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I'm Bringing A Baby Into The World In the Middle Of A Pandemic


Corona virus has separated US but the pandemic also connects US and makes us wonder. What are other people experiencing so? Wb EASY is gathering personal dispatches from folks who are alone together and today as part of our life interrupted series. Tamara Frankel explains what. It's like to be an expectant mammary now my name is Tamara Franko. I'm thirty nine weeks pregnant. How am I feeling I kind of run the range between kind of really intense panic and excitement. I mean it's exciting something that we've been waiting for for a long time. So there's a lot of anticipation that's for sure. When I found I was pregnant. Well when you're doing IBM everything's very schedule. So we were waiting off from the doctor and we were supposed to go to a baseball game that day and I remember they called us and even without the nursing anything specific like I could just hear it was like this is going to be happy phone call and it was and then we went to the COBB game and I remember there was like some birthday tribute on the jumbotron and I had just started crying. I was like okay some burial as a pregnant woman. There's always a sense of not being in control and there's certain things you're always going to be anxious about that. You can't really predict it's one thing when you're experiencing that and everyone else is kind of going about their business but when everyone's kind of operating in that mode. I'm like okay. Yeah you kind of get it. I'm worried a lot about a lot of things that I can't control and now you are too now that I'm really close to the end of the pregnancy. I am going in every week for an exam. One of the questions. They asked you before you go in like. Are you short of breath? It's like yeah I'm sure breath. I'm pregnant but then it's like am. I should read because pregnant on my short of breath because I have the virus and like you start to kind of make yourself nuts. My family lives in Canada and taxes in Philadelphia. And so we were hoping they'd all be able to come and on my side of the family. It's the first grandchild. It's like a really big deal and my mom's just always thinking about that. That's kind of hard to manage my own sadness around and hers. They really just feel helpless. They want to help but they can't learn a lot about resilience in this time but you also have to. I think take deep to find it sometimes in yourself you might think it's not there and things feel really hard but recognizing he do have what it takes to carry this baby to hopefully God's upbringing into the world. You have those abilities you have to just remember that you and I try to channel that as much as I can when I'm feeling like I just don't know how many get through this like what is going on here because like really the show does go on life happens. Babies come into the world whenever they want to. I don't know how I would describe this time to my child. Yeah it was really hard to bring you into the world at this time but also it's amazing and none of the constraints. None OF THE FEARS. Kind of mattered. I guess in the end that was tomorrow. Frankel for our series life interrupted. That story was produced by candice. Michelle Khan and Joe too so.

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