BTM116: The Real Secret To Manifesting


This is Darryl aaliyah and you're listening to the before the man's podcast bonus episode one sixteen. Are you ready to be the master architect of your life. Are you ready to design your business and invest the needs that create the lifestyle. You've Galway's are you ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaires who have achieved a certain level of success. Hey this is Derek Location Independent entrepreneur and you're listening to the before the millions podcast. I am Gina Lofton. I'm an investor and you're listening to the the floor the millions podcast hey there my name is heather haven would marketing coach and global entrepreneur and you are listening to the before the millions podcasts. Hey this is mark squish the host of the Seven Minute Mentor podcast Global Global Entrepreneur and all around Geek and you listen to the befall the millions podcast I am MC lobster the cash linenger and you're listening to before the millions bought cost. You're listening to the before the millions podcast a whether you're looking to invest vest were cashflow all built an online business that allows you to be location independent. You come to the right place. Mr Hollywood himself presents the before the millions podcast and now your host d'auray the y'all what is up B._T._m.. Tribe we are back for a new installment a bonus installment of the before the millions pad cast and this is me testing and tweaking and just kind. I've seen what resonates with you guys over the past year. We've been putting now over one hundred episodes that have been roughly fifty minutes to an hour and ten minutes long right so these hour long episodes you guys love them. You guys have given a ton of feedback on undersoil informative and have so much value but yet and still we wanna test some things you wanna see what it's like to deliver some shorter format episodes and kind of see what the feedback is from you guys so for at least the upcoming month expect some bonus episodes so expect maybe a a weekly or Bi weekly Thursday or Friday episode just to keep you going throughout the week to motivate you a little bit more to give you some more insight some more value and to help you along if your real estate investing journey and your ultimate lifestyle designed journey so that's kind of what I'm doing with these episodes and you never know these episodes just may replace our main Tuesday show in the future but who knows we'll see again. This is all testing. This is what you should do in your business all day. Long is test new ideas new theories things so we have a shorter format show for today as a bonus episode and against subscribed to the channel to make sure that you do not miss any of these bonus episodes these. APSOS are going to be fire of this one in particular especially because it's all about manifesting your destiny now in these bonus episodes we get straight to it. There's no tip of the week there's no long drawn out intro. We're going to get straight into the MEAT POTATOES BUT UH-HUH I kinda want you guys to just think about your goals in your business. Whether you have a business on the side or your fulltime entrepreneur and you're starting to really build up your real estate business your real estate related business right think about some of the goals that you have in how you're showing up to achieve those goals so if you have a goal of escaping the race in a year or if you have a goal of building up your pacifists come to five thousand dollars a month or if you have a goal of getting your net worth worth two million dollars right and there's a time line right. These goals are time sensitive. What are you doing today? How are you showing up? How can you guarantee you get to this goal? How were you manifesting the skull and are you actually going after this goal as if you you are the entrepreneur that deserves what's all the other end of the goal again? This is super crucial super imperative guys. We'll talk a whole lot more about manifesting here the next few months but this is just the kind of wet your appetite on how to actually truly manifest your goals and dreams and desires and your needs and your wants the proper way not the WHO our way that people say hey just imagine just imagine right not that way but the actual way to manifest West something that's in your mind and make it come true. Make it come to reality. We're going to start discussing that but we get into that. A little bit on today's bonus episode and toews bonus episode is actually a piece of content and don't tell them besides bonus episode is actually a piece of content that I pulled from one of my private mastermind meetings so this is the first time ever. I'm Lynn you guys behind the scenes and you guys are going to hear a real life conversation between me and a few of my mastermind members the dreams and we're talking about manifesting and techniques and tools and tricks used to manifest but actually walked them to restore of a client of mine so you guys are going to get some behind the scenes looks at a community of people again my mastermind who are striving to build their business and these are experienced entrepreneurs whether realtors property managers consultants or investors but these are experienced entrepreneurs who collectively come together as a group to help each other in the transition from full time employment so a four-time entrepreneurial career and I head this mastermind group having successfully done that now. That's not what this episode is about but to hear more about the mastermind. There's actually a white list right now. Soy Enrollment is not currently open but if you head over to before the millions dot com ports last mastermind you can learn more about the mastermind and you can sign up for the wait list so you're going to hear a private conversation between me and my master my members and I'm talking talking about a client of mine and how I'm helping her get straight to her goals right so again seems to show up as a two hundred thousand dollar earner this year and went to walk them through exactly what I walked her through who and how we're going to get hurt to that so without any further ado let's get to this behind the scenes clipping of a recent mastermind meeting with their consent of course and I'll show you exactly how to go about manifesting your goal for the end of the month for the end of this gear and your ultimate lifestyle design goal if you didn't catch it the first time to learn more about this mastermind where you are looking to make serious leaps and bounds in your business over the next one year to completely leave your day job head over to before the millions dot com forward slash mastermind so without any further ado let's get to the show and now your feature presentation I was talking to one of my clients earlier and she's just kind of like in a situation to where he's having a Lotta mindset problems when it comes to sticking it through and marketing for Leeds in making calls in door knocking in all the stuff that she's doing deals in those conversations. I wish I could have recorded a man but it it was one of those conversations to where I was like man. This is like how she feels is literally how almost everybody feels and there were certain things that I was trying to do to Kinda resume with her. Take her from where she was to where I knew she wanted to be and I knew in that conversation rotation it wasn't about the technical aspect of like what she's doing like our system is now. She's getting leads but every single thing about her shortcomings had to do with her mindset and I was telling house like main like is crazy how much try to balance it sometimes with that group maybe even with this group. I haven't thought about it yet but I try to balance it sometimes bag because I know that it feels as you get more value when you get content right so like more information like last taught him how to do title searches the groups in the workshop right now and it's like something that they don't need to be able to do as investors but it's something that something that would bode well to having your arsenal right though I know that when they get content like that is something that they see as super <unk> valuable right but at the same time I'm always struggling balancing that type of content which they think they need and what I know that they need which is not the technical aspect of things is one hundred percent almost mindset with everybody who hasn't yet got to what their goal list if they want to get to it's one hundred percent lawrence and even like me becoming more experienced as a coach as close to people like drew a situation like I just it's becoming more and more evidence and we did this exercise. I don't want to take you guys. This is Tom I'm. I'M GONNA try to make it as quickly as possible but we did. This exercise and I want you guys to think about this exercise but she's in a position to where she's working. Maybe sixty hours a week seventy hours a week. She stressed out and she doesn't want to do anything after work. She just wants to go to bed. She Super Numb to the feeling of like hey. I gotta get up and get out and do things right like Outta produce for myself as much as she feels like she wants to do something for herself. She wants to succeed. She wants to pursue real estate estate. She wants to get a first deal done as much she does. All of those things she more so desires to go to bed afterward she more so desires to be lazy some more so desires to have the excuses right and astros was like in this is a the conversation that we have all the time so I was trying to figure out how to get through to her and I couldn't find a way to position until today but I kept like every few weeks I would ask what's more important to you all right your job or your pursuit of happiness and the pursuit of happiness through a business that you know that you can kill what is more important to you and she would always say of course her pursuit of happiness vows like which those are not the accent sicher exhibiting so that's not the truth. You're not acting as though that's what's going on in her mindset is like well d'auray. I got bills to pay and you know if I really tend to really say hi WANNA tend to it. I'm a slack at work and I'm going to lose my job and I mean he's uses this. We had a thirty minute session was on form four hour forty minutes and we literally dug through all of that stuff all that stuff man and again it's becoming so much more prevalent how much more our shortcomings become because of our minds right and I was just like okay. You have this goal. This dream came to do these things in the world to do these things in your community to do these things in real estate and right now what you were doing which are dedicating your time to all of your time is so that corporate giant right and I was telling her about my situation. I was like you know how disturbed me so much. There's no way that what you're saying and what you're doing this in the line me like there's no way that that's possible because I think about the fact that I would work those same hours but at the same time what got me up every single Dan. What are we going to sleep at night so late was the fact that because that's another thing I told her she might call me crazy? You guys might call me crazy on this too but she was just like the amount of our she works. She has no time to get anything done because she has to get her eight hours of sleep. I was like okay. You're GonNa find me on this. But why do you believe that and she was like no. You don't understand like if I don't get my eight hours of sleep. I will not be able to function the next day. I was like the reason why you will not be able to function the next is you don't get eight hours of sleep is because. As you've already told yourself that is the reason you've already accepted that beliefs. She's like no you don't understand and they're in is the fact right there. The fact that that is your response and I'm like the people who get two hours three hours of sleep. Do you know oh how they're able to do that. Do you know the only reason they're able to do that is because they believe that they can. That is the only reason there's no other reason. Our bodies can do crazy things. We're experiencing that we've done a few crazy diets right. We've done a life altering things. Our bodies can do crazy things right and we know how little of our brain capacity that we're using so we know how much little of everything else that we're using. I'll just like if she could only understand that she's the only thing get into in Hawaii. There was nothing else getting in Hawaii but her and I'm not telling her to lose sleep for weeks on end but I'm telling you that she has to make sacrifices if that's what she really wants you just have to. I don't understand how you feel like I was in that position but at the same time when I was in that position I was like there is no way doesn't make any sense to me that I'm going to work for a company and they're going to take all of my time and I'm not gonNA have anything to show for. It is not possible it is not possible is so backwards to me that I'm just going to be like wow. I'm too tired to do anything for myself after Dork when I thought about that irked me sold out I was like I cannot stand for this and again. That's why my tried is for a certain type of individual because a lot of people are out there. They may feel like that or they may have resentment towards what they're doing but they're not gonNA do anything about it and EH. It goes back to your belief because again if you actually believe like I told her if you actually believe you can get to a point 'cause her oldest to get one deal done a month. If you actually believe that you can get one deal done a month and she wants to make ten K. Mart getting done little like if you actually wonder Senate wholeheartedly believe that you can do that. What would you do differently right house? I don't know how much you make it work but if you're making whatever it is making it work and you're making extra ten grand a month that extra ten garden within twenty thousand dollars a year if that that is the thermostat set that is what you're doing what you're doing now the current way you're operating. If you believe that you are the entrepreneur that can make what you're making work plus one twenty solicits this two hundred grand. If you believe that you are the entrepreneur that can make that amount of money. Are you reflecting looking getting what you're doing today mostly like no I know like once it starts working then I'll be able to believe that I can get there right once. I see evidence but that's the high works. You have to be that two hundred thousand dollars a year entrepreneur now right you have to you have to already do those things. That's the only way could happen. How can you possibly believe that you can show up the way that you're showing up now? Not Making your calls not doing things that you have to do. How can you possibly believe that you're you're going to get the deal done? You are not operating two hundred thousand dollars a year business. You have to already operate. Operate that business for it to happen. Does that make sense. Josh makes us. It makes perfect like are you selling up today and I asked myself this question every single day. If I want to run a million dollar business am I showing up today the person who actually wants to Mandela business am I actually doing those things. Am I showing up as person right now as if I'm not then there's no emma get their those us on a final hour and five minutes as long time man it was I lost my entire voice so it was a a parting ways. Would you give them homework. Oh was on on south road. I was like do not your thoughts pleasure. Police equal your actions and it's actually more of a stepping stone our ladder because it's hard for her to make three hundred caused a leak. It's hard for her to do that if she doesn't internally believe that she's going to get ten grand this month so I was just like all right so let's just say August. I I have a check for you. I've already written a check. I put your name on it. A handsy unite allowed to cashing but it's a ten pankke check if you know that you are going to get this check on August first thirty days from today if you know one hundred percent without a doubt if you do what you need to do these things police. You're going to get this check. How would you show up hungry? She was a different person I said how would you show up. She changed changed. Everything about our have enough time I got. I need to sleep. I sixty hours I work. She has all of that because she knew she would get ten K. at the end of the month. I said that person right there. That's how you gotTA show up. That's how she has to show up. She has to know that she's getting and if she doesn't get that that's fine with again next month but you saw as a two hundred or one hundred and twenty k. part time business owner you showing up like that month after month is going to happen. It has no choice but to Right Hey V._t._a._M.. Tribe just want to check in with you guys at the end of this episode and just kind of reiterate that hey it's all about your thoughts and your beliefs right so your thoughts or going to control your beliefs and your beliefs or going to control your actions so if you don't actually believe in the goal that you have you never take the appropriate action gang going back to be do. Have I have to be that six-figure earner before you actually do the things that a six figure earners does rise. You have to believe that as possible so that you can do those tasks so that you can actually have those six figures in your bank account. There's no way you can get to that without first living the life that a six figure earner actually lives right and that's what I was trying to get across today. Lastly is if you're looking to join mastermind with individuals who are looking to make the transition from their day job to four times self employment through your real estate business. Yes we'll estate professionals and investors analysts that entrepreneurs people who are looking to be real estate influencers in their space so that they can get more leads for their business. These are the types of people that are in my mastermind. These are the types of people that are in the before the millions mastermind. That's something that you're interested in head over to before the millions dot com forward slash.

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