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A Sad, Somber Emergency Pod for Raptors-Sixers Game 5 | The Ringer NBA Show


Hello, darkness mile, friend. I've come to talk with you. Welcome to use this term very loosely. Especial addition of the ringer NBA show instant reactions from game five of Sixers raptors, I'm your host Jong solitaire is here per usual. And I am joined by staff writer extraordinaire, host of the ringer MLB show. And my Phillie brother, Michael Baumann who is doing this both under duress and protest. The Sixers in rappers haven't even wrapped up and we decided to start the pot early because what is shit show. Yeah. This edition of the rear MBA show's brought to you by looking at this can right now Short's brewing company of elk Rapids. Michigan. Yeah. That's about. Right. I was going to say bleach. This episode of the show is brought to you by bleach. If you're a Sixers fan drink bleach, not the Sixers gang like I thought Bouwman that this series was pretty much decided in game four. I thought it was right there for the Sixers. They had a chance to take a commanding three one lead. Literally if Tobias Harris, it's two more threes there up three one they go back to Tyrrell. Although I think maybe the proceedings are a little bit different. And it didn't go that way. And then they go to Toronto, and it it could not have gone worse from the very beginning, especially, and including the fact that Joel Embiid, and Ben Simmons were alternately terrible and invisible they combined for as we're recording. This who knows they're not coming back. They're not gonna come back in. But if they wanted to come back in that could have some more turnovers thirteen turnovers Valmond. Perfect. I don't think I was as pessimistic as you were after game for like the series is still tied at that point. And we had had one blow out on each side and two extremely close intense games in which indeed was on the verge of shitting his pants, and I don't know I was optimistic at the time. But suffice it to say, I would not have agreed to do this podcast fi saw this coming. Should we get the like the pro Toronto give them their due stuff out of the way before we bury the Sixers? You wanna do first? You don't wanna do that? I we're gonna do that. I we're into that. I because needs like just a very quick cursory. Hey, the raptors were good while the Sixers were not quite Leonard has been a monster all series long. This wasn't even a monster game for him. This was just like a pretty good Kowa game where he goes for a double double points and rebounds. Had a couple of says didn't even have three pointer and yet despite not getting supernova coli, Leonard. They got a pretty good effort from Moscow Siaka m- all five starters. Scored in double figures the bench look better than it had looked a Bacha took a giant elbow to his head from his teammate and still stayed out there. But from the beginning raptors looked really good and the Sixers didn't so congrats to the raptors fan. This isn't exactly raptors podcast. If you live in Canada good for you. Congratulations. Yeah. And the Sixers turn the ball over didn't shoot that well and store not shooting that well, and we're still turning the ball over. So the raptors I think do deserve a lot of credit for holding the Sixers down on on the defensive end Kyle Lowry stepped up in away didn't early in the season. But you know, also the Maple Leafs choked Michener super overrated. So I'm just looking for whatever. I can. Yeah. They didn't have you. And I do this to make it a raptors pod. So for the rest of however, long this last we're just going to do a little seventy Sixers talk as Isaac will tell you. It's never happened before on the NBA show ringer feed. This is not what Sixers fans anticipated. When they went out and got Harris and Butler, and they put together the starting five, and it was supposed to be the best starting five aside from the Golden State Warriors. It wasn't supposed to be another second round out. It definitely wasn't supposed to be another second round out the way that it's looking right now. And I think like all the traces back to this weird situation which oil impede because as I wrote extensively in the first round. And this is an obvious point. But super true only one he's healthy. And right, can they achieve even something like remotely resembling what their best game is? And what he's not healthy. And right, which she hasn't been in this series. All of a sudden the wheels come off and sharks wrote about that same thing too. And in this whole situation has just been so strange like I it was the knee tendinitis. And then in game two he had gastroenteritis. And then the last game in game five he had, you know, some sort of sickness where he wasn't sleeping, and then they're calling it an upper respiratory infection. And he was sort of moping into the arena before the game tonight. And I don't know what the hell's going on with him. I don't know if it's the medical staff spot, or if it's his fault for not taking care of himself, but something is wrong here. And it has it looks like brought the season to an end. So I wanna say a couple things about that. I mean, the first thing is whatever happens between this in Zaire Smith and all the other weird stuff that's gone on. You know, I say like this series isn't over you've been around long enough to remember everybody freaking out after the dropped game. One to Brooklyn going home on Thursday, and they've won in Toronto already. So like this is in historically. The odds are heavily backed against them at this point. They're probably going to lose the series. But let's save the postmortem until after they've actually lost see how they've done it. The next thing. I was gonna say is finished to start washing their fucking hands on that team. I it's just unreal. The the weird medical stuff that's happened. And literally at first I do. Some sort of commentary on how they need to wash their hands with something, but you literally weird Philadelphia handrails, and I don't get sick that much because I don't wash my hands before I touch my face. My buddy flock tells hilarious story about the vet one is dad brought him to the vet back in the day. And he went to go wash his hands in the sink and his dad grabbed him real quick and and pull them away because there was a guy in another sink next to taking a pass. And he's like body. You don't gotta wash your hands all the time and just wisdom out of there. And now your buddies the center for the Sixers. He's he is now. Yeah. The way I can tell you used to work for the Philadelphia Inquirer is the Philadelphia teams getting beat. And the first thing that you do is. Well, what's wrong with the best player on the team? I am not saying that Embiid can't take better care of himself. And maybe like this needed to happen for him to to go full. He Lewis in the news and workout every day and watch what he eats. But there's a thing going around with the Sixers plus minus two series and the guys in the in the negative. You know and beads a plus forty and the other starters are all in the negative at least by a little bit to a certain extent. Like, this is the bargain that we made that we got the best player. You know, we the Sixers got the best player that they've had since Arvidsson and this injury concern was the reason he was around at three in the draft. And they're not building around Jabari Parker right now. So I would take that take the idea that there could be a healthy and beat it at some point down the line and go to war with that guy who we saw less than a week ago. So. I know. But that's what I'm saying. Like, yes, I agree with you that he is still their best player. Yes. I agree with you that there are plenty of knits depict beyond Embiid here. And if we're really focusing on like how the series turned you could point fingers in a number of different directions that don't land on. Joel embiid. I'm saying though, my point to revert back to my Philadelphia Inquirer columnist days. It's simply like the ceiling isn't high without him. Right. Like unless he's being right? It just like you're not going anywhere. So it's just sort of disappointing because it did seem after they win those two consecutive games at the beginning of the series, and they go up to one and they they have a game at home. And I'm thinking to myself my God they win this game game four they're gonna win the series. And instead of just complete completely turned. I really felt that game four was the complete series. But all right. Let's put him beat off to the side for a second. And let's just go through this here. Ben Simmons bread has put him on now in two consecutive series extensively the best player on the other team. And that's fine. And he's done his capable bust on the defensive end offenses. You and I were slacking with Isaac during this game often he has been an absolute and complete zero not only can he not shoot. But he's also had trouble finishing at the rim. He took five shots in this game five. Yeah. That's like, I think the Ben Simmons needs a jump shot thing. Like, obviously, it would be nice if he was at least like Jaanus shitty three point shooter. But people at least have to guard him like if he could at least get to shitty three point shooting. Then it would just completely change the dynamic of the way the teams construct in the offense, and I can see all of that he could still be an incredibly each just so athletic, and so smart that he can get to the rim essentially whenever he wants. But once he gets there like for the level of body control, and touch that he has an beat does his to that. That's frustrating to me as well. As just the amount of layups that just don't even come close to going in at clank off the backboard, it's mystifying to me, the you can be that big that strong that. At that skilled and just not finish better. And so that's it's lost in a sea of frustrations tonight. We've seen him step up at times this playoffs compared to just disappearing and getting flustered against Boston last year the job he's done on quite Leonard defensively this series is huge. And if he's just that level of defensive stopper, and you've got Embiid and three other guys who can score on the on the court, then it's not a deal that he's not really turning up at the offense of 'em. But you can live with it. I'm not I'm not sure that you can because you could pick pretty much any defender anywhere right now. And I'm not sure how well they'd be able to defend Koi because he's been that good. But I think you need something out of Ben Simmons who is supposed to be your one a guy not just right now, but for the foreseeable future. I I have serious concerns at the last two postseasons about what kind of offense of game. This guy has in critical situations when things actually matter and it's not just like a. Regular season game forty-three in you know, Memphis. This is something where like you need him to show out. And instead he's been completely invisible. And I realize that part of that is how Brad has deployed him, but that's out of necessity like Brett wisely for the the cracks and knocks that he has taken. I just wrote about this for the ringer. I think a lot of the criticism of his coaching has been unfair. And I think that people don't realize what they're criticizing him for. He he necessarily took the ball out of Ben Simmons his hands gave it to Jimmy Butler was deploying Ben Simmons in a different way. Because I think he realized OSHA. Yeah, we're probably not gonna be able to get much from Vincent's better shift, the focus of the office and run more pick and roll with Jimmy and Embiid and have Tobias pick it up a little bit more and try to run JJ off a pin downs. But yeah, I think you have to get something out of Benjamin's. Otherwise said I'm not saying it's okay for him to take five shots a really pivotal playoff game. Keep absolutely disappeared. There's a middle ground between. Everything's gonna be. Okay. I think he does need to grow and. He probably will. This is only a second season the league the game has just wrapped by the way. The raptors win by an incalculable score. I can't even do the math. All I know that it's the biggest earthy six it's thirty six. But it's the biggest win in the playoffs in raptors history. So good for the raptors, I suppose, not so good. Seventy Sixers pretty wild at this is bigger scoring margin than what that must be like seven or eight other games in the history of the franchise seven or eight other games. Good for them. Not a good game for JJ. When JJ shot is in falling. It becomes a difficult. Spot for them Tobias Harris had a better game. He hasn't had a terrific series. Certainly game. Four was a bad game for him tonight was a better game. But really, honestly like if you're going to say to me who's been the most consistent player in the entire series for the Sixers. It's been Jimmy. Yeah. And he's the guy who's fit I questioned from the mo-. I mean done that on on this podcast before question is his fit with the team. I worried about him from chemistry perspective. And he's been a lifesaver the drought the playoffs. I mean since heated up and kept them in game one against Brooklyn get to buys has been disappointing. I thought they gave up a lot to get him Bogue on Mike, Scott. And I thought it was defensible at the time because he just seemed like the perfect fifth Guida to plug into that starting lineup. But when the shot's not following like we've seen what happens in the past couple of games, and he was good. He was probably the best player at a at the four big starters for the first half. But you know, by the end of the second quarter, they're behind by so much didn't really matter. The only person on the entire team who shot more than two free. Throws this evening was Jimmy Butler. He shot eleven everybody else. Maximum of two they haven't gotten to the line. They weren't hitting their three pointers. They turn the ball over an absolute indefensible ton, and this just like, and I know we're really hyper focused on the Sixers because that's sort of artificial position you and I. But it felt like the raptors were playing fine. The raptors were playing well, it didn't feel like a momentous raptors game so much as it felt like just a really awful one for the Sixers. So again apologies to raptors fans who probably pretty pissed off that it's most of the spot cast is mostly focused on the seventy Sixers. But I just feel like it was more of Sixers failure just like they nobody showed up. Yeah. I agree. And there's I think it might have been more of a pedestrian game. I mean pedestrian for is relative term with quiet, but for him is opposed to the rest of the supporting cast. That's what sunk Toronto in games two and three and Gesellschaft four six three five from three Lowry. Head nineteen point stating green had a couple of big misses. But wow, I can't believe I remember him missing tooth reporters. Those are the only two three five. Just this is the raptors team. I was scared of coming in made to me with the more ballad scoring attack. They could live with Kawai just tearing everything up if the other four guys net starting lineup sorta disappeared they didn't get anything out of the bench. And that's how they won games two and three and the opposite is happened tonight. I am on a plane in the morning to Philadelphia four game six how do you think? It's going to be there. Good. Everybody's gonna be good mood. I don't know Isaac. I was slack. Tonight. Slack tonight was by far the most depressing place that have ever seen on the internet. Frankly, it was astounding absolutely unbelievable that the level of despair and the junction and utter lack of hope yet. That's about right. Is this the first time you've been on the internet in a place with more Philadelphians non-philippines? Oh, yes. Louis. Yeah. That's why was so disconcerting. I imagine. Because this is just what we're like. This is how it goes. This is how it goes. I can't believe I mean, frankly, like not to get either of us fired right now. But between them making us do this podcast post this game. And then putting me on a plane to. Fly into what is basically a war zone to watch game. Six I feel like this is cruel and unusual punishment by the brass. Could I've said though, is when you ask me if I wanted to do this can I just get on the plane. Isaac. You have power at the office mentioned nocco. I don't think that's possible bomb if you said no before the game that would have been unrealistic. I think if we had started this podcast like right now. Right after the game has ended. I think I would give you pass. Well, you should find Tyler tides phone number between now and Thursday. If you feel like doing this again. I like that would be the end of the ringer NBA show feed. If tines came on right now. So shouts times. But I'm glad he's decompressing somewhere venting all of his frustration. I before I let you go because you have many things to do. And I have many beers to drink. What do you think the chances are that I am after being on a plane to Philadelphia for game six that? I am then on a plane to Toronto for game seven I'd say better than even better than even. Yeah. Where does this optimism come from optimism? I mean the series has been back and forth. It's just happened to go way back in one direction away fourth in the direction a couple times. It's been pretty close like three of the individual games haven't been very close. But we've seen how to three different raptors team show up and four different Sixers team show up so going back home. I mean, obviously, the Sixers beat this listless in game six it almost literally could not have gone any worse. So I'm not making any guarantees. About what happens when you go to Toronto like they're just gonna make this is the other thing I had come to terms with the Sixers getting swept after game one. Like, I went through the whole thing and made my peace with it. And then they made me hope again. And that was your mistake that is the true evil of Philadelphia sports fan of. So what's going to happen? They're not gonna let you off easy by losing game six they're going to make you go to a fucking foreign country and worked for what is it Saturday is game seven Saturday Sunday Sunday, they're gonna make you work the entire weekend abroad of then they're going to lose. Yeah. They're going to make me go to Canada. I mean who wants that? Nobody wants that even people who live in Canada that I hear Toronto's actually, very nice. I've heard that too. We'll find out. All right. So congratulations to Toronto. Michael Bowman listen to him on the ringer and LB show as a public service announcement for all of you who listen to check on Mondays we do hockey now. No, more basketball. I'm excited about this. Yeah. It's gonna. Great Isaac Lee. Thanks for producing Michael Bowman. Thanks for co hosting. I'm John Gonzales. Thanks for listening. I guess gang by.

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