The But For Mel Edition


This is one. This episode may contain explicit language. The promise podcast brought to you on. T. lv v. One the voice of the city that is home to professor amir to ler of the biomedical engineering department of the fleischmann faculty of engineering at tel aviv university. Who working with dr. A ya'll forgiven has just founded a new company that will make cow's milk from yeast. The company is named imagine dairy a portmanteau of imagine and dairy and it's slogan is real milk. No cows tamir cooler. It is perhaps worth. Noting holds four bachelor's degrees two masters and to phd's the latter being in computer science and biology. If you are a regular reader of the scholarly journal scientific reports you lately have seen his article quantifying the distribution of protein only gummer ization degree reflects cellular information capacity or. Perhaps you know him from one or several of his other one hundred thirty scientific publications of imaginary to ler says it is important to realize that quote. This product is not a milk substitute like almond or soy milk. We plan to produce products that will be identical to products that come from animals by introducing into yeast genomes the genes that code for milk development and cows. Theoretically we can reach a situation in which you can't tell the difference between cow's milk that comes from cow and cow's milk that comes from yeast in order for that to happen in an economical way. We must turn the yeast cells into efficient factories that produce milk proteins with the help of models. We developed in the laboratory. We believe that within a fairly short time we will succeed in making yeasts produce milk proteins in efficient way that will enable affordable high-quality industrial scale production. In a fairly short time we will be able to prepare in our own homes toast with yellow cheese. That was made from yeast not from cow's milk without having paid any more for it end quote which is astonishing. A miracle really and all the more so when you realize that. Yeast are very small. Compared to cow's a milk cow can way nine hundred kilos and in that little bag that weighs one hundred grams. you get like thousands of yeast which means that the others on the east have got to be just teeny and so hard to milk which is just one reason why i love science. So damn much also professor. If you happen to be listening when you succeed as we know you will end. You're looking for names to call your product on supermarket shelves. We humbly submit these suggestions for the whole line of products. Obviously legendary didn't watch ten seasons of how i met your mother for nothing for individually wrapped. Cheese slices solid derry for fattening things. You're not sure if you want to eat or not like say bree quandary. because it's a quandary. Do i eat it though it do. I not eat it for cheese. Packaged and honks. That look like slabs of rock lapidary for cheese. Sold in bulk to high school cafeterias secondary because their secondary schools for milk to drink while doing needlepoint embroidery novelty cheese shaped like a camel. Dromedary obviously though you might want to save that for cheese sold in theaters with wine at the intervals. These ideas are yours professor. Gratis use them as you see fit though. If you wanna put me on the payroll. I'd be delighted to be stipend dairy and arguably nothing captures. The every. david can be goliath spirit of the city. We love so well tel aviv. Ya better than putting eight university degrees to work. In the service of teaching lowly east to produce milk saving cows from lifetimes of confinement reducing the amounts of methane released into the air each year by gigi tons thereby increasing the humanity while reducing the ecological footprint of my morning cereal for nowhere on earth is more dedicated than tel aviv. To the proposition that a thing can be another thing and it should be because after all change change is always inevitable and often for the better with us in the studio is a woman who's lovely prose several times. A week outcome is is the world around us into a place that it's easier to understand and to appreciate. I refer of course to alison captain. Summer allison is written for politico the new republic foreign policy the jerusalem post the data the ford and many other of your very best papers and magazines. She is a columnist for arts. You have heard on. Npr and the bbc and you have seen her on twenty four television aljazeera tv. You can meet more of your captains marianne needs these days by listening to her host the haaretz weekly podcast alison always holds a ba neighbor world center award for journalism recognizing excellence reportage any simon rock our award for excellence and covering zionism and alison. How are you doing. i always hold it. I walk around holding it all day. Long crazy it's crazy. I have a vegan in the house. So you know. This was not news to me. I found out about it My daughter mentioned. I think last night or this morning. Can i suggest a slogan for the new product please do. It's utterly delicious absolutely okay. We're gonna pack his these together and send them off professor to learn he's gonna love also with us in t. v. one satellite studio in far saba. And you heard a moaning. Just a moment ago is a man who's virtues are so great an obvious that they will never require embroidery. I speak of course of don. Vitamin don is the director of the mariah fund israel and the director of the israel center for educational foundation. He is also the author of a new podcast of one man. Stage plays called fudd. Herman's one man show don how you doing i'm good. i'm just wondering if cows are gonna develop east in response to this. And then every time it gets hot they will rise and turn into hollow. It does seem like it can be an infinite regress with yeast infections and the east produce milk and the milk produced so complicated tie-ins as complicated as for me. My name is no ephron. And i don't mean to boast but this past sunday in our biweekly researchers seminar at the university i presented my cv of failures describing every grant that i've been turned down for every fellowship that i've missed every article i've had rejected every job. I haven't gotten this. Let the grad students know that if they encounter a setback. Well we all do we. Just don't talk about it. But it's out there and i don't mean to brag. It's really not how i was brought up but my presentation was so rich in detail so long so convincing so painful that the students are now sure in the knowledge without even the faint doubt that i am the biggest failure in the university. Maybe an all of academia this week. We have three topics of great importance. But first we have a matter that we are following with alert interest in great concern as part of an occasional series. We call the promise. Podcast ponders pained politicians pondering the palliation poets as well as a matter in memoriam. In the course of impeaching the american president. This week speaker of the house of representatives. Nancy pelosi said this. Mr speaker joined the trump presidency this for years and especially during this time i recall the words of a great isreaeli poet ehud manor and that's what he said when he said i can't keep silent in light of how my country has changed. Her face won't quit trying to remind her in her ears all sing my cries until she opens her eyes. I can't keep silent of how my country's changed her face. I urge my republican colleagues to open their eyes. Pelosi was referring to the song. Ainley era too for which the great lyricist you'd manure wrote the words and corinne allow wrote. The music here is allowed singing together with gali atari the part of the song that pelosi quoted ski. She yeah eighties which is beautiful and moving and it brings up tears every time. I hear it we at the promise. Podcast want to offer speaker pelosi. Who is a listener. Where so we assume some further counsel about israeli song lyrics that we think will be useful to you over the next difficult days. There is a song by arielle himself a great songwriter. Who is the son of nomi. Shimmer may be the greatest songwriter in israel's history you gave us for instance jerusalem of gold you wish aligned sells a half and the words of horowitz's song go so i said there are rules. That always protect me. Let me give you two words. Yellow by the multi as the me day meeting our memorial matter. Is this just a few minutes. After i learned from alison that he had died at eighty seven. My facebook and twitter began to fill up with stunned and sad announcements. That mel reese field had died at ninety two. It was hard not to think that on the surface there is some similarity between the two men. both were charismatic and pugnacious and both loved israel. My god did. Mel refilled love israel. I practically grew up on stories of how he'd moved here when he was young. And nineteen forty nine. Just after the war of independence he'd come with a mostly forgotten. American youth movement called pugad aaliyah to set up keyboard toluene joining thirty five other americans including irv slot the father of bill slot. And if you don't know bill slot you're just not trying hard enough. And also one hundred and fifteen young people from the mostly forgotten. Israeli youth movement called young mcabe only just now sprung from the army one hundred and fifty kids together. Mel grew up in the bronx so devoted to the new york giants that he got a job as a kid selling concessions at the polo grounds and when he got to israel in the summer of nineteen forty nine. One of his first acts was to form a hassle aline softball team that would play against the other keyboard. Seen with americans get show has even sasa and also a moshav named t. maureen. They sometimes play on a soccer field in nazareth the same month hustler. Lean was founded the israel sports federation announced that it would form an official national softball league another zionist victory that first year a us marine ship docked in haifa and somehow they challenged the american immigrants to put together an all star team reese field pitched he nursed five three lead into the ninth inning when the immigrants fell apart revealed himself making the final error. That cost the game on their second. Date melted yaffa. Who was his wife until she died a couple of years ago to watch him play a game in haifa and when it was over she took him sweating to her mother's house and she fed him reese field said that it was then he knew he would marry this woman when quote. Her mother gave me real butter and quote in the early nineteen fifties male got sick chronic jaundice. He couldn't shaken. He alpha moved to america where he ran hebrew schools in jersey in englewood and fort lee and maybe somewhere else for years legendary schools but mostly or this is how i saw it anyway. Mel lived at camp. Tell you huda. Or in any instance four camp tell you who and he came alive at camp. Tell you who the today a summer camp. Where i went where don went where susan went where bill went where my people went. Mel was there every year. For at least half a century i think he was the mythic head of the pan program where kids rising tenth grade spend the summer learning hebrew and where mel presented the language not just as a way to communicate but as a conification of thousands of years of passion and dreams and longing and creativity and yiddish kite the language that built temples and conveyed prophecies and lately organized ghetto rebellions in heroic wars and my confession is i did not know mel i was a bet person. Tell you really two camps. The older and the newer bet and buy some stroke of a pen. I was assigned my first year to bet and it was in bet that i state every summer thereafter mel was in his blood but it must be said that i did not know mel only in the way that i do not know god or kim kardashian. He was a constant mythic presence. In my life. I heard all the stories. And i repeated lots of them how he challenged kids one on one on the basketball court. They being seventeen the height of their powers and he and his fifties and the stakes were. If he beat them they had to come back to camp the next summer where they had to go to hebrew school over the year and he'd beat them and they would go. I never heard him lecture. But i knew parts of his lectures by heart for for other people repeated them about the holocaust. Resign is a more ben yehuda. He was powerful and he was profane and something about him was glorious. It sounds too fancy to say. But when i was fourteen i thought his personality was zionism. Made flesh the strength. The straight talk the drive the energy a few years ago at a ceremony in tel aviv. In honor of sixty years of yesterday our maybe fifty years of course or some such. He was the guest of honor and guilt troy. You probably know him from his famous books. What he writes in the papers gil troy who himself spent a decade working at t y and loves mel in a way that is beautiful and is pure introduced him with sweet n encompassing warmth and mel already. Almost ninety came up and took the award from gilles. Hand looked at it and said another fucking plaque. That is what i knew about mel. But i also know that in new jersey in the fall winter and spring and at t y in the summer mel raise the generations of kids thousands and thousands to love israel and to thinking a new way about what it is to learn what it is to teach over the years. These kids grew up and lots of us may be all of us not just remember mel but remember being molded by mail. A couple of years ago gill wrote and edited a new version of the thick zionist idea. Book that we all grew up reading. It's called design est and it is dedicated to mail it says quote in loving tribute to our teacher. Mel refilled field. A life changing zionist educator who energized generations of american youth to understand the centrality of israel jewish life and quote. I came across a doctorate written. Jt a few years ago. By woman named andrea is owl's called quote. I say aggressive say assertive. The intercultural experience of israeli sleep team at american jewish summer camps and it is dedicated to quote mel rees field. My mentor and teacher. Who introduced me to education as a career and to israel as a cornerstone and who saw me at age. Fifteen something i did. Not seeing myself and quote you'll see abramowitz the solar energy pioneer and perennial presidential candidate here in his. Y'all told journalists a few years back that one reason he and his wife susan silverman decided to adopt kids from ethiopia was a mind blowing lecture by maurice field that he heard back a camp. You would not have to work hard to dig up. Hundreds of the same kinds of testimonies about career set off in a new direction. Lives changed oceans crossed and minds blown by this man who decided that what he would do with his life is teach kids always seeing in them something. They did not see in themselves until with his help. They did like i said i learned that died just moments after i learned that sheldon adelson died and i thought there are different ways to live a big life. Mel rees fills life was monumental. There are tens of thousands of people river vote. Mel might want me to say pressing into service. The word in genesis for tens of thousands the biggest number to have authentic hebrew name river vote who live different lives in different places thinking different thoughts sometimes in hebrew of him may his memory be for blessing as his life. Shortly was today three topics topic one. But sal and naphtali love you very much. As the right wing party splits into its constituent parts and the leaders of the two biggest parties. Now sally bennett. And but talos motoric scuffled about this and that but what they're really fighting about is whether there is still room in israeli politics and twenty twenty one for a religious zionist party will wonder with them topic to lift my eyes unto the hills. Protests breakout around the country after a beautiful doe eyed sixteen year old named a who've yes sun-duk died in a high-speed chest by the police in samaria in the occupied territories which chase came because sun-dok and four young friends in the car were suspected of having pelted palestinians with rocks. The five young men were and are what we call hilltop. Youth young people living usually pious lives in west bank outposts without parents without any obvious authority. Kind of frightfully. Beyond the law. And we'll wonder who these kids are what to think about them and what if anything to do for them or about them and topic three. The medium is the message as the grand poobah of the messaging service. What's app send a message to all of their two billion users including me to the effect that beginning on february eighth they'll be sharing our data with facebook which not coincidentally owns what's app both a you rises end a cry here mostly on twitter and what's app itself saying that we've had all we can take. We can take no more. let's quit. What's whatsapp followed invariably by a sheepish recognition that we in israel who use whatsapp more than any other people in the world will never give up on the app leading us to wonder why. Why is what's up so popular here that is essentially for most of us unbelievable end for our most unreasonably patriot supporters in our extra special special extra discussion. The link to which you can find in our show on your podcast app or at patriotair slash promise podcast on the world wide web following the news of sheldon adelson passing this week. Baroque diana met will wonder how we ought. To regard the passing of a man who with grand generosity supported museums i gather sham and the diaspora museum hospitals medical centers medical schools birthright and at the same time used his medici in power is to spur political change in both israel and america that make both places which we love less safe less decent. Unless good what are you supposed to do or even feel about that will discuss this with a two to allie lip there and steffi cogan whose wisdom held me fast at the edge of moral abyss. This week i don't know what they put in the water over there at the ajc. But i'm grateful for it anyway before we get to any of that. Listen to this took it. You show us subdued team. Panicky must fula camacho motor spoiler cable inglewood faithful sneak shelter could cheat the young mama. Mia margie man unusual. How sure does that songs. Money up by gone ari and these choir gone. Battery is a writer. Basically a novelist and a journalist and sometimes director for research for a book. he's working on. He went to the amazon to take part in iowa ceremonies and when he came back he had lost the innovation that are always kept him from singing so he posted on facebook and that he was looking for singers and thirty people showed up in his apartment. Some old some parents with kids. Some singer is some not and they call themselves these zoo lot choir and gone rewrote music and made a record. That just came out a couple of weeks ago. it's called tech s ocd. It is crazy raw. I love it and will listen to it over the course of the show and now it's time for a first discussion. Allison is there no room anymore in israeli politics for a religious zionist party. So it's a very very sad love story that had to come to an end last night on the satire. Show aritz ned derek. They had politicians itself. Nf tally bennett of the immune a right wing religious party in an apartment filled with boxes splitting up their belongings and trading recriminations in the style of a divorcing couple. That's after the head of the national union party. Small church announced the sweet quote. We are going our separate ways. The we in question are smokers is party and naphtali bennett's new right party in the last elections. The two parties ran together with a third party. The jewish home party on a joint list called us or right word. Bennett's party issued this passive aggressive response to smoke churches announcement. Smokers has decided to split up the right. We wish him luck. It's all very divorced like right around the same time. The head of the jewish home party minister of jerusalem affairs roffe parrots announced that he was quitting politics altogether. So look guys. Divorce is hard the most important thing to remember is it's not your fault and smoke. It's parrots and bennett all love. You very very much really out there. It is not your phone. The extensible reason. Why much bennett have broken up. Their romance is that demanded four of the top ten positions on the joint list. Which seemed to bennett to be too high. A price to pay for that partnership in fact the rift between the two parties goes back much deeper than a mere disagreement over. Who's cronies will be in. the knesset. Small church bennett both came up in what is known here as the religious zionist camp although on rather different sides of that camp for smudge the adjective religious is the dominant one for bennett. The adjective zionist is the dominant. One smudge is more conservative than bennett. About almost everything. He favors religious legislation that would limit what is open across the country on chabad. He supports allowing government funded events to be segregated by gender. He supports converting illegal settlements until legal ones. He opposed women serving in combat units in the idea if he's not on the woke side when it comes to lgbt q. Issues and he aspires to be a politician who fights for his base. He wants religious folks of all sorts but most of all religious settlers to support him bennett. Seek support from a much broader constituency including folks who aren't religious and folks who aren't straight and folks who live their lives within the green line renown a for example bennis. Ambition is to be elected prime minister by a broad coalition of all sorts of israelis enamored of his platform of free market small government and responsible management smudges. Ambition is to wake up every day. Advancing the agenda of religious people who hold the hope deer that one day israel will be a religious state with religious schools. Educating religious voters who will in time elect him as their prime minister. He's playing the long game so in a way then bennett and smudge are easing apart. Like they're each on a different tectonic plate one of them religious the other zionist and not specifically religious and these two plates are lurching apart. Bennett basically is betting that the age in which a sectarian party of religious zionism has come to an end. He wants to be part of party. That has broader appeal. Slow church on the other hand is saying that there remains a great need for a religious zionist party. That is a religious party that is not ultra-orthodox. You're at incur duck journalists for the conn broadcast corporation who covers their religious. Beat has lately. Been trolling and hectoring. Which on twitter basically arguing. That bennett is right. Our religious zionist political party is a dead end right now and inker tweeted this week. A poll showing that most people support running public transportation on chabad and favor civil marriage. That is nonreligious marriage. He also tweeted poll. Showing that only six to twelve percent of religious people identify with smudges combination of great nationalism and great piety he tweeted. That much has no constituency at all. As most religious zionist shorts quote are dispersed among all sorts of parties. And there's no scenario in which a party with a fancy name that represents just one faction is gonna bring them home. Basically at inger said wake up and smell. The villain bennett is right. Religious zionism as a political force is dead. Let's all go light a yard side. Candle say cottage and make its memory for a blessing. Do you guys think. So is religious zionism dead and if so why and who is the culprit that killed it. I don't think it's dead. But it's definitely evolving. I think what united this camp for much of the past fifteen years was the goal of preventing any further evacuation of settlements. After the two thousand five disengagement from gaza which was traumatic for all israelis but earth shattering for settlers But things have changed There hasn't been evacuating settlements. Since the kerry led peace talks collapsed six years ago. and settlement enterprise is national policies. It's not debated anymore and also become the position of the broad right-wing parties first of all the likud but also ucla new and also get on sars new party. Teak vodka shot the new hope so there are other homes for people to go to. Who are adhering to those right wing positions but on other issues The voices within the religious zionist world are very diverse and it sounds like it looks like they're falling along more conventional liberal conservative spectrum And and this hard core that that it sounds like smo- churches going after. And and i would. I wouldn't really call him pious. I would call them. Reactionary is more fragmented but there's a whole range of opinions on issues of a character the jewish character of the state the treatment of lgbtq People Uh even even relations to to arabs and palestinians. So i think i think these are the processes that are going on behind the scenes. I don't know if i entirely agree with with what you said about. The settlers now feeling as though their agenda is well covered as as a regular reader of a right wing religious paper. Mcquarry shown they're basically. It's just basically nonstop winning about how the likud has ignored them and how their interests are always endangered to the nth degree and that netanyahu is the worst thing ever to happen to them. But i i completely agree with what you said about how diverse their voices are and i also think that this is part of a of a broader point like the the great unseen force in the dark matter of israeli politics. The huge thing that nobody ever sees is that an almost all the parties there is this great poll to be part of kind of the norm part of kind of the the the masses you feel this in ultra orthodox politics you feel this in palestinian israeli politics like everyone is wishes as though they were not part of sectarian politics where that they didn't need to be part of sectarian politics and this has been more true of the religious zionist than anyone like almost from the beginning. Frankly from the nineteen fifties really. What they just wanted to be was a real boy they just wanted to be a real boy and like everyone else. They just wanted to be taken seriously in the army and that that culture like over twenty or thirty years become completely institutionalized so that many many religious zionists who take their religion very seriously and may or may not support the settlements but probably do they look around and they say. I don't want to vote for a party. That says that i'm different than everyone else. I wanna vote for the likud. Or i wanna for you. Don't sar one vote for you. Know whomever blue and white or not. Because i am a real israeli just like japan does said one day i would be. I don't know if this is all just you know you're you're talking about sort of feelings. Insensitive there's also like very Deliberate efforts I think on the part of the the settler leadership specifically Yossi gon. who's the head of the samaria regional council. Who made it his mission. I forgot how many years ago five ten years ago to basically say you know we are. We're no longer gonna be this outside party. We are going to create powerbase inside the likud inside the Inside the ruling party and And has got a lot of A lot of settlers to sign up as likud party members so that they can have a very powerful voice within the likud Party primaries so a lot of this has happened by design the weakening of the separate you know religious zionist party. They basically said we want to get closer to where the power lies which is within likud and not you know as a coalition partner who's negotiating with them for power the way that That neftali bennett has been doing right right. And the valley bennett is the best example of this. Because he's saying he saying behind his the back of his hand to the religious zionist by by saying that i am not a religious zionist. I by saying that. I am in israeli. I'm going to be. I'm going to run this place. I'm going to be the prime minister of this whole place. And i think that a lot of people think that among religious. I think that that's true too. That once they are accepted. Felise israelis and present themselves fully as israelis. Because they are they believe in themselves as this really Really committed Honorable particularly moral hardworking working population. They're going to rise to the top and they point to the fact that they have to a large degree in the army and they are beginning to do it in high tech and and other places as well and they think the future is there. I think you know to support your earlier. Point noah the complaining that you see in read about in macoris shown And the complaints against netanyahu that he hasn't done enough for the settlement movement. I think it has to come to what the expectations and the fantasies are about And this has turf. That both key don't sar and bennett going after. Because i think each of them is going to present themselves as someone who is going to do. Much more to actively expand settlements and takeover moorland and invest more in the in the west bank Than netanyahu has just inject that yesterday. donny diane. Who's the former consul in new york and the former head of the Of the special counsel this the settler movement announced that he was joining sars party. Yes okay so which would which would support that. Look you know you. You heard this community coming out very vocally. When you know briefly we were all discussing the kushner piece planners called peace plan which included recognizing a palestinian state even if a very truncated one and then suddenly there was a a voice saying no. We don't want this prime at all. Because that's the other issue that unites people is opposition to a palestinian state. so i think Yes there's frustration with netanyahu because especially during the trump administration There was a dream that the fantasies we're going to be fulfilled that We would simply connects all of the west bank and somehow Figure out what to do with the palestinians later okay. Now listen to this Shit bank oto duty in. Should i assume john wiley. Something that big washburn basketball. Dan dot a dash by gone ben ari and the zoo lot choir and now it's time for our second discussion. So done what should we make of kids and checks on hills on land. That doesn't belong to them. The water and the fountain in dizengoff square ran red like blood. The other day assigned posted nearby. Said a who've he has blood is still boiling. A hoover is via sun-dok a sixteen year. Old kid who died at the end of december when the car he was in and may have been driving with this is differ on. This point crashed and rolled over during a high speed chase by police in southern samaria near a settlement named kaukaba. Shocker where san doc had studied in the achieve before dropping out to move to a nearby hilltop settlement called mottos stare. There were four other young people in the car at the time who suffered light injuries. The high speed chase happened after police got reports that young men re palestinians with rocks in the area and it may be that sandakan friends worthies young men in any case. Their car failed to stop at a police. Checkpoint and two police detectives from the your mar central unit responsible for intelligence and investigations gave chase. None of the five kids in the car had a driver's license. The oldest one was nineteen dot was the youngest at sixteen and pictures. It looks like an. He's got abroad kind smile. Deep-browned is like a doe wavy hair cascading over shoulders from underneath a broad skullcap. Some was born in a settlement in gaza in two thousand and four and was a year old when he and his family were evacuated from their home As part of the two thousand five disengagement from gaza this event left a deep imprint on the entire family who via included and though now only sixteen sandakan his beloved. A young woman named sean kevin goldstein plan to announce their engagement only days after he died after sondakh died protests swelled claiming that the central unit of judea and samaria police ought to be investigated or disbanded first. The protests were in the west bank and then in jerusalem and then eventually there was blood in the fountain and tel aviv's most notable street as the protests spread. What was being protested grew broader to it was still about sandbox but it was also about how police treat the hilltop youth day in and day out there have been hilltop youth for about twenty years since aric sharon the same sharon engineer. The withdrawal from gaza said that young settlers need to grab the hilltops. He said that settled kids. Should quote moved should run should grab more hills expand the territory unquote Dozens eventually hundreds answer the call and some of those became a water today called hilltop youth. Usually they are very religious Often drawn to a cossiga spiritual sort of ecstatic practice. There are hundreds of them. Mostly drop outs drawn to a kind of sexism. Living off the grid intense or poor housing atop the hills getting their literacy from a generator and the water from a well their lives seem to combine religious discipline political fervor and affinity. For kind of anarchism. They are free radical radical unbound to family school or the institution of the state and we might find them romantic and perhaps some of us do except that the behavior of at least some of them as appalling not to mention illegal they have been accused with good and well documented reason for constant thrum violence against palestinians vandalizing schools and mosques stealing sheep destroying olive groves slashing tires pelting cars and people with rocks. It's estimated dozens of police. Detectives and investigators are assigned the task of keeping tabs on the hilltop youth preventing crime when they can arresting the criminal kids usually after the fact when they cannot stop it. The army also devotes lots of time and effort to tamp down the damage. These kids and young men do Also there haphazard settlements are illegal even by israeli law and the army periodically dismantles meaning that most hilltop have had the experience of being awakened at three a. m. by the sound of an army bulldozer. Come to lay waste of the shack. They've built for themselves. So what do we make of these kids. Who are they why. And how is this movement sustained itself now for twenty years and how as a society should we treat them Do we see them as part of ourselves or something different. What's to be done with them or for them. And these kids are you know. They're they're crazy phenomenon every generation. Kind of pass to rebel or you know break out from the one and how do these How to these teenagers. These kids who were raised by parents who you know struck out on a settlement in the middle of nowhere and raise them like. How do they know everyone wants to go. A step further than there than the previous generation And also sort of to their own identity. So that's how they've you know the pushing the limits and they've been enabled by the By the government who sort of symbolically limits them and keeps an eye on them but has not really taken a Harsh measures against them. And i think that the the huge reaction of of the community on the death of this Of this boy hate to call him a man. He was so young Kind of shows why over the years they've been treated with kid gloves the by the israeli government because there's been It's been signaled that if they dared be as tough and harsh on them on their illegal activities as they are for example on palestinian activities. There would be this kind of Tremendous backlash what kind of harsh treatment do you think the government ought to deploy with them. There's gotta be a way to keep you know to to stop them from being where they are to to like seriously you know prevent them from rebuilding again and again and again Every time that they're that they're demolished Yeah arresting them You know putting them in jail. They do get arrested pretty often and put in jail for short periods. You mean lock them up for for years at a time. Lock them up if you're or the recidivists among them lock them up for years at a time Yeah i mean that's what That's what happens. I'm not saying it should. I'm not saying that's the right thing to do. I'm just saying that in comparison to other lawbreakers Especially a palestinian lawbreakers. They are treated rather gently. Yes the we. We don't want to have that. Be a benchmark for anything. I'm just pointing out the inequality i'm not I'm not saying that that's the bench. Though the inequality if you're if you're a palestinian looking at this then the inequality palestinian living in the occupied territories and the the the unfairness of it must be just too much to take. But i i. A meat sent us a lot of material about about this including interviews with hilltop youth and allowed about. I spent a lot of the week about thinking about the parents This last weekend because of of all the protests than mkhori shown was. I think half dedicated articles by parents interviews with parents of these people and it ended up. I ended up feeling of just really heartbroken for will certainly for the parents who are saying. Look my kid a lot of them. Were by the way from inside the green as well saying you. My kid got more and more excited about doing something that had real meaning in his life and began to criticize us for hypocrisy of believing we ought to hold onto the the territory's but living rana and then one day my kid just was no longer going to school and then one day. We weren't seeing like it anymore. He was off somewhere on some hilltop. And it's it's a little bit heartbreaking and you read between the lines of these parents of this mixture of a little bit of respect for these kids who are being like committed to their authenticity and doing something independent and also fear and also heartbreak about you know these kids who may be lost to them in some way and to view them as hypocrites and i definitely came away feeling some kind of like respect for these kids but mostly what i felt was my god. They're just kids and it's hard to say because like sendak i. if he hadn't died in six months would be married and probably in a year and a half would would have a child himself at seventeen but but still he's just a kid and then some of the. The older ones are in their twenties and a lot of them are married but they it struck me how much they're they're just kids from what i've seen. It tends to be like a phase of life that you know they get older whatever later twenties or thirties and they're no longer on the hilltops. They sort of reenter in re blend into Into into society but i mean this tendency of teenagers to rebel right. I mean these are. They're in very tough. Frameworks a lot of them. You know yeshiva full-time whatever. They don't have a lot of options to break away. And so this is probably a really Attractive attractive option. I kind of compare it. It's not really comparable to people in the us who are in some very strict religious families who moved to israel because like it's the one way of striking out on their own that their family will will sanction right including moving to some rugged place where where you just see biblical landscape and you have nothing in your building it from scratch which is like what my ideal was. When i was these kids age. And then i moved to a kibbutz that was lush and beautiful and comfortable of course. Because i didn't have a place like this but i would've. I would've done it. If i i mean i well. That's look. that's that's the romantic side of it. I mean look first of all sixteen year old dies. that's a tragedy. i mean who knows what this kid's life would have turned into later now. You know we'll we'll never know so that's obviously Terrible that this happened regardless of what he did even if he was throwing rocks at people. But the you know the kind of youthful rebellions you're talking about don't involve committing illegal acts which are directly harmful to other people and i think you know the the tolerance of this behavior and maybe it's because they don't have a good solution because like you said they don't want to just lock lock these kids up and throw away the key and there's a lot of pressure from within the settler community. Which has you know powerful interests that we hear all this criticism of the police unit to it. Sounds like we're trying to do their job. And as allison's obviously If was palestinians nobody would blink of somebody got killed in a chase. It would have been their fault. And we'd you know we wouldn't even be discussing it So i i. I think that's an an a week when we watched anarchists who have their own destructive fantasies and conspiracy theories trying to take over the us government. I have to say okay so. I have less sympathy for this and i do feel for the parents who like all parents whose kids are choosing a course that they don't understand. I mean maybe like you said some of them A little bit envy them a little bit which they had that ideological purity that it's hard to feel as you get older and realized the complexity of life in the world That you can feel when you're sixteen so so purely and some of us did Still it's the these are kids out of control and we don't have a good answer for it and obviously the answer we do have isn't working. I yeah. I think you're exactly right about all that. I'm not sure that. I fully think that were countenancing this that were allowing allowing it to happen because again from the material that we read. Apparently there are more than one hundred officers who whose principal job in the world is to keep tabs on and these people these eight hundred or nine hundred people which is police officer to thug ratio that oh higher than the faculty student ratio amazing. Use weist of resources. If you could find a better solution it just turns out to like partly because their kids and partly because you know the way that we treat palestinians that were you know. Sort of compare naturally comparing it to is completely unacceptable with any human being including palestinians and also including jewish kids. So you're that's not exactly a solution that's open to us. It shouldn't be open to us with palestinian. Sue obviously so So then like it just seems like it just hard to know what to do and they do go with the bulldozers and they bulldoze these things down. I mean there are some things you can say like isreaeli politicians who support this in some way. you know. that's that's horrible. Who are they helping. They're not helping these kids. They're not helping anyone but theirs. But it's really. It's like this. But i thought about it all week. I don't know what a solution would even begin to look like. Well look i think is also interesting. Is that unlike most people in the liberal side of the of the in israel. I think you know are seeing these protests and are not you know. They're sad that kid got killed obviously but otherwise we'll probably slough off and say what are these kids doing there in the first place and these kids were committing violent crimes at the time. They were being chased. And why were they drive a car. You know there's a lot of ways to explain it away Now the set within within the settler world people and as you said in the materials we saw are much more conflicted and much more conflicted to the degree that these kids are hours like. These are kids. What are we supposed to do about them. or are they not our kids. Are they Somebody else's Delinquent children who end up on our neighbor our neighboring hilltops causing us problems. So it's it's you know. There's there's tensions into society that only part of this country are feeling. Now listen to this me. Yeah the data own shannon as only zone and Let's don't do. This does so too a small down. zoom shooting. Call who. i'll show you. That's his massacre. Al shabaab by going barry and his lot choir and now it is time for our third discussion which we are calling. The medium is the message. And here's why two billion users of the messaging app. What's app got a pop up message recently telling them that beginning a few weeks on february eighth to be precise at the apple start to share information with facebook. The stuff we right to our friends kids teachers and officers in the reserves will now be pressed into service for the sake of quote improving services and your experiences using them such as making suggestions for you for example of friends or group connections aura of interesting content personalizing features and content helping you. Complete purchases and transactions and showing relevant offers and ads across the facebook company products and quote. Just so long as you understand that the changes are improvements made for your own damn good at ads for the goods and services that you want. Oh and the message said that. If you don't click. I agree on february eighth. What's apple no longer work for you. Nice little communication setup. You've got there. The app seems to be saying. It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it. What's apps decision has sparked outrage among israeli tech geeks and privacy hounds who took to twitter and well facebook to express their outrage and sometimes to try to cajole the rest of us to not click. I agree and instead to abandon. What's app for telegram or some other similar service. The usa facebook was an irony of course because facebook owns. What's app and it is. The grand poobah is in mountain view. Who are behind the change of policy in the first place and the protests were anyway quixotic because even the people most outraged seem to understand that there was not much. Chance of many israelis abandoning. What's app. I enjoy sticking it to the man as much as the next fella but i myself couldn't quite figure out how i could bail from what's app not because i love what's app i don't i kind of hate it a little. But israel loves what's app in a way that makes life here almost impossible without it. One local survey found that ninety one percent of israelis us. What's happened another estimated that ninety seven percent use it. This almost certainly makes what experts. Call facebook's user penetration higher in israel than any other country in the world for comparison sake in holland where whatsapp more popular than anywhere else in europe. Eighty five point six percent of the people. Use the app in uruguay where. What's app is more popular than anywhere else. In that in america just seventy two percent use it. Only one in five americans use it. What do we use. What's app for looking at my unrepresentative phone. You gotta start with the family. Whatsapp group where plans for chabad are finalized. Choose cat videos are shared. And such you've got your liquid plumber. Group liquid plumber was are banned. You've got your various promise. Podcast groups. I've got a group for each of my graduate seminars. there's a faculty group a group from the neighborhood. There's a green party group. There are dozen environmental action groups. There's my neighbor anti netanyahu protest group. There's the national anti netanyahu protest group. There's the farm to table company that keeps us in corn and apples each week. There's an ecology group. There is the bezeq winery group. There is a let's foment in the green party group. There's a group for a conference that i'm organizing about arthur roofing. They're standing together. There's rob joe's daily tanakh lesson group. There is a neighborhood running group. there is a. I decided free books on the street. Group parents of young and youngest kids have a multiplicity of school and club based whatsapp groups for each kid and play groups when the idf is involved in a confrontation thousands of parents whatsapp group spontaneously generate sharing. What information they know about the safety of their kids which led three scholars to write a paper called quote fighting worrying and sharing operation protective edge as the first whatsapp war. I could go on. And that's just the groups they alone account for hundreds of messages a day on my phone. Maybe forty or fifty hour at the height of the day. And then there's all the one on one whatsapp communications. Everyone you've ever met is likely to contact you on what's happened lots of people you've never met including the delivery guy and the person who wants your vote and the demonstration organiser and the magazine hoping click and lots more which raises the question. Why is what's app so usually perfectly popular here. Can you imagine israelis peaked that. They're what's messages are now going to get pot over by facebook. Actually deleting the arab can you imagine you yourself leading the app alison so. Nothing's been in amusing me more. You know than than people righteously leaving facebook and staying on instagram and whatsapp which is owned by facebook. Why do israelis love it. I think it is the same reason. Why israel weddings tend to be four hundred five hundred six hundred people and You know in america. They tend to be more like a hundred or two. They love the like to easily. Put a shitload of people on a group Group texting in america and most of them. Don't really see why you would want to switch to whatsapp when you could just do a group text. It's really you know it's because you can scale so many groups but there is that sort of illusion that it's more private than having a facebook group or some other Some of their large group. It says you know this message has been encrypted so there is going to be some moving to to signal and And telegram as a result but habits are habits and you know. I personally haven't gotten off of facebook and i don't think i'm going to be getting off of what's up either. Even though i don't you know i don't feel like whatsapp. Is that central to my life. I think if combination of facebook and regular old fashioned texting and god forbid email For me would serve the same purpose. The thing is if your you know your your kids are will soon be out of school but you still have a kid in school like there. There are certain groups that are just not optional. I don't know how. I literally do. Not know how i could not be. What's app like. I would not get notices about faculty things that i absolutely need to know the only way to do it is to be part of a whatsapp group and it has increasingly become the tool for work communications. Because you can do subgroups you can. Do you know parts of the staff. You can do teams working in one project or another project And so that has to some degree already replaced emails. Look i think it's what you said. Israelis are super social and And not everyone but many of us are belong to all kinds of different frameworks and this is a very practical way to communicate. I mean the other thing. I use it for over all the other options because everything was up. Does you can do some other way as he said alison and and maybe some people will now decide to do it. Because they're more aware that their data's being mind You know we send short videos and photos at super convenient for that from your smartphone. I think in general israelis are less worried about privacy issues and protecting personal information than citizens and other western countries. Because it's a hopeless mission. Right well i think arne basic trust and security services at. They're out to protect us and not out to Survey us You know even though there was some pushback. Ram through using surveillance technology for tracking a covid nineteen Was that that much pushback at. That's not what got the masses out into the streets. So and i you know with the massive youth both of what's up facebook in this country. What's up being even higher It's hard for me to imagine me. Younger people don't use facebook instagram but or other platforms. But i think it's only going to be the small hardcore diehards who who really troubled by this who are going to switch journalism circles in journalism circles in israel and Also in the. Us everybody does their community if they want to keep a source secret. It's always signaller on telegram. It's never ever ever on what's up and that's because of concerns about security exactly but that's interesting. I think that part of the story is that basically israel and what's app are twins that were separated at birth. I think that they are structurally. Dna wise they are almost identical which is to say that like the way that israel works. Like you said don. It's a very social place but even beyond that it's just this layer of circles on circles on circles on circles on circles. And there's a lot of kind of interplay between the circles as well but everyone's life you know you have your your friends from the army and you have your your your your kid's school the parents from your your kids grade and you have the people from work and you have whatever i know. Everyone in the world has these things but here each of them also becomes a kind of social circle in a way that people have a kind of commitment to and i think that the the map of our civil lives looks really really similar to what must have been the first flow chart that the that the first programmers of what's up came up with it like it really the reason why why it's so powerful here is because it is like so deeply so deeply matches israeli kind of social sensibilities. I think i agree with that. I know i think that's exactly right. I think also you know whether there would be a tipping point where people would say. Okay this is just getting too invasive You know it's it's eerie to be still when my Iphone tells me How long. It's gonna take me to get to my next destination. When i have not put in my next destination. Yeah oh that happens to me too. Yeah so so then. I just go. This is just weird. This is just like too much or if you have sometimes it. Has this like mysterious. You're speaking to someone like in real life and then all of a sudden something related to your conversation or the person pops up on it. You're like how did you know that. And i don't know if you don't if it's their phones proximity to yours or something like that. There's only really one solution to this. conundrum minoan don. Do you know what it is. What is that. What's that lead such a boring life that you don't care if everybody knows everything that's on your and social media right. Yes i do that. That is now. Listen to this. Boiler china shola. She yana barney show She is sheds dean beside now Shannon leto safa. Land assume led the bill Million loan boom mccomb shirt. Oh a gun. Boy been Bunich best flowing glove but Boy a boy. Someone but by that song is billy thailand by golden ben. Ari and the zulu choir. You can find all the places now. it's time for our country segment. This is the part of the show in which each of us described something that might have surprised or amused the lighted or enchanted in source old. Or may even flu. This as we went our way through our world over the last wild don. What is your country. Yesterday i went to the funeral of legendary jewish zionist. Better mel reese 'field who know spoke about so beautifully at the top of the show. I'll add that. Mel was an early adopter activist out there. Marching with martin luther king and a fighter for soviet jewelry and for ethiopia jury before many others in the community had registered. These causes. now. I i met mel when i was fourteen and he was a forty four year. Old division head or america's running lapan program at camp. Tell you who to. That's the national high school camp for young judaea. It was already practically the oldest. Staffers almost generation Except for his powder director. He knew all things. Hebrew in israel was passionate emotional loving inspiring and crass as hell. Mel wasn't tall but he was made of muscle a jewish strongman from new york with a roman nose and the curls of a roman emperor. Or maybe sabra hero from the founding of the state he would arm wrestle anyone defeating all comers from teenage campers to twenty-something counselors to the truck drivers at the local bar on the basketball court. He had a deadly accurate set. Shot right out of the nineteen fifties. He also had one bad is so he would turn his face to the side to get a good look at the basket and drop in twenty or thirty footers at will. I had never met anyone like him. Had never imagined. Jews could be so powerful so filled with spirit and so much made of this earth. Mel was famous for his lectures sweeping surveys of jewish history or christianity or anti-semitism chock full of information. These talks were distillation of history books. Integrated with mel's own incredible store of anecdotes. He would ratchet down to a near silent. Whisper forcing us to strain forward to listen or make the rafters. Shake as our imaginations soared. This was performance art equal parts theater. Content and bombast brilliantly constructed and perfectly attuned to our attenuated television addicted souls but mills kingdom was as one month wilpon program rather than coach us in the seven hebrew verb forms or tremendous with the beauties of hebrew poetry. He drilled us in hebrew songs and cheers and raunchy lyrics which are still stuck in my brain. After almost half a century he taught us to curse in hebrew which means to cursing arabic warning that while we could say these things to each other we would be putting our lives in danger to an arab for our all and hebrew extravaganzas show paired with my new friend joel rosenfeld to perform hebrew renditions of sir. That's my baby. Cain don zoepel body and singing in the rain complete with yellow slickers on his shaw. Bogus the next year. I did the tin man song in hebrew in a zionist wizard of oz. Now that my hebrew is more proficient. I can tell you that those hebrew translations were truly terrible but i never forgot the words at saturday dinner as shabad was ending mel conducted. She rush guitar quiet singing in the dining room. The music director is not allowed to play the accordion chabad and couldn't cope with leading four hundred teenagers without music. But mel commanded the room his voice cracking as he willed us to feel the emotion of these beautiful melodies and to understand the words. This was followed by dollar outside in a giant circle. The flames dancing in the mountain. Air like our raging hormones. One night melted a few of us boys aside and told us confidence about his own experiences with girls when he was a teenager. Nothing too graphic but not too prudish either just enough to tantalize to make us feel like insiders letting us know that our adolescent lust was perfectly in order but he also told us about wanting to move back to israel how every time he and his pa- mock nic wife offer return. The illness he had developed on kibbutz solar leeman. Israel's earliest years would flare up again and they would have to decamp to new jersey this long deferred zionist struck me as unbearably tragic coloring. This man this unstoppable force of nature with pathos my next summer i did all pawn with mel a second time i grown six inches and thought myself much savvier and this time the sticks jokes that have captivated me a year before seem predictable hat as if i could see the creaky machinery behind the magic for all his business and bluster mill noticed me moping around and pulled me aside to ask what was wrong after a few false starts. I told him the truth about seeing through the smoke and mirrors and mel to his credit. Didn't deny it you've done this already told me and you're such a smart kid. You figured out how it works but for the rest of the group. This is their first time. I need your help to make it succeed for them from now on. You're going to be my secret assistant. And we're going to show these kids in time of their lives. I said okay and we did and of course we share this incredible secret. I knew he won me over that day. By the time. I became a twenty two year old novice. I was full of myself and in full rebellion against my old mentor but to mel i was still one of his boys when i resisted as crash. Course jewish history speechifying. He challenged me to figure out a better way. He kept pestering me until one day. We arrived together at lunch to find my entire. Division of fifteen year olds laying and moss on the ground blocking the entrance to the camp dining room mel demanded to know what the hell was going on the organizer of this escapade elliott feigenbaum told him that they were forming a human carpet. So that the feet of their beloved america's that's me wouldn't have to touch the ground after lunch. Mel pulled me aside and said fucking fetterman but keep doing it. All mel wanted was for me to succeed. He took pride in me then and continued to take pride in whatever i've accomplished since. That's so much more than i had a right to expect. Eleven years later. I came back for one last hurrah to run the feeder program. Tell you huda was. Also mel's last full summer there has thirty fifth. I met my wife sheron on the way up to camp. And something about mel's presence encamped. Blessed are union last night iran. I walked our dog in the rain. And i sang. I need sharp. And she told me that mel had loved her ever since that summer because he loved me and i loved him. He's zero baroque. he's a her. That was beautiful house. What is your country. I'm thinking that you know next week. We're going to have to all come in with some really cheery anecdotes because this This couple we last couple of weeks has been has been really difficult in terms of In terms of loss Last week on the podcast. I paid tribute to the life of my late. Father in law emmanuel summer. Now i wanna talk about his death or more specifically the crazy insanity of morning in the times of covid particularly here in israel which has been by turns tragic absurd and occasionally unexpectedly beautiful. It started of course with the funeral. Anyone familiar with the burial societies of jerusalem. No that they go strictly by the book they have this reputation for being absolutely uncompromising its jewish custom to bury the dead as soon as possible but in jerusalem they take things to a new level. You got family members abroad in north america or australia too bad. There's no waiting until they managed to hop a plane and show up for the funeral. They'll just have to make it to the shiva. So my father-in-law passed away just after nine. Am on a monday morning. His burial was set for four thirty in the afternoon on the same day. Now under any circumstances that is a head-spinning turnaround for the family in kobe. Time so it's a logistical crisis. My mother-in-law like my father-in-law was at the time of his death. Covid positive she also very much wanted needed to attend her husband's funeral. Obviously the ceremony such as it was the eulogies and the prayers would take place outdoors and so she could be far away from everyone but how exactly what she going to get to the cemetery so it turns out that a covid positive person in israel can only leave their home or wherever they're isolating with special permission explicitly from the ministry of health. How do you get that permission. You go online and you fill out a form now. Anyone who knows government bureaucracy of any kind especially in israel knows that the wheels do not turn fast enough to get a response to such a request in a few hours then on top of that the family found out that the only vehicle a covid positive person in israel is legally permitted to travel in is a special covid equipped ambulance driven by a driver in full protective gear. Go try to russell that up in the course of four or five hours. So the only way it was managed wasn't true. Israeli style protect chea somebody in the family knowing somebody in the health ministry. Who made it all happen and happen quickly as i saw my mother-in-law at the funeral in the back of the ambulance watching the ceremony all i could think of was all of the families who weren't able to pull together something like this so quickly and how painful that must be. Then there was the shiva. My mother-in-law had a huge family who wanted to be with her and comfort her in her time of loss and yet no one could go near her except for the few family members who had had covert over the summer my My husband's brother's family. That turned out to be a blessing because she wouldn't have to be alone though she was positive. But still the principal mourner could not attend to shiva the rest of her children. My husband and And his sibling and their kids. Her grandchildren really needed to be with her during this time but they were not going to sit near her and they did not want to sit without her. So we improvised. My mother-in-law lives in a second floor apartment with a balcony overlooking a courtyard underneath her balcony. Aplastic table and socially distanced plastic chairs. Were set up. There was food and drink and we sat there outdoors and up there above us. My mother-in-law was sitting on the balcony. Now the absurd part. She could hear us talk to her when we called up to her but she wasn't going to raise her voice in start yelling back at us you know. She was tired exhausted week in morning etc. So what did we do. My brother-in-law a karaoke kit and she picked up the microphone using the mike we could hear her below. Speak to us. It was the closest we could get to being together while staying separate but it was pretty absurd vision since we obviously couldn't spend non daylight hours under my mother-in-law's porch in the dark. We had multiple zooms sessions. There was one for the immediate family. There was one just for the grandchildren with their grandmother which was really beautiful. My nuclear family had three sessions. There were two four hills friends who would really normally wanna stop by the house but couldn't and there was one in english for my family where most of the people were attending from the united states. after that i really think the concept of zoom shiva is going to be one of those corona necessities that will evolve into a post covid reality because irregular in-person. Shiva you drop in. You don't know who's going to be there. It's like a half hazard thing On zoom hillary was showing photos of his father throughout his life through screen sharing. he told his stories. People were able to attend from everywhere from across the world. Who would normally have to settle for a phone. Caller facebook message. So i really think it's going to be in the future an enhancement to in person shiva. Obviously not a substitute for a real one and in regard to real shiva's if there's one jewish tradition that i've had non-jewish friends over the years express envy over. It is the simplicity of funerals. And the crucial importance the centrality of sitting shiva. Now that i finally experienced family death without a real traditional shiva. I understand why they envy us. I realized just how important having structure framework a set of rules. Traditions designed to keep the mourners. Occupied is so vitally important and helpful. The coronavirus pandemic is a double whammy in that way. It's hitting us with so much loss in much death and at the same time taking away the tools that we have to cope with them. We're powering through because really guys. What other choices there. But i personally am really eager for the day when we no longer have to hear here. So independence park. Where i run has two parts. There's the one the north of the hilton. And there's the one to the south and actually the southern part has its own name that no one much uses its called spiegel park after abraham and a dita spiegel who grew up in the ukraine and were married and in their thirties. When they were shipped off to al schwartz with their toddler seattle. Who was murdered there after the war. That spiegel's moved to la. Where abraham made a fortune and real estate building track tomes in orange county and then and then opened a bank and made a much bigger fortune. He retired into philanthropy passing the bank onto his boy. Thomas who was friends with michael milken and sunk everything into junk bonds and it was just when the spiegel's came to israel to christen their park in one thousand nine hundred nine in tel aviv that their bank collapsed wiping out much of their fortune after they got home from tel aviv. Thomas resigned from the bank and abrahams people came out of retirement to try to salvage the savings and loan but it was anyway a year later seized by the feds and sold for scrap. Every time i run in the park. I think each time is though or a new thought. What is it like to lose a kid in auschwitz. And then have another kid. You're american kid. A world leader lose your life's savings and your life's work to junk bonds. You think just so long as he's alive here safe with us. That's all that matters anyway. The park is beautiful and every so often the city improves it. Just after the krona started crew came for a couple of weeks and right across from what's left of the abbot l. Nabi muslim cemetery. They installed a deck with a round wooden table in the middle and off the side. They built bolted on the deck heavy lounge chairs and also a big would cabinet of deep bookshelves for an outdoor free library with room for thousand or so books on eight. Large shelves shielded from rain and sun by a roof that extends a good way out from above the shelves the other week early on sunday morning. Soldiers gathered on the deck infantry soldiers from davonte wearing running shoes instead of boots most likely as a treat. They were starting their workweek with a run on the beach. I take laps around the park. So at first i saw just two soldiers and eight minutes later after i looped around there were eight or ten soldiers and eight minutes after that there were twenty. A bunch of them stood in front of the shelves pulling out books flipping through and putting them back. This is something. I'd never done in the months that the library was there to circuits later. The soldiers were gone without a trace. So i stopped to look at the books myself. Which now that. I was doing it. I did not know i hadn't done it before. It would be an exaggeration to say that the books were organized but they were divided into six different shelves and there was some sense to the division. One shelf held books in french. Mostly about israel and jews. He swore days. We've by josy eisenberg. Latino novel judea for be by pierre andre taghi f. and such there were two shelves of english books one had gresham's and ludlum's the other was part spirituality. The good news bible a book called enter koran and dianetics and part how to how to survive parenthood flight briefings for pilots volume for the technique of the television cameraman learning java een amaze guide to childbirth the hebrew shelves included one for fiction split between translated fiction. Jonathan france purity. Two copies of harry blooms transvaal episode robert. Louis stevenson's the suicide club. I picked up an old translation of cameras. The stranger and read the first line. ema methionine. oh lie at mall and the whole o'meara before on mother died today or maybe it was yesterday. I can't be sure i picked up. Eli weasels night. The first book. I ever read about the holocaust and i saw. It was the poet and novelist. Higham gory who translated it. When i was on year chorus today as year in israel after highschool gory came to meet with the twenty of us at a small room on mount scopus and he told us how and he was growing up in tel aviv. As a boy in the nineteen fifties at night the streets filled with the awful anonymous screams of survivors returning to the camps in nightmares. Or maybe unable to sleep at all for their anguish at the. I thought gory was saying. Good riddance all those ghosts. And the old jews they haunt too but the book. He turned in hebrew in my hand in the park built by the people its author had gone through auschwitz with. I saw that. I had gory all wrong. He wanted to hear more not fewer screens in the night. There was a shelf reference. Books that held. Evan tucson's five volume hebrew dictionary. The same one. That i have asked my parents to buy for me for my birthday and my twenties. Because i couldn't possibly afford it. There was my monetize at a ten volume set called the encyclopedia of the people. A treasury of jewish and general entries in the fields of culture society science technology and life the culmination of the life's work of a writer and lexicographer named don penis. The biggest shelf was given over to scholarly books. There was a frame or box. Magisterial book on jewish law jala its sources and development and amnon rubinstein's classic book on constitutional law in israel a country without a constitution and there were memoirs of biafra the poet and third editor in chief of ours whose brother but sallow yaffa was a founder of tel aviv and there were several trips celebratory volumes dedicated to great teutonic scholars of the hebrew university with narrow intensely almost self periodically scholarly essays offered by other teutonic scholars to celebrate a retirement or a big round birthday. I pulled down volume that to higham sherman a great berlin university scholar of medieval spanish and italian jewish poetry and read for a bit from an essay by the great leipzig educated. Lexicographer is a have been haim called studies in palestinian aramaic and in sumerian verse. Then i took down a volume dedicated to the story and of medieval jewish spain. You talk bear in honor of his seventieth birthday it came out in nineteen sixty one at its table of contents was a who's who of the greatest jewish scholars of the twentieth century. Gershom scholem writing about a frankish exegesis of the hollow prayer higham hello benson writing about visions of diaspora and redemption among the exiles from spain in fourteen. Ninety two a frame orbach writing about asceticism and flagellation rabbinic literature. When i came here you would still see these guys in the cafeteria at the hebrew university. Embarrassed grandson yuval. Bear was in our hub iran till he moved to jerusalem to take a job at but silo. They were here and it was a different time and now here. I am meeting up with them again. Unexpectedly on a break from iran on a shelf in the park built by a woman and a man who did not die auschwitz across from. What's left of the old muslim cemetery and that takes us the end of our show. Thank you to meet. Ashkenazi are genius researcher conciliatory and scholar in residents. Thanks to tie. Shell are station manager. Without him we'd have none of this thing so i. She believed my favorite band from keyboards. They music at the start and the end of our show. Thank you alison. Thank you natalie. Thank you don. We'd like to thank all of our patriot. Supporters for your generosity support keeps. This show going keeps the station going and we are moved by that and we are grateful to you and in your debt and we like to thank all you out there for taking the time to listen to national like us on facebook and drop us a line. We're going to answer. Then go to apple. Podcasts give us a five star review. How many stars five stars. Maybe one the begins with this. I listened to the promise podcast because of all there is to learn from it about time. Management play that one and a half time speed. You can start it after lunch and be pretty. Sure it'll be over by dinnertime. Thought that finished anywhere you want but before you do that. Remember that today as we record. We celebrate world logic day so proclaimed just last year by audrey as the director general of unesco the united nations educational scientific and cultural organization who wrote of logic that quote it has been a key element in the development of the sciences engineering cognitive psychology linguistics and communication a wellspring of innovation. Logic has always been a veritable catalyst for change yet. Despite being surrounded by logic we remain quite unaware of its ubiquity. We often apply logic without knowing that we are doing so thus to draw attention to the importance of logic in the development of knowledge unesco has proclaimed the fourteenth of january world logic day. The date was chosen to honor the two great magicians of the twentieth century. Kurt girdle and alfred karski girdle. Who died on the fourteenth of nineteen. Seventy eight established the incompleteness through which transformed the study of logic in the twentieth century. Tar ski who was born on the fourteenth of nineteen to one develop theories which interacted with those of girdle and quote. I kind of think that sells karski short. But i digress. It is hard to believe yet. It is true that today is the first world logic day in history. I mean it makes no sense. And i am going to celebrate this day to the fullest pondering syllogisms like all. Men are mortal socrates. A man air go. Socrates is mortal beautiful right. Or how about this. The greatest practical application of logic in all of human history. However i hate you. But i'm identical in every way with alice twenty-seven of course. That is exactly why i hate you because you are identical Fascinating indeed those alice's flat lining. And i just know that this world logic is going to be great but then just like that. It's gonna be over not to return for a whole 'nother year but not the promise podcast. We will be back next week and every week reminding you that logic and reason maybe celebrated one day a year but illogic and faulty reasoning will always be with us on this promise podcasts.

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