Episode 247: Darrell Keith Rich Part 2


Hungering for something new this summer hellofresh has got your back with pre measured ingredients and easy to follow directions. Your new favorite meal can be prepared and under thirty minutes get up to fourteen free meals including free shipping when you use code morbid fourteen at hellofresh dot com slash morbid fourteen. Hey weirdos i happen to be ash. And i just happened to be elena in this just happens to be more abs betas. It's morbid more jobs for those in the know more. Yeah i also realized that my new favorite like introduction is that i happen to be. I think i don't know i just i just happened to be i just i just be. I woke up one day. And i just happened to be ash. I mean literally though. Yeah i came out the woman. I just happened to be ash. I yeah i mean. Everybody can relate to that feeling i feel as well. You just come out. Us are just be just as master. It just will be a musty number. Steve hi we're here. If you happen to. Just listen to part one of this. Then you know what's going on. We've been sick. The kids have been sick ashkar puke in her hands. It's been a real a real experience in this house and that's why these are coming at you like boom boom. Just one after the way ash. Sounds like this. I didn't just take up smoking. Virginia slims the buck. She didn't. I can confirm but yeah honestly it kind of works out for everybody because you guys get part one and to not even like a day apart just like here you go. Here's the whole story. So you know here we are next week. It's going to be better. Actually i have some really great ship for next week. Oh i do too actually. I'm excited about it. Let's high five across her. Because thank you all right. We virtual high five weeks. It's just a cash monetize cash cab five. That's a good show. I love that show. I forget that guy's name. But i love him. That guy damn. I forget his name to welcome to the cash cab. I'm i know someone at least someone's listening right now. Like his name is definitely like med. Except the most annoying thing everybody before we jump into this. I promise. I'm not gonna go too far into this. But i do it all the time. Listening to podcasts. I'll be like it's this when someone's pondering it on air and i'm always like and nine times out of ten people. Don't google it while you're listening so they don't ever give you that satisfaction of like this is the person's name. Oh fuck me. We're going to you. What is it ben bailey. Do you not remember that bb like myself. You know good old ben. We know who he is. So there you go. You got that satisfaction me ben bailey for those of you yelling at your speaker right. Now thank you. you're welcome thank you. We heard you know. Thank you because we heard you. We heard you appreciate it just in a constant state of you're welcome. You're gonna make that my bio constant state of you. That's a good place on so much dayquil now that we've taken you to like a fun. Whimsical place like let's just hammer throw you right down onto the ground. Trunch bowl style. So let's do this. Go boom daryl keith. Rich is a real fucker and we haven't even gotten to the worst of it. Yeah and it's been really bad jafar so it's going to get worse. I just want to warn you. There's more rape there is more salt. There is more murder and there's one murder that his his last murder that will haunt me forever is one of those ted bundy. Things rarely his last murder. He was just out of fucking control. He kinda yeah in. it's just the. Yeah the brutality. In that one is like true in his victim. I think is what really will will get you so last we talked to you guys you all. Hello thank you for gathering again. You're told you the story you're welcome. We told you. The story of the murder of patricia and pam more We also told you about the murder of a net edwards both horrific. He beat both of them to death. After raping them and pam moore was seventeen years old and she was left in the. I go dump and just covered in trash so terrible. Yeah now that was on august. Fourth nineteen seventy eight. Four days later he was ready to kill again he doesn't have any cooling off period like nine ever. He's rage like he's just rampaging through. He's like a richard ramirez kind of thing where he just goes like this. No end in sight in. It's just we're gonna go except he actually has like a victim profile. I guess right So august eighth. Nineteen seventy eight. He drove sixty miles away because again. He doesn't like this this imaginary heat on him that he feels this happening. Because if you listen to part one he has this weird thing where he likes to tell people that the police are questioning him when they heard not. They don't even know who he is right like. They have no idea who he exists. Nothing that's really weird. But he decided. I can't keep doing these things in the same spots. I'm going to drive sixty miles away to chico. So he there. He met a woman named linda. Diane slave slavic. She was twenty six years old. She was from oroville. She was married to paul slavic and they had a nine year. Old son no She worked for butte county welfare department and was described as loyal. Kind fun to be around. She's beautiful her husband. Said she was amazing. Wife and mother like just all around a great person year old a nine year old son. Yeah she went to madison beer garden. And yes it's beer or excuse me bear. I said i said it backwards. My mind immediately says beer. yes. And that's why i was like yes. It's bear garden. Which i thought i kept reading it wrong ahead to look it up like three times. It's madison bear garden with her friend. Sarah it's just like this local pub. Though like college students sung out at it was like a cool place to go so sara ended up leaving for a bit and by the way. This was like linda's like naito like she was like. I'm going out and paul was like have so much fun right like this was just. She didn't do this often. She was just like. I'm going to go out and have fun so sarah. Her friend ended up leaving a bit with some two dudes that she knew i guess and she ended up coming back and when she came back. I think like forty five minutes leader. Linda was gone okay to immediately was like that doesn't make sense in patrons at the bar said they saw her with a man with dark hair and a dark beard. Who would later be identified as darryl rich Her friend. Sarah was like this is strange but maybe she league knew someone and got a ride back to oroville. I'm like that's all. I can think of because she was like steffi leading. Go home with anyone married with a child so darryl rich later explained that linda got in the car with him the way that he was able to get her in his car was to offer her. Some marijuana okay. And whatever it's the seventy i mean. She was going on and when they were in the car he asked her to have sex with him and she said no and the way he said it was he asked her to make love to him okay and she was like no thank you right and he went ballistic because he can't handle rejection so he punched her in the head as hard as he could and drove away with her in the car. He drove her to where he lived in cottonwood which was an hour away so drove her unconscious an hour away. The last story he told was because he did tell a couple of like little changes in his stories. The last one he told was that he took her to his house and he raped her. Oh my god now. After that he said he put her back in the car and drove her naked. To the i go dump again in through her on a pile of trash and raped her violently there and after doing this he dragged her to where pam moore's body was and forced her to look at it. Oh my god. Now pam more had been in the dump for four days decomposing under trash To in the dump for four days and this was a time they are having a record heat wave in the area with temps over a hundred degrees for like days at a time as soon as she saw this she obviously freaked out started sobbing and begging him. Please don't kill me. And he said this leader himself when he said it. He mocked her voice. Are you fucking. Yeah me now. Once he got what you know his pleasure out of showing her his latest victim he pulled out a gun and shot her in the neck. Oh she didn't die in screamed grabbing her neck and when he screamed he leveled the gun in front of her face and shot her in the mouth as she screamed. Oh my god. She was dead immediately at severed or spinal cord. He buried her in a little bit of trash. Right next to pam like not right next door. I think it was like a feet away right now. Her husband woke up the next morning. 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He is still seeing this. Laurie girl like he. He's free of darlene in free to do what he wants but he's still seeing this fifteen year old. I wonder do you think she knew his age. Yeah he she did okay and he starts to make weird comments to laurie That are like off handed but a round about women in general and about women around town and how they dress how it's they're like inviting trouble. Oh yeah we're all just like walking around. Yeah they're just asking for and he was like commenting on the recent media reports of these rapes and he was like well. Like what do they expect. Literally go fuck yourself. He was also telling two friends around this time that it was easy to rape a girl if you wanted to. Why is that information that you tell anyone and he was annoyed because he said women around there dressed in ways to intentionally tease and fuck with dudes and he said what you do is you. Just grab them by the hair and you make sure to throw them under the floorboard of your car or put their head in your lap. So that they can't see where you're going when you bring them somewhere and he said peel out from wherever you are because it will force the door to close by itself okay. And he's telling friends this and they're like calling somebody. I don't i don't like i don't need to do that information. You'll need to shout like i'm not planning to that. So that's that's nice for you. Thanks but no thing. No one's calling anybody. Everybody's just like that's weird. That's weird daryl. Plant save ever had a friend that offered up that information now. This is the last murder. And i want to just give a trigger warning. This involves a child's in. It is not this like pretty bad. I'm going to go over it as well as i can. Without being too graphic because there's just no recent to august thirteenth some not that was august eighth right august thirteenth. He's with lori and they're supposed to go out to a movie on like a date and they get in a fight and you know he's pissed lawry's like fuck don't bring me out dumb. And so he dropped her off and when he drops her off he starts driving and he's angry and he notices a young girl walking down the road and he's looking to hurt someone at this point and he knew this girl he knew her somewhat. He worked with her mother. Oh my this was eleven year old. A nut selects eleven years old. A net land celic's eleven years old. I told you he was a monster. Yeah fuck this. Net lived with her mother. Sharon and her mother's boyfriend david tidwell. She was entering the seventh grade. That fall she was a softball player. She was sweet and kind girl like everyone said she was just like she was and she was going to do things lutely shattered. Fucking life out of her exactly now that evening. Her mother was gone for the night to visit her other daughter. She had like an older daughter. Okay she was visiting her. She was going to be coming home later like like. I think like early morning so she was going to be staying with david. Her brother her up. Excuse me her her mother's boyfriend and his brothers john and buddy were at the house as well okay. So her uncle's essentially step uncle's around nine pm. A net asks david if she could walk to the market to go get milk and bread and snack and like some sodas and stuff. Yeah and. He was like reluctant at first because he was like. I don't know like it's late. That seems dangerous again. it's the seventies remember. But he allowed her to because it wasn't far away he says oh side and he said as long as you promised to come right back. Don't make any stops so net made it to the store. She bought some items and she bought. Like i think like two tubs of margarine or something for the house and like little turnby health. Yeah like little sodas. Milk she about a couple of other things. She had them in bags. Yeah and she was on her way back home and darryl rich pulled up and asked if she needed a ride to know now she recognized him because he worked with her mother and her her technical laker later stepfather way would have been her stepfather right but he said later. He didn't recognize her at first. He did he definitely he definitely. He knew who she was like. He definitely did like he literally. Go fuck himself. He's dead now so he can argue yourself wherever he is but he definitely knew who she was and so she again recognizes him so she was like okay. Yeah sure daryl. I know who that is right. And so she gets in now she he she when they get towards her house. She's like that's it and he just keeps driving. Oh my god that makes me stomach. Her settling nightmares of that all that. Oh yes little. Oh yeah it's har- this is a nightmare so he brings her to his home and now he is told several stories about what happened there. But we definitely know happen with that. He brutally raped her. Oh my god an eleven year old an eleven year old and he said quote. I just couldn't stop myself. No you speaking about definitely dot exta goggles. I couldn't stop myself new york and you know what you're fucking animal right. You're fucking animal and you deserve what you get right because you are not a human being if you cannot stop yourself from raping someone right. You're an animal. no absolutely. that's it so after. He raped her several times. Very brutally it is in that book just warning you. There's more graphic and dispersion. He drove her to the johns creek bridge which was thirty miles away. He made her get out of the car. She was naked wearing only underwear at this point. This this poor baby said he didn't have a plan but he suddenly just picked her up and threw her over the side of the bridge. She fell one hundred and five feet. Oh onto rocks below. Oh my god what is even worse. Dr she was alive when that happened. And she hit the ground alive and she managed to crawl a little ways and curl up in the fetal position. All my god yami bones. Did she break. Oh i will let you know. So that evening david tidwell and his brothers had actually fallen asleep because they assumed she'd come home right again the seventies different her mother arrived early in the morning thinking she was asleep in her room and i guess she i think she got like a phone call the next morning from a friend of hers so she went to wake her up okay and that's when she discovered that she wasn't in bed and they found that she hadn't been in bed that morning voter was driving below that bridge and noticed a small crumpled form on the side of the water go it was a net and she was found curled up in only her underwear. Her autopsy later showed that her wounds bled so she was alive. Oh my gosh shasta county. Deputy coroner leo gatos performed the autopsy and said that she was definitely brutally raped. There were large abrasions on her back buttocks shoulders and lower legs. There was a deep bite mark on her thigh. That later matched to daryl renshaw and there was a three laceration on the side of the skull above the ear that was so deep. The skull was exposed. Oh my goodness her left leg. Had a compound fracture. Her right leg was broken. Her pelvis was broken in her. Right wrist was broken. One of her legs was so badly broken that it was almost detached from her body. And i can't imagine what she went through. She had numerous internal injuries as well including a ruptured spleen and liver or cause of death was shock and hemorrhage due to multiple traumatic wounds from that height in the impact set. The process of dying does that who throws somebody a hundred defeat to their child after you brutally raped this child and you work with her mother and i i. It's beyond anything i can. Even when i got to this one. I was like like a sweet little and also like. How did i not know about this. This is like so unreal. Now i don't know if it's because like the night. Stalker came a few years. After the very shortly after this californian really like dominated everything somebody that's just got pushed into the background to like. Holy shit the brutality of this eleven year old girl just eleven years old like i know he keeps saying that but i just passed it so august twentieth he was hanging out with a neighbor named carl in carl was a big dirt bike rider. Okay and he asked carl he was like. Do you wanna go dirt by bike riding with me like twenty miles away in the i go dump no. I don't really want to do that. So he's trying to get karl to the dump where he just murdered and dumped two bodies right. Carl was like nah so darryl himself. According to karl said that he went himself was like so he was like okay. I'm going to go by myself. And he was like okay. He's acquired have fun by herself. And he's like that's fucking weird but like okay and he said he came back a little while later not too long after and he was upset and he told carl that he found a dead body at the i online langone but he said he didn't want to be the one to report it to police so he brought carl back to car was like what are you talking about. So he brought carl with him to the dump and showed him the body of linda. Slavic home my now. According to court documents quote there were no tire marks where defending claim to have driven and defending could not have traveled the distance from his friend's house to the i go down and back in the time. The no gone right. But carl was horrified rightly and they got police out there and darryl was there the whole time while. They're discovering the spotty that he is placed there to you. Think that at this point he wanted to get caught kind of like. Do you think he was bringing carl there to be like i did. I think so. I wonder why lady do that. The police while they were there. They spotted pam. Moore's body not far away And they also found teeth scattered everywhere in victims clothings near the body. The redding record searchlight newspaper They reported on it and they said quote two bodies found in rural area and it said the first body was discovered by a motorcyclist riding on a dirt road near gas point road dump about eighteen miles north west of here the cyclist daryl rich road back to cottonwood and summoned a friend who contacted sheriff's deputies symphony. Meanwhile they had no idea that they're reporting on the actual murderer finding the bodies. Now linda slavic was identified pretty quickly because she was wearing the glatt her glasses which were able to be identified as hers and other items around and also dental records. Her autopsy showed a gunshot wound to the front of the neck. The second shot had severed her spinal cord and kilter instantly. The cause of death was the killing shot dope and mouth shah. The shot went through the mouth. When it opened struck the first and second cervical and was deflected into the cranial vaults. So she died of shock and hemorrhage god now pam moore's autopsy which by the way she was just called victim number two for a little while because she was not identified She was It showed that she had several broken and fractured teeth from a brutal beating to the face and head. Her high owed blown was broken as well. The right side of her skull was literally crushed. Crushed in like an eggshell with a five inch long wound caused by a rock. It was such a brutal beating that many bones in her face broke out. No her cause of death was shock and hemorrhage due to blunt force trauma and the row. The report said that there was unbelievable. Amount of force used to cause these kinds of wound and they said they thought iraq was used in that the victim was lying on the ground when beaten there was also evidence that she had been strangled manually before being beaten to though yeah so he leaked tortured her. Yeah absolutely it's unreal so august twenty second. Darryl was questioned at home by detective. Frank brewer. He was only questioned because he worked with susan. Celic's for years. A net nets alex's mom he wasn't a person of interest they were literally just getting information from people who knew a nets mother right. That's all they were doing. They were just trying to see like if they he was not a person of interest. There are hundreds of companies out there claiming to compare auto and home insurance rates. But there's only one who actually does it get a better insurance with gabby and i know it. 'cause i done it gabby. Is the one true comparison platform with fast verifiable quotes not ballpark guessot. 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There's no obligation go to gabby dot com slash morbid. That's g. a. b. i. dot com. Slash morbid gabby dot com slash work. He told them he had gone to her house a few times. He knew david tidwell and his brothers and that he had met a net a bunch of times. Thank god what a fucking piece of shit. They asked him to come in for a polygraph because during the conversation about where he was the night of nets murder he with chris he changed his. Yeah he was with. Chris he where he likes his story twice and same conversation so they were like. Let's have you come in now. They were concerned a little bit because also that type of bike that street bike motorcycle that he used to go to the dump to discover. The body was also not one that you would use off road is like. There's no reason that he would bring that to a dump their starting to put this together and they also talked to people around him and they said that he was kind of like a neat freak and he kept that bike pristine and he never would have taken it into dump bright. It just wouldn't have been a thing so they're already starting to be like what's happening. He didn't take it into exactly and the fact that there was no tire tracks and then he was like. I don't know what happened. That makes so august twenty third the next day. He took the polygraph. The results suggested he was lying about not having any involvement in annette's murder or the women are. Excuse me the women at the dump i okay. He was questioned casually by brewer and wouldn't let anything out but asked to leave twice and was not allowed to leave which did cause a little bit of an issue for them later when he because he wasn't under arrest right and but he also like would be like. I would like to leave. And they're like no you still talk to us and he was like okay right so it's not like they were like technically holding him against definitely weren't but they easily used it later and trial to be like he was. They didn't follow the miranda rights. And all these. So i mean. It doesn't matter though because he liked killed four people. Yeah hindsight like it's like yeah. We don't really care so he was finally allowed to leave but before he actually left. He said to brewer quote. I've got something to tell you. But not now link do and they were like what are you going to call it. And he gave his card to him and he was like you need to call us within twenty four hours in. You need to give us an alibi for the night of net says murder or we're arresting you right and so he's like okay bye now once again. As he leaves this polygraph he comes across his friend gayle the one he was trying to get to give him an alibi for july fourth when he killed an edwards and gail with was with his girlfriend shelly now he explained about he like randomly was like yeah. I just took a polygraph. And i failed it. Okay asked him point blank about the women. At the i go. Dump was like. It's a little weird dude like. Did you murder them like did you do this. And he said he just was. I did and gil was like what and he was like quote. I did it for seven thousand dollars in the hells angels paid me dude. And he said about linda slavic she had snitched on some guys in their group about something to do with drugs and they had gotten put in jail. And they wanted her snuffed so they said they would pay me seven thousand dollars to do it. I did it kind of to be a hero. I met the girl at a bar and chico. The madison bear garden. I'd been following her for a couple of days. I danced with her and asked her if she wanted to go outside and smoke a joint just to get our outside. After i got her outside. I took my car to cottonwood what you know like literally. None of that is true now. He told everything including like. I said using a higher pitched voice to mimic her while he said she laid on the ground in pleaded. Please don't do it. police don't kill me on. And then he said he threw the gun not used in the river now. Gill asked about the second body and his answer was she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. What the now shelley. The girlfriend said. He was not remorseful while talking about this said quote. Once you've killed you can always kill again. It just doesn't bother me. And when he left. They called the police immediately. Obviously they're like okay fun story by no darryl always a kick when he comes by see again later and leftovers shoe shoe. Here's a doggy bag by. Then they were just like ring ring. Hello imagine having that conversation with somebody like face to face and being like okay. So now i have to get him out of my house. I can call the police. I would be terrified. I'd be like okay. I want in this known so the same night and this is wild. This night is wild for him. Oh god so. He just did that. He just admitted that to gail and shelly just went on. I did it that same night around nine pm. He is just left the polygraph test by the way when straight together and shelly admitted everything now at nine pm he ran into friends. Tony baldwin and robert severe at a sports bar. He literally just offered up like that. Lie detector test. I failed it now. I need an alibi and they're like they really do. I don't like i don't want to hear about and he showed them. He also showed them a gun. Said the cops have been following me and if they try to take me like they're not going to take me alive i'll just shoot it out with them and they're like dude. We're just at a sports bar. We're just like trying to link and wind down our work. So robert was like. Yeah i gotta go and started to leave right and darryl suddenly says. Hey i'll level with you guys. I snuff to that girl out for seven thousand dollars was. Did you use drunk. They said that he had a bottle with him. The sole but and everybody said he didn't act drunk. And i think that's because he was like an alcoholic so i think he just could put on like not like shaking or anything but literally robert says i'm going to go by. Let me go so leave. And he was like a level with your bro. I murdered someone like law. Robert wasn't asking like robert dole didn't want to know and then darryl just rides off on his motorcycle just throws that out. There rides off on his motorcycle. Well robert in. Tony called the police as well so now. The police have gotten calls from four. Different people. like gale shelly. Toady everyone in the two hours ten thirty pm knee went to superior molding where he was working at the time with susan celic's on anti ran into two co workers who he also told everything to yep their names. Were kenneth simmons and randy. I couldn't find a last name. Radio also called the police he just said like well. This is the last time. I'll see you guys for a while. I guess we'll see what the inside of san quentin looks like. I just flunked a polygraph test. And they were like okay. Feel like he was like excited about it. Yeah he's just like. Let me tell every like proud of himself. I think so too. He then told another coworker right. After that guy named edward turner that he failed a polygraph and edward was like will. You don't have to really worry about it if you really didn't do it. You'll be able to prove that you didn't do it. And he goes. But i did do it. He then repeated the whole. Like i did it for seven thousand dollars. Where did that come from. You just made it up. And then he just left so we just don't three more people than leaves so tonight. He's told twelve people so this same. It's getting more wild not done those ten thirty now that same night after this he goes to see david tidwell a net sell x.'s. Stepfather no yes and they know each other right worked together. He's worked with susan for years. He said the same kind of shit to him that he liked failed. The polygraph tests now. He's just talking about the. I go dumped right women right at this point which now we know our pam more inland a slave but at the time they were just like oh victims in the dump and his brothers i think buddy and his other brother there were with him at the time. So he's talking to them and he's admitting to buddy that he raped and killed the two girls at the i go down. Oh my god so buddy was like what about a net and was literally like did you have something to do with. The nets dislike murder and he was like. Oh my god no like absolutely swore up and down. Oh no. I would never do awhile knowing that. He did talking to her uncle's and her stepfather. That's so fucked now. The police are obviously putting this together. Now they've had witnesses. Who described daryl. Exactly as being the guy who was seen with linda at the madison bear garden that night. She went missing In the night she was literally dumped like trash they also found out that he rented a motel room in chico. That night and it was right near the bar. There was also towels that were matched to that motel that were underneath her found underneath there and they also spoke to kelly. M who was the fifteen year olds. He raped and abducted while riding home from her cousin's house. Her bike she positively identified. Daryl richards the man who raped her goodness now. They arrested daryl rich. Obviously that night that same exact night they went on a rampage telling literally everything about it. They went to or lock bar where he was apparently sitting at the bar. Just like sad wayne depressed and it was in reading. He was not taken to jail right away because the guard in the jail in reading said he heard inmates say that when the person responsible for a net sexist murder came into their jail they would take care of it right away i would send him directly so it was like. Why didn't you just send him there right. While you buy relay that information so he was taken fifty five miles away to another county now. Slowly they began to put those rapes and assaults together with the murders. He told his lawyer quote in this so spooky because now he's starting to open up a whole thing but he's acting he's trying to pull the insane thing but later we find out he's very same. He told his lawyer quote. I woke up in the middle of the night and had a nightmare and felt that there was a girl standing next to my bed. It scared me so much. I got up and turn on the lights in the house and slept on the couch. I should have stopped what i did a long time ago. It was no great detective work. That caught me. I was gonna turn myself in any way and it's like no. You're the worst. That was his way of turning himself in. Oh yeah absolutely. It was like the coward's way right. It was only now at this point. Around august twenty fourth that they were finally able to identify pam. More as the second body. In the. I go down. They use the far northern california forensic dental team and use dental records to do it. They still hadn't fully connected him to net a net celik because she's so young and like doesn't match victim vile now. They had an inkling that he could have been the guy because they know that he's capable of but they just couldn't pin it on him yet so during one or two searches of his home. During this time they found the items that annette had bought at the market. that night. good So this was huge like not huge because like he could have just bought those items like technically you know lay within the grand scheme of things. You're like yeah. He definitely did it. Of course that's circumstantial to anybody else. Hold up in gord. This is not so they put him daryl and not live lineup and they had kellie 'em come in. She was the one who identified him as the one who raped her and they wanted to have this in person instead of a photo because they wanted to make sure they had the guy so they had her come in for a live photo or another photo and alive lineup. Share in the had the men in the lineup. Say the words because you know how that help safety yes. Sometimes they had them all. Say you have nice tits and keep your head down. They had them say that to a fifteen year. Old girl who has been dealing with the trauma biak raped. She's behind two way glass like they just say it. But they're like making relived. That's fun it's like they it's it is it's like could they have just had like the one thing i think it's because she in her report said these are two things that i remember him saying to me. Yeah so those are the things that are going to trigger but should missouri sleek and as soon as they got to daryl kitchen. As soon as he said it she screamed. Oh my god. It's him literally was like holy shit. I'm getting traumatized all over. So they were like yeah well. That's a positive identification. So once back in jail he asked to speak to lieutenant. I think his name is like off. Eeo f f. e. off f- yourself. I don't know the with e off. It's probably wrong and someone will yell at me. I won't see it though once back in jail. He asked to speak at all. Look what people anymore so sorry. I can't like i can't laugh. I won't make you laugh anymore. Oh that was so funny. Though all so once back in jail he asked to speak to lieutenant e off who's working the case. His lawyers were pissed. Did not want him doing this. We're like don't do that up. Like what are you doing. But he was like no sign. He insisted on it so once we were together. He said he had killed molested net. Celic's early. He said he didn't know what he was gonna. He didn't know he was going to do it when he picked her up. He didn't remember throwing her off. The brill. you would just like you our d- you fucking coward like just you do remember admit it just admit it fully like what the fuck so. He said he didn't remember it then. He said quote. I made a list for the ones i've done. I haven't done ones. That aren't on this list. Do you wanna see the list. So then they were like yes and he gave them the list in the former victims and that selects pam more linda slavic and annette edwards were on that list they all had small crosses drawn next to him them yup then there were the many surviving victims of his brutal rapes and assaults their names and with no crosses so to indicate that they were alive is a fine jewelry. Bread founded by women for women pieces range from classic to statement two completely original or eight makes the jewelry. 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You're gonna do what you have to do to catch someone of course and it made the trial go on forever. It dragged it out for a long time. Strating enduringly exactly during this time. They exhumed nets alex's body as well because they took castings of the bite mark. Oh and they did the ted bundy where they had casts done of his teeth matched it and they were a match at is so fucked and he would later say. I don't remember biting anyone. But i guess i might have no you do you. Don't remember fighting an eleven year old girl while you are raping your you piece of absolute garbage just disgusting. Like i hate this dude. He did attempt to hang himself in jail. But he didn't succeed and left a note saying mom darlene rich russell schwartz ben lambert. Whoever those are his lawyers to god. Mom i love you. I hope that you'll be able to understand. Why did this darlene. I love you more than anything in this world. You deserve someone a lot better than i mr schwartz. His lawyer thanks ben. I didn't kill anyone that i hadn't said that i did. I'm telling you the truth. Whoever i hate myself god help me. Let's hope fucking theatrical. I can it was. It was presented in court as like look. He admitted it again. He was going to admit it even when he killed himself to determine whether he was saying when he committed the crimes he was obviously given a lot of psychological exams and therapy in prison. Dr alfred french was the lead psychiatrist at one. Point in. t- gave daryl rohrschack test which is the ink blot tests and seeing like movies and stuff and when he looked at this like block having this blotch having he said quote. It looks like somebody took a knife and cut into somebody's layers of skin. Yeah which i think is to psychiatrists like scribble scribble like okay right. Not a really good way to know that. You're not okay that you're like saying right from wrong. So dr french concluded at the end of this whole thing. This time with daryl. He said quote in my opinion. Daryl rich is simply an immature impulsive individual and that his chronological age really has not much to do with the matter. Aside from his physical strength he has an unsolicited. Unsolicited is d- aggressive reaction of childhood. And or adolescence. I find no evidence of psychosis in my clinical interviews with mister rich and then he said this young man with his chaotic life history has moved to the extremes of rape and murder with a fairly straightforward logical progression. Yeah he was like he's saying fuck. He knows exactly what he's he's just using his childhood trauma that's all know. When he took the stand later this doctor. He said daryl had an explosive personality as well and he said this he said quote a person with an explosive personality is one that blows his top or loses his cool from time to time. They are cautious and often selfish. Who typically would not form real close bonds with other people which is right on the money in april nineteen seventy-nine. Dr malcolm wilson was a neurologist. Who was ordered to give darryl brain scan. 'cause they wanted to see if that car accident or any of his other headed. Tv is had given him a. You know any anything that would maybe logically say that he was impaired now. The results were no damage that would cause him to be able to not tell the difference between now. The trial didn't begin until two years after the murders It was on september. Fifth nineteen eighty. All of the survivors took the stand at one point and told their stories at one point. Carl the neighbor who darryl had been like. Hey buddy when it comes to the dump with me. He said he suspected daryl of these things a while ago and he said a lot of people did and he said when he initially told him. Like i just found a body at the dump and he wanted him to come. He said he thought he was pretty sure he was going to murder him. Oh he was like. I went there fully like i need to be prepared. But he was also like. I didn't want to leave some poor person at the dump way. I felt like i had to go report it but like i thought he was going to kill me and he also pointed out like everyone else had that there was simply no way he could have gone to the dump found the bodies and come back in time he had. It just wasn't possible. David's brother john David tidwell his brother. John took the stand at one point and was like furious. Visibly couldn't control his anger. Of course at one point he looked at the jury and yelled she was only eleven years old. Like just giving that. I know right i got like a full bog bud there but i always like hate when they're like when they get like admonished for they get like yelled at for that. It's like it's i know of law. I understand that. I understand that emotions run high and that emotions can sway things like fauci. She was only eleven years old and he fucking admitted to it. Right and not under duress. He did it himself right like many times. It just makes me so angry. Now dr bruce kaldor was the court appointed psychiatrists that also evaluated daryl imprison and he took the stand and said in no uncertain terms that he said he knows what he did. He knows why he did them. He was saying and he said what darryl had told him about pam more he said. I asked her if she wanted to make love. She pushed my hand away. I got very mad impulse her down in the car then. I drove her over the gas point road area and beat her to death with iraq. Like that's god just like so really just and it's literally i asked her to make love. She said no. Push my hand away. So i got pissed i raped her and i fucking beat her to death like what the fuck. Yeah yeah. he also said that he beat her so savagely that he bent his own ring on his finger. Literally don't give a fuck what you're rang on your finger about a net edwards. He told dr kaldor. He said he got pissed when she refused his offer for a ride twice so he said i grabbed her and beat her to death but it was like someone had control over what i was doing well in here. You got mad that she wouldn't take a ride with you. But what were you intending to do in the first exactly you weren't in china. Just ride her somewhere. You're going to rape her. No matter what fuck right all dope pretend like you got mad because of something that they did because somebody a couple of people did get in the car with you and you raped and murdered the right so like fuck off. Muddling now about linda sleepiq. He said they did dance and talk a bit of the bar patrons in the bar did say that they saw him her dance with him once and talk with him at a table whenever and then she went to his car to smoke some weed and he said quote. I asked her there if she wanted to make love. He is so disgusting. He's literally gross. He's so disgusting. Because also it's like even if you're not daryl rich if someone gets you in a car and says do you wanna make love. I don't know you're only reaction is to going to vomit all over them or get the fuck away for like no. I don't know you know who the fuck are you like. Are you kidding me. So he said she said no so. I hit her in the mouth and gave her a bloody lip. I drove her to my home. I and then out to where that other girl's body was. I showed her the body and then i shot her to death. Oh my god just like so cal. And then he said she had no choice but to go with me after. I hit her in the face. I can't and then he tries to pull this whole like i'm doing. I don't know what the happen. I wasn't there and it's like you knew exactly what you were doing right. You can recount this to the t- exactly now about next celic's he said. I took her to my home. But i can't remember what i did there. I took her to that bridge in threw her. It was like i was asleep. I even knew i did. I even knew. I didn't kill her right away. I knew what i was doing was wrong. And i wanted to stop it because if you wanted to stop it then you now a net celic's i imagine it's because she's eleven that he never would give what he actually did. Yeah i mean they can tell from topsy but they he was very he that one he was like hush hush about and i think it was because she was eleven and he knew that he probably knew he getting nj erskine prison now. The doctor described him as having quote severe masculine insecurity and said that he was a selfish childlike man. An end to tell like hell. Yeah he is. He's a fucking in so one hundred percent one of the orig- so they actually used at one point amat all which is sodium ama- tall and it's also known as truth. Serum one of the truth serums now truth serum is like a very controversial. They're not like you know what i mean. But they did it and especially back then they were doing it. So that it was done by dr david axelrod of sacramento and they interviewed him while he was under the influence of this and he said i didn't know what to say about all this. I knew that. If i did some would say why did you do it. So i reported it to the sheriff's department. I wondered if i didn't report it talking about the murders. Would they go on. And on. And i didn't want to go on. So that's what he was saying about doing. All this and why he had reported the body. I do of believe that. And he said quote i wanted to have. Someone helped me stop what was happening. I knew that people couldn't go on dying. I couldn't go on hurting people and he also did add that he had raped annette edwards while she was dying. He admitted that under truth serum just there he went where he. He's raped her while she was dying. Yeah so he went down there. He threw her off the ac bridge. Oh no annette edwards. Oh sorry there are two a net. So it's confusing. Words is the older one. Okay so just as an aside. Truth serum like i said is controversial especially sodium amital. It's barbituate like a downer. Yeah and apparently it was primarily used at first to help soldiers during world war two and it was just like a method of combine like combating the anxiety that comes with like what they used to call shell shock. Ptsd the drug is very addictive and lethal if used into high of dosage and when they used it for treating soldiers it would essentially slow their heart rates down and with only like a small dose and it would make them more relaxed more less anxious right and then they would talk about their feelings or experiences more easily so does get people talking because you get more relaxed and more like Also they found out later that some people that this was used on actually developed false memories after the whole thing was oh. I'm not saying that happened here. It's just that can't happen. So december fourth. And i mean we don't need the truth. Serum we know told the really say anything that we needed december fourth. Darryl was given permission to get married in prison. Why do they do that. Her name was loretta summers. She was twenty four and a hairstylist. And they met during the trial. And she's a fucking monster to fucker. Mike dude rapes and murders an throws an eleven year. Old girl off a brand is admitted. It like a million times him like quality in you honestly. She should be arrested as well. 'cause i question who she is like. If you know that a man has literally raped and murdered a child is officially or you should not be allowed near children again. Made me so angry december fifth. They had closing arguments. And the prosecution said daryl riches a predator who systematically hunted for victims. He was a marauder who went out and sought people he preplanned everything and went out and hunted these women. And girls daryl. 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This girl had a right to go to high school to senior prom to have children raise children and even have grandchildren and live a full life. I love when they hit like that. Because you like buck. Yeah the defense concentrated basically all they had to say it was like he has personality disorders like they were like excuse to murder doesn't mean he's insane so could try and they also were like well you know personality disorders can make you do bad things. And it's like like rape and murder people trials no okay so the jury was like no so the jury said they believed they came back. They said they he was saying at the time of the murders and the assaults and they found darrow guilty of a lot of things for the survivors including assault with great bodily injury forced oral copulation kidnapping forcible rape rape with the threat of great and immediate bodily harm enforceable sodomy. Wow he was also found guilty for the dead victims. He was found guilty of first degree murder for a net edwards guilty of second degree murder for pam more guilty of first degree murder for linda slavic and guilty for a net celic's for first degree murder and there was a special circumstance on her murder which was willful deliberate and premeditated and committed during the commission of a lewd act upon a child under the age of fourteen gone. The last conviction was the death penalty one. It brought doubts penalty onto the table now. Apparently loretta summers his like wife to be. There was in the courtroom where the victims families are being disrespectful and when this was read out she wrote oh my god they did it. Of course. i'm not kidding. I would murder her courtroom. If i was susan's like a nets mother like any of these people's family members. Yeah that's unreal like. Are you kidding me loretta. The she got it together with her clear. Get it together so go fuck yourself at the judge said quote to even the most hardened i the crimes were almost unimaginably brutal savage attacks on defenseless young women all sexually ravaged the jerry. I was deadlocked on a decision of whether to impose the death penalty or not but they reconvened. They voted to send him to death for the murders of a net selects and linda slavic and they voted for life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of a net edwardson pam. More good he was sent to san quentin prison so he was correct and of course he had appeals that were all denied and in march two thousand. He had his last clemency hearing Linda sleeve ex-father. Wally was there. he said. Quote to me. The only person that can give forgiveness is the primary party or god and linda's not here to give forgiveness boom sharon nett sell ex's mother and her stepfather. David and sharon sister linda were there. So that's aunt burton pam. Moore's brother was there. He was only seven when she was killed and several other of the rape survivors. Were there burton's pam morris. Brothers said quote. The punishment is too far too late and far too lenient. I think they should take him to that. Dump and use a rock a can't blame them. linda a nets are An aunt sorry spoke. Because susan literally couldn't she was like i can't talk about this and she said this broke my heart. She said quote. My sister sees her baby being abducted sodomized raped and tortured until she was thrown from a bridge while still alive. We've been unjustly sentenced to twenty two years of hell. Please please put all of us out of our much prolonged misery. Ya who david tidwell. Her stepfather said quote. Were wasting time. Just kill him. He better pray this not a life after death. If there is he'd better hide. I love it. I can't imagine the anger they have. I can't imagine one of the survivors said that she still hadn't been able to fully reconcile what had happened to her. And she said it was affecting her marriage now and she said quote. We are never alone. Daryl rich is always there between us. Which like that's tear my whole body just like it's because it must be here's no intimate moment. What's been taken from you. And if and and i get it that he still around so you just feel like. He's there his execution. After that last clemency hearing was set to go forward they good. Didn't want to hear anything about him. But then they found out his plans for after death what he wanted to be buried next to his mother a grave that would be a hundred feet away from the grave of a net. Celic's are you kidding me. So luckily after a lot of uproar and people literally trying to get legislation put into place at this time preventing murders from being buried next to their victims Darryl said that he would be buried in a different cemetery in his mother was exhumed and moved to that location as well. I feel like she wouldn't even wanna be next. Anyone no probably not March fourteenth two thousand execution day. Good he was put to death by lethal injection. He was forty five years old in the last thing he said was peace. Are you fucking getting me He said peace. He said after destroying. How many people's worlds. He's kept peace. Yep awesome literally. I hope he he is one of the worst one of the worst piece after you did what you did to. How many like little girls and women to exit the world. Eighteen year olds fourteen year olds. Seventeen year olds women an eleven year others mothers wives daughters friends sister coworkers. like faulk. Wet the like darrell. Rich is fucking. I hope is if there's an afterlife. I hope he's having hope he's he's having a time. Yeah so yes. That is the story of darryl creek. Keith rich. I don't know how it i didn't know all about that but damn i don't know either. Now you guys have to know it too so thank you for that. But i've you know especially like all of them. I it just those especially those for murder victims. It's just like they were literally just walking minding their own business that anybody puts themselves in a position to have that happen. But it's like there's walking home no right you know and no like david. Tidwell like was reluctant to let her go To the market i know about is i feel awful like that imagine. Nobody should have to live with that. But wow that was a doozy and half. Yeah so you're welcome everybody. Well now it's time for me to go take some nyquil. Yeah i think we're gonna throw you like a spooky roads next or something just to like es this a little bit. So my spooky roads is of is a bummer. To separate three a bummer. Spooky roads but spooky roads. It's called spooky roses. I think it has a fun theme song. I'm pretty sure so. That'll lighten it up for like five minutes. Yeah we'll give you a little bit of but you know you come for you come here. It's called morbid. I don't know what to tell you. We open keep listening than we do. Hope you feared but not so weird that when you get executed for doing such horrible things you say peace. 'cause i'm really fucking fuck off daryl rich.

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