the premise. What's great to see you todd. I'm having a grand old time. I heard the food unfolds. You got to walk twenty steps to get to the food across to the other building stom- get why is that you created us divas. It's your fault that you're right. I did remember we didn't get food in the morning and then all of a sudden we found out rich eisen and staff and then we went well we want food. We demand like there's going to be a a walkout there and all of a sudden i heard from our bosses and they go okay. You get breakfast yes by the way we have a little. Mary hart entertainment an echo thing going on with fritzy. Were showing some leg out the ratings we can see fritzy's pasty white hairless legs feel about that <hes> i probably won't make much i contact with like one pair of jeans and everything else was like shorts advanced on basic instinct anthony crossing his legs as it air shirts can see too high. It's almost peter king asking oh man dan. I have underwear on so that helps member one. <hes> peter king was at indianapolis that super bowl peak came in looked like he had hot pants on ticket for that. I should like umbro's on remember those all biking shorts. We should've pixellated. I think part of his anatomy. There pete was on full display all right. We'll have a poll question. I love this show man wait. We're on yes. We are yes. We are all right so phone number eight seven seven three d._p. Show email address teepee. Dan patrick dot com. I mentioned the eric dickerson will join us chris harrison. He's the host of the bachelor. I think the bachelor is engaged. Chris harrison is engaged. I believe places got a serious girlfriend. He opened his heart to love finally yes. He did yes he. Did you kept telling him. How can you talk about those trying to find love. If you haven't found love yes paul did the bachelor franchise make a mistake by not having chris harrison as the the bachelor when he was single. Why didn't they do that. Did they. Consider it. Turn the tables and make him well. I wondered how he would do on the bachelor. I remember asking him that and and i didn't he said i want nothing to do with that. I mean wise fella yeah. I always i always amazed when somebody does <hes> you know trying to find love on the bachelor or bachelorette. I'm like yeah. That's usually where you go. I mean you're looking for love lasting sustainability. That's where i would go right right there yeah mclovin. Can i complain official again so i was the bachelor guy on our show and last night todd is listing off contestants on got caught up the last few episodes that got old dramatic and ever since the last year when one of them the bachelor climbed over the wall and they couldn't find him and all of a sudden you see hannah getting out of the limo. She can't take it anymore. You can't pick somebody. There was one episode where she couldn't get anybody arose. You fell. How were you now. You have to understand fritzy. Memorize is every beautiful local local news anchor. I do have my list you. You could run down the list of women who either they're in a market that you live in close spy. I think you get cable that allows you your your direct t._v. Allows you to get local markets the stalker package. Dan is very popular for local news jennifer if allama through connecticut from connecticut new york and now she's in l._a. For access hollywood extra extra yes yes so i try not to complain too much but i'm gonna complain now because we've only been on the air for five minutes and we've already been talking about todd's groin and now his <hes> bank if you will. That's way too much time no way too much for this early in the monday five minutes and we're going to be here all week. All right should probably pace ourselves. Okay thank you todd yes mclovin. Can you imagine if todd was the bachelor in an alternate universe my gun twenty five women wooing todd and he had to go on dates with them. That would be an entertaining show. Would you be willing to get divorced. I to go on the bachelor. I'm going to say the right thing. Say absolutely not but that's a very attractive what that's a lie it just imagine you watch that show every guy's fantasy that twenty-five no attractive women vying for your attention not seems like so much work pallet i would love to see todd go on twenty five different dates or whatever and everywhere he goes the first thing. They show us him looking for the bathroom. It's like excuse me for one moment. That's the tricky thing one on one conversation on the bench. You really need to talk quick and get it out. You know whatever they're interested didn't finding out about me before something wrong with you. He keeps going to the best always going to the bathroom yeah. I don't think he likes if i fell asleep thinking about it. I'm like blowing them off and i'm just like i'm making <unk>. Excuse no one goes to the bathroom that much a drug problem is there like joe is going to the bathroom. You're really using the bathroom that many we're spring. Starts is what happened. Yes that's a wild see. I can't imagine them getting any contestants on the bachelorette tower the bachelor they'd have to scour in all over the place round the world would if you showed fritzy when he was like eighteen or nineteen with with his shirt off had a full head of hair bait and switch them and he has yes and that shows he's the next bachelor and then all of a sudden the women go wait a minute a young woman. They go right back until the drive drive away. We'll come up with a poll question correct mclovin we will. I have a bachelor one not yet okay. Now you save that antonio brown making some hidden even caught a pass yet and this started on friday. We we weren't sure if it was real or not because when we were traveling paula goes <hes> hey this antonio brown story could blow up here a little bit with his helmet that he's not going to report because he wants to where his old helmet and i it was his feet now his head he certainly providing a lot of content this summer for the n._f._l. And you're not quite sure sure. I don't think he was going to retire but the new rules require this new kind of headgear here and he isn't comfortable with it. He said it hurt his. The line of sight made a little bit tougher for i understand it. It's like a hitter with his bat a guy with his glove. You know this is his helmet but this is all about safety here in the n._f._l. Is already paid out or is paying out or will pay out a billion dollars in safety and you know with helmet use and i think they're alter sensitive with this with antonio brown how this looks could he sign some kind of waiver that says i am going to play and i'm going to review <hes>. I'm going to acknowledge that. I'm going to take on all of the expenses and i'm going to waive any right for any damages. If something happens to me i mean maybe that's what would happen here but if you look at these headlines individually it's pretty interesting that it starts out with cryotherapy for the life of me having done uncrowded therapy. I can't imagine that there's a a rogue cryotherapy in france where you just walk in that. This is really a really lee syria unless there's a steeler fan who's running the cryotherapy chamber in france and go on this franko hairs. Krankl harris cryotherapy walked into you. Don't you don't need shoes here. You know just come on in no you're good and then he gets in there and he's got blisters on his feet and then the helmets situation here somewhere i t i text polyester somewhere mike tomlin smiling. He's probably our ben rothlisberger home gun. Thank drama ronna drama because they would have had to put up with this certainly with the helmet with the steelers and with what's happened with his cryotherapy because he was working working out in france and the off season mclovin. What kind of poll question do you start there. Do the raiders are already regret the antonio brown signing serious question. You think they're like what the heck did. We get into well. Did you see where jon gruden is these backing antonio brown and i'm thinking what other choice does he have here. I believe we have jon gruden and a he's standing by antonio brown but i support this guy and i think that's what needs to be said. I don't know what anybody's writing or what anybody what he thinks but this this foot injury wasn't his fault. You know this was a total accident as it was really wasn't his fault and it's an serious injury. I know some people are smarten martin at but it's really not a laughing matter. The guys is is was hurt. He's innocent. He didn't do anything wrong all right. He has to stand by tonio brown here. Yeah you do publicly to stand by this appear. Move here because i'm i'm guessing until neo brown might be a little sensitive and if you don't back vacuum that's where you come out and say this guy i got him. I got his back. Yes see what he said about. The foot. Injury seems pretty fair. Though it's an accident yes <music> but the helmet thing he should be in camp okay. He should be in camp used the old helmet until we solve this unless he thinks hey. I'm gonna i'm gonna take this to the next level. Defcon and i'm not gonna be there be there. You just got there with this team yeah mclovin. I've seen this movie. When i was an eagles fan. It was called the tarallo in story then rosenhaus another drew rosenhaus client. I mean it just one thing after another thing after another the thing i feel like if you ask raiders honest moment they'd be like. I don't know if we should done this because now gruden. Is everyone locker rooms watching him. Antonio brown isn't what that headache does. He no no because he's he's trying to build something here when they go to vegas and i was surprised they went after antonio brown but maybe getting antonio brown on to me. Derek cars really the one it's benefited from this because we haven't focused on derek carr. This is derek carr season because we're gonna find out whole lot about derek carr this this year and what the raiders think of him and that's what i think you know instead of focusing on that it's been on 'antonio brown. We'll check in with the raiders a little bit later on gave you the phone number number poll question mclovin. I got another option regarding our guest. This was a pre show debate which eighties running back eighties nineties running back. Would you want to replicate his running style. If you could tony dorsett eric dickerson marcus pre paulie made me throw in there earl campbell campbell. Would you rather be the straight up just run for eighty yard touchdown because we all are enamored with the old school running backs who used to break the long runs. Don't seem to exist any more boost the guy who is your guy well barry sanders sanders. I kept him off. He's he's a little later. I did this earlier. Okay generation right before barry sanders. There's is there a wrong answer here. No it's a problem. I love all these guys. I just loved earl campbell. It looked like a defensive tackle. Hackel had the football and he was running with a fumble he he attacked you. Walter payton attacked people. You know jim brown. Did you know we we had that certain style running back that they initiated contact because normally you think while you're waiting to get hit and some of these guys peyton would just give you that forum i mean he he would initiate earl campbell would initiate you had guys who if i'm a running back. I don't wanna get hit but you had certain guys who said i'm gonna use this as as an advantage inch yep oh but i don't think anyone came into the league ever like eric dickerson as far as like he had power speed cuts when he had the whole if there was any type of hole and he got through it he he was at full speed when he hit the whole he run track speed with two hundred and twenty pounds behind and you look at his rookie or people didn't know how to tackle them. If you went up high he had the power to shoulders. If you went low he can zip around you. The numbers speak for themselves. It was freaky well first of all he's six. Three and running backs aren't six three and he ran with an up upright style l. that you don't see normally. You're told to have low center of gravity. You know be lower than the guy tried to hit you and you know he ran and plus. He wore number nineteen. It was in nineteen just a bad ass number in college. He's nineteen. Cool is doug flutie wearing twenty two. Yes no i don't know. Can you do that now. Can you change in college. You could wear whatever number you want. Okay not in pro so eric had switched to the twenties in the number in the twenties i actually i loved dickerson so much at s._m._u. I made my mom call s._m._u. The athletic department and by me and eric dickerson jersey and they said we don't do that. We don't sell jerseys at the athletic department. They don't have a bookstore bookstore with his jerseys and i could buy one of the stock of eric's jerseys game dangerous. Those are expensive like the jerseys and it was like ninety bucks but these were mesh weren't they. Yes and they were kind of like belly jersey as he was showing off the apps back then and i bought one. My mom still has it at the house. I bought a real s._m._u.'s. They outlawed around the belly shirt in the n._f._l. Yes dion sanders could he did it at florida state and we got to the league said you have to have your jersey gin and you can't have it rolled under of your pads zeke elliott data the belly shirts making a comeback with zeke elliot he. He wears one doesn't he. He did it ohio state for sure. Yes yeah. That probably was just college. We'll check but i feel like he's always trying to show off that admiral but you had the mess jersey. Remember the tearaway jerseys eric dickerson had them and then also earl campbell texas. He had the mesh pulled off yeah. What other poll questions do you have by the way this program brought to you by truecar car. Shopping can be confusing terms like dealer price list price invoice voice truecar shows you what other people paid for the car you want so you recognize a good price when you're ready to buy a new or used car visit truecar enjoy more confident car buying experience. Yes mclovin so i have batra poll. I can hold onto if you want these. Once we start talking bachelor and we're gonna lose ready and our audience yeah we could talk if if you wanted to rookie quarterback because which one which one makes a pro bowl i daniel jones cuyler murray we saw dwayne haskins and by the way is through two picks but coach said he has a good chance to get in the mix now and my guy jarret stidham and will greer also had big weekend's kinda murray the caliber. There's no doubt well he starting now so he would be the leader in the clubhouse. The other guys aren't starting. What if we took him out of that. You're right what if we took him out of there. Is there any other the rookie quarterback because that was sort of a recap from week. One of the preseason jarret stidham look great. <hes> daniel jones look great. Is there anybody any any you think adding. These guys have cast a pop this year well daniel jones has to be really good and eli has to be really bad and then he gets a chance to play steadham is not playing in less brady gets hurt and then if you still have hoyer in there you know he's not going to be playing. Could he be the next jimmy g. where they groom into trey for thir- round pick well it depends on how long brady is going to stay there by the way did you see where brady was talking about selling his house. All play that for you coming up but said you shouldn't read too much into this because there's always this chatter well you could become a free agent or they could trade him and i went i can tom brady will retire a patriot. I mean a true patriot of course at volley goes if you could buy brady's house and you could meet brady and giselle at the closing yeah. I'm going asking price if i could meet both at the closing away the inspection not me. Tommy angie's l. no well. I've met tommy and been around giselle amongst yes amongst giselle yes. I wouldn't be able to buy that house without you. Know everything anything every time that you walk through and you do something there. You're like tom. Just did this to like you. Go into the bathroom and you're like tom scott. Are you go into the kitchen and you do. I know i know tommy yeah. Tony yeah all right twelve. We'll take a break eric. Dickerson will join us. We'll talk to him emma about these running back zeke elliott melvin gordon what kind of leverage the future the running back really because that every down back who's going to get the ball and run <hes> that's few and far between and the miracle that is frank gore house he still running the football so we'll catch up eric dickers- and he'll join us coming up next twenty after the hour here on the dan patrick show okay. This is just a thirty second commercial and i'm gonna throw a lot of numbers that you please please stay with me. In just fifteen minutes you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance the company that has been offering great rates and great service for seventy five years. It's geico. I've been using it for a long time myself and anytime you need help you could speak to one of their trains. 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He switch to geico and saved a bunch of money on car insurance so that was good and so was hanging with his grandson. The dan patrick show was sponsored by a._d._t. Real protection is the latest innovation in smart home security from a._d._t. With everything from video doorbells indoor and outdoor cameras smart locks and lights all controlled from the a._d._t. App or the sound of your voice you could even stay connected to your family and friends with the a._d._t. Go app including location sharing driving activity alerts and an emergency westbound that's a._d._t. Real production brought to you by a._d._t. He's eric dickerson hall of fame running back and he works for the rams vice. President of business development for times led the league in rushing and six time pro bowl running back. Thanks for getting up early and joining us here to see is is very early for me to say you look good. Though i'm tired i didn't want to oversleep oversleep. You look good. You look good but you know. What are you fifty eight twenty nine yeah well you look. You look like you could give me a couple of carries imitate then. I can give you one care. If they hit tried to hit me. I would like to receive as i would slide. It hurts. When you wake up in the morning <hes> everything my shoulder shoulder have a bad shoulder. I can't sleep on my left side. <hes> i told when i go to the bathroom go down some stairs in my bath in going to the bathroom so i have to walk sideways because i can't walk straight <hes> man i'm to everything i mean you when you plan n._f._l. For as long as respecting the time period i played you beat up and and you beat up pretty good. I tell people it's one thing to watch football on tv but if you went on the sidelines right in the different just the sound as alarming being in the speed and i thought if any parent was on the fence about letting their kid play football stand on the sidelines or don't don't but it sounds like crashes cartridge it is like car crashes <hes> first of all. My mother hated football. She said i hate that support. I suppose go cause you. Problems ladies should play baseball as part of baseball player but i like football because two girls like football players back in texas my job so i wanna play football so that's why i just love football play slip-on. Yes matter of fact <hes> back in those days. You have to have someone sign for you to play to play for. You know if you wanna play now and i can play the seventh grade. We didn't have popcorn in my little hometown so she said i'm not gonna sign. You can't play football. I said nope she say godmother so my godmother lived about one hundred yards away so i walked over to the house and i had you know my paper in my hand and i said i name was early early. In can you sign me to play football and she said <hes> so read more science nickname rear that she said no. She said you show you play what what does he yes ma'am okay. She signed. That's how i got a chance to play football so my mother was mad. She was like she signed play. When did you know you were good. Probably when i was <hes> i mean my junior senior high school you know i thought i was pretty good now. I think i was going to be bad like play pro football go to college and all that no i did not i didn't. I didn't think that i was that good but you know it's funny. How people see you and they see different. Guy my hometown outside on my own time. <hes> 'cause i quit football at one point and he can't be talked to me. His name was james avenue and i won't forget what he said he said eric say what do you see in this time. I say nothing exactly nothing in this time he said. Let me tell you you want the best athletes we've ever seen in these parts. I was a sophomore and he said really say yes. You should go back and play football and you you know the rest is kind of history but that's a long story but that's how i just went back to stop playing football again. Best game you had in highschool. Remember the stance. They championship <hes> i. I think they officially said it was two ninety. Six eleven yards and four touchdowns and you guys won state championship where were are you going to go s._m._u. Oh you oh that's easy. I'm still oh you fan. I'm still in oklahoma fan reason i. I didn't go once again. My mother went uh-huh. She wouldn't let me various house recruited me heavily you know which came mustache championship game and they came in the video to win the channel national the championship and i'm like oh i'm going. I'm committed and i won't get she was really quiet. She wouldn't say nothing so they gave them. They walked out. She said you're not going there. I'm like mama. Nope you're not going to. I'm like wow that bands alive and i don't trust him so i couldn't go. I had to tell him. I couldn't the new man i was so hurt but but marcus dupree your little bit older than more because i would have come after you came into candidate came out <hes> <hes> <hes> yeah i look at his career and i think well maybe maybe she's right. I think well you guys had a great team there. We got a great team. Great team teammates greg jamison. Mike my good friend craig james <hes> faster. You're craig joined me. I was come on come on how you sound it could craig. James was fast really okay all right down the team. It was three other guys faster to me. Craig james tells a different story. I know craig wouldn't say jersey number. You know i'd never wanted to be you like everybody else. I wanted something odd every did so when i pick number nine took nineteen. I didn't wanna take thirty two. I like o._j. Of jim brown i wanna take thirty four walton earl so i took nineteen in college and i got to the pro. Do you know how became number twenty nine w the story okay so. I wanted to be nineteen when i got drafted gratitude to the rams so when i show up to l._a. <hes> they have no one thousand nine hundred quarterback or even him. I said okay so numbers. You have their twenty five twenty nine nine forty five thirty two so i didn't say i don't want to be thirty to thirty four. I said attic twenty five so i take number twenty five and you look on draft day. I'm holding up number. Twenty five yeah hold on number twenty five so when i fly back to dallas that night my best friend we still best renshaw. They'd pick me up. He said would you take. I take twenty five twenty five. Ah slow but that's a slow number right that nobody seems slow. Wait wait wait wait. I'm just saying normal slowly. It looks low to me and then when he's really said it. Wouldn't that be saying. Why are you take one thousand nine. I told him. I couldn't take ninety when i told him. What number did you take twenty nine. I'm like oh yeah so the. I cannot asleep that night. I never looked at number now. Don't drive. You'll see you know that. Twenty nine looks faster than twenty-five you see like thirty. Three years is slow number. That was not running back so you don't mind is a fast like a number of the now my favorite anyway so anyway. Let me put this to store okay so anyway anyway so i i when i when i i called back to the rams and the next day because i cannot sleep that night thinking about their number there that's crazy so cost say mr hewitt. I need to change my number. He he said eric holder number twenty five times. We can't change them. I say you know what i'm not coming in. You'll be twenty nine when he's eric dickerson hall of fame running back joining us here in the richardson studio. You look at the the future of the running back because it's going to be hard to find a hall of famer as a wide receiver because the numbers are so crazy but then the running backs the numbers are going to be less than probably what they were. You know predecessors here. How do we assess what is a hall of fame now with the running back when you look at a guy and you just say his name and you're like oh the hall of fame i mean i it's just it's you. You don't have to go well. Let me think i mean i just feel i can you say a name you know. Autumn frank gore hall of famer <hes> he could be but i guess there we go again. This is because he has a long career. That doesn't make you a whole shame. Not really. I don't think i liked to i'm elliott makes guys hall of famers to me is is when they have to gain implant for you. Yeah they set the game. Plan is like hey you. Let this guy loose on us. He's going to hurt us or defensive player on offense. If player when i think you guys and like i think of lawrence taylor i mean no doubt hall of famer and i think a walter payton no doubt hall of famer jim brown no doubt hall of famer when i think of even dexter dexter manley the demos he's my cousin hall of famer but he's not in in because he was a guy can think and we played the risky and they were like do do not let him loose help the tackle if you can and that's how that's how you to me you've got a guy not make him guy thing. I'm saying when you say is a hall of fame because because of the way you played against an end if you had the game plan for him he li- manning hall of fame. I don't know about okay then that's. I'm not quarterback i i can't but if we're using the always go let him on a super bowl that don't mean nothing. I mean this guys that played on some bad teams. Yeah i mean some really bad teams and they didn't win super bowls. I mean you know dan marino the hall of famer but he found some not great team but dan made those teams. I mean made the team. I i mean so you've got to look at that. Who's the best defensive player he played against man. It was so many different eras different positions are played against jackson. I mean i think people don't realize how great rickey jackson i mean. Hard got a block them almost impossible for an offensive backed up his biggest lawrence taylor ronnie lott <hes> kinney easily can easily broke my hand right here on monday night football game. I never forgot it. I mean i'm gonna hit. The sea hawk colors on my hand. I'm like here. We played football the ball out here. It was just kind of block it but i mean ronnie but ronnie lock could put a little posting on. You got me good one time he really. I got into play. Where a matter of fact. I have a picture of my homeless a great looking shot. I'm jumping overpowered. I'm looking. I'm looking at these guys coming here but i'm looking at him because he's flying added me. I mean let me just got into a fight altercation like a couple of plays early and i'm trying to get back on the ground before my p._t. Rio case but luckily flack jacket so he hid me he's got you and i won't get bergamo called a rump dog. You've got to throw it. He got me. They took the does zeke elliot have any leverage here most definitely most of all zeke is the best player in the cowboys football. Yes i mean he really is the sad thing about this is that they tied these running backs up there and this is not even jerry's fault. You hear me says jared. It's not zeke's fault. This is this bad c._b. Negotiated with tamara samantha done a horrible horrible job. How can you tie running back up for billy billy seven-year. Let's be on five years. You've got the rookie four years. You got an option you can. You can franchise tag him. If i'm jerry i'm like if he wants to make you play in our day. They would just make you play out and then get rid of you. I mean there's nothing guaranteed but you see. I mean you can't do that because it's not fair. It's not fair to zeke. It's really not fair to him. I always say look. Let them play having to using it off in arbitrated let it he's played to contract play. I mean because in basketball and baseball is ball. They don't have to worry about it. It's funny how you know they'll say oh. He got one hundred million dollars in football. You got one hundred twenty million dollars. I not guaranteed. Let's get married right and baseball might trout four hundred million. Nobody says a word because his baseball look at zeke situation and i. I wonder the value value of him. I think doc needs him. More cooper needs him but that offensive line is great and jerry. Jones is not getting any younger so that's that's the part where i think he's got leverage bridge. That jerry knows he's on the clock to try to win a superbowl way one of the cloud yeah yeah but but you know the team is is better with zeke. Trust me that without zeke. That team is is average. I mean the cowboys are running football team. They run the setup everything else i mean they really do take zeke zeke away. I mean but also if you look at this eric you they're. They're rare that they they're run first team in today's n._f._l. It feels like everybody is passed. I passed a second and then you know. The only thing is that people always say well. It's not no it's not running back and running back to get it going downhill this in the n._f._l. Even going back to our our day my day it was only four or five top running backs in the league at one time maybe six but that's about it still the same thing now. If you have a top bag atop top running back you're gonna use him. Zeke you have todd gurley saquon barkley lady unveil those toes of the top guys in the in the national football league they we are <hes>. I like the guy san diego melvin gordon. I like him. I like him a lot thing about not a quarterback position. It's pretty much the same. You have four to five five. Maybe six top quarterbacks the rest of them are average or you got a bunch of bombs but the quarterback you gonna pay him because he's the quarterback but he's the boom. We always still got a pen. The quarterback can make twenty million twenty five million dollars and be like man. What is he looking at me. Throw the football but running. Let him backhand do that. I mean and that's why is it's different positions but you have to. I would say they should have struck running back now what strikes for quarterbacks and pam different but guarantee take a guy giving running back to you option two after two years arbitrators yeah we brought it up a couple of weeks ago that why not just have the quarterback is going to be separate from the salary recap and also running backs. Maybe three years when they first come into the league has just to be fair to that position because that's the one i would load up. I if you were my running back and i'm taking you second overall. I'm going to replace you in five years you. You're gonna be the u._p._s. done in five years. I mean unless you force him. You might play six seven avenue. That's on that same football team. I mean i think about my first year. I think i cared about three hundred and eighty times and that was my rookie the next year at four hundred and four times i i mean you know only have so many have so many care only have so many cares and you know the thing is people always talk about. <hes> you know the spoiled after lisa lisa. Let me tell you something. It's no such thing trust me when you if i could put you in this body and let you try to maneuver around after plan in the national football league. He was like you could play away man. I am so be the hell up. I mean really bad. I mean you just don't know i mean i could tell you then after my when i retired from football for almost two two years i had to sleep sitting up in a chair like this. I couldn't lay down because my neck my i had to sleep in the sitting position is horrible but see people know that you know they think the money the money and say oh. You knew what you were getting yourself into. How do you know seven to twenty one years old back in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. I mean even now twenty one year. Old doesn't know what they're getting seven to in two thousand nineteen so i mean it's just it's different if i gave you a mulligan football football oh you did all right. I'll tell you i'm gonna tell you something. You know. People always ask the question. You know i'm i'm. I better give you an example. What happened we we did. We did a thing at super bowl and there was five of us on the panel hall of fame guys all the guys you know. What is your passion you know. What is your passion. Now blah blah passion guys you know they gave good answer some some. Maybe had a passion for you know i would think some guys political answers but and they say you know what is your passion and i say i'm going to be honest with you. I said to me i've done things outside of football. Good you make money and all that kind of stuff. I say but as a passion nothing has replaced playing football nothing. I don't care what i've done in my life when i go back to when i started coming in the pros i love that sports so much i mean i can. I just love going to practice. I love the smell melody air. When it's football season you can you just knew it. I just like i just l- i loved everything about it. I mean everything about football. I mean and i think that's the reason tom brady keeps playing because he just loves loves it that much and if you can you do it i mean it's like being a kid still all over again but it comes to a point where you know. You have to stop playing for me. You know it was it. It was heartbreaking but it it is what it is. Since you work for the rams. Let me hit you with the rams question very rare for a team to go back to the super bowl certainly to win or even go back after after having lost the super bowl what would be the big reason why the rams wouldn't go back to the super bowl injuries injuries play a big part of any full you concern about todd augulis knee. No not really <hes>. I mean todd was good for that game too. I talked before the game and night before the game and i said we don't really own football we am. I said we're supposed to run. It and we didn't want it. I mean one thing about every coaching. I love shopping but he's no different any other coach in n._f._l. Right now they love throwing the thing look how smart i am late i mean he he's played the crepe place. Yeah i mean but ryan football's not popular. I mean it's not popular you know it takes time but i'll say four is getting back. I think i think injury plays a injuries play a big part of it. You know join the continuity with the players but one thing i like about our football team is that they're very close. They remind me of the team. We had an eighties real close knit football team but injuries if you if if you go if you don't get banged up they have a good shot of going back jared goff a franchise quarterback <hes> i would give him another year i mean for you want to see another year. I wanna see another a year. Yeah i just believe that there too quick to pay these these. They want to pay the rent wanna play. The quarterback got one. Oh we got to pay no doubt hey a._m. In mexico what happened our franchise hypothetically <hes> if i gave you one carey in those four guys here had to tackle you what what about me i was like oh you wouldn't take you look at the let me see i mean come on wanted to write. He might be a little problem but these on the left are now good. I take no party can take you know let you know part of this really win. Like any part of this and that's usually the guy that town intimidating the guy that you could tell you could run over. You know you could tell he just got. He do all the talking. It's like poor up to you yeah. That's great. Thank you thank you for getting up the grade eric dickerson joining. Yes we'll come back. We got our play of the day right after this jordan here. I know a lot of you. Create your own podcast and in a lot of you already have one like me. I obviously love what i do. It's taken a lot of hard work to get to this points of success. You shouldn't have to pay fees for platform hosting distribution analytics or fees to create a podcast. You need to be able to focus okasan producing the best show possible now podcast one. That's a network i'm on. They have a launch pad digital media or launchpad d._m. 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The orioles were one of the biggest underdogs dogs in the last fifteen years for those who gamble a plus four twenty on the money line the orioles radio network and of course the great hootie and the blowfish <hes> <hes> with the <hes> the song they're play of the day brought to you by chrome soft. It's the ball the change the ball chrome soft x now available with triple track technology. Get the ball the change the ball callaway golf dot com. My hands are still bruised. I played the bongos again at madison square garden. I played the garden so i can now say that along along with elvis and you know the stones zeppelin i played. I played the garden the garden dan i played. I played the gardellin moly yeah. They didn't invite me on stage. I just went onstage for the encore. Only wanna be with you and <hes> input on a show at one point. I was had my back to the audience and i was playing the bongos with my elbows blows and that at one point i was using my head to play the bongos. I put on a show. Put on a show like yeah. I put on a show for for those in attendance. You're welcome. It seems like things are going well with the hooting the blowfish tour with you on it any chance you're gonna be attached on no. I'm gonna see them one more time probably in hartford there asking thing for me to maybe quit my day john commitment yeah and just to be with the band and helped him out a little bit but not think so. I'm gonna i'm gonna keep my day job here. Let me see if you missed any of our celebrity interviews by the way eric dickerson. I was great interview. He didn't hold back when i said jared goff franchise quarterback tobacco. I'd like to see one more year. Frank gore hall of famer. <hes> you have to game plan for somebody. That's how you know. They're a hall of famer. If you missed any of our interviews as mercedes a._m._c. man cave you can go to the dan patrick show app. You can watch and listen from inside the mercedes a._m._c. Man cave mercedes g. driving performance by the way in fairness to oh antonio brown. Tom brady's come out and said look. I don't like this new helmet rule either and <hes> you know he was saying that you know here's <hes> here's situation. I don't like what's going on with my helmet. I had to get a new helmet. You have to get used to this helmet these guys this is so familiar imagine putting on that helmet for hours each day playing playing in a football game like you trust it. You need it. You have to have that faith in that helmet and antonio brown. I know it sounds like he's being a diva. If it was just a element then we'd probably look at this and be more serious about it because you know what happened to his feet. You're going on here he is. Here's here's another situation here but i think that's what's interesting is brady came out and said the same thing look. I don't like this helmet. Either and jon gruden got back in tony. O'brien has to publicly because that's the message. The last thing you wanna do is like hey coach is upset with you. I just can't imagine the helmet being so terrible though that you're like you know i would rather not wear the helmet and not get the fifty million dollars. I still got coming to me rather than just play with the bad helmet. Oh is it really worth that much money well. He's not retiring. It's just he got. Everybody's attention with this. He could sit on his back porch and his old helmet. Thank you could see everything in my backyard would be great great if he went out socially in add his old helmet on his walking around watching games <hes> comes over to your house got the helmet on man. You really liked that alemanno j._v. this. I do one hour and the books when your favorite show ends rob sister. Nino is just getting started. The post show recaps on podcast. One sign me up join him for live interactive podcasts right after episodes of your favorite shows like big little lies in star trek discovery goverry plus netflix original shows like stranger things and so much more. I wanna see stranger things in the big city. I want some chicago rhythm. Okay another dick wolf production in chicago stranger things download new episodes of post show recaps every week on apple podcasts and podcasts one and now i fought from geico motorcycle. It took fifteen minutes to take a spirit animal quiz online. Please be chita chita and learn. Your animal isn't the cheetah but the far less appealing club fish. Come on glad insult to injury. You could've used those fifteen blood vici- minutes to switch switch your motorcycle insurance. The geico geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance. The dan patrick show was sponsored by a._d._t. You real protection is the latest innovation in smart home security from a._d._t. 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Another guard was working mandatory overtime the day epstein gene was found in his manhattan cell an apparent suicide attorney spencer couvin <hes> who represents three of epstein's accusers says some women will we'll go forward with their sex trafficking claims against those they say enabled him active co-conspirators as well as passive that watched what he was doing and said nothing over the years so our hope is that the federal authorities <hes> go after them as well and continue this investigation even after his daphne talk to sky news results of epstein's autopsy have not been released yet. Some latinos are on social media saying they feared they may become targets after the recent mass shootings that killed latinos immigration immigration reform is immoral responsibility says house speaker nancy pelosi who's on a tour of central america. I'm rita foley.

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