The Nexus #38 - "The Apple" / "The Measure of a Man" (PREVIEW)


In what a beautiful place uh-huh this fucking redshirt gets a tense south like Boop boop boop fireballs well spot cookout brow bones bomb okay okay no that's fine European genius you work at the Tsa I'm a starfleet pre check gym bag mixed with like a boom box do we ever see how they like load like spacecraft's because like I looked like he would put that in like all-male too thirty credits okay all right I'll take my shoes off take the laptop out I don't really have money anymore thirty credits look it looks like a gym bag back and this is this is a next gen staple they all have these the the next gen luggage situation is this weird it's like had your own eggs you rotten dinosaur bitch now Jimbo you can't jump on those got spanked shells the jump on the egg captain and on midair I'm going to lift it above my head and throw it back at that Bird Oh mother fuck knock that off of her uh-huh no room for underwear and there that's his yea doesn't sweat it's an extension cord he's definitely jerking off to it let's not even pretend he's not share okay but it's of her fuck king memorial video recently he's into freaky shit the but one of the things you put away is a hollow cube of some kind of a little fucking Tasha Yar these definitely I'm here's the thing she he's sodas data's pack and his little away satisfied fuck man I was getting upset I assume it's so funny pack much because he's fucking toaster if you like we just heard one listen to the full episode Patriot Dot com slash behaved movies for all sorts of exclusive patriotic content. You get a unique rss feed you could put it to any pod catcher podcast APP of your choice be careful with them you gotta Listen Listen Jimbo you got a knock it over and then do your stomp on its belly the stop by the way getting a MasterCard at a funeral okay that's like if you don't know about that he's got a mask and that's your funeral souvenir buddy and be respectful jumped on the God damn back turtle here eight this green mushroom you'll be part of this androids Mukalla jerking off the call hot wiring hotwired myself in the shower this border now empty it was the highlight of the dead you go down to the little that's how you check bags dude you pay thirty dollars and the check the bag through the tube this is ridiculous I'm a Lieutenant Ah with a fishing pole that mall fucking has got a camera to Jim boy not always dangerous he's a weird pervert but also gotta get a super jump to kill the turtles astro imagine up there in the cloud. Jimbo you gotTa Watch out in the cloud and there's it's clearly the part which is like you're the most human of all playback and data you're the most what's that it's the star trek equivalent likes in the chest from a flower that just shoots it out do this is like some Super Mario Brothers Horseshoe with the flower it's like a puppet lower and it like turns.

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