GSMC Health & Wellness Podcast Episode 207: Cold & Flu Remedies


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It's cutting into your exercise time it's stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting between you in of hours that is a stat from the website pocket surfaces in the break room were recommended One study found that a pathogen placed on a single doorknob could essentially infiltrate an entire office building within a matter studies have shown that seventy eight hours is the best for your body to do a good job at fighting off those effective your body needs sleep your body needs rest in order to heal in order to help your body get over the cold things some natural things that you can do to help when you get sick and the first the first one affections seven or eight hours at night and then if you have time to take a nap during the day that can help as well and maybe you do and maybe you don't getting my flu shot which I try to do every year of course you can still get colds and different types of flus throughout the winter as if you can should stay home from work than you definitely have time to take a nap I know that is not possible for everyone although it is definitely guilty vulnerable to the spread of viruses of course so one of the things that you can do in addition to getting lots of rest of course is to wash your hands wash wash wash your hands it's colder it becomes that cold and flu season we spoke also a few weeks ago about some common health misconceptions and one of those is to actually take a break you know some of your like yeah right who has time but the the simplest remedy is often the most I am your host Sarah and I am happy to be with you once again to talk about some health and wellness topics I spoke a few weeks ago actually happen but still you can catch a lot of colds this time of year other people are catching colds it's just kind of germy factory out there so there are some the healthiest and you want to be healthier yet you just don't know what to do all these shows telling you this and that but nothing seems to work will slip old and you know if you were if you you're probably thinking if I had time to rest I probably wouldn't have gotten sick in the first place but hey you know it after you well as often as possible especially if you touch your face or if you blow your nose or if you rub your eyes any anything that's going to bring you in com contact them but don't do it I have a very dear friend who has a two year old son whose medically fragile and that means that he does not fight off avoiding alcohol cutting down on alcohol at center et Cetera or at least choose your alcohol very carefully you're just sitting at your desk and you you blow your nose and you don't want to go to the bathroom every time you lawyer knows you have a bottle of hand sanitizer sitting there and you can you can fevers and mucus production doesn't that sound lovely fevers mucus production leave you dehydrated definitely fevers as you know which I it's take care of some of those germs in that way you you want to try not to infect your co workers if you are sick do not go around eating habits die and everything about healthy living join us in our banters as we help you not just live life to the fullest but live it too going out with wet hair or getting cold can cause you to get a cold to catch a cold to the very popular trope in Jane Austen novels but that doesn't listen close golden state media concepts has got something great fruit you the health and wellness podcast dedicated to workout trends infection is easily as others hugh even the slightest cold Ken caused him to have pneumonia inland him in the nick. You and that's not good so heavy on turmeric this spice has some anti inflammatory properties in cells in the lab though it's at this point unclear became the second tip for when you're feeling sick is to avoid alcohol you ever noticed that that is on a lot of these lists that we talk about with some of those mucous membranes in your body if you don't if you if you're not near the now let me start that over basically if you're sick do not go around medically fragile folk a stay at home with your germs of you at all possible why it's very very important to hydrate hydrate hydrate hydrate if you can't stand to just drink water or actually the only time that I ever want to drink orange juice some researchers suggest that a hot cup of tea or lemon water will help decongest you with its steam in you can also try making a hot beverage. ABC'S DO NOT KISS babies time of year if you especially if they're not your own I know baby heads they're so sweet and they'd smells good and you just want to smoke the flu but as long as you're losing reasonable amount a couple of tablespoons should do it some doctors say the special ingredient won't hurt how well they translate into concrete results inside our bodies but even if that doesn't work as well as you might hope studies show that the placebo this article to the one nip of alcohol you might be able to justify while you have a cold and that alcohol is a hot toddy which consists of honey sometimes some tea and a little shot of whiskey and that usually helps me to do the speaking engagement the following day it's not a perfect of the hot toddy I don't drink a lot but when I have laryngitis and I have a speaking engagement I do lemon and is is what I'm sick when I have a sore throat I don't particularly like orange juice I don't hate it but it's not my go-to drink but when I am sick oh I just want to charge a gallon of orange juice water lemon and honey spiked with spirits usually whiskey this this doesn't help you fight off dampen your immune system and dehydrate you so don't guzzle that winer that beer even at even if it is the holiday season coming up and you may be fighted parties you know try not to imbibe I will say okay so with his article says is that what you really want hot drink as I mentioned a good cup of tea social media don't we so there isn't exactly concrete evidence that a bowl of chicken soup can make your cold shorter yeah so if it makes you feel calmer and help soothe you to sleep go ahead and enjoy a quote unquote medicinal cocktail now I will say I as I said before I get a lot of sinus infections spiders since I've had sinus surgery but I've had sinus infections bronchitis kind of chronically for years and and your budget let's face it unexpected and expensive repairs can pop up that's why triple a vehicle protection plans provide comprehensive coverage for maintenance be safe about the way you drink alcohol speaking of hot liquids soup can't hurt and you know that's one of the things that hydrate T- can work he can sue that sore throat if you have one so definitely hydrate but excessive alcohol consumption will I used to do a lot of public speaking I still do a lot of speaking because I do this podcast it's just not so public because I am here by myself in studio if you've owned your car for a while or maybe you got a great deal on a used vehicle that feels new to you AAA has a vehicle protection plan that fits your needs awesome but it helps me to at least have enough voice that I'm not whispering and trying to do a public speaking engagement again I don't about Finding the right pros for home projects can be tough and spark a lot of questions like how do I find a pro who can help will they do a good job will I get a fair price so just be be careful in how you imbibe when you are sick anytime really you want to be careful and you want to ships well listen to the golden state media concepts relationship podcast you're want stop podcast for everything properties let's talk a little bit more about soup after the first break you are listening to the GS MCI health and wellness podcast and I'll be right back cheer when I was sick doesn't matter at one point when I was sick I had a a tray I was sitting in bed and I had a trade that had I think it had my book the hot beverage is nothing to sneeze at ha ha if you've you'll cozy and comfortable you will feel better that brings and a cup of tea and a bowl of soup and probably a box of Kleenex I don't know but I had my I had my little thing and that was my those my instagram posts man we shared that's where homeadvisor can help from leaky faucets to major remodels homeadvisor connects you to the right person for the job in seconds and even helps you get a fair price review severe but it can certainly bring you comfort but some stand some studies do support it's healing powers because it may have may have anti inflammatory it'll soup is definitely one of those things that people think of when they are sick is actually reminds me of an instagram post I did last do you WanNa be careful when you buy canned soup because it can have a lot of sodium and sodium can help to dehydrate you so be cautious when you are doing news check Project Cost Guides and book appointments go to Homeadvisor DOT COM or download the free homeadvisor APP to start your next project we we always hear when you're sick you should have a chicken noodle soup Yeah maybe your mom major took a noodle soup maybe it came from a can maybe it was homemade chicken drink it much if I have it two nights in a row that's pretty that's pretty crazy for me but I can't help certain ways and that's how it helps for me he's that hefty placebo effect since so many of us grow up associating the liquid in or associated chicken soup as I mentioned before with comfort and he ability to warm up your congested regions and potentially help dislodge some use mucus in the process it also Shirley don't but I did use to do a lot of public speaking and I get Laryngitis at least once a year that is the time when I partake can be comforting and it may have as I said some anti inflammatory properties just like the hot tease those hot totti's that we mentioned earlier soup has the worn down during the holidays and before the break we started talking about soup specifically chicken soup whether that's chicken noodle soup or chicken dumpling soup or how what have you chicken soup real properties as to kill viruses in your body the evidence hasn't really come to support that yet so swallowing raw garlic isn't worth it but anyway chicken soup especially the homemade variety is a balanced and nutritious meal eating lots of fruits and veggies and other wholesome foodstuffs is an import wind tear mucus membranes gargling saltwater which is roughly a quarter to a half a teaspoon in a glass of warm water can soothe the inflammation in your it's and repair to take some of the risk out of driving a classic find out more about our vehicle protection plans at triple A. Dot com slash vehicle plan you if you get a cold or some flu like symptoms this winter season this upcoming holiday season because we all tend to get abilities and this says it's also a great place to sneak in a few glows cloves of garlic many people think garlic has such strong anti microbe it's just gonNA taste good and it's going to help with that comper factor the next tip is to be kind to your mucus membranes still on the search of that one true love on the limbo in this crazy world dating marriage relation part of getting well so a bowl of chicken noodle soup is a good thing to include in your diet anyway especially during the holidays that are coming up with you know when you're when you're sick and you're turning to the chicken noodle soup a little bit it's not going to hurt you but if you're eating fifteen candidates that was hyperbole thing as a final bonus chicken soup especially the homemade variety is a balanced nutritious meal and I will say here again in can get back to your life with CBD medic available online and that CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Oh but that acid isn't going to kill off viruses for you and it might actually irritate your throat which can be very sensitive delicate at this point during you know so just stick with the warm saltwater instead and this can also be you know there's cough drops in those help but the they do have medicine in you ah I the candy of Halloween than the overindulgence of Thanksgiving all those Christmas Hanukkah what have you dealt with me in the studio not as in the royal we I am speaking about you are listening to I guess the things you can do you cookies and deserts than wine and everything else so soup isn't going to do you any harm it's going to actually bolster probably your healing wrote improving symptoms like cough pain and post nasal drip Some folks swear that gargling or girling with or drinking apple cider vinegar is the way to go central heat we just had a woodstove which can really dry out the air in your house so she always had a pot of boiling water on the Woodstove to help hydrate the air but you a hot shower can help just you know be careful is if you're gonNA stick your face over steam be careful you don't burn yourself there there's a d and just get humidifier and it can help with that it can it can potentially loosen up that mucus buildup now if you want to put some in your soup pay can't hurt and who cares if it doesn't really help if you are a fan of garlic which my family is then you also want to keep everything moist maybe with a humidifier actually this was something that my mom did growing up because I grew up without a cautious as to how much you're putting your body so maybe alternating between the cough drop and the gargling of the worm saltwater could be a good balance welcome to the podcast in combat or talking about I do a Netti pot on a regular basis and it can be gross it can be gross to see what comes out of your sinuses but it can be so in that and then there is the sinus rinse which is gross but I do it all the time again with Sinusitis and the SINUS infections that I've had the F._D._A. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease for those antibiotics okay so you have a cold and you've tried various things are there cold medicines are there void replacing your cold viruses with brain eating amoeba 's that sounds really scary that sounds made up over the counter remedies that you should try well cold medicine can't cure you there's no cure for the common cold as we know but -biotics is the next is the next tip which a lot of us just want to get the antibiotics so we can feel better right on your gut health if you are taking an antibiotic you want to take a probiotic or eat yogurt or what have you I oh that in my vast experience of antibiotics there for a while I was on a lot of them before my sinus surgery I can't take Augmentin because Mrs as we speak usually use filtered water but occasionally I get lazy well keep in mind also that if you obsessively rinse your sinuses multiple times yeah so you should you should make a well you should make sure you're using filtered water too a lot better after I do that and you know your sinuses can hold can trap a lot of allergens and stuff so it helps to rinse them out are caused by viruses antibiotics kill bacteria so they're not really going to help anyway but if you have a sinus infection or strep throat or you think and so you you know you wanna be cautious about automatically jumping you do then you should definitely go to the doctor and be tested and see if you have that antibiotics will help in those cases but today you will likely just end up irritating the tissues in your nose which can make you feel worse I usually do it in the morning and before I go to bed do not run for the antibody I and I will not take it so whenever I go to a new doctor or if I go to the urgent care they say Oh let's put you on an antibiotic I please please not augmented anything ah but you don't want to do it every time you get sick and if you get sick multiple times in the winter well usually you sick and you go to the doctor or urgent care or what have you they're just going to say well it's viral there's nothing we can do about it because most colds and flus are but that because it's bad enough to have a sinus infection into feel crummy and just feel horrible and then to get well diarrhea on top of it is really not fun Ah of course you know if you take too many then you can get antibiotic resistant stuff and that's not good but also antibiotics can be really hard can help to alleviate the symptoms if you have a brand or a formula that seems to work for you then go ahead and use that but also it oh my my tummy does not like it I I can have reactions to certain other antibiotics as well but Augmentin is the Oh wow so use filtered water distilled water wit what have you don't just use the tap water now I'm scared of the brain eating at me booze that might be in my silence Hyphen Hydra mean in them and then those can cause sleepiness so definitely know what you're taking definitely be cautious until you know how your body's going to react because who can take something and then have an unforeseen consequence if you don't know your reaction your body's reaction to over the counter medicine let's go ahead it and then all that stuff comes out and I can feel my sinuses you expelling their gunk gross but satisfying and it feels oh that sometimes those can have side effects as well you know if it's something that you something that has like pseudo-ephedrine in it that can that can get it and take our second break the podcast and when we come back we will wrap up this episode so stay tuned you're listening to the GMC AMC PEOPLE UP I it makes my scalp feel like it's crawling or you know if you take it too late in the day you won't sleep but then there's other things that have like maybe the product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts now listen close off and wellness podcast and I will be right back it's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind signed it's pain and it's getting in between you and a life you want to live CD medic targets your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active OTC and here this out there's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching the golden state media concepts podcast Sean's plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get back to your life with CBD Matic available online at CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this cooking entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop blurted around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network asked network is here nothing less than a podcast list with enlist hours of podcast covered from news sports music Welcome back all of us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play guaranteed to build that podcast whatever it may be visit us at www dot g s MC podcast dot com out things you can do if you get a cold and and or flu these are some net more natural remedies as opposed to the Ooh personally because everyone reacts a little bit differently most people many people whatever swear by vitamin C. and who's anti-biotics or the over the counter but there are some over the counter that can help to alleviate your symptoms just know what the possible side effects might be for you you know they just I know someone who eats lemons oranges when he gets sick and he swears up and down that that that that helps no get rid of your cold I say it can't hurt and in it does do some good to boost your vitamin C these are there's some inconclusively about whether vitamin C actually helps shorten your cold or that zinc lozenges may help you get better if you start taking them regularly within twenty four hours of your first symptoms it's not clear whether they actually help you fight off the it neither does ECHINACEA this this article says but again if you drink echinacea tea or something and that makes you feel better than again can't hurt this does I just couldn't do it lemon in my in my tea or my water with honey sure straight lemon not so much but I'm cold gets worse after that I don't know if that's true but that has been my experience and that is kind of how I feel so for you I have tried the ink lodge lozenges before and sometimes I feel like they along with the vitamin C. and the ECHINACEA Paris or simply reduce inflammation in your throat and this zinc may nasal swabs just seem to kill your sense of smell but maybe the works he says it it soothes his sore throat I can't do it I tried wants to just bite into the lemon and they were actually Meyer Lemons which are sweeter than regular lemons who do whatever you can to minimize the number of times you get sick during the winter so that brings me to my question of what are your tried and true remedies don't don't really work they feel like they might be working for a day or two and then it just feels like it flu shot it's not going to necessarily it's not going to help you with the common cold but you don't want to get the common cold and the flu during the winter you want get your flu shot I'm not going to swear you that wasn't me swearing at you that was the article swearing at me the reader who read it to you but yes Gogi if you want to give it a shot can't hurt you know your feet and smell like Menthol vicks vapor rub can't can't be too bad why do I try to get sleep doesn't always work do as I said the hot toddy in terms of Laryngitis but I'm not encouraging you to drink you do on the bottom of my feet putting socks on going to bed and the coughing less could be a placebo I don't know but it seems to work so see I do have ECHINACEA tea which I sometimes drink just depends on how I'm feeling I do the sinus Rennes but I do that on a regular basis anyway and what else seems to work I have mentioned actually this article kind of covered everything that I do in terms of you know I drink a lot of tea drink a lot of orange juice for preventing yourself from getting sick or then what do you take for comfort or for alleviate symptoms or as I was sitting on the couch watching TV I need to ask her about that if you have had that experience let me know let me know that I'm not alone in the world and this memory bring us a cup of Hot Jello I did ask her about that and find out why she used to do that I remember

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