Steelers Post-Game: Breaking down the improbable comeback win over the Bengals


Pittsburgh, Steeler fans welcome back to other episode of the Steelers postgame show on Jeff Hartmann editor of behind the curtain dot com with me has always, but new and improved. I guess you could say is my mast co host Lance Williams for those that are not watching on YouTube, you're missing out lands house ago. We day we saw. All I gotta say we day. So if you guys listen to last week's program, Jeff agreed to stay clean shaven until they lost. So I figure was good for the goose is good for the gander. So I went male, my scarce, but Pittsburgh Steeler style Luce libra. You like it you guys like the look? Yes, yes, we'd, we'd. Yes, that is correct. So if you haven't figured it out yet and you're listening to the show, the Steelers win twenty eight, twenty one in rather in my opinion on improbable fashion based on the fact that with about one minute and thirty seconds media little bit less than that, the Pittsburgh Steelers surrender the go ahead touchdown, Joe Mixim plunges into the end zone and Steelers had all three timeouts. Didn't even need them marched down the field when they're in Chris boswell's field goal range Antonia around said, I got this takes RPO pass across the middle. They were the Katamon a blitz. It was the perfect play call and he's off to the races game over Steelers, win there. Now, three, two and one they head into the by week. I think they're going to need to buy week that was a very physical football game. Vaunt burbot was back to his shenanigans. We'll talk about that in a second, and we're going to break down everything that's going on with the black and gold as they now head. As I said, ended the bye week in terms of where they are the division in excetera Lance, I, what your knee-jerk reaction to this. What do you think of what was your first initial thoughts after the game? Jerk reaction is hopefully listeners you don't hear the fire alarm in my house going off, but if you do, that's my knee jerk reaction that the Steelers are on. You're all fire plans, solid football. Think about when I think about the game and me and my dad were watching again, it's starting to look better. We're starting to get some consistent performances on the defense. They're starting to play a cleaner brand of football. You know, you still have some head scratchers and some drives where you wish they would place better defense. However, you know, but it is what it is, but as the alarm rings in the background, if you hear it, the Steelers are on. Going into the by three, two in one. Through one and she head and take care of that. I'm gonna talk about some stats here in the meantime, and let's go and let's breakdown. These statistics here is hopefully Lance. His house is not on fire. Ben Rothlisberger finishes the day thirty two for forty six rather efficient day from Big Ben. He finishes with three hundred sixty nine yards. Average eight yards per reception. One touchdown pass that was the game winner day in Tokyo Brown zero. Interceptions was not sacked once with a rating of one hundred point, seven that was a pretty solid of evening or I should say a day for Ben Rothlisberger. Now let's go to the running game. James. Connor had nineteen carries a Lance. We talked about this a lot on Wednesday show about whether he would get twenty carries. I said he would outright. I was really close. He got nineteen ended up with one hundred and eleven yards. Rushing. Average five point eight yards per rush, two touchdowns in a long run of twenty six yards. But it gets better go to receiving juju Smith Schuster leads the Steelers, seven receptions for one hundred eleven yards averaging fifteen point. Nine per reception did not get in the end zone. I thought he should have when he took that ball Denard hands, but he didn't. He had ten targets on the on the day. That's a seventy percent catch rate. That's pretty solid. Antonio Brown. I tweeted this out and lands. I'll give you a second here to let me know what you think about this. I said that the Ben Rothlisberger Antonio Brown connection is changing. It reminds me of Barry Sanders in any one of those alive when berries Anders played. You would know that it was. He was a player that it seemed like we got a bottled up for three quarters and all of a sudden, boom, he kill you, and that's kinda the way it was with Brown. In Ben today, he ended up with five or sections for a hundred and five yards. Twenty-one average one touchdown with a long of forty eight and he had. Only six targets. That's a really good day for him. But again, it wasn't until the second half that exploded dance McDonald had a good game. Seven catches on eight targets for sixty eight yards. Nine point, seven yards. Xavier grumble had to catches Jesse. James had five catches James. Connor with four receptions for eighteen yards on seven targets in some of those targets on the two minutes. At the end of the game, Ben was just thrown it at a to kill the clock. But here you have James. Connor, he had won eleven, rushing. He added eighteen receiving. You know, Lance before we get into the defense last week, we were absolutely murdered on the show. And after the show saying that maybe the Steelers don't need lady on Dell because James Connor sample size is so small and because he beat he did it against a very poor falcons defense. Are you still saying singing the same song? I mean, what? What are your thoughts on his performance today? Whoever said that not forget to respond or who did that and wrote debt as a comment. Look, we can all be wrong. You know, we can all be wrong. I can get it wrong. Jeff, can get it wrong. We can all get it wrong. Whoever commented about the failure podcast or whatever that just just just eat some crow men up leave a communist say we were right and you were wrong. James Connor is a very good football player. And the way it looks is that if they involve Connor into the game plan that he's going to produce, and we see today are playing the type of football that they need to play, and they play a similar fashion as they play lady on bail where lady on bail last year average close to twenty five touches a game and that's where they're getting with James. Connor, that is the type of brand of football that they need to play. Because when you look at the game booker's where although have been although been had forty six Timpson this game, James Connors number was called twenty six times twenty six, rushing attempts in the seven targets that he. And that's where you want it. That's how balances going to look on this football team. But the other thing, Jeff, we look at this step or the game book after the game. I mean, you give up two hundred yard receivers in a game and the top three receivers for the Steelers catch the ball. What is that day? At twenty four targets between Schuster McDonnell and Brown, and they caught the ball nineteen times. You're gonna lose a football game. The Steelers did their best to not win the football game, but they play just well enough down the stretch to win the game. Some curious stuff by Tomlin in a game. I thought not challenging it. There was curious at best, but you've got to trust your offense to get a yard, but overall, a solid victory on the row. Going back to Paul Brown stadium, the place where Ryan Chaisiri was hurt last year and as a side, it was fantastic seeing some of the images of Ryan Shazia break the guys down the the game, seem him walk out on the field. A note had to be very emotional for him and very emotional for the football team. So it's just great. The boys were able to go up there and get that victory for him and put themselves smack dab into the race for the FCC north. That's the thing in in your right, I, it's going to be interesting to see just what happens here with the north. I mean, the Baltimore Ravens are just started their game against the Tennessee titans. I believe the Browns lost their earlier. So the Steelers are now three, two and one. The Bengals are four and two ravens. We'll see how they finished, but they have jetted themselves of right back into this thing and coming off the bye week when you have you know the Browns coming off the bye. And then you also have the ravens after that they control their own destiny. And that's something I talked about. The last show was that's what she want. You want to control your destiny, and that's something the you still do possess at this point in time. Let's go ahead and go over the defensive numbers for the Pittsburgh Steelers in this game. Not not horrible. We'll. About the defense at a second, but just to give you some totals here, Vince Williams finished with seven total tackles six solo the team as a whole ended with three sacks of excuse me, three sags of antidote and four tackles for loss. They had six past offenses, which is pretty solid for this group and four quarterback hits total. There were no turnovers on either side of the of the docket and Lance will was your initial reaction for the defense. Because for me, I thought they played a very good game up until the last drive. I thought up until that last drive, the Cincinnati Bengals had been aided by some horrendous special teams play by the Pittsburgh Steelers, miss tackles and stuff of that nature. The last drive was awful, but if it's same exact thing that happened, Super Bowl, forty three, and they said it on the sideline. Then it was if you're gonna let them score, you'd better let them score quick and that's exactly what they did to give the offense enough time. What was your initial reaction with with the defense. I thought it's better. I think it's improving, but it's a mixed performance. When you look at the third down efficiency numbers for the Bengals, six or twelve fifty percent three of three in the red zone that has to improve, but they weren't aided by some special team tasks and to really bad drives drive into the half and the drive. At the end of the game, those two drives are bad. You have to improve their, but they did just enough to win the game and what they're doing now, we talked about it on a true and false with this defense ever whole teams on average under around twenty points game, and they're working towards that with this offense and their ability to score points. This is around the number that you wanna hold teams to to like twenty one. The only thing in this game that they had in terms of scoring defense is that they limited to being goes opportunities to only three in the red zone. They gotta get home on plays. I think they got caught in some bad coverages would linebackers on running backs from some tiny ends in that game. They. Can play better. Some of that can improve, but defense is the ultimate, the ultimate complimentary sport, special teams really aids defense. And I think they were let down some instance by special teams, but overall solid performance winning performance. But like we said, going into the bye there's meat on the bone, it can improve. But the defense over the last two weeks is playing better than a defense that we still get shredded earlier in the season by Kansas City. Well, you know, I'll say this because they'll j four did not play in this game. He was injured. He did not practice it. All you have the feeling he should be healthy coming off the bye I would feel I would feel a lot better about this defense. If you go back to Atlanta one, Vince Williams out of the lineup, they had Tyler Medicated in on most basic, your base defense. And then they put Eljay Ford in for sub packages when they had that linebacker on the field. And it looked a lot better. Eljay. Ford is athlete enough that he can cover running backs that he can cover tight end. NHS, Vince Williams is not so, but in my opinion, I think Vince Williams is better run stopper than Medicated. So I actually excited to see. I let me just, I hope the Steelers, defensive coaching staff inserts fort back into the lineup on those packages. Because if they do that, I think that this defense in terms of the middle, which is something we've talked about it nauseam here this the season. I think this defense could be a lot better than what it already has become. They're getting to the quarterback. They lead the league in sacks after six weeks and they had three more today. It's it's hard to believe the j von Hargrave gets one Steph onto it gets his first of the season it. It's coming from a a lot of different people. But I you agree with me to what l. j. fortunate against the falcons offense if he can play that role. Again, when with Vince Williams in there alongside I, Boston has been very good. In my opinion. You think that's going to help. This defense a lot. Let me add something as well to the point. You may not think it's a very good one. The to it sack was great sack. That was great timing to get your first. I was awesome time to get that sec, but added Morgan Burnett as well. Hopefully you get Morgan Burnett back and you can add to the mix. Maybe you can take both of those linebackers off the field and get that much better than sub packed football and terms of covering running backs and Tiny's in the seems you can add pretty good pass defenders, which would increase productivity and production of this defense. So I like where you're going there. And so I really wanna see this defense when they add or nit what Burnett can add to this defense. But the funny thing about this team, you know, it's. And I'm sure that it's gone on with several teams in the National Football League. That first month is pretty sketchy. Typically, in most NFL season, you'll say the first four games. You can kind of tell what your football team is, but that's not the case in any more than actual football league. It's probably the first eight games or the first six giving sort of an idea of what your football team is because this team is rounding into shape in. It's great at the buys coming so guys get healthy and maybe that other guy is coming in that we won't say his name until maybe he comes in, but but where they are right now, they're trending up, and this is kind of where you wanna be. You get Cleveland after the bye maybe go out and get that win your four to one. And you get that rematch game against the ravens, and now you've really control your destiny. So they're moving in the right direction. Absolutely. So for me, my question is now the Steelers heading into the BI week. Do they make any changes the time to do it? I think getting healthy is gonna really aid this team, but I think about. Well, let me back up. Do you I, I don't wanna talk about the guy, but half two because it impacts the team. If your on bell does show up and we'll talk about this Moore on Wednesday, he does report. Do you make any changes you make? Do you insert him back in I, I know what the team's probably going to do, but if you're the coach lands your Mike Tomlin, how do you handle del coming back into the lineup? He has to come off the bench till he works. So back Conners production makes him come off the bench. I mean, you cannot you cannot punish Connor for playing outstanding football. Connors playing really well. You keep everything the same on the offensive side of football, and what you have is a two headed monster. At the running back position. These guys can split carries and you can just really pound teams. Now, I think what it does is it just really helps them play the type of football that they need complimentary offense of football. That helps keep this defense off the field where they can control clock in punish teams with the running game. I think the addition of Bill, if he comes back just makes the formula that they found better, but I think they have to continue to reward young man. Connor in a in continuing to let him start because he's played outstanding football this so far this year. So you keep Connor as the starter and you bring lady on bail back off the bench, and you work him in and let him get into football shape. Okay. Now I'm gonna ask you a question lands and you're not going to answer it until Wednesday. It's going to be a talking point for. Show on Wednesday. We've seen jus use misuse or maybe I should say that I've seen juju Smith Schuster enough that for me, I'm impressed. I mean, the kid has done everything that was expected of him. And then some we've seen Antonio Brown line was really good receivers when he was the dominant receiver in Pittsburgh. So I'm not going back to like when Hines ward was still playing and Brown was just a budding player on the offense. I'm talking about young money crew and on my question for you and anyone that's watching this live on YouTube or if you're on behind this curtain dot com. Wanna comment and the comments action. Would you say that the Browns misused Radu is the best one, two punch that Pittsburgh his head in the Antonio Brown era. I want you to think about it because you're gonna have to go back and look at all the different players that have played there. You have Mike Wallace Emmanuel Sanders or tavis Fryatt I want you to think about the complete complement that these players are. You know. Terms of what they do on the field, what they bring to the team. Think about that. Do you have any comments off the off the bat? I don't want you to answer it. Do you have any comments about that? That off the top of my head, I would say no. I said, don't answer. You said off the top of my head. I mean, that's not my fishing. Okay. Off the tap about him? I would just think, no. Okay. I think there was a better duo top head. Well, you probably you probably know the do I'm thinking of, I won't name the do, but yes, I think there was a duo slightly better than this to the needs to Darius grain. I knew exactly. You're thinking. Absolutely. All right. I wanna get into some team suggested here lands because I find to be very important telling the Pittsburgh Steelers ran sixty. Seven total plays on offense to the Cincinnati fifty eight in terms of time of possession. They won the time of possession with thirty four minutes and fifty. Six seconds had four hundred eighty. One of yours. Cincinnati's two hundred seventy five. I, I look at elegant. This number right here. Red zone Steelers were to for four and you're thinking, it's fifty percent. That's not bad, but there's two didn't score on were just absolute back breakers, both at the time both times they had the ball at the one or inside the one and failed to score that can't happen if you're a good team and then you look on the flipside and the Bengals with three for three in the red zone, not very good defensive performance, but we've come to. We've come to get used to that. I guess, penalties steals penalized nine times for sixty nine yards. They are by far and away the NFL leader in terms of penalties. So far this season not trending in the right direction, not trying to drag. It got up to nine Jeff. I thought they hit it cleaned up because I know earlier in a game, it was only like two penalties by going into the half. They got seven more in the second half half thought they had thought they were thought they got that number down, but let me give you a positive number and. Let me give you a positive number because people think I can't be positive. I don't have a sense of humor that can't be positive on his show. The mask and me predicting things should win. Let me just Pat my collars there. 'cause I did pick them and they did win. There should show you that I have since of humor and actually be funny because I'm saying I have a sense of humor bid plays bid plays a something that we talked about in our breakdown. They only gave up one big play in the passing game twenty three yards to AJ green. Now they had some drops Cincinnati bungles, but that's what we were talking about. Keeping the big plays down. Now the time of possession being that tilted, you probably don't have that too many times, but man, twenty five minutes. You don't want this defense to play too much more than sixty snaps. They kept it over under sixty sixty sixty. Five is probably the breaking point where his defense, they kept the defense fresh. Defense off the field with two, right? They've got a score, those touchdowns in a red zone, and this game isn't as thrilling as we're talking about, but I still like where this is trending think this is trending in the right direction because earlier in the season defense was a bend and break defense, not been not very. It was been in break and now it's just been not break. Okay. So are you buying now? Are you a buyer for the Steelers? Because we asked this question I to say before the falcons game, what would the Steelers need to do for you to say? I'm all I'm back. I'm back on that bandwagon. I think this team can come. I think they can contend. Are you there yet, Lance, or does his team still have something to show you. Well, you don't. I wanna correct. Jeff, and just say, I'm never on the bandwagon. I got a permanent. Got them permanent seat up front. I'm on the Pat bus. I ride the sixteen d woods run from downtown to Manchester in the north side. So I got a permanency on the bus, but I'm gonna tell you what you guys last week on the program. They're gonna have to win threes division games. I one chip beat, Cincinnati, handle your business, beat Cleveland and beat Baltimore. When all three of those, I'm all in my seat is warm. I'm getting cozy on the Pat bus 'cause they just turn the heat on. 'cause all downtown and that wind is whipping through. I got a permanent seat on the sixteen d baby. Y'all know what I'm talking about. Y'all know what I'm talking about. If you for Pittsburgh, sixteen d bus, you gotta wait for our hoping that you don't miss the last one. You know what I'm talking about. Well, you know what? That's a question. I love to ask fans because after the one and one start everyone. And then let's go step further to the one two and one start. I mean they were fans, like you said, the raid to jump off the Clementi bridge and we were having to try to talk them down and I always want to know, you know, when the Steelers are in in their Brian, when they're rattling off, thirteen wins in a season, everyone can jump up and say yak. Yeah, the Steelers, I love the Steelers, but it will point when things are not going well. Do you say, you know what, if this team can do about that? I'm back. I think this team is going to be eighteen. They can contend. I think that a lot of people feel that if the Steelers when their next to coming off the bye so they, they beat the Browns at home. They go into Baltimore, went very difficult place to play. They go into MNT and win, then they're all of a sudden thinking this, this team could be real because if they do that, they would dance to five, two and one on the scene. Season, they would be most likely at or near the top of the division race. It would make things at rested, but that's a that's a for hold other time. So I asked our listeners there were on live on YouTube if they had questions and we had some, here's let's go, let's go to a rapid fire you already. Lance. Ready baby. That's right. How big of an advantage do you think the the Bengals lack of tight ends was in this game today? Huge event for the Steelers. The Steelers can't cover titans in the scene. We all know that was a huge advantage for the Steelers in this game. Although I think they're tiny and still played pretty well. But yes, huge advantage because we know that Bostick and we know the vents do not cover Ryan Bax Tynan's coming through the seems very well. So it was a huge advantage for the Steelers. Let me go back to the one point about the Patrick Durand may. I don't know if Tomlin's served the game up and you guys, you know, you guys know. I like Thomas. I think the issue would not challenging. I think it's just a tough spot right there. I think what you think is you wanna hold the challenge because you don't have any left and you think that your offense can convert from one yard away. I mean, on a half yard line, if you can't punch it in there, you know, you should probably lose the game. They didn't. So they got bailed out, but I didn't have a problem with them, not challenging their big because you gotta have some faith in your office that they could punch it in at that point. Well, yeah, Tomlinson his post game press conference. When he was asked about that, that he did not have a good view. The obviously the home team Cincinnati Bengals did not show a lot of replays. I could see either way. I thought that the first half challenged was awful is very evident that too. I think anyone in the stadium that he didn't make the first down and then it makes you second guess yourself and you have to worry about timeouts and things of that nature. So it's it's easy to play Monday morning quarterback in always second guess with the coach does, but you know what? It's a big win for the sealers today. Has Vance McDonald won the starting position or do you think that he's just one? It's a one one b scenario. I think it's it is the both tight ends Jesse James Vance McDonald. They're basically swapping them out unless they're using two tight end sets in which case, you know they have both Saint Xavier grumble is played more and more the last two weeks away. All three eight play. Why don't you think. I think the Chinese play well. Vance McDonald should be started. Jesse, James me and my dad or watch the cave laughing because Jesse James has to be the worse yards after catch guy ever was blowing that guy. He's gonna fall over. He's looking to fall. So it was he kicks ball. I like Jesse has player. He's a complimentary do, but advanced McDonnell you know, quick twitch superfish strong better in blocking game better receiver. Vance's man. They need to give van some money and bring Vance back. Hopefully stay healthy. 'cause Vance is big time player. Van should be the starter moving forward. Talk about a change of Darren, if and when he missed all of preseason and all the training camp because of his ankle injury, it was everyone's like, oh man. This guy's always heard yeti Atta and everyone's on the animal train right now. So remember that folks sometimes we're a little shortsighted. Okay. Is there anyone on this team or anyone that's the disuse can bring into take Artie burns spot already burns did not have very good game. He wasn't targeted that much, but when he was what for completions, they've been, they still have been switching out. He and Cody Sensabaugh for those that have been paying attention. But you know, the did promote Brian Allen from the practice squad. What do you think about Artie burns. We didn't do our heroes in zeros, but Ariz to see row. That's what I think art. He's not a good player already is not playing well. It's not playing football Arnie's having confidence shoes. So Artie gets zero for me. And I, I mean, I don't know if they have a better option. They just need a more consistent option guy. That's gonna play the coverages because on the plate where they gave up the touchdown, even if you think safety's over top, you still gotta get under the throw, aided even do that. So Ariz. This is a good break for our to get his mom, right, maybe needs a little bit of break to get refocused every center come back and play some solid football. I'm looking here and now a lot of times who you are little great. You wanna do this real quick. Sure. Good. You look trying to just a mask trying to get it right. I real quickly. We're gonna do some grades. We didn't do this in the beginning of the show. We're gonna use some raids here. It's a four out of four scale. Obviously, if you get a four, you had a phenomenal game. That's an a already. I'm gonna give the defense a two and a half. They played just well enough to win. They were aided by some drops by Cincinnati. They were bad on third down and bad on the red zone, but that's why you play football your offense, complimentary foot, your defense at times, and they pick them up and ask what they did. Defense can play better. But the one good positive is that they're not giving a bit plays like they used to. So it was a winning effort, but it can't get better grades two and a half. Yes, I would say two point. Seven. Five. I thought they played a great game in the last Dr. Ben Rothlisberger what's his grade. Give been a three winning performance. You've been at three and a half that last drive was outstanding, but you've got to score touchdowns in the red zone and you wouldn't have to do that. So I give a three and a half thought he played a solid game, didn't turn it over on the road and you get a divisional win three and a half. Three, seven, five. Just because you only three one touchdown the name, like you said, clean. He I thought he played well, the last Dr. Vinnie dramas burger. Let's go to the offensive line was the offensive line grade. That's a full or anytime you one hundred ground? No sacks four. That's probably a four and a half. Four point five. No, I'm gonna say four point seven, five. That's a. Plus Jeff lights dive. So I'm gonna go four point, seven, five, I'm gonna give him above the maximum. Only not would be only knock would be. They've gotta run better. In short yardage situations. You gotta punch that in on the one you gotta score. You gotta have an attitude there in punched in in the game. That's why I'm going with a three point. Nine, you've gotta get as one yard touchdown runs. That's not a hey, that phenomenal game. I thought this group is gonna play in unison, James, Connor great him. Four other guy. Other guy, four -absolutely. Let's do the next three, some rapid fire juju. Antonio, four Vance, three point, five, three point, five vans. I don't understand what the fumble as the half point off there. I don't know what to do. He blocked four. You're right. I'll give him a four, three point. Five because he fumbled don't fumble the football. No one hit him. If you watch that again, he just his hands are huge. He was holding the ball over bread. That's something my flag football coach told me when I was six years old, don't hold the football over bred, hey, let's go to some defensive guys. I went to individual grades, Joe Haden, you grade them. Three, really. I didn't think he AJ greens. Good. I think he played really saw a three, three point, two, five. You liked these weird grades. So with three points, five, I'm struggling with the mask with three point, two, five. Do you wanna take him in and taping off for what? No. I'm not gonna. Take it off today. Lose. Okay l. let's go with. Shoot TJ watt. Two. Was. Where was he? He, he had a big stop on third down on Joe mix that was under Dr where they look like they were going to be in field goal range, Artie burns, what what grade you give him. Did he play incomplete. Ac- row. Well, as eager is different than incomplete. You're giving zero. Okay. I would give him as hero. Yeah, he sucks. Thrill, Edmonds. What grade you give him? Because I didn't really see him much two and a half dig that. Vince williams. Advantage two and a half. In coverage stout in running game. Now, here's, here's the biggest question of all. There's two Chris Boswell. Three, three and a half. What did he do wrong made all of his. No, no, no, no. Here's why I'm giving Chris Boswell three and a half men kicking it. That short at the end of the half was terrible. I don't think that cancer. I think that's Dany Smith call is that that's terrible. You got kicked out of the end zone and make them go eight, you kick it short. You give up the return, they get fifty. Then you get a penalty right after that. That's bad in zero. Also could have been special teams play cover. That's fantas- game. They're outstanding the week before against they were terrible this game, they really almost cost steals ballgame. So Boswell, three and a half. Okay. I I would give him a see. I still think you see kicking out of the end zone and sometimes in kicking it short that tells me that the coaches saying, hey, I want you to kick it short here. We're trying to pin them back. So I'll give it three, seven, five air your best friend, Jordan Barry. What is your? What was your great for him. Cheesman two and a half met like he's kicked by kick me. He's putt by punt. He added one. Van sixty nine yards. Oh, man. Can we. Because they weren't getting two point. Seven, five. I like your point. Seven. Five, two point. Seven, five t he sucks. Okay. Overall coaching staff. I'm great. My Tomlin in the boys. I'm gonna give Tom into three. Nothing great. Nothing bad. The challenge was the most controversial play there, but they wanna game. I'm gonna give. They're probably three point, two, five man. That last drive was fantastic, but you don't know if he's calling the plays or bins calling plays defense inside a football, giving two and a half or not give it a big place. But man, they gotta play better on in the red zone and on third down. So overall, I think the coaching staff was probably a two point, seven, five. I think the players to a certain extent, their execution down the stretch, kinda cleaned it up with a coach coaches, some areas. Danny Smith in a special teams units were bad, so that kind of drags the great now to about two point, seven, five, you know, it helps to have ABM big man, get the win, correct. Get better holiday boy, if I were to not kief, say please putting safeties. Blitz, Mike hill Nafi by all. But please letting safeties it's late. It's leaving your secondary hanging out to dry in the back end, please stop putting your safety's now read over and he. He brought up a good point. No dairies Hebei Eljay Ford on special teams did not help. The HP is a gutter. So he's one of those first guys down there. I'll tell you what with the trade deadline approaching believes its tuber thirty. I'll double check on that. Could be some Newsday. There's already been some players, Patrick Peterson from the cardinals. The cardinals are basically just trying to sell if there's anyone that wants to buy, they're selling. So for that, you know, we have to look at it and I think the Steelers would be smart to just get a feel for what people are asking. If they have extra draft picks that they have. You know, maybe it's a a player that they were they're interested in. I'm not saying the lady on bell trade, but it's a seed, see if it's worth it. I think you'd have to be a position where a player could come in and just play. I think about like a quarterback. Can go Patrick Peterson, that's the guy you want. If you could do a trade for patch Peterson. Well, yeah, but I'm saying the position matters to, for instance, trading for an inside linebacker or a pass. Rusher would be good because say, hey, just go, go, go get the pass right. Go get the quarterback. The quarterback has the no man's zone coverages. They're pretty much standard across the league, especially for the cornerback outside quarterback position. So it'd be interesting to see what happens. Do you want to say before we wrap this thing up before I give lands his hands to kind of, you know, give his field. The end of the show we will be on this week, be prepared for regular slate of scheduled. The, you know, talking about the the hangover will be Monday night, Wednesday will be the standard. The standard Thursday will still have a preview show. We'll be talking about upcoming AFC. North matchups will probably be on again on Sunday, we'll we'll pick a time and I'll tweet it out so that everyone is. What time will be on a next Sunday to talk about the AFC north action and then started looking ahead to the Steelers Browns Lance, go ahead. Give me your final. Take here on your final take as the Steelers heading into the by coming off the win where they go from here. I think the arrows pointing big up the gray Wakefield, man. I'm trying to get this right. You know, this is my first time. I'm trying to be ghost face stealer you know, the Wu Tang client. The Representative of the Steelers, you know, represented Pittsburgh goes face dealer Holland, Sheboygan, but the is trindon up. This is where you wanna be going into the bye you get a win. Hopefully lady on actually calls the team until then he's coming in. It's trending up. You get healthy. You're starting to play good football. I think they're right where you want them to be. I mean, looking back at this first piece of the season, you would hope that you beat Cleveland, but you know you're at three, two and one, you know, you're right, where you want to be your trending real quick on the trace Patrick Peterson will be great. You at a corner in his defense, it elevates defense. One of the listeners out there talked about market king, but I think market king is hurt if he were available. That's the part I think he's hurt. But if there was a Potter out there that you could find that would help this defense as well help. This football team because berries just not Inc. It's not consistent, but this is where the team wants to be going three, two and one you're feeling good about yourself. You're filling frisky. They gotta get Artie burns to play better. So this defense continue to trend upwards, but meant a road. Divisional win is awesome. Shade leave, we'd you know what they are Bongos they don't beat the Steelers. However, boy, let's keep it cracking. Keep it moving. Aka ghost face stealer and I'm out. All right. So I do wanna mention real quick before we get Advantest burbot is complete brash and he's dirty in. There's something wrong with that guy. We're gonna talk about that more this week, especially on Wednesday since we'll have the time to really dive into how dirty he is. And some of the things that he said and date on the field as some of these reports are coming from the players after the game lands. I wanna thank you for your time. I appreciate it as always makes you check out behind this deal, Kirk dot com. For all your Pittsburgh Steelers need folks. Remember. Follow us on every single podcast platform that is the most important thing to understand whether it's it's art nineteen. I tunes Spotify were everywhere just type in BT, SE Steelers, and you will find as thanks for listening. We'll see next time. Hi, I'm Karen Fisher. I wanna tell you about another podcast. You should check out. It's called Rico decode every week. I talked to Tekken media's key players about how they're changing our world. I interview tech executives like Facebook, CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, political figures like Hillary Clinton and media personalities, like John, Kerry you literally wrote the book on theranos once again, the name of the show is Rico decode hosted by me Kerris wisher. You can find it on apple podcast or whatever. You listen to the show, see you there.

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