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This is the Steven A.. Smith show podcast was everybody. Welcome the latest addition to the Stephen a Smith show every weekday over the national airwaves of ESPN radio and ESPN. Two hundred fifty markets. Of course the United States of America Chuck Uh. Am FM listening nearest you plus ESPN radio on Sirius. Xm Channel Eighty plus ESPN radio simulcast over the live national television waves of ESPN news number. The caller was always always triple eight say. ESPN that's eight. Seven to nine. Three seven seven six bowl season is looming tune in tonight for the PAC twelve championship game presented by Dr Pepper Coverage Begins at seven. PM EASTERN ON ESPN radio and the ESPN APP. Time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless the God Bowl Games take place Utah and Oregon the night. Obviously that's something that's worthy of of touching on We've got a slew of NFL Games to keep by is on eagles giants Monday night. Football chiefs Patriot Sunday forty-nine Saint Sunday got a lot of stuff to get into. Obviously I I have to touch on the Knicks being a native New Yorker and our New York Knicks Fan that I am It is appalling. What has been transpiring It's Tom McCall some things and I will just a few minutes but before I do any of that. Laser Gentlemen in Dallas Cowboys lost the game last night by the final score. Thirty one twenty four game. That was not at all as close as the score would indicate the Dallas cowboys were beat up. They will punked. They were beat down. They were embarrassed. Mitchell trubisky put on the show. Last night three touchdowns he threw one touchdown he ran for ran the football. Not of a sixty three yards on ten carries the most rushing yards. He had throughout the season with those wheels on him. The most rushing yards he had. This season was eighteen yachts. What's Matt Nagy was clearly holding him back for running the football in unleashed him on Thursday night? And that's what ended up happening. We SORTA Dallas cowboys. Oh boys fragmenting before very odd and offensive coordinator. There could only keep his head down off quarterback arguing with offense of lyman tight end getting onto the offensive coordinator. I mean everywhere you turn. This went on and on it was just an absolutely positively embarrassing situation. Even Zeki Elliott was waving his hands. incredulously asleep helplessly wondering what the hell was going on We could get an all of that as the show progresses but I gotta tell you something I gotta start off for something. I was going to start off. This show maligning Dallas Cowboy fans like I love to do because I truly truly believe from the bottom of my heart. The Dallas Cowboy fans are the worst fans in in American history They have no shame. they stink most of the time they know it and never accept it You know they can go one in fifteen eighteen three and thirteen and with their fifteen minutes of season coming to an end. They're literally say you know we're GonNa win the Super Bowl next year right. They are the most disgusting nauseating fan base in American history history. They deserve the misery. That comes their way. I cannot stand cowboy fans they make me sick notice. I didn't say the cowboys I think cowboy fans because they don't take a second to smell themselves. The stench that constantly becomes associated with them. They just have no shame. Dallas Cowboy fans have no shame none whatsoever and every cowboy fan out there deserves the misery and evidently will come their way. That's how I feel about it but I gotta tell you something today. I was GONNA come out here on my cowboy hat. It's GonNa have good time cigar ready my cowboy hat ready as ready to Milan and ridicule. And make all y'all mezzaroma nosy. I got allergies. I apologize to all of that but I got news for you at Chamber to because I'm not joke around about the cowboys in this particular show. We're GONNA have a real real discussion a real football discussion. We'll get into various teams. Who Don't talk about the cowboys in this sense? I can't believe y'all have doing this but somebody has to with the interest of fairness and so it's going to be me you know what that is ladies and gentlemen. I am going to stand here front and center today because this show airs Dallas too. I'm I'M GONNA stand there front and center today and I'm going to come to the defence the Defence of one Mister Jerry Jones and Steven Jones on my dad. I don't WanNa hear anybody pointing the finger at them. You want to fill that Jerry Jones. You point the finger at him for one reason why reason only and that's not firing Jason Gary. That's it then that might happen to be a big deal and if that is your argument ladies and gentlemen I have no argument against that. But don't tell me that Jerry Jones is at fault for anything else about the same. You have Ezekiel Elliott. You have that Prescott Scott Cooper you have Gallup you have Jason you have enough offensive line. And it's his fault. Let somebody has evidence that they're ready to give to me. That's Jerry Jones Jerry. Jones paid Ezekiel Elliott Ninety million dollars fifty million guarantees and proceeded to tell Jason Garrett nut to give him the football unless anybody else has any evidence that says that more response to you is shut. Shut the hell up. Unless you're willing to tell the truth about Jason Garrett head coach you got a game with Thanksgiving give it against the Buffalo. Bills Ezekiel Elliott. Runs for eight carries fifty six yards and the first quarter and you only give all five more times. The entire Game Ezekiel Elliot. What are the best backs in football? That seems equally. If enough a saquon Barkley we're we're talking about the greatness of Ezekiel Elliott. We contemplate whether or not he is the best running back in all the football. That Ezekiel Elliott. You'll give him the ball five times last night and shy town. You travel seventy replace seventy five yards opening drive us go up seventeen. Nothing will think you'll la running the football over the next three quarters. You give the ball eight times. A team with a massive offensive line built to run the football more Soda Soda protect. What are the elite running backs in the game with an painful even though he knew he was getting fat and happy and Kabul holding out for a new contract ultimately got Jerry Jones full? Come on Y'all come on. I can't believe you're doing this. You point the Finger Jerry Jones. I'm sorry what's to cross other than keeping Garrett as as coach which is a very big thing and a very big mistake on the part of Jerry Jones he said a fire Jason Garrett before order Thanksgiving Day game any dentist defied immediately after the loss of the buffalo bills on Thanksgiving night. Maybe wait until the next morning. So you don't sit up there and ruined stays given us about it. Outside of that Jason Garrett should have been fired. He's not the right guy after the job we all know it. We've been known it. As far as I'm concerned as I have said on many occasions Jason Garrett should should've been fired as late as early back two thousand and thirteen back to back to back eight eight seasons that ended with the very last game in a regular season of postseason. Berth on the line had to win vision title. Because neither you or anybody within your division was going to get. The wildcard spot wasn't good enough and what happened. What happened Jason Garrett loss to the redskins the eagles the giants giants not necessarily in that order? Because I don't remember but I do remember. He lost all three teams in the NFC East what a division crown on the line. The the very last game of the season to finish eight eight eight eight and eight all three seasons. Nobody should keep their job after that. Jason Garrett did you WANNA blame Jerry Jones. Is Stephen Jones blamed for that. Don't tell me this year. You get to look at Jerry Jones and Steph and and and Steven Jones and say you know what they are wrong. Stop it now. I'll admit that I got an affection for my Lebron for brother Jerry Jones. I've grown become very fond mayor. Personally I got admitted and I heard him on radio to stay at John if you can find that south with him going off on a radio host and lead them No. Don't play. That foolishness with him today because he was very annoyed he was very tired. i-it the whole bit. I get it Jerry. Jones has had a lot of things to question. I Have Milan Jerry Jones in the a pass. I'll admit it. y'All know that anybody hide from it and I think he's absolutely wrong foolish to keep Jason Garrett on the job for the rest of the season even if you don't have anybody else that you're confident in that could steer the ship in a right direction before the season as far as services washed anyway you got nevertheless curves. You said the message everybody else joint. Plan your seventy seven years old jerry. Tomorrow's not guaranteed Jason Jason Young Spring Chicken. No more man Thomas running out and I don't mean that a negative way you know what I'm saying. You can't take anything for granted we understand that your sit up here and act like Jason Garrett having the requisite weapons that he has available to him and the blame this on Jerry Jones. I think it's ridiculous. This crew is seriously Lia's say what you want. Because nobody's perfect and again Jason Garrett should be gone but in terms arasa Jerry. Jones has done his job. What has he done tyron? Smith get ten million. So is that why demarcus Lawrence got his money. Drives Frejus make about six million dollars. I mean just look down. Let's here Marcus. Lawrence got paid. Zeki Elliott Guy Pay Tyron on Smith Guy pays more and got paid. I got paid Jalen. Smith guy paid. Who bought away? I love that brother. He's having been having a rough go of it. The last couple of weeks wchs last couple of games. It's been a rough eight days for Taylor. Smith Twenty Buffalo Chicago last night. Okay laid vandross saying out there he's not healthy so as a result you don't have your sidekick kick what you I understand that but Jalen guy paid. He got paid this off season. Sean Lee is old and beyond his prime but can still play when healthy using Alana. Let's just look at it and call it what it is Dak Prescott. He wasn't payback Jerry Jones. The way that's looking right now. Could you blame them. I mean we go up there and we'll watch the game and we go by numbers. That's what we do because somebody needs to start talking about this. Somebody needs to wake up and understand we applaud Dak Prescott. We applaud his class. We applaud his leadership. We applaud what we have seen from him for the most part he's already through over four thousand yards twenty four touchdowns eleven interceptions not the greatest numbers in the world but those numbers but if we really really dig into it and we really really pay attention to it. Let's pay attention to it. Okay other than that over three start where the Dallas cowboys started off winning their first game. Three and I'm sorry. It was against the giants the Redskins at Miami. Let's look at these Dak.. Prescott goes against the New Orleans. Saints now drew brees. Teddy bridgewater throws less than two hundred thirty yards torture. Twenty two to be exact Lewis game. Twelve ten Dak Prescott completed seventy percent of his passes against the New York jets. They lost it gets better DAK Prescott less plus analyze this he for four hundred sixty three yards against green bay loss Dak Prescott. He threw for three hundred agenda. Ninety seven yards against Minnesota loss DAK Prescott for three hundred fifty five yards against against buffalo lost DAK Prescott threw for three hundred and thirty four yours last night against cargo loss clement weather that he was playing with and against the England we understand only two hundred twelve yards. That was a miracle it is considering those winds gusty winds the rain and everything everything else but it's still lost every playoff team that the Dallas cowboys have faced this year New Orleans Green in Bay Minnesota New England Buffalo Chicago Dallas six. Oh and six in a year where Dak Prescott saying. He deserves more money than cost them. Wins Jerry off Russell Wilson. Big Ben Rothlisberger is what he's saying about turning down offers we all know what the guaranteed dollars was but that was the impression lazy. Gentlemen this bad Dak Prescott is class. Personified never missed a game says all right. Things marches lockstep. With what what Jerry Jones wants this franchise to be what he believes in all of that is true but the fact of the matter is at the end of the day reason why you win that Dallas Cowboy uniform. It's because you're supposed to be winning and the bottom line is he ain't doing it. That wouldn't mean as much because obviously he's not the problem. He's a symptom of the problem. Probably as my man Max Kellerman would say but the bottom line is is that he's the quarterback of a team that can beat quality which which is fine if you not holding out for more money but you are sitting here figuratively. Speaking sticking out your chest is talking about what you deserve. And what you're worth. And there is no evidence to show it. Outside the numbers which can easily be misconstrued by those who are now watching the game. This is the situation of having Dak Prescott. Everybody's talking about Ezekiel Elliot. What are we going to get from? Zeki Eliot I'm not blaming Ezekiel Ezekiel Elliott Zeki Lily. Ladies and gentlemen. Because how about giving them the damn ball how about that. This is the he'll elliot. We're talking about here. This is the guy that was a workhorse for the last three years for the Dallas Cowboys. And what are we looking at. Here Ezekiel Gallia run for one hundred and eleven yards against Washington wins. Zeki Elliott got four one hundred yard games on the season season laser. Gentlemen in the last five Games Ezekiel Elliott. Whoever's about twenty four carries a year last year? A game last year. He's had twenty sixteen twenty one. Twelve and nineteen cares. Are you giving him the ball. You giving them a chance to succeed and if not why again if you could tell me that Jerry Jones is the reason why Ezekiel Elliott is not getting the bowl. That's a different story. That's not what's going on here because that was what was going on here Jerry Jones. Would it be calling Jason Garrett out the way that he is Jerry. Jones looks like a man that win against his old Komo and said okay. I'm a loosener rains and let the man do what he wants to do. Listen I didn't give him a contract extension in the off season. He's got up earned it. Let me give merchants to by stepping out of his way. That's what I think we hear from Jerry Jones. That's what I think we see for Jerry Jones and I think he's living to regret it. I know Jerry. The Jones eight perfect. I know that Jerry Jones has been away. One could argue on many occasions the ego to the insatiable need to be in front of the cameras talking to the media and the immediate aftermath of games. You could point to all of that all you want to. Here's the bottom line of coach would have this team at least three games better data than they are right now period period. You WanNa Knock Jerry Jones for something not in for the coach. He's chosen for this roster. The pieces are here. Dallas The Dallas cowboys have a team with the talent to be in the NFC championship game. What they don't have as a coach that that inspires and leads and galvanizes and motivates? He has a cheerleader. I don't mean to sound so disrespectful about Jason Garrett I truly I really don't I never met the man Nice Guy I'm sure but damn to have your job to be and your ten season one could argue. You didn't deserve the job. To begin with your took go for one way Phillips but people forget at the same time he was paying being paid. The same amount of money is way phillips because he was the golden boy the coach in waiting or Jerry. Jerry Jones handed it to you. You ended up going five and three and you're eight games. Coaching Dallas Cowboys team in back in two thousand ten after one in seven start and over the course of the next four years or so. You missed the playoffs. With eight and eight CBS's where you lost the last game but a regular season to a divisional divisional foe. They ended up winning the division title. Instead of you and you can show. John is despicable stuff going on here. It's inexcusable and I'm not going to defend it but I'll be damned if I'm not GonNa Defend Jerry Jones on this one jerry. Jones and Steven Jones are not at fault here. Not This season Jason Garrett has the Talat Jason Garrett got the offense coordinator he wanted. You're passing the football more than running it all the things you supposedly wanted this Jason Garrett and that's why he's GonNa lose his job and the bottom line what if we totally being honest. He'll lose job at the end of the season but the reality is he should lose it right now should lost last week. You WanNa Fall Jerry Jerry Jones for something faulted for that. Don't talk to me about Jerry Jones and his roster. He did a damn good job with this roster he gave Jason Garrett and his coaches stab tab the talent to get the job done and they have fallen short. And we all know where that buck stops. Stop playing around and acting. Like y'all know damn well so Jason Garrett in at eight say ESPN. It's edit eight seven to nine three seven seven six six. You're listening lab to the Stephen Smith Show. ESPN RADIO ESPN news. Your calls and more along with the Knicks coming back in a minute. You'll seem to the Stephen a Smith Show podcast. Protect your engine. This went to use pennzoil motor all made from natural gas now Kudo aw also. ESPN radio presented by progressive insurance quote by and save on Home Insurance with Progressives homequote explorer only progressive dot com bowl season is looming tune into the big twelve championship game presented by Dr Pepper Coverage Begins Eleven am eastern on ESPN radio and the ESPN APP. To the phones. We go at eight did eight say. ESPN two nine. Three seven. Seven six Joe You love Stephen Evans Up. How you doing Stevens was up? I'm hundred wondering I'm looking at the NFC here. It's clearly the worst division in football. This and I'm just looking. I think the sharks have a really good shot at overtaking taking the Eagles and the cowboys here I mean the cowboys. At six and seven did you say the shocks of the eagles the the the Stanford Sharks but they're both there with the eagles so I'm just wondering like I mean the cowboys. What shocks what shocks are you talking about? This Stanford five eighty seven happen right now. There could buy ignorant and stupid. You call in show we talked about. NFL FOOTBALL NFC east. You the plan around you that ignorant Snow Stanford shocks in the NFL idiot. Let's go to Andrea Live Steve. Thanks for taking my call once again. The Dallas cowboys at a laughing stock the NFL and and this is GonNa Continue Ad Infinitum Jerry Jones is clear the reason and the fact that the matter is. He has mccloughan out there. Coaching team capable. Oh man and so that Changes you're going to get the same thing but it's not GonNa Change and here's the reason. Here's what ultimately blamed the cowboys. Failure if the DALLAS COWBOYS FAN base. And here's here's why the cowboys that are richest franchise in the world and they have been for the last four or five years to the point of fact is until this fanbase revolts. Like we do do here in New England when our teams. Don't play well and put pressure on Jerry Jones to put a man in command of this these capable of football players. They're going to have the same results. They got rid of Jimmy Johnson. There was a good article on report and conclusions about bill. Belichick owner Jerry Jones about coaching when he got booted from Cleveland said don't forget him and and you know he didn't and he didn't put Belgium in history had Jimmy Johnson remained in Dallas Dallas. Cowboys would be the New England patriots. All right have a good day. You'RE YOU'RE GONNA call up here in two thousand and nineteen still Jimmy Johns now long ago. That was Jimmy Johnson. been going since one thousand nine hundred ninety three ninety four to stop. Okay Lloyd Food Jamie you live Stephanie. What's up hey steven thank you very much for taking my call? Go ahead I know that you have been getting on the cowboys basically all show. I WanNa talk about the Chicago bears and the reason why is because I've got a lot of co workers and I have a lot of people right here in Chicago saying how the Chicago bears because they'd be the cowboys and because they have over five hundred record they're gonNa make the playoffs and let alone. I hear some people talking about how they're gonNA to make the Super Bowl. Stephen and I think it's utterly ridiculous and I just wanted to talk to you about it because I wanted to sort of use your platform to let Chicago Bears Fans Nope Nope. It's not going to happen. There is no way no chance. Your offense looks anemic as you would say it it. It worked last night against the cowboys because of the coaching puts even just like the cowboys. The Chicago bears have not be may single team team over five hundred. The only team that they beat that was at five hundred. Was the cowboys last night. Other than that all the Chicago bears losses are to below five hundred. Okay stop right there. Stop right there. You make a point but I don't know if you realize this Chicago. Bears have three games left Green Bay Kansas City Minnesota. I think it's fair to say they have to win all three games. Here's WIG stink. They're not catching green bay. Who the two and a half games behind? But Minnesota's a different story eight and four okay. And so you're talking about being like what is it game and a half two games behind Minnesota not only do they play Minnesota soda but Minnesota Plays Green Bay as well and so it is entirely plausible that Minnesota could find themselves losing to those two games Green Bay and Chicago. And who knows what could happen. I'm just I'm just saying I don't. I don't think that Chicago is going to be Green Bay and I don't see them beating Kansas City. No chance okay. Appreciate appreciate the call Matt. Thank you Chris. Obviously when they went to a stephen disrespect back like that leading the League in passing. Right and the cowboys that are hosting a home game as fourteen. I don't really understand right this style right there first of all. I wasn't disrespected point. Now fact I pointed out his numbers numbers and how every single one of those games they lost. That's what I said that's a fact you got four hundred yard games you lose. You got three hundred yard Games you lose it. I'm not blaming him. I'm not saying he's the reason that they lost. I am seeing a legitimate argument. Could be made that. Your numbers are not producing wins and for a guy that's playing for new contract. One could easily argue me a hit better off for him to sign that contract before the season began then the way that out the way he yes either top quarterback crack so what quarterback. He's not what you think you think. That Prescott top-five quarterback have you seen the teams. He's played with my man. Talk to me. Don't ask me questions my show. I asked you questions ain't the other way around my best on me go ahead. He's passing run. Got Twenty twenty four touchdowns. He's got eleven interceptions. He's Oh and six against playoff-caliber teams this year. Oh and six at his for his. But he ain't blameless. You can't completely absolve him like you're trying to do. And when you talk about quarterbacks in the League let me tell you something right now I think you can look at Patrick Mahomes I. You'll get destroying Watson either. You can look at Lamar Jackson. I think if you look at Russell Wilson I think you can look at drew. Brees you want could make the argument in about Jimmy Garoppolo. Even though I wouldn't make that argument okay. Kirk cousins is having a better year Dak Prescott. Did you know that kirk cousins Kirk cousins is having a better Prescott everyone when play on hold another. No no no no no you really gets change subject. You just saying the top quarterback with the top five I that I just I'm just saying but how could the facts don't support you. That's what I'm saying. You can't get around that and then I just wrote them Kirk cousins and you act like I'm speaking gibberish. Have you seen the kind of Kirk cousins Zev it. You just put kirk cousins top-five quarterback no no. No no no what I said is he's better than that Prescott. This shield US fall. That's what I said. You made the argument that that Prescott topped off. I said there are plenty of quarterbacks better than him right now. That's what I said you're going to say why you say kirk cousins saddened better than better defense better coach. Better running back okay. So so he's got twenty three touchdowns four interceptions okay. As complete nearly seventy percent of his passes he's got a quarterback rating of one eleven. And you're telling me to ignore all of that because he has a better coach better running back all about and by Ottaway about a defense you want me to ignore all of that that in other words you're saying I'm not saying it doesn't help but the fact that the matter is at some point in time does the Dallas cowboys have an opportunity to win the games they lost. You're right but they legally they lead the division right. They're hosting a playoff game. And they're probably GONNA play the overrated forty niners. Don't get don't don't give me what might happen or what may probably happen. We're in the here and now and over the first thirteen weeks of this season Dak Prescott has not been a top quarterback in the NFL for the duration at some point early in the season. He looked that way. That is the case. Now have a nice day coal. You lava the Stephen A.. Doing Tom Gladman. I agree with everything you're saying about the cowboys and they also need look at Kelly Moore to. I think he needs to be going to college. He's making all these outfits calls the same thing over no. But I we'll be playing playstation Campbell Affairs and seven and nine. I have never seen nothing just atrocious. You need to clean the whole house. Get them all out of there. There's no says to him Pan all mind if I got the grocers. You just don't have the shell. They need to get one in. Let's not lose. ooh Well first of all the only thing that I would say to you is that I think you are a little exaggerated you were talking about the cowboys and you have never seen anything this bad because they Plenty of seasons that the cowboys have shown you they were actually worse than they are right now. I mean. As far as I'm concerned they looked worse at eight at eight. At Times they will form twelve twenty fifteen they look bad then okay you. They were six and ten in two thousand ten with a one in seven starts. They look bad then so you had three consecutive at five and eleven seasons in two thousand two thousand one two thousand and two they were bad then there was a six and ten season in two thousand and four. They were bad then. I'm like I think engaging in a little certify perfectly there but I all them years boy Romo seems like he's doing the same thing again they got the wrong Romo where Roma was there You know this should have been taken care a long time ago. Then you say that you say that. I can't deny that that I mean Jason Garrett needed to be going. I don't have any problem with that press copying their coat. Their quarterback have no problem with Ezekiel Elliott. Being in running back have no problem with the market with being there number one wide receiver receive when he's healthy I have a problem with Jason Guaranteeing their coach Atta problem. Were killing more. Is Your first year offensive coordinator You know th that doesn't make any sense why you not given Ezekiel Elliott the ball more and Jason Garrett going on the airwaves the day in saying you know something when opportunity is there for Ezekiel Elliot to run a ball. We'll give it to them. That's just one of the most asinine comments I've ever heard from head coach coaching and elite. Running back guess what when it comes to greatness you. Just give them the Iraq. You don't sit up there and say wait for the ideal opportunities. They make ideal opportunities happen to appear because their greatness shines no matter the level of adversity adversity that they're faced against. That's what separates the great ones from the good ones the average ones etc very ignorant statement on a party Jason Garrett but I'm not surprised. Have a good day at at eight say. ESPN it's eight seven to nine. Three seven seven. Six more of your phone calls in a minute before my man Louis riddick comes on the jumpstart. Our number two stood around on touch that dial. Well it's the Stephen a Smith show. ESPN RADIO ESPN news. By the way did you notice. Arrow Amazon's logo represents a disease. Maybe the Market Beauty Korea logo should represent unemployed to employed employed. Ryan was out of work when he started classes in March and September he starts. It career working for Amazon. Making more money than you ever thought possible. Here's a prime opportunity. Go to market view to Korea Ridi- Edu and take the freak reevaluation today. You could start your new life as an it pro and as little as four months in Iraq. It's it's my computer career dot. Edu Guess what. You're middle of. Stephen Smith Show podcast. I may be broadly live from above pier. Seventeen presented by Chase Michael. You'll love Stephen. They was up yes The cowboys will never win again. as long as Jerry Jones the GM because He's behind the saints. He's telling Jason Garrett what to call. I don't care what anybody says. Let me say this. Let me say this. You tell me how it makes sense that Jerry Jones is behind telling Jason Gary what to do yet. He's losing his mind over what Jason Garrett is doing. Does that make sense to you. Nothing that Garriga Gary Jones does. I mean you can't GM. And I mean no no no no no no. We were not going that route. 'CAUSE you're right. We know that part what I'm trying to get at is this this doesn't Jerry. Is it not plausible. That Jerry Jones is furious because he knows what Chase Garrett this doing is not necessarily what he would approve he mind at all. I mean Jerry is not letting occasion Garrett coach's coach kids came close to be okay. You're being emotional appreciable. Thank you so much see people. Don't ask him a question. If Jerry Jones is telling Jason Garrett what to do why would he call him out. He didn't call him out in the past because he's probably telling them what to do. But entering a contract year Jason Garrett I believe we've had free rein and I think Jerry Jones get blamed for what Jason Garrett is doing on his own. That's be Nino. You Love Stephen as Stephen thank you first time mm caller just wanted to say a couple of things. Merry Christmas happy New Year thing in also rotator cuff doors is getting. It's getting so long long process. I wouldn't advise anybody to have that kind of injury. That's a year long recovery period man. It's getting fifty percent better but it's got a long way to go so I'm a die. Hard Dallas Fan since nineteen seventy seven and the issues that we have is that we have a game plan. We run the first couple of series and you know it works works but then what happens is halftime comes opposing coaches to get together okay. Well we're going to do to stop them and it seems like Gary doesn't have a another guy disagree disagree with you. I disagree with you in appreciate the call. You're wrong because it doesn't take us. Oh Halftime Dallas. Why have I good driver too? And then after that is when they fall apart. It's usually in the first quarter not at halftime Robert Jelavic even a real quick. Hey Stephanie thanks for taking my call. Heavy holiday period you to quit. Look Yeah I WANNA put a lot of the blame on cowboys. Problems on both Jason Gary and Prescott. I agree with you Jerry Jones has all the right all all the right players always gonna all the right place all the pieces. But the problem is Prescott He needs to step up his game. Be More of a leader. He needs to look at. Somebody's L.. That Russell hanging out you got you. I got to interrupt because we gotta get on Outta here. But you're absolutely right about Dak Prescott. He's not deep problem. But he's a glaring symptom of the problem. He needs to be better. There is no doubt about that. Our number two of next. My Man Louis Riddick will be in the house. Don't touch that dial.

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