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The pride passion than pageantry of college. Football leaves here. This is the Paul finebaum show. Best of podcast. Look where we are on November day, the university of Kentucky who would believe that on this the first weekend of the month of November the biggest home game in Kentucky history. One of the biggest games in the schools history. And we say Hello to you from. Pretty fired up crowd. The basketball season against Duke will essence begin Tuesday night with a football season is well underway and the cats the cats have a chance to do something tomorrow that they have never done in the modern era punch ticket to the SEC championship game. Oh, yes. There's another big game in Baton Rouge. We'll talk about that. But the show begins now from Lexington. Pretty high level of enthusiasm on a beautiful forty three degree day. I've been all over the country this week to to the east coast other parts, this is the coldest place, then, but it's the hottest place when it comes to atmosphere and enthusiasm. If you haven't heard by now Kentucky hosting Georgia tomorrow. We know one election. Remember crowd and great atmosphere for these guys. Probably these games stadium. I'm excited for for our players. They've worked sir streaming hard to be put in this position. You don't get games like this, unless you don't, you know, let's take care of the business that you have to throughout the season at Scone be what I what I've been dreaming about is going to be that that big moment that big game. That's going to be a fight to the their their fiscal football team. They get they get after you never really well really experience to you know, they got some seasons. Guys who played a lot of football championships to win the SEC east as big as we want program be certainly going here. I feel like everybody overlooks they always were the underdog. And we look at that as motivation. We've made it this far, you know, but we still got more. We still got more games to win still got more people to prove wrong. Well, they do. And it's pretty amazing when you. Think about the last time we were here two years ago on a couple of weeks ago for the Mississippi State game a lot hung in the balance and quitting the future of Mark soups. That's no longer a debate. Here. He is well in concert with this program and a chance to do something. Very rare tomorrow. Meanwhile, there is another huge game the SEC west is at stake as well in Baton Rouge. You can often read things into what Nick Sabin says. And what he doesn't say. Have you heard about what he said last night? Well, honest with you. I hope we elect to kick ass is what I hope we do. But. Mandate. Listen, I consider myself a pretty high ranking Sabin, Allah gist. I don't ever remember Nick Saban showing that type of confidence before and LSU game of all games. But read into that what you may Alabama on its way to Baton Rouge the whole country watching both this game and that game. Yes. You see has had many big games. But rarely has it had a double header like it has beginning three thirty here. Tomorrow. I know Tuesday night was Halloween, but I'm dressed up as as a snowman today welcoming in winter to the Commonwealth. Let's get going with the calls at eight five five to four to seven to eight five and Andre in the AT L starts us off code one in the world. No, one cares about the university of Kentucky and the university of Georgia this weekend. You know, what by to talk about coq found? Chrome? Background KOMO coat. Everybody's causing trade trading. A whole nation is looking at Baton Rouge, Louisiana Nickerson. That's what the whole nation looking at. We wanna see big boy ball. I hope it's a good game code. What do you think? I disagree. I think in many ways this game is more intriguing than that game. We've seen that movie before. Komo. I can't tell you. How many times I've gone to tiger stadium expecting something different to happen? And the same thing always seems to happen. Alabama wins. I know, you know, George gotta be Kentucky. Are you rented new? George run school bullet up on that L as you can give them a good game. Coach I really do. Listen. I heard Colin cowherd half bad this week on the radio even dough heated like it after the committee voted on the con- playoff. Who? Did you say? ESPN? Okay. See if the best confident at much he doesn't like it. He stated that the number one ranked undefeated team the number one, right? One loss team to Laos team and three laws all those in the car. And the college football playoff. Hold off a one comp he says, not good for college football. But the SEC, hey, Andrei, let let me say this, and I say this with Collins of personal friend of mine. Here's what he thinks about the the poll come on. Yeah. You're right about that coach. He's a pundit. Hope I hope that LSU can make a gate game. But alabama. Deference Andrei urine LSU fan right say allow you just got through saying I hope my team good. The fans behind me think they're going to win this game. One more thing before I'd go those fans have been smoking Kentucky blue grass coach found ball. Okay. Smoking that bluegrass from Kentucky. Thanks. Thanks. Andrea. You got you got. Dennis is up next. And it's good afternoon. All will. Home of vast torches while women and the best in the world. Hello. In. I have to agree with Andre. They're gonna be a lot of people interested in this game. The borrow. I just hope it's not a blow out either way out which compared to game. And Joe, I love you. And we're going to win the mar- go pick blue. I'm gonna win. But their fans are winning today. So far, Chris is up next. Go right ahead. Dress. Hey. We are having a blast down here up here wherever we are. Confetti fan to reality. Check Kentucky this year. Granted they'd be Florida. But they remind me of that Notre Dame team that what was the twenty thirteen or they're barely beating. They got that great defensive player like man tied pay then it's Josh Allen. But then when they actually play a really really good team. Guess what happened? They got being rolled over. And I guarantee you Kirby smart get a go into this game thinking that Kentucky's the best team on the planet. And we're going to be ready. I dare I bet you gotta be like thirty six to fourteen go. Thanks. You were listening to Paul finebaum show podcast and we're about to head down to Gainesville right now. And we're joined by co Q book thea from the SEC network. He'll be part of the coverage of Missouri at Florida Cole. Thanks for the time. So here comes Missouri. After a devastating last second loss trying to pull themselves back together again, Florida being thrashed as well. Help us understand this game better tomorrow afternoon. Good afternoon. Paul. Thanks for having me. I think if you're Missouri. You have to find some offense you go eight consecutive three announce in the second half of that game. It's just unacceptable with a first round draft. Pick a quarterback like drew lock solid offense of line in more than capable SEC. Tailbacks? I don't understand how your offense can get that. Bog down even against a good Kentucky defense, and then you mentioned the mental and the emotional aspect of balancing back after a loss like that. And you have to do it in the swamp against a very aggressive defense led by Todd Grantham who is at full strength of front on defense and can apply that pressure usually with just four or five rushers? So I think drew has his hands full tomorrow. This Florida rushing attack has steadily begun to improve. I tell you. I think Florida is very close to being very explosive on offense. When you study them on film. There are some things that are right around the corner that are ready to explode for this Gators offense. And the defense is given up a lot of explosive plays could. See it happen tomorrow Kokubo joining us co let's there's so many games to talk about want to get your input on as many as we have time for the one here where we are Georgia visiting Kentucky. What's what's the most important aspect of this game two year? I think the Kentucky defense has to win on first down because if they can force Jake from into third longs. I know he was great against Florida on third down. But Kentucky has one guy named Josh Allen on the edge that can affect the pocket and disrupt the pocket on third longs. If he can force that offense in those situations Kentucky defense has a chance to make this game close. And then obviously Terry Wilson's going to have to bring some balance. Paul. It can't just be snail. The Georgia front seven is not what they were year ago. But they're still pretty good. They have good players. They have talent. And I don't think that that Kentucky offense is going to be able to survive being one dimensional. So contrary Wilson provides some explosive plays with his legs. And can he do some things through the air? And it can't just be. Voted anymore. They've been forced feeding him the football somebody else's got to step up. Dorian Baker deep CJ Conrad working the middle of the field. There has to be that number three option in my opinion. And maybe it's Terry Wilson with his legs. And he has a huge game offsetting what George defense is focusing on with Benny Snell. But that third option has to show up for Kentucky. It can't be Benny Snell force-feed to football in boating that won't be enough against the Georgia defense Cokie of making a lot of friends here in Kentucky with that analysis Osama fringe making Baton Rouge with an analysis of Alabama LSU tomorrow night. Paul. I think LSU can keep this game. Interesting at least four three three and a half quarters. The fact that Dave Randa has two three guys that he knows he's confident in can cover in MandA manned situations will allow him to do some different things. If he wants extra defenders on the back end to help take away some easier throws if he wants to bring some guys up and try to pressure he'll be able to do that. Now, it's going to hurt not having Devon white in the run game from physicality the leadership standpoint, but he's pretty good in coverage as well. He's a three down linebacker. So even if they go nickel dime. He's a guy. That's on the field. All the time up front physically. The LSU defense has a chance to keep the game. Interesting as well. Finding pressure will be key. And how many guys does Dave Aranda half to bring define that pressure. Now offensively I don't have as much confidence yourself. How many points is LS you need to win this game thirty five thirty eight forty two points. There's not a lot of people that realistically believe LSU can go out and score that many points they've gone out of their way to protect job. Borough and make his life easy with seven six man protections this year, if you do that against Alabama. I think they have the edge on the back end. So I don't know if LSU can score enough points. I do think their defense keeps it interesting. Alabama adds a score or too late to cover. I'll take the time to win and Baton Rouge. Koa? I wanted to go to the planes tomorrow. The the Gus malzahn seem derailed a couple of weeks ago in Tennessee came in. And then they were able to get a pretty big win at ole miss which help calm everyone down. You're in Alabama. You know, much about the Auburn program bigger, former employer what's at stake tomorrow. I think a lot Paul. I actually think the bye week calm things down more than beating. Ole miss a team that just has no defense to even put on paper and discuss let's brag about but I think this Auburn offense. You ask yourself three things. What are you most confident that they can do to get things going against a very good front seven that Texas stadium brings to the table. Is it get the run game going is it protect the quarterback? Or is it that that coaching staff is going to devise a plan that's been different than most of what they've done the entire season. They give the quarterback receivers through a quick passing game. A better chance to go out and win that game. I'm not sure I have confidence in any of those three things happening Callum on has big physical. Receivers he has athleticism. Auburn doesn't have the speed edge rusher that they've had in the past their great up the middle, and that defensive line is absolutely stunning against Iran and the front seventh-grade against Iran. But I think Callum on moves around throw some fifty fifty balls too. Big physical targets down the field. They find a way to generate big plays. And I just don't see the over Nafis getting things going what's on the line, Paul. I think a lot considering you still have Alabama and Georgia on the schedule a lot of people have sort of pressed pause on how they're going to judge Gus malzahn based on this season. And I think their judgment will come based on what happens in this game. And then the next two conference games against Georgia. Alabama. Appreciate as always co keyboard? Joining us on Friday today from Gainesville. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Don to those a little bit about playing up here. The former head coach of the university of Georgia coach, thanks so much for being here. It's always a pleasure to see you. And I know you're on the UGA campus today to help us better understand the significance of of the of the of the dogs coming up here. Playing Kentucky for shot at the SEC. Hey, I got a lead for second Kirby. Get some cold weather gear, man. I saw picture you in the airport today. Look like from you too short. You ready to go aren't with that? I'll tell you what I really got to congratulate coach Mark stoops and the job he's done with that Kentucky wildcat program. You know, when I was coaching Marsha one of the things we tried to do was go into southern Ohio and get players. And as one thing coach stoops has done, you know, you look at twenty seven guys on steam, and the one thing about those Ohio kids, they grew up in football backgrounds. A lot of small high school teams that meant so much being on a team develop character leadership and this team has stayed together. All year, fourth quarter games. We gotta work cut out for tomorrow. Paul. Let's get into the nuances of this game. Because we know we're Kentucky cannon can't do. But they still had a remarkable season. If you had to like, you do as a as a former coach break this date game down for us and tell us where where to keep our eyes. Where should it be? Well, starting out with Kentucky defense. You know veteran group that really knows how to play together Allen's tremendous player off the edge. They got lengthened or secondary. And they really don't give up a lot of big place. So you're gonna have to earn everything on offense. And I think our offense gained a lot of confidence last week. You know, we kind of got knocked off course, aired LSU and give LSU lot of credit. We'll talk about that later here. But I think our confidence got back against Florida. So it's going to be a case of connects stop us and make sure that we don't stop ourselves. Georgia's got take good care of the ball offensively. You know there. A well coached team any grant has been around a lot of good winning programs. He was at Florida state when they want to and also at down there with coach Bill at Auburn when they went onto feed. And so he knows how to coach and big games. And certainly having a big back like many snail is a very good security. I think the key. There's Wilson played a more for their offense. You know, he's got to be able to throw the ball fake when guys are open, and he's got to be able to take good care of the ball, kicking game wise. They got a good punter. They've struggled little bit with their place kicking. But I think this go be a tough game for and one that always a tough place to play. I'm sure they got the graphs up about seven feet high and that stadium. So maybe they got turf now, I don't know. But I remember back when I was coaching grass was always pretty odd. Well, this is the bluegrass coach I want to switch gears and get your thought on the the other game not to diminish it pretty important. I'm talking about Florida, Missouri. Whoa. Talking about in Missouri. I think wherever year we're sitting here talking on this first Saturday weekend, November talking about Alabama Nella shoe. Most people a lot of people don't think LSU can hang with Alabama. What about you things? I wanna do is right off the bat give coach oh a lot of credit for what he's been able to do since taking over that team. He's really done a great job of pulling everybody together. They've had some big wins head of tough loss Florida, but just a well coach football team very physical team. And they know how to play with you know, as a group their defense. You know, we've had some guys on before me labor the point. But there will coach defense, but I think festively Stevens maker. It's really putting together really good package and borough doesn't get enough credit for for being really good solid quarterback. The big key for them, though to me is are they going to be able to score noth- points. He's only thrown three touchdown passes against power five teams. So they don't. Really explode and hit the big play on a lot of field. Those the other part that people have been talking about Alabama schedule, and it's nothing you can do about it when you have a schedule. But I know, and you know, having watched Alabama practice they get challenged every day against better players in practice than they usually say in game. So I don't think the fact that they haven't played anybody's going to bother them near as much as maybe playing in tiger stadium. That's certainly a tub venue. But they get challenged every week. This all week is help them from the standpoint of being able to go back, and look what was good for him. And the problems they've had and I look forward to run the ball affectively here. Because if I'm a deep coach got to stop this passing game with two and you start doing that. Then that's when they break these explosive plays, but it's a great venue for SEC for the national press corps, everything but Alabama to me unless they just make a few mistakes. I think it's. It's going to be hard for them to lose this game. As a former quarterback coach. And you were certainly a good one in college. Give us your view of two and in what he has to be concerned about tomorrow because. Yeah, no, he sees that good defense in practice. And we know what he did didn't land. But it is tomorrow night going to be any different for him. Or do you think it it's just another 'nother Saturday on the schedule? Well, you know, he's had kind of six six or seven walks in the park and he hasn't played in the fourth quarter. But he is a guy that's played big. When they they needed him against us last year in a championship game. He tremendously accurate quarterback this an gift for no one winded to anticipate the brakes, he just got a really good feel for throwing guys open. And he's got some human jets going down to feel and then Irv Smith on a crossing routes, and he's got the threat of play action and very good offensive line. But I think the big key for him is he just believes so much in himself. Whether he's planning to you. Lele or whether he's talking to the press, whatever he's doing. He just feels like he can do it. And that that's a great trait for any quarterback. I'll tell you another quarterback that we won't talk about on SEC much that I think's very comparable to to is kinda Murray for oh, you he's having a big year two and these two guys just show you what a dual threat quarterback in due on teams score prolific amount of points talking to coach Jim Don in coach. Let's talk about strategy. Devon, white is not in the first half. That is certainly not a new story. But it's but it's a could be a factor. If you're over on the offensive side as you've been so many times in my Kalac's leash chair consulting with Nick save and try and trying to figure out. Does that matter or not take us in that room? And let us know what what do you think they've been talking about all week? Well, there's another good key for Nick that I think he deserves a lot of credit while seven coaches last year, two different jobs some to head jobs like Pruitt going to Tennessee, but he's rebuilt his staff with two coordinators and they've been really fun shooting. Extremely well. I think when you have a player down, you always look at trying to make sure you tack whoever taking his place, but you don't wanna get so consumed in that that you forget about using your stuff too. I think this that LSU can use this as a big plus for some way, they can find a way to kind of blend together and make up for that loss. And then know these be there in the second half, and they haven't shot that can really help LSU. But I think from from the standpoint of code savings initial game plan, they'll probably do some certain things maybe attack that inside backer situation. And the thing about why is so good. He's a. A three down linebacker. He can play the regular downs, but he can play nickel and dime. So you're gonna probably have to have two or three different guys coming in for him in the first half. Coach strategy standpoint considering the success that album has had to do they really change anything. Or is it just to see what the setup is and tested, and how do you test that middle of the field? Well, they always do is having an open date like both these teams look what she'd been able to do. Well, and also what the other team you're going against us done. Well, and you know, maybe go with your strength against their weaknesses certainly LSU has tremendous secondary. But they play a lot of man coverage. And they when they go to man coverage in Alabama uses four and five wide receiver sets, greedy Wilson. Cain cover everybody. He can only cover one guy. So you know, who's going to cover these other guys out of the backfield. He's really good receivers that Alabama presents when they go to these different look. So I look for Obama to spread them out. See if LA she tries to play as much as they usually do and also affected. Lee used their running game some passing downs because LSU been hurt with some explosive plays on some big runs. The biggest key to me though for LSU is stopping these big plays. Alabama's had twenty two touchdowns over fifteen yards year, and you know, no interceptions. LSU's intercepted fourteen balls and given up very few big place. So it's force versus four here. I can't wait for the game. But I'm certainly going to be watching the BULLDOGS at three thirty before that one. One last question ala Bama coach in terms of Alabama's rushing attack. I mean, they've got three great running backs that we never talk about is that something that you just lewd to it for a second. But that's something we see more or does is it just a matter of just watching and waiting and taking your shots, you know, think setting up their offense and watching it evolve as a season progress, I think one of the big keys form was developing passing attack and using two streets with maybe giving up a little bit of the running game against some of these lesser opponents. But now they're going into the meat of the schedule against this defense against the Mississippi State defense who's really been pretty good this year. I mean, only two touchdowns in the last forty. Times other teams had the ball. And then you got all always plays. Pretty good defense. They're running games going to be important to because you know, sometimes when you throw in the ball he can't count on all these great completions. And all this tremendous protection. So it's a good security blanket. I think that's going to be something I'll have to out tomorrow night. Coach. Thank you as always great to have you on glad to be with you, Paul and hope you make it through the night without freezing to death. Well, I think I will. Thank you, though. Appreciate it coach Jim Don joining us from Athens. We're having quite a show. You're listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. As a young boy Gavin loved playing football. He lived in briefed wanted to go why he'd spent hours upon hours just his touchdown at one day. Well, getting by phone calls. He realized he was never much good at throwing or running or catching don't even kicking. Yeah. Gavin's chances of playing football. We're looking like fourth long very long, but he did hear how DIKO could save money on car insurance. So he switched and save. Then he did kind of touchdowns at least he was still good at that. We're welcoming in Commissioner of the southeastern conference Commissioner Sankey wh- what a weekend for college tomorrow. It's one of those weekends. You hope will happen. Great game in Jacksonville last week. They had a lot of meaning and into this week, and you can't draw it up better than what we're gonna see tomorrow. If you're watching and you're wondering, why is the Commissioner sitting there and a jacket next to a guy who? Who who looks like he's at the North Pole differences. I grew up in the south, and he grew up in upstate and say, this is July fourth. Here's upstate New York. It's a cool. Chris blustery forty degree day here that feel that to me is like the end of the world. But I fought all these students here who are just having a blast. And they're and they're about to not only say that the Commissioner, but their head football coach here and just a couple of minutes. And let's talk about that. Because there are a lot of familiar stories and one of them is a Baton Rouge. We see to traditional SEC powers playing in that familiar primetime slot, but not many people in media days predicted, maybe you missed but predicted this the the the the path to Atlanta through the SEC not great at predictions actually last year in a conversation with Mitch Barnhart Kentucky out off to great start. We had a conversation where mid said, you know, we're still in the hunt for the championship. And this was probably second week of October. And it's just an education in that expectation never. Dying and marks had to build a program rebuild the program. And you've seen that progress year to year on the reward is a little bit of patience. Sometimes that's hard patients pays off in your here with a chance to win an east division title and a game tomorrow, and we had the UK president couple of minutes ago. Somebody you've been friends with a long time, and he talked about the investment here and that commitment, and and I've said this I'll say it again two years ago, we were sitting here in this place was was on edge about the future. And it is interesting in. You appreciate when when people can block out the noise, it's not easy to do. You may have seen over the last couple of weeks a little bit of noise around. I have what I do. And it's not, and I'll tell you that's a lesson from our coaches and all share snus, so what Dr cavalier shared and what you'll probably hear from Mitch is true. But you look at our coaches in their focus week to week because you have to deal with the success successor disappointment and go back to your priorities and to do that here. I was here last time. I was here for a cold football game was Andreville different head coach. It was James of Franken was at Vanderbilt big win for them. And that's when chain started to happen. And now when you to around and see the facilities Bill support a football stadium. The support building baseball stadiums magnificent, but they've done that responsibly, and that's a testament to campus leadership, and that's a testament department leadership in. Awards are the ability to build the program the way, they have and basketball gets underway here a couple of hours and fans are certainly enthusiastic about that. And. Duke on on Tuesday night. Oh, big deal. Fact in Indy for that game kick off the season. I'm sorry. I had to make the change kick off the season. Yeah. And and it's it's interesting in basketball Kentucky's had this great success. But like in the last few years, I've been asked about Alabama football. And as it good to have this team that so far ahead. But I think in any of these programs, Tennessee, women's basketball, those LSU baseball that have had this sustained success. They set a level that everyone wants to achieve and that just elevates everyone of our programs, and that's true around men's basketball that we'll see this year where last year eighty eight teams in the NCAA tournament, and perhaps that level or more but intensely competitive, and that's what we're used to in the sport of football. And you're seeing it here. Lexington. I'm always intrigued by your travel schedule. Because it's it's it's almost every fan stream James says you got to go tonight. You'll see basketball tomorrow you'll be here part of the day. And then you head the Baton Rouge. That's pretty good double header for any fan at my doctor has always said how you get two games. You go to games the same way these folks. So. So I would argue it's a lot more fun and enjoyable for them despite the outcome a lot less pressure. That will be at soccer Sunday soccer championship be determined orange beach where I expect to be warmer, and then I'm just going to tell you my wife no ever thirtieth wedding anniversary Monday. So she's probably listening. I should get credit for that. And I clearly didn't plan on being in this role having been married in November. He's a wonderful wife, and I say someone who's a couple years behind you even though I'm a little bit older. It's it's hard to. That's a lot of people after thinking that that's a that's a big number. But that is a testament took us. In terms of like an arduous task. But that's quite an accomplished the arduous for her probably. Probably. There have been times in our relationship. When I started in this business where it's like you have to go to another football game. She understands better now, but she's been a part of it through the whole journey, and it's been a remarkable tale. So in terms of your travel, though, I'm always interested in this. How far out do you map it because you like soccer? You know that it's going to be on that Sunday. You know, pretty much know the Alabama LSU game is going to be monstrous. So do you is it is it planned very far in advance? Or do you look looking? Okay. I think this week to go here. Yes. And no, you know, next week. I'm going to have the privilege of being Whiteman air force base in Missouri. They fly the b two's last year at the Rose Bowl. I watched that happen. I ended up at at a dinner table with the commanding officer and CO and they invited me to spend a day with their leadership team. Those are the really fun those experiences. So I'll start in July trying to pencil some things, and I don't go terribly far out. Just trying to be at games, or there may be a reason for me to see someone or an issue last week. I went to games this week. Oh, ten to games. And I think the doubleheaders are done for the year the balls on Thursday night. So so that's an easy one. My general. Philosophy is to visit every campus once and see every team play twice. You can usually get close to that the season. But that's a lot of football. I will say this having been with Commissioner Sankey had games. This is right. You're you are working you're doing a lot of visiting your you're you're learning. You're talking to people you're talking to students. This is not just hey, let's go. Let's go cheer at a football game walked into the the game in Jacksonville, the Georgia and Florida game last week or Florida Georgia depending on which side you're on. I just want to be fair about that. And I was there through the through halftime. And I did not see, but maybe two snaps the football just visiting with people. We have a great relationship with the gator bowl folks there. We've had some championship events in Jacksonville. The city leaders have been great host toss. And obviously the university athletic department leadership TV, folks. And then next thing, you know, you're on the move. So that's part of the job. And we'll get to watch plenty of football on Sunday on. Some replays. And then the video center, maybe not some great play. So such great plays on Mondays usually are com. No. You know, the the cycle is tomorrow wake up, and there's just great anticipation. Sunday's a bit of triage, depending on what's taken place Monday. We go onto video review most of that's with our -ficiating group. But I'll go in Monday morning and then Monday through Wednesday. You know, the blood pressure's little bit higher in hopefully calms down by Thursday Friday, but we're looking for a good day tomorrow. Because we are in Kentucky and basketball's on the night. Follows us on on the SEC network. Oh, I wanna get your thoughts on that. Because there's been so much conversation about this league in basketball. And I know that you have you have shepherd pushed hard to elevate the status, and it all came together last year in March with the significant number eight in in the SEC, we we've had multiple guests on who are going higher than that some say eight nine ten I mean, the enthusiasm for this league is is is at a level that I'm not familiar with. I think that's right. In fact, I can remember first time, I visited Kentucky's campus Florida was one Kentucky was foreign basketball was Billy Donovan and tubby Smith that rough arena, and it was an incredible atmosphere. And that's from someone who grew up going to games in the carrier dome in no better atmosphere. And then the two thousand is when across the league, we just didn't perform at that level. And. I've told you before you credit Mike sly with with raising the conversation when he was chair the men's basketball committee, and then three years ago, we made some adjustments. You saw some coaching hires some facility investments that are still taking place there down working on route now, and that'll be a two year cycle is I understand. But what's happened to Florida? George old miss and their facilities. Mississippi State just announced a facility investment, which makes it serves as a foundation, and you've got coaches in this league that have these resumes that they brought to the SEC. So they weren't coming here to build the resume. They came here with a resume, and I think all of that's combined to put us in this position where we have high expectations, which we should we have that in every sport. And we just we didn't see it men's basketball. It's nice to have that reality back with us. Now that won't make January February much fun because of the intensity it will for the fans. I well. Anyway, I it always a pleasure to see you Commissioner congratulations again on on Monday. Thirtieth anniversary. Thank you. Next time we see each other. Let's make it warm. I have I have fun thoughts of this. And I think about us when we get together and destined, and it's just a little bit. Sure. Thanks, always great to see you Commissioner the southeastern conference Greg Sankey joining us here in Lexington for this incredibly busy and exciting weekend. Listening to Paul finebaum show podcast, and it gives me. Great pleasure to welcome. The head football coach of the Kentucky. Wildcats coach Mark stoops. And man coach to ask you on the air. I need a couple couple of tickets. Are you have been asked that all week? Have you hit up for a few tickets? That's that's a good thing. That's a good problem the half. So we're excited. You could tell the fan base is jacked up the communities fired up. So it's gonna be a good day. I know you're at least publicly your low key guy. But but and it's never over because the season still has plenty of weeks ago. But you got to be pretty happy with where I am definitely Paul just very pleased with our team this summer, you know, as we going through media days and all those things I was confident about this team. I felt good about the whole time. I knew we had so maturity some guys have been around for a while we had a few guys to replace and quarterback was the big one. But but felt good about him. So, you know, very pleased with the way the season's going obviously last week you and I were talking about it off the air. You know, that was one heck of a finished Bill. Coach, I know on the screen. There's always these percentage of wins in it was pretty low. But as a coach, I know you have to believe there had to be a point late night game. Where you're you're like going going going to go, right? Yeah. For sure once you know, once we got down there. And and I decided to go for it. And we didn't make the the conversion on fourth down. You know, the only reason I did that also they're backed up. I felt like the defense was playing exceptionally. Well in the second half. Obviously, I knew the field goal cut it to a one point lead. But the way we were struggling I just knew you know, we needed the points. And fortunately, we got the three and out and then had to punt return. Once we got the punt return, we had new life in felt pretty pretty good at that point that we'd have an opportunity as you're working way down time is is the essence. And then you get that crazy. Call in the end zone and then down to one play. Yeah. Down to one play obviously, very pleased with Terry men to work down. There was six for six on the drive and put us in great position. And at that point, you know, things we're looking so bleak. You just wanted an opportunity in had two shots at the end zone. Got the PI on the one. And then and then the last play the game CJ did a heck of a job Terry threw it in there and made the play it's been fairly steady. As we go all year long. And now you have this epic encounter. Do you just keep things to say, you do obviously, you know, it's I talked with the team every Monday about the the situation we're going into always changing, and we going into a hostile environment. Or you're playing a team that you're favored or whatever it is the situation always changes. And you know, so we address that on Monday who were playing obviously this week is different. You know, when you're competing for SEC east championship and playing at home that's a different situation than we have every week. And then obviously, we get into football keys and motivation and things like that. But we really keep the routine exactly the same in in. Really people. Ask me all the time. It's been hard. It hasn't been hard at all to keep the team in because they you know, they're coming off an emotional win. They're coming off a road game. They were they need. They need to recover a bit. You know, so Monday, and Tuesday, they were just putting all their energy and having great practices and the same with Wednesday, and so on so, you know, it's been a it's been a normal week a great routine. I really like we're our teams out right now. And I like their. Focus. We we talked to so many different people including your president. And this is a somewhat of a tired story now. But it's, but it's a significant story about where this program was the support you were given the patients that the administration showed and many now are looking at this as the template that to the right way to do things. I hope so I hope so for for coaches sake because you know, again, every situation is different. Right. You know, in you know, I know when I come into this situation. I knew what I was getting into. And there was no there was no quick fixes there. If there was a quick fix their you're doing something wrong. So you know, you don't wanna do that. There was you know, you just had to put in the work. He played to put in the time. You had to have great support. I wouldn't have been interested. If I didn't feel the support from the president, and the athlete director, and they have been they've been nothing, but supportive, and I say that it's been a little bit of a model around here. But it's true. It takes all of us. It takes the fan base. It takes the coaching takes the administration, and the players is a bunch of people that involves turning a program and turning a culture in, you know, very proud of the work that we put in as you look ahead to tomorrow. I said everything is the same. But it will be a little bit different at three thirty one of the great scenes we've ever seen here. Yeah. There's no doubt in work cited about that. You know, our fans deserve it. They've been very loyal, and they've waited a long time. And in there's been a lot of people that have worked hard to put us in this position all the past coaches, the former players, you know, the current players, and like I said, they ministration a lot of people worked very hard for many years. The put ourselves in this. You've had so many milestones this year from the from the win at Florida to what happened last week as well. As tomorrow when you speak to your team when you visit with them tonight when you say when you send them out tomorrow is the message the same as it would have been the previous week or do you alter we always alter the message? You know, you know, it just depends on there's there's always things we touch on each and every week, and we build on that throughout the week in, you know, but but a lot of the things are going to stay consistent the things that it takes to win a football game. And in that's, you know, with us, you, you know, you have to be physical. You know on both sides of the last Greenwich. We know what we're getting into Georgia. We have great respect for them. And how well coached they are. And and, but you you have to have a mentality in and be physical on both sides of the ball. You know, you know, that you know, that protecting the football is always going to be a big big deal. You know, so we have to, you know, make sure we take care of the football and try to create some turnovers and then situational football. We've been really good at winning situations. You know, you can play a good football game the entire game. If you don't win a certain situation, whether it be a two minute drill goal line stand or four minute defense or something like that. So we always have to be good knows Aries. Every everyone in every program has different measuring sticks for success. I think most would agree this has been incredibly successful season about you. When you look at what what's happened where you've come from to where you are on the precipice of one of the most memorable in biggest weekend we've ever seen at the university of Kentucky. Yeah. I'm definitely proud of that as I said, I think you know, it you have to take care of your business early in the season. And all you know, all through the off season, you have to really be doing things right to put yourself in a position to win any sort of championship in the SEC. There's a lot of programs that you have to leapfrog to get in that position. So definitely am. But you know, again, you get you know, you're bouncing around so much taking care of the daily tasks it's just like getting over here. I just got off the practice field and just ran over here. And just you're worried about the next thing you have to do to put your team in a position to be successful. I've always been interested this because it's it's hard. When when you're when you're as busy as you are to to soak it in Sydney, that's not your job that's for the fan. But tomorrow. Can you take a second? Okay. This is what we've worked for. Well, I again, I will embrace the atmosphere now embrace the situation. You know, the fans deserve it or community deserves our players deserve it. You know? So I'll embrace that. And look forward to it. And I want it like that every week and to get it like that every week you have to take care of your job and take care of business all all year long. So in that way, I will be excited about it. And then the rest of the time it's about what are we? That's correct. I know you have a lot to do. But we are we've had so much fun. This year. We're talking to your players and talking to you as often as you been able to come on. We were delighted that you could make time. Thank you, some good good players on their guys are really good good kids and really enjoyed a coach. So thank you very much. Always good to be on with you. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Rutledge has joined us here. Welcome to walk to the North Pole. Someone will. Yeah. Chilly. Yeah. The North Pole hearing Kentucky. But I tell you what it does not feel like a chilly atmosphere with the enthusiasm. That's everywhere. I actually was just spending some time with Vinny Snell, Josh Allen, you wanna know about how ready. These guys aren't for this game. Yeah. It's amazing after new here we've had more stoops. And of course, the president. We'll have the director and many more people. But before we get to the tomorrow, tell us where we're we will what Chile environment via next week environment for next week is Arkansas and that will be the next stop for SEC nation as we head there. LSU go into a Bill, and we will be there for that game. So can't wait to get there and see the hogs and also, of course to see also get to see LSU as well. Speaking of LSU. Let's welcome and Desmond Howard live from Baton Rouge. Be there for game day tomorrow just saw him on a mid week game. Jasmine, great to have you on. So tell us about Baton Rouge. I know that's place you've been many many times. But what about this weekend? Well, this weekend is beautiful outside code me. But you know, people are excited about this game tomorrow night. Let's talk about a dozen. You have been slow to warm to the LSU Tigers this year, are you? I'm sure there folks in the on the by you have greeted you warmly, of course, as always they love me here. They. Honorary member typer nation. We're the receptive. Been extraordinary for me. Always a respected to steiger's. They respect my thing. But we have pretty good relationship right now. Don't mess. This up. Here. I won't let Paul continue to mess up your relationship with the people there are bad Rouge. But just what you get about. How this LSU team feels about Alabama because even Joe borough sane this week? Hey, don't come outta the locker room if you're going to be scared of the tide. Think that's the attitude that you have to adopt in a game of this bag, the two you have to just, you know, just be about yourself and about your came. What you do? And you know, you can't be afraid of you pony. Go out there. You can't coach scared. One of those games that you have to in my opinion, coach aggressively. You can't coach scare. So, you know, I think that's the right attitude to come into a game of this magnitude with. Doesn't joining us from Baton Rouge. Desmond. We're in Lexington today. A number. Kentucky students are eagerly anticipating your view of the wildcat. So far. The wildcat is a Kentucky. Basketball team. I have a lot of respects. What they've been able to -ccomplish this year. I think that they they earned a tremendous amount of respect, you know, the right way in that playing on the field taking care of Conan's and doing what they do. I think they their team that fees off the Finnish sale junior and Vinnie. Still junior is a guy who plays with the chip on his shoulder. And you know, no matter what level of success. He still is able to go out there and play, you know, with the type of of of anger, and aggression that you would that you would expect from a player who who who believe he's stuff. You know, he's this stuff his life, especially as a as a high school senior just being recruited by a handful of schools. So the school team fees off of his energy. And that's why one they're wanting to teams in the country right now. I mean, they deserve their ranking and tomorrow is another step towards gaining dash dole respect on the college football landscape. Yeah. You mentioned tomorrow Desmond. And obviously Georgia BULLDOGS are a big blockade in the way of what Kentucky wants to do. I feel like Georgia hasn't played a fully complete football game yet this year. And yet they still won a lot of games, of course, only one law. So what does Georgia need to do to come out on the road and get a big win. Well, I most they gotta put last week game behind him. I mean, it was a huge victory over one. The biggest rival, you know up in Jacksonville. You know, great for the BULLDOGS they really needed that after they just laid in egg LSU. So that was stuffing from a confidence standpoint that they needed is great. But now they have to about that. And really focus on the Kentucky. Wildcats you cannot go into Lexington and take the team lightly because they're not to be played with though at that's the first order today. You gotta have the right mental mindset going into this game. And and as far as I believe one is better games. His Seth game last week against the Florida Gators, and he's going to have to build off that not just from the whole often. So I think that the two of the things that right out the gate about what the what? To do in order to go up in there and handle their business. The Wildcats Kentucky. Does our joining us live from ESPN or from Baton Rouge? Well, he'll be on ESPN college game day does thanks so much. Really? Appreciate it. And we'll talk to you very very soon. Thank you. Does howard? You say it was cold. Good for him. Sixty eight. Seventy degrees. But Paul I mentioned before we started talking just spending some time with Benny Snell. Josh Allen, of course on tomorrow. He'll get to see the interviews that they did with both markets fears Tibo, and it was just interesting talking to Josh Allen, first and foremost, I think he represents so much of what this Kentucky program has been about. What coach stoops has done. Josh Allen was a two star player. No one cared about him. No one wanted him. And then right now when you look at its development here he is now arguably the best defensive player in the country. He's the most disrupted in fact day more than really anybody else does is being a single man in his position, obviously as a great complement of guys on this defense. But I think what you look at with Kentucky a belief in Mark stoops and a belief in the development of the way that he developed his players and sticking with him. And now we're seeing that culminate in one of if not the biggest games in Kentucky history. And so it's it's. Special to see how much these guys care about it. But also to see their confidence it's very evident going into this one. Yeah. And and in talking to Mark soups. He was with us about an hour ago and just listening. He hasn't been he's done a really good job of playing the underdog of going out to going to Kentucky to Ohio particularly Kentucky as well. Of course. And getting players that slip through the cracks turn no one else wanted right? And you think about that? And there are a lot of schools that have done that and had success with it. You know, maybe a look at Mississippi State. That's got some guys other people didn't want, but they also get those in state guys that are really talented in the trenches really good Lyman just happen to be in the state of Mississippi. It's much harder to do that here. And it's also harder to do that and then compete for an SEC title. And so I think that's where you really see the magnitude of how this coaching staff is healthy players along. And you know, they're they're going to have a pro day here. It some point in the winter. There's gonna. NFL scouts ear at this day. And and first of all you're going to see those guys on the field for the rest of their college careers. But when they get to the NFL, I think a lot of Kentucky fans would be really proud. There's no doubt. And. That will be part of our our seeing Tamara, Laura. I mean, we. Just looking at the enthusiasm ready. We had just tremendous crowds in rather cold chilly environment. I think tomorrow this place is going to be crazy bring some friends tomorrow. Needed to hear we want everyone to come out and be a part of our show and. Really is a celebration of Kentucky football. And obviously a chance for Georgia to really submit themselves as well. So it's gonna be exciting. But we'll let you go warm up. I mean, are you going to survive? I just want you to send me out. Another hand because this one is gone. I chilled the hand more. Real quick before. I go. Do you think that LSU really can challenge Alabama? Like in your heart of hearts. No, no. So what do you think the score of the game's going to be? I will. I'm still waiting for the computer spit, Al. But but I don't think it's going to be a blow out, but I really and not. Just not sold on their offense. I agree with you about the offense. I think that LSU's defense is good enough to actually challenge Alabama at least for a half and maybe longer, and you never know death valley. Look, I know you. The game. But it will be an actual test. Which I I'm fascinated. See this is a really exciting Saturday in exciting adventure into November that I think could be topsy turvy. So let's go to listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Temperatures dipping just like they like it here in the bluegrass and Tim tebow who's played in some subzero temperatures before in his NFL career, not even wearing a coat. I wish I had one. I'm not trying to be back on. Well, Anthony went out and bought me this today at at a discount store. Let's get on. You know, it's it's it's the PICO for P town. I'm sticking with the rest of the day. I don't care what the label is it saying with me the rest of the year, Tim, let's talk about this game. I in the U often played on to significantly successful teams at Florida you've been here anytime. So just your assessment of what this program has done in where we are going into tomorrow. Well, I think it's exceptional coach has done over the past few years. And and why I believe it's exceptional is not just because of of Benny Snell and the winds and being able to compete for the SEC title that is awesome. But that's just a one year thing where I've been super impressed is the development of talent. So the perfect example is Josh Allen a few years ago. Josh Allen was a to star that nobody else wanted. He came in here. Trying to find a position two hundred and ten pounds. He kind of played a little receiver db in high school. They didn't. What he's going to be. But they said, you know, what there's a tall lanky guy that we can probably develop and they brought him in. He went from two ten to two hundred sixty pounds. And now he is a freak off of the edge. And he's unstoppable. And he's probably going to be one of the top three defensive players off the board in a couple of months. And that's because they they saw something that other people didn't and they were willing to inves-, which is what a young person is you invest in them. And you wait to see it's going to pay off and for Josh Allen has but it's not just Josh Allen. It's you look all around this team. And they're young guys that have been able to develop in come together as a team. That's why they're ready to compete at a high level. But I don't think when when Josh and Benny leave that they're gonna fall off dramatically because they have the next guys that are developing. And that's how program is built. And it is it is very significant program. We head coach stoops here about an hour ago. We've had the president we'll have the athletic director. This is a such an. Mazing time on this campus. But it won't go away won't be for naught. But if they can win tomorrow. Talk about what what's at stake. It. It changes everything if you're able to win and then went out and go to the SEC championship, regardless of what happens in Atlanta, you've done something that no one thought was possible you're able to overcome Georgia, Florida, South Carolina. So many teams that you think will they just have more talent. And if this team's able to run out of the tunnel in Atlanta, you think wow, they have done something. Incredible. Just to get to this point where SEC nation is here where this game matters in November. I mean the last time that they'd had a game. Like, this was when we travel here in two thousand seven they had a really good team in game day was here, and you don't then they had the good teams in weeks after that game. They went to death valley and beat LSU and a double overtime game and LSU won the national championship. So Kentucky can have good football teams. But what happened was they competed in seven and then they were nowhere eight and nowhere nine and then they had another teams that competed a little bit. And then they were gone in any kind of a flash in the pan. But I think the difference about this team in stoops is that they're not a one hit wonder they're not going on a streak and then being gone. I think that they're here to compete for a while in the because they're trying to build a holistic program of development. And that's what's different about this team. Then in the past Tim, we talked so much about the defense. When we talk about Benny, let's talk about Terry Wilson at the quarterback position. Because there there have been. Times when this offense gets lost a little bit. And last week was one of them until they came back at the end. Yeah. But in that last drive it could easily gone the other way the pass interference. That could have been a no call it could've been often specimen fears. The next play the touchdown that could have easily been a push off that could easily been a push offense push off. So. I think if you wanna if you wanna look out. Also mused right now. I've never heard of crowd dissing. Tito, this is really interesting. We'll knock him out again. If you want to understand, what makes Kentucky success. So that was they're playing to win. And it's being of a run the ball stopping the run. And then it's their pass rushers. Getting after the passer Kentucky as well when their head. They play terrible when they're behind. So you look at the games that they've been behind AM couldn't score an offense couldn't get past the fifty and then against against Missouri. And so when they fall behind, and it's not they get out of their game plan, then they they dramatically drop us how good of a team they are. So I think it's important for Kentucky to. Yes. Playing have that game plan to win. But you've got to find a way to get Terry going early and not just with the passing game with this lakes. Listen, he's the legit four three runner. Get him going find a way quarterback draws keepers boots. But let him play with confidence. I feel like the second half. He didn't play with confidence until the last drive. But did that last drive that last play give him a spark to play in this game in this stadium with? Confidence. Again that Georgia team. I think that'll be key before you go. I don't forget about Baton Rouge. It certainly a fascinating game. And you've been asked about it all day, and all I'm sure all week just among friends, but what is your Cessna of what LSU faces tomorrow night? Well, I think they face the best team in the country. And I think they face the juggernaut. It's really tough. But I think the keys to win for LSU is number one. You've got to find a way to get multiple turnovers. I think if you get turnovers you give yourself a chance second. I think you got to force Alabama to kick field goals. They're going to move the ball. But don't give them six. Don't give up the big touchdowns. Enter the game breakers. Find a way to stay in by making them stopping them on third and goal. Finding them away to just have to kick. Right. Even if you're behind give yourself a chance and the third quarter. And then I think there Joe borough has to find a way to get third down conversions with his lakes because Alabama it's gonna combo coverage. Take away your Cevers. And so he can get by the defensive line, then he can. Convert and that keeps the ball out of two hands. And it keeps the crowd into it. I think those three things will be key. So many interesting games tomorrow. Tim, thanks for braving the cold in in just a shirt, not a store bucks jacket. Like, I have or a ski cap I'm in fresh. Did they love TV? You're listening to Paul finebaum show podcast one of the all time greats here Jacob Tammy. And the all time great talk show host in this town history. Jones. How's it going Paul grace e c u you? Thank you. That's enough. Joe's will be with Jacob. You played on ten eleven years ago and some pretty pretty big time of vents in in stages in this stadium. What's this life for you to return? Well, it's I mean this team has made it a ton of fun for all of us alums all season this year, and to have the the stakes we have on the line on Saturdays, really special, man. I can't get over. We sat here two years in about two weeks ago. And we were we were trying to be nice to prop up Mark Mark stoops's career chances of survival. You thought he was done. I didn't think he was done. But I they need to win that game. That I mean Austin McGuinness had a field goal. And if he missed it. I don't know what happens, but you know, Jacob played the last time there was a game. Like this game day was here the play Kibo played Florida. But I would by the way. This is bigger than that terms of the fact, you can win the SEC, and there's you know this. There's a lot of fans Kentucky fans who've been waiting their entire lives for tomorrow. I think it's going to be a big thing. They used is on the line is the biggest gain. We've had Kentucky football thirty years. Fifty years. I don't know forever long as I've been alive. So that is what makes it so special and this team just this defense. Incredible incredible. And I think I'm gonna say right now our offense surprises some people tomorrow. So we've got a thing we got a chance you realize, but I started thinking on the plane coming over. I I was in the stadium in nineteen seventy seven when Tennessee played half. And that was a significant. That was the only other time. There have been two teams play. This highly ranked in Lexington was was that year. And here's the all you gotta say Tuesday night taking place Duke in basketball. They do. Nobody's talking. Like we spent entire show today. My radio show and didn't even mention it. I've never seen this town like this. And I would argue I think along with the nineteen eighty five final four. This is the biggest sporting event to ever be in Lexington. I'm serious. I mean name no regular season basketball game is like this. When Kentucky plays in the final four. It's always somewhere else. You know, American Faeroes Breeders Cup was in Lexington. But besides that, I would say. Let me think of what the bigger one. I don't know of bigger one the fact that they could get to the SEC championship game. When they've never been. I think it's the biggest sporting event here certainly my lifetime. But maybe longer can agree more. I love the beer, Scott. It's got nothing on this tomorrow nothing on this tomorrow. And you know, we just keep. Fortunate to talk to the team this summer. I told him we need higher than seven a decade ago when we had those great wins and had a lot of fun. It's gotta shoot higher than that. And and they have and here we are with a chance for the east here in Lexington. It's unbelievable. And you know, I think our defense has been so good so good so good. So keep waiting for them to not be as good as they've been. And they just keep being that good every week. And I think that's going to be a big test tomorrow force. And I can't wait to see if they can seven like you got the big win. They got the big win against LSU beat the number one team. But then lost the Florida. And then this kind of fell apart lost Mississippi State lost Tennessee the difference for this group is they got that Florida win was the massive win. But then followed it up by beating Mississippi State and then follow that beating South Carolina. Jacob adding that's what Kentucky teams in the past weren't doing. We know are seventeen was a ton of fun, and I'm so thankful for what we're able to do for the fan base back then and those that those couple years we had six. Seven the fun. We had the big winds we had, but we weren't able to do in the SEC what this team has already done in the SEC. So it sets us up for everything you could ask for tomorrow. And that's the difference. They're guaranteed the first winning record in the SEC since nineteen seventy seven. That's just incredible. That just that's the tick and think about this. You also have Alabama LSU tomorrow. And I actually think you hear almost as much if not more chatter about Kentucky, Georgia. It's crazy is that. I think I could speak as a veteran of the Alabama LSU series. There's really nothing new about that. Yeah. It it's the same scenario. Ken LSU? Find a way to slow Alabama down this is. Yeah, this is all new do you think if they win tomorrow, you think Mark stoops national coach of the year? Yes. I think tomorrow's asked about that today. The SEC coach of the year could be determined tomorrow. If Kentucky wins and LSU loses because I think those are the candidates right now. But in terms of the national coach of the year getting Atlanta because there's a lot of interesting accomplishments, but no one came from farther back and Jake Jacobs from Kentucky, you know, like this Jacobs from a place day invol-, which is like a football town. Yes, this state. This is a state that has a basketball great program, but at its heart in some ways, especially on the high school of a football ball country. Yes. I think that's one of the reasons. People are so excited. This state has been dying for good football for a long time. We have the fan base has been behind the football team forever. And that was what for me was so fun back to six oh seven we were able to give the fan base so many good moments and some of those big wins because I've been part of that fan base since birth. So now to be here. And have a chance for the biggest one is special for me. I know it's special for our fan base because we do have such this state loves it's football. No one on the outside understand. It's it's basketball country. And we love our basketball team. But this they love this. I've heard that from many people that that will call in take us a little deeper in that mentality because it's still hard to think about when you make that statement that there are pockets of the state that are. State that have these huge high school football Boyle county, close Cincinnati fort Thomas, highlands, were Jerry, Lorenzo the school may feel belfry bell. There's all these places that have great football traditions. And everybody has wanted to be a part. I mean, we're in the SEC you guys all care about football, the most, and we almost never got to be part of this like when your show came on the air, we used to listen, and we wanted to be part of the trash talking. But what are we going to say I want to go to Matt from Gainesville? You all suck. But I want to be able to say it, and it actually means something we haven't been able to and Jacob now we can. And I think that's one of the reasons people are so amped is because they finally get to participate in the thing that this conference has always cared about the most you can stay with a straight face as a Kentucky football fan. And we'll probably find out even more tomorrow. How much we can say this. We might have the best defense in the country. I mean, they might that's not. I mean right now they're tied with Clemson for the scoring defense lead. That includes an overtime game, which Clemson hasn't had. And listen, I mean, they're able to do it when the offense is often getting off the field. And so they're having to play long stretches of time Paul h straight three and outs against Missouri. Drew? We can't do it. Can we do it against this team? Can we do it against this team? Can we do it against Missouri? A real good quarterback. And we do it. We didn't give them a first down in the second half. It's unbelievable. I mean, the improbability that game. I think. Forty eight hours after that game to believe it that. That's the game. We always lose. We've always been on the other side of those maybe. White Missouri fans felt is the way how many times lardo Florida the bluegrass miracle twice last year. They lost on the last play. Like all of those things, you know, Missouri. Did the things Kentucky used to do the block in the back on that interception? Done. I don't know what kind of defense owed them was playing there at the end of the game on the last minute. It's almost like it feels like it's a team of destiny and we'll find out tomorrow. The fifty fifty calls when our way it just never happens that way, it's this year interference. Usually Kentucky fans are the ones railing about that call on this time, they got it. So jacob. So Jacob give this crowd and give this audience. Reasonably Tamar Kentucky win the game. Reasonably is simple. I think our defense is one of the best in the country. We'll find out tomorrow if we are the best in the country. And I think I'll say this. Our offense has struggled at times this year. We have our quarterback. Now, he was he was a bright spot. Even when we were struggling off into last week. I think Terry gets better. And better as a season goes on. I think we've found some playmakers on offense. Lynn Boden has emerged CJ Conrad is alive and well ready to make some plays. Benny snail maybe gets back going again big test against Georgia's defense. But I think our offense comes back to life tomorrow. And I think we play a nice game. I think we went. Thank you so much for coming by my pleasure. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Dusk has fallen over. The Commonwealth mad Jones with us the rest of the way and Mike Griffin. Joining us as he did last week from dog nation of great to see Mike. We we survived Jacksonville and someone who's covered the SEC a lot come and gone. Couple of times do you ever dream? We'd be having a game. Like this in Lexington. No, I didn't. And I thought the goal posts come down here. Once when Kentucky beat Alabama in nineteen ninety seven and what an amazing night that was for Kentucky football. And and no I did not expect to see Kentucky. I'd be lying. If I said, I think they beat. I said they'd beat do his first years in shown Alexander Kentucky's. Oh, no that night. Do you? Do you think Georgia? I know this Kentucky defense is very good. How much respect to the Georgia coaches real? I know they realize how good Jon Allen is. But is it do other teams give as much respect to Kentucky's defense is say Kentucky fans and everybody around here Georgia does because I heard Jim Chaney at practice all week. And he reminded these guys over and over and over that Kentucky is number one in the nation in scoring defense. And all you had to do is look at the second half, Missouri to see that. I don't know if they got a first down. I mean, they dominated the second-half, Missouri. Did what they had to do. And that's what they've done all year Kentucky keeps finding ways. And that's what football's really all about numbers. Talking to Mike. And of course, Matt Jones here. Let's talk about the catch not the cats, but the dogs were amended in what we saw last week. How did it differ and what was done during that by week to propel them to that victory? Yeah. It was really important by week. We saw what LSU's pressure did did Jake from. I think they pressured him eleven times, and you completed two passes last week Jake was very good against pressure. I believe it was ten out of twelve and threw a touchdown pass. So they were able to work on their protection on the offensive line. Maybe work on some of those routes as well. And we saw JJ Hallam in emerge. I mean, Georgia's got so many young playmakers. You look on the preseason. All let's see offense. There's not one Georgia guy that was first team preseason all offense. And right now, they've got a couple of guys that are starting no merge. I'm interested in how Georgia chooses to defend Kentucky a lot of teams have put Missouri. Did this put a number guys in the box and basically dared Terry Wilson to throw the ball on for a lot of the game that. That worked. Do you think that will be Georgia's game playing basically try to shut down any snail and say, hey, somebody else out there has to be too. Well, you'd be crazy. If you let the other teams best player beat you. But that said Kirby has played a lot of deep and would really prefer to play the run with six guys and not give up the chunk place. That's something that Georgia has been very good at I believe they've only given up more than two plays longer than twenty five yards in one game. And that was LSU so early on. I think you'll see George try and see what it's going to take to stop Benny if it takes aided Kirby take eight he's not going to get beat by the run game. Ideally, that's his mentality. The ROY is not going to be what beats Georgia Kentucky's going to have to make some plays over the top. They ask you about mentality. And we we spent a lot of time. This we talk about what's his game means here. Let's factor in a couple of things Georgia's coming off of its biggest win of the year. It's an emotional win. Day. No, we're talking about here. But but. Fido at Kirby smart has said Georgia players really by in that they're at Ted Kentucky Kentucky. These aren't the same. George played beat Kentucky last year. I don't see Nick Kelvin Sony. Michelle running out that tunnel anytime soon right yet. Player of the year on Georgia's team. They got a lot of guys that have been there. But necessarily haven't done that yet. He's young guys they've got to make a name for themselves. And this is the place to do it. I mean Kentucky has already celebrated the season in Times Square. Time square. This game has even kicked off yet. You're celebrating and lex you got about while you can't. While you can't next week. I let me ask you. What about let's think about the worst scenario for Georgia? Yeah. Let's say Kentucky wins this game. What are the Georgia fans? What's the reaction? I mean here it'll be absolute ecstasy. But what's the reaction if they lose lose the SEC and lose it to conduct? Yeah. You know? Well, you know, this curvy smart, the people bleed he's got a dynasty in the making George that would kind of derail that narrative. Yeah. That'd be pretty pretty steep fall from grace. I think it would affect recruiting as well. So this is an absolute must win for Georgia football. It's Kirby continues to ascend try to get on that Alabama. Love. They got a lot of five star guys. But Benny tells you those five stars don't matter. Benny was the three star. He said, hey, those ratings that these other players have higher than them Kentucky says throw them out the window. They're just as good Jon Allen was a two star. The only other offer had was Monmouth. And he might be the best defensive player in Georgia's got back it up. I mean, if they want to go out there with these star ratings, and these recruiting classes and this narrative that Kirby smart has George on the verge of dynasty. This is the game. You got to win and they had their loss on the road at LSU. Let's say let's see if Georgia has grown up enough to handle this environment. That's waiting for him. Because I know it's going to be a mad house in there tomorrow, you just you just opened up. I think is really intriguing in because this was not Georgia fans. I think we're realistic. This was. Not a national championship team. But they were expecting at least to get to Atlanta. And and take a shot at a minimum. They've got to win the east for the season to be considered. The fact that it is Kentucky doesn't need raise the stakes. I mean, if you lose to Florida, maybe no shame in that traditional power. You lose to Kentucky recruits on the phone wanting to know what's going on. And maybe even checking Kentucky out on some visits. I actually think for Kentucky. This is one of those sort of recruit making game. I mean, they they they have taken the view they are bringing in literally the biggest recruits this the biggest recruiting weekend they've ever had here in terms of the players that are coming in. And you're right. This is kind of a make or break game. But I'm back to that mentality of sort of being derailed. I always thought that Georgia was next like, it was just I don't know. How long savings got left next say they lose this game Auburn next week in the disappointment bowl. Right. Yeah. I would say so in Georgia does look like they're next. They've got a lot of young talent. There's a lot. Guys that are still emerging on this George team. You know, it's the youngest team in the SEC more than two thirds of the Georgia rosters freshman and sophomore. So if they were to lose, which I don't think they will join away don't think they would if they were to lose. It would definitely be. Bury the lead. So you're not fricking Kentucky to win this game picking Dougie to win this game. Football, right? Right. Right. Let me just say this. I know you need to take this interview. Phone. Call Georgia is a wonderful institution. Athens is a great place to be you all just hired. Tom crane is your basketball coach Tom Crean sales in mediocrity. And I cannot wait to watch tomorrow Kentucky. I think is going to show that this Georgia team has L overrated going into the season. Now, listen, I think they'll be back. They'll be back was a really good point. This team has freshmen sophomores next year. They're going to be on top of the east again. But I feel like this is Kentucky's time, and I think they take them tomorrow. It could be it could be oldest youngest team. You know, you look at what you maybe Cal sends a couple of those basketball players pets. Basketball. The plays downfield because I don't see anybody. That's going to beat that Georgia's secondary tomorrow. Well, if they do have somebody to beat to beat the secondary. It's gotta be Lynn bode. Lynn boat and had thirteen receptions, second most in school history. And he was targeted thirteen times. And caught them all thirteen times that's going to happen because trash talk or not I agree with you. He's really the only guy that could give them that. They're going to have to hit a couple of deep shots. They can't win. And it's going to be interesting to see how Kirby defends because the Andre baker's been the highest rated corner in the country. He shut down some pretty good receivers. Will they have him shadow him where we'll Kirby play different guys and try to play that too deep and not get beat. It'll be real interesting to see how aggressive Georgia's on offense as well. I'm not convinced that they can come out and run the football actively without Jake from completing passes downfield and on the perimeter to open things up. Okay, break it up, boys. Come in here and talk a little trash. Hey. Hey. Before you go you want to take any more basketball shots these bat. I can't say anything about this basketball one of the best in the country. Say Hello over there in the battle do that. Mike, always applies your we'll see you said, thank you. For listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. The Paul finebaum show airs weekdays on the SEC network beginning stir.

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