3 and Out - Thoughts On Protests; Ruggs' Mystery Injury; Kittle's Value; JT Daniels' Georgia Future; Mailbag


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New episodes release every other Thursday listen to Katie's grab on the iheartradio. APP Apple, podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. What is going on everybody John, little, cop three and out podcast. Back at it again recording this podcast, Monday afternoon almost dinnertime. and. You know there's really no way avoiding this. It won't be necessarily normal podcast. I can't just talk about football in about thirty minutes from now. The city in which I live in will be mandatory curfew. Because the looting has gone on. It happened last night. where I live, it's gone on just in the Greater Bay area in California for the last I think forty eight hours Saturday night, and then Sunday night and. Just. You know these were unprecedented times. This isn't necessarily with George Floyd situation which I'll get into in a second. The Corona. Pandemic is. Something! I I don't think any of us have ever experienced. We never been locked down for seventy plus days which I think was the number the middle of last week and it's a subject I've attempted to avoid in the sense of like giving my own thoughts on the the. Where the corona stands with myself because it changed on a daily basis like anyone have good days where it's like you know no big deal. We'll just do what we're told and other days like anyone when you're locked inside to get frustrated. And one thing was clear when George Floyd was. I think listen to everyone that I associate with or hopefully do I think would one hundred percent agree was? An innocent man was murdered. That had no business losing his life. And hopefully justice is served with the police officer is now in jail as well. The powder keg of just the racial undertone that's been really my entire life, and I'm thirty five years old. Anyone older listening. It's been like that in America since while before, I was born. Did the CORONA ASPECT OF IT? People locked in. There is a class warfare situation I know I can only speak for the state of California. Where I've spent the majority of my life. There isn't a middle class anymore. And the the the poverty levels are growing at historic rates in California, and the rich live in these areas and don't allow poor people in. It's really that simple. And there was just a bubbling in general. I wouldn't even say racial I would just say financial and economical in the state in which I live in. And the George floored situation which I don't see how as a human being, you could watch that in your heart, not hurt. And the situation that then followed, which was really powerful, turns out Steven Jackson, the former NBA player, really good friend of them. Peaceful protests or just protests and always understand people. Push back with protests I. don't tell like I. It's not my job or anyone's job. Tell someone how to feel or how to think and one thing as I've gotten older. I have attempted to do just like I. think anyone who tries to mature. Put yourself and other shoes. In someone else's other shoes to help you better understand that now. There are things that I will never be able to understand. That standing in the shoes. Of someone that's black right when I get pulled over I, am not worried about anything. Bad happened to me I've said this before I. said it on my podcast with Haberman. Today I've been pulled over before. Definitely in my twenties, bet aggressive with the police officer. It didn't cross my mind. That there was a situation that get could get out of control. I didn't even think that way. And that's an element that I I think all of us that are white. People can't relate to. I cannot relate though I completely understand it, and by this point in time with videos and everything we've seen over the last several decades, but definitely the last decade with camera phones. Everything we've seen you realize Jesus. It's a different world. And I I. Think we all understand the frustration and I'm not a politician. I have no clue I really for the most part despise politics, because as we see with everything from corona to now where we're at with the looting in everything, everything is so divisive. Where and this is I've really been thinking about this over the last forty eight hours. One of the last things in this country that. Kind of agrees with in agrees on now you might have. We might choose to root for different teams, but sports does bring us together. And because of the corona virus, and literally everything shut down in America in terms of the Games, and there are no games. Obviously, football would not be played, but only as would be going on. We would have media members going to practice interviewing these players. And Sports and definitely football, but I'd say. Sports in general is one of the greatest areas in this country where people from all. Poor. People, rich people middle class people. People of all ethnic backgrounds people from all over the place religious views everything under the sun in football locker room, especially now in the off season you got ninety guys in a football locker and I think we'd all agree you put ninety people together in any walk of life. They're all going to have different thoughts and views. Percentage of every of the ninety people. And we're not getting that and we are getting a lot of athletes that are tweeting and doing everything they possibly can, but because we don't have sports, there is a you feel it I. Missing Void Right now in this country, and I'm not saying that it would solve these problems and I'm not saying that corona hadn't existed everything we saw over the last forty eight hours would not have happened I. Think it's safe to say it. One hundred percent would've. Probably, everything would have been the exact same as of recording this now and I get uncomfortable sometimes, and I was like this during corona. And it's why I stayed away I. Sometimes and I, just for my job. Twitter is just it's distribution channel for me I spend time on it, because I tweet out links, I like to interact with people. It's something that kind of when I first got involved with the media. It was a great boom. I could just to people and as. I went to different shows, and it was incredible. and. It's clearly morphed. Up The last several years to be. Area just hatred and listen I. You know I I try to keep a positive mindset, and if you just. Corona was definitely like this. If you just spend all day on social media, which. I've never had more time on my hands the then during. You literally can't even go anywhere. It's easy to get angry. It's easy to get frustrated and it's easy to kind of get into a bad mindset now. There is no disputing that when you see what happened to George Floyd how you know if you have. Compassionate bone. In your body. How you're gonNA feel now. There is a level of and I've seen so many people tweet about this so many different athletes Carl banks, the former New York, giants linebacker who play Bell Jack for parcels next Lt. was just tweeting the one thing. The peaceful protesters there like to entities right now the people that want to peaceful protests for what is right, and then you have the smaller percentage of these looters which in my mind are criminals that don't care about George Floyd at all. And, because of the way, Videos explode in violence and destruction. They Garner way more. Views I mean that's what the what's what the television puts on. What goes viral on the Internet? And it just it's. A crazy place. I don't even know what else to say and I feel terrible and basically with Carl banks is this is how you get a race war. Because these people start being you know almost pigeonholed the looters and the criminals that they are part of the protests that are taking place, and in my opinion and again this is just my opinion. They are not. They have nothing to do with it. They're going to target to steal things. They don't care about George Floyd at all. Yet they take away from the message of everyone. That's you know Steven. Jackson was ahead of this last week. When it turns, it was tight George. Floyd went right to Minnesota and everyone all around the country. Who has been doing this for years every time these tragic incidents take place that stand up and try to draw a line in the sand for change, and then you get the crazies, and at least from my viewing, and I've had to turn off the TV just because as I. It's hard to watch some. Do take a hammer to a ninety year old ladies. Window and take out some business. There's not productive. It's really doing nothing just making the situation worse making place like the city I live and have to shutdown, because none of these businesses want to get lit on fire. What what are you lighting him on fire for not for George Floyd. and. I it's just. I don't necessarily have the answers. I've always try to treat everyone as well as possible. How the older I get I. Try to even be more cognizant of being just nicer to everybody. You know being more patient with people and I'm a sports guy. I got my. My career started in this business working at Fresno State a program that definitely was I mean a large majority of our team. We're just African Americans. They were coming from low income situations and coach Hill. Was and I've always thought this with football. In general, the coaches you're around, it never comes up. I've never heard. A racial statement shouldn't do this because this guy is this color or we shouldn't take this guy because of this. If, you can play your in great meritocracy, and the the NFL's definitely like that 'cause. There's way more money online. And coming to the media when I did you know seven eight years ago, it became a just in general it's. It's a big talking point and some people in the media use race as a huge part of their platform with a lot of their angles of what they talk about which sometimes are justified like right now and George Floyd and the situation in past incidence I, completely get it, and then there's consistently always interwoven wound draft stuff happens and and I scratch my head, having been on the other side in these draft rooms where I go i. don't see that in the lunchroom with all these players and go you know sometimes you look back. Some of the most compassionate people I was around just when you're lunchroom whether as A. A Fresno state or with the Philadelphia Eagles with the entire team, and this gets back to my original point about sports, not being around whether it's basketball whether it's baseball, definitely football, just the power and the platform every time quarterbacks talk every time guys like Richard Sherman talk every time. Guys like Wilson whoever it is in the league, the powerful they would be at practice right now, and they would be up on the podium and talking and together with their teammates, and we missed that right now and clearly if you look at the timelines, baseball basketball football, the as are off are just not coming back and it's just. I. Don't know what else to say. It's just. It's just a sad time in American history. I hope everyone can stay safe I hope everyone can treat people the right way and. I- faith. We always find a way to get through this, but get through this in a way, you know people feel justified that we make changes, and also you know we don't ruin innocent people's lives. You know and I mean when I when I see a video of George Floyd. Brother getting on a megaphone, saying what is everyone doing? My brother was a peaceful individual. You know just makes you scratch your head and it goes. Time in history in two thousand twenty. Where just there's so many messages from coming from so many places and. You just. You know you just. Get. Feel on easy just about the future and definitely the immediate future houses can end. There's not really a light at the end of the tunnel, even with corona. It's like. Are we just in the clear now over is? Still, that elephant room like what if it goes back in the fall? Tell. Ask this kid from CAL poly. I got no clue. To read the articles like you do I mean. Does anyone knows and then this situation is just. Powder keg feels a little out of control, because a small percentage of people get all the pub for the rioting and looting, when the large majority of people want to do the right thing and just want to have their message heard that were just. kind of on this slippery slope of madness, which hopefully we can come out of sooner than later. A career in application development at ddat means owning the opportunity to impact the preparation of our nation for the future. Doing DDAT for challenging work that advances your career apply now at GD dot com slash careers. DDAT is an equal opportunity employer disability veteran. Okay, let's stop. Let's dive into Meadville stories. What's to see if we can talk a little football? One story that broke earlier today was henry rugs. The raiders top pick in this draft from Alabama. There was kind of a vague tweet from the raiders actually Victoria for tweeted out a statement that. They were monitoring Ari the rumors of Henry Rugs being involved in an accident. The raiders are aware of the report regarding an off the field injury to rugs, respecting Henry's right to medical privacy. The team will not become any on the report. And rap sheet see if I can pull up the rap sheet tweet. Basically said he had some sort of Gash on his thought by. And I'm told he's okay. While he was apparently cut or received a puncture, the wound is not serious. During these corona times in these teams haven't been able to see their players. You know there's the month of. The Ot's OTA's and in the middle of June. really depending on the team. This might have been the week of OTA's. And then you usually kind of reconvene. It's the grip part of the NFL you get a summer break usually six or seven weeks. The irony is like they've been on break now. Really since the draft, not being able to do anything at least like scouts and GM's even coaches working a couple hours a week or I mean a couple of hours a day with their players. That's all they can do. Is You just of keep your fingers crossed. Nothing bad happens right. No one gets arrested. No one gets hurt working out. No one does anything so when I saw this headline, I said Oh my God because you just think. Did something serious happened? Well? If he just has puncture, wound and everything's GonNa, be okay, but as a raider. Fan. Now, this is different, but last week last year I'll never forget when they traded for Antonio Brown, and OTA started. The raiders would I wasn't allowed at practice, but I would see a band for those of you knew this podcast. They ban me long ago. Not Not a friend of the raiders management though I. Like Mike Mayock and don't know Gruden, but he entertains me. that. When okay started Antonio was there and it turns out. He was going through all the helmet issues, but he was dominating practice. He looked like you know if you go to Henry rugs or Josh Jacobs, or anyone that goes to Alabama just type in any Alabama player of the last like ten years, especially, an offensive skill guy, a running back or wide receiver type in their highschool highlights to YouTube. They look like. Like a video game compared to the other high school kids. That's what Antonio Brown look like against the raiders in practice. They couldn't touch him. I was like Oh my God. This guy is going to go much this year. And then he shows back up at training camp with the bad feet in an air balloon, and it was obviously a couple of weeks, Larry. He was cut, so that was a disaster. Now I'm not saying this by any means, but I. Just think if it makes the hair on the back of your next radio. Might not this again well? It feels for the time being that it's OK. George kittle in the forty. Niners are far far apart I've talked about this at. On the other podcast did some youtube videos on it. It's a complicated situation. Tight ends the most underpaid position in the league. Two good ones. They've never made big money. Amari Cooper got sixty million dollars guaranteed. The highest paid tight end in NFL history was twenty two million dollars guaranteed Dawson Hooper, so if you're George Kittle, you can't sign. You have nothing in common with Austin Huber. You are a better player than Amari Cooper, but the way football works. I think just the way business works. It's on cops and in in football. It's on your position cops, right? It's no different real estate. What's this square footage? Relative that House that sold for this well in football, not every house of the same because the D. line houses are a lot different than the tied in houses that are different than the safety houses in the tight houses are by far the cheapest houses on the street. And Kill is sweet house on a cheap street and he's ready to sell for a lot of money and I think it's just going to be a complicated situation, but the niners do not let sweet players walk, so I I don't think it's going to get to contentious and ugly, but it is a very very complicated negotiation. He's a star means he's the best player on the team. He's a star in the NFL like he's a poster boy of the NFL, he is probably one of the seven or eight star players non quarterbacks in the league. Poster Child of the League and personalities kind of. A weird ways like the NFL's version of the rock right now because so interesting. I'd just as a football fan, love watching them play. There's not much traction on the Chris Jones contract I read a headline I wondering. I don't know any I've never asked feature asking India about this. I wonder if I know enough about how this guy is in the locker room because he's a dominant player. When he's on the field in these right, he can take over the game and he did that in the Super Bowl. He took over down the stretch now. Is it a difficult contract negotiation? Does he want Aaron Donald Tight Money? Do they view him like an Aaron Donald Type Player? Unlike kittle where? I know for fact how the niners view them and they view them as store and kill is a star. I don't know if the chiefs like I. Think they understand how talented he is? They were there when they drafted him. But relative to how much he's worth I mean if deforest Buckner just got twenty one million dollars a year now. He didn't get that much guaranteed I think it was like fifty million dollars might have been a shade over fifty, but I would imagine Chris Jones wants seventy eighty million dollars guaranteed, and when you got the elephant in the room Patrick Mahomes. It's going to be a complicated situation. Also the elephant in the room of the chiefs, notoriously a little cheaper. And? Are they not to have fans in Arrowhead this year? Is that can have the revenue streams? Are they a little hesitant? If they're gonNA give Patrick mahomes historic money. Maybe it makes it a little more complicated again. No inside information. Magic Don- The pass rusher for the Baltimore Ravens signed his Franchise Tag. I been saying it for a while the Ravens team on papers excellent, and they should the Otas for them should actually probably be a benefit because teams in their division. In in the off season like when I was in Philly. And I'm sure coach read still does with the chiefs you do periods in the off season of just like. Let's run some Denver Bronco offense against our defense. Let's have some scout team run. Raiders offense I already events and vice versa, so you're just kind of wrapping it in your division because you play those teams twice well. If you're the BROWNS, you're the steelers and you are the Bengals Iowa. They matter. Not you start kind of you know locking in on how you're going to defend this offense. Will you don't have any of that? In the Ravens clearly know how to run this offense like the back of their hand. They got all their best players back including this guy. that. You know they're going to be really good in the regular season now I'm strictly judging them on the playoffs. Lamar's talked about it. It's why listen Lamar. I did not love him coming out so this over and over. He was domino last year. And I, I love his attitude, because unlike society that always wants to make excuses for things he doesn't you know. Shut up work harder. Nobody cares Carter that. He I think he even said this offseason like I'm i. need to play better in the playoffs. And if he they'll go as far as he'll take him, because if he's on plays like the regular season, they win the Super Bowl. If he plays, he's played in the last few playoff games they want, but their team on paper is is loaded. Jt Daniels, who was one of the big recruits in the country two years ago to went to USC started as a true freshman. I remember watching as a true freshman. I'm like I. Don't know if I see it. He was kind of robotic. I just I. Don't know I didn't see it well then the first game this year. was again. I think it was Fresno State I. Forget who their plant? He looked good he got. He looks a little more fluid. He looks a little more natural. And they shattered his leg. Then the guy that ended up replacing them look fantastic. And now he's transferring to Georgia. The college football and the transfer portal is really kind of like free agency right now. Now the difference is he's got to sit out a year. You know if you go to the transfer portal. Unless you're able to get some crazy waiver. You're not able to play, so he was not even eligible to play this year. But Georgia doesn't I mean if this guy can get back to what he looked like this for the first game of two thousand nineteen before he hurt his leg. Georgia might have their best quarterback I. Don't know who they're starting. quarterback is this year, but I mean Jake from. I'm not a big guy, but jt. Daniels is a more talented player than Jake frahm. And when you're highly. Big Time heralded recruit. When you go to the transfer portal, even if it didn't go as well, you're injured, you're going to have so many teams, not just quarterbacks linemen. It's receivers. These big boys are all going to be interested. Because he was just four or five star guy in every team in the country want or they're going to want you again to two years later. Even if you've been underachieved on tape, because these coaches believe they'll get the most out of you. And sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, but that's an interesting guy to fall. Was He goes to Georgia? Do your work clothes. 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See if we talked a little more football. Is. Way To get hold of me at Middlekauff, my instagram, DM's wide open. You can slide up in there and. And Yeah ask any question you want. What's up my ball? Brethren loved the show, and I've been listening since your first one, but you said Mahomes didn't actually have the top and best arm in the league. I said he didn't maybe throw the fastest. He might have the best overall arm. He makes it. Look so easy, but. Yeah also in the draft coverage. They had this thing when he was seventeen at a county. Fair I believe he had a radar on his pitch, and it was ninety seven miles an hour, and then in college through and ninety six. He throws absolute lasers, and that's a lot of tweets for guy talking about in practice being ready for. I was born raised still living Casey, but if you look into it, I think you'll find his thoroughbred and one of the best arms out there. I am not disputing. Mahomes has an elite arm. That is not my argument at all I'm just saying that if you put if we did the pitcher thing and I know a lot of people have dm about the pitcher now. I thought it was cool again. This is I am I. I don't have tangible information I've just. Been Watching, these guys throw footballs had a front row seat. You know now for over a decade in psyching gauge arm strength mahomes. Can throw it as far as anybody and I think when he steps into a ball can throw it equivalent on a baseball pitch like ninety six, ninety seven I would say Josh, Allen, and maybe even Wentz may hit like ninety nine now. I'm not saying those guys better. Mahomes Muhoza. Best quarterback in the League. H- you'd be the one guy I would take over every single player I. would imagine everyone listening probably agrees me unless you like Seattle Seahawk Fan. But I wouldn't say like just standing there I think throws it slightly harder again I'm nitpicking I was terrible at baseball I couldn't keep my front foot. I it never step forward. I always stepped away scared of the baseball I. Don't know it was just a bad instinct. I I was not any good at. That pitcher to throw. But. I've been told met some baseball players over my day just when I worked in radio used to be able to have a lot of access to the as and the giants, those interviewed a bunch of them on television or I mean on radio we had our guests were players on the team and they all tell you that and I'm sure some you guys listening played college baseball the it's really hard to tell the difference between ninety seven, ninety nine. It's basically just fast af it's hall ass now there's a big difference. We Ninety seven and ninety two, but I think once you get like ninety eight, ninety nine like heat waves coming where I live. Now? I was talking to a lot of people this weekend. I don't know if there's that big a difference between like one or two and one ten I'll tell you what one or two is hottest. Hell I'll tell you. What one hundred ten is hot as hell, a little hotter than one or two. Anything over one hundred. You know on the West Coast where it's dry. Heat is really really hot now. There's a big difference between eighty eight and one hundred, but I don't know if there's that big a difference between three and one eight just like I. Don't know if there's that big a difference between mahomes and Josh, Allen. SAN and they're throwing football. I would just give the slight edge. To Josh Allen. Love the pilots in every episode appreciate if you had the power to pick any player in the league in void their contract, so they could hit the open market. Who would it be and why? I, personally cowboys fan, but I'd love to have it be Stafford. Set Him free from that dumpster fire. That isn't lines. That's I didn't quite see where you're going there. I don't hate that one at all. If I can retroactively go back I would go. Matt Stafford like four or five years ago when he was I think when he was drafted, it was like twenty twenty one years old. He's been a league now. We drafted Oh eight. Twelve years. He's probably thirty to thirty three years old if you got him. You know at twenty six twenty seven because I. Think sometimes when you hit his age now you developed some bad habits now. He's still highly skilled. And I'm still a big believer in Matt. Stafford hear sirens in the background. It's never great thing at. Six o'clock and. Got This is weird times, but yeah I. I would say Matt Stafford like five or six go if I had to go right now. It is have to pick. I would say like Chandler Jones. I think the cardinals are not going to be very good. Their defense is atrocious. If you put Chandler Jones team that was like on the Seattle seahawks. Wore on the New England patriots I know he was on the new agers, but like the version of him now. The Pittsburgh steelers the Green Bay packers a team that was competing. Go the playoffs. Playing, on national television, a lot I think we talk about him like Khalil Mack because his watching a lot of NFC west Taylor. Jones is easily one of the best players in the league, but when you play for the cardinals, and your team's been really crappy last handful years, no one's really paying attention beside like die hard nfl nuts to defense pass rushers because they're not in the fantasy mix right. You're not drafting a defensive end in fantasy. You draft defenses. You're never drafting the cardinals defense. So I think he'd be a guy for sure. Huge Fan in the pod just wanted to know how you feel about the NFL going to two preseason games in adding the seventeenth game in the extra playoff team. If that would work better than what we have now also. What do you think of the Carolina? Panthers in the team? Thanks keep it up well. Matt rules clearly a really impressive guy. I. Don't think the roster is very good. They do have some offensive weapons. Christian McCaffrey A. we'll see other kids name more DJ more. He could fly. Obviously, the scientist bridgewater it might actually be. They signed Robbie Anderson from from the jets who played for rule at Temple. Who can really run? They got some elite speed is they're going to be good enough Keith. He's gone. You, know obviously. Thomas Davis Long Gone you take. No I think they could be one of the worst teams in the league, but if you believe in Matt Rule Big Picture. Kind of churn the roster. Get his guys in there. They could be good in a couple of years specially Tampa. Bay's all in right now. The saints are kind of all in right now. Maybe in a couple of years as those rosters turn over, you can take advantage. I would say the preseason games. I don't think it's locked it. We're GONNA play three or four preseason games. This year wouldn't shock me if we just ended up playing two preseason games. I'm not opposed to preseason games. If I was going to do the two preseason games, I would make it mandatory that you do a joint practice. And, maybe you can't make it, but if I was a I would, just I would be pushing for two preseason games, and I would do a joint practice because every good coach I know does join practice. You WanNa, do joint practice. It's just a great way. To hone your team against another team, get live reps, and really it's a more teachable moment i. think sometimes the preseason Games. where? I just think coaches now in GM's, and in fairness, the money so big. It's not worth risking guys I just. It's risky enough in a regular season game to lose a starter I I can't afford to lose a starter to a broken leg to a torn Achilles to a Tornado L. to a torn shoulder. In a game in August I, I, I can't do it in as we've seen the last several years. Less and less teams, or even putting their players out there, so the Games are just kind of a joke. Big Fan of yours, and was wondering if you could check out my NBA blog, they started a couple years ago. Got To post up right now. Love to hear thoughts. Check it out. After this podcast. Actually eat dinner I. Keep logging away. When people anyone asked me ham starting to podcast starting a blog, just do it you start it. Push it out as much as possible on social media, and just you live, and you learn you know. The NFC. Division the NFL, many people think the packers are pretenders. The Vikings are young and talented, but I have a lot to prove agree. They lost eggs. They lost up. Everson griffen cousins just kind of a guy. They lost their offense coordinator. The lions are talented, but appear handicapped by the coach agreed. The bears are a wildcard of Nick foles catches fire under center ranked division. One through four while you think will happen to see. What put the Lions at four? Then I think the next three teams can win. The bears went eight and eight last year with Mr Bisky playing atrocious football. The packers went thirteen and three last year in pulled his games out of their ass. The Vikings were just really solid, but vividly remember too big games against the packers and against Seattle. Kirk crumbled, and they become very run heavy, and when he has to make place especially outside the offense, he can't now. Their defense isn't gonNA. Be as good this year. Their pass rush isn't going to be as good this year they drafted a corner early, but they cut Xavier. WHO's bad last year. They have some unknowns on defense where they've kind of. You know the Vikings have been one of the more consistent teams in the league last five years. Well now you get rid of digs who? got like one hundred sixty five balls the last two years fifteen touchdowns. That's a big loss. They're expecting few. Tell me just Jefferson's competing to be the rookie of the year. Then I go. The Vikings offense, probably dynamic Jefferson feeling cooks. Dalvin Cook not cooks, but what if I tell you what Judge Jefferson? Is kind of like treadwell couple years ago doesn't work out. Then all of a sudden you go well. Feelings been banged up. What if their offense comes back to earth and their defenses good? Maybe they go eight eight. The packers as long as they got rodgers, I would say there's still the team to beat. I'd put them at one. I would probably again you call me biased? I think nick foles much better player, the Mitch Trubisky and I'm not even the biggest. Nick foles guy. That defense is so good. They have so much kind of cohesion with the roster. Probably be a coin flip between them and the bears I'd go packers. United go packers one I'd go bears to a vikings to be and listen if you're a vikings fan, you go. How are you putting the Vikings above the bears? There's a lot of turnover. That's a lot of coaching turnover, the offense coordinator, who was really good last year. You, have you lose digs? You trade them away and you're going to be depending on two rookies now the corner and the wide receiver. You lost your one of the best pass rushers. You'll have your franchise the last twenty years. Just, Just a lot ass in the lion's of stink. Again men Guy I'm not not hiding from that fact, but if you could convince me and I'm with any of the three teams wins the NFC north. If falls is good. The bears are going to be good. For Excuse me, it falls is solid. The bears are going to be good. If the packers offense sputters again like maybe they struggled. Get nine ten wins instead of thirteen. Their office was just not good last year. Though, we're apart these days sharing more so at Geico, we'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing your savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your diy. Haircut fails. Thanks for sharing your inner lip sync star. Now it's our turn to share with the GEIKO. Give back fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers, because we're committed for the long haul, the fifteen percent credit last year, full policy term visit GEICO DOT com slash. Give back for more INFO eligibility. Question for the pot. Why do people constantly claim the NFC conference than has been the AFC, which consistently dominated in the Super Bowl for the past ten years. I understand a good portion of those winds brady, but the fact of the matter is the NFC as forceable since two thousand ten, the AFC a six again. Brady is three of them. Doesn't that quite literally? Make them the better conference at the end of the day. All that matters. The Big Game in the AFC has one sixty percent of the game in the NFC. I think when I say the AFC is not as good as the NFC. I'm not the chiefs for the best team in the League, and they beat what was clearly best team in the league in the Niners, they beat the saints that run through the NFC chiefs beat them. and. The chiefs will be a heavy favourite again. This year and the Ravens are really really good. But when you look at the depth of the conference I, just don't see it as the same as the depth of the NFC the niners, Seattle the saints now with Tom Brady with the the bucks. The Eagles if not everyone gets injured. The cowboys roster like we just talked about the packers bears. Vikings are all really solid. When you look at the AFC I go well, I got the chiefs in the AFC west is the second best team in the AFC. West drew lock in the broncos. Justin Herbert and the chargers. The AFC South I watch rivers. Last year. He looked terrible. Now I like Ballard like frank, but what would have rivers not good. The Titans got really hot and I like variable and they should be solid. The Texans like I'm not counting on them to do anything in the playoffs. Roethlisberger's like forty years old. He got hurt last year. You missed the entire season. The browns. Though the browns. I like the bills, but I mean th. They blew a nineteen point, lead or seventeen when he was scoring the game against Texans. You know the Patriots could come back to Earth. The dolphins is not going to be that good neither the jets. We right like winning, the superbowl matters win the Super Bowl, one hundred percent matters and the chiefs in the Patriots. The top teams in the AFC are excellent are elite. The Patriots are one of the greatest dynasties ever. The rest of the conference though just hasn't been to me as competitive as the NFC. Change, maybe I'm wrong. I was wondering. What do you think of Johnson? I think that he could have a breakout season this year. Thanks. I would agree I didn't know that much about him. Was He from Tulane? Third Round pick from the steelers, and then you just watch them a couple games last year. Plan with just scrub quarterbacks can fly. And if ju who is kind of feels like he's in weird standing right now against. In the Pittsburgh steeler organization if he can kind of get the train back on the tracks. Maybe that offense is really explosive with him Juju yet eric. Ibrox on, you still got Vance. James Connor if Roz Burger has one last hurrah on them. But I I like elite speed guys. They can make things happen with the ball in their hands, and he is one of those guys, and if you just condom on the right game last year again, not all his fault plan with scrubs. You're just like cheese, Louise. This guy can fly. He had fifty nine catches last year and five touchdowns. He's my I. Definitely like us I appreciate everyone listening. Keep this one a little shorter today. Just just weird time. Stay safe out there. Attempt to stay positive. and. Talk to you a little later this week. Appreciate everyone listening share on the podcast. And Against, they say. Rene was only nineteen years old when she moved from her small town in Virginia to eastern Uganda. In Two thousand nine box founded serving his children. Feeding. Program for severely malnourished kids the NGO quickly grew into an inpatient medical facility. That heroic image obscured a deadly truth. Rene Bach had no medical training. When it comes to missionary work and humanitarian aid in the developing world. What is the line between helping and hurting? We'll find out in the new podcast the missionary. Listen to the missionary on the iheartradio APP Apple, podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Hi I'm Robert Lamb and I'm Joe McCormick, and we're the hosts of the science podcasts stuff to blow your mind. This show is the altar where we worship the weirdness of reality. If anybody ever told you you the weirdest questions, it is time to come. 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