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Yes welcome into the. Tim occurred and show the inside. Sto podcast network from the home. Loan expert Dot Com studios. It's questions from the audience. Tim occuren- gangster. Repeat with you. I am in Jupiter Florida which might be my bunker for the next however long gangster Pete is in the home loan expert dot com studios in Kirkwood gangster. Pete what's the good word I hope? Nova in with the virus has been in the studio because I think it recycles the same air over and over boy. Does it ever now that you say that boy? Does it Does it ever? I'm not sure what we're going to do I was. I was an advocate of just driving back now. I drove down here by myself on February eighth ninth tenth. Something like that and I didn't find it to be too bad considering it's eighteen hours and I made it from Saint Louis to Orlando in one day but with our son who's two and a half that would be impossible and My Wife's parents who live here with us. are You know or they drove down and so we were thinking about doing is like Anna. Marie and I would have like an hour to hour shift with Jameson. And then they would have an hour to drive back together. You know like the cars You know driving same And then trick. Because he's he's bat shit and so it. I realized any two and a half year old is going to be an issue. But this is this is extreme and And so but at the same time then it's like okay. Maybe fly back in. Fights are so inexpensive that you could do it nonstop and I would you fly right now gangster. Pete probably would you would just because I don't think there's GonNa be anybody else on the plane anyway and One of the people Well animal talked about playing with The Saint Louis and on the tour His Dad is a real estate agent. And he's a pilot For American Airlines and we were talking about it and he said if anything The airlines like this. This would be like the safest time in the sense that it is. They are going through such thorough procedures from cleanliness standpoint. He goes oh I can imagine I know a bunch of pilots and a bunch of people flight attendants and staff and you know the. Nobody's having issues so I wouldn't want my old man to find a plane but I I would have no. I'M GONNA go back and forth on it. I mean I can. I could ship the car back like we've done in the previous years I don't know or then there's the theory and I just don't know on this. We talked a little bit about on the on the Ryan Kelly morning after about whether or not the warm weather is a better spot to be in than in the colder weather And whether or not that impacts thing so I I don't know I don't know I mean either way I'm not doing anything I mean it's just a you're just with me here. I have this COMREX unit so I'm able to go on at any time If they did start making interstate travel I don't WanNa say illegal. But if they start shutting that down I don't know I don't know it's weird but then at that point. I can't beat her my family. It's a difference though with my brothers and sister live in Saint Louis. My parents were there with them. So anyway we go back and forth. I don't know it's it's it's it's up in the air But I don't know it's something I'd go back. Do we fly to we? Drive to Rian Jameson. Fly and then do I drive. What's the best play? What's the most responsible thing to do to be more responsible to not travel at all to stay here since we're not going anywhere anyway? I don't know I go back and forth. How seriously are you handling this as a single gentleman? You're in a different place than I am at the life and I'm curious how you're handling especially considering Around a week or eight nine days ago you were. I don't know what the right word I use the term. You were exhausted of the topic. I E how are you doing it now? I mean I'm still exhausted of most people's opinions on the topic like I just don't care what a random person thinks. When the experts have an opinion I will listen to that. I find that very interesting Like I listened to the doctor. On Rogan I listened to dock FAO Chee on Part of my take this morning That stuff like the article from the mathematician guy all that stuff. I find very interesting The opinion and random friends or some guys fan I could care less about. I could not careless about But yeah I mean handling things differently as you do. I am shutting down Like a week ago That probably would have been the case but more and more I read about it. It just seems like the right thing to do I think at this point I would imagine the curbside pickup is going to be the way it's going to be throughout the country Restaurants here are still open but certainly sparse attendance for Dinan standpoint And if people are dining and they have people separated by a large margin from neighboring table to neighboring table. So and it's a time next week. What will we like? How different will the world be? When we record is is Pete and I are talking right now. It is Wednesday march eighteenth twenty twenty. What will things be like on the twenty fifth because when we talked last week Pete the NBA The NHL The PGA tour was getting ready for the players. Baseball spring training was was going on. I mean and here. We are a week later in that in that it really does. It's it's like that seems like three months ago to me. It doesn't feel way longer than a week. It just feels so weird. I the thing that I just keep going. I was like I was sitting at the cardinals. Astros game not this past Saturday but the Saturday before that and I was like God the socks. It's like for a baseball game like cardinal game in October. It was for whatever reason it was cold down here. That's not usually the case in mid March and I'm just like this sucks man. I would go and sit in that in that comfort of ignorance. I guess the way I would describe it Versus where things are right now in the absolute uncertainty. So you know I've said this on. The radio said on Social Media. I might do more than one questions from the audience per week You know while we're in the spot we have so many For the audience is purpose. I told Peter I am holding this thing to an hour because I sometimes wind up going to ours and peaches winds up sitting there and That's that's no good not fair to him but I might just record them on my own and do social media Live shows whatever the case might be and And we have so many questions most of which are in email. I just moved them to the Q. FTA file the vast majority all have to do with this topic. And and here's the thing I have not and I kind of do it. Intentional leaks that way you know. We're we're both operating from the same level playing field I don't read through them in advance. And so I could be caught off guard by the content as I read kind of like during the design air heating and cooling email the day. So we'll see what we have there but people are always welcome to email in any topic and we call it questions from the audience but We welcome opinions as well. Everything is welcome. Any topic is welcome. T- mckernan at inside S. T. L. DOT COM is. 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It's not looking pretty. Oh my goodness I mean it's it's I track all of this stuff in a really very simple spreadsheet but it allows me to see you know year-over-year ups and downs and it's not even year over year. I go back to February fifteenth to March Eighteenth. And it's just it's you know but I mean everybody's there as the situation. I remember talking to my dad a couple of days ago. Maybe even yesterday and he said Tammy this is just the way it. I kept my money in eighty seven after black Monday. This is the way it is your ride it out if anything I would buy up more in at my dad that's me. What does Mark Hanna think? Go to? Evergreen S. T. L. DOT COM has segments on the Ryan. Kelly morning after I think have given people peace of mind and I remember textile when he was on yesterday. I think say in Every time I hear him or here you guys talk about. It makes me want to reach out because you can just tell. 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And we ask for your support for our advertisers during this time designer heating and cooling online and design service DOT com the number one trained dealer in the Midwest. All right I'm just getting gangster Pete. I don't know what I'm GonNa find with these questions. I know I have a million of them and I haven't filtered through them so we can. We might wind up pulling plugs as I go grab. I'm going to start with the most recent one which was sent in this morning Tim. It's disappointing in twenty twenty we slash our country or planet can't come up with a vaccine by now for virus. Why are we so dependent on bringing goods in from China and not able to make our own medicine in drugs? When and if this virus gets beaten or numbers go down. Were big crowds still be something of the past so on a funny side? When will sports be played in a cave since caves or easier than playing games from the mood? Holy Shit knowing what you know now would you rather have the virus still now or everything? Be the quote normal now and the virus. Come after October. Sixth okay. Hope you had a happy Saint Patrick's Day so this guy had a happy. Saint Patrick wishing you and radio and real family good health and happiness lastly to you or the cat or dog have an expertise on Depression or do you think it's a weakness once again. Thanks hope I can text into the show again. Take care and stay healthy. Thanks and -serily vic so there that is gangster. Pete. I'll let you Well I I I remember the beginning of the question and I know that it's hard. Stay on top of the viruses because they mutate so you're not always creating like a vaccine or whatever the same the same virus so that's that's the answer to that question. I kind of lost track. I well. I do think with regard to reliance on China. I do think that you were going to see a change with that. Not that there will no longer be reliance on China so to speak but that people will be having plan BS and CS I think that there was interested in that. Anyway I think this now will force that With regard to the virus the thing had not been transferred from animal to human Until I believe November December of two thousand eighteen pete We've listened. Yeah that's right. You're on the same doug train but either way in vaccines you. Don't just whip them up and have them out in a week. There's a testing process So that's the answer to that. She talked about that testing process on the podcast. About looking forward to listening to that today. Dr Ci on pardon my take. He said that the fastest way they can do it safely with cutting out. Parts of the process is about a year. But he's like eat the thing is you can't give a healthy person something that's going to hurt them you know so you've got you gotta do proper testing but the fastest is about a year usually. It's much longer than that. Let me ask you this. And it's along the lines of this and I'm just curious here and this is you know this this format as I always say when it's just me or just mean U bs ing allows us to expound So is there something like you've been clear Pete that you It's not that you're disregarding it at all so I wanna make that clear because I feel like there's almost like a sense of like there's some social media shaming of people who are not taking it seriously you know like on the fan page there are still a few scramblers not many anymore Who are I? Don't know if the right word would be in denial or now. They've kind of moved the goal posts. Too I just don't think it's as big of a deal or I just don't think that it should be talked about as much because economic impact. It's like a moving target. Perhaps those words will always be there unless they delete all their posts. But I'm something that I was thinking about and I was discussing with my wife. Last night is what would like right now on a panic scale from where we were when we recorded last week to where we are now it's multiplied exponentially already and I'm trying to think what the next thing would be that would compound the panic for the majority of Americans and again. This isn't a pleasant thought. It's not. It's not a pleasant topic but I would think it would be someone who everyone knows passing away from it because the next step after that is someone you you family you know whether it be family friend and then I think it drives it home like what's going to get people off beaches that kind of question. What do you think I mean? I think it's going to have to personally affect people before before they really I mean and I'm talking more like the people. I think that people that are older more than eight drains were. This could affect them are taking it more seriously. I think the younger people start taking more seriously when starts to affect their life like right now just at something. That's not really a big deal for them. What are you seeing around St Louis? What is your impression of what you what you're seeing around. Saint Louis and you you live in the city. What are you What pressure dealers? Two weeks ago and it is Way less crowded than it has been. The bars are still open. Like I see people out smoking cigarettes when I drive home so I know there's still people in there but like just the crowds are much smaller. I mean. I went out last Friday to dinner at a peacemaker packed and that was my last day going out. I that's shut it down after that but It was packed like where to get a reservation respected at six thirty. So we You know being where we are which I guess is by definition Palm Beach County as you can imagine it is a much older Especially at this time of year but in general older demographic certainly some young people here but you definitely have a lot of retirees and And we live on. Pj National Golf Course and yesterday. I looked out there and I said I guess they've shut. I guess they've shut it down because there was no one out there and I thought wow. That's that's that's surprising us. I mean surprising. Might not be the word just. That wasn't a step that I thought that they would take before something else. Because I'll go over there and I hit balls and I take my son over there. And he screws round and the bunkers and couldn't be happier and it says something we like to do and in the late afternoon early evening and I'm like wow one from being over there less than twenty four hour hell like fifteen hours ago to it just being completely shut down and then I saw golf cart pole up to the to the tee box and the whole where we live and there were people playing but so few people are out on the golf course and it's not just one course they're they're five courses under the PGA national umbrella for that are on this property in in one is a couple of miles to the West. And there's so few people playing that looked like it was closed. And there's a guy when I actually played with dictums father In this guy was just putting our group When Dostum's father drove over from the Gulf side and then I played with him and this was. I don't know at this point. Probably three weeks ago and You know a younger guy and and I said Yeah. I'm always looking plane. He's a member there and he said all right. When I get off work early you know. Get Out and play and So we were texting and he said hey you wanna play and I said I would. I said I slept. I think your courses closed. I think they shut it down. That's weird gotten emails and it turns out that obviously it isn't close wind up seeing people but the reason I bring up is so few people who are older are are going out and being a spy even on a golf course much less arrest warrant so we always have enjoyed going to this taco Tuesday. Thing it's been a running joke on the Ryan Kelly morning after about me making a big deal out of the fact that they make the guacamole table side is. If that's you know unheard of and Doug dismissing it and so we like Taco Tuesday. We figure this would probably be the last one no matter what whether we stay here. We leave whatever wherever we leave in the next twenty four hours hell. It doesn't matter and so we went last night and it's I mean. Usually we went around eight o'clock and usually at eight on Tuesdays. Usually that pleming. You'll see a lot of cardinals their mets there Marlins their nationals Astros Golfers. It's it's kind of a social scene plus a little like whatever people gorge themselves all you can eat tacos and at eight o'clock. It's usually about a forty five minute to an hour. Wait and last night. Not only do we walk right in and get seated right away. I would bet it was at fifty percent capacity and I didn't see anybody over the age of God. I don't know forty five. I don't mean just in so for a community that is again certainly and made up of retirees. There's plenty young people too but O- overall higher percentages is is got to be seventy and above that portion of the population down here and I believe there have been. I think well there have been deaths in Florida. There hasn't been a death in Missouri yet. As as we're recording this and I think it was in Fort Lauderdale if I'm not mistaken Which is which is about an hour south People are certainly like speak to what you said taking seriously. The question then goes back to where we started on it was what will it take for people in their teens. Twenties to take it seriously and I don't know what that's going to be I. I don't I don't know if they will. I don't know I guess if like you said somebody passing close to them is that what's GonNa do it or is it. Is it even just getting it. You know I think people passing close to them but then also I think more people get tested. These numbers are about to get a lot more eye opening and I would hope that would open some people's eyes. I got a graph sent to me from a doctor friend of mine. That said there's like one hundred tests for every million people in the United States so there's clearly not enough test. What do you think the testing issue is? I don't know it looks like it's a pretty extensive process to get tested. I mean the. We've we've seen it on the fan page There was an article in the post dispatch. A lady who? I guess I don't know directly but I saw facebook. I had a bunch of mutual friends with so I must have obviously a no or some in some capacity but just might not be super close with her and Tony Message wrote the story about her detailing how she went in she had all the symptoms and they wouldn't give her a test they didn't have one and then they kept sending one senator. Urgent Care That Care Center. The senator doctor and it was like a circle. And you couldn't get a test and it's just a very strange thing and at any time you have this conversation and not everybody. But a healthy percentage of those listing then immediately lineup and start talking about the politics of it and Donald Trump. And that's when I about it and then when I asked about it yesterday on the TMA fan page. And I said does anybody have an answer to why and then somebody sent me. What I did think was a very good Column in the Atlantic. If I'm not mistaken did you read that by Chance Peter? Oftentimes we read the same things. I'm not sure whether you're referring Atlantic. I guess we should be more specific. This was about it. Started off with How was an eye opening moment for Japan in? I think it was the eighteen fifties when a US A series of US ships. I think came into Tokyo's port and fired. You know fired. I guess I don't know what the hell you're firing cannons. I don't know as you come in and and said we're going. I know whatever they said did something to let in Japan then realized in that moment that they were way behind the rest of the world they had kind of closed off and felt like they were the superior society and then they realized. Oh my God we have to. We have to change. That's that's that's how the column started. I did not read. That sounds interesting. Premise yeah it was it was it was it was. It was an interesting premise. In then it got into blame and I'm and I'm when I asked this question. I'm not looking for blame. I'm not looking for somebody to give me an answer to condemn Donald Trump. Just not interested in it What how Donald Trump has handled this if you would have asked me how he would handle the scenario and in November of two thousand sixteen. This is about exactly what I would think he would have done. I mean this is. This is this is how he handle something. Like this is not alarming. It's kind of you know this is this is why I am. I'm not on board Because of you know the lack of Honesty and Manipulating facts and and or just flat out not telling the truth and I have. I personally have a problem with it. I recognize plenty of people close to me are. Don't see it that way. And that's why I've said anytime. This thing comes up on the podcast. That under no circumstances would I would. I cast vote for him. What has transpired over? The last two months is not something. Our theme for today eye opening is eye opening to me. It's it's if anything. It's like a gigs. It's par for the course So with with that said when I asked that question I'm not looking for blame. Donald Trump. Because you know that's not that's not I'm because I'm not sure that it is Donald Trump's fault but the testing I'm asking for somebody citing a quote Dr Vouchers for example who is part of Donald Trump's administration Who I have a great deal of respect for FAU CI that is considered to be credible That that helps explain it but it is to me an odd thing that some of them something has been around for a number of months and here is this this nation that is you know that we hold of course an incredible high esteem around the world. is held in high esteem in certain areas And and we're so far behind on testing and I'm just curious as to how that happened but the reason why I bring it up into political figures then people then like lineup with see this proves donald trump or this disproves. And I'm like okay. That's exactly what I'm not interested in that. That's and that's what I was going with it. It's and that's why I'm saying I'M NOT I. I was where I was on. Donald Trump back in two thousand sixteen. What he's conducted himself is is exactly what I what I figured he would do. It was this is like Whoa hold on a second. This man's going to make crap up. You know it's not it's not it's it's it's it is what it is that arguing about. Donald Trump is not solving a problem arguing about Donald. Trump is distracting from the handful of things or one thing that we can do to help our fellow Americans and global citizens you know so I'm just not I'm not I'm I don't say I'm not interested To just flat out mimic exactly what you said Pete. But it's not it's it's it's it's not. I don't know this isn't the time I'm not. I'm just not like yeah. I mean if you're GONNA have a handful of people who are going to go. No He's handed great and look at look at what he's saying and look at the China the flight thing and it's like okay. Now here's what he said it's here in here but who cares right now. Who cares you know if you're going to change those people's minds anyway you know it? It's a WHO gives a shit right now so the the issue I'm anxious to find out is donald trump or not donald trump. What why are we so behind on testing because the numbers are going to spike once the tests are Made more available and I believe that is something that is now starting to take place. The question is why did it take so long? That's what I'm asking and I don't give a fuck if somebody likes. Donald Trump doesn't like donald trump. It has nothing to do with it. I'm trying to understand how that happened because to me. That is a huge part of this. So that's that's an element So that's that's why I bring that up. Seems to be a really tough question to not get a political answer from two anytime brings up the test. It turns political real fast. Yeah I don't I don't know all right let's see Tim. I've been a listener for just over a year. Thanks in large part to the two thousand nineteen visit to the picnic table and I wanted to follow up to a question you posed on. Tma about the validity of the potential for two point two million deaths in the United States. this is this is good to reset this. I know he's talking about Pete The New York Times Article I had a real problem with this. I had a real problem and I don't know where you were you you were on this. They said this was from Tuesday march. Seventeenth Two thousand twenty the opening paragraph of their lead story there headlines said the White House press con. I'm paraphrasing now. But there was a word that certainly stands out the White House press conference which seemingly was in response to a UK. Study that said up to two point. Two million Americans could die from the krona virus and my issue with that story is to use the words seemingly in response to that and some people might go. Who fucking cares but I have a real problem and this can be as simple as a conversation or an argument that I have with my wife. It doesn't matter or something as significant as this to write seemingly seemingly in response to to say that the White House is action is seemingly in response to a study that two point two million Americans could die from. The Corona virus is so irresponsible so for those of you who hated my donald trump comments. Five minutes ago I would imagine you love my New York Times criticism right here and for those of you who love my donald trump criticism five minutes ago. I imagine you hate my New York Times. Hopefully you can just be like everybody else and just hate me but my observation is to say that in the opening co any kind any print actually seemingly is so irresponsible and that really got my IRA up. I don't think that's the way you're right. I think you I think in the press conference you ask any of the thirty people who up on that stage during those things. Is this in response to the study from the UK saying up to two point two million Americans could die from the corona virus. And then you get a quote not to say seemingly because then all of a sudden now you've got people going old on a second. The White House is acting because they think two point. Two million people are going to die from this tuna. She'll melt million Americans. How do you see that? Peter my Overreacting you're no seemingly is a word you could use an dear deirdre article but not a scientific statement. Holy Shit. So that's what this gentleman is starting off with all right. The Stat is not made up and was part of a study by the Imperial College in the United Kingdom on the corona virus which was apparently shared with the White House. There's that darn apparent word again. I am including a link to the entire article below but to summarize the two point two million deaths is based on a quote unmitigated epidemic scenario for the US and also says regarding this quote in the unlikely absence of control measures or spontaneous changes in individual behavior we would expect to peak and mortality daily deaths to occur after approximately three months and quote thus the two point two million number is sourced but it is an incredibly poor job of reporting considering the measures that have already been taken in the United States to combat the virus. I would compare it to if you were to give presidential nomination odds of two weeks ago but gave them as though they were current sure. The numbers might pan out if nothing changes but things have changed and they have changed radically and while I'm emailing I am also going to throw in a possible Q. F. T. A. I am curious if you or anyone on the show are familiar with the ninety s Sitcom Newsradio and have any thoughts on the show included the frequently mentioned Joe By Tma Andy Dick and Joe Rogan and is probably my favorite show of all time while it's far from perfect comparison to TMA. It feels like a good reproduction of the show vibe. Michaud featuring an arcade video game in the radio station. Another show where an employee brings in a porn magazine. That comes from Joe Hashtag Band Dotam. Wow Rare Hashtag go. I'm familiar with newsradio but I'm not familiar. I didn't watch it. I am put them either. I don't watch last SITCOMS HERE JOE. Talk about it all the time. So I'm interested in checking it out. But Joe Rogan talk about all the time because he's show right right right and what did he does he look back on it as like a big. Yeah I mean He. He became really good friends with Phil Hartmann. So tell us stories about him. that are interesting like He used to hold speakers up for Jimi Hendrix New York City when he was young kid. Pretty cool but Yeah so the stories parallel an newsradio million enough about newsradio. I just tell the stories behind the scenes This one I hope. I hope there's pay off on this. I kinda worry because it's it's it's it's long but but I think it comes from a place of We'll see I don't know gangster Pete if you want me to eject eject at any moment tim. I caught a short piece of your discussion. On the stock market manufacturing in China I went back and listened to the podcast. I've emailed a couple times and understand the quote. Hate you get from your living abroad. Florida's abroad though. I am jealous that I cannot do that because of my kids age since I get raised eyebrows on some things I can do from family. But I digress. I'm in healthcare sales and work for a company that helped you positively identify your family throughout their time in the hospital during the birth of your son gangster. Pete what did I just read? I'm not sure I'm in healthcare sales and work for a company that helped you positively identify your family throughout their time in the hospital during the birth of your son and what that means. I'm not being snarky. I just I honestly. I'm just I don't know if that means either okay. We cover roughly eighty percent of the population in the US and Canada when they admitted into the hospital. Not Trying to brag just trying to provide credibility slash background on my email going back to two thousand eighteen. We had a huge dependence on China for production. We started to pull out of China. When the tariff started a hit last year we have worked to minimize the impact to our end users as much as possible but there were double digit impacts on our cost margins and pricing. We sell millions of units a year. If not more than that company-wide worldwide. I think that China is really screwed in a long term to me. China will have number of manufacturing companies. Leave and move to the other APEC countries that will also produce pennies on the dollar. It's a reality but the long term question will be the components of the products in my mind if the components are coming from China to make the products we need. We are still dependent upon China. I think that we need a long-term strategy protect the United States financial interests. I fully agree that we need to move toward not being so dependent on any certain country. And what they can do but we need to make it affordable for our domestic companies. My company stock has gone down eighty dollars in the past six weeks based on the Kobe. Nineteen issues and DJ. I which cripples my personal finances and investment portfolio Luckily I can still take care of my family bought I am also donating everywhere can take care of others. I know that many people would still say I am Hashtag blessed but it does affect everyone. Also I feel for the restaurant. Workers like the talk you guys had on the show with McVeigh. I spent years in that industry and the people that work there are one hundred percent dependent on customers and tips. I was talking to my wife today about paying them through this only get them to minimum wage. Sorry I was talking to my wife today about paying them through. This only gets them minimum wage. Because they usually don't claim their tips. That's messed up. That's a missed piece. A person might be used to making eighteen dollars an hour tips and we'll make nine dollars an hour based off of what they claimed. Tough spot not nearly points providing my side thoughts inventing that comes from Kevin Yeah I mean and it's good. It's good in the sense that I want people to descend in opinions. Not did they don't have to have some question just just event and and we can respond. I do think that the Us dependence on China will change after this not that it will isolate to another nation but the US will Diversify And I think China will have long-term effects from this. I think this is a defining moment for a nation that I think people thought was going to be In a hell of a position positively From their standpoint anyway in the twenty first century anything else from that gangster Pete that Stood out to you. And also the the waiters and waitresses. You can pay them their salaries but they make their money or their wages but there make their money on tips. So I couldn't agree more on that point sending we're going to rely on Mexico a lot more in the future. That's what I've been hearing reading. Yeah that's that wouldn't surprise me that certainly That's certainly something that I think is is live and was perhaps trending that direction before this anyway. here is a non I think. corona virus. Good afternoon. Tim I am too lazy to do the research. I wonder if Derek Gould has inside information asked the clock as it relates to Carlson. The actual starting date of the season. What would the CALL UPDATE BE? That would keep him under control. Love the show thanks. That's from chuck a Non Corona Virus Question It's games played. That's the service time it's not dates so it's still the same deal it's still games played so. I don't think that that is anything that really change. I guess if you're making the point that let's say they play eighty one games so half. The schedules opposed to one. Sixty two does each game count for two games toward the service time. I guess that's his question. Maybe if I'm understanding it repeat anything missing on that I think it should count as two though if they'd playoff season. Yeah I in that sense that that that makes you wonder because yeah it's a year on his life you know so. I wonder that is. That's a good question. I don't have the answer on that but it's not month thing Like may doesn't now all of a sudden become April. What how many baseball. I'll set the over under on baseball. Games played this year by each team. Well I'm going to set it. At seventy point five. He owned over under seventy point five. I will take under. I'm with you on that. I want to take over but I mean I would love to take. I don't see the end. In sight. To be honest kind of unfortunately agree with a lot of people are sending in some. I'm not I'm not. I'm not shitting on the emails at all to saying they're long and it's I I like to read them while doing the program We're leveraged because If if they're bad were knee deep in I think I I think I might have read this one in advance though are at least partly hates him not really a question but WanNa talk things out. Because I'm having a hard time. Having an honest conversation with my friends and family on social media I feel like the krona virus has been another line and the list of the media being no longer quote watchdog for the public as soon as this virus began to show up in the media. I had a feeling that it would spread rapidly. There has been so much reporting on the krona virus that it is hard to establish what is real and or fake as a society. I feel like we react. More to the negatives and the positives in life maybe not react more but it elicits more exciting slash hysterical response the media not all but a lot of the twenty four hour news places have been reporting stories about how dangerous viruses and it's going to kill a lot of people to make things worse they create narratives that causes steria which our society reacts poorly to the rush to the grocery stores. Long Lines. The gas stations see oil crisis events in the past they the media are doing it a service the doctors infectious disease specialist. Cdc Report and have the media. Stop these over hyped reactions. As you reported many times stores equal clicks clicks mean money more clicks means. They report more on the topic and it becomes a vicious cycle. This is a scary time for me. Is I can envision this type of story or virus or the next corona virus being used by the media's a weapon control what people do can you imagine dealing with this again and again with some other type of virus or thing that is going to kill us the panic that would ensue? I am a firefighter. Paramedic and work in the medical field on my days off. I have seen the flu and yes the Krona Virus is more infectious right now than the flu. There are more cases of flu than this virus. The flu is almost an afterthought people young old and immuno-compromised of died from the flu every year yet the media does not report on the flu at all the way they report on the corona virus report how countries shut down. The streets are empty. People are buying toilet paper restaurants or close gatherings limited and this only fuse that hysteria surrounding this virus. Do you think the media hate using it as a whole but for the purpose the question I'll use media has done a good job of laying out the facts. Or do you think they have played a part in the hysteria. I'm trying to live my normal life until I am told otherwise. I feel the panic has been greater than the corona virus is as a whole. My intention is not trying to downplay the coronavirus my point is to listen to the CDC the doctors who see infectious diseases when they begin to report this is nothing worry about the public needs to trust and not worry about when these doctors say there is data to support. That is a major issue than the press needs to report this and not pontificate report and not cloud the waters with it misinformation. I wondered a lot and may not have been articulate. I wandered a lot and may not have been articulate. Just one or two types of things out I enjoy your show and TMA No names please in parentheses When was that sent okay? 'cause I was wondering affects a kind of seems like something that might have been sent a week ago which sounds weird and is not by no means intended to be a shot Now I see he sent me something else. It was all in one. Email Stream Hey Tim to saw the article on the fan. Page by Jason Warner Scary read. That's the one that I know we talked about in the morning after it was over numbers. Yes yes if we are basing the numbers of the report fifty x figure that is staggering. I'm trying to find anything from the CDC and World Health Organization that reports on actual cases versus confirmed cases. But haven't found anything yet. I'm not a math wizard by any means. But shouldn't we also be looking at those who are tested actually found to be negative? The ones tested are those who meet the criteria of cough and fever known exposure recent travel these would in theory be the group that would likely have cove nineteen. I get that some people have no symptoms and they would not likely be tested and could definitely spread the disease without knowing it that is scary and also that those not meeting the criteria for a swab or currently not being swabbed some have been directed to my facility that I work at part time to be tested by quest. We usually get those patients who are coughing. Had a fever and our concern. They might have it or are considered to be low. Risk by Missouri's health hotline no confirmed cases yet. As of today I think part of the problem for these numbers that they are not enough task right now and so they're conservatively testing patients which is not great for both sides of the argument low risk or people who would never get tested because they have no symptoms could hide more cases or the people who actually don't have it or these. Lois patients are actually not getting. The virus could bring the infection rates down. Maybe not a math guy. Either way you you look at it. This is not going. This is going to be interesting to see where numbers and up because as of now the only true way to stop the virus completely a fourteen day quarantine. That's the nation period the entire for the entire country which would have impacts for years to come. Thanks for reading all the emails and being so open for listeners participation so kind of sound like in a way Pete Same person who wrote in One? The first one was sent in on March sixteenth at ten fifty seven and last The one that I just read was sent in last night at ten eleven. Pm So what thirty six hours apart. And it sounded like his opinion changed a little bit too is I know maybe What what do you think? Well I agree with them in the first part. I think that there's they've really blurred the lines between news opinion and entertainment and I really think that news. Just be reporting the facts and leaving your personal opinion out of it. So like what he said. Towards the end of that about wanting to get the facts and figures from scientists and doctors could not agree more with that and then it sounded like Yeah he started taking the virus very more seriously in the second part. I feel I mean at this point like when we were talking about it on the radio show and I don't do you keep the text inbox open. I do right so you probably saw some of the texts that I saw but didn't read. Yeah and it was. It was really weird and I chose not to read the majority of them on the air. Because I know it would have led to sidetracking the discussion and going down a political road but at and I'm talking about a week ago or or less when we talk about the percentage of people who were downplaying it and or who thought the Rogan interview for example was democratic propaganda. That was going on now. Apparently it's still going on but it's going on in lesser numbers I actually agree with his the premise of his first email. But I'm probably coming at it from a different perspective than he's coming at it. I think based on what I read I could be wrong doesn't matter I'm answering this question. And I'm giving my opinion. I think one of the most damning commentaries on media is and I don't know if you've seen any of these I would imagine you have The audio slash video clips of Fox. News anchors On I mean as recently as a week ago but more two weeks ago talking about this and now how they're talking about it over the last forty eight seventy two hours it's grotesque and. I and I try to kind of get away from that stuff for the most part but I'm kind of at a point now Mike. You know the the the it's just it's it's it's grotesque. There's no other way for me to describe it. It's because because you knew you knew it was going on and just kind of okay. You know what was going on. But but why now have people found religion so to speak on this over the last five or six days? Why has a portion of the population found religion on this over the last four or five days? An answer is a the president found religion on it and be Fox News started finding religion on it. you had a lady by the name of Trish Regan. If I'm not mistaken. Are you familiar with the story? Pete now who is an anchor on Fox Business News? Who said that? This was Yet another way to try to impeach the President Her show has been put on hiatus And then take your pick of whichever you know using the flu thing that we heard about plenty You know we. I saw that. There was a thing on on the fan page. talking about Clay Travis in the way that he is handling it on on his show and because I'm connected via comrex you know. Turn on press. You know connect with the station each morning and I hear the show and I thought he had kind of moved off it but our listeners fan pages saying he still on this thing that this is you know. He's kind of moved. The goalpost initially. He was doing the flu thing. Now he's saying well it might be serious and I know people are going to die. But it's not worth the economic impact. So it's you know goalposts moving strategy and I just I mean it but I also said when somebody brought that up. I said I'm really surprised by that. Clay has been. He's been gassed. He's been in studio. I know he is a an incredibly intelligent person and so people that ask the question. Well is he saying this stuff knowing or is he? Does he really believe it? And that kind of that kind of makes take a step back on all of this stuff with media and I'm on this. I'm not going Fox News or Clay Travis. I'm talking across the board as as in. Do the people who take a line. Take it and idealism so to speak in their broadcasts are they saying it because they believe it or are they saying it because they know it will placate and enthuse energize their audience and be good for business and my answer to the question that I you know. Posed myself is I think I think I think for the most part so greater than fifty percent I think people honestly think it but I definitely think there are some people who do it because they know it will is good for their business and I hate that and when I was answering the question when somebody asked about What what clay was saying and I said I think and I do I think he's an incredibly intelligent guy and by the way I hope he's right. I hope he's right shit. I hope he's right That when I interviewed him and I can't remember if it was him or it was already laying but Clay or already one of the two or perhaps both of them and I'm I'm really not sure why but but will get to my point here said that day. Remember Howard Stern saying under no circumstances. Do you ever admit to your audience that you're wrong now. I don't recall Howard Stern saying that but I haven't listened to every minute of Howard Stern I if he did say it. I gotta be honest and say that I'm Kinda you know is a is a monster Howard Stern Fan. I'm disappointed and maybe he said that back in the eighties or nineties and it's not something the Howard Stern of twenty twenty would say But but I remember whenever whether it was Claire already when they were saying that to me I remember thinking to myself man. I disagree with that I just I vehemently disagree with that. And that's that's pre corona virus that I interviewed clay in twenty seventeen. And already you know a few few times And so it's pretty this stuff twelve before this stuff and I just absolutely disagree with that premise. I think credibility with an audience has built on transparency and honesty for those things again that I always say that you know that that that the things that involve oneself like I can sit there and say this about this person but now I'm bringing somebody else into the transparency and that's not fair. That's for that person but for my own situation if I'm wrong on something like for example My Bet with the cat on the XFL and not getting twenty five thousand fans in the first game Selling Twenty five thousand tickets. I was wrong. I mean how the hell can I spend that I mean it's fucking wrong period. There's there's not an interpretation betting the Plow Hawk that the cardinals would sign and our trade for an impact bat before opening day. I was certain on that. I mean it's certain as you can be to give somebody ten to one odds. I was certainly confident of it. Let's put it that way and I was wrong and I. I can't imagine actually going on the air like continuing to be to to say something that I don't really believe and I'm not saying that he's doing that or anybody's doing that. For that matter it could be a company edict. I don't know but I just know that But for me individually I would I wouldn't WanNa be on the air like parodying something that that is not what I what I truly think so. That's that's how I if anything from and I get that from Howard Stern actually and I get that in the sense that I remember him saying that you want to be honest with the audience as honest as possible and And therefore it would go against it to sit there and say well I was. I was right. No no no. I know you're presenting this fact but no I was right and here's how it was right and spit it. I think that would piss people off in the audience gangster. Pete I have been talking forever. Your Like rush limbaugh probably has the most outrageous views on this whole thing but people really. I'm not familiar with thinks. It's like the common cold and all that stuff real like you like you know this to be like you know old this to be the case you heard the man speak within the last twenty four hours well not in the last twenty four hours but within the last week. He's been saying this stuff. I know that But people like him people like clay. Travis I don't care what political side drawn like. They give their opinions all the time. So I'm less interested in what they say like. I expect them to be wrong. Most of the time and I know that Russia has a clear agenda You can argue clay. Might as well it looks like he might but whatever regardless of that. Those guys give opinions all the time so I don't I I really don't care what they say like it's entertaining to hear their ideas. I'm glad there's other ideas out there just to make you think about it but my problem is when new sources that are supposed to be reporting the news. Have their opinions baked into those? That's what ticks me off. I point you know what I mean like I if I go to a new source I wanna get the news the facts and baked in a Nice Distinction. I in in. I'm glad you brought that up. I guess I guess for me now at this point but it is interesting. You know it's somehow at some point because I was giving my opinion on the radio show and then somebody texted instead. I was like Don Lemon which I really did take a big insult because I mean that that that that gentleman is for real one of my least favorite people because he just. I don't know I don't know I don't I don't even know I. I need to articulate better but I'm just it's so it's not. It's not that I CONSIDER TO BE DISHONEST. But not that. I don't think it it's dishonest. I it's it's it's it's smarmy in its condescending and I also don't think It's it's particularly high brow In the sense that he was at. It's like it's one thing if it's GonNa be okay you know. I don't know who would. Who WOULD ONE CONSIDER TO BE? You know it's like a sixty minutes piece and you know the reporter knows what he or she is talking about it. Not that a sixty minutes would interact and unlike kind of crap on the audience But but he's not just it's not there so but but then an hour before two hours before me of Anderson Cooper same network and I think a lot of people including people who consider themselves to be conservative. Because I feel like we had. This is a question a few weeks ago. would say that. Anderson Cooper somebody that they do consider to be Honest even if for those who are Fox. News viewers He is of course anchor on CNN. I watch Chris Wallace on Sunday Mornings So it's yes I agree and so that's what you had on. But they were. You know the the the the audio of the Fa- I mean there's the audio of course of president trump's evolution on this over the last month or even couple of weeks You know it's under control tremendous control you know just but it's like okay. Whatever it's like there. Is Anybody surprised by it? You know and then like people like digging in going. Yeah but when he gets out of it a reason to give them credit. Okay fine you guys do your thing. We argue about you blame. And that's fine I get it. It's it's but it but it's not gonna it's not gonNA solve what he's a real problem. This isn't like arguing over the crowd at the inauguration. That's that's like a aside piece type thing. This is a real issue And spending time on arguing over that to me is you know I saw Before we went on a Pete David Axelrod tweeted something. And he was Barack Obama's Chief of staff was first term and now he's on CNN. I enjoy podcast. And and he was critical of Democratic campaign advertising strategy that was going to use trump's corona virus. You know how the words of changed and they contradict each other and standard stuff with him in an ad campaign and he said that this is just not the time for it and I couldn't agree with them. I mean that's been my opinion well before I saw David axelrod's tweet. It's just not the time. I think it does a disservice if your goal is to try to win over voters who might be on the fence on trumper Biden. This is at the time to do it to to use that as a you know. Use It whenever this hopefully is in our rear view mirror. But now when it's on when it's on our horizon I don't know I just think it's I think it's a bad strategy and I also just think it's it's just the wrong All right I said I'M GONNA kiss keepers to an hour and here we are. Were at fifty nine minutes and I could go for five more hours but I won't do it to you. I won't do it to you but I maybe we'll say let's do another one tomorrow Because I have so much Let me see. It's going to be another beautiful day. Here what is it? Is it really? It's not cold. Rainy dreary and the world is ending. So it's this about March and April. She says there her least favourite months said why in April like the first week of April in particular last week of March first week of April. He said why I said to me. That's when I start getting like out of like the the climate the slash weather Depression than I start getting into the second half October. The second half of March is when I start getting out of it because you know the good weather is around the corner and you also usually have the NHL playoffs opening day. The masters I don't get into the NCAA tournament anymore. But I know a lot of people do all those things and then you have warm weather and she said my issue with April. Is you think it's going to be warm? And now we're talking of course in Saint Louis. You think it's going to be warm but then it winds up yeah. They're a handful days where it's warm but it's cloudy and gray and it bothers you more than when it's cloudy and gray in January because January you expect it and it becomes more tilting because you want to get outside and April. And you think it's time but it winds up still being occasionally cold gray and rainy and and it's not It's a it's a false a false sense of hope. April showers bring may flowers. But those dreary days make you. Don't make you feel guilty about staying in to watch all the sports you know. That's a positive but now there's no sports so there's nothing so what are you doing for it to I mean I've been working out I've And we have a home gym I do have weights in my place and then I have you run in the park Lafayette Square Park run around their times. and then I've caught up on some movies Caught up on some shows played golf with mailman yesterday. Man That's about it there. It is. Yeah I'm already getting sick. Being in Ano- animators eight more. At least I'm telling you if they take off that is I mean that is such a nice respite from this whole thing where you can just get away from it like yesterday. Just got away from it for four and a half five hours it was awesome and then after the end of the round where you want to eat like Oh yeah hit you You gotTA throw one hundred dollars down. Will Golf Go away within the next week? I'll say no not everywhere. Do you think you're answering that question harder with your head. Yeah I don't know I I I really truly don't see it as a risk but at the same time I know I'm biased as well so I can actually see that being split just based on ownership group sexy some places closing some Saint Open. Yeah I was I was wondering like at a point. Where someplace because we're going to keep like we'll see like of your country club. We're going to keep it just for members down here that that's the case for a few places we were supposed to play Old Marsh which I haven't played. I guess it's I mean the name can kind of give you an idea of what the course like right I think it's a ray floyd course. We're that's why we're supposed to play when I pictures now looks Nice. Yeah. Apparently it's like in Adam's Adam's dad was the one who set it all up and he's excited about it and And he texted me on Sunday is hey golf's out old marshes Shutdown I would really like. I didn't think that was in play. We Wanna point somewhere else so it is a kind of a case by case right thing and I don't know March I think I think it's a private place. None of us being members of course And maybe that's why it got. I have no idea. I don't know it's not Adam. Plays at a place but he doesn't play there so I don't know man. Yes I agree with you though in the sense that it is a respite and I did read an article about it a few days ago. And they said you know. I think they're speaking with Diet. And they said your risk on golf is similar. Like your risk a hike. The only difference is you are. You can be in a car with somebody and then and then the flagstick you know which. I guess is why what you were saying. You're working you're just gonNA leave the flagstick and the whole time. I guess that's a good move. That's what we did. We saw the people in front of us were taken out every hall. Yeah Yeah I don't know I didn't cross my mind but yeah it's like okay. Why even mess with So and then at that point your own clubs I I take my said earlier. I take my son out. Did it yesterday just to this little green and just short game area in the back. It's often number two the champion course at PJ at like at five o'clock when nobody's out there and he just throws balls in the bunker and happy and I'm just chipping and pitching and I'm out there with my son and it's just it's Kinda like a field of dreams setting and But before we got in the cart the one of the people there they come over and they spray the cart with some kind of disinfectant. I guess that's the step they've taken right here Th- were there any things going on you. Play Tapa wingo yesterday at their dead when my dad actually got the email from tap wayne goes saying they were going through some different precautions. You know like yeah. He usually plays his club so we play. Sometimes he likes to go play somewhere else just to play a different course church so he got that email from them. He's like well. Let's go try that out. I mean nothing really noticeable off the clubhouse smelled like it'd been cleaned recently about it. Yeah we'll see a man I don't know I I just don't I don't I don't I don't know I don't I don't see because you're outside and that's the The ultraviolet rays. I don't know but I mean I don't know I really 'cause I was like baseball like when I was I was a happened. I'd be happy to be out on the course with our baskets so I was playing with last week when the when the baseball season got shut down and I wasn't really surprised I expected it because the night before the NBA. Shut down. You knew it was just a matter of time and I happened to be out on the course with Adam when Baseball shutdown again this time for eight weeks and as we were wrapping up We're up to eighteen th green. He he was texting with somebody. I know if it was catty or another player and he goes now. They're shutting down the Zurich and Quail Hollow What does that? Well what does that? What was the quail hollow event in North Carolina is a called Quail Hollow? That's the course right it's wells Fargo. Is that what it is I think it's Wells Fargo. I could be wrong either way and I go. Oh that's interesting. That is okay. But they haven't shut down. They shut down hill. Would imagine they would if those events are after Hilton at Hilton heads in the week after the masters and so you know here he is. Here's a guy who actually makes his living playing on the tour and he's kind of like yeah I expect it. You know On the golf course thing for for people going out and playing think that one would surprise me. I really do so I'm going to. I'm going to bet against it. I'm GONNA I'm going to bet against it and I think it's not rooted in what they want to be the case. I think it's an honest I just. I can't picture. I can't picture like Dr Foul Chico and we need people off golf courses. You know I can't picture All right well. I might do more questions from the audience this week. We have a billion more questions that I didn't get to gangster. I always appreciate your time. Thank you to our sponsors. Who Make it possible? The home loan expert Dot Com James Carlton Carlton State Farm Insurance Agency. Marquette Evergreen Wealth Strategies Johnny Layoff Chevrolet Highway Two seventy in Washington was backsied. Chevy find new roads and design air heating and cooling online at Designer Service. Dot Com. You can send in questions feedback pains whatever anytime. T- mckernan it inside S. T. L. DOT COM for gangster. Pete I'm Tim mckernan. This has been another edition of questions from the audience on the Tim. Mckernan show from the home loan expert Dot Com studios.

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