Magician Criss Angel, Last Dance Review, Draft Recap + Billy Football Is Living The Plot To Spiderman


On today's part of my take we have last dance episodes three and four review off the top. We have the NFL draft great weekend for Sports. We have the mind Freak Criss Angel Awesome interview. Something a little different so Chris Angel you probably remember him for being the mind freak Done a million shows had a hit show as well. He's a magician. He's one of the greatest. Magicians of all time. Magicians Hall of fame. Which we learn about is actually a thing. So that's great. We have mount flush more of chores. And then billy football our son I don't know what he's doing now. But it's fucking funny. He's pretty much just living with a bunch of feral cats trying to get them. I think he's trying to live the plot to spiderman but with cats well he's done Zoe's Berserk Walker and every negative thing. That happens to him as he tries to do. Some research on and figure out why. It's actually a good thing that it's happening to them. So right. I mean prosper positively. 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I'd say my only critique so far is that I wish we had one hundred hours this documentary because it so fucking good and there's so many side stories that I want them to go even deeper on but man. Was it awesome? Yeah I need there to be you. Remember that. Show twenty four. There should be back to back seasons of twenty four about Dennis Rodman's experienced in Las Vegas. Where he just takes a vacation Phil. I was good while Scotty was gone. Now you understand. I need to go blow off steam and just get fucking balls to the Wall Hammer in Vegas so so let's do Chronological the the thing is i. I wish was like every night. And they put him up. Because it feels like when you watch two episodes you know you you leave with whatever was last put the Dennis Rodman episode episode. Three was unbelievable. So we'll start there I Love Dennis. Rodman I've always loved Dennis. Rodman he he made rebounding cool he made rebounding like seemed like a sexy thing. He was so fucking incredible. That scene. I know there's a million scenes it will go over but the scene that I loved the most out of episode three when he was explaining the art of rebounding. And how the ball would go off in. Like Larry Bird shot would spin this way and Michael Jordan shot would spend this way and you're like Holy Shit like this guy spent so many hours trying to figure out exactly where to be in the right position any never quit and the the craziest thing about Rodman he won seven straight rebounding titles. He like most of them. Were even close so I went back and I looked it up. He had There was a year where he had so he he in ninety two was when he started winning seven in a row he had eighteen points seven rebounds game which is just insane to begin with but the second place person that fifteen point five. The next year eighteen point three shack was second with thirteen point. Nine so robin had four over four rebounds more than the second place person in the League. The year after that seventeen point three thirteen point two was second sixteen point eight twelve point five so he basically not only dominated the league and rebounding for seven straight years it was on such a elevated level compared to everyone else he was just all time. Great Yeah I if you were to just guess off the top of your head in his best game how many rebounds do you think there's Robin head? I think you had one where he had like thirty right. He had thirty four in ninety two which is insane about and you know for all the people that are like this. Robbins a Weirdo. That's true. Does Ron Rodman should not be a role model. Probably also true. I actually do think that Dennis Rodman is role model in a weird way in that. If you can figure out something that you're the best at it doesn't matter what. Weird little niche category. It is in life if there's one thing that you're better than everybody else that are more focused on steer into that and and get really really good at that and be known as the best ever do that and you'll be extremely successful and so in that in that last poll season he had sixteen games where he had twenty plus rebounds. I mean that's just stupid. That's stupid but he. I think the reason why it all worked was he like legendary stories about Dennis Rodman. He would play a full game. Then he would be you know in the gym lifting for an hour and a half and and it's not like a man he laughed. I guy in last guy out because we all know Dennis Rodman Party. We saw that it was more than he just had a motor. That didn't quit. He had like endless energy. And you saw when he's diving into the stands or diving forever loose ball. And then you get the human side which I. I don't want to go into because I'm sure every podcasts can do like. Could you imagine if this happened in twenty twenty but Dennis Rodman in twenty twenty would be a phenomenal watch? Because what everyone knows what. Everyone's openly talks about with like mental health. And all kinds of things like Dennis. Rodman back then was a Weirdo. Who is unbelievable rebounding era? I mean that was kind of what he was in a party boy. But it's The whole like Phil Jackson. Let him take a vacation. We'll get into Phil but like understanding what you needed out of Dennis Rodman and how to pull the right. You know levers when they need to be pulled was part of the genus Phil Jackson part of the genius of Michael Jordan and part of the genius of Dennis Rodman being able to lock in. Yeah he was definitely not. I went in last night. He was last one in but also last one out probably so he was a night owl. He didn't show up to the to the stadium to like the very very last minute before games are very very last minute before practice. But he was. He was awesome at what he did. I liked how phil gave himself a little bit of credit and was like you know. I recognized Dennis through my training in native American spiritual healing that he was unusual as he gives credited to growing up next to a native American reservation for recognizing the fact that the guy that shows up with pink hair like nose rings earrings. He's fucking Carmen Electra. Thirty minutes before a game the guy that just needs to get out of town and blow off steam in Vegas. That guy's unusual and I owe that to my training as a shaman. Yeah Yeah and he. There was a famous like when when Kraus was bringing in this is also something to cross his credit because I know he is the villain and rightfully so but he you know he brought him in. He had him talk to Phil Jackson. You had them. Apologize Scotty. Pippin and Michael Jordan. And make sure that like okay. Is this what we WANNA do after they lost to the magic because they didn't have the right size and Dennis Rodman fit in perfectly for those last three Bull Championship runs? And it's credits Jerry. Krause for thinking outside the box being like okay. I have a guy who's pretty combustible who could be a great like locker room guy so let's let's put put he brings something we do not have and figuring out a way to get it done. Do you think there's a small element of Jerry Krause bringing Dennis Rodman end? Because he thought that it might blow everything up. Well no there's so so I read a quote before Tonight that was very funny. It was it was the Krause Rodman Pippen. Mj Phil Jackson meeting before they signed. Rodman and krause asked Dennis Rodman like wh why did why did you not get along with your other? Gems and Robin was like 'cause they wanna be my friend and Krause said I don't WanNA be your friend. I'm fifty six year thirty four. What the fuck do I need to be your friend for? You're sitting here with green hair and you got earings up your ass. We have nothing in common. I'll leave you alone. Cranston credit's Jerry. Krause like that's the kind of things that's from From the blood on the horns along strange writer. Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls. That's a book and that's like that is credits Jerry. Krause to being like. Hey I will leave you alone. I will let you be Dennis Rodman and credit to Phil Jackson. Be Like you're weird you're different. We'll let you go to Vegas for forty hours and bang out Carmen Electra. Who by the way still got pretty good? Pretty good helps you got what forty five fifty doesn't matter doesn't matter better. It's like her and Julia. Louis Dreyfuss look fifty times better now than they did at that exact same like nineteen ninety two the two of them together. I don't know what's happening with modern medicine but I'm very excited to live in the year. Twenty forty this is this documentary is going to give us the all all five like anti-age team because between bj Armstrong MJ's mom and Carmen Electra. We've had three people who were arrested. Horace grant a little bit bigger. But Yeah Yeah. He's we'll get to him but he also looks pretty young too and they're they're all in the like Holy Shit. I remember you from the nineties and you still look like this. Yeah so Carmen Electra. Yeah she meant a lot to a lot of people in the nineties. Let's just say that. Yes for sure. If I'd won bone to pick with this documentary so far at least in the last two episodes jumped around chronologically a little bit like you have to take thirty seconds to to find your footing. Sometimes like wait. Are we in one thousand nine hundred to nine hundred ninety eight? Where are we right now? And you just have to like look at. Who's on the roster to figure that stuff out because it does go back and forth to being like okay. This is the last dance. Await playing against the Lakers in the finals. Can I I also have one take? That's been burned me up for a of years. I don't think I've ever said it publicly. Delay Up to Michael Jordan had in the finals against the Lakers where he jumps in the air and switches hands completely unnecessary to do that. It's a cool looking highlight. He didn't need to do that he could. He could have just done a finger on his right in a switch to his left hand because it looks it look cool and to his credit ended up being one of the greatest looking plays an NBA history. Totally unnecessary that. My Dad gave me that. Take a while ago and I'm going to carry on his tradition and bear that Torch Forum Speaking of iconic moments the the shot against Elo. Who Ron Harper? I love him like. There's something about this documentary has done better than any. Other documentary is like. Maybe it's just. The swears put feels like everyone's being very very honest. 'cause enough time has passed where it's like who cares. It's you know twenty thirty years ago. And all these like old grudges are still there. And you can see 'em and they're fantastic to see on everyone's face but Ron Harper being like. Yeah Fuck Greg. You're like why the hell did we have him on? Mj But yellow collapsing. Like dying in a heap. After Jay shot I think takes that shot from All TIME TO CONIC. Because if you google cradle he played fifteen years in the NBA. And all you see him just crumpled down on the ground and then how about the reporter getting that Interview Yeah. The interview right after was all time. Mj just being like fuck all you haters which you know the there's something something raw to it that it just. I don't WanNa do the like. Oh man the NBA. Soft now. Because I don't think the NBA soft now. But there was something about like seeing these stories and seeing this hate the just get you so pumped up. Yeah no it was great like seeing. How Jordan treated those Those pissing teams and how the pissing seems their game. Plan was just like straight up. Beat the fuck out of Michael Jordan. Whenever he's around you like. That's they were their public with saying so right now. If you were to have a playoff series where a team were to treat Lebron James like that and just beat the shit out of them and then say it publicly. You can better believe that Adam silver would be on the phone with the referees putting some some like special rules in for the next same. Hey Watch this guy. Watch this guy. It would be national news. It'd be a big story but back then it was like. Hey that's just the way that this game is. You're allowed to be somebody did you. Did you see the clip? I posted of when Bill Empire in the eighty nine. I don't know why they put it in there. But pill empire elbowed Scottie Pippen and knocked him out of game six eighty nine. Enjoy Crawford literally was pulling him off. The court like dragging Amati pivot was dead on the ground and Joey Crawford grabbed him by the legs so play could keep going on the rest. Didn't give either. It was crazy. I I kinda I liked that but I would never want to actually play in that sport. No and so. So the old grudges. We had four. I feel like this should be a counter that we do every single Monday while this documentary goes like who did hooted. Mj like crush in in the course of the documentary so we had four by my count. One was somewhat harmless. Put THE BILL. Cartwright when he was talking about the triangle offense and basically was like the everyone who's going to touch the ball and but I don't want bill cartwright touching the ball with five seconds left on the clock and I think MJ's quote was something like It's supposed to be equal opportunity. That's just fucking bullshit so that was great car. Sitting there with his family being played with J just like bricks of shot with with one second left of the shock clock at the end. Who is he talking to on the airplane when he was like? This guy's Bro. Yeah your mom and dad are watching us. Guess What Your Son's alcoholic if you're dating scattered Braille cheating on you because he stays up late at night and the way that he was saying it like it sounded funny. But at the time like yeah. He's kind of addicted. Oh I'm sure we'll get some more. Mj Scotty Brody was a famous relationship of MJ. Just basically wearing him down mentally like in pushing him pushing pushing him. I wonder if Scotty Brielle got a text from whoever he was dating in that you know in ninety eight like Yo what was that. Was that okay. Now that makes sense the only one that noticed that in in the late nineties. Everyone looked like they were forty two. It didn't matter if you're twenty. Five years older like sixty sold everyone was forty two also just watching them like arrived to the airplane in those in regular like fifteen passenger vans that we would be in like what is going on is NBA team. So those are two and then the other two were Scottie Pippen for the migraine game. Mj Still Bullshit about that. He doesn't Laureus that Homeless Dude. He doesn't believe it to the point. That if you've ever read Jordan rules a great book. Everyone should read it if they if they're interested in this stuff. He joked in it about scotties headaches. He called them headaches. Nydia basically just cloud on them for the headaches and you can tell even though he went six championships with this guy. He's like yeah. Fuck that Scotties Week. Yeah he's like he had a migraine. I have to say or whatever which which I'm told is a real thing. He definitely. That migraine is a real medical issue. Right now he thinks if you have a Migraine your pussy in the Bulls got smoked in that game. So but it's like I honestly think the MJ pippen relationship is so fascinating. Because I know that Michael Jordan knows like deep down the Scottie. Pippen was all time player needed him every bit for all these championships put. He has that one the Migraine game and of course the famous didn't come in for for the coup coach shot when MD playing baseball. And I think there's a part of Michael Jordan who always look at Scotty and be like will chips are down. You're just week I can carry you but you won't. You won't do it. I think what we saw with the second episode tonight where they ended up getting over that Hump and winning the NBA title Jordan only realized the value of teamwork when he realized that teamwork could make him look better so like now he. He'll say we gotta do certain things and team oriented way but really to drive that home in through into his own head he had to realize that teamwork selfishly would make him a better player to. Yes although that one was a little weird. Because I'm pretty sure and I'M GONNA look it up right now but I'm pretty sure. Michael Jordan averaged eleven assists in that in that laker series. So to be like oh he just learned how to pass in the fourth quarter. John paxson against the Lakers. Like that seems a little. You had to frame it anyway but he definitely did become more of a team player as its Crayon and the only reason that he became over player was because he realized that he could have a bigger legacy and be a greater player if he wasn't so selfish all the time absolutely and I mean the the thing is what I meant by like. I wish there was a million documentaries because texts winner. Who's an all time basketball mind? You know? Having the triangle offense kind of revolutionize and how Doug Collins like that's Collins and more around the triangle offense. Okay you're gone and Jerry Krause to to Jerry. Krause his credit he. He also grudge guy. He didn't go to. Mj's hall of fame induction because winter wasn't inducted into the hall of fame yet. That's why he didn't go but that was why he he's. He steadfastly was like I will not step into the Best Hall of Fame Until Tex. Winter is in there. So he's a grudge guy. So so the last I had and it's the best by far Michael Jordan has never hated anyone as much as he hates. Isaiah Thomas and it's fucking awesome to watch how much he still holds onto it to this day when he was like when when when when the director is showing him the The the video of Isaiah's excuse for walking off the court and MJ's like whatever he says he's an asshole like he's an asshole. What half agent. Yeah I know what happened? I remember being there no matter what he says. In retrospect he just didn't shake my hand because he's addicted and that's why I mean he actually nailed Isaiah Thomas Isaiah. Thomas is a world-class Prick. I don't think that you'll find people getting his back on anything but yeah he is going back through history and changing things up to make himself look better. Yeah they didn't want to shake their hands. Which I mean I respect the bad boy pistons of that era for being so committed to the bad boy lifestyle that they're like you know what we're GONNA be bitches to the end and we're just GONNA run off the court not shake your hand that's fine. I like that just own it in all time. What if so Isaiah? Thomas was basically has every accolade he was. I think he won a state championship. He won In Illinois he wants he won a college obviously with Indiana he won the NCAA title. He won two titles in the NBA. He does not have a gold medal. Because Michael Jordan said he would not play on the dream. Team if is as Thomas was on the Dream Team With with Isaiah Thomas's coach. Chuck Daly so an all time. What if if Isaiah Thomas and it probably wouldn't have changed anything but if Zia Thomas Shakes hands and is like hey? Mj Like passing the torch. Does he get on the Dream Team. 'cause he was very serving. I think I yeah. I think that Jordan absolutely kept him off the dream. Team for that reason. If you're if you're gonNA spend on though they probably saved thousands of lives in. Detroit by not shaking hands afterwards and then passing off the flu or whatever to them like. I want to actually go back in time and see what Jordan was saying to himself in the mirror during the flu game. I'm sure they'll address the flu game. Depth later on in the series was Jordan as hard on himself as he was on Scottie. Pippen like would you like join us you little bitch ass pussy. Don't stop shitting during. Stop shitting well. I the the Dream Team stops can be fascinating too. Because I'm pretty sure that also is when Jordan realize Scottie. Pippen was incredible. Because he was like. Holy Shit Scottie. Pippen's better than everyone here but The Isaiah stuff just cracks me up because M J just his hatred is so goddamn deform and it's it's fantastic to watch because it was like the it makes it seem like when when Kevin Durant or James Harden un-filed lows his team on instagram. And we do this league. How about Michael Jordan? Literally saying Isaiah. Thomas is not allowed on the Dream Team when he was one of the top twelve players. You know we're GonNa Roll Christian later you understand it. It's like this league. This leak ultimate this league also like how they call. Dennis Rodman the fuck up person. Yes he's the guy that you bring him just to fuck shit up on defense that's a great description and you need someone that can just destroy somebody else's game plan. Yes he was. He was the ultimate passed and You know Draymond Green. I think better than dry well different than green because draymond obviously has better offense but like one can rebound like Dennis Rodman. So Hey I was. I did get a few tweets. People were saying that you are the Dennis Rodman of the podcast because he asked for forty eight hours off and a vacation Would you like to ask for forty eight hours off because we can give you the next forty eight hours off? Wait no we can give you the next forty hours off sure. Yeah I mean if seeing what it did for him. I think I could be a big a big help and I think Gore hopefully Phil Jackson's like demeanor towards the whole situation opened up your eyes to the values of vacations and time off for now. Clear something up for me because when they went to go get Dennis Rodman after the forty eight hours when he wasn't back in time Jordan went to his apartment in Chicago to get them out like. Outta bed right. He didn't go to Vegas. That was vague. Although it seemed like they were on the road so I couldn't quite figure out the time line there. If he had come back it seemed like he came back. Also just love. How Robin just? It's so weird watching Pro Professional Basketball player like now. Obviously then it was totally normal because it was Dennis Rodman but just walk out of a game with a Miller lite their hand and a beer in their hand and just like. I'm just I'm hanging out yet. How how did the beer got on a motorcycle without a helmet and then sped off? And they're like that's classic Rodman. It's Chuck Taylors. Two honorees drives his motorcycle into a stop. Sign and Phil Jackson's like I knew the one time I took peyote out in the high desert that this man. He was unusual. We should mention Phil. I feel like this did some just deserve. Because you know sometimes people will say Phil Jackson's overrated which is Kinda ridiculous argument to make it because he obviously had. Mj and Scottie and then had Kobe and Shaq and then cobaine POW. But what keeping these guys together? That's always been my biggest argument for Phil Jackson is. How many times did you see Teams win or not even teams win but like a bunch of different personalities and trying to get them all on the same page and he's clearly the master of that and figuring out a way to tap into every single guy and figure out exactly how it works and what makes them tick and getting the most out of them. So I feel like this entire episode or episodes in a row vindicated phil. What she didn't need it but there is that lazy argument that he is overrated because he had such great tau. It's definitely easier to be a coach on a team like that and win a championship. But it's extremely hard to be a coach not seem like that and put together seven consecutive seasons of no letdowns whatsoever. You know that's tough to do when you have all these great players. And the fact that they had Jordan Scottie. Pippen and Dennis Rodman the entire time playing as probably three out of the top ten defenders in the League for that entire time. Spent like that shows you how hard they were working all the time. That's almost impossible to do. It's also crazy just to say Phil Jackson has been part of thirteen championship teams in the NBA. That's insane to the knows how to pick six with the Bulls five with the Lakers. Yeah my recounting. That right. Yeah I am that's insane. That's so again. It's a stupid argument. People sometimes make it. I always find it silly but it was great. Seeing you know Phil starting as a coach at the very very bottom then like holy shit. What was the story about The mayor shooting a Raff in Puerto Rico and in one of their games. The mayor was pissed that threw up so he shot him to be fair. He shot him in the lower leg. So it's not like he almost killed them or whatever and so the punishment was. You can't go to any more home games that year. Yes a wake up. That's fine Fulfil Jackson is awesome coach. And I'm glad that he is getting a little bit of credit here you because especially because he did kind of hurt his legacy with everything with the Knicks and he became a little. Bit of a joke The last few years paycheck. Yeah no use cash paycheck but going back in time here and just seeing all the stuff you forget how how quickly recency bias takes over for everything and you know what I mean and so. I'm sure there's people who are like Phil Jackson. Oh yeah he ruined the next. Even the next have been ruined for a long time. I've confession to make. I don't understand what a triangle offenses. Maybe it's like the most easy thing to explain possible. I don't know what to me. It's just like it might as well be magic. Well I mean they. They did a decent job of explaining it puts basically setting it up on one side of the court so everyone gets touches and then you can move off of that like you got your saw and take your Taco in Spanish football soccer. Yeah it's touching in and out and everyone getting different looks and then and then You know swinging the ball. I mean it's it would be interesting to see If teams you know like if Lebron ran it would look like. I don't know if he's ever been in. I mean he's probably run principles of it. That's the thing is like there's probably principles of it in a lot of things But it will be interesting to watch him run like true triangle offense and just dominate people. There's something nice about Lebron. Do you think that basketball players in the early nineties late eighties got sweatier faster than they do? Now is I think there was just not as good of air conditioning. Ever and deodorant technology had had an evolved fabric thing about fabric. Yeah there are probably wearing like those heavy cotton yes yes building Only last thing I had was horace. Grant had the light of the night when he said the Pistons. Walking off the court in the Bulls sweep of the Pistons. He called him straight up bitches while wearing an NBA cares polo. And that was fantastic. I love it so far. That's the quote of the entire series. So far yes. Ron Harper went from earlier in the night. That which Ron Harper doing these days does he braces. Basketball coach is doing well in all these guys. I don't think Ron Harper's I mean obviously horse grants nephew. Jerry and grant played for the Bulls. Little Bit Scottie. Pippen son is in college. I'm trying to think there's another one. I think Dennis Rodman's kid might be there like all these guys have kids. Now that are in college so again. It feels like it was the right time to do this. Because enough time has passed forever can speak very freely. You couldn't imagine this ten years after this all happened because a lot of these guys were still you know either in the League circles or whatever. They might be doing right now. It's like everything's kind of in the past distant past. We can speak freely. We can say faulk and it's awesome. Mike Wilbon saying fuck felt like I was. I was watching something. I shouldn't be watching that. That like hit me different. Hearing him just left bomb. I also enjoy watching Michael Jordan on the screen and then noticing background. How high that. That glass of liquor that he has is because we tell it'll tell you what kind of quote you're about to get from if you're going to get the like there's a me in team there's an I in win or whatever that quote was As it gets a little bit lower and has as is get like a little bit more yellow. I don't know what's up. This is he might have some sort of kidney or liver thing going on. You might think I think he likes to drink. I think he likes to drink a lot. That's fine same. I think he likes to drink a lot Cautionary tale carefully. As if you drink too much you might end up like Mike. No careful kids if you are addicted to winning it. Everything's someday you're going to have to become the best drinker true. Yeah and there you go Okay let's talk some draft. The draft finished rounds two and three on Friday rounds four through seven Saturday. I think the biggest story that we have to start with. Besides the teams itself is Friday night. Roger Goodell decided to either take molly or was it an edible or just got way too drunk but it was it was basically an SNL skit where we watched someone try to learn how to have a personality through the course of the night when he went to his comfortable chair. That wasn't comfortable at all when he was like basically laying down in front of us when he was hugging the screens because he was rolling on molly when he was screwing up words left and right the whole thing couldn't take eyes off it and I loved it not because it made him look human but the opposite it was great to watch. A robot tried to be human and convince us that he knew like human emotions when he was like everyone out. There is asking me Roger how far down in that Eminem Jarrah and then he pulls out the imminent jar. He's like look I've eaten several EMINEM's I'm a normal person just like you kind of sweet tooth. I'M GONNA disagree with you about the chair. Though that share look very comfortable looked like a rich person's idea of a comfortable chair but once you get a good ask roof going in one of those seats it actually is pretty nice so I'll give them that. It was funny watching him kind of sink lower and lower. I think he's just drunk on one. I am a little bit concerned about our commission and he is your commitment to you have to respect the office. I think that I don't think that Roger Goodell has any friends. I don't think that a person with that Personality Yeah like why? Is this a new news breaking because usually when you're that rich you have at least people that'll hang out with you and like he's got no he? Does I think he has like business partners that he sees occasionally like the owners but just like going off personality. I don't I want to volunteer to be his friend because I feel bad for him. Feel like he's the biggest nerd in the entire world with zero personality. Like Jason Witten if he hit him in the head with the frying pan like I feel bad for Roger Goodell. It's almost like pity from me. That's soft that soft. I WANNA I WANNA. She's all that Roger Goodell like Erin. Tournament too Hot Chick. You feel bad for the next forty million dollars. Yeah forty million dollars. A year and his way of being relatable is is eating M. and M.'S. And sitting in his chair while it might have looked comfortable he wasn't sitting comfortably in it. He was sitting upright being like look at me now. I'm in my comfortable chair. Lift humans so he may thirty million dollars a year still doesn't buy Bros he would trade it off for some homeys. I loved I loved because it was so different. And because we've got to watch Roger Goodell the entire night. It was actually fascinating to watch. It kept me tuned. In 'cause you know how the draft goes where the first round is very interesting. Because it's everyone you've seen in known and and then the second round a little bit the same where it's like. Is that you household name so to speak. Then they get to the third round and third round on its rapid fire. They're never caught up. They're trying to interview people and teams are picking like picks in the and then like six picks later. They're in they're talking about the guy that was picked so just becomes chaos but for some reason like Friday night it was just it was fireside chats with Raj just sitting there welcoming us into you know welcoming. He welcomed us into his home and we sat there and we tried to speak to him like human beings and we didn't get anywhere but it was at least somewhat entertaining to almost like an alien showing up to your draft and being like. Hey guys let's let's see if we can Find Common Ground here. Eminem know those those like fake posts on twitter about like somebody that sits down and makes a computer watch every episode of parks and REC. And then it comes up with a script for new pilot from it. That's like what Roger Goodell was like. It's like if aliens watched what a rich person acted like trying to relate to young people and then recorded that and then spat out three nights worth of content. You get what Rogers do and he I I'm also thinking. That might not have actually been his house because that place looked a little too lived in. I feel like he just lives in a padded cell and Jerry. Jones has his keen. Let's about every morning for breakfast. I don't think Roger Goodell is cool enough to have six. Tv's all that would grain Zeiss leather. Couches I something struck me as being like a little too on the nose. I'm staying woke on that I do think though that the format of this draft was Was much better. I think than I don't know that they can go back to the old format of drafting it because this is so much cooler in prospects in their living room having it like bounce all over the place not one formal sound stage. Anywhere is pretty sweet. It's if they can do a blend if they could do a hybrid. It would be perfect. I would want the first round live with people in the draftees in in the spot because the green room things always great if guy slides also always loved the booing fans and and the people like the super fans that go to drafts are special breed of NFL fans that we need to give them their front and center moment where they can be inner city dressed to the nines in the middle of April screaming and yelling at a twenty two year old that they probably didn't even watch any Tapan so that needs to keep happening. But I agree with you. Like if we could do rounds. Four through seven where everyone is remote and you can see into the room like living rooms of all the coaches and GM's that was fascinating. I found myself being interested. You know seeing what these digital war rooms look like and seeing what everyone's set up is so I thought the draft did a great job in it also again made us feel normal for a few days in a row where like. Hey there's something new that's happening on TV and we can actually tune in here. Yeah I was also a big fan of bill dog. That really's got Friday night going big time and I think we have to call Him Jack. Right because bill wanted to call him Jack. He's very clear on that. I Guess Linda really pressed for Nike. But every time. She calls them Nike Bills. Just for the record I. I wanted to seem to be Jack. So He is now Jack in my eyes but that one picture of the dog sitting at the at the table and saying like head coach Bill Belichick New England Patriots. That was worth it. That was that was worth this whole. Quarantine that for that one instant during the draft. Okay so draft grades always funny because they're never right and I like to look at all of them from from the draft grades that I've seen it looks like everyone loves with the Ravens. Did it looks like people kind of like what the cowboys did. Maybe the broncos as well getting a lot of help on offense and then the big loser would be the Green Bay packers who took Jordan love in the first round and then took a running back in the second and tight end too. I think they're going to convert to a full back in the third going redundant on positions to not help. Arron Rogers and then we had Matt Leflore say afterwards I know Erin is going to be a great mentor. Which is the least believable quote? That's ever been set. You don't know that he's a great he's he seems like a great teacher like a great person. Learn by someone who is not threatened at all by by young buck coming down. Green Bay was weird. The Vikings had an interesting draft because they got everybody. I think the Vikings had thirteen people that they drafted. And that's the old like extreme couponer version of of drafting. That does that. Zimmerman started doing our. It's like Oh why spend a first round pick on somebody when you can get six fifth round picks that are made the exact same ingredients for less money and yes absolutely and then full disclosure Full transparency I DID BASH. The packers drafted in the bears then went and drafted their eleven tight end. I Matt Nagy to that room. That he's in was the ultimate. Try Hard Room where he had just the plate like if it was just one wall of play cards and everything. It'd be like okay. That's that's kind of cool but then you zoom out and it's just the weirdest room ever that he just really wants you to know that. He's a football coach and the tight ends. The only thing I can think of is Ryan Pace is essentially. What he's doing is being that asshole in your fantasy draft who drafts the third quarterback before anyone has drafted one and then just makes everyone trade with you later on in the season when injuries happen so I think he's strategy is if we have eleven tight ends eventually. Someone's going to get hurt tight end and then we will have all the tight ends and you'll be forced to trade with the bears. Yeah he's cornered the market. He's hoarding tight ends. So it was like that Dude and Kentucky or whatever they had all that hand sanitizer and was trying to charge people two thousand dollars. Yep He's right though like if there is an injury to one of the premier tight ends in the NFL. They're going to have to pony up like a first and a second round pick But it is funny that they have eleven tight ends on GONNA have. Obviously they're gonNA probably only have two or three when they come to the start of the season. But it's just an absurd thing. I think it might be ten now. But they're all the jokes were happening which is of course because the bears are joke and people being the c according to CDC guidelines. The bears tight ends can't be in the same room together things like that. So yeah I mean you know anytime you can laugh at yourself. You got to do it. I I would say that. The cornerback Leigh took. I had him as a first round grade. So there we go. That's all you have to say by the way if you want to convince yourself That your draft is good. Just say the the person who team picks is oh well. One of my mock drafts. I had him as a first round greats. That's tremendous value. When you pick them up six round you can say like we actually were split whether or not to take him with fourth. Pick the fact that we got him with a six hundred. We got to fourth rounders for him. Yeah yeah that's pretty good. I liked what you said about the Ravens because I feel like we go through this every year with the ravens draft picks something about that defense just like the mystique or that defense if they draft a good linebacker every year people like. Oh God damn at the the Ravens Defense. One this draft again. Bu- Patrick Queen is awesome. And he's going to be a very very good fit there but I feel like we do have that conversation every year about the rate as they can't they've never messed up a draft right and Jay Dobbins is going to be insane in that office executives. Another thing you have to guard. He's awesome. I actually was shocked. He kind of slipped a little bit because he is one of those. He's like a a perfectly set up for today's NFL. Where he you know. He just can't be guarded in space. And now you throw that wrinkle in. I don't know I'll wait. I'll wait until I can look at them and I'll call him a fraud within the first three weeks but right now. Good job by the Ravens. I'm trying to think what other were the B. O. J. Guam Eagles all right? So let's talk about the first jake from real quick jake from if it were NBA rules and he had to come out of the draft after if he could come out of the draft after the national championship game he would have been a top ten pick he ends up being the backup and the bills and what the fifth or sixth round small hand small non not a great arm small hands but that sucks so bad because I remember after that game being like I love this Jake Fromm kid and then he estate two more years and never really got better. So that's what's what what's what ends up happening. Hey I know you wanted him on the Patriots three years ago. Of course I mean that that national championship game completely influenced me but I still. I still think the potential is there. I think he's going to be the best quarterback that comes out of the draft. Who AT THIS ANC? What about? What's his name? The guy from Michigan State Lewinsky especially learning behind. Someone like Josh Allen. Like that's only GonNa make them better has the biggest hands out of this year's class. I think they were ten and five eighths so MS also throws the most hilarious interceptions Michigan. State's offense actually made you want your eyes like you. You when you watch Michigan State's offense last two years you would have preferred to be blind. Yeah I mean he. There was someplace where he actually looked like. He was drunk on the field. Nice shot the if you're like this guy with a giant hands was carrying around three pints liquor and drank all of them before the So yes the Eagles Oh. Pf wrote up eagles fans. I really do believe in in the thought process that if eagles fans hate the draft. That means it's a fantastic draft and boy. Do they hate the Jalen hurts? Pick with the second round which I kind of understand the hatred there because I don't really know if he's a starting quarterback in the NFL. You took them. It's also very weird because you don't really see quarterback taken in the second round either. Take Him in the first round. Because then you get the extra year the fifth year option or you wait and take them as a flyer like this guy's a work in progress so him just being taken in the second round kind of speaks volumes that you already don't fully believe that he can be this long term starter because you take him in the first round and then it's too high to take him in the second round when he's going to be a project but the eagles fans flipped out and then shefty covering they're covering the eagles asses a little bit said that it might be because of Corona virus and Backup quarterback is going to be at a premium if the STARTER GETS CORONA VIRUS. Which is most insane thing? I've ever heard no now changed. How the NFL's going to do business? Listen TO WIN WIN. One one hundred of Of Your thirty to forty year olds. Come Down with the sickness of sidelines. Them for a week and a half you have to. You have to build that factor into your into your draft value charts a quarterback like counting on the fact that you're might get sick is so funny. I don't know what she was doing. Probably just like massaging her shoulders. A little bit like Hey. Make sure to give me the scoops in the future. I'll get you back on this one but I. I always got the feeling that Peterson is like. Following and Sean Payton's footsteps three years after the fact like he respect Sean Payton. He's like this is a coach with balls. I like style. If he's doing something I'm GonNa maybe try to emulate a little bit so taking jalen hurts to be their tastes hill You although jalen hurts. His only played quarterback. He's I don't think the skill set is similar. Taste some hills at all but he sees what they do down New Orleans. He was like I want to try to do something like that. Because having big balls as a coach is cool. Here's here's the spin zone for the eagles fans They drafted him solely because his character was off the charts. Because by all accounts jalen hurts is a great teammate. He handled the two of thing very very well. He had his moment the Sec Championship Game. Where he came in relief. He then was very well. Liked it Oklahoma? So maybe that's the new like the new hack. That's the new billy. Bean just draft solely on character. Not Anything to do with what your football team needs right now. If you're a captain on your team draft that person even if even if your team sucked because it shows that you're the king of the turns with hurts so he is the narrative that that started to go out right after he got drafted was he actually. Kinda likes being a backup. He did well as a backup. It sooner. It's like no. He absolutely does not. But if you're looking to draft like the best backup quarterback in terms of non terms of what they did on the field but in terms of how their team performed with him as backup. You could do a lot worse than Joan hurts. Yes and Given what we know about the Eagles Locker Room. He'll probably be the favorite quarterback within a week right. Yeah always always always loan false. They love Nick foles more than they than they loved Carson Wentz his all as far as we heard but overall I liked what the dolphins did as well. I'm trying to think of anyone else. Kind of like sh you know jumped out I. It's just so funny. All these things are so stupid grading drafts because everyone wants the great. Everyone wants the instant validation that Oh my God. My team did it but these things matter. There's the hold the old Jaguars. Jaguars had like five years in a row where they've got a plus draft grade and this was when they weren't doing anything good. Well No. I mean the only true a plus grade that assured again was the bortles draft. I maintain that that was the correct rate on great on the horizon for others where they drafted a running back or something really high I thought the Redskins did pretty well to take got rid of Trent Williams. Finally even though they got first forum last year and the forty niners. That's like that's huge for them because they're losing their. You know one of the best left tackle in football. And they're getting one of the best left tackle in football right on top of it so I liked the redskins strategy. Which seems to be. This is where I've been saying for a while like if you if you have no idea how to draft just load up on. Sec West players and then mix in Ohio state players. Every every now and again and you'll get to see the SEC had Quite the draft. Ole Miss was the SEC team. That didn't get a player drafted from that roster which is kinda crazy that every other team in the SEC. Got A player. Dr Listen that's fine. They had a good draft. They also lost a lot of talent And they also. They also have players at pretend to take pisses on fields so that probably screwed up the tape for everybody else. Also true also true All right and then the other big news that we had James Winston is GonNa sign with the Saints and be a backup which is actually terrible news for us because all we really wanted was James Winston to start football games and now he's going to be a backup for the saints. I hope that he gets in. I hope that I don't want you. Breeze I am I gonNa wis wish injury on drew brees but we need Jameis Winston in game situations Overall it feels like it took. It's taken the hall of fame. Career Jameis Winston. It might be a small hiccup no along the road to canton. But that's okay. Because guess what. He said that he took less money. from someone else who? We don't know who that was but someone offered him more money and maybe it starting job but we don't know who it is in everyone reports everything these days to learn from Sean Payton and be the backup in New Orleans. Listen this is have you ever seen a Kung. Fu Movie Beget Yeah this is perfect. This is the right storyline. It's like he started out as a hotshot. You get humbled a little bit. You go off in the mountains to train with some old wizard who blindfold zoo in hits you in the side with sticks and Shit and then you learn how to catch flies with chopsticks and stuff training out nature for a year. And then he backs. I'm combining like nine movies. Pretty Combining Aria getting trained by the guy would know face When when she turned blind. I should've should've just said have you ever seen game of thrones? No I think I think. That's one of the like five analogies and mixing altogether but in most Kung Fu movies. You Go and you train with Guru right. That's what James James GonNA come back next year in literally likely gunfire. Yes I agree I mean I just. I'm just bombed because I want to see him now. I've a bold prediction. I think James is starting at least six games this year. Okay so I have a bold prediction I think drew brees is GonNa get injured missing six games this year and then James would start. Oh six games right okay. So we're in agreement so we both have bold predictions. What aboutism helm taste them? Hill a Swiss army knife. Well THEY WANNA keep tasting hill from tastes him. He'll take every snap then if he's not good. Then Sean Payton can't trade him for six first rounders in ten years and I think the thought of having a taste hill on your offers a lot better than actually having tasted hill on your roster making was it like fifteen million dollars yes yes Taksim Hill is something you just need a little bit of. You can't have too much of it if you have too much of it. Things go south pretty quickly all right. Should we do? Who's back the week? Let's do who's back a week than we have Chris Angel. Coming up Hank why don't you start? Would they have won the CIA want? They WanNa would have won the playoffs if he had been playing the game. Now who takes him yes? That's true best player on the field against the vikings fact according to a Troy Aikman and everyone who had is is back on the weekends the NBA potentially go on. There was some news in the right direction. Wold reported that teams in states where they're like easing up on the corona virus. Banner going to be able to start practicing together. Teams are getting back together. So there's no news about this season coming back but it's a step in the right direction. Although I will say it makes no sense to me like from a competitive standpoint. How they're gonNA let some teams practice in some teams. Hank was very mad when I read this tweet to him last night because he was like. Fuck that like The box and the rockets are going to be able to come back right away. And the Celtics and the Lakers in the clippers are screwed. Now I've heard that they're trying to do something where maybe this is the. Nhl where they're just gonNa have like four locations spread out across northeast Southeast Ohio. I think they would just move to a state like teams that don't have restrictions would just move to stay in the interesting part two would be teams like. I don't know if they would just go straight to the playoffs or not. Like what would the next two hours not even? GonNa like Disney even worth it. Yeah I know I think gained right. You can just hop in the playoffs. That'd be that'd be crazy. There's no way that any bowl is going to come back and like be yelled at by Jim. Boylan for season doesn't matter anymore during a pandemic that would actually now. I'm rooting for that. I'm rooting for them to play at least two weeks so the Jim Boylan actually has to try to get his team to come back for him. That'd be perfect Um all right. Pfc what's your who's that my who's back in the week is simple. It's Trey wingo trade to we just become best friends. You did a good job trae. You did a good job. You've played it. You played a relatively straight. You stuck to a winning formula it with the exception of like there were a few times where you straight away from your will Farrell movies. And he started talking too much about feet like Quentin Tarantino hat tips. Things like that. I thought that he did. He did good with material he was given. They laid on the The tragedy stuff pretty sick on on Friday and Saturday like there was some prospects where they just talked about grandparents that died like forty years ago like that. They didn't even know his grandparent died. during World War Two. He had high blood pressure wasn't in the battle or anything but he died in nineteen forty-three So thoughts and prayers to that guy like the day overdid that quite a bit. I would say But for the most part I thought the trade did a pretty good job considering the circumstances yes. I'd agree I'd agree. He did get criticized. A little bit for his comment about Where was it in Southern California? Where he's like all they do is is surf and smoke weed and then Santa Cruz and the prospect was like I don't I don't do either of those things. It's like. Come on guys. Relax okay. Trays making a joke about his favorite hobbies smoking weed. Just chill out blazer. Don't but don't come at trae about that Also who's back? A week was overprotective mamas in draft room so a lot of players that would get drafted and then either step mom would come in or the girlfriend would come into a hug and mama bear would just put her hand up and play defense. Like this is my. This is my time to shine you. Keep Your Ho ass out of this picture right now. It's it was actually I. I'm always siding with the person who has the ability to to be like. Hey this is gonna live on forever and the country is watching us in our living room. Maybe it's not about you person who's been standing in the kitchen eating like the French onion dip for last four hours to come and get the first hug. Want you back off and let him have this moment. Although respect to that person who's been in the kitchen eating French on different four hours and then trying to get the spotlight. That's that's all. You're an athlete. If you're doing that they can stay. Continue making all right. My who's back? The Week is love. Being dead. Loves DEADEN LOVE IS COMPLETELY DEAD CAKE. Kavin Jay Cutler on the splits. They're getting divorced. I was blindsided by this. I felt like Peter King. I was walking Stella and I looked at my phone after about fifteen minutes. I had twenty mistakes I was like. Oh my God someone must have died like way worse the Royal Family's getting Divorced so all says Team J. I don't know anything I I literally don't know anything But I'm Jay. So that's my quarterback. He's got more time to practice handball. Yeah exactly that's my quarterback like that's what free Bros. got stick together during this again. I don't know anything but I've got your back without a doubt one hundred percent unequivocally kristen cavs taking a page out of the Kardashians e reality show playbook and this is all for you know some some. Promo for the show. Even if that's the case Hank I ride with J I actually thought it might be a publicity stunt when I first saw it because you know the is not immune to this fiscal downturn in America so you gotTa sometimes trump's story lines with everything that's going on with Jovic your goat and the talk of the vaccine virus though this definitely they got some arguments and as far as I'm concerned any conversation that you have in quarantine with a lover That should be. You should be able to turn the page on that because we're all going to go a little bit crazy right. You can't be you can't expect Jay to be locked inside with somebody on a private island for three months and not go a little crazy. I think they did go home but either way team. Jay Whatever may happen and yeah that's all I got to say. That's my state my statement. I want my statement. Just read I M T J forever and always unless he gets arrested for a felony which I don't think he ever would be but then I would reconsider my team. Jay Standing wouldn't wouldn't give it up right away that one thing to be read at that point you need to wait for all the facts to come for right decide radio so I'm good team Jay. All right let's to Our interview with Chris Angel Awesome Dude. Very positive guy. This is like a Monday. Motivation was criss angel. Before we do that. It's rough out there right now. Everyone's isolating physically distancing but listen. A man's got needs. Get a little desperate. You might be tempted to shoot your shot slide right into your XS. Dm's invite her over for a quick thing. Don't Trojans got your back? They're doing this thing called sex US instead instead of sexting your xt sex Trojan and they'll send you vibe or some lube to make pleasure in yourself awesome. This is sick. All you gotTa do is at Trojan Condoms on twitter. Send them an Eggplant Emoji. And all your horny guys or girls. We'll get something to make whatever you're into doing with yourself even better pleasure yourself like the world depends on it. Dude Shout Trojan. This is huge. They're basically saying. Hey you're you're gonNA do some crazy things with your brain right now. Stop. Don't do it sex US instead. So all you gotTa do is Send Trojan Eddie. Empties doing it right now. at Trojan condoms on Twitter Cinnamon Eggplant Emoji. And they will send you something to take your mind off of Your ex or some kind of bad mistake you're GonNa do when you when you Send out that text so if we all went out together we can save the world. Thank you to Trojan come together. Huge Trojan condoms on twitter hit them with the DM. And that's that's awesome so thank you. Trojan for helping everyone You know make mistakes. They don't want to make absolutely use Hashtag. Come yes absolutely Okay let's get to our interview. We have Chris Angel Mine Freak. Who Okay We. Now welcome on a very special guest. It is six time magician of the year he is a hall of Famer in the International Magicians Society Hall of fame I'm GonNa read all your accolades by the way mine-free most successful magic show in the history of television. The most watched magician of all time and has the most followers on social media. It is criss angel. Chris thank you so much for joining us. This is a great pr. Asian that was that was impressive. Yeah I gotta I gotTa introduce the legend that is criss angel so I guess the first question is how does the hall of fame? Magicians Hall of fame work in like. Did you get inducted into you? Have like a gold jacket like the. Nfl How does that go down? Basically Organization about one Hundred Years Old Bay only given this lifetime achievement award out of five times in their history. The only commercial Roy and I was not only the youngest Person to ever receive this unanimously. It has to be by over twenty of the board members that ranged from age in the twenty s to the eighties. But I am the only magician performing today to be In the ranks of the six persons ever get this one hundred years by the most prestigious International Brotherhood Magicians Organization in the world. So it's a pretty big thing and very grateful very humbled to be part of that. Oh what's it like at the induction ceremony for the Hall of Famer Magic? I I have to assume at least in my own brain that when you get like all. These magicians together in room. Everyone is always just worried that somebody else is starting a trick on him. Yes it's the world of magic is a pretty competitive sport if you will Because it does not a lot of people like if I asked you name ten logisticians right now. I bet you can't. Houdini mystery the pickup artist. David Blaine David Copperfield. The mass magician that gave away all your tricks on Fox cobb. Blues Penn and teller. Yes yes we don't. That's pretty much it you just tapped are five. Yeah Yeah so yeah. It's it's a small kind of thing and when you wanNA remained the most relevant you have to work harder. You know At the destination as opposed to getting to the destination so like an athlete on which I consider myself one because of the type of show. I do very physical show. I do a lot of Mma training gym at my house. And you have to really be especially if two now I gotta be really flexible and really athletic Not able to do a lot of these things. Yeah I read that you can still do the splits at fifty two. Which is that I. Do I interview Randy Guitar? Or but he has a great gym called extreme tour his son Orion get sore trains. Me and I have achieved code so I do a little bit of training and I just do some cardio. Stop Stretching and stuff like that but it's really important as you get older to remain flexible and to keep your body moving route to prevent injury hangups dining shocked to kill myself a million times a during the show so. I'm just always trying to be like focused and in the moment and you know hypersensitive to being physically set. How did you get into you? Know Magic like what at what point in Your Life. We like. This is it. This is my career. Because you gotta say it's not a lot of kids don't grow up. I'm going to be a magician. They're not that stupid. I was. I was six. My installers showed me a car trek and I was obsessed with magic in the power that gave you as a young kid when adults didn't understand how you were doing accomplishing certain things. And by the time I was you know. Let's handle Evans. Twelve years old. I was performing private parties on my bicycle as playing in bars by barely fourteen. Was You know Fridays? Incites could never get away with it today but in New York as to go into bars and closer magic I always knew this is what I wanted to do. Always had a big dream took me eight year. Eighteen years to become an overnight success but never gave up and no matter what it is. You want a life you just have to put that sweat equity in put blinders on believing yourself. No one else does. Don't waste your time on. Social media was seen to negatively breeds. Nothing positive and eventually can happen. You just gotTa really really you got to really be able to believe it envision it you know yeah. I have a very important question for EFI. Like good. Went lead off with actually is magic real Now I'm an entertainer artist. I use a lot of things that I'd be are real because I try to blurred line between reality and like when I hang by four fishhooks through my back from a helicopter over the Valley of fire or hang for six hours of It's real is no pain medication. No numbers nothing. When Frank Muir chocolate Dell or Ryan Aranda tour or Or who else will my missing Pge Van Zandt when a punched me in the stomach You know as hard as they could That was completely real. That wasn't like some type of tricks. So I do do tricks. And allusions Really can't fly unlimited. Even though I do it in a way that's never been done I try to blurred outline and let the audience determine what is real and what is oddity. It's a bit more fun for them to be able to determine what is what were you nervous when you got punched in the I mean. That's Houdini got caught right. Well that's what I was doing. I was kind of paying homage because Houdini in his day in age said that he could take any man's punch in a couple of college kids soil. Houdini after a show they were like. Is it true Mr Houdini Take any man's points news like yes you can prepare. Welcome and essentially Ruptured his appendix and on Halloween in Nineteen Twenty six. He died of So I wanted to do that. And today are fighters are way more scientific stronger faster and I just thought it was even more difficult to do that test today than it would be. You know nearly eighty years ago or something so I got you know. Ufc Champs you know and and Just wanted to see However however however I would have had a wreck reacted excuse me and and it was definitely An interesting experience. Frank Mayor is like two fifty or something bad and he hit me the first time he's holding back and I said you can't do that because it just doesn't look believable and I wanted to be legit and he like look that media site you got this look at this. I and I was like Shit. He is let loose and he was just here. Actually before. This whole thing went dow-. Hbo Cobra Virus Ucla Training at my gym with him in order in his coach so But he he chocolate del end and And and they all they all they all hit hard when you get a free shot. You know it's definitely something. I'm concerned about but leave the techniques. So I I was hoping it was going to work and it. I have talked with those Basically his knuckles in my in my stomach like he just stood there the the after effects or like a few hours. You just like this big red mark of his knuckles. It was so how do you do it? How you how'd you take? Its muscle control reeling distance. It's like commonsense things that you just have to feel really confident about when you put yourself you know literally at the end of somebody. That's a high level athlete like near their punch. You know so just practice. You know so you you looted to a second ago but you worked for eighteen years before because you said becoming an overnight success but at some point along the way I'm sure there was some discouragment some encouragements. What was one point where you're like? I can do this for a living. I can be extremely successful. Well I knew I could do for a living when I was a teenager because I was doing. Like twelve birthday artie. So weekend or is doing firehouse shows. I've played at windows of the World. I was in corporate events and I was also playing with my banning clubs so I knew I could do it for a living but I was just miserable performing you know as a babysitter basically doing magic for kids birthday parties and I never was happy with it so I just figured I would take that leap. Because it wasn't about money was always about living my dream. You know you get one life you have to choose how you live it so I just really were hard in just one for and it just it when your different than you're not like everybody else it? It's more difficult to succeed. But once you succeed in everybody like kind of copies you because you proven a road that can work and you pave the road so it was a very very difficult process. But once I along the way saw certain indications you know because there was no one big thing that really happened. It was a small small things that evolved and transformed into a big thing but it was a series of small breaks that allow them to get the big great which was really my mind. Free Television series. You know on a I need act in two thousand and five eight three specials before that I had a six hundred shows on Broadway and forty third on its at the. Wwe McMahon's aid me a break back in two thousand two thousand one. So and I still. I still work with today. You know Stephanie Band and triple H or call with was hanging with me. A Probably two months ago or something so it was a series of a lot of things were you can never give up. That's the one common ingredient you know you just gotTa work hard. Doesn't matter if you want to be the best basketball player anime guy football play you never can give up and you just have to put that time in. If it were easy everybody would be successful. But the It the harder it is to achieve something the greater the reward. So you have the world record in a couple of things and I want to just walk through them to like. Explain the level of panic or how you mentally got over it. So the first one was you were submerged underwater. And had the fastest time to escape from a straitjacket at two minutes and thirty seconds. How the hell do you train for that? And was there any moment where where you're like? Fuck I'm underwater for two minutes and thirty seconds this socks. I'm going to die right. I did over a thousand demonstrations on TV alone. And so so I think you're combining to different things but let me take one each one so I was the first Guy New Young Award. Twenty four hours. I did it in Times Square at the wwe and on Good Morning. America lie to hide everything And so I only was underwater for twelve hours in friends pool to see 'cause I didn't have money back and I want to see if I could do twelve hours and I came out. I was able to do it but I might. Skin drive me crazy. Because of the chlorine it's strove me not sweet. So when you say you're you're under your in like one of those clear boxes underwater. Yeah basically I had Houdini water. It was like a phone booth filled up with water and I always underwater for the very first hour upside down with eighteen pounds of chains and I was recreating what Houdini Did in y you know. Short time I wanted to do for twenty four hours so the first hour I was upside down the remaining twenty three hours right side up but I wasn't really prepared. I didn't have the money in science. United site just forced it S- and Y'all have a permanent scar on my nose because the mask or away and it was the most miserable experience you can imagine but I did it and it served its purpose. And then the one that you're talking about. I didn't tying swear in it was Got To straitjackets. I wanted to be the first person to try to straitjackets at the same bullshit. Straitjackets you get that you see. Everything inherited these magic using lake. Legitimate Cozy straitjackets. I two of them. I worked with Randy tour these Jim because I wanted him to. Constantly choked me out. I wanted to know what it was delights. What signs would be to know when I was going to go on conscious because the idea was not only going to have to straitjackets on I was going to hang upside down above twenty thousand people? You KNOW THIRTY THIRTY FEET. Thirty stories up and essentially have fifty pounds await basically hanging from one end of a rope. The other end was in new surround my nap and so I had to be very gingerly. Getting that straightjacket up is I was fighting against myself. If I moved a lot the news would get hydro at fifty pounds. I would pass out go unconscious and I wouldn't have been able to accomplish my mission so I had to be very methodical Randy tour and you any out a bunch of times. He talked about the crowder arteries. I did turn my neck and different different techniques and essentially on got that I first jacket off to the point that I could get the road with my teeth. Offer my mouth drop the way everything off and then I got out of glass jacket but I did pay a small Christ side ripped my bicep off of my phone. Complete Ariza my rotator cuffs. I had a five hour surgery with seven. Susan anchors nine months of rehabilitation and both surgeons and And my physical therapist after nine months. It don't ever do that again. I still do it every night on my show. Wait so I just looked at. That's insane I looked at the other video just now while you're while you're telling the story about you being underwater for twenty four hours with obviously a scuba mask you then went to the hospital. Your skin like how the fuck your skin looked so gross in Prune. How long did that like if I ask for a little time and it was so funny because when I went to the when I went to the hospital the doctor and the nurses there quits and I'm white? I'm so itchy. I can't I'm just so like my skin is so uncomfortable and they didn't know what to do because you know it's not like the look in their medical journal. Heidi treat somebody who was under water for twenty four hours the Guinea pig. That was stupid enough to do. It's so So it was a little challenging and I couldn't eat. I couldn't like eat because obviously I couldn't go to the bathroom. Always just taking liquid in peeing in a tube But essentially you know that was it. I've done a lot of really stupid things but It's it's amazing that over a thousand demonstrations you know I did manage to kill myself because a lot of things like floating over the pyramid. Lots five hundred fifty three. I didn't even know that was gonNA work and it'll pupil to watch this go to my instagram. Chris on this in or my youtube and type in top fights and I sit applied in it. That were absolutely nuts. I let myself on fire. I spent plenty for us in the water I was buried. Alive just hung by fishhooks. So it's like each one that I that I did and it's the ultimate social very true. That's very true that is what's it like when you finish with a trick like that for the First Time. I imagine this guy be like scoring a touchdown or relation or is it like the opposite. Is it a little bit like you're scared? I can't believe survived that I look back and since I in you know we kind of doing mitigation stuff. I spent a lot of time pulling footage and putting stuff up that not. I've done my career because I never stopped in smell the flowers and got my work and so I- people always ask about certain things so I've been hosting new clips things shoot my house with my kids and and stuff that was from my past and it's really crazy because I'm the type of guy that I work harder than I than I than I worked to to succeed. I think you have to work harder in order to remain the number one guy at in in your respective discipline so for me. I never stopped and look at what I'd done yesterday. I'm always looking at what I'm doing. I'm doing tomorrow and I'm always looking to like kind of anti raised the Ante in everything. I'm doing I I won't stop being like that until I quit so I I really don't stop in look at it but I have just recently because of being trapped in my house and and I'm just you know sometimes it feels like it was a different person you know And sometimes I I stop and I'm like Holy Shit Out Birdie. Engraved yeah vying over the valley. I of ice fish lips to be a flash and and and some of the things that I dated a walk down the side of the Planet Hollywood you know thirty mile an hour winds is a pretty stupid thing to do but I had to make it easy. Tv show is the executive producer producer. And if I did I would. I would have lost that money so a lot of chances we would have you know Standards and practices on white via the regulation of safety for television would always WanNa come and see what I'm doing and I always knew that anything that I would do. That would never allow me to do so. It always gives them the wrong address. That's awesome true story. That's awesome. What tells the fishhooks thing? How the Hell do you do that? Like Mentally Fisher Going mind over matter your body. It's yeah it's mind over matter so I got a guy that this piercing who does a lot of bodies suspension and this has been a practice. That's been around from boy going into like you know a transition from a boy to manhood and they would do this. You know as as tradition as part of their culture is sort on TV. I wanted to do so. I gotTA oldest Guy Alain Fall or was his name. Believe it or not Roy them out and I hadn't because it's really important to take Fisher and he put it in your flesh. You can't go too shallow because it will rip right out of your flesh and your fall or if it goes too deep you'll hit your Muslim permanent damage so you have to get it in that sweet spot and I not numbers. No pain medication of any kind. And so he strongly up. And and it's really you know mind-over-matter it's it's kind of like that's why. I love you know the UFC in and MNA because these guys go into our warriors and it's you know pene Sudan is a feeling of being allies. You know it's it's like you know when an athlete really wants to accomplish something they don't care if they're feeder hurting you know care. They the damaged this. Their objective is more important than the moment therein. It's the it's the end result that they're looking for and I think I share that same sentiment. It's it's the end results so for me I went up. I was trying to get lifted off. My Skin. Stretching off of my bone is pulling me up and I felt like I was in my brains out and I had to come down which which Allen was freaking out. He's like no one comes down and goes back up. Because once you down you never can muster the energy to go back up and so So I had a hat make it. Tv shows financially responsible for and no one ever did this before hanging by a helicopter and flies and so it was the most painful thing I've ever done in the most beautiful mustered the courage I knew I had to do it. I got myself in mindset. I kind of visualize what it was gonNA look like before I did it and essentially I embrace the pain as opposed to fight in. I accepted the pain and I try to concentrate on between what is in delight. Like if somebody takes your flesh in A pinch your instant reaction. Since you're a baby is whole away or fall to cry but if you really study what being it's just you know it's it's it's something that you can process and overcome so they were. When when I skin was being cold I started focusing really really intently on. What is that stealing that sensation unsealing and I started becoming numb to the pain and was able to overcome it and that was like a trick. I did in my own mind that that has helped me so many times. When I'm in situations where I'm like Shit I could die or I could be permanently. Maine's how am I gonNA get through this first of all. I just remain calm. I think methodically. Think about what my job is. I think about what I've rehearsed. I think about you know being in that moment. In dealing with the micro of every single moment in the moment and getting to the end result which is my goal and and sometimes you goals that are short term and sometimes their long-term and from either both you know and I just I got on not not a smart guy. Like I didn't go to college. I was in slow classes in high school. I just hide an overwhelming desire drive and passion like no one in my field that I was going to do things. If it killed me that would be okay. That would be the price. I was willing to pay to succeed and be the best that what I do. You mentioned before we started taping that you do four hundred fifty shows a year so I I have to imagine that you're not doing the same exact tricks every night but I also think that there's a danger in performing the same trick multiple times that you can start to become complacent with it or get bored with a trick and lose focus whereas the first time you do it. Your mind is hyper focused on every single step. Have you experienced that? If so like how do you? How do you get past that one hundred percent? Absolutely you know it's like if you if you think of a better player going down the court and they practice is over and over and over again and then during the Games and they've done it in games over and over again it's very easy just to put it on automatic pilot when I always do. Is I find number one. I I cut back from doing that many shows because I did that for like ten years and now that I'm at planet Hollywood with my brand new show mine freaks. I WANNA be a chance to tour more and I wanted to balance because my youngest son or actually my oldest son just had another kid but Otis on is going through pediatric cancer so I wanted time to deal with his treatment in in do some other work for children that are going through similar situation but I am. I just I just focus and and prioritize what it is trying to do what it is. I'm trying to accomplish and you lost meaning to say one more time. Sorry I was saying like if you're doing the same trick multiple times a trick that dangerous. Yes yeah I try to prioritize? You know what is going on at that moment if I'm on stage that's my priority and I focus in that moment and I also think about that audience that I'll never have in the room together ever again. In the history of the world that audience will never be their. This is their only experience collectively and my job is to professionally. Give them the most incredible mind blowing experience. They can possibly have in Las Vegas at show and in order to do that. I got to be in a moment. I can't phone it in. There's other magicians downs at just literally walk through the motions and floated in teleprompters have fans blowing. And that's not what I'm about to two shows a night. Every night three shows each it becomes like a hamster on the wheel. I don't WanNa do that This might be a really dumb question but I also feel like it is our scientific duty to ask it just in case the answer is like no one's ever asked you this before but do you think you could make corona virus disappear like. I feel like we could get like two years down the line and still look for a vaccine. And you're like you know no one ever asked me. You didn't try magic yet. Yeah I it's it's a crazy time you know it's so it's such an interesting observation but your family's like mine that have a trial that has a compromised immune system practice social distancing mitigation handwashing sanitizing. Everything all the time and what this has done. It's kind of been a wake up call for the whole world for one to be in the moment to realize. I've seen what we have and how we take it for granted you know and for me you know the human spirit is resilience and I really believe that we are GonNa absolutely get through this stronger than ever. I think I I hope it serves a time for people to reconnect to the ones that they love. You know we take people for granted and working is something we all need to do because we are bills to pay but love is something. That's priceless and something that we often take for granted and it's important to spend this time because we have no other choice to make the most of it to make it a positive experience and so that's what I'm trying to do and trying to put out. The world is positively end to be the moments and to be positive entitled without hope It very bleak you have a conscious conscience choice to make whether you're gonNA choose to take this time in it's the end of the world or you're GonNa take time and make something positive. Come from it. I think you just did it. I think you're just mind free corona virus. Because that's the that's like we don't hear a lot of positive spins right now so you have to be you know the the problem is not to get political because I believe you know. This virus has no political face. It can affect anyone just like pediatric cancer can watch file. The two minutes is diagnosed with it So it can happen. It doesn't know you know discriminate if you're black white rich poor famous or not and I just think that The media is not helping. Because they're adding to the hysteria. Yes we need information. We need to know but we also need to have hope. We also need to put positively in the world in love in the world and we not. We need to get that as humans. It's essential to our DNA and when you have people in the world that are just saying you know bad news bad news bad news when we're home in isolated from the one set we wanna see the things that we wanna do you know. We need to be practical and realistic but we also need to be positive and hopeful and resolute in our understanding that we will come back stronger than ever and we need more messaging like that. Because you know there's more people is about two hundred and sixty thousand people I believe in the world that has committed suicide this year already lot more people than have passed on because of the virus now every life is valuable every single life and I'm not trying to compare one to the other but we also got to keep Huzzah. Tiffany in the world. It's not going to be the end of the world. We are all going to go on. We're all going to move on and and within a thrives and if you don't think that you don't feel that then you interface negatively what you think is what you are what you put out. The world is what you get. I firmly believe and I think we need more positively so in a way you did come up with a magic formula which is listened to medical experts and practice social distancing and also have some positive thinking and just know that we're going to get to the other side. Yes that's the magic remind freaked it you just as the mine-free we might. Do you mind freak just random shit like do you just like walk around your house and just mind freak people now. I I usually am always creating you know like when I perform. That's my job. But creating is my passion. I love creating if you come out here left. Have yet my show. Yes yes I I do a thing where I fly in levitated in pure light like you can see every little. I worked almost twenty years on this. I had a company that works for NASA. Come onboard helping with this. I did it on Broadway but when you see this people that have been in business for forty years. Don't even know how I do it and and it's something that I'm always thinking. I'm always creating always writing things down. I'm always working on different projects but I don't necessarily walk around in an and the the deck of cards. I Hate Cartwright's but I do card tricks him because one or two good but when people have their whole show of card tricks to me like when people come to Vegas they wanted to be they WANNA see spectacle may want to escape reality their problems they wanNA see the impossible possible. They want the messaging in their lives to be that. Hey you know I just hope his show. I can go out and conquer the world. Anything that I dream up I can achieve because it's not about how I do it. It's about how you feel when you watch it and when you have that connection to the audience its purest form of magic. So Cartwright's in other tricks. Just like an enigma. I know how to do something you don't know how to do and for me. It's not about that. It's about inspiring people inspiring emotion and making people feel like they can go out and accomplish anything in her life and I think that's why I have had so much success because the messaging is one of hope positively and something that I had been doing now since I started doing. It's not something that I started. Because of the virus can you use levitation to dunk great question thanks to do what to Dunk Dunk? A basketball dunk had Shaquille O'Neal at my house. And we we were playing a little basketball and we were just screwing around outside and he challenged me to meditate him. And so so I did. You can go to my instagram An and check it out but I- levitated him over my house and then I put that out there in people were starting to say. Oh it's a balloon. It's a helium balloon. I swear on my mother who I love more than life itself. I wish I could get a balloon to do things like this. You can ask shock. And he did this. He literally flew over my house. Oh you guys are doing light as a feather stiffest board. Middlesbrough's do this all the time. Yeah I'm watching it right out but seriously could you have made him dunk. Well he asked me about the free throw and magic and so I got one last question. He's a great guy but yeah he criss Angel Mind. Freak my last question. Is You have a secret society. But it's but it's not secret because you can you can go and you can like log into it. What's what's behind that. What's the Secret Society about? Well it's it's a clever. I weighed markets kids. That WanNa learn magic because I think magic builds confidence. It builds the ability to forward think bills the ability to address groups of people and I think kids need to have those on building blocks as they grow up to so I wanted to put magic out in the world that I would personally teach and I would perform what the trick look like. And then I'd give them an opportunity to learn beginning a beginner version or advance version and so we have a stain called the secret society where people go online and type in the code and then I appear and then I'm able to teach them different tricks that that they can do with the deck of cards because I love cartridge so much at their home or they can buy a magic kit that I can teach them how to do things with. So it's basically we call it a secret society and Because we we talk about secrets. I keep secrets you know. The real secret is is the magic of emotion in bloom how to that product package magic in a way that connects to people on an emotional level. And that's what movies do. That's what Disney does. And that is the purest form of what magic is this. I'm watching the shack video. I don't. It's incredible I don't understand. How did you do that on his back? Flavor flav there. Yeah so so. This is what this is crazy. But we've done like I've always incorporated you know Sports figures because I have such a a admiration and respect. You know somebody that has that type of discipline to be a great athlete. Might Tyson my son and his sixth birthday party and I know Mike for many many years and he and his family came over my son's birthday party which was in February and we were hanging and we were just talking and And shoot the shit and I have so much respect for my. You know like what he has accomplished in the amount of training in the discipline that it took two to win the championship heavyweight championship at twenty years. Old is just astonishing and the and he's such a great guy on and so I love hanging out with these people. I Love Tony Hawk on. I'm going to be doing a project with Tony Hawk coming up. I just love these people that spend so much time being the best at their craft at their sport. The discipline meditates his second to none. And I just I just love being around him. It inspires me one of my favorite things in all of sports when a quarterback is able to do a really sick play action like where they faked a handoff kind of put it behind their back or whatever. Fake out the entire defense. Do you think that you could work with a quarterback and teach them like a next level play action fake where they really think I? I have thought about that because I I had a couple of guys that I've been France with in the U. OF C. You asked me about you know misdirection and different things. But you know what they're doing those quarterbacks and is is really is really incredible like the level that they're doing it at if you look at it now and you look at it you know fifteen years ago ten years ago you see a transformation just like in this day and and Yeah I think you can certainly were toward using magic and illusion to enhance their strategy. I don't think it would hurt. Let me say that. I think it might add another little layer and I don't even know what that means right now have to really study it really kind of look into it. But I'm sure I'm sure because they are doing misdirection and are doing things to make you look over there when they actions going over there just like you know to put in my hand. I make it look a year when this ends doing it right. Yes so Yeah I it'd be interesting. It'd be an interesting exercise to see whether or not someone like myself. Who help facilitate a higher level play? I don't know if I could or couldn't but I love to try his LV awesome. You got the raiders right. There is teach Derek March and bring you in Mark Big Fan. You're absolutely you teach them how to do that. And they'll be running spider to why Banana and defense won't be able to stop it. Do you hang with Mark Davis. I'm very tight with. Yes Yay namedrop. No no that's yeah. Mark marks a friend. Marts a friend of mine and we actually just yet. He had dinner at my house when he came out. Here is you get an Jiang's delivered mad at myself for Okay and his that. Ns tapes and then we and then we had just met up Backstage a planet Hollywood in my dressing room about a project that I'm working on that. The raiders get involved in. Call a great guy. The raiders humming to Vegas is just absolute insanity. It's such a great thing for this town especially now considering you know you have the Golden Knights which are fantastic. We've done things together with the Golden Knights as well. Now the raiders. I mean Vegas is really transformed into something. You need to have sports. You need to get the town and the city hind it. And the raiders is like the Dad I pass it everyday going to war and the stadium. They did just the most. Incredible JOTTED. Ominous levitated the stadium. That would be sick. Something there. Okay so I've been in. I've been in the stadium a few times. They asked me to come in. Ask you to look at it and we chatted about some things. But I'll definitely a probably do something in there because we've talked about it before and I'd love I'd love to get involved with the raiders. I it's just such a great team and the brand and and also my my dear friend of mine is in Tom. For almost twenty years is like be his dog is name reiter. He's the biggest radio stuff. We'll really excited. Vegas really excited to have the raiders. And I think it's GonNa be so poignant now with everything reopening hopefully sooner than later that we're GONNA have the raiders here in what September October. Y'All some of their first games. We hope that will be able to do. It's just going to bring such an energy and excitement and just something to look forward to us. Yes I would imagine. You can find a quarter behind Mark Davis Zero and just like that's a captive audience. Right there like fuck man. That's what Mark Mark Davis is is a good guy. Anytime I call him. You call you right back. And and he's there and he's really becoming part of this community love. He's really trying to trying to help out locally. And and somebody underprivileged situations and stuff like that. So we're really grateful to have the raiders here Tab Mark here the Golden Knights It's really really awesome. If you told Jon Gruden that you could teach his quarterbacks play action. He probably just won't let you leave the building. Yeah he'd be like this or how you at the suggestion. Yeah yeah go either way but Chris thank you so much. There's been a ton of fun will definitely take you up on the offer when we next year and valleys and anytime you have anything you want to talk about promote your welcome back on here anytime. I want to thank you for having me on and I want to say to your listeners. Stay well stay safe and come out to Las Vegas when you can. No you got bills to pay mortgages leading all that stuff but once the world gets back come to Vegas come to planet. Hollywood see mine. I guarantee you have a great time. Thanks so much awesome. We'll be sex appreciate it. Take care of that interview with Criss Angel. The mind freak is brought to you by simply safe with all this uncertainty in the world. Feeling safe home is never ever been more important. That's why I wanNA talk to you about simply safe home security. Their longtime friends apart my taken for good reason simplisafe has made it easy to finally get comprehensive protection for your home. There's no technician. There's no sales person that needs to come in disrupt your house. You don't need to pay any outrageous monthly fees or sign a two year contract. That's the worst part about ordering security system. He think oh it's going to be super expensive month-to-month and you're afraid that you're gonNA get locked into a contract and some weirdoes gonNA show up and come into your home and installed a Security System. And then he knows where all the census are not the case simply safe. You order it online. 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Is it possible that you could draft a coach? Why would you sign them? Could you draft somebody to be a coach because then you own their rights if you think maybe next year there's a coach that's going to leave and go to the NFL and you want to get out in front of that? Could you use a draft pick on a college coach To prevent another team from hiring them to be on their roster. Then you'd have to draft all the coaches right because then team would be wasting a draft. Pick on someone they could would just be able to sign. But it's more a game of keep away so if you think that hypothetically the Los Angeles chargers are going to hire urban Meyer as their coach next year why wouldn't you if you're in the AFC west draft Urban Meyer. And then you have his rights for at least the next year so they can't hire them during the off season. 'cause he's technically belongs to you. I don't know if I don't know if you can't I don't hate but just sharing on my TV for long enough? That I thought about it. My other draft idea was trevor Lawrence. What if there's not going to be college football season two Trevor Lawrence? Could he then declared to go into the supplemental draft and then somebody could pick them up as a first rounder like in a month or two or whatever the supplemental drafting so? I don't know I was actually surprised. I don't know exactly how it works. Why wouldn't I guess you can't draft someone before they are eligible but it? I was thinking about that. Like seventh round situation. Why wouldn't you just draft him and then fight it? You know what I mean in. Basically take the risk that somehow. The season's not going to happen. I don't know how that would work right. I don't know exactly how that worked but I had the same similar thought whereas like why isn't anyone trying to just at least fight this like Maurice Clarinet situation and just see if they can. They can get Trevor Lawrence on a roster. I guarantee you that floor. He knows exactly that we're letter on both things like in two seconds and then call us idiots and really hammer home. Why wrong for the next ten minutes. Yeah and then get mad at us about going in and working in the office together like seven feet apart. Florida would accomplish all that in a minute. So I I think the way that it goes with these draft picks is you can you can retain rights to a player for up to a year. But it doesn't mean that they have to work for Right Reich. They but I don't. But if you're a team that has a supplemental pick why not take a shot on Trevor Lawrence and and bank on the fact that if the incidentally season does happen it might not happen till the spring and if it happens in the spring? I can't imagine that there's a lot of upside for a guy like Trevor Lord cigarette there and play right up until the right so it does say right now. I'm just googling. He has to be a four official three years out of high school. And that's at the end of the county or twenty twenty so he's just not eligible to be drafted yet so that just must it might just be cut and dry like that. That would have been sick though. Fuck it would've way but he's not eligible to be drafted. But could you sign somebody as an undrafted free agent? No because he's got. I think you can't be in the NFL unless you're three years out of high school okay so you can't play in the NFL unless three years at a high school but he is over eighteen. So could you sign a contract Trevor Lawrence in a month? Let's just say that you're the Patriots you'd be like. Hey we WANNA sign you two or three year. Fifty five million dollar contract undrafted free agent starting in June of twenty twenty one. Well here's where it could get interesting and again we should probably just have florio onto explain it here. You know what we're definitely to real quick but I would definitely to dump to get into that I was GonNa say could you? What if the NFL season is delayed until January? Could you then sign Trevor Lawrence? Then that's an interesting. Yeah all right. He'll pick up. He's got a pickup Mike. Mike Mike you're on your on your on. Emt Right now. Can you just tell us why we're stupid? Which were were pretty much having the high conversation. Trying to figure out why a team didn't try to draft. Trevor Laurence's rights. Just tell us why we're dumb and just explain it like in the rules because we know you know rocking his right. Yeah or like signing him. As an UNDERGRAD. I don't know we're just being stupid. Can you just tell us why we're done? Yeah he's not eligible to be selected by any team until he has three years high. School graduation pacify. So they can't it'd be violations roll. It would be a waste of the pick or you'd be disciplined smart or something like that. He's just got in a certified pool draft picks. What about an undrafted free agent? If they don't have a college football season he's not eligible to be to be signed. And if there's no college football season then he can be drafted next year. Look at the the guy from West. Virginia that was in the XSL. He got drafted even though he played a season in the accident because he was eligible. Now it's just whenever you're eligible horses eligible next year even if there's no college football season he's eligible next year. Okay that made way too much sense. So we're just really stupid wrong creativity because it finally creativity really stupid okay. Here's another one what. Pfc had the ideal. Why can't you draft a coach? I don't know 'cause it's not bad advice. Thank you all right so that was doug pardon. My Dad wasn't a real answer. He ducked my co two. Does but guess what you start thinking about it and I was like you might be right. Pf here's here's the thing. We might be very dumb but we have some very smart listeners. Out there. I'm sure that somebody has thought of a scenario where they can kinda skirt the rules and somehow get Trevor Lawrence onto their roster. You know maybe it's January first of of next year. Maybe it's at that date somebody if he declares himself. I don't know what I'm doing. Somebody else fixes someone else that needs to be exploited out there and someone will get to the someone do it for us all right hank give us your high stupid idea won't Ellen ever said this stupid. The Zachary Genius in my opinion So obviously you know. We're all stuck in. Our houses knows when we're going to be out of our house. People are trying to figure out ways to make our house relaxing or make it a little bit better experience being home altan somewhat. There's people that I gossip New York City where there's you know there's no room there's no room to put extra staff like you need a whole. We don't have backyards during a front yard remaining porch. Cousy just a one by one square leg. Oleg remember. Rollercoaster tycoon where you could just. It was just one square. And you could build all the way up like I'm talking like a Cube Jacuzzi that could fit even on the smallest porches. Okay so you're talking about like one of those you ever seen those cash machines that people step into all the dollars blow everywhere and they try to grab as many dollar bills. You're talking about. Just filling up with water swirls water all around just big enough for you to stand in not even standing just use like just get up and sit down in it. Yeah it's probably like up to your you know trust nipple area about what about a Jacuzzi suit? I've heard of a Jacuzzi superhighway debt. I liked that I've I've trying to. I'm trying to invent a massage suit. So we could maybe make it a double massage and Jacuzzi suit. Yeah I might not I might have just made it up in my head but like it'd be sweet if you could zip up a big puffy thing that had circulating water right Port security. I actually in college I was. I lived on a third floor and we had a window out of the kitchen. That was huge and we built a little drawbridge and had a grill outside the window. Very dangerous to have a grill on third floor. People could walk underneath it very very dangerous but delicious to Yeah we had one of those on on my porch in college so it was like a small portable tailgate charcoal grill and there we created a pile of trash out there and then at the end of the semester we just lit it on fire in a controlled which quickly became out of control. This whole situation with fire trucks and stuff. You guys are doing this. Tell me that the market is air. That's not term guys in your college they would buy the Porsche cousy. That's not okay. Yeah I I like to point Jacuzzi. The Josh Rosen. Josh Rosen had inside COUSY AT UCLA. That was pretty cool. He put in his actually looked into buying above ground. Jacuzzi for my apartment. Kramer had that unsigned. Yes but I think I think hanks right if you get a Jacuzzi outside. That's that's even bass absolutely. I'm in Ford Hank. My my idea was I was doing in the studio. I was doing the egg challenged which is not a real thing where you give your dog and egg and they not nurture it and then Stella just put it in her mouth and turned around and dropped it to try to eat what was in it. Very smart But it made me think we should you know how the they have the SEO websites? What time does the game start? We need to create A. Can I feed my dog? This because realized that I google that all the time we create that site you could also do like a spin off site from that like is it okay to ingest this or whatever. People are googling constantly especially given these like quarantine times. We're all sitting inside with our dogs. So can my dog eat? This is we'll go shoot to the top and we'll sell ads off it. Yeah can I feed my dog blank is can i? Can I draft a coach? We'll go way off after today's episode Google. Does I like that. That's not bad. A Jacuzzi suit the reason. Why I I thought it. Existed is because mill houses. Mom Wore one time on pretty shoot should exist as well though like a full body you just put it. It's basically massage chair. That you can walk around. Why DOES ADDICTS WASTE? They think about it. Hang Egg don't give me. Those side is on thinking about the eggs challenges. Just giving your dog and egg and they don't say one someone I saw it like three or four times. I think it was on by the way. WanNa know how washed I am. Well one I call Dj Dj Thousands his first name. Probably my most wash moment of all time to I've started to watch tick talks just so that I can keep up with music. Well the dance music that say that way. Because I'm not in a car so I don't. I'm not listening to you know radio so I'm listening to tick Tock. That was a catchy song. Let me go play it on. Spotify Real Quick Roger Goodell. Did that left foot slides right man in the world. Do you think Roger Goodell's give himself a Piss test this morning. Oh yeah he's probably in the name of the goodell houses wife checking his piss but yeah so it's supposedly like you can give your dog and Eggen. They'll they basically showed it. It was just labs because you know Labrador retrievers can do that. Shit where they'll like. Grab Duck and then bring it back with their soft mouth so it was a dog took the egg and then it went and sat in his little bed and dropped the egg and just sat there looking at it and lifted. I kind of watch. I mean maybe he might not even take it like Stella took it and then immediately she knew what she was doing just dropped it so crackle and started looking it up. I think Leroy would bite into it as a piece of Gum all right. Should we do our mouthwash more choice? Gusher Yell Hank you start mouthwash more choice which we can talk. We can discuss the end. There are a couple of chores that actually are great so it does work. Oh Okay we'll discuss the end. I'll see if anyone pick mine staining a deck staining attack never done it seems like a pain in the ass those lutely at eight in the super and I feel like one of those things where like it seems like something you have to do like once every like twenty years and it seemed like something. I was doing like spring. They all right. Let's let's stay in a decorative. Yes takes forever. You have a hot tub on your deck. It was a wooden getting warped. No not even okay. Okay and one my first one. I'M GONNA go with cleaning out the refrigerator cleaning out the refrigerator's really bad chore. You have to not only do you throw stuff away. You gotTa Wash Out Tupperware and like leftovers. That you've had in there for a couple of months it's a bad shore that's a that's an easy chore. No there's some gross food and stuff there would be bad. I can't believe that ten minutes tops goat of a bad chores. Not being on here is crazy so far I mean doing. The dishes is the worst doing the dishes. The worst because you also just eight. So you're like all I WANNA do is sit down and just relax and then you gotta get up and do the dishes. That's doing. The dishes have deterred millions upon millions of people from ever cooking at home because they suck so much. Yeah I I don't mind drying dish. That's not do dishes. Doing the dishes is totally different than drying. The dishes. Do not have a dishwasher. What do you mean? Drying the dishes not have dish well. Well then it's even more new. Parliament does then. Then you should really hate doing the dishes. Yeah I mean that's why sometimes eat directly out of what container they send. Of course. You'd have really made a big ass throw it away big pot of stuffing from stove. Top and I just ate the entire thing is when you hate doing the dishes just as much as me just as much as everyone you just didn't realize because you just refuse to give yourself dishes it also because I know that if I eat from dishes then I'll eventually have leftovers. That'll put in my fridge. That we'll have to clean out at some of the key is when you have leftovers when you when you have leftovers you just put tin foil over the dish. You don't then don't have to do the dish and the Tupperware All right number two cleaning the bathroom toilets sinks just the worst. The worst agreed agreed. And for some reason there's no sink in New York City that doesn't get close the like in terms of puking. I feel like I have a pretty strong stomach but if I have to unclog if to snake a sink it is almost instant than I puke. Snaking a sink. Yeah I mean my sink gets clogged in. It has to deal with my face. Yes like the weakest facial hair in the entire world so we also have gross. Yeah and toilets Goddamn okay all right my second one. I'm going to helping somebody move. Yeah that Chore Though. That's Chore Okay. Okay Moving Okay just moving moving chore Mu Packing Up Your Stuff. That's not a chore. As Not a chore I would say that. Pack up all your stuff in boxes to move in short. That's not what a chore is. Though chores something like a household thing that you have to do okay Cleaning OUT GUTTERS THIRD TRY clean gutters reaching in there and pulling out six month old rotten leaves big. There's like people who who literally have lived in the same house for thirty years listening to stuff. I don't want to do all right all right. Okay thank your thir second and third pick weeding. God Wabi something I feel like I would only get like give it to me as a chore. When I was in trouble they go. Hey there's like there's a Shitload of weeds in the Front Yard Goto. What I figured you'd like that And Making Your Bed Just Pointless Chore Having Are There had no reason no reason ever be done but for some reason you had to do everyday. Yup which annual funds about our friend. Field Yates. Espn. He makes his bed in his hotel right. Every time he wakes up in the morning. He's not how creepy is that? Cross out friend yeah. He's he's an individual that we recognize a crazy. I can't believe that there was somebody in the draft. That really impressed. Peter King impeded like brought him up a couple spots on the big board because he also made the bed in the field. Yates now immediately. Bumped up to the top list of people who could be Patrick Bateman and like if someone said like field. Yates remember him the fantasy guy. Yeah he turned out to be a serial killer. Yup Makes Sense. Had My eye on that one out about the bed thing. Yup Your third my third one. I feel like going to church is a chore that counts in My House growing up that counted as a chore. Okay it was like it was like cleaning out your your room except for your soul. Okay so yeah going to church Okay I will go with organizing the garage. That is Shitty Shitty Shitty One. Because you know that the garage is the place where you just basically throw piles and piles and piles being like. Don't have to do that. That's spring cleaning where you have to just organize everything and you've been neglecting. It fucking sucks okay. My last one. I mean very basic. Doing laundry sucks. Doing the laundry sucks. Everyone waits to do the laundry. As long as possible where sweatshirt three times where genes fifteen times in a row. Doing the laundry sucks. Because you know it's not just a simple process we can snap your fingers. You GotTa do it. Then you gotta put it away. He can do fucking hanging up and all that bullshit. Doing laundry sucks. There was a moment where I was. I was dangerously approaching Middle Age as like a twenty eight year. Old I bought are sick. Washer Dryer and I had insult and everything I was really excited spending amount of money on it and then I did the laundry and as I was taking the clothes dryer was like I spent all this money on doing laundry and the closer still not folded when my life is not any better despite the fact that despite the fact that I just spent like paychecks worth of money on this fucking Washer Dryer yes doing laundry is just. It's miserable there's nothing there's no two ways about it that it's like the the one thing if I ever got super super rich one. Is that have a basketball court in my house to? I don't think I would ever wear the same pair of socks or underwear again like the same like it would just be new all the time new clothes. All-time new clothes field. Just fucking throw them out or donate them. Every single time never have to laundry never have to also part of laundry Allen Iverson. Is there nothing worse than having a new shirt that you love or sweatshirt doing the laundry once and be like well? This doesn't fit anymore. That might be a big guy. Problem might be. I agree with you on the Socks Front. Though nothing like having a brand new pair saw yes yes all right your last pick. Pf T let's try do a Chore Here Okay? My last one is cleaning out the car. That's okay that's sure clean on guard at its. I'm notoriously messy when it comes to my car is when I used to have them and so Yet cleaning those things like getting old Taco Bell Straw rappers. Their Straw represent French fries. Underneath your seat that have been there for like ten years that you'll never get out the whole process vacuuming walking back and forth to your house would like a trash bag filled with the stuff. You WanNa keep the trash bag filled with stuff you wanNA throw away. It's just an all around bad time. Good pick good. Pick Hank your last. Pick not rake. I mean raking leaves things but also like them when you have to move leaves like you have just piles of leaves in your front yard. You'RE GONNA take them out back so they can get rid of them now as always miserable. Yeah what about mowing the lawn? Anyone Isla that's saying I was alluding to it joining. There's a few chores are actually awesome. That you should sign up for and I wrote down. I mean walking the dog. Obviously that's great shore Washing the cars a great chore. Because there's nothing like Washington or you feel very accomplished. You get to be outside. It's kind of a cool feeling to just wash that soap opera car Underrated great shore setting the table. Because it's very easy and it also probably gets you out of doing the dishes. Maybe maybe I always forget which side the four clubs on matter though. But it's it's that setting the table. Is that perfect spot where setting the table is essentially like being a seventh inning reliever. That doesn't have a lot of pressure. You're not the starter you don't have to cook. You're not the closer you don't have to do the dishes. You just gotTa put out one inning and maybe like a couple hits get it given up like putting the fork in the knife on the wrong side but it's very very hard to blow the entire game when you're the table center. I don't mind vacuuming the house either. Vacuuming is okay. It's kind of like the indoor version of mowing the lawn. Where you have your rose. You got your stripes. You clean things up. It's a little bit satisfying. I hate scrubbing the walls. Now let people don't have to scrub the walls. Because why would you put with a big dog that shakes a lot of butter on the walls and the peanut butter thereafter? Put It on the walls to help him navigate house scrubbing. The walls is has become a very big problem and also last one. I had that I think I think he can be characterized as good one taking out the trash because it's not very hard but it's it's seeming. It's it looms large in the world of chores and it's probably the easiest one that looms large. Yeah you know what a power move is going to somebody's house and not even asking them but taking their trash out for them and then putting a trash bag back in there. You're now ahead of field. Yates in terms of serial killer. It's it's a power move though especially if you do like a like a girlfriend's parents house boom instant soup. Don't never touch another man's trash. That's I think that's a girlfriend's parents. They look at that and they're like okay. This guy has all put together. He can identify when charge. Soy What we learned here is that. Pf Do you think moving is a chore? But I'm doing taking out the trash. Another person's house is just like commonplace. Nam saying like kind of an Alpha move very bizarre. I feel like a because then. The person thinks themselves man. I should've taken the trash out earlier. I can't believe. Pf T like town house taking out my trash. Just show up. I don't they don't even invite me over. I just break into peoples houses and and sanitize all right. Let's get to our deep dive with Billy Football Before we do that to you got a quick ad. Yes before we get to billy or a great friend doing a deep dive. I WanNa talk to you guys about Bugsy. You've heard the name from US before. Muggings the only jeans we wear. I'm rocking mind right now. They feel great. They look like jeans. They feel like sweatpants. It's not an exaggeration. We don't know how the guys at Muggsy did it. But their genes totally feel like sweatpants. That had sex with even more comfortable sweatpants and somehow had an awesome jeans baby so mugsy was started by a student who is tired of being uncomfortable in his genes. His goal was simple. Reinvent men's jeans to look good and feel outrageously comfortable. And after five years of working with industry experts he perfected genes for the common man. The magic is in mugs proprietary Denham. 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Pmt Okay it is time. It is Monday. Billy's deep dives. He's got cats rolling all over him and I don't know what's going on billy you I'm trying to contract talks. Oh plasmapheresis okay. So let's that today's deep dive. We also have a bonus Mount Rushmore for billy but please the floor is yours Taco plasmapheresis okay. He's banging red bull so I got a bunch of kittens and was telling me. Yo you're gonNA catch talkshow PLASMAS. It's GonNa make you crazy. I'm like Whoa so I started. Googling TACO PLASMAS turned out. Everyone's been thinking of it the wrong way. Forty five percent of the population has this parasite called Talkshow Moses. That comes from cat feces and just like cleaning up. Keyword suffering cat scratchers. I got a bunch of cat scratches. These guys. So then Seville. Billy forty five percent of Americans at large have forty-five TACO plasma forty five percent of cat owners of the world have talk show plasmapheresis. What yet in like eighty percent of France has talked so plasmapheresis. Germany has talked supplies. Moses like tons of people talk show classrooms and so it was like Yo what like what is so google it and turns out it like it only breeds and cat stomachs right and makes might like in part of his mice catching a lot in. It makes the MICE NOT FEAR PREDATORS. So they just wandering on than the cats union. It's like A. It's like a pressure thing but like this isn't actually a bad thing if you contract talks to the pies Moses it basically means you're fearless. Yeah so I was like. Y'Know I wouldn't be fearless like now's like and then of course I was like the beserk or cult. Everyone has to contract talks. Oh plasmapheresis and we'll all just be fearless resercher words. You won't fear needles. I passed out giving blood the donate blood on Wednesday and then on Monday but like it's a video of it. Dale took it. It was can you inject? Can you just talk so plasmapheresis? Gen All around these cats. Just like cleaning up then like Chine hails from the Keeler. That's how you catch it so when I don't do that most I will be an absolute fearless warrior and it'll be sick okay. So but all right the downside. Yeah what are the downsides? There has no. I'm looking at right now. Here I can read you down so I can give you like just off. The top of my head with a downside might be is like people have fear for reason. The emotion fear was created for recent. That's to keep us alive. So maybe like not you're basically describing that guy that we've all seen cops that takes off all his clothes and runs into traffic and tries to get into fights with semi trucks. Right like you should be afraid of that circa mode brow. What do you think we're trying to do here? Okay so talk so plasmapheresis fatigue pregnant. You can't be pregnant. Fatigue headaches Let's see body aches. Fever swollen lymph nodes people have a weak immune system may have were symptoms include confusion Blurry Vision I don't I don't know if you want this now. You're looking at the wrong way. So like it's like an ancient parasites and around for millions of years and cats are using it as a bioweapon like I have like we all get with this like look. This thing turns out have long hair. Tabbies which are basically Bob. Cats like whatever this barn cat like like the author was a long haired tabby which like who knows neuter it because it was just like the one it's kittens because their kids are like five hundred dollars a pop which is crazy but I ended up outside the barn which is crazy. That's way too much weight. You're going to sell those five hundred dollars going to sell those. Hey My grandmother okay this to a special friend of mine in one of them's going coach now. I don't have a Gr. Don't talk to girls okay So billy pull on art. Cats like notoriously skittish. I feel like cats are very fearful of everything and French people too by the way. That's what it's like. Everyone you just listed is doesn't have the good parts of talk so plasmas well. I think they're just not look bad. Mindset the friendship terrible mindset. So so billy but how is that an advantage so so the cat gives the mouse? Taco PLASMAS in the mouth. How does how but how does a cat give a mouse toxic plasma before it captures it who who being everywhere and then the mice are running around and then then so then the miser just like fuck you kitty cat fucking pussy? Oh I think I get it. So it's like so if I can relate this to Pacman when PAC man eats the proton dot that gives. The ghost talks. Oh plasmas and they just wander into pacman. Pacman crushes exactly. Oh okay okay. God put but from what I'm understanding. You're thinking that you can like basically hack a disease so it's not a disease it's the mindset so like for instance if we're like hey billy we got this. New Disease called polio. It's so sick you'll never like sprain your ankle again. Use the placebo thick. You'll never walk either but you'll never sprain your ankle because you can't feel anything. No I mean that's the less around type of disease. Let's say rabies okay rabies. Yeah what's a good rabies monsoon like you have rabies and rabies? It means. I'm an absolute cycling to do like go. Do like superhuman stuff. No not you know as good point if you get rabies. You've probably never going to drown because you're terrified of water. I might try contract rabies before like rough and rowdy or something and just like go. Why don't you just well? I don't want to tell you what to do but it sounds like you just really WanNa do Angel Dust. I Know No. I don't do what I don't touch drugs. Drugs drugs that just cat drugs yet. I have friends to do the drug. What else did you learn about TACO plasmas anything? Oh a lot of people in motorcycle. Accidents have it because think about bikers actually a lot of bikers have it and they had no idea they find it like it's ants. I looked up. It's answered total evidence. Just assume just assume that these bikers who have talks with Plasma Moses because like like you definitely had talk supplies Moses Evil knievel up could even shirt all the guys in Jackass. Yes slavo toxic PLASMAS. I'm working on my cult. Everyone's not talk show plasmas donating blood like crazy. Working out like crazy is like housing kneels in like drinking economically. It's going to be sick and his oliver like an awesome. 'cause of fighting the blood shortage. I love this. I love her. I I keep I keep trying to put together. What the Berserk or blood colas and what? Your total in goal is in this billy like. Do you want to be looked at as the leader? Are you want to be looked at as just one of many people in this call one of many who are giving their blood to fight the lead shortage right now. Okay got I have? I have some bad news for you. Billion this is just something. I just googled real quick. If you have talks. Oh Plasma says you can't give blood for at least six months until you're cleared of it. That's that's a little hiccup that's people who don't believe in talk show. Okay all right all right but I was written by a scientist with a terrible sade right. Donal evidence yes. Okay good we go back. Go back real quick to the bikers. That like antidotes. They all have talks plasmas. Yeah why? Why do they have such a high prevalence of ECON-? The people who ride bikes are furious. Okay I got it. So it's like a correlation does not equal causation statistics. Gotcha okay okay. This is I love this. I love this. I'm in all right so billy. You also have a mount rushmore for us right once. So we're going to do my favorite mega-fauna extinct animals so mega-fauna you find a lot of mega-fauna today in Africa. But back in the day used to be mega-fauna every you wear but what is this is the megaphone megaphone is big ass like units of animals that used to roam the earth and the only ones that exists. Now are the ones in Africa because they grew up with humans so they know how to deal with them whereas what we spread out in like when everywhere like they're like Yo who's this guy and we were like. Yeah we have spears swing like just like and so then you had like Hugh Wyllie Rhinos Willie mammoths giant slots. That were like huge. We had giant birds and there was like smiled on like they were like lines in North America. That were called like just like lions who liked cold so then my favorite ones are cave bears or rocks which are like huge bulls. That are sick talks. Don's which are basically like Orange Rhino and look like ride on the POK MON. And then there's this last one star cast on which is like a cross between a giant Hyena. Vagary his name Sarcasi- Sarcastic Don. That sounds like a poker cast casted. That sounds like a really really. Cool animal jude. Animals awesome sick animal bill. Oh No it's real quickly you'd imagine you're wandering through actually looks like a bad ass badgered. Big Cat oh sarcastic night. All right so give us your mount rushmore that sarcastic talks Don. A there or off. Ooh That is a sick ASP badger. Okay all right so make sure Liam that you got those that will throw out flush more on the side. Billy this has been great man wrote I. I've been playing playing wars since nine. Am this morning for thirty okay. What about that about the giant baby is that giant baby beds? Mcgowan around the Internet on a megaphone. I WANNA find that baby in start putting creating and way protein in it's like formula and then make it like an all pro left tackle. I don't know why who's their parents like. Why haven't you taken this baby and started doing like that's child abuse to not make this baby allow Shot Abuse to not be abusing this child putting it to. Where would you put this giant baby? Yeah this is your Sandra Bullock. This is the blindside to porno. So we'll put the baby with my kittens. I'll feed it train it like and then like this baby's GonNa be like it's it needs to start eating creating in way protein right now because it's either going to be a powerlifter left. Tackle Maybe D. Tackle or you make more money at left tackle or or WWF wrestler. But like he needs to be put on striving now where he's not. GonNa you know where we can put this giant. Yeah it's actually going to be worse for the kid from a health standpoint if it doesn't become a professional athlete because you know how grading that would be on. Let's just say that you're a seven foot tall three hundred fifty pound dude walking around every time you meet somebody. They're like. Oh what sports. Do you play. Psychologically that would be devastating on you if you weren't a giant giant. I like it so now. We're in breeding and toxin PLASMAS. I feel like this is going perfectly. Gillies going to kidnap a child and then Take fifty percents career. What else what else. Well was The friggin oh I have a really good idea I want I need I need I. Can I have a small loan? How small am I? Shall we talk about enough to create a supplement line? Ooh is who want to help. Other guys get jacked up in not lied the rain city. Jack's yeah what GonNa do is actually tell them like. Yo you want to get as sick pump alley argon like an actually give it to him no fillers and then we'll make crisis cry fuel like legit like we get like meat protein mix with Tori. It's regard is it's our guys were in crisis but WANNA maintain mass like let states like a pandemic of course for your average dude like finals. Like you're studying library can't really eat. You're just drinking crisis you'll time like road trips or like or what else. What else We're a gaming gaming. I mean Thanksgiving I wanna I wanna make your saying were. Yeah I WANNA make a beef jerky with Taurine. It a cat so you can just steaks can maintain mass in St Jack and everyone's abusing stimulants during these times so we should just give them something healthy keeps them. Jackie keeps them energized. Okay so billy I like all these like we're heads at we also need you To come up this week. We're going to have you do a twitch workout body weight for all the Bros sweet all right preserver co workout. Yeah Body Weight. Only everyone will tune in and war. And you'll walk us through it. He can guide join my cult. Dokes other people that know the secret. Great all right. Well maybe hold off some bikers by tuning in you accepted mission to Billy's Berserk. You've got to get and then you and then billy we can do a capital call on all of the. The people tuned it. Yes we can. Just take their money back. How much money are we talking about and define loan you give me money. I make crisis fuel okay. How much mighty need I need around. Okay run the numbers and tell us next Monday billy next. Monday's deep dive. How about a presentation investors? Possibly you okay. I also have an APP idea. Okay save it for Monday. We'll go next Monday. We're going to do shark tank. Billy football version ideas. I just come up with I to save them all for Monday. Thank you billy. Especially where today to talk to their billing. We'll go for a war zone win part of my go to be apt to be a Monday. Ubs they all right. We will see everyone on Wednesday Levy guys. No the Code Jameis Winston down and dollas such a fine side to see no longer drinking the centers. Our saying up on Bourbon Industry back enough. Drew BREES DOWN. Here is now time to fix the and.

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