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the Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista s skinny. Today's podcast is sponsored by Baker Hughes. Hello everyone and welcome to this week's episode. I'm so excited to share this time with all of you and hope you're having a good week so far I'm sitting here This afternoon in West Texas with the CO chairs of we choose our future Christine foreman and Dave joyner. Thank you so much for being with us today. Thanks Christopher having Venice a you before we get started I want. Ask everyone to help our show out. We're fairly new or still under a year old but I would love free to take a few minutes out of your day. Leave her view you in chains. I cannot thank you enough for doing this. We're so appreciative of the reviews. We've received so far and for Apple Choosing Permian perspective to be on the new and noteworthy list a special. Thank you to one of our listeners. He left this email Robin said Christa. Thank you for sharing the wonderful things here in the Permian and sharing the stories of those who make it such a great place to live. I also love the kind words you share about the community. MVP's west Texas or so giving and it's wonderful to hear how others are giving coming back. Keep up the great work. Well thank you so much robin always nice and kind for people to say Nice words about your show and we really appreciate you without you the listeners we would have no show so. Thank you again Christine and Dave. We're so excited to have you on the show today. We're I'm excited to be here. Some of you have made heard especially if you're here in the Permian we had a recent election. There was a a bond that was up for the vote and Midland. Voters have voted Yes to recently passed five hundred and sixty nine million million dollar school bond. That of which would not have happened. If it wasn't for you too so let's go ahead and start from. Well let's say the beginning of someone has not. I've been here in the permits. We have listeners. All over the world. Tell us how this came to be well so I'll just start with the midland. ISD Looking at the need need for more facilities. We've had a lot of growth in our area recently with Increase in oil production and all of the great things that are going on in oil on gas. And so there's a lot of people coming to midland and over the last few years there's been a lot of capacity needs especially at our secondary school level bowl and so they've been looking at needing to build more facilities in two thousand twelve. There was an elementary school bond. That built three new. Elementary Schools is to address that capacity need. But now it's time to address this secondary facilities needs and so they got a group together called the Facilities Ability Master Planning Committee lots of community members business members in the community. The school district personnel architecture. Experts spurts design experts nonprofits. Just a lot of kind of a broad overview of people in the community that could provide valuable input to what facilities ladies were exactly needed and how to go about meeting the capacity needs so they started meeting almost two years ago working. I didn't realize longer yes so before the bond was put on the ballot they had worked or met on an offer over eighteen months and so they they did a lot of demographic studies and some community surveys and just a lot of research and work that went into what was going to be the best fit for our community and best fit for the growth. That's already here but also future planning for growth up to ten years from now and so the work started back then with that group of people and then eventually a bond was presented to 'em ISD's school board and then approved to be put on the November ballot. Wow and then of course it was on the ballot. And we'll we'll backtrack in a minute and go back to some of the important items that you just mentioned but for those those of you that are maybe not in our area this was passed and then it was re counted and then and then it was not passed asked and then it was passed again. Well actually Dave do you want to explain. Maybe yeah you tell us what happened because it was a little communities to everybody not I mean everybody involved right. It is confusing and the timeline looks like this. On election night we were led to believe based on some results that were published by the elections office. That the school bon had passed. Unofficially then about a week later. There's some provisional ballots mail-in ballots that come in that are counted made by a group of of election officials seven days after the election and when we went in to have those be counted to confirm that we still had the lead we then were are informed or found out that actually we didn't have the lead and we never had the lead we were misled. Hate to keep using that word we were misled to you. Believe that we are in the lead when we were never in the came to find out that we were actually thirty votes behind and then after those extra votes were counted. We'd made up five oats. And so ultimately we were twenty twenty five votes behind and that was an those became the official results. A couple of days later we'll after looking closely at some of the data information provided to us by the Secretary of State's office in the elections office. We realized that there's enough issues here that maybe this is worth going ahead. And and and springing recount which unfortunately in Texas there is no automatic recount that has to be paid for by one of Africa's groups either for or against whomever's trailing likely to pay for the recount. And so we ended up deciding citing to pay for a recount and thank God. We did because after we went and counted every ballot by hand the ultimate result was that the bond passed by eleven eleven votes and so now we went from a head by twelve or thinking. We were head by twelve to behind by twenty-five tobacco head by eleven in those are now the official results that that have been canvassed and or the election is finished and I understand that was a very smooth process. The recount for for all of you involved in really just a it was a pretty smooth experience and with both sides being there correct. Yes so the really great thing I mean I know. There's a lot of controversy about the new election election machines and the way that the elections office has gone about with this new technology. But the really nice thing is there. Were actually paper ballots. It's to count in the recount so that that was a benefit for us to be able to like you said go through very strict thorough by the book process process of counting every single ballot every vote and making sure that there were people in the room from the opposition group and those of us in the advocacy group and then also neutral parties who had had some experience either. They had worked in the elections office before volunteered good with previous elections and then the previous elections administrator was actually the the recount coordinator and she had multiple years of experience experience so it was and then Rick Davis did a great job of just kind of managing the whole process so it was really great to see a democracy get worse yes it was a great experience and I think it was a long tedious process but we all in that room I think regardless of the result and how it ended up up we all in the room felt very confident in what we had done the work that we had done and the end result right and it was what twenty hours I guess you can read now I know. I wish this was televisions. You could see just the the right because and I'm sure it was that way for everyone involved evolved afterwards it was like live breathe and now how do we move forward. Because I think that's what everybody wants to know is what is the next step and and how. How is this going to benefit the kids because there are so many components to the bond that are going to benefit middling kids? Let's talk about that and that information. What the first step is so? Dave won't take away. The bond was plan when I saw it. I get very excited. Christine hit some high points but it definitely definitely the main thing that it does create much-needed capacity for our students and we have thirteen hundred kids graduating. We have twenty two one hundred kids coming into kindergarten and so that is that has been the case for years and our elementary schools are filled with classes around that size. And they're we're going to need somewhere to go in a short few years. My own children are in third and fourth grade. Their classes are are huge. When you look across the entire city midland? They're gonNA have to have somewhere to go. Oh and the current high schools we have do not have space adding a third high school adding modern safe technology security. That kind. The thing is going to really help our kids get a leg up and try to compete with the we are measured as a school district against and competing against kids from other other school districts across the state to try to get into college and get jobs high school and so making sure kids have the same tools that there's other kids in the state have to get educated is is really important to us as a community. Lots of people in this town go to work every day and brand new beautiful technologically advanced office buildings thinks and why not offer that same thing to our children M- instead of sending them to school in sixty and eighty year old buildings that have been kind of duck tape and bailing wag together. You're right because I mean we're all parents and you want the best for your kids Yuzu and I know Christine Your Passion for M. D. is nothing. It's not nothing new. This has been around around for a long time. You're a millon- High Grad and your kids have all gone through public school systems still in the public school system. Why was this so important to you? Why are you passionate about about this and for helping other kids as well? Well I think it starts with my love for our community as a whole I can see see the benefit of public school and what it does for the majority of students in our community and who it serves me. Oh my kids have been going to school school alongside sixty two thousand other students you know so you can see that firsthand that that the school district the Public School district just provides. It's a huge need for our community for educating our future and so a love of community for sure at first but then also just being inside ride those schools campuses where my kids have been and then seeing the needs of campuses where my kids are not attending school and and how broad the need need is an mist and an at first you know when you get involved in something and you start volunteering. Not Everything is all rosy all the time right and and you see the hard stuff and you see the great stuff. And I just wanted to be a proponent of helping provide support to students and support support to the teachers that are doing the work every day. So that's kind of how I got started but also you know my kids won't benefit from this bond because the implementation tation won't happen until after they've all graduated by grandkids exactly. Yeah but also I can see. They're both in secondary school right now and my daughter is in a junior high school class with like forty five. Kids and five of the kids are sitting around the teachers desk. Because because there's not enough room now there's desks to put in there but there's not enough room in that classroom to put any more desks in there. So I mean I see the I've seen the overcrowding firsthand and and then also you know the lack of technology with the previous school bond elementary schools were updated and they had better technology and and they have a lot of things safer secure more and more secure buildings but then when they go from sixth grade up into high school all of that goes away. There's not what the great technology there's not safe buildings and so it's like they're moving backwards instead of forwards when they go through school so it's been time to address our secondary schools schools. I think one of the things that it's been hard for our community do is look forward and look into the future and what does upgrading our secondary schools do. It causes us to add. Maybe add another comprehensive high school and I think that was a big. That was a big issue. I'm glad you brought that up because I was going to ask what what has been one of the toughest issues because it was so split that you feel was maybe maybe they didn't quite understand completely. So is there anything I think he wanted to clear up with some of those issues. Sure yet. I think the biggest opponent groups are can be generally grouped by folks who I didn't want their property taxes to go up even though for the size of this spawned the amount of property tax increases going to be relatively small and it's way overdue it so that was one group think that those those people exist in every community regardless of what type of bonded is there's people that are going to oppose it because it's a it's a potential property tax increase which group people who did not want to see a change in the quote history or legacy of the town going from two high school town two three high school town which is what will be and that will have a necessary change in district blind lines and so some of the traditional neighborhoods that have attended high school a will might attend high school. See Now and that is a scary thought for some people. I think. Really just fear if the unknown and that's understandable but some people use that to say I'm voting against the bond because I want us to be too high school town and I want to keep the district lines where they are Not Realizing that. That's probably wasn't going to happen anyway. The other group is probably I think maybe has the most broad opposition for as far as the the category is just general issues with the school district as a whole either. They didn't feel like the school district doing a good job performing dynamically. They didn't fit. The school district was treating their teachers properly. Or Too much attrition with the teachers or they didn't feel like the school district was treating their money properly. All these different reasons issues they had with the school district. And they were then putting that on the bond and saying well this'll be a referendum against the school district will vote down there bond and that'll let us know we're not okay with their performance formats when at least from Christina Nice perspective and I think a lot of the proponents the bond would they really would be doing is sending a message to the students at like. Hey we're not concerned turned about where you guys and the teachers who work there. We're not concerned about Rigas. Teach and learn every day where just mad at the school district and so rather than tools that might help you meet those goals of better academic performance better teacher retention and recruitment all that kind of thing and better fiscal responsibility with having to spend less money and maintenance and repairs. It's an aging buildings and have more efficient newer facilities. All those reasons in May made it since us. Why the Bonnie to pass and he never really understood why people but wanted us the bonus a referendum against the school district? Those are really the main I think. Groups have folks that were positioned on and I think that's a good point to bring up because trust is a word we see a lot and a part of that comes from what we see that has reported in the news or or just maybe you hear a tiny little something at the coffee shop and then you pass it on. What does it? What's that game operator or word where it just gets? It gets changed as telephone. Excuse you thank you. Thank you telephone the phone the telephone game and so I think with that you know as a society we tend to just rush to judgement and that happens a lot. Why why should people that maybe were on the opposite side? Really try to look at a different perspective. And and give the superintendent in his team in the school board. A chance you you know what they've obviously proven to all of you. What would you say to them? As as a good way to start fresh right now with this bond. I think I would say you know. Just make sure that you know who they are as people but also plug in and work alongside them for a minute or two and you'll see that really the end goal that all of these administrators and school board members. The end goal is to provide quality education for our public school kids. And we're all you know innately good. We don't all do things the same way. And we don't all agree on the best way to get there but don't continue to stand on the sidelines and complain or be negative about something that you're not willing to actually get in and see how it's working and provide constructive feedback if you don't agree with something. Offer a solution or offer a change. Don't just complain about something and not be a part of the solution so I think that's the biggest thing and that's what I learned is if you aren't willing to be a part of the solution Ben in and you really. You shouldn't be a part at all. So how can people get involved. That is that was a perfect lead into my next question is how can people now get into the process in the next next step in. Because I know it's not like overnight. We're just GONNA have brand new facilities and I know that there's a process to anything. How can people get involved? Goodness there her. I'll have to defer to Christine on with their myriad ways. I mean that's how I am sitting in this chair right now. Is I started with a small tutoring program. That a friend of Mine Laurie. BOULDERING DRIK started called. One to one tutoring Laurie. Yes yes she is wonderful person. Won't she started this program to get help for these. After school tutoring for kids who predominantly predominantly at risk of dropping out but is open to anyone and it started as a small small group that met once a week across from midnight midnight kids and now they have them at many different services across the city. That's how I got started and getting involved and eight program exactly and so there's this programs like that there's educate midland. They're smitten. Education should foundation. There's there's a bunch of other ways that people can get plugged in in in a formal way and of course there's mentorship programs things like that people can do as well. And what am I missing. Well I was GONNA say if you're really focused on our wanting to be involved in the bond itself there's GonNa be a community oversight committee which will be involved for awhile or it'll be a place for people to be involved in watching the process or even being a part of the process and providing input and making. I'm sure that the things that this bond was intended to do are being done so for the bond itself. If that's your if that's what you're really interested rested in then let your school board member know that you're interested in being on that committee. There's GonNa be a year of planning before any you know. Ground is broken again. So there's GonNa be a lot of different. I think that's the other thing. Some people were frustrated that this was spun. Didn't have a line by line item of very specific details about the bond but but to me that's of benefit because then there are some things that can be done. You're not you you know nailed down to one or two different things. You can actually have some flexibility as to how the money is spent and what the the things that. The teachers teachers are saying that they need or the campuses. You know they're all different. They all have different needs. So it's GonNa take community and put an input from the staff in the school district so if you're talking about you know being involved that way also we have four school board seats coming up. There's and I think I'm excited. I can't really explain a lot of it but I I know there's going to be some opportunity for training for school. Board potential school board members awesome. Something that I have just learned about and so you know if that's something that you're interested in but you don't feel like you have enough knowledge or have a skill set then there's going to be an opportunity community for you to gain some knowledge about that and what what does a school board member actually do and and no they don't get paid. It is volunteer work. No no they're not you know. Nothing's lining their pockets or anything like that so but that's important to kind of know how that works. No what they can control and know what they can't control. I think that's really important as educating yourself on. How actually the school district works? Because that's something that if it's an unknown you're fearful earful to maybe be a proponent of something if you don't really know much about it but like Dave said tons of other opportunities to get involved in volunteering and getting involved involved in the community but really my biggest piece of wisdom I would say is find where whatever you're passionate about and whatever you're willing to be a positive part of the solution then that's what you should focus on and there's tons of different ways in our community which is great absolutely. Let's talk about some of the big oil and gas companies that that were supporting the bond. You Have Patchy Chevron diamondback pioneer contra just to name a few some big ones. I think we've all heard of. Why do you think this bond was so important for the oil and gas sector? Will I think when I talked to people within those companies that were of a big part of of getting them behind this process they were able to pretty easily make what they referred to as a business case for the bond to the company even though a lot of these companies are big mineral owners and and they pay a lot of property tax sner county and so they actually helped to promote something that would actually caused them to pay more taxes but they also realized that manpower manpower is one of the most scarce resources we have in the Permian Basin right and getting people in here and getting people to commit to move here and stay here a huge part of that or families. She got young. The story of a young engineer who comes in he wants to work and you may be commuting for wants to move his family here but he's not sure about the education system for his kids. He's clearly a sharp are person who has you know is an engineer and he wants the same thing for kids. Well if we can if they can do what they can to raise up the quality education in our town on that person's likely to come. They're likely to stay there likely to continue to contribute in the community and maybe raise the next generation of engineer geologist you remember else might be working in the oil and gas sector for the next generation right and it is it because as as we all know as parents. That's an important question that you always ask. Is You know if I'm moving to this community entity where am I going to put my skills and you want them to have great options and this right there is going to just raise the level of of great options because we do have other options as well but I know both of you as proponents of of public school system. Is You want to give them the best possible public school system that we can get Well I think a part of new set of options and I see it as choice. We want to have a lot of good quality choices choices for our kids. We have some great private schools. We have some good charter schools. Home schooling is an option. We want public school to be equality option as well and unfortunately when people are coming to midland from other parts of the state or even parts of the country. Mist has not always been and known for the quality of education that they you know that they provide and I think we all as parents want to have have a lot of choices. Because again I mean I have friends who have kids in private school and I choose to put my kids in public school but at any given moment if I needed needed to make a different choice for one of my kids than I want that choice to be there and I think that's what that's what this means for the oil and gas companies in our community. He is that this provides another choice to the people that they're trying to recruit to come to midland and get here and stay here and raise their families here and which ultimately awesome it really makes our community better absolutely and that's the thing we all love living here in the Permian. What is it that you love? Most we'll go both the both of you Christine. You go ahead and START I well you know I probably a little bit biased because I was born here and raised here and I did leave for college for a short period of time in swore. Yeah I would never come back but then ended up coming back here and raising a family here I think midland has the greatest sense of small town community. Munity feel with such supportive generous midlanders people that have been mentors of mine and but a place that you can really be plugged in and and and grow and put your roots here so I think it's an easy place to love. The people here are are amazing. But we also you know it's Kinda hard you don't Wanna see your small town grow and expand and and some of us have have seen that and some people see that as a negative thing and I really WanNa look at added as a positive thing I think midland growing we can stay. Keep our same small town veal and we have the same great people while. We're you know. Oh enticing other great people to move here and be a part of the community so definitely the the people in the community feel are my favorite thing about midland. Couldn't agree anymore. I could not go more. Dave what are you about the PROMOS. She kinda stole the one of my brain. which was the people here the community? Here I love I mean I. I was born in Dallas Alice. I went to school in Austin. I lived in Los Angeles. All over. Yes these are not small places and so the the now the fact that it's almost not just congress that expected when I walk in somewhere expected no people I mean rather it's the grocery store or restaurant or anywhere. I expected no people in them to know me. And that is very unique to this down in this community MM unity and I love that about this place. The other part of it too is just the opportunity. I didn't realize how entrepreneurial until I moved here and very quickly after moving here here working for someone else. I wanted to go out on my own. This town is very much a driver for that type of of of attitude in mentality and many friends who you're in the same boat I am in so I'm you know oil and Gas Company of two that I've been running for ten years and I love it and I have all the support. I need from the community from the leaders barons of industry. People who are household names gas industry. I I am a phone call away. Even if I didn't know them I could call them and they'd be like sure. Come on down on cmih. Well when I was in Los Angeles working in the entertainment industry I could not call Steven Spielberg a meeting with him. Great Point but I can do that with with the equivalent of Steven Spielberg in oil and gas like if I wanted to call and talk to a CEO of one of the Permian based oil and gas companies that could be in their office in probably a day's notice and that is what is really cool and unique about this town. And I love that. And that's why I'm here. I'm staying here pouring myself into trying to better this town. Of course anything you WANNA leave it better than you found it. I love that and that is a great analogy because I think unless you live here you don't realize how true that is but just to be able to pick up the phone and call people and they'll answer. Yeah that's how that's how I give you all my podcast. I just call them but it really. It's not like any other town I've ever lived in. I grew up in California and so I understand what you're saying it's a different and there's just a beauty of it and I think y'all both hit it right there then hit the nail on the head it is the people. What have you learned the most through this process in the bond and that you will take with you as you move forward for me? I never saw myself as doing something thing like this but I felt I looking back. I see that the work that I've been doing in public education for a long time in the work that I've done in the community really prepared dared me to be able to step out and do this. But only with the support of so many people the companies that were backing us and and hundreds and hundreds of volunteers that that helped us. David I have been you know the figureheads per se. But but it's not been he and I doing all the work there've been so many integral people behind us and so feeling the support and being able to to step out and do something that I don't think I would have been able to do without without that but then also because there. Was You know an opposition group. It made me grow as a person to to really be able to understand another perspective and not just discount but actually take it in and decide. You know how to be able to articulate agreeing to disagree on something and that grew me as as a person because I've always been a people pleaser and and I I realized that you can still stand firm and believe in something and not agree on it and not worry that I'm not pleasing everyone in the room because I'm doing something thing that I truly believe in and I think it's be most important thing for our community at this point. That was beautiful. Thank you name and thank you for all you do because you said you you never saw yourself there. But I've seen you there for years. I I always think of you as this huge advocate for for kids and families and education and now really. We're just this. We're seeing you there a little bit more because you're on the news more but I've seen you do this and be passionate about for years and it is an unpaid job. You're so so you're just paid in thank you. So thank you for being such a great advocate. Dave how about you. What have you learned the most through this process? Well it's again not surprisingly. There's a lot of overlap. They learned but not to repeat what she said. One of the other things that I've learned that I never expected to learn is a lot of nitty gritty. Do Aunts about how our election system works about how the entire process works about how school bonds work something that we didn't really dive into. But now I have really good understanding any of how our state so Robin Hood are recaptured. Program works that I had a cursory understanding before but now I understand it very well and understand how much the school bond helps us escape some of the penalty that we get people who pay into that so we could probably spend another hour on the finance. Listen glossier you start diving into it like I don't understand all this and then boom immediately glossy so but that that's been probably a lot of of nitty gritty details that I never thought I would understand that. I'm really glad I know now. Just as as a citizen and as a community member this those sorts of discussions come up. I'm now armed with information that it before. I'm glad you did bring that up and without going into robinhood WANNA one. Could you explain that because I actually had. Someone asked me that today. The when I said I was coming to do this. podcast they said well. I don't understand robinhood. What is it and so people think because we are such a an economic rich community that all the money just stays here? uh-huh nope that's right. It's just the the the sixty second version is the property rich district because of all the oil and gas. That's underneath where we're sitting right now. And because of that there's the Robin Hood or recapture program. Means they take money from them. Were rich districts they have to pay it into the state copper and that gets paid out to the smaller districts and so we have to regardless of our performance regardless of how much we need that money to try to fix them of our problems we have to send it it is it is by law. There's no way around it and so whereas we might. We might bring in four hundred million dollars in property taxes this year we have spent seven hundred thirty million dollars to Austin we can. We can build a new high school for one hundred. Seventy one million dollars and so we're we're spent sending almost as much money as it takes to build a highschool to Austin averaged. That's just this year every year. Yes that's just this year and it's gone up every year to as property valuations have gone up and something. That's really great about the bond flipping the way it has back to being passing. I sat in a budgeting workshop for the school district the other day and they were talking about the fact that wow we have to budget nine and a half million dollars dollars out of our maintenance operation budget. While the maintenance operation budget is the part that subject to recapture we only get to keep seventy cents on the dollar out of that the other other thirty cents. That's the one hundred and thirty million talking about that. Goes to Austin and so we have to have if we need to spend basically we need to spend seven million on something we have to actually get ed ten million and then we spent three million and then we get to spend seventy with the school bond. We can do things like this. Nine million is talking about is to repair roofs from hail damage Yeah and we can do that with bond money now. So one hundred percent of the money that comes from Edmund stays here to fix those kind of projects and that gives us a bigger pool of money to pay teachers which is the overwhelming majority of that means percent eighty percent yes. Seventy percent is spent on people. Yes that's right and so that that arms us with it just frees us up significantly so this bond passing. That's one of the biggest pieces the ability to take these things that we have to spend that we have to do just to keep the buildings and things going we get to keep that money here and use bond money for and then let's use their maintenance and operation side to pay teachers and do things that really directly benefit boots on the ground. That was a great explanation. Thank you sure she you learn. You had like a master's degree in six months. Christine is there or anything coming into this interview and I. I didn't even get to ask you all the personal questions I get you home your favorite quote and your podcast. We may need. Have Y'all back on another day but we're running running out of time. But I I wanted to know coming into this interview. Is there anything that maybe we haven't covered yet. That you think is so important that you want the voters in Midland to know about the school golden. How old benefit our community? Gosh that's a big question you know. I think where we sit today. I think the biggest thing to understand is is that you know we may not have won the bond election by a huge number. It was very close and so I think some people are are fearful to move forward and though there are some discrepancies that the county needs to figure out with the election to be you know to figure out for future elections for our community. The bond did pass where it sits right now so I think the most important thing is that we are trying to be sensitive and compassionate in it to the people who are on the losing side of of this work they. It's not a full loss. It's IT'S GONNA be of benefit it's going to be a gain for for our community and so don't be afraid to now. I can't ask you to speed up the process of whatever that looks like for you to feel a loss but when you're ready to move forward because we need to move forward our kids have been. Our teachers have been teaching since November six. They had to go back to to work the next day after the election. Our students are still in those overcrowded classrooms and without safety and technology that is really really important so they're having to move forward and though maybe it's hard for us to move forward we're going to have to move forward and we and I would love for us to move forward together rather than you know being so feeling so divided. I think it's a choice that we have to make moving forward and taking that next step and and you know I'm choosing to move forward and I hope that other people in their own time will make a choice to to move forward for the benefit of our students for the benefit of our teachers for the benefit of our entire community. And knowing you like I do I know it would have if it would afflict. You would have been moving forward in that same direction. Getting everyone together just like you are now would not your answer would have been the exact shame because I know I know your heart and I know that that's where where it is and I think that's important as just to move forward together as a community. I love that Dave Dave. How about you coming into this? Is there anything that maybe we haven't talked about yet. That you think is just so important. You know from from your standpoint that you'd like everyone to know we're really covered it increased in just a little bit of a Christine said I think from here. The most important thing is figuring out how to unify there we have to. This was a divisive issue. People allowed got it to just really mess up friendships and get in and really drive a wedge into our community we gotta come back together and realized that we need to be pulling this this cart in the same direction and so getting together realizing that we've got to move on and and I would be saying the same thing again. The bond head had not passed is. We've got to get together. We've got to figure out what we can do to help students and just as a community as whole we need to heal. We need to have each other's backs there's enough divisiveness and reasons to to be opposed in the world world without adding another one to it. So let's see if we can get together. Let's realize that though the goal of everyone I think for the most part in this whole process. Whichever side you're on is to benefit the kids will then let's actually do it but her head down and do it? And so that's that's that's definitely the thing I want to try to hammer home. The words it's not over it's just beginning ginning right and there's ways to get involved whichever side you're on ways to get involved in. I love that you mentioned those. Let's talk about where people can find you on social media. Yeah so that they can stay connected and get more involved drawn facebook. Yes so so we choose our future and yes for Midland kids were on facebook and instagram will continue tenue updating people as we go forward from there but also the district. Mist has a great facebook platform. They have a great website. Campuses get involved. Evolved plugged in and a campus. I just you know. The Midland Education Foundation has a facebook page and they provide a lot of support to teachers and students in our community. Educate Midland you know. There's so many power to midland designate job. As well how. I'm missing a lot of things but that you know following all of those those platforms but really where you are the most informed and the most involved as when you actually show up in a school. That's a great point. Yes and we put on the show notes A link to the facebook page for. Yes for Middle Kid so that you can see what's happening in and I'm sure you will be tracking the progress of the bond and everything. Yes for the next just however many years ten years twenty years but thank you both for what you've done and for your volunteering your time and being passionate about our community because it it is one thing to talk about it but it is another thing to do something about it and I think that y'all not only talk the talk walk but it is it is important people like you in our community community and said thank you from the heart. I appreciate you both. Thank you for having us in allowing us to come here and talk about it and I feel like I didn't get to ask my favorite quote but I just wanted to do you have have a favorite quote Christine's have I look. I have a quote for every season of my life and it changes but I think the biggest thing is as I really focused on on you know do what you say. You're GonNa do eleven very good. Dave got a favorite quote. I don't have it memorized but it's just goes back to I. It's come up a lot but just it's a it's a Teddy Roosevelt quote just about like if you haven't been in the arena. Haven't Brown talks about that one a lot just being in the arena. Yes yes that's the one about like if you haven't gotten dirty and got beat down and then then you know. Then you're just on the sideline and so I think that applies to this to you gotta get in there and get dirty get a quote good job thirty feet her. We'll put your feet up from a little bit and then it's time to get back to work but thank you so much again and thank you for sharing sharing with us Once again for more information go to facebook Yes for Midland kids our guest today. I cannot thank you enough Christine Foreman and Dave joyner thank you. We choose our future feature. It's now time to announce today's community. MVP and today's community MVP is centers for children and families. Did you know that children. For centers and families families provides free services to military into their families. Centers is also providing free counseling to those affected by the August thirty first tragedy in our area. Help centers help others are awesome community. Share the good word. About what centers does you can volunteer. You can donate your dollars but centers for children. The families exist to improve the quality of life and strengthen the communities we serve through counseling educational and Supportive Services for more information go to centres. TX Dot org today show sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new re imagined Baker Hughes Brand as energy technology company. They strive to make energy safer safer cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Well that's it that's a wrap on today's show. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us. We appreciate you as always and this concludes. It's Permian perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian basin another special thanks to Baker Hughes our guest today Christine Foreman and Dave joyner and for all of you for listening we appreciate you. Remember my mottos dream big and believe in yourself and never give up you make it a great day. Hey Guys Alex here with the events on December we'll be having to OBGYN happy hours to kick off. Twenty twenty one will be January in Houston. We have not announced a date yet. But we'll get back with you guys soon on on that and we will be having our first happy hour in Pittsburgh in February twenty twenty also with the date coming soon so stay tuned on those the upcoming events include the bells of Houston a masquerade. UNMASKING THE STIGMA OF PTSD. This will take place on December fifth in Houston in Latin America. Oil and gas summit is December fifth and six in Uruguay the API Energy Houston chapter. General Meeting will be held on December eleventh. Two Thousand Nineteen in Houston. The wildcatters ball is taking place on February seventh twenty twenty in Houston and lastly the IP A leaders industry luncheon will be held on December eleven in Houston. That's all events for this month guys. Be sure to tune in at the beginning of January. Great to see what's happening Ben tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective it production of the oil and gas global network learn more at W._W._w.. Dot G G N DOT COM.

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