11 Trivia Questions on Words with all Vowels Used


It's ten trivia questions on words that use all five of the vowels in the English language. How many of these can you get from Patriot subscriber? Mike Edwards this is Trivia with Buds Eh Bee and welcome to another episode of the Trivia with Buds podcast. I'm your host Ryan Buds. Thanks Sir checking out my show Trivia. You're in the right place. We put out this show every single day just for you to listen to and sometimes it goes up early in the day and sometimes it goes up late in the day like last night's eleven P._M.. Christmas in July episode it tells you haven't listened to that one yet. Go back. Give it a ear inn. See How many of those questions you can get right out of eleven about Christmas in July. If you want more Christmas Trivia I'm sure we've done oh a handful episodes. I'd say seven or eight over the last couple years so search the word Christmas on your podcast APP for Trivia with buds or just like Google Search Trivia with Buds Christmas and you should come across anything I've ever done related to Christmas time. I Have Pretty Good S._E._O.. Search engine optimization for Trivia hosting in L. A. So if you search trivial L._A.. I should come up like second or third. I believe on that kind of Google search and if you need a host for anything you can email me Ryan buds gmail.com or go to my website Trivia with buds dot com get ready to do a big corporate event tonight a fundraiser for a small company. They're charging. I think players by the team so I think it's like twenty bucks a team to play and there's like ten or twenty teams coming and there's different ways to donate more money for their fund raising. Opportunities but should be fun. I'll be doing some trivia for them down at the Waterfront Venice. That's what it's called the Waterfront Venice in Venice Beach California and we should have some fun down there doing some Trivia Rounds Company slogans and Board Games and <hes> decades of music and kind of my standard Goto five trivia rounds for when people don't have specific requests on the topic but if you wanted to hire me to do something or you want me to prepare something for you. It's always very easy for me to customize stuff so if you have a party hardy you're thinking about some unique entertainment for reach out and let me know what you need and I'll make sure to help you with that. The Best I can also if you are a trivia host and you're trying to get started in the Trivia hosting industry if you want to call <unk> out that <hes> the niche of hosting those kinds of events and you have some questions about how I got started or you just wanted to pick my brain about something you can always reach out and I will do my best to get back to you as well <hes> all my links are in the show notes to every episode so if you want to support this podcast go to Patriot dot com slash trivia with buds click around and see what you can get for one to fifty dollars or more or more per month the Patriot page. There's lots of cool things on there and I think we're up to thirty six patriots subscribers so thanks so much to all you guys and Gals for being part of this daily mission to provide the world with pop culture trivia. Today's episode comes from listener and new Patriot Subscriber Mike Edwards Mike Spells his name with a Y.. And <hes> he plays Trivia view of me at Turnbull's tavern in Whittier California and he has ten questions and they are clues on words in all the words are words that use all five fouls in the English language eighty. I owe you so keep that in the back of your head what you're. Trying to figure these out here writing them down. It might be a little bit easier to see that on paper and if you write them down so I'm your scorecard I always love seeing those pictures of how you did also looking for the next three people to leave itunes reviews for a dwight you ignorant slut sticker from the office. If you want one of those Li review on itunes and then email me Ryan buds gmail.com and let me know your snail mail address so I can send you a sticker and hey. I'm GonNa Mail you one sticker probably GonNa mail you some other cool stuff as well so be on lookout for that. If you leave a review for the next three reviews okay we're going to jump into these ten questions from Mike Edwards on words that use all five vowels here we go right. All these words use all five thousand owls in the English language. Let's see if you can figure out question number one. This vegetable can come in four colors white green orange and purple. They are the same they are in the same family as Broccoli but cultivated differently question number one this vegetable can come in four colors white green orange and purple and their families Broccoli but cultivated differently. What is that word that has all five vowels number one question number two Elvis Presley had a popular rock doc and roll Rockabilly Song in Nineteen fifty seven called blank rock number two Elvis Presley had a hit nineteen fifty seven song called blank rock fill in the blank question question of three this club offers travel services travel information including maps and guides and it's more helpful? If you have a flat tire the American Blank Association the American Blank Association fill in the blank number three. Three question number four a national forest that's located in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California. It's named for the majestic giant trees number four. What are we talking about their number four number five a conversation between two or more people as featured in a book play or a movie number five a conversation between two or more people as a feature book movie or play Question Number six certain drugs many of which are addictive can leave you in this state of trance especially especially at Raves? What is the word they are number six? It's a Druggie Rayvey type word number six question number seventy process of facilitating learning earning or the acquisition of knowledge skill values and beliefs number seven the process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge skill values and beliefs question number eight a comedy rock duo with the last names of black and gass. There's a D. after this a comedy rock duo with the people with the last named black and gass. We have a big blank and then the letter D. Big blank in the letter D. Fill in the blank question number nine. You can hire these people being men or women who clean reception. Shen rooms and bedrooms and they usually charge by the hour you can hire these people men or women who clean things for you and they charge by the hour number nine and question number ten an infection that inflames air sacs in one or both lungs which may fill with fluid number ten infection that inflames Air Sacs on one or both lungs which may fill with fluid nice gross one to end on number ten for Mike Edwards. Hopefully you could figure out all these questions that contain all the vowels all the answers. We'll be right back to see how you did in just a second here we go with the answers. Here's to the vowel words round for Mike Edwards question number one vegetable comes in four colors white green orange and purple and the same family as Broccoli that would be cowie flower cowie flower. You can get a cauliflower ear like brock listener gets in the world of wrestling number. Two Elvis Presley had a popular song called Jailhouse Rock jail houses the word that uses all the vowels number three this club offers travel services the American Automobile Association better known as Triple A.. I don't have AAA myself but my wife does and as long as she's with me and has the card on her. I think that I am covered but in most cases she's not going to be with me so I don't know if that will work so well number. Four a national forest is located in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California. It's known for their majestic giant trees sequoia. I have a friend named sequoia the answer there was sequoia question number. Five on your quiz was the conversation between two or more people. That would be dialogue D._I._A.. L. O. G. U. E.. E E- uses all those vowels. A I U E number six certain drugs many of which are addictive can leave you in the state of trance especially at raves euphoria euphoric moments in our lives. I hope you get that. When you click a new episode of the podcast arrest number seven the process facilitating learning would be education education number eight the comedy rock duo black and gass that would be tenacious d tenacious d great great musicians and comedians number nine you can hire these people men enter women to clean your house housemaids? That's what I was looking for. Their house maids number nine and number ten the infection that inflames air sacs in your lungs would be pneumonia that starts with a p. but has all the other vowels in it so those were your answers to Mike Edwards very very clever quiz on vocabulary. I'll be at fun playing along with an answering these questions. It's time for the Trivia team name of the day. I think maybe you're looking for something good. The next time you play Trivia something caddy eighty something punny and today's since it was about letters and words and things is A._B._c. you next Tuesday A._B._C.. You next Tuesday and your funky monkey question today comes from you from that very company funky monkey designs F._M.. Designs Inc Dot Com if you need something printed there in San Diego California and they are amazing at printing stuff. What's the NATO phonetic alphabet word for the letter G.? What word matches up with the letter G. That is your question of the day brought to you by funky monkey redesigns of San Demus California? Thank you Mike for this quiz. Thank you guys so much for listening and we'll see you tomorrow for more trivia with buds cheers.

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