The Baldies 2020 - Ceremony


Yeah welcome to the highlight of everyone's award show calendar. It's time for the twenty twenty bald move awards aka the ball. Baldi's it's fake award show where the categories are made up and places. Don't matter when our only saving graces we seven fucked up. As bad as warren beatty and faye dunaway did Couple years back when they fucked up. la la land. And what wasn't the moon with moonlight. Yeah it's always tough to get channing. Tatum off stage. Yeah but we're here to celebrate everything that was good about twenty twenty which we'll take about three minutes and then we'll we'll see see again for twenty twenty one. Hopefully it'll be better now where we've got. You know we. There was some good stuff to happen in two thousand twenty. There is some disappointments. There is some or some lows We're going to be reviewing them all today as the ball. These there is a juvenile thoughts on. Who's going to win. Best drama best actor Best movie commissioned podcast listeners. Twice awards for a lot of these categories. There's even a choice award me. Jim don't even know anything about it. Stuff the envelope. I don't know who it's for best ball moment. Because how the hell what are we going to know So without further ado. I think it's time i mean we're not we're not one of these shows is going to do a big song and dance numbers tap dancing no pyrotechnics man. I called konya. He said he was afraid to do it. He said he was waiting on discord. Yeah now we don't need that bullshit here piece that He he heard already say we're not gonna do and he. He's already peeled out parking lot. So all right. Let's get right to the content. shall i'll before we do. I will say that we did a little bit of excitement building Leading up to the ball. Because you know this is coming out. Her sleepy season sometimes catches people by surprise but for last few months. you know this is a big milestone. We've had five baldy under our belt as their sixth annual. We thought it'd be cool to re release The best bald movies. Because you know it's been four or five years since some of these came out a lot of people haven't heard them They were all behind paywall. At least a spoiler versions of these reviews were We release them in the order of what we thought the best movie was and also there is a meta Crowning mega ball the winner of the prix from the previous five winners of the best actor male and female categories the best movie the best drama And if you want to hear the results of these mega baldy winners. All you gotta do go to the ball move prestige feed and look for the re releases of dunkirk. A beautiful day neighborhood annihilation and arrival. And it's us talking about those those categories so slight spoilers. It's the leftover is always the leftovers leftovers. Clean up mega all the platinum to. You're not here not here about the leftovers. Yeah yeah so anyway. Yeah check those out. Those mega ball the winners over and a move prestige category. But let's get to it first up. Jim the best documentary. We didn't watch a lot of documentaries. This year strom however the ones we did. I thought were influential. Put smiles on. Our faces taught me a few things made me nostalgic. Would you like to announce the the nominees for best documentary. Twenty twenty of course no particular order and i will say that most of these categories have five nominees. We had so few documentaries fact that this only has four in no particular order they are the last dance. Millions the holiday movies that made us Including both the alpha number nightmare before christmas episodes and chaos on the bridge right and i have since we are separated by pandemic and miles of physical space. I have in my possession all of the coveted golden bald movie. Baldi's golden ball these envelopes. Right here in mahan. I've been unable to these. So i can't vouch for any of their authenticity is will see what iran could come up with in the privacy of his own home rinsing open. Best documentary of twenty twenty. La la land was some of these might be still labeled twenty eighteen. I dunno to twenty bald move award for best documentary the last dance. Espn each yeah. Hbo kind of collaboration way back from the old bill simmons deal. I think this is one of the studio deals. It's the tale of Michael jordan and his last attempt to get a double three peat with the The chicago bulls. And it's about michael jordan about two bulls jackson scotty pippen. It's great coming in second. Cast on the bridge close second. This is a great documentary about the making of the first three seasons of star trek the next generation. And if you've ever wondered why the first two seasons dumpster fires in a magically everything got better and season three holy shit. Have i got a documentary for you. And he wants the whole thing for free on youtube so check it out to narrated by william shatner the chat then we got millions and the holiday movies have made us mostly alf. I'm gonna. i'm not gonna lie that night before. Christmas was kind of kind of shitty. So it's in the books it's in the books it's gone Last documented congratulations mike. You know what we had to put him number one because if not old boy he'd take a real personal he's those challenges to one on one intimacy individually and it would be a bad scene. Yeah whether it's a fistfight pickup basketball poker. He really would would would. Slaughter is occur across a lot of challenges. Podcast just bring down. Bald move ball could be called. Baller move baller moves. Yeah and yeah it would. All you gotta do is get the name and posted on itunes you. Brian make one episode and you will have more downloads on weird historically so gopher michael i dare you fucking double dog dare you. You know twenty twenty kind of a consensus shit whole year. Does every year. You needed some laughs. Boy twenty twenty year and we walked to recognize twenty. Twenty s. best comedies am nomininee's of which in no particular order harley quinn season to vodka do in the shadows season to the great on hulu season. One beau. jack horsemen's finale season. They split that up and did a weird you know. Half season here and there are net flicks But it's the final finale. One and rick. And morty season four be eligible because again. It's it's the new hotness. That's the old hotness splitting up seasons and movies and put them in different financial quarters so yeah it's time to find out who took home the gold for comedy again. I'm going to draw the envelope and see best comedy. Rip it open and here we go here. We go two thousand eighteen bald move award winner for best tv comedy and listener choice awards for bald. Move side what we do in the shadow season to the winner of the best. The best tv comedy -gratulations what we do in the shadows boy. We have been hurt. We've heard for so long. We need to get on this show. And i've always heard that the movie is really good and i decided the main line that all i watched both both seasons and in the movie jim watched the movie in both seasons. Straight year. for vampire comedy. What can you say following with rick. And morty at number two harley quinn. Check that on hbo if you want to really get adult cartoon that's funny jack horsemen at number four and then this the great season one and number five. Would you like to know the community winners absolutely shits creek number one the listeners to give it up shits creek nineteen percent of the vote. We had hundreds of people respond in this final bald move survey nineteen percent shits creek then sixteen percent. What we do in the shadows. We're we're pretty simpatico with the listeners. Ted lasso aso. Maybe loving this year and also tacoma fourteen percent of the listener choice vote followed by eight percent. Dave the fuck is dave dave stuff. I don't know. I love this award. Show this short. The fuck is this show. Yeah you know. I'm telling you a lot of old actors and directors and stuff. They don't know what the fuck are talking about two. But they pretend they're reading off a panella prosper and upload six percent. I heard upload as d. was decent you watch an episode gameshows right now my flavor but sure it is now in the books and that's it s comedy twenty twenty. Thanks for making us laugh. Everybody know yeah moving on to the biggest disappointment. Do you want explain this. Category and then a rundown our our nominees. Yeah i mean biggest. Point is kind of exactly what it sounds like. It's things that we were hyped. For this year we either saw trailer for or we had known the property already into stuff that had a lot of hype around it that we were excited to engage in. Because he's all movies or tv shows And turned out the you know. They didn't live up to their potential. The hype that we created in our own minds. So let's go ahead renowned the nominees in no particular order. We've got explain some of these as we go to like who they are and what they are and all that kind of stuff run which is on donald gleason and meredith. Weaver a some merit merit weaver. Whatever like i said what the fuck is dave who the fuck is. I don't know much about this. I think you were more hype for this. I was super high because as a big merit. Weaver fan And it looked like a really fun kind of sexy rahm come and maybe turned into that but the first three episodes turn me off and i was. I was disappoint. i didn't come back to so Also losing sesame this year big disappointment Hired hired our first employee and fighter first employee not in the same calendar year. Thank god that's ridiculous but in the same kind of like annualized year and it was. It was great that great Speaking of annualized years twenty twenty is one of the biggest disappointments as year. Not not a movie or tv. Show just the fucking year. Yup another year cyberpunk twenty seventy seven biggest one of the biggest disappointments this year. And then finally what we've listed as bob loss which just means the bob ross show left twitter and therefore you were unable to do the bob ross competitive painting league and continue that series which was a lot of fuss started the pandemic man says he was this pseudo sports show commentating on bob. Ross on the watch parties twitch and the amazon. Just let it let bob ross slip out of. It's grasp was happy little mistakes. They made Really broker heart Are we ready to find out the winner jim. I'm ready all right here. we go twenty twenty s disappointment. Find out this. This envelope threatening with with powerful negative energy. Let's see arrigo. This thick thick emboss gold envelopes The winner for bald move award for biggest disappointment. Was there ever a question the year twenty twenty five. See you if i see you. In my calendar again it's going to be an beaten so twenty twenty Then losing cecil close behind. Bob loss the loss of bob. Ross cyberpunk twenty seventy seven and run and also honorable mention the wonder woman nineteen eighty-four who snuck in suck ass movie right as twenty twenty is close in. You really went the extra mile to make twenty twenty just slightly worse and again if you like if you have questions like oh wow. This seems interesting. How did they rather these conclusions gas. What simultaneously released this award ceremony. There is hours. Literally hours of deliberations on these categories tin dozen. Maybe baker's dozen hours. does martin scorsese. Put that much effort into his oscar. Nominations as matthew winer put that much effort into his emmy submissions. I fucking doubt it but it's out there. But that if you want to check these deliberations all categorized by heading whatnot. But we are done with disappointment. Oh yeah you want. More than the deliberations. Okay our next category. Is it best debut pilots episode or series so this is a freshman series or a particular good first episode. It can be either. You know there wasn't a lot of new television. I guess there was a lot of new television but not a lot of standout new television this year in our opinion but the nominees again in no particular order. The plot against america. David simon joint about america's flirtation with fascism in the nineteen forties. The third day jude law joint where he loses his child and ghosts an existential crisis By way of joining an island-based cult and all that into it entails the devs or just devs. I'm sorry. Alex garland wrote another kind of mind. Blowing sci fi tale of you know what does what does even future and destiny and fate star trek to card season one. Hey you know what cards back. We like star trek. He did a thing and then lovecraft country. A searing look at racism seen through the lens of the cult and lovecraft on h. b. o. Aereo the gold envelope hot and my hands but opener up see what see what see what we see particularly tougher ramp on this one all right here we go twenty twenty bald move award for best debut pilots lovecraft country. Everybody give it up for lovecraft country in the middle of the pandemic. You're shocked us. Scared us your sex sexist up a little bit. You taught us a few things about the power dynamics and privilege and he also kind of gross us out a few times increasingly south some some some. Yeah some creepy dolls raggedy and shit than some body horror. it's a great great show Following up a number twos devs number three star trek to were diehards for picard darpa guardians. The loss are the plot against america and the third day number five for the community for the ball move community listener choice award Best debut pilot dev ze with a whopping forty one percents. Wow of oh my god. Alex garner gotta be proud of that kind of penetration. Two fifths of all bald move. People agree deb's his best followed by lovecraft country. Twenty seven percent. No slouch raised by wolves. Barking and howling at ten percent star trek mccaren scrape by eight percent in the third day manage the three days five percent of the votes. So that's Goes you know we're pretty pretty and sink. We were number one. Lovecraft number two devs And by pretty fair margins to be honest and the community was deb's number one lovecraft. You gotta love that you gotta love that And that is that for best debut pilot. The rest of their choices are totally suspect. But those first two are good done done with it. Four out of five. We agreed on four of the five if not the placement but That's pretty good like that like that with our listeners. For the last few weeks we've been hosting after shows for all new episodes of the expanse on stereo dot com stereos a free live broadcasting social platform that enables people to have real conversations in real time. The app allows us to engage with you in direct conversations this weekend. We're trying something a little bit different going to be watching. The modern classic sci fi horror movie signs by m night shyamalan and hosting a discussion of it immediately. After eleven pm come to stereo dot com slash bald. Move and talk with us live. Ask questions share your thoughts introduce topics. Whatever what's your favorite m night film. What was his last good one. And what does he have in store for the future. I really enjoy how easy stereo makes connecting with our listeners. And it's been really fun hearing from our fans and their own voice for the first time ever to join us sunday at eleven pm eastern for a live post show for signs talk all things. Creepy sci fi and in night shamil on all you have to do is download the free stereo app and select bald moves. You can connect with us whenever we are live. Stay tuned for more details on how to engage with us a stereo at end. Today's episode. We got another category. We do just just a few more but the one. That's next his best movie and we boy in the absence of any weekly television this year boy. Did we cover a lot of movies. More movies than i think we've ever covered in totals. Like eight is almost twice as many individual movie reviews that we've done in any other year. It was kind of a crazy year. And that's a year without first run movies so a lot of different back commissions which helped stack the deck a little bit toward the end but we also made an effort to go back to some of the classics that we haven't covered yet just movies we love and we pumped out more than a movie week this year and i will say that there is We had to make some tough calls because this is such a weird year kinda similar when emmys half a strike short near the you know the sport ball stuff as they gotta make some compromises. We decided to out of all the movies we recorded. we're getting the primacy to the ones. Were as close to first run movies. Things that were late in two thousand twenty or late in twenty nineteen or came out in twenty twenty And were we're relatively new so the top ten like this is not the top ten best movies we saw this year. This is the time this is the closest we come to a best bald movie. I run bald movie award so we gave. We gave extra way to the things that came out very near or during twenty twenty With that said nominees. The nominees in no particular order are nineteen seventeen which is basically world war one gravity. It's a harrowing one shot Were one film that follows the journey of one guy on his mission to i forget what the mission is exactly but boy isn't harrowing and it's It's it's It's he's got get the he's got to get word to some some unit about a trap that's going to wipe them out if they don't they're right right And it's also are the last first run movie we've done. We're going to do this week. But it's almost it's almost been a year because i think this came out in january. It's many years since we've done an natural. I run bold movies so next up his parasite which is essentially a class struggle korean class. Struggle parable and extends far beyond the korean culture and society to yeah works really effectively a horror thriller and places to Early goes places. I i haven't seen it and you know You should i. Don't i went in with knowing almost nothing about it and it was very glad that i did so. And if you see knives out you'll probably also like this. It's not as funny put. It's it's very very similar movie. Yup yup next up in no particular order. The irishman which is kind of martin scorsese's the culmination of his career of telling these italian gangster stories. This one revolves around jimmy hoffa and the the unions and the the mob involvement in those in his horse how he ended up buried in the middle and stadium in the first place and of course part fictionalised. Obviously this was this was also the year of the gangster like this. We kind of let off with this. But my god we did. Almost every. Martin scorsese gangster movie except for maybe gangs in new york We did. We did a lot of gangs stuff this year. Yeah goodfellas casino at both a wall street if you consider that a gangster film next up hamilton which everybody knows hamilton. Yeah everybody knows that That was released on disney plus this year and then finally running out. Category the lighthouse which is willem defoe and robert pattinson stuck on a island. Manning a lighthouse. And they're kinda just stuck out there in supplies or short insanity is short and they're stuck out there with each other chaos ensues does. yeah well. it's time that's the nominees. It's time to see who won the best ball the and listeners. Choice for best movie here. We go no no drum roll. But i can feel there's palpable tension in the audience. Perio let's this does want to give up its contents. Probably because the eldredge whores alert within number one winner the lighthouse robert pattinson. Welcome to us taking you seriously. Willem defoe uris scary. Motherfucker feel like the judge is really picked a good one this year. You know this was a good one. This is movie is black and white. It's like pretty much square like classic silver screen cinema age of aspect ratio. It's mostly these guys just raging against each other in a ten by ten room At at time layer disturbing at other times Yeah this guy is named something edgard robert. Yeah the wrote and directed the witch as well and he's just really good at this atmospheric dread and like psychotic aspects of the human human condition is real good cruiser by to watch it. And i think our podcast is pretty fucking spectacular to if i say so myself rounding out the top five parasites hamilton. Nineteen thousand nine hundred. Seventeen and the irishman The community the community winter here with forty three. Fucking percentage points parasites. Okay i mean you go wrong you got back in the academy because this thing slade at the award show did As you can imagine that big of a percentage a steep drop off to nineteen seventeen fourteen percent hamilton. Thirteen percent the irishman eight percent. And then i'm thinking of ending things which some we haven't talked about. But that's another little you know movie to works. Kind of as a horror thriller film in places. a bleak winter. Teatime dark tea. Time of the human soul type of movie that fit the mood of twenty. Twenty I wouldn't recommend going back if you're feeling good and watching it but you know during a dark place you want to be a little bit darker checkout on thinking of ending things and that puts the best ball movie twenty-one the weirdest years for bald movies i'm sure i don't know they're talking about pushing back a lot of shit this. Choose three and four this year too. But the it's been been weird. Been a weird movie. I don't know what's going to happen when the dam breaks in hollywood. How we're going to keep up. We will lose. We did sixty movies this year. Jim can we do. Can we do one hundred. No no we can. I answer the best movie everybody. Congratulations to the lighthouse. And yet god damn fights impartial to the lobster. Though whose turn is it is did. You might turn into these two category now all right so this is a kind of an interesting one. Its biggest miss. This is essentially the way the community tells us that we fucked up award for. We fucked up jobs Something that people by their estimation thought we would do a very good job covering that was excellent material and yeah we just don't have the time or inclination or the capacity to do it and no particular order the nominees. This year are tiger king. A crazy bastard. The outsider tenet christopher. Nolan's ill-fated delayed matt masterpiece You know potential the queen's gambit and the good lord bird. Let's find out what we thought and in an almost as importantly if if not more importantly our listeners thought biggest miss category for twenty twenty. Here we go bad. What would we do jim. Have we thought it will almost certainly big big in ways. We couldn't have imagined biggest. The biggest can't fuck up any higher. This is guaranteed bald. Move boehner twenty. Twenty twenty twenty bald move award for big smith's number one. This is jim. And is by our estimation of what we thought was the best and our combination of skills and interests the queen's gambit chess shit. We like the lady from the witch. This thing looked good. I like period pieces even And we didn't we didn't get it done. We didn't get it done Tenant number two. We didn't care for this movie. I don't think we're going to have a podcast movie because of that reason we certainly would like if this were a normal year we would have gone and seen a day one and we would have done a disappointing. I run a podcast about it. And it probably would have been two and a half hours of us like navel-gazing and second guessing and trying to figure out the rules and you know maybe that's a good time and if you think it is support up bulb move dot com check out commission podcast and make your and don't let your dreams dreams then tiger king that you know that was. That was a bomb that dropped at the beginning of the pandemic everybody got onto. We tried to with the ill-fated netflix. Watch party that didn't quite work out. And we kept on putting off watching because we wanted to get it back together and we never did. And it's it's now gone like tears in the rain followed by number four the good lord bird number. Five the outsider. It's one one zero champion championing. Stephen king adaption adaptation of stephen king's book and it had been mendelssohn and a couple of other pretty big stars in it and it was very creepy and it was a nice. It was a good mystery. I enjoyed following that show. I will say that. I believe i will be watching the queen's gambit sometime in the early parts of this year the first half anyway and when i do be on lookout on off the clock if you're the type that is a premium podcast listener for discussion of that now wasn't community think community was kind of divided. There's not these big forty three percent. These big twenty nine percent sixteen percent of the community thought the biggest miss was not having full coverage of the weird german time travel film. Dark earth series. Now it's tough because this was the third season. Yeah and we did like six hours of dark coverage with the lead up season. Two brought on my buddy. Kim renfro talk about it. Because she's like really eight up with it as well me and jim watch all three seasons so we could catch up to the final season and have some covered. So we didn't it wasn't like a fullness it was just a just a partial miss but it was enough that you know people thought all man. What what if an altogether. What if what if net flix released this a week. At a time it would have liked the dark sub. Reddit would be five times bigger. There'd be the audience would be three times bigger and we have like these sprawling two. Our podcast forever episode. So what are you gonna do. Queen's gambit a virtual tie just a few tints of percentage points separating it from dark at sixteen percent as well ozark fourteen percent outsider eight percents and tiger king trailing at six percent. Didn't get the pardon. he was looking for. Didn't get baldy gold. Maybe doesn't even have exotic animals. What is what is the tiger king. Even now he's the tiger. He played the queen's gambit and lost. That's what happened to tiger. King has been deposed. That's biggest miss in the books. Right next category. We have on the docket. Here is best male actor. This is this is this is a real prestige category. Like it is real fucking deal. And he's categories are so weird because like best male and best female actor don't really fit our times anymore and we have no idea what to do with them and at some point these will change when we figure it out so apologies for twenty twenty. Just just chalk this up to twenty twenty. It's twenty twenty. What are you gonna do. What are you gonna do. We talk about a lot on the deliberations. You want to hear more about that. But the best male actor twenty in no particular order glenn term is dr senator from fargo season. Four karl urban as billy butcher from the boys season to anthony are as homeland from the boys season to jude law as young pope in the new pope and michael k williams is montross freeman in lovecraft country. Always entertaining see michael k williams and another. Hbo series Let's see i got the golden. The golden ticket right here contains winners of this category along with the listener toys over here. We go shit almost opened with that rippin. Kids have that. That's possible here. We go one twenty bald move award for best male actor best male in the acting profession. The winner is anthony star homeland from the boy season. To what an incredible performance guy. I've liked them. Ever since i saw him in. What was that a banshee on on cinemax and he's brought that terrifying intensity to evil pro-nazi superman and it's quite something you guys. You guys got to see this. Just gonzo performance. He goes goes places Followed up closely. Michael k williams as montross freeman from lovecraft country. Jude law as tidy. Whitey wearing the young pope from the new pope glenn term and dr senator love this role love this performance the stand out of the season as far as i'm concerned fargo season. Four and karl urban billy butcher the man that knows how to drink and menacing cup of tea the community with a whopping thirty seven fucking percent behind the bold gold for this gentleman anthony stars homeland or we have achieved peak. Audience synthesis synchronization amazing trail. Of course you get that much of the vote. You're going to have the the trailers being trailing a man west as amos burton sniffen number two in the communities hearts and minds season that they haven't even finished yet haven't even finished holy shit. I mean i thought i was i was. I was brave for for some of these reviews. And i've seen the finale. John malkovich as the new pope from the young pope was six percent of the votes. Out doing jude. Law dueling. Popes in the three slot here between bald moving to listeners. Nicholas holt who is amazing as playing a likable offering braathen. Believe it or not. Five percent playing. Peter the third on the great and then finally the great presence villainous presence giancarlo esposito a stand edgar and the boy season two with five percent of the vote. While it's very performance and he just is is a bad year to be a supporting villain in in a in a great Superhero deconstruction or or ordered leading hero supporting hero. I dunno i feel like karl. Urban got a little thal rob here because anthony starvation as homeland and we've felt like it wasn't worth putting the two at the top i guess You know and you know if you're if you're if you're feeling a certain way about these Listening to the deliberations we we go through lots of hours of contacts especially with these big ones. The you know we had like forty five. People were sorting through the start with And not everybody can win. Unfortunately next is the best ball moments and you know what we don't have nothing to say about this because we don't get to choose this award Let's find out together. Shall we best bald moment. Was this this who knows what it can be This was determined by a survey that People took the ball move dot com. It's closed now. Don't i don't know why. I'm giving out the linking. You gotta wait for twenty eight twenty one now here. It is best ball moment. This is these are moments that made you laugh. They smile made you think the best moments of bald moved two thousand twenty. I'm genuinely interested in what this could possibly be. Because i can't even think of any did twenty twenty. It's been such a blur of shit that i have no idea what the bright spots are one fifth of the community. Nineteen percent says the return of the walking dead in twenty is the best ball moment wa how that was fun. You talking about you talking about spending shit and the gold but tell you what. That's that's that's what we did. Although i will say the walking dead under angela king is a different show. It s show that gives a shit about its characters that the knows that you're committing an hour of your precious life on earth to them each week and kind of wants to earn it like i don't know they can keep this up. But holy cow season nine was honestly one of the bright parts of the mid year for me truly found it kind of inspirational and places living through apocalypse then nipping at its heels. A seventeen percent of the vote of the lord of the rings podcasts collectively okay. We're we're near a lot of people's hearts Got a lot of positive feedback about that. A lot of interaction really thoroughly enjoyed doing them then. thirteen percent of people found. It's the best moment that we found the way to stay alive. During twenty twenty two pandemic the economic setbacks as human beams as a company. I think as a company although it we are the company. I assume that the the humanity of us. Some point to ten percent of folks thought sci-fi sundays with the best ball moment. And we've had a hell of a lot of fun. Those are going nowhere and twenty twenty one going to be still here every sunday at eight pm. We're watching some star trek and were finishing up the expanse. But as soon as we're done with that right to start on some great science fiction movies we watch them live with the amazon. Watch party technology. If you go to twitch dot tv slash bald move as long as you have an amazon prime account. You can synchronize watched thing with us. It's something we've been wanting for years and years and now it's here. Finally the christmas dreams very popular very heart warming eight percents almost one out of ten of bald. Movers thought that those were the best the best. I got a couple others actually ten. If you if you're interested here in contagion podcasts. At startup in pandemic people described it as thoughtful and interesting and informative and has number six number seven corona rice. We're on lunch. I revealed. I bought. I panic. Bought a fifty pound bag of rice about five pounds of it left so i learned a lot of rice dishes in two thousand twenty six percent. People like growing rice getting a chance to catch up at work for your back catalogue. We're getting into the weeds ear. Three percent this is still the number eight response. I actually got a lot of feedback from the people are like going back and going through their old favorites or things that they've always wanted to. There's not a lot on. That's kind of cool. you're you're making. It is what it is the always row number nine. The girls getting to do their own pot on the his dark materials are continuing to work on that and finally you know is show up somewhere at the list these are all kind of virtual ties are all just few percentage points at three percent separating each other to groundhog day marathon at twenty twenty nine Those innocent days when we thought the australian subcontinent being on fire was the worst problem. We'd have to deal with in a year. Best ball moments. Congratulations to everybody. We all take that as an absolute win. All right how we're back on another holy shit back almost virtually back to back prestige categories where we got jim. We've got the best female actor rundown an no particular order. And you know you love him. Cecile defer on. You gave me this category purpose in you. Cecile as funny. He'll have a figure out pronounced so the new in the new pope. Jerry lee lewis in lovecraft country. Ludivine sagnier as esther in the new pope. One moose masako. As ruby baptiste in lovecraft country and dominik or tipper as naomi gotta in the expanse season five Your retina my retina. Everyone's brenton a- kyrie go Female the best female actor. This was hand-delivered me. The in gold press latin by the grand negative themselves. I want interested in your best. Your best females. And we got him. We got him negative. This way this way you know. He'll your lobes out. Cheer lobes out old man. Twenty twenty s best bald. Move award for female actor. The winner is one me. Masako as a ruby baptiste from lovecraft country. Oh yeah that's good. One is is really tough because the women are just doing really. The top five is a who's who of women that did some really tough challenging work in twenty twenty and is kind of a toss up between one million number two at journey yet smaller As as letty lewis from lovecraft country. We gave the nod one me. Essentially because i just think she had harder work to do like some of the body horror. She do some of the sexuale she had to express the sentiments about. You know the position of of of a black woman in one thousand nine hundred fifty s trying to get ahead sasol excellent. It's completely excellent and again journey. Small at that number two for her work on lovecraft country cecile day france s afia from the new pope dominant. Tipper naomi nagata her best season yet and yet there was so many others do in even better stuff Number four and then ludivine sagnier as astor from the new pope. Man it was it was it was a loaded. There's i'm looking at the the rest of the top ten here. Which you can find out onto the deliberations if you want what did the community think. What did the community think five bald movers. Nineteen percent said dominique. Tipper cannot be be expand switch. I love seeing expanse. Getting a lotta love. You know man. Wes milady dominant. Kitson's vary fidora tippy. I respect the reasons. I ass- i do. We do that too to turns out when you have an active podcasts. Advertising the ball these. He'll fan show up carragee speaking number two spot as camino drummer captain. Now from the expand season five nineteen percent of oh they were neck neck and neck like two tenths of a percentage points separated these these ladies in the minds of the ball movers. Allah fanning got a lot of love nine percent as the great from the hulu. Show the great tandy. Newton got some recognition as for work on may which is pretty good work Eight percent and then natasha democrat. Demitrio does the tasha. This is as najah from what we do in the shadows season. 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Bald moved to get three extra months free go express. Vpn dot com slash ball. Move right now to learn more biggest surprise okay. So here's a category surprise. It's things that we didn't expect that caught us by surprise and delight us Things we may be actively doubted and turned out better than we thought. You know the disinflation surprise. I'm sure you're familiar with it this year. No particular order for big surprise the performance of one robert patterson for both his work in the lighthouse and tenant singlehandedly double handedly putting him like as a good plausible batman in our is the walking dead season. Nine it's walking dead and it wasn't a dumpster fire. that's surprise. Sure the great. I didn't expect anything from this. From dakota fanning's less famous sister and from x. men but it's a really really good historical drama thirty. It's got a really interesting sensibility. it's a lot of fun. It's it's In no particular order ted lasso People want to watch. It's on apple. tv which. I don't know what kind of audience numbers are watched. Three episodes was kinda. Hate watching it. Like i i was gonna watch so can stick it to these people and tell them how shit show is and out of nowhere. I fucking fell in love with ted lasso and finally this. Jim's baby the third day twenty four hour livestream what. The i watched every bit of that twenty four hour livestream and i loved it. It was just so crazy so often guard so like what do you do in twenty four hours television with high profile stars. You've got to law dna grave for an hour and a half real time. Man is an actor not a grave digger. He's not accustomed to this. Yeah it was David blaine sanding shit in this thing. I didn't watch it a jim. Wraps waxes poetic about this. Several times into deliberations. If you want more of that check it out but those are nominees in no particular order. It's time to find out what is the biggest surprise. I'm going to be surprised to find out and this year envelope We have listener choice. Ca no this is just a bold move category. Here we go. We've opened the envelope cross. Rubicon there's no going back now. The biggest surprise in two thousand twenty. I mean was there any surprise in this category. The walking dead not sucking and season nine. Congratulations to ames angel. Came all the principles of the walking dead who finally got some material that they can sink their teeth into the career of robert pattinson comes in number second the third day. Twenty four hour livestream. I'm just amazed at. Jim watched it all and was enthralled. That's surprising ted lasso. That aso and the great season one degrade by the way if you're if you're still smarting over two factor harlot scott cancelled. Please check out. The great is a lot of fun and we are done with surprises. This year route route is surprises. I don't know there might be a few left up When we get to the best commission category. I think there are any surprises there. I have to explain the best commission category a little bit before we went down the nominees because how easy termine. This is the one exception that we have to just the gut feeling way of sorting things that we usually have. This has an actual scoring system because we found it was really hard and almost unfair to the listeners. Because these are all things. Listeners have commissioned and paid for us to do almost unfair to just go on our gut so we assign each of these movies a score from one to five and four different categories and it's it's our gathering come up with better kramar fim system which includes surprise fun interest in media quality and these are all relative relative to how we feel about it so it wasn't a big surprise to us right it might be the most popular movie On the planet buddy. We're like skeptical. It's actually as good as people say or or haven't heard of it and we watch and it's great. It's a big surprise. Fund is about the podcast like well. How much fun did we have. Actually recording the podcast were there. Were there good jokes. Did inspire hilarious conversations. Interest is the same but for how interesting the conversations were did. Have a lot of the weekend. Really dig into and talk about and finally media. Quality is the quality of the film or or commission material itself and the whole point of a student. This is because we quickly realized if we just made is about the best movie depth than it would just be the best movie but that's not why people really enjoyed the commissions to the people enjoy the commissions because of discussion around that whether takes a community is imagination by storm that kind of thing and also it just kind of a rough this kinda gets us into a rough order and then we sometimes just you know go with the gut Yeah for sure. Override fractional points for sure by the him the myths The system sure yeah. I don't have good acronym for it. But let's run down the nominees in no particular order lord of the rings the two towers gatica lord of the rings film fellowship of the ring. I almost said fingers outside the ring. Go look at our deliberations of old that lord of the rings the return of the king and chaos on the bridge. Oh boy what is going to be. The best commission and this again is another one. I meant to throw this was This was supposed to be a community listener choice. When as well as i'm curious to see what people thought. And i i i was raised in a two thousand nineteen survey. I just i just left it off. I'm so sorry so sorry that the save this in mind for worse disappointment of two thousand twenty biggest missed two thousand twenty twenty. Twenty one is running back and ted down. The listeners will agree with us on this one. I'm sure all right here. We go for the the best commission for twenty twenty the lord of the rings. Fellowship of the rings commissioned by dr john. Congratulations would not only set off a two and a half hour epic because no one knew that at the same time the doctor. John lewis thinking commissioning is. I was at that very moment watching all the expanded editions. And all the blu ray materials on my brand new blu rays and i was fucking ready to go and no one knew that. This is one of the few exceptions to my no fantasy rule that i have right brings the movies. I actually love these. Not not as strongly as a lot of rings fans. But i like thurgood films Then we also had Chaos on the bridge. The lord of the rings the return of the king gatica and the two towers just dominated by lord of the rings tolkien. Good on this and there you go lord of the rings. Congratulations and thanks to all our commissioners this year can't wait to see what people come up with. We already have like three commissioners lined up for twenty twenty. One can't wait to see what people come up with. And if you are interested in commissioned by guests slip a little ad in here's this commercial free for the most part support that dot com. Check commission podcast. And that's it. That's it for twenty twenty commissions high risk high reward. It's another category. That didn't it was kind of sparse because people weren't taken chances this year juvenile least of all But this is a to describe this. This is you gotta. You've got a situation where nobody's expecting more of a thing you know. You gotta beloved classic. Let's say bladerunner for example. No one's expecting a dust off and make another bladerunner if you do a doesn't suck. That's a high risk high reward category. Anytime you've got a beloved franchise that doesn't need to be updated doesn't he do a sequel doesn't need. You're doing it anyway. That's that's some high risk behavior and we have to see if it pays off and these are the people that we think it paid off the most for in no particular order before. I even get my grubby hands on this envelope. Bill and ted f. t. face the music Star wars the mcu plan can the fan bodies sustain ten series worth star wars interest over the next eighteen months. The mouse plans to find out the new pope. You know it'd been like five years since the the young pope and ended an ambiguous kind of beautiful way the way that the young pope often did nobody needed more. Probably people wanted more but what would more even look like well. It looks like the new pope and fuck me. It was one of my favorite covers of two thousand twenty and finally krona. Rice wasn't gonna starve. I wanna make sure. I could put two thousand calories of food content on a table each and every day with just nothing but boiling water and by god corona rice. Did it radio. What if what if corona cova just blown over one if it had not been as they said that's at least twenty dollars worth of rice that you purchase. That's tens of dollars of rice. That has a shelf life of like tens of years. What i possibly have done with the my god. God's such a huge risk Let's see let's see rise. One opening opening up this thing. Severe risk of paper cut speaking of biggest risk for the winner for two thousand twenty ball. Move award for highest risk to reward ratio bill and ted faced and music. I mean it was the greatest movie of two thousand twenty. No it was not but is this movie had better than it had any right to be. And i was nervous on the lead up this movie. Everyone was doing the pieces about bill. And ted's excellent adventure her bogus journey and like you know what these actually hold up pretty well and are pretty fun movies and these guys have is unique weird chemistry. Can they replicate it. You know piquionne so much. Bigger in his career and winters hadn't hardly done anything. Well it's great it's great it's good feel good fun movie and it added by who to the mythos of bill ted satisfying way. So they've they've got daughters and they're going to turn out all right and they are the wild stallions that actually bring peace to all mankind. It's like i said it's kind of an even neat. Little twist on time travel to the new the new pope of course really good corona rice beating out the star wars because i had your risk the reward so if there is one i imagine just a toys and lego sets and video games alone of ten. Different franchises is going. It's a much better strategy than one movie a year. That half of the phantom hates. You know you shouldn't get by one show a year to phantom hates it. There's nine other ones that they love. So that's it. For the highest risking rewards of twenty twenty. We'll see how this whole. Mc that's everything is like this is kind of Premature reward thing for the ncaa because face at this this His risk reward stuff because it hasn't even come to pass true and that brings us to the last category of tonight ceremony. Cue music this is. This is where he comes. In our most hallowed category most prestigious. This move started podcastone to do big big swinging dick and teddy dramas put in front center. We have party. S members meowing literally meowing for this category. They wanna know so badly the crying out and cry out. Oh god let's just get through this one real quick here. The nominees not order. Are the boys season to believe. We've talked plenty about this now. Show on it. The debt not dudayevs just as just as lovecraft country. The new pope the expanse season. Five dying diane's meowing to no controversy too because new has come to light one of these real adversity will see best drama estra boy. I can't wait to find out what people think here. We go ripped open this envelope. The winner for twenty twenty. Bob move award for best tv. Drama goes to devs whole shit. High-concept sifi time travel near future. What is destiny faith. even the we have free will. I know i was compelled to pick. That's all i know. All good questions also good question. How is it the best pilot reversed these two dads and lovecraft country. Well you'll have to listen to the deliberations to find out. I think yeah. I think it's i think you're i think The pilots yeah. Yeah yeah. I think i think the pilots question but yeah devs was an amazing experience watching. I kinda actually wish we'd gotten in on because they released every two one every two weeks. Didn't they or two every to everyone week. Is that how we did. And that's how we did it To two per week. I think they might have just done. Weekly okay because it would have been it would have been a hell of a weekly show to cover but we did it all on otc if you're looking for the coverage And i thought it was One of her Of more interesting podcast that we did followed by the new pope. Which i love and i'm really proud of coverage that we did on that And the expanse season five then lovecraft country than the boys season two. i'm gonna ask you something. The expands now. We both seen the finale. Would you change the order of this. I don't think so. no. I don't think so too. I think like there was some nervousness to maybe expand a little too high. I think it. It's a minted itself is is third place though. That was a hell of a finale episode Craft country in the boys for the community. A whopping twenty seven percent. Nearly a third of all bald. Movers agree that the expand season five even when that seen the last two episodes was the best drama aired in two thousand and twenty five. Well done recently bias. Well done well done you guys did did pretty good followed by better call saul fourteen percent. the queen's gambit at fourteen percents The mandalorian at fourteen percent. And i actually goofed up. Because i've been bands twice. So maybe the audience voted. I only have the top for on this category. God damn it. And they're on those impressed team onto fourteen percent on the other three percent with just with just minor. Tints percentage points separating them. So i will say i can definitely see better call saul unfortunately Era did watch that this year so it would have been just me arguing for that to go up the list against these other things that we both saw on loved so you know maybe you got short triffid but that's how it goes here at the ball. Maybe maybe it did. Maybe didn't but that's the best tv drama. Congratulations like once again to all the winners. Twenty twenty one. I have no idea what this year's going to be looking like because it seems like the first half is going to be the same as we had the last year I'd like i. I said i was just reading an article where a lot of movie studios are thinking of publishing these movies that have been in limbo for going on a year now including the james bond pushing back to like late fall or even christmas releases I but you know what. I'm not even scared because we got. We got the walking dead season. Ten or back pocket. we got decades worth of just. The best movies ever made that we can discuss. We've never some of them. We haven't even seen a lot of for sure we haven't discussed and they'll be enough New tv and returning tv. I think that will be able to keep the lights on and a bit. Slow and Thanks once again for everybody who supported us this year. Who listen to our podcast. Thanks for the hundreds of people that the had their voice recorded for The baldy is Needs preferences recorded in the annals of bulb history and. that's it again. I cannot stress if you want to hear us discuss more of these things detail because we really pretty brisk moving through this There are at least a dozen hours of us talking about these these categories and the biggest ones dramas comedies actors Zero they were easily went two hours on those. So there's lots more of this kind of agonizing navel-gazing trying to decide what's better than what into deliberations were all linked probably within the show notes and on the youtube video description so again we appreciate you will. We can't wait to see what's best and worst most disappointing and most surprising in two thousand twenty one. And until then i may ron. I'm jim once again. Winners and competitors big-and. We'll see next year miss our sci-fi sunday we'll be watching signs and then immediately after the movie will be hosting an after party to discuss signs and the works of him night shovel on on stereo dot com slash bald move. This is your chance to join our conversation live. We want to hear everything. Please go to zero dot com slash bald. Move at eleven. Pm eastern this sunday for a live conversation about signs once again go to stereo dot com slash. Paul mood get the app and tune in on sunday at eleven.

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