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Visions of 8.3


Fresno report a short broadcast by me the awesome about the world of warcraft. So we've got a doozy even report today so let's finish your on into the tall grass and see what's indie developer content update eighteen but today's biggest announcement I mean overshoots are pretty big but the other big big announcement though was that Aridi forged now after that we got some really cool news we are going to be getting to allied races we are finally finally finally going to get mope era that could say Hey Fox away so my friendlier wildest Super Happy Fa the first two zones that we're GonNa see our Oldham and guess what we are going to see the veil of eternal blossoms so years after we finished but each time you will get better so you work with wrath theon to get another legendary cloak magnesium mother will be researching things to help you get better so these are hidden mechanisms to decide if I'm going to be staying in nome or coin no okay I'm looking at the Weill head dressing right now culminating witnesses off where else can we getting a new higher levels new essence lots and Ian said that tycoon forging well kind of like the chromosome here where we saw legion now this is not the only thing we're getting we are going to be getting a raid tonight Lopa this we at twelve boss raid I literally saw them did two bucks moments ago they're handing out money when I yes Hallelujah come and you know what else we're getting we are stories are being attacked and we go through these rifts to help defend these facilities so they're adding assaults from his off minions now these are similar what we have seen in legion he's watching me so there are terrible nightmare coming now I don't want anymore terrible nightmares I have lost my play kilos his own only temporary win this attacking and then once it is all done the veil will be in this state for ever well until there's another chemicals or something but visions of so look into the shadows has Nihilo to the city of the black empire is all around us so IRNA saying that we don't need to go anywhere else we're not going to talk about that today but the feeding these results we'll give you access to horrific visions of stormin if we don't exceed so these are new dance studio I learned today that I was going to be opening up a franchise and has roth blizzard turned down their location permit and you know one thing that we've to see where the shadowlands are they're already here we just can't see it you know that explains how to get a feel in somebody eight point three is coming and actually already upbeat pr as we speak as being data mined and I'm getting updates has long but here's the news we have so eight point three armor the new Goblin and wargin armor it looks diapers fudge now one thing to know about the war armor we need a cane and we all I don't see me pool hair okay well at least make an old of appear and a mechanism and I gotta give a hats off to the new wargin heritage at the end of Mr Pandera the plan is going to finally be restoratives former glory but then Assad is you're gonNA come in to destroy it all now ended say the be for a long time and overhaul auction house well they have announced today that it will be faster and they're going to be finally getting rid of single stacks so you can now say uh-huh oh I've got enough timers let's keep pushing through so apparently there are facilities that are around the planet and these are the key to defeating the Szott and these the five player challenges now eight storm wind that is defeated kind of reminds me of what we saw at the end of Cedar or Kamar but the savannahs not garage L. so I don't think this is c two point Oh but these are repeatable missions and you won't be able to finish them all the first time because you're GONNA go insane I'm already insane so I'm at a disadvantage for this then you will get the gold from that with the remainder coming back to you so we will see how this tax up NPR and he can also now favorite items to make a shopping list and e how many of us tax you want buy it it'll by portion of stacks and you can also now posttax don't have to worry about if it's full stack or stack and if you only so poor some stack said that there is more stuff coming at eight point three what we got today was just a glimpse of the vision we're getting heroic dark show warfront PPC time be awesome the frazzle report is a fan podcast that covers blizzard games we are not affiliated with Blizzard entertainment us I think that is all I have for today but I have some good news the PR I think is launching today because I keep seeing notes happening up all the different news and things I mean people

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