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Support for this podcast and the following message come from American pest open your doors who a healthy pest free home with American pest offering safe environmentally friendly pest control solutions throughout the D._m._v. for over ninety years learn more at American American past dot net live from N._p._R.. News in Washington. I'm Jack Speer. The streets of San Juan Puerto Rico were again filled with protesters today just hours after that island's governor Ricardo wrote CEO announced he will accede to their demands and step down as N._p._R.'s David Welna reports someone amount immediately governor Rocio says he'll leave office August second. That's not good enough for businesswomen so Juan Gonzalez. I would prefer that he will leave. Right now today because what he's doing is just helping his party get everything on their cy organized and what's beneficial for him. There's also deep skepticism about Justice Secretary Wanda Fuskus who's next in mind governor Pablo Mendez Lassos a university professor. I don't say that all I think it's mode of the same because she had been there Brooke detecting all of the steps on decisions that the government had been making backstage street protests are expected to continue here David Welna N._p._R.. News San Juan Puerto Rico for the major automakers of signed a deal with California to lower greenhouse gas emissions by working to improve gas mileage agreement in essence bypassing plans by the trump. Trump administration to freeze fuel efficiency standards at twenty twenty one levels the agreement involving Ford B._M._w.. Honda and Volkswagen was reached with the California Air Resources Board which has been at odds with the trump administration over fuel efficiency standards for months. The trump administration has proposed freezing fleet wide new vehicle fuel economy at thirty six miles per gallon. The House of Representatives approved a massive two year spending deal today and bureau's Claudia Gra Solace reports the plan now has to the Senate House lawmakers Chris approved a deal to suspend the debt ceiling passed a twenty twenty elections and set one point three trillion dollars for defense and domestic spending over the next two years the two hundred and eighty four to one hundred forty nine vote marks one of the houses last legislative actions before. We're leaving for their six weeks summer recess the White House and congressional leaders reached the bipartisan agreement to head off a potential Crisis House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lauded the plan ahead of the vote retaking action to avoid another government shutdown down which is so harmful to me. The needs of the American people Senate leaders say they have the votes to approve the plan next week cloudy Silas N._p._R.. News Washington orders for durable goods costly manufactured items designed the last three years or more rose last last month the uptake and orders parley propelled by increased demand for commercial airplanes and cars while some numbers can swing widely from month to month the Commerce Department reports a key category that tracks business investment had its biggest increase in four months overall. Durable goods orders rose almost two percent in June stocks retreated from the recent round-ups amid concerns over some weaker than expected second quarter earnings reports. The Dow was down one hundred twenty eight points today. The Nasdaq closed down eighty two points. You're listening to N._P._R.. N._P._R.. Following North Korea's latest launch missiles U._N.. Secretary General Antonio Taras sculling for these swift resumption of working level talks between Washington and Ping Yang the U._N.'s deputy spokesman citing concerns over escalating violating tensions after President Trump North Korean leader Kim Jong owns meaning at the demilitarized zone in June where they agreed to continue talks South Korea says at least one of two weapons five North Korea. This week appears to be a new type of short range missile. A controversy old child immigrant shelter in taxes emptied out today as a number of unaccompanied minors crossing the southern border continues to drop as N._p._R.'s John Burnett Explains Critics called it a concentration camp advocates said it was a better alternative alternative to grim border patrol sells you health and Human Services announced that the last migrant child has been discharged from the emergency influx center in Korea Springs Texas. The Federal Agency says it will retain access to the facility in case the number of migrant kids spikes bikes again. The sheltered demobilized less than a month after it opened the office of Senator. Jim inhofe of Oklahoma confirms that an additional child shelter for sixteen hundred miners on the Fort Sill Army post has been put on hold and the nation's largest child shelter.

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