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Day #11 - Mistakes


They number eleven thirty day solo. PODCAST challenge. I'm David Hooper. BIG PODCAST DOT com. My job is to help you grow a big part in what I want to do is helping helping. Spread your message going to do that. Via podcasting this series of episodes can help clarify your message improve your delivery because of that make more money a solar podcasting puts you out front and it puts your message out front. You've got a solo podcast. You don't have to worry about sharing the money you don't have to worry about sharing the decision making you release leisure episodes when you want. Change things up when you want. Don't like your intro change. It don't like your topic. CHANGE IT and so podcasting skills that I'm helping develop they will translate elsewhere. You're speaking email everything you do. As far as communication that is going to be helped by Solo podcast. If you haven't heard the intro episode assode yet that is what I want you to do i. That explains the what in the why of everything happening here to get it and all the other days of the Thirty Day Sola podcast challenge. Big PODCAST DOT com slash. Subscribe is where you need to go. The PODCAST DOT com slash subscribe previously day number ten when we talked about mentor. Ship when you share stories about the mentors you have had in your life the lineage of the people who came before you help you clarify your message get focused focused on your topic and think the way that you think that tells people who are listening to you a lot about you. It is a way for them to get connected to who you are and why you you feel the way you do when you know the story behind something. You're more likely to pay attention. And when you understand a message better you're more likely to take in that message WJR and start using it for yourself so you listeners. By knowing about your mentors by knowing where you came from are more likely to understand your message. I know I've said this this law but it's worth repeating this system that I'm taking you through days one through thirty of the Thirty Day Sola. podcast challenge this builds upon itself. And by the time you get to the the end of the thirty days you're going to be so much better not only with your delivery but being able to share these things with your audience in a way. That's going to make them really Lee appreciate who you are as a person but also appreciate that message. They're going to listen to you more. They'll subscribe to you more often. They'll tell their friends about you. have their friends. Subscribed describe so. This is a process that I'm working through today. The focus is mistakes. Not your mistakes. Well maybe you can add them because there's personal stories are always as good though always help you to get listeners attracted to you even more but specifically what I want you to talk about is the mistakes that you see people who are listening to your podcast making making for example. If you've got a marriage podcast. What marriage mistakes are those people making? Maybe you talk about health and fitness. What health and fitness mistakes or people making when trying to lose weight when trying to have better cardio health when trying to have more stamina to run faster to run longer you gotta money podcast? What money mistakes are people people making you sharing? These mistakes is important for a few reasons. The first is that it shows that you have listeners. Social proof you can give these mistakes as part of a story. I had had a listener and here is a mistake. She was making it shows. You have listeners. It shows that you knew the mistake that was happening and it shows if if you want to tell this story how that mistake was corrected. That's the other thing that Sherry mistakes helps you do shows that you have the awareness of an issue and it can tease a solution. It may also show if you want to add a personal story that you have been through this issue. Let me give you an example of how this works as always because does this podcast. It's about podcasting. Here's an example about podcasting by the way. I hope you know they've got a blog. It's called big podcast bulletin bulletin dot big podcast hot cast dot com. I'm going to give you three podcasting mistakes. This was from a guest post by Laurel Staples called three mistakes. I made starting my first podcast. See if you can relate to these. He's one spending too much money on podcasting equipment. If you're listening to other podcasters especially experienced podcasters a lot of them like to talk about equipment. Flashy things things they plug in and I think the reason we do that as podcasters is because it can feel that we are accomplishing something when we purchase something. Consumption consumption equals accomplishment. That's what we think but not really in. This article talks about spending too much on podcast and equipment and why. That actually didn't help her. You're the second thing she mentioned thinking. If I build it they will come. Meaning if I create a podcast people will automatically start listening to me. That is not the case. You can build it but you need to do it right. And that's what we're talking about on the thirty day solo. PODCAST challenge talking about the information that you need. I need to share with people and how to share that information with them simply building. Something doesn't mean anybody will come and simply building something even right doesn't means you won't have to think about marketing your podcast. You do need to think about marketing. But as I mentioned having that focused message the brevity being able to clearly communicate your message that alone puts you leaps and bounds above other people who may be spending even more a marketing. So I WANNA be clear. She's right about this. If I build it they will come. That's that's not necessarily correct. Maybe correct some people however building it right then adding just a little bit of marketing is going to be more powerful than all all the marketing in the world. If you don't build something correctly the third thing. She mentioned relying too heavily on advertising. And that's what I was talking about if you've got a podcast that wasn't to bill correctly. It's not structured with good clear message all the advertising in the world's not going to help you. I'm going to have a link to this article in the episode notes by the way I'm always looking for great guest writers for this blog. Reach out to me at big PODCAST DOT com. You're interested let me give you those three mistakes again. One spending too much money on podcasting asked him to thinking. If I build it they will come without thinking about what you're actually building. You got to build some kind of quality if you want to attract the people but you also need to think about what am I going to do in addition to build something to get people to come. It's a one two punch because that third thing relying too heavily on advertising. You can't just do that either. You've got to have a combination of great content and also advertising. You can't just have advertising. You can't just have content the action step for you. I want you to get your pin. Get your paper outlined your episode with three things considered the beginning the middle and the end. This is something talked about throughout this series. You WanNa have a linear episode. You'd have an on ramp get people to the meat then you need to have an off ramp. Leave them with a nice ace satisfying feeling feeling like they've gotten an entire experience from your episode not an incomplete experience like an into just stops and like like what was that. Where was that going? He stopped right in the middle of it. Don't do that given the intro. Tell them why it's important giving them meet the mistakes you see people making taking then wrap it up why that is important how you can do the opposite of those mistakes. Remember stories are important so at stores where you can personal stories or best best whenever that earlier keep your outlined short and tight. Don't over think it hit record go for it upload it and if you want to send it to me you can do that via big podcast dot com. I'm happy to look at these happy to listen to them. See what you're doing talk to you about how you can do it better. I think we need more solo podcasters. I won't won't help you do just that have a solo podcast or at least the option of having a Solo podcast. That is it for today right now before you hit record to make that episode I want you to do this. Go to big PODCAST DOT com slash subscribe. Subscribe to this podcast. I want you to get all thirty days. I want you to get that intro episodes. You can understand fully the what and the why of this series stories. I also don't want you to miss what's coming up while you were there it'd be podcast dot com slash subscribe. I want you to get the free podcast. Toolkit I've got episode templates. Social social media templates things that take care of that marketing for you remember. That was podcasting mistake number. Two if you build it they will come not necessarily. I'm going over over the content with you here but I wanNA help you with the marketing too. And that is available to you for free via the tool kit at big podcast dot com slash. Subscribe thank you for listening. And I'll see you tomorrow on the next episode of the Thirty Day Solo podcast challenge.

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