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Ep. 0 How We Help Your Student to Reach Their Goals


Welcome to make the grade with the success Dr Steven Green where you'll discover actionable strategies to help your student to reach their academic goals to excel at standardized testing into plan for the college admissions process painlessly and now here's your host Dr Steven Green. Hey Hello Everyone Dr Steven Green the success Dr Welcoming Immune to the greed podcast. This is <hes> episodes zero the first one which zero and podcast world and I just WanNa welcome you WanNa. Thank you for tune in. Thank you for subscribing. Thank thank you for sharing your interest in the topic of education. That's <hes> that's my thing. That's the theme I wanted to take the next few minutes and explain my vision off. Were the for this for this podcast podcast and some of it is is based on the past solve it is based on the future. I guess president as well so make the great which is my business of twenty. Two plus years at this point is an educational services and tutoring company so we among other things provide tutoring to students in elementary Middle High School and college and we also help schools with many things tell tail over the next several weeks and we also work with businesses entrepreneurs pretty much. Anybody was learn something but really the theme is basic rate. We help you to reach your goals so the theme of the podcast podcast is going to be topics within education topics within specific areas of education like academics like college admissions test prep <hes> like how to be a bitter student basically <hes> maybe some discussion of legal issues not you don't get a lot of press <hes> about law and legal with education but most education public education is funded by the government state local Oh and federal and there's a lot of things Iraq that way sometimes I also look forward to having several guests on the podcast in all sorts of various <hes> topical capacities which also get into the. The second so let me start just tell you a little bit about myself and I don't enjoy talking about myself except I think it's appropriate here to frame this so I have been running. This company. Make the grade since nineteen ninety-seven fulltime in Nineteen ninety-four poor time <hes> there was a transition where I was also a teacher and it for brief time a college professor of of that and <hes> I've learned a lot along the way of seeing a lot of things have changed all the time they seem to change trendy then isn't trendy any more and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah but <hes> the constant has been there is always a need for quality education is always a need for support is always a need for for people to know where to get the correct answers and creek ashes to attest with the correct answers to bigger issues. That's really hoped this is. I hope it's it's partly detail things that can help. You hope it's also larger ideas. If you think about the imports of education in I self improvement and things like that so specifically <hes> both my parents were in education. My mother was an elementary school teacher for forty one years forty one years. My father was any of a business he was in business computer. Analyst actually in the in the seventies and eighties which was a pioneer and fuel adapt Whitney became a college professor and taught actually the point where he retired with attention <hes> at had college and so I always had education my life as a sort of daily routine I remember sitting there. After dinner on my parents be grading papers putting things in that role books and doing lesson plans ads and Blah Blah Blah Blah possible just a very natural progression to feel this was something that that I wanted to do and wanted to doing it has been it's been very rewarding and in continues to be so that Kinda brought me into college legit graduate school and eventually into the workplace and until today so over time maybe by one hundred flash forwarding <HES> you'll know my entire biography but more importantly <hes> my expectation my hope here is that we can start. Discussions of things are important universally to everyone does no matter where you live <hes> if you have children at school it's it's important public school private school did it doesn't really make a difference difference so within make grade <hes> this. This is essentially what it is we do three things. One is we tutor academic topics primarily the specialization in math and science sciences so. Math runs pre-algebra. Although we often through calculus sciences tend to be the more highschool math based ones chemistry physics also biology in Israel. All of these things are so beside taught was teaching <hes>. That's the academic piece number one number two is the college admissions test prep component so this would be helping children are high school students. Obviously were trying to make that transition into college. The applications that big piece is the S._A._T.. A._C._T. and to some degree P._S.. Eighty preparation so they can hit their numbers and be viable candidates for admissibility the school so their choice and that's a huge a huge business out there <hes> many many large big Cobra Kinda companies doing it and that's that's a second piece so number one academics number two test prep number three is called maximum education and this may be a new idea to you as a listener maxim education and immature lots more about this episode three his book. I wrote and published in two thousand sixteen. It's basically a compendium the actionable ideas that you can use to become a better student broken into three parts number one time management number two information management number three daily Action Success Plan and the book was written in the modern to get into all the details Kazakh cover that my future episodes but because written basically is a guide to students. I was working with over twenty plus years at work. There were ten thousand students and many of them are completely capable intellectually but they're not organized or they're organized. They don't have enough time they have enough time to organize and they have both but they're not consistent so with this does is it brings it all together gives gives the timing the organization the information management and maybe most importantly a daily consistent plan to make it happen so a lot of the stuff. If you WANNA learn more about this now you can go to make the gray okay dot net and or go to maximum education dot Net and learn more about this so I'm going to keep up the code episode zero short into the point but I do WanNa leave with with a couple quick. Ideas Number One. I would be very interested in what you were. Opinions are as listeners I hope as participants of the community of make the great <hes> what topics do you feel are interesting what are compelling L._A.. Easiest Way to interact with this point at least would be on the facebook group for make the great facebook page <hes> if you go to facebook and search for make the grade you should find it. There's about six thousand members in the community right now but I would encourage you as well to come join message me <hes> and say hey. This is something I'd like to hear about or discuss on the podcast. Secondly I am actively seeking <hes> people who would like to come wanting joining the conversation on the podcast and talk about a topics of interest experts in the field and non experts in the field. I have people lined up just since adjust but who appearance who have been through the process and what their experience was like as a parent trying to work student through college admissions process or a parent who has student maybe with disability or parenthoods a student who believes their child is struggling and just can't figure out why these are all things I've encountered professionally every day literally for for years and but sometimes hearing it from the people going through it and having experienced it is so much more compelling and interesting and these are people like to be connected you too so if you were a you know anyone in these situations on does not even built. You have to be an education. I have some entrepreneurs coming on college presidents. I've admissions counselors. I've motivational speakers. I have a hypnotist hypnotist who specializes in stress reduction test anxiety. Let's be nice relaxing podcast. I have preferred personal trainer. <hes> that the common theme is the help you to reach your goals so I hope you enjoyed enjoyed this little introduction. I hope you'll hang around for episodes one two three four five at at that up so pie somewhere in there episode e episode million episode ten to the thirteenth and become a member of the makes disagreed community so again make the gravy to academics we do test prep we do maximum education love to hear your feedback make great dot net where maximum education dot net or the facebook group for page sorry page page Mitch Page for mixed grade or find me on facebook Dr Steven Green and let me know what you're thinking. Thanks again and have a great and productive day.

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