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Racing Postcast: Cheltenham Festival 2019 Trials Day | Doncaster | Weekend Tipping


Follow party power on Snapchat. The username is the potty power. And we promised that wouldn't be any boring. Snaps about gigs. The weather all the gym. Everyone of you all warmly welcomes the right post. We can post cost eight spruce Millington Paul Kaley Graham roadway and Patty Powell's naral O'Reilly taking you through seven nights races on Saturday, including a really fantastic audit. Children. We are looking forward to that will three meetings on Sunday where the boys have been sussing away to bring you a decent bet there. And obviously we'll have the nets at the end of the show where the boys gives their best bet of the day. We will start with the card at Cheltenham, it's trials day the last chance for horses to advance that Cheltenham festival claims, and we'll tell you the first of the four ITV race is it's the one fifty. It's the spectra cyber security solutions trophy a handicap chase over two and a half miles. Nal had a Powell on this. Yes, or we're an extra place in this race. We're paying four places for owners so good offer. Johnny is our Ford one favors. Thought that we surge lack of four to one kings were at six to one buddy hill. Seventy-one one re-lane does fifteen to to activity in ninety one and ten to one back. I will stick with you for what July care. Yeah. I find this tricky was one of come to his the king's rich for Keighley wilko's. And he's been really progressively strikes me as one that will just keep on improving and he bowl job last minute. Decent race at extra win by five lengths price. He risked his mercy still the broiler chaps of. So he comes here. Bang and form from that lasts x rays. Second third sixth and seventh of all run pretty well trained and the featured one one and two kings going to seven paints for that. But it's still look fairly treatise, and he's got a little way here too. And can be ridden problem, which tends to be positive in these type Orissa Cheltenham and off the opposition Janika is obvious one. I think he probably want soft grains, buoyed like surge lack I was just slightly put off watches run back as as a juvenile few years ago here stint think really talked through track and kings risk for me. Okay. Kale's? Confident gun into the weekend. We saw. Yeah. This is a versus. My issue. We've. With the king's writ. I should've. I should've fifty last didn't vowed to annoy me because he drifted to a very backup ballpark. But he's never actually wanna grab a tool now expecting good. It's going to it's going to rain a bit. I mean, it's you know, it's it's on a good sorry to good soft on imagining the most evident that much, and I think you definitely won't soft ground. China says he does not that concerned about it. But off of an issue out of an issue geneka the Siamese as well. Because all these is on soft ground. I was a good Rodman second. So that to hell's kitchen who's not of a win put together is a very good Alderson. I came down to talk way activity. He's a known you now, and he never really sort of. Did what you expect remember that? They absolutely it up in the dovecote was in the there's a fully loaded tempted ET's, really good. Never really done it. And he's only training after them, Jordan. He's actually on to best underspin over fences win it we didn't. And then lost time second to kill the. I really like I think he's very promising Novus, and he was giving him ten pounds. And he was having just touched off by. I think this really really solid piece of foam activity was being Hof lymph in the cold Cup for years ago. So he annals the track handles the ground. I just think he's your big challenge off to a white. Hey, failing now is used as a steady difficult day fussy because dry January and it's spectacular. Yeah. Did you absolutely battered last night ended up getting a woman fraying wandering around the streets on the fun to taxi because me phone run out the oh feel like shit. But I've done a study in advance. We're offer money. How about you? G E fitting, awesome PERC. I am fading much better than Kanai who used to tell me that. I he was rubbish not to go drink in Roma's Robbie Diana rubbish. It was it was it was. It was. How how you fading gun into the weekend? You back in plenty winners, nor really no I'm not that confident. And she is one of the first rules in the post cost isn't if you're not confident they run their earlier that you've got one one. But that's about one fifty one fifty offense yoed Grange would these a long standing member of the JIRA tracker? And a I was waiting for him to go up to three miles for ages. And in fact, him quite heavily at Aintree last time. He's finally start last season. And he traveled beautifully. You went through direct lovely. And I thought it was gonna win. And he definitely didn't stay. He was paddling in between that long run between the second last and the last now he's still finished full Remm really well and he's back down in trip. Cheltenham, I think those suits him. He likes good ground jumps quite well. We don't know I feel handle the track, but I'll take it on on chance. He's double fica price. So willing to give him a chance of that price. Splendid? Let's look at the two twenty five. Now, it's the bet bright trial caught swallowed chase three miles one and a half often. Gold Cup clues. What's the latest betting from Patty power? Yes. It is their money back special and it's money back losers. Frode on wins the race. And he's our two favorite fall away elegant escape at ninety four tariff to seventy two Baltimore eleven to Manila. Rock was ten. Allison, Montana's, forty to one. Okay kills was the winner. Yeah. It is upset win over isn't it? I mean on is anyone three times I've three MOS in his life. He was he was already beating outside with falling in the in the co star novices chase the sure to one even back taunted. He was will be in any way. And he wants to is been second three months since two two months by San Diego be eight lengths and then in a handicap at Ascot where we laid over the lost. And just was paddling time seems to end the trip and elegant Skype to me is not I enough free Mon quickish, ground vitals foam. Just I've got tool. We'll tip in men on the roof and tearful done. You know, a off the wall. He did as Zona show center in November. Can you back him? So yeah, not look like subtracts been placing to go up as had to wind up his only nine he's actually really lot waste clumsy bugah Martin my might not be good enough anymore. But he's the one I'm going to end up like okay, fair enough. Jay rod. No, I think furred on studies. But I think he's more effective over overshoot trip when he can really blast in from the from an I'm not sure that you can do that here with know. Because. Well because. Funding. Funny. I was gonna say. That he's going to stay. I was thinking of this. I think he can do that in this race. Stay. I think he I think he stays three miles. I think he needs to be reading really really aggressively. And if you ride him like that around the Trump Trump wants day does that make sense? Nope. Okay. Elegant escape you slow con him. And. Yeah, the to the other to you. I mean that race it felt or remorse. I'm terrible right now Jammie masters was beaten in his choice next time. The furred was Benetton at the trip tariff over Turkey. Also, I'm so for the same reasons you have to back Manila. Rocco at the prices. I mean, he's the best in the race on the phone. He gets all the way loves good grand the lights track. Who knows if you're going to turn up until phone? But if he does there's no ways, and I attended one chance if Brian he does blast off on fraud on as weeks. Which fence will he relinquished the lead just think? Well, I think the way she's going to ride it. She has to kick down the huge that that's the way to to try and beat these stairs. She kicks on there on the hill and tries to catch him flat-footed. But then she get back up. It probably not being from Germany laws seems time. Really? Yeah. Okay. No. We'll show view of it. Humphries more here in g roads. I'm gonna accurate exactly what the odds are talking base. I think I think you have to take it on the price of the trip. As kale said on his previous trae over trails at Ascott. He was beaten by goals gold, president of America one hundred and fifty one prior to win the handicap we seventeen length so I'm going to put it tends to trip out there that got him beaten elegant escape seems to be on an upward curve is not a horse if ever take I don't think he's fast enough. I said to you on softer grain to tear for older people and soft or grind these offer break. I'm just that'd be Manila. Rocco? Jockey Buchen slightly put me off because it normally tends to assume that he might need this Ron against which intern. It's just that's what tends to happen in my opinion. But he does it the gray in his favor, and he gets weight off most sweet doesn't have enough to find. And he's a big of price to take a chance on for me. Remind me what price you on Minorca where ten ten to one. So all three leads in six on rice. Go for the ten to one short Manila. Rock. Interesting stuff. We move onto the three o'clock. Shown, it's the Ballymore Norris's hurdle and oil take it away with a show of betting. Yes. Birch fifteen eighth favourite Java's places to to one room. A storm is ninety two four Worcester. Valentine's fourteen not fousiya sixteen to one and the wolf is fifty one gram roadway. We'll show selection went on to this. Right. So I thought well, you know, any pundit worth their so has to say that the prices are wrong. You know, that you have to say that there's no way. Birch del can be favorites. Beat job is play. Having seen are impressive Jovis plate was. But through just think the price is going to end up in ROY. Because I think that's Henderson loves this race. He runs good offices in this race. And you obviously a champion as well. I was more impressed with that in Newbury because I light that was running because I thought it would be far far too free, and it's still bolted up. So the fact that you runs Birch though instead suggests that this must be pretty useful as well. Yeah. I think. It's hard to make a strong case remem- form to be that price. But I just think that it'll be interesting for Audie Murphy. He's got loads and loads of talent they oppose Arden. I'm not sure he really gets over the distance. Maybe once a little bit. Sure. I mean, if he stays and he said, it was he could be a player Jovis play around will phone or the office. Good. Jay wrote the price is wrong with actually brought Butch dot a win oil who do you like? Yeah. I it was probably it's probably the most taken being visually. What was hurt or desirable as favorite here? I think you have to take them on because I'm not a hundred percent, sure. But it's a form about race and read believed the best novice we've seen the season was the childhood will in terms of quality. So for tink Bruno storm would look better. I told you traveled really well, not raise just getting slightly pays we speedier types before staying on finished a close for and race. That wasn't really onto Sousse Java's players. Nice type. But I'm really struggling to believe is good as he looked up on his last one, and he is a penalty here and on the balance of his former teams opposable so. Yes brewing up a storm for me. Okay. And kills me. I wanna easily Beijing credibly green, and he's running against a little bit more battle hardened on forum. So I'll be inclined to take him on his plate. Really good. Do lot number. Nothing's for the tip looked at Newby. If he if he does sell thinking of an issue because you can became if he does his to beat. On a nice by the lack of love for Jovis. What's wrong with him? Nothing normal. If one of those out of the blue bits of full my when I mean so much better than anything else. He's done those just a little bit suspicious. Yeah. A little bit suspicious over. Okay. Right. And one of the most open and there are loads and loads of open races at the twenty nine thousand nine Cheltenham festival, which is a real head scratcher as the stays Hodel. We make it some clues after three thirty five at showing them, which is the guy yard homes cleave hurdle. Very competitive, intriguing puzzle. They swan oil. Howdy bet. Yeah. It's very competitive. We're actually paying five places here. Whoa. Sunny, twelve there's twelve good me. It's definitely a good offer. For the baton as Lee packets of favors. Laco is four to one also midnight. Shadowed ninety two Opeti swan is thirteen to two wholesome eight one, you know, what I mean, Harry tend to one westbound eleven one twelve to one back and knowing your selection. Yeah. I I really like the shape, but it's race from phantom perspective. So I want to take on the front in American midnight shuttle, and paisley pack at midnight shot. Her looked impressive last time. Three that raise turn into a bit of a speed test any Mosley benefit from that. It should be a much stronger test. I think he's a really day full. Stay over tree deeper race paisley pack is clearly improving to the ASCA risk completely fellow Paris. And the fact he ran a shocker and is only start here. We would definitely worry me. A whole stone would look solid for places. And but he's not destroying stay over the trip and mypillow black off need, softer, grains, beat his best and he's actually pretty purdis season two and throw it into petty swan, six o'clock in thirteen to to a gain weight off of most of the horse mansions. No, he wasn't sure. Pressures last from that. He actually got tree mile. But the way he traveled not raising the way finish at threes Yossi Bolton and the move to skeletons is obviously perked Himmel, I think he's well up to two stepping up this company. Not he's definitely bat in this race. Okay. Oh, petty swamp. Phenomenal who few kills five places in twelve. That's good. Isn't he is good? I mean, I, you know, I I can agree with funding holder midnight. Shutter paisley puck doesn't been a single British dying heard one to appeal of of his highest one sixty this season. So he is really a week division for me black cop could be the one that blows it apart. He always leaves done this he'd been Novus chasing automating climbing carry on because he didn't look to be unnerved by be made so many mistakes it did for the last two lost on that tell them, but it be may seven who states June the race. And you just couldn't believe that he kept coming back on the bottle. And that's me just signifies. This is a very very good. And if you go back to last year's lost by moeny, we second the Sam Cooke. I mean, he gets out paces it's open air with anyone's on e caked von word louder ground took it from the roots knocked it flat. And it didn't stop if my men and the toll any charged away from the rest on go is this season. He was a very very good news. Any beaten two lengths need be made him race for the lost jobs. And know, I just think like, oh, if he stays I'm pretty sure we will stay. It's just gonna be better than the interesting g road will show view, you confident nano, really. Yeah. Like the boys beat my shadow as to be doubtful stayer. He's quite Kinko seems to have plenty pace. I thought it was between the two boys already mentioned really the potential improve in Black Hawk and petty swans resolve ac- older, but was more impressive thought lost time and gets weight from blackout on a fancy. Oh, Patsy swans. I just think that then skeleton says a ways that loads of ability and then Skilton pizza to to get back to specify time. And if he can say can of a step forward, I think that'd be good enough to win this race wherever you can go on him in the state is on another question. But you know, that's for another day. So he does business tomorrow. There's no for another like Silliman's, bats almost skew. If you're having a bet nail in the states who would you back Noel? Probably petty swan is sixteen to one or so okay kills. What would he smashed black up book process? You get sixteen and Gerard. I'll tell you what what what's running in the rice. Was any Percy? You're probably. Running bucks Krakow to nine. Before two four he ran when you are aware. Joan officials coming little bit slow up painting Kendra free for h you know, just getting back. Yeah. Skin, which owns just getting back on the times? I'm racing. Yeah. But yeah, so that was kinda it was lovely. They weren't very cold. You know, like we went for Christmas. When he plays. Well, we wanted to white Christmas. You know, they won't place. You guarantee you get snow at Christmas. It's gonna be Kennedy. Surely, I mean, it was like being with it was just wet and cold and Dolan gone. Nice shane. Okay. We'll get your children head on because he's coming up. She road. Right. Then that's Cheltenham done. We will look at Doncaster next success. Ain't tent? It's bought. That's why Poti power we paid the big bucks for the best techniques in the world to defend up on new fastest ever app. Download the new app from the app store or place Donau eighteen plus begun to welcome back. Let's look at three live ITV Raissi's from Doncaster. The toy five is Dow, but Bartlett riverton Nova sees hurdle three malls, Hoffa furlong and Patty Pell as follows Nile. Yes. Commodore Barry is our eleven to ten favorite truckers largest fifteen eight battery cO is ninety two and not to dick is ten to one. Just the full runners kills which one will cross learning favor. He's the best. The race was second last time in in a fair handicap chip so bad ground, you've given chunks away to the runner up. If you go back look early fall when he was with when he was with Tom George actually thrashed wanna pool Nichols month. In a bumper chipped on good ground won't does every was narrowly one four two hundred of the absolutely toyed with it. I'd he's over the problems because he hasn't done that much. And he's now with Nichols. I think I think the good grant or bring out being bacteria is officially ready to under forty two which makes the best in the race. But full pound anyway racing post writings agrees with that are finish should be five win. Oh, you sound confident Jiro Ushio view of this one off income adore barium Mico. Widow think Kim by Luke's is all I think about staying forever. You know as a bit like Colin Tizzard as well. You know, whenever he's she's go up in trip. They just seem to improve improve improve. And that's all that Commodore. Barry is done since Kim by stuck in over further. He's pretty strong style. And he just goes off in front of them. We lost in a way there and take a good one coming and chase him down. I think you Michael and oil. I'm finding Commodore Barry extremely hard to oppose. I didn't think he was well before his last one don't never look it. Just looks the horse on the up and he's proven over this to me. He looks the whole truckers lodge. We beat portray lengths given for paints were three earlier in the season, even allowing for the liars improvement. I still ahead to see who's going to be here. So stick with Commodore Barry Roddy, how the two forties the LPGA dot com. Yorkshire rose mares hurdle over two miles. Interesting race this how do you bet Nile? Yes. Oh, lady. Buttons is our Ford favors Irish row is seventy-two into flesh six to one Jacob Wayne is thirteen to Indian operas fourteen to one and cold hugeness two hundred to one. Okay, grime you'll gone. I should know it interesting. This is a horrible race. You know, it's just the suit rice hookah anything the favorite lady buttons has got so much more ability than the rest of these. But to seems to be over fences. And this Beth over it was now, although she did we nicely. Whether. Via in the season. I've offense. He's a clown in the second or third loss come in with twenty was but still absolutely boat up. I think she probably win. But she's also an indefatigable ran really well last time beyond posh, Trish, writes, the Tolan when post Tricia at the Boston from the front. She stays forever. And I was amazed ready. The indefatigable. Manage to stay with her of the running. I mean, she was coming right back or the line. I think she's better than than she shown think she's improving budge once indefatigable okay now. It's actually well prayers. Yeah. I think she's imploded of. I think she's improving. John she's improving quickly enough to beat lady buttons. But I mean is there. Eight remers nuts cutting. We come back reach white. But I mean, there's only one place on off because lady buttons is probably going to finish the first to do the full Coskun. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's the way. It you wanna play. I mean. Yes, it's horrible. Right. Noel? Yeah. I'm fine. Lady buttons, really hurt suppose. I couldn't find any angle into even the ever horse, which I'm not going to try and finance again. Those look today. Insure puts still bitcoins. This lady buttons for me kills you Jasim for this contest. I is one I'm going to be paying that much attention to. I mean, I love lady partners with me. She's just a wind machine. And she Bah she's mine with over fences. And she's I've heard it was and she's actually full pound worse-off for two and a half lengths of ROY wanna run run over hurdles earlier this season. If always wrote bounces back to her best form, she's got she got the shot of beating definitely on her best form, she and her best form comes out. Don't tends to she was second in in a decent vase to start to go run by must be last time. But back here on decent ground. I think she got shot. So I I'm not gonna I'm not gonna go smashing into lady buttons. Probably went layup, avocado quitting. Okay. I suspect the three fifteen will grab the lights. Attention. A little harder is the sky bet handicap chase. I three malls really could race this Nile a show betting. And then you'll selection, please. Again, we're we're four place than this race eleven hundred. So another good offer here and our bashing dingo dollars ninety four favors while you're Taylor's flights one seven is five to one eight one go conquer a to one really boy ten to one twelve number and yet dollar is very obvious one here and he's probably win. If you're on not hundred percent sure he's going to do what I like into one. I think it's the value is Willie boy for Charlie longs. Anthrax many in here. The look really well handicapped, and he's one of the least expose in the field for me. I've been his first trae over the trip and he's open to improvement over and he bulged Glassman. First time, cheap pieces when we're nine months and the broil and has deservedly gone up nine paints for that. That was the only only his third Sarah for long since so good chances Morecombe on the fact, he's one appoint point over tree. Mos with bode well for stamina, whole Nash. As Graham would put turf, you solid help shins in here. Like, I mentioned options the infamous goal. Conquer donate. It. Need are heightened ended than from the handicapper as really boy from me. He looks good each with twelve to one. Okay, kills I love on a Saturday. When they when they do these extra places just an annoyance each way, multiple because you know, you can you can just get a few scraping into the places. I have I have I have. No com win, but just six places. You know, it it did the depart the parts for the place is just too big to is. You know, I mean it was one of those horses in here federici bacteria. I injury last time he can possibly win. But it just couldn't be out of I seven as picked up, but might as well from seven places, and he was bunkers, and I'm so, yeah. It is dollar who you know was third in elaborate. Trophy and he had virtually everything under the costume. Where do we caught state or whether we just went to audit? I know anything waist up within was Welby. And then you know, if reproduce that form, then he's he's got to go very, very close. But you know, but it was the same reasons. I'll go to Evan h white balance something else because they don't get that interesting back into its anyway, you look at these and you come along FU we'll pick holes in them. Warriors tile was second in the rice lost. And you just beep. He's now in a career on mall. I've been wanting to spend shift in Aintree loss time, and he definitely wants off the ground esque travels like a dream doesn't find anything vaguely looks like getting over three mile signed show thing furred Congo though, he has one of the distance. But don't just as long straight tends to find out the non-stars and both of them questionable in my book. I seven month first time out. Usually does win. I I'm out and then doesn't go for it. And it comes back to the old buck back. That's the old boy on tool whose he was third in the in the veterans chase at Sandown time. Now. Okay. We'd beating the fairway, but a tool she finished in front of him Hoogland desert Boden. They were well over stone better than than him their best, and they were going to similar the monks. So you know, if they practice of each beat and be he's now he's natural from say three which is lowered than for his lost win. I mean, if if this be absolutely smashing him because he loves that track. But at least it's left-handed in flat, and depending dollars lies. He's gonna shoot him as well. So each way on tour, he will definitely be. And then just on I four gram show view of this rice in a way. I'm kind of glad you come to me lost one of the pets that runs in this. But I thought it was between Willie boy and tool and buy flats. You know? Oh. Could I was going to the thing copying him? No one on that was a terrible DJ. But the what the what the to the I fell down on this one of the better bet to the day was Willie. Boy. Okay. Who who know I think and I mean tanking along in one of the races of the season beyond baron alco. And he was actually the one that will that carnage and might took a bad full and jumping Spain is undoing a little bit over fences B being with Charlie Lawson on that long and he slept a pair of cheap pieces on him law. So I'm erode impulsivity and you saw a completely different performance. I mean, the whole jump to look better wherever it was the China tactics. Wherever it was the probably the headgear, whatever it was it worked, and it was a massively improved performance from Willie. Boy, I'm proven that the trip obviously. But it doesn't doesn't PO you know, he said it was quite nicely. And he's already wanna point the point is no said if there's an improvement morose, and obviously we all know dingo dollar is and improve about. I mean, I'm. We're not going to be back in dingo dollar in this away at night and four me. It's a terrible price in it. That's an absolute Beal full price. If you ask me at nine to four minutes, he is an improving host. But some we don't know if he's going to like the ground and we'll beaten in that race. And they remember eighty will. It was Welby. So I would much rather back really boy what twelve to one favor annoyed four just discovered actually by trying to do DJ. Do quite good. Barry mcguigan, rod. Let's see. What else we've got on Saturday? We've got the rest of the Chilton Carlino kills your keen on some of the show races. There. We don't cast a ferry house. You took and for all where the fans chumsford and Lingfield kills. What have you got for us to shoulder races? I'm. I going down in the first race to Jeevan it'll trouble at twelve four. But I Don King seems to think that power and to defeat that he's going through his name is racing handed. Knee went out to the left, and he's one very easily both on growing lift, and it's on my because they one of the most interesting races for Cheltenham, putting this is whether it's the one fifteen the the notices handicap chase now over the last ten years. This is produced window of for three five winners of the Novi sandy got choice to the festival brand in this race. Mister wicker did the double last year? Also produced a win or the Altima a win over of a full mall national unchaste as well. You know, I'm one other choice company was, but you know, in the last ten years. So it's it's it's a race to look for me killed his I'm slightly concerned. He has no worth world for money left handed for me. He's one also could blow them away because I you know, I could see him being jail T who's rather than handicap. He's running around forty one judge. Aged out active you, I mean, okay, he was getting ten power material back to the good old. And that was any second star over fences against unexperienced to attuitude really well off to it's Ben pooling said he can definitely strip fit and he was again through stirred the season. So I think inside the will to being and we'd go onto the last race the three motel ten to full ten yet. Tense co host nausea handicapped in flash to steal put him in anti kept lost on just improved out of recognition up fog pound. But he's going to be much better than that. And the lovely white ten stone five flesh the steel in the Fulton. Okay. Gee, what how many is he's featuring your roundup young got loads as well. All different to kills in the same racists. Okay. You would say, gee, what do you show, you know, which race right? Right. Oh work. Go fund is you talk, sir. Right. Okay. Softy free free twenty-five, right? There is a whole cold the kings baby who I was at. I was at Sandown on creek bay. And it was smashed off the booze. I run for Harry Whittington and made the running jump really, really. Well, this is a decent do this. And then he made them starting to third lost men stopped. If shot comes off the seven-week bike having had a window peration. Now, just keep an eye on that imagine imagine it won't be it won't be among the favorites to start the David Mark gay might get punted again because it really was heavily backed excellent. So keeping on that. But gee, vote away. You got in the first juvenile heard face really interested in Joseph Oprah and spring into over. He's obviously one the Trump to fool with that looks event a beach cool but of couple years ago, I just wonder if one of them's he's triumph for some. Maybe one is to the Andy CAPP. Did you have no end? I don't know Oviously guess impo that one of the you think might be and force his. Fakhir do dairy. He was very impressive. When when coq loss time quality, regardless of Woody Mullins, I can't believe dissociates double figure price. It could be absolutely anything. Definitely be Becky name. The jokes have gone host to eat didn't enter. It's three in it. We'd have your luck. It's a really interesting rendering the one fifteen as kill says the time phone number syndicate chased up that host one for the road, Tom. I mean, if you go back a few years, this source be Lila and Brecon installment officer Xia is always absolutely talked to us four. And he's always being really highly regarded you've wanna bumper Kempson must have been during one of the coats nap city ran well at Cheltenham in handicap hurdle there now he already much reco- who says in his that's going to do really well over fences, and he's run a polling -ly on free starts. I mean, but there's just so he's been giving some interesting Royds. I mean, he's been out in the bachelor he's being out in the bag every single time. He's being the bliss them fluent, and he'd been having a low for lot today on a couple of occasions, certainly Hertford when I think there was a who's one of the favorites fell when he ended up it. And then there was lost. I'm out him money finish. Lost as a result. He's drawn massively in the white. So he's down to one twenty six. Now, if this was retains ability ease Cheltenham festivals now if he's gonna run festival even after definitely win this race to get any chance. He's got one twenty six where if he wins easily. I mean, he he could easily come on a ten pound that I've a chance to get in. I think he's a really interesting one for the road Thome. And then we're into the races. We've done aren't we mentioned the one offense in the law because it's my best day down to that than anything else. The Wii meetings or he just taken shown what no no, I mean, there's no. Noel, John match roads. Fluency is you give us your other Saturday beds yet so lot minor chump as well and fourteen there's one in here that looks really well handicapped me, it's benny's bridge for Fergal O'Brien. It's as I handicap and he gets in America one hundred and twenty carrying ten stone. And we thought he was a certain on Boxing Day American risen where you've sent off odds-on. He's beaten into fourth out there. He just each never eighty settlements the grain what you've been against them as well. If you go back and watch his run a chat. So a few starts going to decent race where he got Sereni really strange Royd. It'd be certain he's well handicapped off this MAC, I think we're currently thirteen to. But he definitely looks to me in the one fifteen Hollywood, no one could possibly be a bad for Chris Gordon here, and he's stepping up to two and a half miles. I think it's something he's been crying. I forgiven. The way he tends to shape over two miles. He jumps. Well, and this is a much easier is your race and taking on the lexin Lauder and dine white daughters, which he's been doing in the tree fifty Doncaster. A horse have been following called baby Tigers and teachers radio while treat off America of ninety five and if only enough connections actually entered him in the four miler Cheltenham. So if he's to ruin that he probably won't be winning handicaps this type of pretty soon. And if you go back to his time in Ireland accused straight and David Harry, Kelly finished heard and made and heard them. Splitting our in Loudon limits who are not as two hundred and forty two and what limits is ridge one hundred twenty eight so definitely would make him look handicapped, he's trained we Williams too. So I think it'd be a decent tomorrow on the two fifty talks or point of prince look has run into very competitive, handicaps, cheifs and Shelton's this year so far and this looks much easier opportunity. I think you'll go really, well lovely. Thank you chaps. Let's get the naps. Will be right g road. You've been a tantalizing with the promise of a really juicy strong nap. So what is it? Yeah. I don't believe in certain is know per se, but I do really fancy Matt quiz art in the full ten shown them Chris golden won this race last year with rim. Look looks similar type. I mean, quite free go in front runner, and Harry Reid wrote that Harry Reid. He's back on the MAC was art here. It's only a two runs with Chris Gordon. First time, we're ran on the flat Kempson round nicely in second. And then lost time. L game was given a Noyce aggressive ROY brand Kempson son nicely clear got run down over the last couple of hurdles. But I think that was quite small rice the second unison came up and bolted up. It's a tone ten next time. I know she'll Microsoft just. Improve improve improve as as long as we. We've crystal Chris golden generally comes to form this time of year, and he got twenty two percent straight right in the last night. So he's doing so again, a really fancy Microsoft in that race the full ten at Cheltenham seeing ten to one with Patty patterns that flight your that's that's that's kind of about what was hoping for a double figure price. Great stuff. Neue what show nap? Happens to be in the same race, four ten Chapman fannies bridge. And can I give a next best was because. I'll give baby tiger on the tree. Fifty Doncaster by toggle. Three fifty Doncaster and kills play. Siphon? Blackout will win the cleave record. And then go on and win the status. Hopefully, lovely stuff. Vestich Sunday, next checkout, potties rewards, tab, simply place five bets if ten pounds or more across any sports in a week and you'll get a free ten pound then next week teens. He's apply eighty plus become dot org. Welcome back. It's Bruce Millington Paul Kelly grime roadway and Patty Powell's Noel O'Reilly. Looking ahead to Sunday's race in. We've got nice in Orland and we've got Sedgefield and font. Well, so let's see what the lights have sussed out, and we'll start with kale's going to challenge from one food in the free four, there's a very obvious favor echo road. Boy blow it up time. Time and he's only six Panhard probably fairly well-treated on a half. Lot. Look at the top white solid. Start. And now he's anywhere wants to season. And he was he was beating the fairway. He lost time. But over trip that was mouse to shores ease up alleged model now. Dining mcmenamin on them. Chime in seven he's a good little climbing jockey is and the horse has eleven year old man, but he's become we'll handicaps I'll take a child because he'd be a press. And then if we go term to from well, if you painful never been from channel believe I've never been to front world because he took me about free job. I most sweetie. Most swedish. You must go reggae. And there's another one he might have claws edge into three salt Oriel elegance didn't run that. Well last time, but. Pundits on before wasn't that bad. When he was five drops down in clause. Five gets in gets in. Into a band that? He's just not used to run in any much. He might just be different close to them. Go. Harry Copeland over Colin Tizzard sartorial elegance J, twelve sussed. I for Sunday. They have finally enough. I had one of those for field. And it's in the free at Sedgefield is the top weight solid strike. Mainly because as kill says who wrote boys lot favorite. But if you go back in the foam solid strike fresh deck who ROY boy knowing legs when he finished third of few starts ago. And he was giving him a stone net Saudi strikes only gonna give two pounds. So Acura boy here. I mean, he stayed on. Really? Well, Carlisle couple of stars ago free moten author on every ground. So we not only does stay and he's reappearance in December last month that was over now to quit distance. It was over two free or to MO four. He wouldn't have been sued by the trip. He goes up back up in distance a think he would just outstayed him solid strike so distraught option, I he is so lovely what have you got? I think if you're ran the place aren't you want to each yet at the one Turkey fund, well, and it's a horse NICKY Henderson's called dream to grand, vile, kilted mentioned this and Diddy not today's owned. No sorry. I think it could be interesting. Here haven't shown plenty of promise on a stable of debut behind red hot red hot chili at Cheltenham finishing six. And in a race. It's worked pretty well. I think the likes the rock points on normal. Norman running the race. And he was very keen nothing can get in to settle if he can take a massive into beaten up America one hundred twenty five to forty six field rhinos and sponsors this race and runs. Lookie robin. Who's very unexposed having his first start over over fences on a dimension. He's been targeted here. Ellison has been quietly going radio L over last few weeks. Turkey percents strike race an eighty percent ruin to form. So this is one that could be a decent price. It's not the weakest race. I think he's sure to go. Well, and and in the two thousand s a valley ward, I'd imagine he'll be favorite, but he will carry interest in here. And he reappeared this year run arena good race and chase debuted behind shady operator last season. He was forced in the Albert Farris. When probably given a lot to do turn for home. See I think you'll take him Asom into beaten in that race. Okay. I do wanna. Flag up runner in that one. Champagne classic train by good for gigging town, won the two thousand seventeen months in pipe children. And then went to Punchestown and won the grade one of three most beating Penn hill, presenting Percy, Mona Lee and others his first run since. So he's well worth keeping an eye on nephew show. Right. Then we can plans nor what are you up to? I've been offered last couple of weeks. So I'm only back in. So they put me in all weekend. Unfortunately, so Norio plans. Look what you'll can't tell them on Cheltenham. Yeah. And to be fun to recognize excellent. What you expecting? It's going to be right. Isn't it? Somewhat. Yeah. Jim on Jordan's crises. No avenue drink. Well from his done it for ages. Enjoy that. Yes. I be you. Yeah. Cutting Sunday Sunday, we're going to get it in the phone book off to find somebody. It's hip on post for them. Okay. All right and g wrote online tipster on on Saturday. Winter is alive tips yesterday. Didn't choose used know Laura troll exit being beaten ninety eight links at anyone wants to ask you about particular runner or just you company, then we'll see dress think it is race day live racing post dot com. Great so Email jebron tomorrow. Do that g road every day. We do the live tips. She guns the racing post app. Anglican live, and it's the kills or g Rhodope yet tro or sometimes Birch. And if any great tips might himselves apparent through market moves or going changes, they were putting them up and they are well worth following. So you live tips to Saturday. They're not Sunday. Yes, sunday. We'll be point to pointing the second time this season the bane. I went a couple of weeks ago. But can't remember where it was. It was a really really nice day. And then suddenly the wind five years ago. You went to. Awfully websit which county. Newmarket is up. So of in Suffolk some mocks tight. There isn't there's one of Mark's tight here. But it wasn't there. It was a place. I've never been before. And it was really nice. I'm where are you going to go? Must check it out. Yeah. Hi. So would coach which is I like twenty for the family and million miles from me? Yeah. Think it sexually fifteen pound on the gate PO person person? Yeah. Yeah. But it will be well worth it. What about the kids? Kids the kids the free. Yeah. But yeah, no. I'm sure it'd be well worth it. It's always good. Yeah. So yeah. Hopefully, the weather hotel, the great thing about gun points pointing the coast is that usually blows ago, and is really windy and wet and cold, you know, but that's kind of fun. You know, you can wear your Willie's. Yeah. That's good. Sounds great you go Pat into. If you go Pat into. Fleischmann? So the folks. Actually, I haven't gone about needs to get some the amount of time. So I'll go away. Yeah. I should get some because I think I do go quite regularly. Okay. Yeah. You should definitely right and chips before we go. I want a fresh Chilton festival tip from each of you think it would be best. If g road went third given about half an hour ago. I didn't even know it was on. We'll start with you Nile to get it. Get away. Trump is really fancy for the supreme. I was obviously going to run the bat for hurdle, which I think he's gonna win. And if he wins I Tiki favorites. So we like the sixteen to one at the moment. I love the way travel in in the challenge in two months. Rain chat, and we'll be right over the streets. And in the J O T lost in translation every six to one favor. It's only entry at the fast, and we did the entries for jail there. During the week diaries is going to cut up so badly. It's really hard to even pick runners that are definitely going to ruin. So it's six to one I can only see him short and open. I think he's a really solid favors. Thank you for me. Love those two kills. Yeah. Well, I hope he's one because of I'll doubts for the supreme and biting for the bet fair as well. But I think it'd be fair, but where do we fail? So that that'd well for me is is our dancer. I was I was I'm gonna look at the handicaps common. I'm gonna blow your so I was thinking of. Sean so pissed last not. But I don't know. So it's all dumbs if a male come prepared next week. TV so go pace loss. Call cmih. Knicks wait. And somebody else you don't get on itv's g road. And he's about show. Why what have you got? Well, definitely be backing champ wherever that runs. But I mean, that's going to be sure. But I mean that looks like an absolute machine to me. I think Lila is win the Arkle. Lula? Yeah. You know? Now, go straight there. Even because I always best for me is is fresh lava anyway, and what's the other one? Oh, kimball. Cambodian the goal. Oh, yes. I think people are reading too much into that that is not being stamina test lost time. And in fact, he's he's now on full racers on the Spinneys one three mother and every granted Limerick. He's one. He's thrashed all the best horses in easily and was just a seven year old improve on the style with a with a few kids. Is he done your work for you there? If you've got anything to add g would. I was I was wildly impressed with with with Kimball. Leopardstown if he wins the goal cut. I'm going to be even more sick because batting for Lubbock. Troy. Finney miss the bloody story gone all went to garner prayer national law. She and backed Kim boy, the Grand National thirty three to one and he was brought down in male. I I in the first fence there was a huge Miller about seven of them came down and Ken, boy, I think broke down. Now, he must have been running off a belt folio pound less than us right now. Right. That's so unlucky guy. You get it. Now wasn't guide at the time at the time. I just oh, we'll probably wouldn't have won anyway. Yeah. Got. But now, you got it. Okay. Right. Then coming up next week Mattie on Monday looking back at the weekend and the khanate next weekend. We'll Sandown among others win Kansan as well on shoes to got another anti post post costs. I think we can Brian and the valley more and the supreme and then with fit and even more next week 'cause we got the six nations we built the Super Bowl, we've go go. We'd go football. And if you come then we'd love to join us again next Friday for another to weekend post. Fully potty power on Snapchat. The username is the putty power. And we promised I wouldn't be any boring. Snaps about gigs. The weather all the gym.

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