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They Called Him Bob After Bob Ross! (Airdate 4.7.2020)


Hello it's the Bob and Sheri show broadcasting from four remote longer locations. Here's Bob and Sheri. Oh there you are joining the Bob Sherry show. Thank you so much. We wish the very best to your home or if you are going into work you're one of the few to your office and we hope that Your life is not too stressful right. Now we're going to try to pass along some information for you from a unusual sources. The actor who played Freddy Kruger has some advice. If you have to leave the house where your glove thank you Robert Eglin very much? I was reading Billboard magazine which is a publication that serves the radio industry. And also the broad the record industry and they don't have a lot to Write about these days. Somebody acts have been cancelled as far as a appearing in person and radio has been a quarantine so there's not a lot to write about so what they decided to do is come up with the greatest pop star of every year since one thousand nine hundred eighty one the greatest pop star every year for the last twenty years. And would you like to hear who they think? And they've told lutely they would know. And there's there's something in this list after I finished reading it. That jumped out at me. See if it did you. Billboard magazine Tallies up the sales of music so they kind of know who is moving the most music and they also know who was filling auditorium. So they're pretty good guide for this sort of thing. In the year two thousand Billboard magazine says the greatest pop stars were in sync in two thousand one Jennifer Lopez in two thousand and two eminem in two thousand and three it was beyond say and then in two thousand and four usher two thousand five. It's Kanye West two thousand six. It's Justin Timberlake. And then Riana Little Wayne in two thousand and eight. The arrival and dominance in two thousand nine of Lady Gaga the greatest pop star of the year. Right after that. It's two thousand and ten Katy Perry Adele without amazing year in two thousand and eleven. And then it's Riana in two thousand and twelve Miley. Cyrus had a big year for herself in two thousand thirteen. She was the greatest pop star that year. That takes us up to two thousand and fourteen and have a repeat beyond say in two thousand fourteen in two thousand fifteen. I don't think anybody could argue with Taylor. Swift right above that in two thousand years. We're closing in closer and closer to twenty. It's Justin bieber and two thousand seventeen. It's Ed Sharon in two thousand eighteen. It's drake and in two thousand nineteen. It's Air Janda. Grungy he no. I did not find one of those that I disagreed with. It may not all be your favorite artists. But can you really disagree with the way dominated the chart? I'm GonNa let you. I'm GonNa let you all talk for just a moment while I do something for the Doc. Can you do that? Yeah of course. Of course what's the point of working from home if we can't tend to our dogs and that's all that's all. I've done Sam speaking of dogs my dog Sam. Nash has never been happier than he is right now once he adjusted to us being around twenty four seven. He came to me the other night when I couldn't and put his paw in my leg and said listen I don't know what's going on in the outside world. This is the happiest I've ever been my. My dog will not be more than three feet away from me as a matter of fact. He's the sleeping dog. I know he sleeps all the time. But I have to have beds all located anywhere Mac it. We're doing the show or Bamn out on the patio. He has to be within three feet of Sam is four feet to my left in his little bed. Right now. I mean I think Bob Bob Leave his phone away that you know what that noise means to me. I have accidentally facetime somebody. That's what that noise means to me. He you know what he facetime he bought dialed me like four times last weekend. I don't know I don't know what he had going on. But some reason he just he kept hitting my My phone dial. He accidentally facetime calls me all the time. I actually use back. He's you know over the past weekend that she'd call me like four and you try to face time. They called me like four different times. I knew you missed me well. Every time every time I pick up the phone I would do this. Yup and low. 'cause I thought you know plaza. Lincoln's enjoy the weekend so I just wanted to make sure that you wanted to talk to me. Then you weren't there. I don't know what a weekend is anymore. We I feel bad that I almost let the state on the full for a few seconds just to see if I didn't want to hear that conversation. We we have to wrap. We'll wrap it up right now. We'll be back. It's Bob and Sheri get the Free Bob and Sheri APP and get the odd cast the podcast and fund size instantly. Here's Bob and Sheri One of our listeners. Sherrington Nicole sent me a joke that I saved just for you Bob. I've been waiting waiting yesterday to tell you this. You're ready. Yes I'm GONNA hear it. Why do cows where bells would it goes? Where bills because their horns. Don't work thank you. Thank you very much comedy writing there. I have I have to confess. That quarantine is making me. Weirder than I already was an teengers proposition. Because I'm barely like not too weird to be functional and it's making me weirder and here's how I knew what had happened so on Saturday afternoon. I decided that I would finish catching up on westworld. Which is the show. Hbo Three episodes behind before this Sunday. Night show so I'm sitting. I'm sitting on my bed and I've got pulled up and Tiberius Larry My. My best friends are sitting with me and I pulled the show up and it's going through like last week on Westworld and the opening credits before the actual show and the cats are. They've got their watching the TV with me in their heads cocked and without even realizing I was doing it. I said okay. So here's the deal. Deloris has escaped westworld. And she's out in the real world now passing as human trying to start a revolution and I caught myself explaining where we were in. Westworld to my freaking cats out loud. I talked to all the time. It's not it's not so weird. Mary calls me out at all the time he can't understand you. You're seeking well. Olivia appeared in the doorway. My bedroom and she said are you on the phone. I said no and she said you were talking. I said I was explaining what's happening on. Westworld to the cats and there was this long pause and she said. Have you eaten today? It is amazing what we do for for with our animals. Finn has a little bout of bursitis. I'm not going to get into what happened. But he's got a little swelling a little pouch that we've been trying to get rid of And we have been unsuccessful. He will not take his medicine in capsule form. I tried to hold it. Hold him down. Jam It down his throat the other day and he started shaking while I was doing it and that was the end of that. So as I mentioned the other day I went to your husband's diet and got some Vienna sausages and I heat them up and I pour the medicine out of the capsule and Just a little while ago. I gave it to him and he aided and I think he's getting a little bit better but it's it's this whole routine. I have to go through Bob. Didn't you have like a Weirdo pout? That todd offered Lance for you and you do all. I think it was suggested that I go ahead and Atlanta by certain somebody on the other side over here friend and by the way Sherri thank you for forever in blazing in the audit especially the female from the audience. My name the words elbow coach like you say that after a while dogs in their owners look like each other now. You Ben both have health boop minus gone let the word go out minus gone lease ladies please. No SEX SYMBOL. But please try to forget that. I'm still trying to figure out how todd was the one that got the Lancet. Well because if you had to pick one of the four of us to come Lance Your Elbow Pouch. Don't you think it will be tied? I think death would be a better remember that Mr Pai yes I think you do. A wonderful job taught. Todd I would trust you to land Elbow Pouch Bob is so stuck up yours. Yours such liars. You are just such liars. I feel like todd would do it. Because he's not squeamish and he can do attitude and todd would take topic of you the shirt off his back if you call todd in the middle of the night and said I need you to come over here and take care of Bob's elbow pouching. No he would do it. You know what he would be the best publicity drive over. I'd be called the other two of them and I'd be going like this guys. You understand Bob just called me. I gotta Go Lancet thirty seconds and they'll be like seriously if you call. I gotta go like now. When you're all off my contacts on my phone dialed anytime. I hope you're happy. Enjoy enjoy we got more coming up. It is the Bobbin Sherry. So it's a sharable taste to the show Bob and Sheri Fund size. Get it now on the free Bob and Sheri APP or wherever you get your podcast. Here's Bobbins Sherry. Hey if any of you guys seen the story of that couple I think they're from South Africa. They they went on their honeymoon. At this incredible looking resort in the Maldives. I did see that. Yes and then everyone else evacuated and they couldn't get a flight out and they've been trapped there ever since and they are the only two guests at the entire resort and hurt their main problem. Is that the staff is still there and they have nothing to do so when they go to dinner. They have nineteen waiters asking if they'd like something it's the most amazing story and let the pictures it's paradise and they said everybody thinks they want to be stranded on his secluded paradise-island until it happens to them. Well I think they're having to pay something. It's not like you know they had a deal and then the hotel said well. It's it's all on us from this point it's been greatly reduced but I the article I read. I couldn't tell how greatly reduced well if I'm paying twenty bucks a day. Well that's Nice but if I'm paying four hundred a day not so nice I think it's closer to four hundred a day because the usual prices seven hundred and fifty dollars a night and they weren't supposed to be there for like a long weekend for their honeymoon entrapped there now and they won't get they will get word about if or when or whether they can get out until sometime late today you know it seems punishing to me That they're being charged the four hundred and that was the figure that I guess that too. Although who knows if it's true because it's not their fault you know they. They want to go home and and they can't everybody else got to go but you know for some reason. They didn't make it. I think the hotel should do them the whole thing. They they had a double whammy situation because not only were they not able to get a flight out. But the Maldives lockdown and foreign travelers and they were afraid if they left the resort property they might not be allowed back in and then what would happen to them. I'm looking. I'm not sure how you pronounce the place where they're staying. It's called the Cinnamon Villa Fuji and one of those things where each Like instead of a hotel with rooms it's separate bungalows built on stilts in the ocean and each has its own little deck and a little set of stairs that lead down into the water which is Turquoise and sparkling and just incredible and they heard sooners their Bora Bora. I think that was the first area that had those Stay OVER THE WATER. Sort of bungalows way. Back in the nineteen seventies Maybe even the nineteen sixties but the Maldives I've seen photographs. I'd never been there I've I've known people who have been there from the air. You think it is borough and it has that sort of South Pacific feel although it's closer to India isn't it I think so. Yeah so let's see. They got their march twenty seconds. They've now been there for fifty six. Am I doing that? North that you know. That's another movie isn't it? It's it's this generation's Gilligan's island Think about it. But it's it's another. There's so many romantic comedies. That could be built around the situation. Obviously it's not a funny situation but it is life changing and speaking of Situations with Filming the off. The producers of the office are coming out with another version of it that has to do with home working from home. I don't know six called home. It's genius yet. Is Genius a loyal following right? At first I thought you know this. This would never work. But then you think about split screens and somebody walking in in their underwear in the back and you know there's a lot of possibilities that way in some ways working from home makes more sense than you know if someone had pitched you the concept for the office you would never have guessed it would have been such a success. 'cause that's a confined space with such confined storylines right in some ways. This gives you even more to work with. Yeah you do. You do have a little bit more. The office really. What's the show about nothing? They say it was Seinfeld but it was the office too because they were all minor. Things that you know were blown out of Out of perspective on the genius of the office was that it it understood that. That's where most of us spend the bulk of our lives. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's unfortunate and you hate it. It's so often true that the best is at work and the rest of you is what goes back. Yeah sometimes that is the case especially with what we do right and speaking of what we do. We've got morons in the news coming up for you next. It's bobby it's morons in the news. Here's Bobbins Sharon. We have a couple of animal stores to kick off Morons in the news. Today are more on of the day. A hungry bear. Who went dumpster diving at a gas station and Gatlinburg Tennessee? In the whole thing was caught on video from the safety of someone's car. You seem to bear rooting around in the dumpster at Fast Stop Station in Gatlinburg and eventually and when you watch the video we'll send it to your phone. The Bear pokes its head out of the dumpster. And you can see. It's got some food clamped jaws. And then he climbed out the dumpster. He wandered off of course. Wildlife officials and Tennessee said even when bears don't appear aggressive. They can be dangerous and I'm glad to be alive at a time when we need to be reminded of that because we all think it. Bears are tune animals in any way the folks in Tennessee. You're saying you're part of people staying indoors more in social distancing you still have to lock your trash down because for the animals. This has been a real opportunity if you remember last week. Bob When you mentioned that Little Town in Wales that's been overtaken by goats. I do yes well as a bonus in more in the news today tied has video of the goats completely running wild in this town. No the goats usually stay at a little county park that what's up against the town but because there are no people and no cars. That goats have decided. Wait a minute. We don't have to stay here and they've been going deeper and deeper into the town. And the whole. Uk has been on lockdown of course and they're very strict about it so there's no one around to shoot goats away. There's no traffic and we have video of the goats eating people's landscaping in their front yards of window. Shopping downtown and crossing the street looking around and what it looks like. Your kids are GonNa love this. It looks like a storybook where the kids books Sometimes there are no people just animals. This looks like a little town. Where the only things that live. There are these very cheerful goats so to see that. Yeah how do they? How do how do we get? Text the word Moron Su eight to six to seven four three seven. We'll send the bear dumpster diving and the goat town video directly your phone and when you do that automatically entertain a bottle of cherries can't sanitizer which is fabulous product. It's called people. Make me sick once again. Text the word Moron to eight eight eight two six two seven four three and speaking of the UK. I was really shocked the other day to see the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. We know that he had the virus. He's been hospitalized due to persistent symptoms. He tested positive about a week ago. And he's still carrying on some business but the man is in the hospital and he's the Prime Minister of Great Britain. That's that's really something fiancee. Who is pregnant? Also symptoms of the Colonel Virus. And I just want you to pause for a second. This is how different the world is today than it was even like fifteen years ago. The Prime Minister of UK has a nickname. Slow Joe and a pregnant fiancee. Did you ever see that combination? I never did. And fifteen years ago. That haircut alone could not get him elected. Times have changed okay. My Name is Dr Drew. Dr Drew has apologized for getting the CORONA VIRUS. Thing so wrong so very wrong. He recently stated that he knows that it is a serious problem. Now we're originally. He did not feel that way. In fact there's video that's going around that compiles several minutes worth of his ignorant comments and he's been trying to get it banned on copyright grounds. Good luck with that Dr drew. You should be ashamed of himself. I'm not a medical doctor. I mean he's not like an MD urination stand. He's he's an addiction specialist. He's not an infectious disease specialist. He's also a pitch man for some products. The only thing that I will say. In dodgers defense but the only good thing. I can find to say about Dr Drew. He admitted what he did. Apologize a lot of people that did the exact same thing or now set now denying that they ever did it. So their gas lighting the world right. But there's not tape on them but there's tape on him. That's right all right. I have another animal story Construction workers all around the world are in most places consider essential workers and so they're still going to work and in Britain on a construction worker. Spotted a little pup on the job site and thought it was abandoned and looked around and there was no mother and time went by and no one came for this poor little sloppy so tiny and helpless so he scooped it up and took it home and it turned out. It wasn't a puppy at all. It was a Fox cub thirty seconds. Don't make great pets. It turned out so the Little Fox cub is in the hands of the RSPCA. We'll be returned to the wild and you know what laws he had a big heart thing and he did rescue ops all right. That is more on sport today. Once AGAIN TEXTILE MORON. Eight eight eight six seven. We'll send it out to your phone. He's coming today so if you got some thick thighs. I've got some great news for you. That's all coming up today. Bob and Sheri facebook twitter instagram. That's how your mom describes the we're on all of them and we would love to have you come hang out with us. A any of our social media hit up our facebook for stuff. You hear every day on the show. Talk to us on twitter. She two semesters on instagram. We want to hear from you. Want follow you back. It's always katter day right around the corner. We're looking at your picks. That's Bob and Sheri on facebook twitter Instagram and our website B. O. B. A. N. D. S. H. E. R. I. Dot Com sign up for our newsletter. And you could win a fifty dollars Visa Gift Card. Thank you. So which the podcast. Hello it's the Bob and Sheri Show Broadcasting from four remote bunker locations bobbin sharing guys. Let's spend a little bit of time here shouting out. People that are turning lemons and lemonade. People that are making the absolute best of this completely insane and challenging. Quarantine time I'll start with this couple in Michigan Dan and amy. They're supposed to get married this Saturday and meaning the one just past and of course you know. They couldn't have their wedding. Because you're not allowed to have groups that large. They were expecting one hundred sixty guests but they still wanted to get married and so they got one of the local companies in town to provide them with human shaped cardboard cutouts to represent their friends. Burn pretty cool. And here's what Dan said and this just mammoths melted my heart. Dan said I didn't like the idea of amy. Having to walk down the aisle with no one in the pews that seemed like a very lonely walk so I wanted something to represent the guests. I went in just to buy a few sheets of cardboard and they went and got a designer and made some now when they're finally able to. They're going to have their honeymoon at an AIRBNB in Rhode Island. Which is I've never. I've never been. But Bob says it's amazing and we have video which we will post of the bride and groom coming down the Church with all the cardboard cutouts and you know what on the one hand. You're like it's so sad and on the other hand you you go. Dan and amy for making the best out of the situation. You know what that's going to become that's going to become one of these photos. There'll be a photograph of that right. And have you ever seen like a look back of America in the sixties Life magazine looks at the fifties or whatever and there's a famous black and white photo of Some college guys in the nineteen fifties stuffing themselves into a phone booth. We don't even have phone booths anymore but there was evidently that was the thing back then. And there's like twenty guys stuffed into a phone booth just being wacky. This'll be one of those photos. That painted a picture of what people went through during this period. I when I saw it I had that same thought this is GonNa be. It's not going to be as iconic as the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square end of the war but it's going to be one of those iconic images. I had a lot of thoughts as I was looking at this video of Amy walking down the aisle and one of them was. If this happen to like your daughter Bob and she had to have a wedding where all the guests for made of cardboard. You'd still get hit hard by the cater without a doubt would be non-refundable florist would not even knock off ten dollars. Because they're heartless you. Would you would pay full price to feed this for price. Yeah I saw a listen. She I talked to her about this the other day. She was married At this time of the year. Yeah this time of the year a year ago and boy. Oh boy you talk about timing. I tweeted something over the weekend. A couple had their baby and they're they're home now with their baby. I just don't even know what it's like to be in the hospital for a non crow virus thing right now much less a happy thing like having your baby anyway. They shared a video on twitter of their little baby girl getting her first sink. Bath you how they do that in the hospital after they weigh the baby and do the APP Gar scores and everything they give them a little sync battle. This baby is having her head. Shampooed newborn baby and soon as the shampooing and the massage starts this baby's face lights up and the DAD's tweet said we have a feeling. The teenage years are going to be expensive with this can tell. This just loves being effort. I have another story of someone who's making the best of a really bad situation. And this is a guy named Charlie Adams in Ohio. His Mom Julie's eighty years old and she's in an assisted living facility. But of course. That facility is on lockdown. No visitors are allowed inside and none of the residents are allowed to leave while Charlie happens to own a company called Adam Street preservation and he asked facility for permission and they gave him permission to bring his trimming bucket truck to the building and hoist himself up to his mother's third-floor window. Oh Sweet Oh my God wait. So here's what he did. He pulled up the truck and he set up the bucket and he rude all the way up to the third floor and then he called his mom on the phone as a Ma look outside. Look outside your window and there's one there's one per bucket list right there right all. I see what's good and help yourself. I really I actually I. Couldn't you know you know what I was noticing here in Syria? I got a list of some people you talking about the baby in the hospital. Thank God that the mom and Dad and the baby. You're okay. The pink and her three-year-old got the corona virus there recovering now and she says everything is fine and I continued reading about some celebrities. And it's it's terrible. It's surprising how many were on our show. Durant bassist John Taylor. Let's we have to pause here. Okay with more of that. It's Bob and Sheri get the Free Bob and Cherry APP and get the odd cast podcast and fund size instantly. Here's Bob and Sheri. It's Bob and Sheri Show. We hope you're doing well. We hope you're hanging in there and being wonderful to one another. I know you are and I was just mentioning at the End of our last segment there. That we've had some people that we've had on the show both in the studio and via satellite on phone who ARE DEALING CORONA VIRUS. Duran Duran's basis. John Taylor He Had it but he is over it also Superstar from the seventies Christopher Cross tested positive. We had singer-songwriter Marianne Faithfull. Who had a song called as tears go by she was Mick Jagger's girlfriend for a while when Caesar what I read. Oh is that right. Oh she is tweet. Oh I just love her I I read her book. I think we had her on. Her book was released. We did you say that. She's very ill has she? That's what I've read. I don't know any more details other than that. Marianne Faithfull is very ill while a CNN anchor as we all know Brooke Baldwin who is I think midday anchor to the toward the afternoon later afternoon. Said I have been social distancing joining all the things we were told to do and still it got me so you never ever know there is a guy from British Columbia. Listen to this. There's a guy from British Columbia Canada and he's being called the safest human on earth. He started sailing by himself around the world in October and he hasn't come into contact with anyone sense. The journey should take two or three more months. He's out there the Ocean. That is the safest person on earth right now right. I wonder because he has radio and news and everything. So He's known about this all along right. Oh I would imagine yeah. Yeah not like those poor submarine sailors. That still have no idea that this is going on. I know I know Tom Brady is donating ten million meals to people in need which I think is nice and not the stuff Egypt Zely. Oh No people will only only take but so much. That's so funny you're right And let's see Justin verlander is. He's the Astros. Pitcher is donating his weekly paychecks to coronas violence relief relief effort and the Indianapolis Colts owner. Jim irsay is donating ten thousand masks. So you know some good news there. The colts the owner of the colts from everything. I've read because he shows up. I get a lot of sports in my newsfeed because my phone over. Here's my husband talking about college football. I'm so that my phone mistakenly thinks I know what any of that is so I get a lot in my newsfeed about sports in the owner of the colts. It's like he every couple of minutes. He comes up with another way to contribute. That's great citizen Salute for sure. Yeah that's really good. People are learning to do different things and here are the top things they're learning to do. Your girls are in the number one spot. People are learning to cook or bake baking is really taking off right now Working out at home every day at it's true you gotta fight. If you're a gym Brad. You gotta find another way to do it now right. Learning a new language starting a diet learning yoga all of these things because of the Internet the downside of the Internet is obvious but the upside is if you Wanna learn yoga or something like that you can do it. It's very simple. You can follow some instructors online. I was trying to is talking with my kids and I was trying to imagine what this would have been like for me at. Their age quarantined in my house. We know Internet. We didn't even have cable. Wrote Daddy's Meth Cook. What a nightmare. That would have been these kids. Kids don't know how good they haven't you know you're right and nightmare is the word and I hate to say it. But they're probably kids in those situations. I've sure no other kids thirty seconds. There are a ton of them. That don't have you know a home. That's very big and giddy volatile parent there. That's that's a tough situation cross fingers for all of them all right. It's the Bobby Cherry show. I'm GonNa talk to the men in about thirty minutes about what you need to do. So your wife doesn't WanNa strangle you in your sleep. This is Bob and Sheri get Lamar's reduce right to your phone. Just tight movie to eight. Eight eight Bob Sherry. Yes it is Bob Sherry. It's nice to be along with you very exciting at my house. I'm having staples deliver a comfortable chair for me to do the show with. I can't wait plus computer paper. It's going to be great so I was online and I saw some comments from parents who have been at home with their children and would you like to hear some of them. Of course you would would. This is from the first one. Is Mom the rocks them? I taught my kids French during the quarantine me. I taught my four year old. Tick Tock Robert says me. Pre Quarantine encourages my son to play the piano. Me In quarantine. Please Stop Son of Dad. Her twins run in my family. Me I can't even get mine to go for a walk boy. That is the truth. Even with all of this Pinterest MOM my toddler prefers brushing his teeth in the nude. No one prepared me for these moments. Sarah says my daughter examined. How a measuring tape retracted and announced. It disappeared into a magical world. Home schooling is going just great Let's see from Rhyming Mama. My daughter asked me just where we keep the crowbar. And I'm pretty sure that's my cue to end. The unsupervised play portion of our day. Mark Last night my four year old said a prayer for all the people in the world including Africa Asia and Syrup from now on I will appear on the as her mom says breaking. I've decided all of my kids are now in the fourth grade. I that that mom has posted this me. What do you want for breakfast them? Cheeseburgers may know. We can't wait From Simon at least we don't have to go to our kids feel day this year. That's a little Raw but I think every parent can can agree to that Let's see homeschooling update on day. Nine today we did maths if you have three kids and they are awake. Roughly thirteen hours in the day. And you're trying to work from home. How many times do you hear the word snack food? That's a good math question right. Me Man cannot live off of pancakes. Water alone my kids challenge accepted. This is Kerry. What is it Tuesday Wednesday Thursday me? Yes let's see. I'm GONNA do that. One BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP. That has a bad word in it shocking. That a lot of them to ninety from Jesse ninety percent of home schooling is telling your kids not to spill your drink. Not Not there. Drink your drink mom. Transparent took my kids to run a drive today so they could play their ipads and argue with each other in a smaller space. That's also moving almost like taking almost like taking a dog for a ride right. Oh Yeah my four year old just walked into my room and said Mommy I have snack for us and now I have a favorite child. Woman I know is a preschool teacher. I asked her how it was how it was going and she said well you know. I'm reading a lot of stories to the kids and we're singing songs. And and she said I'll tell you what I'm going to miss that mute button though when I get back into class that imagine a teacher preschoolers how hard it is to get us. Shing sit still and settle in Criss Cross applesauce. And all that. She's like now. I just pushed a button and everyone's quiet quiet right and speaking of home. Schooling Rodney says child. I need help with my schoolwork. Also Child No. That is not how you do it. Dad I bet there's some of that going on you know I went down. Karen MIA wanted to put some shelves up on her bedroom wall and there are three little shelves and they are they have to be hung so they're exactly even. Do you know what I mean. Like exact thing so much math involved and there's just so much of everything involved. They have to be assembled and then they have to be mounted and so she asked me if I would help her and I looked at this and my heart just sank. It's everything hate right so I said well I could help you honey but I think this is an awesome opportunity from some home-schooling math. We have fractions. We have some geometry. I WanNa see you figure this project. That's brilliant and then got the heck out of the room before she could think to argue with me she do well. That's where we left it. I don't know if it's done yet. That's left it last night. Good luck with it. I wouldn't want do that either. And finally might. My toddler shouted. This is a dad. The W. T. F. Daddy calls himself. My toddler shouted I need a break for all view then locked himself in his bedroom and when we asked what happened he replied nothing. I'm just being like daddy so watch because a are looking at you all right. We'll take a little break here Max. At that time. It's popping cherry. Get the free Bob and Sheri APP and get the odd cast podcast and fund size instantly. Here's Bobbin Sherry so sherry. It's been a couple of weeks. How are you in the sheriff getting along with confined quarters? I'm going to be honest. It's not good. What do you mean it is not good? It is not good on. What's what's what's the problem. He's not used to having all of us around twenty four seven and there's a ton of conflicts with the kids and he's mad at me all the time. Yeah it's not good. It's not good at all. We're doing okay. I've just noticed that certain things set her off and it could be. I've forgotten to do something with the dog or I didn't wash something that was delivered to the house properly and I've decided That I'm going to take a different philosophy for the remainder of this can i? I'd Britain something for the men. You know I would love to hear it. Okay this is this is strictly for the guys right now so I want to do this right so gonna take off my headphones so I can hear myself. Oh actually look better in this room and here we go men shut up. Don't have strong opinions on anything other than she has never looked lovelier because she's naturally beautiful in fact. Put your mask over your mouth when you're your own home so that your thoughts cannot escape by accidents. When she utters I cannot take this quarantine anymore say nothing. There is no good response. Do not criticize the bachelor. Her friends her animals the number of pillows on the bed. Her father's crazy political rants. And the fact that there ain't been no love and since can't remember when I forget what song that's from but don't go there. If you do not heed these warnings. If you do not heed these warnings she will eventually kill you. I don't mean kill your spirit. I mean she will actually kill you and somehow get your body to Carol Baskin's to feed you to a lion safe things like. Can you believe these bs who anchor cable? News are still getting their hair dyed and Botox. That is not social distancing and it should be criminal man. This is not the time to be the mighty tiger. This is the time to be the lowly snail. Stay in your shell until the coast is safe and even then trag your cover with you at all times. Remember men women control over half of the money and all of something else practice by saying these words? I hope Andy Cohen gets well soon. I hope Andy Cohen gets and good luck. Yeah it's just a we live in a different time and we have to Think of each other's feelings it's very. I posted something on my facebook days ago that a psychologist wrote about how like we really have to give each other grace. Because we're no-one no-one in our lifetimes has been locked up in their house like this with their whole family. Sure you've seen people with house arrest and electric ankle bracelets and all that but the entire population that's a whole different thing. It's funny I talked to my parents the other day and you know they've lived through all kinds of calamity in their lifetimes. Starting children and World War Two and all of that and my mother said this is worse than all of them and I said. Why would you say that? And she said because in all of those we congregate. We could go to church. We could go to movie theaters. We could hug each other and none of that is available now. Yeah because America was not bombed we were we were all. The fighting was in the South Pacific or in Europe right. Yeah it's I think that whole not contacting is hard too because you're not only like oh I can't go hug my friend Laura. My friends can't go visit her mom in a nursing home right right. I mean I can't I can't go scoop up my little niece and squeeze her till she giggles. I can't we can't have any meaningful human interaction with each other. Yes we can stand six or eight or ten feet. Apart and wave over the weekend I took care of me over toward Dad's house. Here Mia sat in the car her dad and her little brother and her dad's wife stood ten feet away in the driveway and they they had a little shouting visit. And that's not that's not okay. I mean that's not. It's so abnormal. His Dad it's nothing that you would have even a year ago said well. That'll be a possibility. It's so bizarre it did. I mean that's the word. It's just bizarre. It's completely bazaar. And they're like your kids whether your kids are four or twenty four. They miss their friends they They missed their and of course as an adult. You're you're simultaneously like panicky and scared and stressed and tired and you juggling a million things you just go to change. Yeah you gotta change to. What's going on? Who last forever you know. This is Bob and Sheri. Bob and Sheri used to be that if we wanted to talk to our listeners We had to turn the phone on just during the hours of the regular Bob and Sheri Show and then sometimes the company we worked for wouldn't pay the phone bill. We wouldn't even know that we didn't have a Bob and Sheri Fund phone so we made some changes around here. We keep that bad boy on one four seven. You can reach out any time and we love to hear from you. Eight B. O. B. S. H. E. R. I. Or if you're kind of shy. Dmz On facebook Judas in email Bob and Sheri Dot Com for grab our APP free and Google play in the apple APP store. She just talk back message. Because that's all we want to talk to you and listen to you. It's the Bob and Sheri Show every week day. All around the country and available if Cherry Dot Com. Thank you so much for listening to the podcast pillow. It's the Bob and Sheri Show Broadcasting from four promote bunker locations. Here's Bob and we have some messages from our listeners. You can call us at eight eight eight. He Oh B. S. H. E. R. I and leave a voicemail message. Twenty four hours a day where we have not yet been able to streamline getting a live call into our four location quarantine broadcasts but we do want to hear what's happening with you what's going on what's your quarantine like. What's it like being a home school teacher all of a sudden while? You're trying to work are you at each other's throats or the pets driving you crazy and we have our APP which is free and Google play and the APP STORE. And all you need to do with that. Is Tap the microphone at the bottom of the screen? Max We're going to hear from now. This is Megan. Hi Bob and Sheri. This is Meghan from North Carolina. And I just wanted to say thank you so much for keeping them podcasts. Up They are really helping me to maintain a sense of normalcy. That is Bob in the background. Born six weeks ago today actually. My coworkers nicknamed him Bob while he was in new dro- and he was Paul Brass over while on. We didn't even Evan. But by still calling Bob anyways Love the show. I've been listening to you guys since I was in high school on still listening of thirty seven five kids later. We're doing awesome. Did Not expect to be homes with five kids on maternity leave. So we're making the best of it. Thanks so much for a great show. We love it by. Oh my goodness I thought thought somebody had named a baby bob but then it was taken away from Evan but they call him Bob. Can't you be happy with that? I guess it's the best that I could hope for the best you've ever gotten. I know it no. Nobody named their kid Bob any more than it was actually Evan. Well that's sweet. That's so five kids now. I want you to imagine making situation that means six weeks old. And she's home schooling for other kids while caring for that baby and Quarantine. You thought your day was stressful. Put yourself in Meghan shoes for a second. I tell you what her husband's got to watch his step doesn't he? I think we could have had that conversation with him a little sooner you but I mean I mean you. You can't sit with everything that she's going through. She's probably breastfeeding teach. We don't know that he's not teaching. I'm sure he's doing some of home schooling too. But you adjust as a guy I would just say to myself man. She is under so much pressure. I got a I got to pull the. Your Megan is a warrior. Because if that was me with a newborn and four other kids today's homeschool unit would be postnatal care and why it's important. I wouldn't be calling a radio show even the BOB and Sheri. Show and saying thank you for what you do I would be saying. I want people thanking me for what I'm doing man. That's that's a heavy lift. Five good for you Meghan. I did kind of like it. I agree with you. Bob when she said that's my little guy that's Bob and I thought you know that's adorable. We finally have one. We have a little baby named back dash but then she clarified it was named after Bob. Ross bubbling see. I know he wasn't going to be picky about a todd. It wasn't until she dropped. Evan bombshell that he got salty. You know you know who I really appreciate today. Zach Ephron you're probably saying why since we're talking to guys a lot this morning Zach Ephron was interviewed on a youtube show called hot ones and he was talking about when he was in amazing shape for that baywatch movie. You saw them filming. That didn't you yup and I don't know how I don't. He did that because you know. He was starring opposite the Rock. What else are you going to do right right? He said I realized that when I was done with that movie. I don't ever want to be in that. Good of shape again really. It was so hard. You're working with almost no wiggle room. You've got things like water under your skin that you're worrying about making your six pack into a four-pack stuff like that. Just stupid stuff. He said I may do it again. If the role was worthwhile but I'm not really looking forward to it. Ever take care of your heart take care of your brain and your good good for you sack. Ephron for saying that that that must be. That's a fulltime job. If you're a model or an actor look like that well to it you know. We always assume that. Oh getting into amazing. Shape is a good thing but that what they do to. It's it's not that different from like what was it. Robert Deniro. Who gained all that to play the boxer an and he's chatted messed with his health and he would never do it again right. You know when you have to get that lean and that ripped. Yeah okay the end result you may be more aesthetically pleasing to you. But that's still a beating on your body and your metabolism. I bet you know. The only upside is movies around forever and a movie. Like that's not going to run you know every week on AMC but oh run. Once in a while in thirty forty years down the road. He'll flip it on his comfortable chair and he'll look at himself and say I remember I remember how in the world did I do next. Do we have another message before we break? If you give me a second I will get it for you. Yes here we go guys my name's Katie. I'm from Carolina. I just wanted to say a big heart felt. Thank you for continuing to do the broadcast. It delights my heart every day. When I'm able to listen to you guys. I work in healthcare so I can't work I can't listen to you in the office but it just it brightens Monday to hear you guys an odd just delighted that you guys continue. Be Safe and take care yourself. Thanks so much. You are welcome. You know what's interesting gear? Radio listenership has been primarily in cars for the last ten years or so and I am finding that so many of our listeners. Obviously now in their homes. Because they're not going out. Just traffic is is not there. Hit me so hard Max. The idea about embarrassing. Sec healthcare is this. I know it all right. We're out of time for this Sunday. We got more to come. This is Bob and Sheri. Hello it's the Bob and Sheri Show Broadcasting from four remote bunker locations. Here's Bob and Cherry Cherry show of course and nice to have you with us for different locations and that's how we do it every day now. I was listening to Queen Elizabeth to address to her nation. A couple of days ago and I was so impressed What she said towards the end of it she said we will be remembered for how we handled ourselves during this crisis and I think that is very true. One hour for better or for worse. Yeah I agree. I thought that was. I thought she was really impressive. And merg really powerful and just so much gravitas experience sir. Yeah aspirants yeah. That's right all right so what? What do you have for us here? Our LISTENER LISA. Kaiser shared this with us. And I think this is what everybody needs right. Now this hilarious woman whose name is Helene Maggot is sitting talking to her camera in a big fluffy bathrobe. And I'M GONNA play it for you now. Hey y'all doing after his corn tain may I got a problem I had enough. I'm GonNa talk to a woman. She going help me out. I hope I'm going to plead my case anyway. I'm going to say do something laser gum take John John. Please fast as you own. These biggest draw even has cannot stand him all he does slave warren genus. Killing me just can't hardly stand with him. No Joe a please come and join John cleese. Has There's you in? Domo last nerve of happiness depends on you Only John Young as you can. Were really good listener first woman. She's Queenly Bob Bob and Sheri with can't believe this save lives people and this is especially good news for those of us. That are spending our snacking. Our Way through net flicks a larger by circumference is linked to lower blood pressure and it reduced risk of heart disease so there are all kinds of places. You can carry your extra weight. Some people tend to carry it in their Tommy. Some people carried in their booty. Some people carry it in their thighs. And if you are carrying it in your thighs that is the best news for you. Because it's not just a little bit of a thing. It is a great big connection between thicker thighs and staying alive leg fat. And there's a reason for it so this is all in the Journal of Endocrinology which I know everyone reading now that you have all this extra time but there's a link between the way. Your metabolism works with leg fat versus stomach fat because there's more muscle and fat under the skin and then it secretes like hormones and chemicals that are better for keeping your blood pressure stable as opposed to belly fat so if you are frustrated by thick thighs take a minute today and thank those bad boys because they may be keeping you healthier and alive longer. Boy I tell you what I'm worried because I'm down to my last blue bunny ice cream sandwich I'd like I'd like to pick it up my thighs a little bit based on this. I got to tell my wife that if she wants to keep me healthy. She's got it she's GonNa make grocery run. You just reminded me one of our listeners. Debbie Zane gained WHO's listening to us on the cat and upstate New York. She had something posted on her facebook the other day that made me snort ice tea through my nose. She said I'm worried that if this goes on we may have to start hunting for our own food. I don't even know where Little Debbie lips a bit little. Debbie is making a fortune right about now. You know it's so funny because I'm GonNa post this on facebook so you can have a thick thighs celebration at your own place later but you know it's so funny. I haven't eaten a little debbie since on the corn dog and I split up because little. Debbie's were his snack of choice but but the other day my daughters and I were sitting in the kitchen and we were doing this. Okay like which one of our relatives would you push in front of the train for Donut? Which homer to push in front of the train for some Oreos? It got to the point were we. Were eyeing one of our cousins in exchange for a box of little debbie. Pinwheel kicks pay. It's getting dark over there. It's really dark. What what do you think about the amount of money that Some celebrities have given Oprah gave ten as you know ten million dollars for the fighting of Corona virus to America's Food Fund which was great. I know there's some people that are saying. Yeah but you know. She's worth two point. Six billion dollars nonetheless. Ten million dollars is not to be sneezed at Leonardo di Caprio five million Steve Jobs widow five million dollars. It's still awful lot of money you know. Well that doesn't mean that they're not going to first of all. I would never criticize anybody's gift for anything. I think that's super tacky and who's to say depending on what happens and how long this goes on that they're not gonNA give more that's true. I think that it's a certain kind of like ing Union because Oprah could give more. Well what did you give Bryant doing other than criticizing people? Jeff bezos one hundred million dollars the same thing with Bill Gates one hundred million dollars. Kylie Jenner one million dollars Ralph Lauren. Toss the ten million dollars for the relief effort and of course he is just incredibly wealthy. He's just been such a fashion star for so many years and The LA clippers owner Steve Balmer and his wife donated twenty five million dollars to the covert nineteen relief. I agree with you. I think these people you know. They could be pacing themselves as we go along and maybe they'll give more and more reese witherspoon. She gave two hundred and fifty dresses from her fashion label to teachers across the country. That was a sweet thing. This stories that are really hitting me in the fields or not the ones where Oprah donates ten million. I think it's extraordinary. And I'm thankful for it. But the companies that where the CEOS are exchanging their salaries to keep people employed. Those are the really have meat like the CEO of the Marriott Corporation who went to zero so that they would not have to lay off or furlough so many workers. Because that's that's the gift that keeps giving when people are able to keep their jobs. No no you have to say. Maybe it's just us but And our listeners because I think in some paddock. Oh with our thoughts on certain areas. But if you're the CEO one of these major corporations probably pretty rich and your stock is going to come back eventually. How much do you need? And if if you're touched at this moment in your life to do something good for you but boy. If you're not touched at this moment you have to wonder when you're never gonNA be around. Probably I I was. I was glad to see that one of our favorite guests in studio guests than she performed for us so brilliantly. Sarah Burrell's is recovering from about with cove in nineteen. So that's great. She was she was one of the most delightful people ever watched perform in our studio. It's on it's the guy this is the this is one of the areas that we stay away from in the show people that have been diagnosed in her fighting it. It's just shocking to me. The number of people that everyone knows even if you didn't like the the lead singer for fountains of Wayne Stacy's mom he. He died. Yeah and he was only in his fifties thinktank. Yeah but another another heads up. If you're just not paying attention and you think it's just old people that are going to Dying or suffering from this. Burrell certainly not timing. She's recovering but she got it. She got it everything I've read for for those people that are like it's just for old people you don't WanNa be you don't want to even get this and survive. This is a plan to wrap up either way pause here and we'll be right back again. I'M GONNA put thighs saving lives on our facebook. I know I'm celebrating. Its Bob and Sheri. Hello Jerry show broadcasting from four remote bunker locations. Here's Bob and Sheri. I don't know if anybody watches if any of you guys watch the great British bake off. It's like my mom's favorite. Tv show. She's obsessed with great British British. Bake off so every once in a while if I'm skipping through channels in it's on I'll stop and watch it because I think oh my mom. My mom all lockdown all by herself in. Utah's watching this right now. And so one of the winners of great British bake off because I follow a lot of the winners on social media because I like the recipes one of the winners just revealed a food hack that. I don't think anyone who hears me describe. This is going to try okay. You know how when you're when you open Anna's and they get sort of soft and Brown and you're not going to eat them see. Turn them into banana bread. Will she takes those banana. Peels those very soft. Overly Ripe Banana Peels and she shreds them with a fork then she saw taste them with onions and garlic then she adds barbecue sauce to it then. She puts it on a Burger Bun with some cheese and serves it up as like a non meat vegan sloppy Joe. What do we think? Who's willing hands up? Who's willing to try? I was interested in it. It sounded very taste the until I realized that there was no meat involved. Now it's just shredded. Banana Peels sauteed. It's all stuff I like so I can't see any reason why wouldn't least want to try it? So it's the banana peels and what else is on the barbecue sauce. You sautee and she said by the way that it has the texture and flavor of pulled pork or pulled chicken so you take those overly Ripe Brown soft banana peels put on a cutting board and use a fort to shred them into strips. Then sauteed them in a pan with I guess like a little olive oil onions and garlic. You only want to cook that down for about five minutes. Then she adds barbecue sauce and catch up and salt and pepper and stirs all that up. She cooks that for another three or four minutes. Then she scoops that onto a bond with some shredded cheese and it's vegan banana peel sloppy. Joe Night Okay. The cheese thing helped me out a little bit there. I don't know it it. It certainly does sound sloppy act and it does sound like a sloppy Joe. I'd give it a shot. Y- give it a shot. I just wish there were a little bit more protein in their. Why don't you can since you'RE GONNA do? I believe it's today at five. You're doing Bob's heated up and eat it up on facebook. Live it up corentin kitchen. Yeah that's at five o'clock eastern on facebook live today maybe next week. You could make Bob's banana peel sloppy. Joe's that's that's not heated up and needed up. That's sounds like real cooking. See the whole thing. Bob's heated up and eat it up. Corentin kitchen there ain't much going on. It's pretty easy. Yeah but you're locked down you learn a new skill. And what if BOB would if you're surprised yourself by not only being good at banana? Peel sloppy joes by your new favorite thing. And you WanNa talk about getting used some fiber just the words. You're locked down and you're going to learn. A new skill. Frightened me Sherry. I don't know that doesn't sound like one that I'm going to do. Let me let me see how this thing goes an please for the people who are tuning in I hope I hope we can pull this off electronically this is not real cooking cooking. This is just a little thing that I'm doing right now because I can't get everything that I want in the kitchen. I mean you're GONNA dump a can of sauce into a pan right. I mean that's a little more than I'm doing a little more than that. Want to commit to the banana peel. Sloppy Joe I have gotten my poor kids like you know. I've always been don't waste feed. I hate when people raise. You should see me now. Like bear is one home fry left now. Should I put it in a bag for some for tomorrow right now? I know we're going to take a little break. We're going to be right tack. It is the BOB and Sheri. Show Cherry Sherri Sherri play not know that we have an APP although I feel like we constantly screaming at you all the time. If you go to Google the apple APP store the Bobbin Sherry is absolutely free and it does all sorts of cool stuff you can listen to our podcast and our odd castaway can't talk back to the show you can tax win all sorts of neat stuff. It's just a cool thing and it's absolutely free. It's the Bob and Sheri APP in the APP store and free on Google. Play thank you so much. For listening to the PODCAST. Hello it's the Bob and Sheri Show Broadcasting from four remote bunker locations. Here's Bob in Cherry Berry. Show coming to you from various rooms in our houses and we are working from home. Like a lot of. Y'All are I gotta figure out a little better set up for me here. I've got a hard wooden chair. I'm sitting on and sit for quite a few hours a day and it's just not getting the job done for me. I gotta find some. That's a little more comfortable. Oh can I tell you what I have to go through whenever I go to get a cup of coffee in the house this this bedroom that I'm using it's a small bedroom guest bedroom? It's in the far left hand side of the House. And so there's a Jack and Jill Bathroom Betts it's adjacent to and there's obviously another bedroom that That Madison's Lipson when she's here and then there's a door to that so if I want something. I have to get up opened the door because I don't want to disturb You know herself with with all my talking. I have to open the door to the Jack and Jill and then I open the second door to the Jack and Jill and then I open another door to go out toward the kitchen. It's like the opening of get smart everytime I may have to go get something up and go through all those doors and do you know what my mom would say. She would say well. Bob You're getting your steps I yeah that's exactly right. I hate that expression now by the way I just I. Can't I think your mother ruined it for me? People have a good sense of humor in the United Kingdom. You know what the most requested song is right now. Don't don't stand so close to the police. Evidently they're playing it a lot over there. You gotTa have a sunny. You'll be sitting around crying all the time. There's two types of people. There are people that will follow the rules and there are other people that will say Those people are following the rules. And this is my chance a surfer in California was just hit with a one thousand dollar fine for violating a beach closing order by going surfing in the water and you know what he was thinking. He drove by that beach. That's his favorite beach and usually he's got a shared with a bunch of other surfers. And you know that can be a little bit of a problem but he looks down at that beach and he says it's open. It'd just be me like in a movie. So here's a question. We were talking about this at dinner last night. If you happen to live on the coast. Are you allowed to go to the beach and practice social distancing there? Are you allowed to go walk on the beach bike on the beach? I think it depends on Different COMMUNITIES HAVE DIFFERENT LAWS. There are some beaches that are private and you. I don't know if you can close them But I think it's up to the municipality because there is no national law a in California. They've closed the parks now. Yeah some places. They haven't closed the parks. And it's like I go hiking and where I go hiking. They have not closed at a are not anywhere near anybody so. I'm still able to do that. A friend of mine lives near in a resort area off the east coast and he said the public beaches were closed. But the there are beaches that are owned by homeowners. And those are still open. But you have to practice Social distancing different everywhere. That's one of the confusing things I think. Well even like Bob Public Parks like I'm thinking of the public parks were around my neighborhood. Are you still allowed to go to those? I know that before the shelter place. They went into effect. Those parks jam packed and people were not six feet apart right. It's it's all up to the local authorities or a governor. You know at the at the most every place is different because places are suffering in different levels. I have to believe that the park where I go hiking. If they didn't want you being there it would be closed. Yeah I think that's a given. Yeah Yeah some. Some people are doing good. Did you hear about There's a European soccer guy is name is Lionel Messi or MEC- and eat messy the biggest soccer players in the world behind that right. He's one of Barcelona's players and he is definitely one of the biggest and he said he is going to take a seventy percent pay cut and so are other players on his team to make sure that the staff's earnings and people that Keep the sport going. can have their mortgages pater their rent's paid or whatever now he can afford to do it last year. He made one hundred twenty seven million dollars. So you know you. I'll take a seventy percent cut and still be happy with them. Yeah no kidding but still you know I mean it definitely is something. Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds donated four hundred thousand dollars to New York City hospitals. So good good for them. And and they're they're multimillionaires so they can afford it but nonetheless you know. It's an effort right. Well that you know that's the thing when yes they can afford it but a lot of people who can afford it haven't done it. I don't think it lessens their their contribution Nonni just because they can afford it like when you think about some some people some very wealthy companies where they say are a big bank. That says we're giving a million dollars but then another company down. The street is giving away thirty million dollars right. I think any. I don't think that I don't know. It just seems like tacky to go well. It's not a big deal for Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds. Because they can afford it. He's also giving away all the proceeds to his aviation gin brand. Oh is that right. Yeah it does it gets your attention though. When you hear that a company and I'M NOT GONNA call it any company. The company is going to end. It's a big company. They're going to give a half a million dollars to Whatever the causes and then you read that Somebody like Leonardo DiCaprio two million. And it's just one guy right. I did see which was the Disney executives at Bob Iger yes it was in my newsfeed last Zeiger. Ya completely to salary and a bunch of the other top Disney executives are anywhere from five to fifteen percent pay cuts in order to keep their other employees with a paycheck. It's the it's the right thing to do. And this is Bob and Sheri. Hello it's the Bob and Sheri Show Broadcasting from four remote bunker locations. Here's Bobbin Chair. Well there's so many things to think about and to remember with All of this going on and I don't know if anybody's mentioned it before but if you have somebody who is an older person in your home. Make sure that they're taking their medicines. Because you're going to be in a different sort of rhythm even if you're mostly staying in the house you might be sleeping later. They might be sleeping later. And all of a sudden you know. They slept through the period where they should've taken their medicine. And now they miss a dose and all of that so keep up with people who Your grandparents or possibly your parents who are on medicines and if you listen to certain broadcast seemingly everyone is on medicine And make sure they stay healthy that way and make sure that. They order their medicine through their pharmacy or wherever they get it. in advance and not run out. If you have it mailed to you I think can sometimes depending on where you live. Take take a few days and speaking of Celebrities I gotTa look at Celebrities who are still healthy have not been Reported to have contacted this disease and are in their nineties. Would you like to hear some of our celebrities who I think everybody worries about. Certainly the queen was one of them. She's ninety three years old. Here is some other celebrities that their families are keeping a watchful eye on. And they're They're staying away from other people hugh downs. Who was a news anchor that your grandparents used to watch on twenty twenty with Barbara Walters? Ninety nine years old. Betty White of course is ninety eight and she's doing great. Carl Reiner Rob Reiner's father and a comedian and an actor in his own right Is Ninety eight Norman. Lear who created Sanford and son all in the family good times the Jeffersons. One day at a time is ninety seven years old. Bob Barker is going strong. His family said we are keeping an eye on Bob. He is ninety six. Jimmy Carter former. President Carter is ninety five years old Cecil Tyson. The great actress as Ninety Five Angela. Lansbury who use if you're watching Turner Classic Movies. You're seeing some Angela Lansbury these days. She is ninety four years old. I saw her. I don't know what the movie was but this was Angela lansbury murder. She wrote when she was probably about thirty years old. She was a beautiful woman really beautiful. I just hope that the government has put betty white into a secure on abandoned missile silo and they have under twenty four hour surveillance. There were family. She's doing great. There was a mean. Going around in your. It had a picture betty white and Keith. Richards dressed up in astronaut uniforms. And it said the first on mosques trip to the Moon Dick Van Dyke is ninety four years old and he was making some publicity tours for the Mary poppins movie. The relaunch the second Mary poppins movie he's on TV every once in a once in a while and he gave advice he said if you wanna live and be as spry as I am. Keep moving around. So I guess that means During periods like this to go up and take a walk on. My husband. Serenaded me at breakfast this morning by singing songs from the Mary poppins Salad. I had Tim really. Yeah Tim Cimini Tim Tim to Rouen. Let's go fly a kite. Yeah I I don't picture the sheriff doing that. Somehow the sheriff is not as he seems. I will tell you that. Thirty seconds. Mel Brooks's ninety-three Clerks Leach men ninety three. Tony Bennett. Who still is touring is ninety. Three years old Harry Belafonte who still tours is ninety three years old Jerry Stiller from Seinfeld. Choke is ninety. Two you hardens ninety and the list goes on and on and they're all doing they're all doing well so if you have somebody who is a senior in your house make sure your health and take care of them business bobbin sheriff. It's a taste of the show Bob and Sheri Fund size. Get it now on the free Bob and Sheri APP or wherever you get your podcast. Here's Bob and Sheri you guys have just been haunted by a message. We got on our facebook few days ago from one of our listeners and I debated whether or not to share it. But I'm going to because I think for those of us who don't work in the Healthcare Field. We may not realize what a toll this is taking on all of our healthcare workers. They're working crazy hours. They're exposed to dangerous situations and not and they're losing patience like not. Every ending is a happy one. Just want you to imagine what that's like to come home with every day so a few days ago we had. Excuse me I'VE ALLERGIES. We had A. Dm I'm going to have that t-shirt printed up that says I'm sorry I have allergies. It'll be a big dollar. It'll be a big seller. So we got a message from Jacqueline and She said Hi Sherry. Please shared this with Bob Max. Todd and Lamar. I'm a nurse anesthetists and are just came off a twenty four hour shift in the hospital where I was called to. Covert confirmed patient codes. Neither end it well but at the end of my shift on my way home. I listen to your show and it lifted my spirits. Thank you all so much for what you do. I have to say like. There's never been a more humbling and honorable time to be the four village idiots than there is right now and if our show is a second distraction then I agree. Yeah I totally agree. It's it's an honor to be able to make some sort of a contribution toward people who are on the front lines people who and it's not a Cliche who are heroes. I mean that takes a lot of fortitude a lot of mental fortitude to be able to go into situations like that and deal with a on a very APP on so many different levels. First of all your own health and secondly just the emotional trauma that you must feel when things. Don't go well so thank you so much to to that nurse. We have so many nurses who listen. Don't we and it? Is You know when you go into healthcare. You understand the job and the steaks and everything that goes with it. But I don't know that you ever expect When you're dreaming of being a nurse or doctor or gist or a therapist or whatever. I don't know that part of your dreams include a global pandemic. Oh no you're not trained for that. How could you be? I mean you. I think you know especially if you're dealing with trauma center or you're dealing with the older people. I think you know that. Sometimes there's going to be a sad ending but nobody at medical school could have predicted this. I mean there are experts that that focus on the pandemics but you know I think your average nurse who goes goes in has never even thought of the sort of thing you know. It's possible but you don't think it's probable like I think it's possible that an asteroid could hit a planet. I don't think it's probable. I think it's possible that you and I could win the Marconi. I don't think it's probable. And so there are things that you know possibilities but you never really expect to live through them in your lifetime right. Well there's one. Thank you Jacqueline and all of our healthcare workers. There's one thing I know I'm looking at my mailbox next to my neighbor's mailbox in my mailbox is so much nicer looking. They're exactly the same but I cleaned mine with some clorox spray building. It's filthy from the pollen. But you know what? I'm going to go clean their mailbox when we finish up here today. So they don't have to worry about that gesture would you might. They might. They might come out. They can. You're trying to contaminate them or something like that in other when they go out and touch their mail you know they might start yelling at you. You are no longer you have already have them friendly neighbors in your neighborhood. Do you want anybody else? Anybody else could clean the neighbor's mailbox and it would be a gesture of kindness. Bob's GonNa do it and they're going to win them with a shock stains. Hi Bob or go out or you know what they'll call. The police and tampering with the mailbox is a federal offense and I get thrown in jail. And this is no time for you to be in lockup. No don't do all right. I'll try you try to be a nice guy in this which I'm I'm such a freak with Trying TO STAY SAFE. I went out after the show yesterday to check the mail. I know exactly when it comes now and I opened it up with my shirt opened up the box with my shirt. Yeah I have when I take the DUGOUT for a walk. I choose a small stick. That's my face scratching stick because of my allergies so I walked the dog through my neighborhood stabbing at my own face with then pay pay share go ahead and splurge and get some sticks over at Michael's rather than picking them up off the street then when we finish the walk and we make the loop around the neighborhood. I use that stick to open the mailbox and scrape the mail into my pocket. Yeah you might want. He wanted to get you a face stick next time. I'm putting the right in my phone. Right they stick. Get about thirty seconds. I want to hear from you. Facebook instagram. You can email us it B. O. A. N. B. S. DOT COM. Leave us a voicemail at A. B. O. B. S. H. E. R. I it's Bob and Terry you'd stuff you won't hear on the show. It's the Bob and Sheri Odd. Cast find it on the free Bob and Sheri APP or wherever you get your podcast. Here's Bob and Sheri Okay. I have something from Wallet Hub here this morning. You know some of these things. I kind of question a little bit. But what the heck. We're all talking about the situation and what they did was. They took forty-one different metrics across four categories health money work and family related stress so everything from income to job security to divorce rates children's issues and so on and they took a look at the most and least stressed out states in two thousand eight hundred twenty. And so if you're in one of these states you went into this. Corona virus lockdown already stressed out so just a heads up and then I'll tell you the least stressed out. Maybe you live in one of those stress. At one of those states of the ten. Most stressed out states in the United States in two thousand twenty are Louisiana Mississippi New Mexico. Arkansas West Virginia Nevada Kentucky Alabama Oklahoma and Alaska and we have listeners in most of those places Minnesota is the most zen state again this year. They there's something going on Minnesota Nice. I guess the states with the lowest stress our number one Minnesota number two North Dakota hello to our listeners. In South Dakota to Iowa Utah where Sheri's MOM lives? Sure his mom is not stressed out. She is very you know what? She's very good at being very chill. Yes she is. Yeah New Hampshire Hawaii Colorado Wisconsin and Maryland. So if you if you had to pick one of those states which one would you pick and why State run them. Run those states down against just give you the most sense state. Yeah Right. So it's Minnesota North Dakota South Dakota Iowa Utah New Hampshire Hawaii Colorado Wisconsin and Maryland. I know that you think I'm going to say Hawaii but I'm actually going to go live in southern Utah where it is. It is spectacularly beautiful. They get enough winner to like be winter. But it's gorgeous. It is where your mother lives in. Saint George is that kind of like the Palm Springs of Utah. That's I mean. That's a pretty good way of describing it. Anybody that's seen the high school musical movies. They were all shot in Saint George. So that those incredible blue skies and those red rocks and all of that and that that's Saint George. Saint George is only about like when I go visit my mom. We fly into Vegas and we drive about an hour and forty minutes. And you're in Saint George and it's dinosaur country to like somebody will go out and to plant tomatoes. Unearth a T. rex bone like it's an amazingly beautiful rugged landscape. It's a gorgeous place but I was in Desert Desert Desert Palm Black Palm Springs is. It's it's desert but it's not like sand dunes and CACTUS. It's not that kind of desert. It's just a really there are canyons and it's a spectacularly beautiful place so yeah and the reason I would do that instead of Hawaii is one. I could use a hand with some of this dance driving and my mom is available and I wouldn't be so far away that I couldn't see my other family members like I've never been to Hawaii but it's just so far away. Yeah it is. It would be my choice just because I mean there's just nowhere like it but then again it is so far away. Minnesota has Minneapolis of course and one of the great cities in the in the country. I've got grandma and in Eden Prairie which is right outside of Minneapolis and again. I could use a little help with that dance. Driving Apple is also a strong contender for. That's basically like other people pick where they wanna live based on the weather the houses. I'm looking for someone that could drive this kid to dance one or two nights a week. That's where I'm going. I think my attraction to Hawaii. I mean it's obvious it's such a beautiful place but I just remember growing up as a kid in England in the wintertime and you. You know it's so colds and very little sunlight and you know the parents are smoking inside and it's just miserable and you see something like a TV show. Hawaii five O or whatever and you just go. Oh there's so much well I don't think the guy who I five. Oh Dano Take Dano. She's got ballet. It's six It's not going to be happening at all all right so there you go. You can daydream. I guess a little bit. It's Bob and Sheri. Hey thank you so much for listening to the Bob and Sheri podcast and the Bob and Sheri odd cast. We would love if you subscribe rate and review and share it with a friend on facebook. Twitter instagram wherever you go and thank you again for listening. Our everyday actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. Wash your hands. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth. Stay home when you're sick. Cover your cough or sneeze. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects with household cleaning spray for more information visit. Cdc Dot Gov Slash Kovic Nineteen furnished by the National Association of Broadcasters. And this podcast.

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