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coming around the corner who's heavy slow across the road and as we stopped by captain new the resident the the houses been ransacked their than either help applied in there or personally apple with robbery until we found these today marks in twenty years since emergency responders found a murdered woman inside of a burning home home and kill devil. Hills the victims thirty-three-year-old Denise Johnson. The only way to understand in east Johnson story is to move counterclockwise and time to go backwards to the point. Her clock violently stopped. She was in Kano fighting for her life obviously struggle. You wouldn't know it looking at this. Is Home that something terrible happen here. Twenty years ago a horrible crime that is yet to be solved. I'm your host Delia. Deandra this counter clock the investigation into the twenty two year old unsolved murder of thirty-three-year-old Denise Johnson it wasn't a small and she was cut ten somebodies conscious somewhere where a crazy person is probably is walking the streets down here and acting going to repair this season. I go back to my hometown to dig up new leads. Two decades later advances dances and technology may be able to move the case Forward Austin Crime Laboratory report do this that bring the case closer than ever spoke to the person that was responsible and we could put all the pieces together at the truth just finding the truth to defined the truth and then try professor fall. That could prove myself wrong and I must be right. That's eluded everyone would have. She's murdered somebody else. I do recall the flow at some point in time that she did not like the for twenty two years Counterpart begins on January sixteenth. Twenty twenty to make sure you don't miss the first episode. Subscribe on Apple podcasts. spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow us on social media for more announcements about season. One counterclockwise is an audio chuck original our executive producer. Is Ashley Flowers. All reporting is done by me. Your host Delia Diem.

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