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Welcome to the fantasy football overtime podcast guest. I'm your host Jigs Isky with Muse always is Matt Win and Taylor back? Good morning, everyone last episode we finished our divisional breakdown so today we're going to give ourselves a little bit of a break, and we're going to do some trivia and Taylor has got a great game prepared for us today, but first. Let's check in with Matt and Tyler. How you fell. Doing I am sore. The gyms opened up here in Minnesota, so got some squats and dead lifts and bench in, so I'm walking around like a just got done right in. In a horse like James Connor Yeah Oh, I'm feeling the same way I am extremely sore. I went and worked out two days the first two days the gym back up and I literally could barely even get out of bed. It's Kinda Sad. How much you lose in two months, but it's a good sore feels good to be back. You guys are making me feel really bad because I have not gone to the gym yet, but I also am going to. To the doctor to get my shoulder, re looked at so i. feel like I have a pretty good excuse. Hopefully that second opinion is what you want I. Sure Hope so because I'm really sick of dealing with this man how you feel and we have a big day coming up. I'm feeling good. Yeah, we got the Bachelor Party tomorrow. Looking forward to it and we talked about it a couple of episodes ago, but I haven't seen a majority of my friend. Friend Group in a couple of months, so it's GonNa be really fun to get everybody back together, looking forward to hanging out with everyone and having a good time I'm also looking forward to the under hitting on those ices. Sure is not. It is definitely not going to do I might buy a couple of cases is just for it. I am also couple cases, so that's twenty four beer ices already waiting for you all right? Let's not get too carried away. No No all right gentlemen, let's jump into some coin flips. Somebody give you guys a little bit of background information on this one I. This one's going to be eighty p based PR redirect. Sure things I want you guys to think about during the is for all of them. All of them cool all right ready. Ready I one awesome excellent. Joe mixon Nixon Joe Mixon K., Aaron Jones Kenyan Drake Drake Kenyan drake drives Kelsey George Gidel Kelsey Kelsey DJ. More Amari Cooper Moore, said I. Michael Thomas Ezekiel, Elliott Thomas. Ezekiel, Elliott Michael Thomas Delvin Cook. Thomas Micheal, Thomas Alvin Kamara Thomas. Kamara, Camara or Zeke Kamara Zeke Mike. Hayden hearst. Hayden hearst. Finally met joins the hidden her club last one Blake Darwin Johnny Smith Johnny Smith so you guys actually picked the person that was getting drafted second in almost every scenario until it came to Michael Thomas. That's why I did that. See The guy going I in according to ADP. You guys actually picked the guy. Go and second so mixing. Hecklers over mixing as of right now it got flip-flopped. I was just looking at Elliott Yeah I. I don't know if it was for the day or what, but when I hit refresh echlert going before mixing by one pick that actually makes sense to me because we always preach about value, so don't overdraft players. Yeah, thought those pretty pretty interesting the Michael Thomas those. Flip flop, but yeah for everyone else. You guys actually picked the guy's gone second for me when you have a stud running back or the star elite number one wide receiver. I'm still going the star running back because running back such a more difficult position to fill perfect sounds like a plan, tyler, what do you have for today? I am super excited, yeah! Yeah big jeopardy episode Tyler. What do you got for us? Yeah, our first edition of F F, OT party. It's GonNa take after jeopardy. The popular game show, so we're GONNA have twentyfive questions all with one through five hundred dollar value. You has buzz in just with your name so just Matt Jaekle say Jake, make sense. Right I think I got that part. So I say Matt Kata. And they'll be to double jeopardy's so you'll be able to wager. Keep track a score and everything, and there'll be a final jeopardy at the end. You will go negative for missed questions as well. That's fine. I'M GONNA. Need all those points because I'm going all in the double jeopardy. I can already tell you they're the final jeopardy. That's my strategy. The odds of finishing positive points jake is. Is Very Slim. There's twenty five questions. We'll see all right. I'll give you guys the five categories here it's A. How do you league? That's GONNA. Be questions around just fantasy, football leagues, common terminology and Fantasy football mascots armchair for reels and beyond football can already tell you that beyond football's probably your category Matt we'll see it all depends. What kind of questions or coming here I don't know. All Right? Let's let's jump in. I'm ready and we'll do a little coin. Toss here to see who goes first. Tales. Tales number fails. That's correct. Jake, start all right. Let's jump in with. How do you league for three hundred? You don't want the big one I got to see what the category is. I might be awful at it. Pool of players available for acquisition after the draft Jake. What is waivers? You are correct. I forgot that could buzzer. Idiot. I got to go no I. Just got to pick the first category shoot. Okay, give you that do I go again? Yeah, Oh sure I watch jeopardy in a while. Let's do mascots for three the Tennessee Titans Mascot called T. Rack is named after this animal, the state animal of Tennessee. And all the time Fellas Dang it was the raccoon, or what is the raccoon I never would have guessed that Jake didn't say what is on the first question. Get, is there you? Shoot. Don't try to be technicality trap. Line all right. It's continue the theme Armchair three hundred in the twenty-seven season, he became the oldest player to average more than eighteen fantasy points per game. You say the year again. Two thousand seventeen. Jake. Who is Aaron Rodgers and darn it? And who is Tom? Brady, Shoe Scher Thinking quarterback. Jake you're still still the picker here really matches going to try to play it easy and get zero points. Jake just lose points though he did. Score is zero zero. Okay well, this is fitting. Let's do for reels for three hundred. This player holds the record for most consecutive games with at least one touchdown, two or more touchdowns, as well as three or more touchdowns Matt drew. BREES Jake who is Aaron Rodgers? The. Correct answer is Ladainian Tomlinson Oh. Wow, we're awful. This is going to be hard. Ya member when you're giving me crap about being negative. Yeah, we'll. We're tied at negative. No Man's negative, three hundred zero. Oh No, you lost on that one, too yeah, negative three hundred from me his well. Yeah, let's make sure the scores correct or I have to go look. Yes, sir, well beyond football for three hundred at age eighteen. He was youngest ever to defend a Wimbledon singles title wild, okay. Rough Start Fellas. These are hard Matt Rafael and the doll and. Jake. Roger and Neither one of us who is either? Boris Becker. If. These are the three hundred point question worried about five hundred. Beyond football five hundred. Yeah, let's you at this. At Up to three hundred by two hundred yards or over five acres, this sport has the largest plain field of any jake. What is cricket and Darn it? You're pretty confident on that one. Throughout the most random support can think of what is golf and what is Paulo? Close, all right beyond football four hundred. Skip these out of the way. Number One by Sandy Colfax OJ Simpson and Magic Johnson. What is thirty two? Wow We got serenity answer. That one especially when she said magic all right beyond football two hundred while in football, the jets represent New York in hockey. They represent this. Canadian city Jake. Jake was I. What is Winnipeg? And Finish it out beyond football for one hundred, and actually we should. Probably we have to let you finish the question. Yes, we care Yup and close the head official in soccer, hockey, football and boxing referee. What is the referee? Who is the referee whatever? I'm just excited I finally. Get to pick a category hosa feel. I've picked what ten already now feels good and I'm going to tie it up right here. How do you league for five hundred? This format of fantasy football involves the initial draft followed by no setting up or update in your lineup, or whatever's Matt? The team with the most points at the end of the season becomes crowned the champion magic. Best Ball that should be a penalty when he said his name six times the middle of the question that he was done. I'll give another chance to get back here. Jake, how do you leak for four hundred God who just keep saying my name the whole time. Competitive Leagues can use this system where a dollar amount is set for teams to us over the course of the season on free agents. Jake. What is Fab, which stands for free agent? WHO AUCTION BUDGET Matt! Free agent acquisition budget. Some US Yeah Buddy I'll take that. How do you league for two hundred term used to describe a teams running game when it consistently uses more than one running back in a game Jan streak running back by committee. Can we get a score update? Yes, Matt has negative one hundred. Jake has negative, three hundred perfect, howdy, league for one hundred term used to describe the backup player who would start if the player head of him were benched or injured Jake. Handcuff. Let's do for reels for five hundred. This is a double jeopardy one who daily double or daily double, even though you have zero point or negative points. You have negative two hundred. You can wager up to the amount of the question, which is five hundred, and only you can answer it oh. Let's do five hundred Oh man, do I lose the points. Don't answer like if I don't have an answer. Yes, now, SKIRT GOPHER! This player holds a record for most consecutive seasons with one plus touchdowns. Really need you to get this wrong I. Probably will most consecutive seasons with one touchdown crack. Who is Brett Farve? I did not like that answer. WHO IS JERRY RICE? Newest someone who played for a long time couldn't think of anyone outside of Brett Farve Tom. So digest just a thousand unsure did oh, boy got risk to win it. It's not looking good so far. I won't even feel good about this if I finish negative to though. I need the other double jeopardy here. WHO GETS TO PICK? This question year Jake Jake style for real for four hundred tastes. Some hill last year caught six touchdown passes despite finishing the season with only nineteen receptions for two hundred and thirty four yards. This player is the only active player who has finished his season with even more touchdown catches while finishing with even fewer receiving yards. Matt Darren fells. Mike Vrabel and John Ross twenty. Eighteen twenty one passes for two hundred and ten yards and seven touchdowns, and you mike able cuts touchdowns. Hoping I'd get that on. How much did we just lose their for four, so it should be right now. Matt with minus five hundred. You don't need to say my score. Jake with minus sixteen hundred. Oh. Yeah, that's what I got to. Frills for two hundred among active players, his the only non quarterback who has been named the League's MVP Jake. Adrian Peterson. Nice for reels for one hundred. The team that wins the Super Bowl is awarded a trophy named for Him Matt, Lombardi Trophy and the Vince Lombardi trophy. You, kidding no, not at all, not even like. No, don't you elaborate? NOPE, you didn't give me Fab mid me. Explain it well, Fab you got to at least try to spell it out. Your first answer was wrong. Wow, all right all. Mascots for one hundred. This team's mascot is named. Poe Matt Ravens. Good job would have never that one. I suppose. That's me mascots to hundred. Double Jeopardy who? Oh so the most I can do is only two hundred anyways, so do the hundred the mascot of the chargers. It's gotta be some form of lightning bolt but I have no idea. I will say what is Bolt, and you're very close without knowing bolt man. Oh boy! This is hard enough. You got to be given us all man. I would have guessed the exact same answer. Your up again map. So, what did I lose their for? So we should have with negative. Nine hundred Jake would negative thirteen, hundred, making closer, all right mascots for four hundred the New Orleans saints. Mascot is named after what food, Dish Jake. Gumbo. Oh mascots for five. This team's mascot is called Captain Fear Jake. The Tampa, Bay Buccaneers She. You know your mascots apparently so. Do some armchair for one hundred the number one player in consensus fantasy football rankings this year Matt Christian McCaffrey. Voice, over disappointed if you've got. Armchair four hundred. In two thousand seventeen, these two players became the first teammates to finish the season in the top six in fantasy points. What year two thousand seventeen? Jake Antonio Brown and Juju Smith Schuster and And Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram Dang same position. Even what's the score? The score is Matt minus. One Thousand Jake minus eight hundred. Wow! We are putting on a clinic his tough. You're not being flexible answer. This is really good, tyler. Let's do the last one since two thousand fifteen. This is the only NFL team to have two different first overall ranked fantasy players in two consecutive fantasy football seasons while I'm trailing, so I guess I'll go matt steelers. Nice? That was what I was going to say, too. I just could not get myself buzzer. Bell in fifteen in Antonio in Sixteen Harnett I knew that. Taking the lead at the last. Thought to exact same thing, all right final jeopardy is going to be a little bit interesting here. Yeah, how should we do it? With both negative scores normally be eliminated. What is it? It's Matt's up pilot three hundred now. Yeah, yeah, mad has minus five hundred. You have minus eight hundred. Should we just do whoever gets this right wins like I'm sure you'd like. I mean. How else do you add up a negative score like I? Mean that's the route a goal. We have gotten like similar questions. Right and wrong say that's probably the most fair way we will sock. This is really really hard. Yeah, I went last question winner takes it all. If we have no answer, you win like that's Terr- that's the best way to do it all right final question. This coach is the only one to win coach of the year with. I go ahead and write your answers down boys, so we can reveal at the same time. I gotta guess both of you. Had Your answers written down Yup Yup Matt. Who did you have written down bill cower and that is not the answer jake. Could you ever done John Madden and? The correct answer was Jimmy Johnson cowboys. Yeah in nineteen ninety. He had a record of seven and nine. How did he win coach of the ear? Do, they make the playoffs. No idea they had made the playoffs. Maybe they are coming from like a Owens sixteen season. Maybe while Matt is the first fantasy football overtime podcasts jeopardy winner with negative points. Yeah, I! Don't feel too good about this hard fought victory. Let the other I guess until the are negative in insurer. Mile take, Yup, hey, maybe next time we won't go negative window in I completely get it. No, I mean I think technically I would've won if we wouldn't have had the negative because I think I answered more correct, but I took more chances doubled that you're going to go. Yeah, the double jeopardy really really asked me. Well Tyler, it was a good time I would say it would be in a better time if I had one. I'm not gonNA fault you for my downfalls. Although I'm a little upset about FAB, but we'll move on. It was time auction budget I'm sued I. Honestly had no idea what it was. I'm upset about bolt man, so I feel you there. No, I've actually never have looked up the definition of FAB. I just knew the. It's called Fab. And it's an auction so I don't think that bad of I guess actually. Define Gas, but you didn't get points for it. No, you're right, so. You also did not get points for the Lombardi trophy. Another one mad about. All the technical name is the Vince Lombardi. Would have gotten if I got a second. Guess like you got with them, no! No no, because you completely different scenarios. I actually can understand had to spell it correctly. You had one opportunity to say the correct name of the trophy negative, five hundred and negative eight hundred. Rocket. picky promoting that one. We'll try to make it a little bit easier next time, fellows. Perfect no good game I. IT Matt is just Sore, even though he won for some reason, but anyway those great episode. Thanks for putting that together Tyler. It was a lot of fun. congratulations Matt. You are the very first winner of the fantasy football overtime podcast party episode, so congrats shake! You're welcome. Preview our next episode where we keep it simple. We breakdown kind of complex things. Things that we might think is easy, but some of you who are just getting into fantasy football might not know what it means, but until next, that's going to wrap up today's episode. Make sure you hit the likes share subscribe, follow us on facebook. Fantasy football overtime podcast like us on twitter at F. F. Ot, podcast, and of course subscribe Apple. Google spotify podcasts. Thanks, you guys. Audio's Amigos by by.

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