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Welcome back to another episode of the epic table podcast. This is your first time. Welcome this is where we talk about human performance and how I can apply it through help. You guys use it as a resource as everyday lawsuit we had to Jason Woodland on CEO and founder of. Thera gone now. Theravada was also about his podcast. We talked about recovering. Not just from a surface level. We talked about how to improve your central nervous. And how he's divorced that how we can take simple techniques every single day to learn from it and the effects of simply improving and recovering a central web system which is really exciting because something we can do everyday speaking of something we can do. Every day we have Hutch mature and the author of the Oxygen Veg on I and on Saipan for these because talking about breathing something that we do obviously every single genuine. What's amazing is that we looked. Sorry far heads sometimes in new technologies to improve performance through oxygen and whatnot but maybe or perhaps simply just needs to move out on his radio. You snore. You have problems with you. Know the way that you asleep ing do you feel. Sometimes you not exactly getting the best breath also. These are things that we can look at and adjust every single day and today. We discussed that with Patrick. You and he's a phenomenal. Individual himself actually suffer from asthma early on and she looked at techniques that he could adjust. And then you know improving every single day loss so if you look into impressive performance wanting to simply no if you breathing correctly. I'm excited listen to on Jason. If you're one of those people would love to get a review. And he'll thoughts shown social media. Instagram tiger screen shot. And let everyone know that this is something that can all absolutely do everything that. I knew that for all things on the seat. We need oxygen Nelson Brian Wrestling. So I'm not saying any title. I Patrick McEwen author of the Oxygen Advantage Vantage Patrick Account. Welcome to the Tel podcast. Matt thanks very much on beer so if my listeners obviously patches. Yoda fantastic accent. He's in Ireland right now but through his work you know it's been exception rating up on your philosophies and how we can all so much more about one of the most natural ways to improve who we are as humans but before we go into your actual practices in the program. You've tried tonight. I'm really interested in hearing about your personal story because that's how it about right. You had problems with asthma respiration that Kinda made you want to die further into and come up with oxygen advantage. Might Patrick Play Space. Sure. Of course yeah I I suppose I was like many other people I did. The wrong degree went into the wrong occupation. Absolutely hated us but on the other side have shoes and You know after twenty years of having Asmi don't just investment I was also the in distress citing Zayed's sides and sleep patterns. Were very poor. That's kind of normal when you have a breathing pattern disorder so so I read a newspaper article on its head about to breathe through your nose which I wasn't doing. I was constantly map breathing during sleep during rest and even going for a walk and And I wasn't doing that either. I was breathing hard. I would be the guy you know you go for a jog and I the one that was like a train huffing and puffing self so as made changed my own. Houten's made a big difference to how I talked to my breathing to my sleep to my concentration and To to my mind so so that was that was. That's part of the journey begun. It's pretty simple. Isn't it some but I think what I'm so excited. Batty's I mean you've broken it down very not show I guess complex but like For people who don't realize there's actually a quote in your book that you you talk about When if you breathe in a date breath most people think that's a benefit and you'll you referred to as actually Actually you actually detrimental your ability to You know benefit from performance. Now that's to do with oxygen carbon dioxide. So I'm really the part that I love so Mike. Can you actually just go straight into the process of breath and what happens? And then we'll dive into the changes that we need to cats Performance so what happens when we I think we need to understand a law that was discovered back in nineteen. Oh four and it's called aboard a fact or an effect on it's based on a piece of physiology that you would find in pretty much any medical textbook unresponsive. Physiology is the Oxygen Hemoglobin dissociation curve but in simple terms. It's not true that oxygen is good carbon dioxide his badge we need to have a balance and when we take a breath of air into our lungs and oxygen passes into the blood most oxygen. The blood is carried by a hemoglobin molecule. Which is a protein but in the red blood cell and hemoglobin carries ninety eight percent of oxygen but for Hemoglobin to release oxygen to the tissues. It's released in the presence of carbon dioxide and increased body temperature. So if you think of a working muscle that working muscle is going to need more oxygen than muscles pitcher not working so hard on. How does the working muscle attract more oxygen? With the harder you work muscle the hotter it becomes and the more carbon dioxide the generates announced a change in body terrorists to change in the temperature of the muscle and is to change in carbon dioxide and reluctant dropped blood. Ph that causes red blood cells to release oxygen to that muscle. Now if you think of a despite on how many times have we heard the instruction take a deep wrecked and you see the individual taking this full big fresh air into their lungs while they're not necessarily increasing oxygen of taking the blood because it's already almost fully saturated and in the process. They're getting rid of widened amount of carbon dioxide from the lungs and from the blood and this is causing less oxygen to be delivered from the hemoglobin to the tissues so the harder we breed relative to what our body needs the less oxygen that gets delivered that's a very hissy putting it essentially Commodore as you said has been always looked at as the enemy puts actually gateway to allowing oxygen to be absorbed and you touch upon. That's the point like oxygen saturation. General is I it doesn't change too much looking as you said that. You quite ninety five to ninety anywhere Bob. Ninety six ninety seven ninety percent of your blood should be oxygen anything law of concerns. But you never really going to have one hundred percent because if you have one hundred percents such ration. You never having transitioned from oxygen from the blood into the muscles. The good old not to have that to happen. You talk about that. Carbon Dioxide has to increase threats. Like you have to have that Get The essentially the Dole. Why the if the Dole wise only slowly Little Bit Assira. To only oxygen gets into the blood confessed that you saw your body allows for an increase in a threshold of see it too. Which is what will happen in later. Down the track is that of the most you are able to have as a threshold. More oxygen again to block is that that's correct. That's pretty much it now. It's it's it's it's a simple as data and it's not a simpler but in terms of I suppose what we're looking to have as we're looking to home stasis and we're looking to have a normal pressure of carbon dioxide in the blood and money of stolen and it's you know it's not true that everybody would breathing pattern disorder has low carbon dioxide in blood Quite a number of people do and even if you look at some of the papers. I see the paper by a professor from one of the American universities keys and he looked at fifty one subjects and I think there were twenty seven years of age. And we're all healthy and fit people. Only five of them had normal breathing and he was looking at. How can you screen for breathing pattern disorders in sports on his conclusion? Mas Bretault time has to be above twenty five seconds and he measured the same ways to both score. And if you're Bret told. Time is above twenty five seconds. You have a native nine percent chance that dysfunctional breathing is not to present so it's relatively common dysfunctional breathing with some people they will have lower. Co Two but it comes back to the one thing that you raised the stock done. You know we often have a belief in the Western world that it's really good to be taking these Big brats like we have to turn out information of down you think of all of the studios who are teaching breathing exercises and you should never hear anybody breathing during rest in any studio if you're doing postures if you're doing any sort of work if it's doing very light physical exercise nobody should be deliberately increasing the volume of verde breed because in the process. They are reducing the oxygen delivery to to treat the body Dry because obviously do yoga at the former studios you're referring to so let's speak a little bit further to that so but by taking on a B. Breath. What actually happens at the cellular level? Can you STA young reiterate that again? Okay when you take a bigger Brett we have to bear in mind at oxygen. His car two ways in the blood ninety eight percent of discouraged bound by hemoglobin on about one and a half percent or so of oxygen is dissolved directly in the plasma. Now when we buried hard safe for instance if we were doing something like taking thirty hard brexit and drew the matter knows we won't increase oxygen uptake. Won't increase the up the blood oxygen saturation because hemoglobin is already fully saturated but we can increase little the oxygen dissolved in the plasma. But it's the process of hard breathing that we get rid of too much. Carbon dioxide from the lungs and this in turn reduces carbon dioxide in the blood and when carbon dioxide is reducing in the blood blood Ph increases and the affinity of Hemoglobin frocks Chin. Get STRONGER IN OTHER WORDS. The bond of oxygen for Red Blood Sorry the bond of red blood says for oxygen gets stronger when carbon dioxide is lower. So I suppose it comes back to you. Ident people might ask the question. Why surely when I go for a run? My breathing is going to be faster and harder. That's correct but how much faster and harder because you see a guy or a Gal with Dysfunctional breathing if you're breathing his off during rest. Your breathing is off during physical exercise and your breathing is off during sleep and foot sort of symptoms. Would you have if your breathing off during exercise gassing out too soon you know how many athletes have looked like sometimes looking. It's doing press conferences and I see faster up chest breathing into guys just sitting there as rest. You know you know straightway. It's likely this guy's going to have disproportionate. Breathlessness during physical. Exercise is going to gossip too soon. He can have muscle fatigue. And if you're not getting enough oxygen delivery to those working muscled how can we have been sure dash and it's something that seldom talk about I love it man I this is. This is sorry as a stock Such a natural thing breathing is a process. That is one of the most natural things we can help And through your studies and what you've done is incredible lund. So what what I love. Is You of flip the switch on this whole perspective? You're changing what we've been thought thinking so long it's like taking a deep breaths is something we always hear about in recovery so obviously will get into the training of oxygen advantage annual perception of what we should be doing but before we do. Let's talk about the the detriment of lack of oxygen to the body and physical performance in athletes were talk in general so numerous studies that talk about a lack of development to the Brian in young young individuals particularly adolescent age This ozzy problems with sleeping can you? Can you speak to that a bit moment? Yeah it's really more so about the effective mouth. Breathing has on sleep in terms of childhood development. There's money studies looking at the effects of sleep disordered breathing and Childhood and wit sleep disorder breathing. It's very common. That child breeds open mouths now if an adult breed soon open maturing sleep. It's likely that adult is more likely to snore. Have SLEEP APNEA AND TO WAKE UP TIRED. But for a child it's different because the child's brain is growing and carbonic she Next study in stratford-upon-avon from twenty ten. I think study went on for eight years. Looking at eleven thousand Children Day looked at the risk of special education needs of children would sleep disordered breathing. It increased by forty percent now when you bear in mind. The number of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and and would under conditions. You know we really have to wonder. What's the role of sleep? And this and for me think of sleep we have to think of Airway. A nasal breathing is obsolete crucial. And this is not new information. This has been known there was journal back. Nineteen O nine clouds dental cosmos. And I read it you know. Use It on my own my own talks and when you look at what was written back over one hundred years ago that the faces. Dolan expressionless child loses attention. The teachers accusing the child of daydreaming and the child is at Waking Up. A headache is doesn't have concentration. And all of these these things. We see in children's Day on very few healthcare professions talking about the importance of nasal breathing in childhood. Except the top sleep doctrine. The roads just before he passed on the Guy Club doctor Christian gaming up from Stanford Medical School and he spoke about the critical importance of restoring nasal breathing for children both during wakefulness on during sleep. And he went on to say you know. I've seen them in conferences. And I was talking alongside amount. I've seen him stand up and he would say to. The doctors present would allergy respect. He said you're talking about everything except about the importance of restoring nasal breathing during sleep and I would go as fire saying. I don't think you have a good night sleep unless you break your nose now. Dot has a huge white. You know costing there because you think of anybody in terms of performance. How can you be at the top of your game whether you're in school whether you're at university whether you're in sports unless you have the energy and the concentration to focus on what you're doing and I remember going in secondary school or high school? My concentration was dreadful. I'd be looking at the page but my attention wasn't on the page I wasn't you know learning the material. That was fun to me because my attention was totally stuck in my head in a constant state of that brain fog. And you know we're measuring children's academic performance and so-called intelligence primarily from an academic point of view. But how many people is asking the question Howard these kids sleeping and Howard. These kids breathing and of course. It's not just about the kids. We have to consider adults here as well. My son important. You know. I think if it's like a sokoll breathing and sleep on again natural natural things that we go through and I have a very important purpose. Breathing's obvious sleeping is obvious in principle but at a at a a real we'd level. I guess if he cited the wider we're able to recove- by memory stole memory to develop to learn to. You know make really care. Decisions is is so critical And definitely directed and without debt proven we affect on sleep. And so you know when upbraiding to generate enough ability to get into Rambo slow I sleep and that that's an issue in itself so you talked about Nizwa breathing. What is the difference and we talk about the effect on neurotransmitters in the brain by breeding free annoys versus you email. I think it's more likely I think it's more like the the effect the building is having causing sleep fragmentation. That's when we breach an open mouth. We tend to breed. Tend to have lighter sleep and the other thing with with the architecture of the Airway can change. There's a number of things that can happen with my breathing during sleep you know in terms of the architecture of the airway that the tongue is more likely to fall into the throat. The map rating is causing a drawing edge of the Upper Airway can lead to inflammation if destroy the operate mouth. Breathing also was leading to fast shallow breathing. Using the upper chest. Disinterring reduces lung volume and as a result the upper airways more liable to collapse during sleep. So it a condition called obstructive sleep apnea which is relatively common for example in. Mayo's it's more common than females but it affects between men between the ages of thirty and forty nine by twenty six percent of men and from the age of fifty to seventy effects about forty three percent of males and females. It's about nine percent of females aged between thirty and forty nine years of age on from. It's about twenty seven percent from fifty to seventy years of age so with triplets with females. When they go through menopause but I do think it's too steep fragmentation like other aspects of it. Is You know if somebody's waking up dry match in the morning okay. They feel that jab the They're not as rested as they should be But also that may need to get hope to go to the bathroom more frequently and if you have to get up to go to the bathroom during during the night you are having sleep fragmentation. So I think that's the impact. I think that we don't get down to the deep deep sleep. And if we are in deep sleep or constantly getting aroused from so and obstructive CPAP is a really dreadful condition in terms of the stress puts on the heart and it's linked with money other conditions including dementia. In Oh so it's a very common condition very much so that it's going to be increased risk of With people who asked breed we do need are closed. We need our tongue resting in the roof of the out. Because you know you watch your tongue resting in the rift the Matt so that. Your Tong is less likely to approach the airway and sleep. Medicine has changed. In a number of ways the last five years with the recognition that there are four funeral types of sleep apnea. It's not just an anatomical issue. The Airway offender snoring and sleep apnea but there are three non anatomic factors and we have to consider the airway from the point of view of an engineer. No engineer more. Their salt will just look at a pipe without looking at flow but when sleep is being considered generally it's only the pipe that's being considered and its Nash. The amount of air that you're breathing through ish but if you're breathing fast and shallow. There's an increased turbulence in the Upper Airway and this is more likely to cause collapse into arousal from sleep and I often say to Miss Jones. Make the sound of a snore. You know anybody can make the sound of snow during break from this. What you do you tighten up your airway and you breathe harder. So if it's true the Magyar kind of go like this. If it's true the knows you'll go like this. So there's a different sounder to make that sound you typically breed faster and harder. Now if you were really to slow down your breathing determinants in the upper airways less and snoring and obstructive sleep apnea is less. It's not just about the size of the airway. It's also a bad flow. Just make one more point before forgotten. Children who undergo tonsilectomy annoyed ECTOMY. If nasal breathing is not restored. There is a sixty five percent worse. There's a sixty five percent risk of worsening in what's called their apnea hype up the index within three years so money tousands of children are having operations to improve their sleep. They have their tonsils removed. They have their adenoids removed. But there is very little follow for these kids in terms of restoring these breathing you cannot just remove the obstruction of the nose. You also need to change the behavior and the pattern of breathing and you know I as another tied an operation on my nose in nineteen ninety four and I spoke with one hundred and fifty year knows intro doctors last year in Madrid and I to the doctors I explained that did a wonderful job fixing my nose but they never taught me how to breathe through my nose and I think some of them are smiling. There may be some gutted. Maybe some didn't get it. We kind of just fixed the obstruction. We do have to change the Habash. And that's a thing that we all know. Data explains in some way a capacity. Where is the per person sleeping next to us or does Some might for the definitely looking forward to talking about the program you set in but is it just for those who've probably realized that the breeding Being painted by Zahir no sounds. Should I be alarmed? Should I be concerned as to you know the severity unlike? I just want people to realize dogs. The Evan is somebody of form has experienced some sort of snoring. And whether you never done it yourself. Economy is slowly necessarily. But you working in someone's told you now is it. Always the case at snoring is a result of a lack of Control braving And if saw she way be pretty concerned about it. As human development continues even as as our human development continues to human race. You one could argue that the size of the airway is getting smaller that the facial structures changing and as the airway gets smaller. It is going to increase resistance to breathing. But you know what's causing resistance are turbulence in the Upper Airway? Open I talk about the upper airway on talking about the nays. The nasal cavity denies a firing switches. Bird meets Detroit. The aura firing system out meets Detroit. We have to consider both the size of the airway diameter amish as well as the flow of breathing now which children. No child should snore. A child who has sleep disordered breathing that includes snoring to have ten times the risk of of learning difficulties. So you know if you look at the amount of kids with. Add adhd and. They're often put on Ritalin. And has that really dissolution when reading it could be their sleep. Is the big problem here. And there. A number of wonder Florida dentists in the United States. Who recognize this recognized this entre throat and address book coming out by Journalists Coach James? Nestor it's due out in. May actually be dismount and the book is called Brett and James. Nestor is a journalist. Who has invested breathing for the last four years? And I was looking just Penguin semi on kind of a preview copy of vision. And I read ish and it's really touching on the stuff that we touched on the oxygen advantage. Bokan delight to see it because James. Nestor doesn't have a vested point of view. You know he's a journalist. He's not writing about like one could argue that. I'm working in this field and hence I want to get the information out there but when you see a journalist going on. He interviewed a lot of individuals. Dr William Hang from from California. He interviewed Dr Michael Gallup Mariana Evans Pam Dr. John and he went flew to different countries interview. These people and we really have something. That's going on the shape of the human faces changing the airways changing and some of it is coming down to food. You know in terms of going from switching from traditional foods over to what we are now consuming process diets and also lack of chewing lack of breastfeeding lack of awareness of tongue tied lack of awareness of mouth breathing the effects of ash and there is also another aspect in terms of the connection between food and sleep. Because if you're constantly having disruptions to your sleep what happens is there's two hormones affected one is grin and dealers. Leptin and granted stimulates appetite and Leptin suppresses appetite. But if you have if you have constant disruptions to your sleep you will tend to wake up and be hungry during the day as a result to eat more and as you eat more you put on more Waesche. You put more weight on the tongue. More ways on Detroit's more wages the belly and as you put on more wage you have increased the sleep up the so there's always a connection between obesity and obstructive sleep apnea and. It's another vicious circle so we should be looking at you know in terms of the four functions of the Human Body. We're talking about we'RE TALKING ABOUT SLEEP. We're talking about nutrition and we're also talking about emotions of the mind because I like to bring in this. You know we see people who remember depression anxiety and when you start investigating their sleep that often tell you that they're wake up feeling exhausted and then if I asked him well. Has Anybody ever referred you to do a sleep study to check out do you have obstructive sleep apnea dancers often? No and I think it's the reason being is because all too often we consider the person with depression. They're exhausted because of their depression. But maybe it is the exhaustion that is causing the depression. You know the human body is to interwoven just to money. Connections Darren bidirectional relationships between one function on another and in medicine. Every function has been isolated. But you can't do that. The human body because every function is intertwined. You'll have to look at the big picture and that's exactly it. It's almost like the ground. Zero of problems is somewhat other. You could definitely argue is breathing. Ron. Because that's that's the start of it and if you have breathing correctly you not going to rot and it becomes ambitious. Sokoll is you told just exponentially escalating the answer. There's a number of significant studies that like Utah. Those whole minds of that. Same ground that just a couple of things But very dude specific indicators of of hundreds of things are implied that if you draw slave we'd have prayed correctly Put up body into many of problems. Such as potential can't saw a metabolic syndrome diabetes Alzheimer's all those kinds of things he tossed on The The the the things wants to meet him Oxygen Saturation. I absorption. So it's all well to have a Alex as we said Alison Saturation Doesn't change too much so the importance of is actually. How much muscles absorbs isn't that? How much oxygen yesterday have in terms of your hemoglobin separate assets ratio? It's more a case of how much body absorbs tossed upon not Can you just I like. This is actually more for the him before. Side of athletes So what happens the oxygen during our workouts and wondering what's it removing while what I would say is if I was working. Madani alita are recreational athletes? I would always tell them to do something recreation. I I say for recreational athlete. You should do all of your physical exercise. But you're Mike closed on here. Here's the reason being. It's tougher at the start for the first six to eight weeks and the reason being is because you are breathing. Truest smarter entry and as a result. You know your nostrils are smaller than your mouth. And it's forcing you to do physical exercise. You know which are mark closed that you're exposing the body to an increased air hunger now. An increased air hunger. During physical exercise is due to the increased carbon dioxide in the blood and if you continuously exposure body says increased air hunger air hunger diminishes over time so what it means is Dan for a given level of physical exercise? You don't need as much breathing. So there's an economic saving there because it it does this there is cost associated with moving your breathing muscles. You know if you if you're arresting where about two to three percent of our video too is going to support the breathing muscles and if we go for walk about maybe five percent six percent if we do fairly intense physical exercise is probably about ten percent and if we do maximum physical exercise it's about thirteen to fifteen percent but if we do have a breathing pattern disorder it increases dash and for individuals who were during the hyperventilation provocation test. That's when they really breathed deliberately hard for thirty seconds to three minutes the oxygen consumption to support their breathing muscles increase to thirty percent. So does all about breathing. Efficiency NUMBER ONE IS. How do you teach in athletes to do more with less the next load on them? So for the recreational athlete I would say do everything which closed yet. It's tougher but keep doing ish and then it gets easy and that's when you start you know you're breathing lighter forgiven intensity of exercise for the elite athletes. I would say do fifty percent of your training which are closed. Why because it adds an extra load onto you and again. It's the same reasons and I say to a fifty percent which are mouth open so that you don't have muscle deconditioning because initially when you do trauma to nose breathing you're not going to have the same intensity because you're feeling that restriction drew to the air hunger but that's that's up -tations of the body and nose breathing allows you to take the air deeper into the lungs and the greatest concentration of blood is in the low regions of the lungs so nose breathing also increase the oxygen taking the blood. Now I know I already said that. You can't increase the blood oxygen saturation by by increasing your breathing but you can increase the Buxton saturation by switching to nasal breathing. Now it might be one or two percent but at the same time when you're doing a physical exercise but breathing through your nose. The carbon dioxide and blood is is higher and wit sustained physical exercise with nasal breathing. You can tolerate a higher and pressure of carbon dioxide in the blood. I'm Wa- discipline allow more to released from the red blood cells to tissues so if you if you look at the work the professor George Dahlem. Da L. A. And Dan. This is so understudied that there're very few papers in the words investigating the benefits of nasal breathing versus mouth breathing or any difference between the two but he is looked at it and one paper that was published in twenty ten recreational athletes. He got some breathing through their nose for six months. During physical exercise he done tests dumb after six months. When the physical adaptations had taken pace they were able to achieve one hundred percent of their work regime. Ten St on the graded exercise test with nasal breathing versus moat. But with twenty. Two percent less ventilation so twenty. Two percent less less breathing and an increased carbon dioxide in the blood forty four millimeters of mercury versus forty which in turn led to a reduction in the fraction of expired oxygen so D- individuals breathing through the nose that I had a better oxygen taking the bud but they had a better oxygen delivery to the tissues. Now if you look at a few other studies that were published back thirty years ago by Dr John Doe Yard looking at the brainwave states in nasal breathing versus map breathing. Nasal BREEDERS ENTERED FLOW. Stace not breathing mouth breathing trouser. Evolution is associated with fight or flight. Our ancestors didn't Jews their mouths debris during physical exercise look at the research of neanderthals two years ago researchers found the undertows toilets had these really wide nostrils to allow the conditioning of a large volume of air. Trudeau knows not just during rest but also during physical exercise we we have lost the art of breathing and we have lost the art of breathing. Only relatively recently now. I know some people will say well. Dr Western price book wasn't very scientific or etc. It was really an observation and it was using the best available science at that time published back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and he'd locked. Ash. The craniofacial changes of individuals. Spend a switch from traditional died over to a process dies first generation. Children became operators. These children had deformed dental actress data overcrowding of teat dead higher per pilots and they didn't have good airway. And you know you have to consider if you want to be developed not leash you need a good airway so breathing. Efficiency is one thing but human development is another thing yet. You touched upon sympathetic and the passive pathetic death so miss you so just to reiterate you signed it. Used to be dominant through the past sympathetic. And now it's through the sympathetic because of the fact that why that we've changed out. I Guess Breeding Patterns Zach when I suppose you know we always want to kind of have an optimal. You want to have a balanced between the power sympathetic and sympathetic. Because we want to be resilient we want to be able to adopt whatever. Environmental changes are whatever comes our way but I would say to mouth breeders a definitely more stuck in that sympathetic tone Lauren. That fight or flight response more agitated education of the mind if you think of. How do we breed when we get stressed well? We breed fast and shallow. How does a map reader breed fast and shallow because your nose imposes resistance to your breathing? That's two to three times out of the moat and by slowing down your breathing. This helps to calm the mind. So again twenty seventeen Stanford medical school if you were to Google Stanford Medical School and slow breathing. They identified a new structure. In the brain the locus corollas and they said that the primary purpose of this structure is despite on your breathing. So when you really slow down your breathing destructure will determine that you are slowing down your Brett and destruction would relay signals of come to the rest of the brain but Mao printers. Don't have slow breathing. I wasn't a slow breeder when I was a map reader because you have no resistance to your breathing during wakefulness and also mapping always activating the upper chest and our diet from breathing muscle is not just for expiration. You know even if you were to look at it from the point of view functional movement. Can you have functional movement unless you have functional breathing? Is it just a coincidence? That ninety percent of people who have good functional movement also have good functional breathing and if breathing is normalized movement is normalized and movement is normalized. You're more risk of injury however there's also connection between die from and the mind so if you're breathing using the die from just breathing low breathing lash reading slow breathing deep and use an acronym. Lsd So people remember so light is about the biochemistry of breathing. Slow is about bringing a cadence of breathing more specifically practices between five point. Five to six bits per minute and that's to stimulate the vagus nerve to increased heart rate for your buzzer improve. Response resigned Arrhythmia stimulate. What's called borrow receptors or pressure receptors? But basically slow breathing to restored by these systems which are disturbed by stress. And then we look at depressing which is targeting the bio mechanics and the problem with breathing. Donnas that people are all in their own little silos and I was in my silo to whip you take. Oh as my background. I looked primarily at the biochemistry. It's not enough so the oxygen advantage is very much bio chemically focused. But the next book is going to be different. That's one currency rising. I'm GONNA broad broad Nash in terms of looking at functional breathing from three dimensions the biochemistry the cadence of the Brett the by mechanics and true the Brett when you really break down. What's going on there? I think it's amazing. I think I'm only scratching the surface here. Have the more I go down this rabbit hole. I'm twenty years down this rabbit hole and the more. I'm down there that the less realized I do know it's incredible and I'm sitting here. I'm writing notes. I'm Jay rotting notes as you. It just from personal development is a renowned always paypal you reference Essentially what you you with Athlete's the ability to do more with less. And we've seen that in hot consistently with allergy training. I believe you referenced. The first this was not in sixty eight Mexico impacts pictures that right. Yeah it it it was. I really when kind of you know. Strength and conditioning coach is on coach. Started wondering how are the athletes that were performing up? There now didn't do very well. You know at altitude but it was fun to come back down to sea level to started surpassing their personal best on. Dong drew the question. That was just something in this. In terms of altitude training so attitude training would be when did spends a period of time. Maybe a couple of weeks at an altitude of maybe two thousand meters terabytes and an order to expose the body hypotheses for the body to make adaptations including increase red blood cells For example the hormonal rich reporting or EPO. Epo when the body is put into a HYPOC STACE. The kidneys understood that liver to a lesser extent. Synthesized this hormone and a richer appointee in repeal. It's goes as a maturation of the red blood cells in the bone marrow. So by increasing red blood cells increases your oxygen carrying capacity and that in turn increases your view to Max now we do Brett toiling and we deliberately put the body into a high poxy state. But it's intermittent and it's not just that we're dropping blood oxygen saturation. But we're also increasing carbon dioxide. So what we would be doing is doing intermittent type pox ick high per capita training. And I think the biggest effect of what we're doing is instead it's disturbing the acid base balance that were increasing hygiene in the blood and were deliberately putting the body into a state of acidosis to force the body to improve buffering capacity which is probably happening inside in the muscle but this intern then can delay lactic acid fatigue. So if you think about the two are doing high intensity and for training to stimulate ANAEROBIC glycolysis. Well if you're wearing a potok similar which is a little device that you wear in your finger you know. And it's got a red light and infrared lightness and it tells you of all your hemoglobin. How much of it is occupied by oxygen? If you do high intensity interval training with your mouth open your blood oxygen saturation. Were drop down to about ninety three percent. If you do it with your Mac closed your blood oxygen saturation. Were dropped down to about ninety one percent. You are hardly high poxy at that point so what we do. Is We do jogging. Do running leaders sprinting. Brett tolling on an explanation and were dropping the oxygen saturation severe hypoxia. But we're also at the same time increasing carbon dioxide because the drop to bid oxygen saturation hydrogen coming from the tissue. Doesn't get oxidized. It associates Peru Vic. Acid form lactic acids and disinterred dissociates into hydrogen than lactation but the carbon dioxide is well on the other hand we are increasing Dash. So we're getting a hydrogen ion from the carbon dioxide affect and hydrogen from the oxygen effect. And what that's doing is basically you know. We're stressing the body but we're doing it but in limits you know I don't want to. I don't like Oxygen Saturation drops down below seventy percent. I don't want people getting disoriented. I certainly don't want people passing out and people can pass out if your blood oxygen saturation drops down to below sixty percent. And I don't think there's a need to force body to make those adaptations and you know. I could talk about a paper that was published in twenty eighteen by a researcher called. Warren's W O or s and he got twenty one at least rugby union athletes disappear during peak season. I think they were in the early. Twenty S ANAHEIM. Him Do the same exercise we do. Forty meter sprints after an explanation for four weeks and a control group are just doing their forty meter spent but normal breathing. The repeated sprint Abbasi in the group that was doing breadth holding on the explanation. That repeated spent about increased from nine to fourteen point. Eight for weeks now. This is what a leash professional rugby union players. If you if you get a one percent improvement would elite athletes. It's it's massive. But to increase repeated spent buzzy from nine to fourteen point Asian Edwards. The athletes could do fourteen point. Age repeated sprints forty meters with thirty seconds the departure every thirty seconds before exhaustion to increase dash from from nine to fourteen pages a huge improvement the control group who was doing high intensity interval training marginal change come up from nine to maybe ten that was you know so. I think I think by making simple adaptations to an existing training regime. One can be clever about this. I'm breathing has not been tapped into because normally I think people thought was it was a bunch of hippies. Are you know these guys with the open standards going around with lung hair hugging trees and things like that? We have to bear in mind. There's more to it than breathing. Just taking a depresed. Batmans he's accurate that's repeated sprint. Ability is huge particularly in the tame spoiled while owner tasteful and a lot of the functional and the hard time sports because the ability to perform at your best and doing over and over again give in a given time is huge so just to kind of like some paper help. Works is your body at intensity training working an aerobically and then what you WanNa do is obviously have the ability to not have your laptop The ballpark that Incense Your Hotter Don's elevate so much to the way your body to not remove them you want your ability to remove on the Hodgin to be better than to -bility to produce and that way you're able to continually continually sprint repeatedly. Oh performance high intensity along now by doing what? They saw this technique that we're about to dive into and learning to breathe through your nose or even just learning to be more efficient with oxygen by doing more with less you your ability to actually Delight that onsite of continuous boot up improves And so that's exciting for people in the sporting world because it means you can improve your performance without having to do anything to technical other than just lanes of three. Which is a really exciting. So Patrick night is where I'm really excited jumping to some of the procedures that you you know you talk about. So let's let's stop striding through the ball test. I know it's a thing we do in the very thing we do in the morning so like what is. What is the ball test? The blood test is as soon as you wake up in the morning. Sit Up in the bed and just allow your breathing to recover for a minute or two identical number breath in through your nose and time in seconds until you feel the first definite breed our first involuntary contractions of your breathing muscles. And when you let go your breathing should be fairly normal. So it's a measurement of the first physiological response or the reaction of the brain to tell you to resume breathing so if you can imagine it despite when you exhale Andrew. Stop breathing during that time. Carbon Dioxide is going to increase in the blood drops and Madala. The brain reacts to that by sending an impulse to breathe at some point. So you're measuring. How long does it take for the brain to react just sandy and post to braids now? It's generally regarded? That test is generally regarded as a measure of the Chemo of your body to Carbon Dioxide. And it's also measure of breathlessness so the session and deer insurance of breathlessness. So why would the chemo? Sensitivity of your body to carbon dioxide important while well trained athletes and elite athletes typically have a reduced ventilator response to carbon dioxide in other words they can tolerate a high buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood. But we want to do is win. Athletes be want to measure you know. We want to get some indicator of how senses of our day to build to the buildup of carbon dioxide. Because if an athlete is overly sensitive to carbon dioxide buildup will mean that they will have disproportionate breakfasts and I know. Strength and conditioning coaches may put that down to lack of condition but that athletes may be training hard but as their training hard. They are breathing. Hard and training does not change breathing patterns. Because it's your everyday breathing. That dictates how you breathe during your physical training like if you have an it. That's every now and again having the Matt Opener. During Hay fever season you know because there's pollen their nose stuffy than they are breathing through them out and they sleep at the match openness night. All that's going to impact Dr Degree of breakfast and during physical training so I'm not concerned but of course I'm concerned. But how is the Guy Sitting in front me? How is he breathing? But I'm even more concerned with. How is he breathing when he leaves me? How does he breathed when he goes into the we? Go TO SLEEP. Produce Training etc. So that's one test we use the boat and then we also use what's called the maximum breathlessness test now. This test wouldn't be so but if the fee matters pregnant or if anybody is any serious medical conditions including cardiovascular issues but we also want to measure what's the oprah limits of tolerance of breathlessness and for this we take you know you arresting. Don't do much physical movements but have you know you're arresting first of all and then you take a norm breath in through your nose. Hold your nose and start walking and counter money paces. Can you hold your breath for until you're really bursting for Brett? So this is a maximum and the goal is that the bow score is forty seconds and the maximum breathlessness test is eighty to a hundred paces. And that's what we want. Now you'll be surprised of. Seeing the Olympic athletes would bow scores of twelve and fifteen seconds android maximum breathlessness test of twenty and thirty paces. That really needs to improve and but it improves. It's a sign. That breathing is becoming more efficient. That's something we can do. It has an and to be clear. You make very star of oxygen advantage. There are some people that should be very careful. When applying some of these brain techniques can use to make it clear hoods those people Before we proceed yes of course like the one aspect functional breathing is generally find for for vast majority of people breathing through your nose Jesse slowing your breathing with lateral expansion contraction of the lower ribs. That's all good and if the female is pregnant I don't teach them breathing exercises because I don't want change their environment and I don't want to change the oxygen that's delivered to the fetus or changed her immune system. I'm we can changed. Immune system true the Brett now with people with the likes of high blood pressure different cardiovascular conditions they can get a lot of beneficial from doing slow breathing especially to a cadence of six. Brett's permission because it stimulates pressure receptors in the major blood vessels to make the more sensitive to help the autonomic nervous system. The recovery are to improve the functioning of the A. N. S. now Brett. Tolling is a different ballgame. Retorting is a stressor. That's fine we don't first of all we don't do hyperventilation before Brett tolling. We just normal breathing but we have. The individual breathe normally entered our nose out. Trudeau knows holder knows and one of the the exercise that we will do that. You know you have to breathe. Introducer knows Start Walking with their match closed holding their nose. Walk Faster go into jog jog faster. Gwent were run Guintaras sprint. So as the air hunger gets stronger go faster and then at the end let go but minimum breathing for six Brett's and have a semi active recovery just general walking minimum breathing for six Braxton normal breathing for tweeting Brett's and then repeated and repeated five times. I we do that to stress the body but that's only suitable for relatively fish has the individuals you know. It's not suitable for as pregnancy any serious medical conditions. Never do strong breath holes. Sometimes if I'm working with Asthma Yup I can push paper but asthma but I know where to push them and but I've made mistakes over the past I've seen people have put them into full blown panic attacks and I've done that I've done a a few times So I've learned to lash by teaching these exercises and sometimes people would be teaching breathing exercises and they kind of used the same breathing exercises for everybody. You can't you can't do that like if you're doing functional breathing generally that's fairly okay because there's minimal risk but if have somebody who is predisposed panic disorder for example and if you have do a strong bret told that fear of suffocation will will drive into such a fight or flight response that you know a mentally. They will think that they are going to die now. There's probably you know they're fine but they don't think that way because we often have suffocation is often the symptom of different conditions. The feeling of suffocation happens during an asthma attack. It happens during a panic attack. It happens during anxiety so we deliberately Dan Potter individual into a feeling of suffocation with their body doesn't know whether this is read are Nash. And their body would perceive that as a trash so there is a way to Jewish underway. Not to do it but I think for for for you know for healthy individuals. It's a great way to stress the body a little bit and to do it to the point that you know it's not causing damage. We never want dash but to give a few examples. Dan What happens when you do a breadth. Holt while you can open up your nose you can open up your your airways. Am You increase oxygen? You increase blood flow to the brain because when you do a Bret told. Yes your blood. Oxygen Saturation is dropping. But at the same time. Carbon Dioxide in the blood is increasing. I'm this carbon dioxide. Do but it dilates blood vessels and causes oxygen delivery to be increased to the brain so for example. If I'm having athletes do a warm up I want them to do their warm up. Fifteen twenty minutes all with nasal breathing and we start off with lateral expansion contraction of low rips to help cam the mind. But into their warm-up I will have them do five strong battles because I want to put them into that stress stage. I want to activate the sympathetic effect. I want to increase blood flow to the brain. I want to make them highly focused on alert and I want their spleen to attract to released red blood cells into circulation prior to doing physical exercise. I want our nose to be open. I want the Airways to be open. And I also want increased oxygen delivery to the working muscles prior to the exercise and again little secrets but the only reason I'm saying their secret that being around for a hundred years I'm but nobody Simpson about them and that's you touch very good point across the spectrum of things that we can do this on just the athletes but it's everyday individuals because ultimately As we touched on earlier if you getting oxygen to the body's the muscles into the Brian in an efficient manner you performing better and that's not just physically cognitively as well brilliant breakdown complex issues your ability to Make decisions Stole Memory laserlike focused at all these kind of things? It is required and dialogue prostate performance job with our families. Everything like that. So this is as the obvious. Obviously a physical performances. There's so many things that help Will that rely on the correct form of Braiding Patrick do Do you have any other techniques you WanNa talk upon that you highlighting Advantage might any anything that the papal right now. Other than the bolt test and some of those other things that We could simply administer. I think it would be a good practice for people to put it into practice in to see. Sometimes people will say well you know why is why do us bite? You say to breed lasts. Everybody else is telling me to read more say okay. Practice practice breeding less. Sit Down in a nice comfortable chair. Put one hand in your chest and one hand just above your navel and Choon into your breathing pattern and especially feel the airflow coming in and out of your nose and as you're feeling the airflow coming into your nose gently slow down the speed of the breath as it enters your nostrils and when the breadth is leaving the body have a very slow and relaxed and prolonged desolation. So then when you need to be again you think. Very soft and slow gender thin deliberately. Slow down your breathing to the point that you feel less air coming into your nose almost that you are hardly breathing at all and when you slow down the speed of the breath in and when you have a very relaxed and slow gentle breath out you will you will feel or you should fail an air hunger so try to breathe slowly for three to four minutes with our hunger and then check. Are you feeling drowsy is drew changes live in the moat? And can you increase the temperature of your fingers internally? Not just because they're against your body but you could even just have your your hands on your lap. Are Your hands on the armchair for example said are not touching you but if you reduce your breathing you improve the temperature of your hands. Code hands are often very common with people who over break on tells you that harder you breed your blood. Vessels are constricting and I think most people will notice money. People will have experienced at some point in their life. They got into a state of little bit of anxiety. They started breathing harder and they felt lightheaded and dizzy. Why would you feel lightheaded and dizzy from breathing harder? Threes and being was because there was a reduction of blood Brand it wasn't an increased oxygen delivery to the brain increase stocks delivery. Brian doesn't make your lightheaded. But when drizzle reduction to blood flow and oxygen delivery brand lightheadedness can be a symptom so I would say for pupil to practices. And I'd also say don you touched on the whole aspect of mental health. We find me go through education. We are taught how to think how to break information into tiny pieces how to analyze how to decipher how to reason. We are trained. How to think the mind is trained into the superb analytic tool. We are trained. How to think? But WE ARE NOT TRAINED. How to stop thinking and the mind is ever distracted. Social media would emails with text messaging. And I think there's really a state of education of the mind and especially with the youngsters coming up here you know. All of these tools are training the brain to be distracted on. If your brain is distracted. You can't concentrate but you also are stressed more. You worry more and drawing Shis. So I'd say tiny buddy focus on your breath because you're taking your attention out of the mind onto your breathing you car your Brett which you all of the time and of course you know at the mind wanders bring your attention back onto the Brett. The mind wanders. Bring your attention back onto the Brett. Don't set a goal that your task is to get a quiet mind but genty keep bringing your attention back onto your breathing. Slow down your breathing. So from a psychological point of view from physiological point of view you have to bring a stillness to the mind one of the best things. If I was asked to choice I went to a university in Dublin Trinity College Dublin. A hat to work very very hard to get in there and I got my master's degree in there and if anybody gave me a choice your masters degree over the ability to bring a stillness to the mind I would choose any day of the week the ability to bring a stillness to the mind because the human mind is that instrument through which we perceive all of our life's experiences but Yash we never asked question. How DOES MY MIND WORK? That is powerful. That is so powerful. It's cool to hear that you would y your your stills the MoD above anything. That's that's crazy man. That's Awesome I. It makes complete sense to be to be real as well Might I'm conscious of on and there's a thousand will questions I have so we'll have to have to get back on the next time. I'll be with you and Kirk for you. Always always deal with the title podcast Of what we're Talk Matt to the food but before we go few quickfire round of questions and we'll just begin with what is what is Patrick. Morning retainment what are you? What are you doing the morning? I typically like morning for me is a great time trying to finish a now at the moment so typically very early I can start at maybe four five five o'clock in the morning. I'm very limited time and I find us a tremendous way. I can concentrate on at the same time. It's almost that you're stealing time. But you're standing quality time so that's what I do in the morning and have a coffee. I live very rarely in the middle of nowhere. Total silence total darkness and of course at four o'clock in the morning five o'clock in the morning there some light coming in by. Yup. That's how I start my day. That's awesome How how do you control the controllable mate? I use the example of whenever I want to go somewhere. That's I don't know there's going to be activity presence. I take my gym shoes to make sure the gym. All if I know that Maybe going to be eating a table meal on a Sunday on Saturday. So how does how does Patrick? Control the controllable. It's a good question I traveled a lash. And sometimes it's not possible to control the control. I you know what? Sometimes I'm you know I wouldn't say got a good degree of discipline but then there's times that I lack of us and I have to sing about life in that. I want to enjoy it as well so you know. I'm not leash but what I do is I always make sure that I get in some physical exercise day. Typically in our nine and a half more brisk walk could be light jog but typically more walking in the country environment and I can do that anywhere even if I don't have the right shoes with me you know. I love to have a balance. And that's really what I wanted. I never wanted to feel stressed over. The that. Need the rush to to make money. We often see it in our life around us. I think there's a lot of stress out there. A lot of anxiety and society is but a lot of stress in individuals and this may be is what the breadth can do that. It helps you to bring some kind of focus on. May maybe that we are more likely to make the right decisions than Nash. Instead of just getting swept along with the current of what society wants absolately reminds. You say that yeah like you know being just kind of like setting up and doing way. Want exactly might. What's this is my favorite. So if you were fruit. A food meal earning gradient. What would you be in? Why Guinness over? What do you think that works for me? I don't know that's That's what would I be and why I like Avocados. Debbie might real thing usually about one or two a day and so that's the only thing that comes to mind. Of course. I love a bear Guinness. That works for me to Richmond. Doesn't you know I mean that's maybe that's my fall down. Who knows might well? Apricot have a great story with Brady through the skin and I was saying with Guinness. You need lofty the beast. It's a fantastic way to go of. Dum Dum thanks thank you. I'm working on Might Song on on just four listeners. I'm a massive fan of the oxygen advantage this book and so I've definitely if you you're interested in a really simple modality or training thing that you guys can older just that it doesn't take any purchase other than obviously yet in the book itself a highly recommend picking up oxygen advantage and you can pick it up wherever you pick books online and all and Patrick has done a very good job of summating everything. That's scientific inroad into a wide. We can relate to familial level the sporty references. Because that's just how I that's how I operate but might so you've hinted at a second book is let's when when are we expecting that might get you back on the podcast? When that wants relations. Well that's a good question. This book is Israeli. A little bit different in terms of it's very much a focus on health. We're talking about sleep. Dentistry females really that has been overlooked in terms of breathing. But the female body in terms of changes of hormones can have a huge impact and breathing diabetes type on In terms of improving control of Diabetes Epilepsy Functional Movement. Back pain pain so I've kind of looked at putting together a lot of research in terms of topics and breathing. That weren't covered here today. And so you have like the oxygen advantage I had written and then my book agents said that you have to rewrite the whole thing again. This guy says I need you to write this focus. If you're talking to the Fella down the pub I've written about eighty thousand words and I'm not quite sure if it's if I'm talking down the pumps up near to approach book Asian Ascend on the manuscript to him. But you know what would see? I love to see it out in six months to year. That's when I see it. I was looking for that matter. That's that's exactly the of what? I've always interested in as well so go is. Obviously if you're interested in saying what's Patrick's Batman where can we find you? The best point of Reference Oxygen Advantage Dot Com is the best and we're on social media even though I hate the stuff but went on us because we need to get information out there as well so we're on instagram. Got some videos on Youtube. Good free content there as well to get us out of fantastic us. O obviously Vegan is and if you need more information let me know always a fan of the three things alerts and podcast today in. I'm already reading. Winds will do as I continue to book. I'm just GonNa leave you with these guys. So you imagine the fact that you performing what you have been at this point in time and you probably save it to base somewhat a high regard but now often listeners joss you potentially have sun with more in general potential to shave side and all you have to do his brief to simple as that said Patrick. Thank you so much for joining us today Enjoy the rest died in Ireland will be in touch. Might a yeah love. Love everything you do. Thank you so much. Great Time loved the love. The trash thanks very much.

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