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From the Mon broadcast center at KABC. See this is the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas sitting in for John born on today's show. How Ruth Bader Ginsburg became a pop icon and subject of a documentary RV g films up for an Academy Award. Then even though she's country music royalty. She's a little out of step with tradition-bound Nashville. Rosanne cash speaks up about gun control to me. It's immoral not say it to speak my conscious about it. And also to try to do anything. I can one child is exempt from being in a shooting all that coming up on the frame. KPCC podcasts are supported by wonder brothers pictures, presenting a soulful authentic a star is born. Starring Bradley Cooper, lady Gaga and Sam Elliott in their Academy Award nominated performances for consideration in all categories. And by marvel studios. Black Panther now nominated for seven Academy Awards including costume and production. Design score original song all the stars performed by Kendrick Lamar and Ciza and best motion. Picture welcome to the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas filling in today for John horn, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg was back at the supreme court today. The now eighty five year old Justice missed oil arguments last month, recovering from surgery in December in Rb the nominated feature documentary, we learned that long before she joined the supreme court Ginsburg was a lawyer who argued cases before the high court many of them had to do with gender equality Betsy west co-directed Rb with Julie Cohen when John horn spoke with west last year, they began with how Ginsburg told the filmmakers about how she responded to sex discrimination that she face in her own life and lesson she learned from her mother at a very early age anger is a waste of time. And I think by that she means not that she wouldn't get angry. But that she would move beyond it and try to figure out a way around it. And in Ruth, Bader Ginsburg's case after she was discriminated against and kept out of jobs and denied an opportunity to be a clerk on the supreme court because she had been recommended to a Justice on the supreme court who said I'm not going to hire woman within within a decade of all the discrimination that she faced. She was part of this movement to change the discriminatory laws and customs in our country. And ultimately, she brought a series of lawsuits that really did force the supreme court to look at this discrimination. That was out there that people really didn't recognize discrimination and Ruth Bader Ginsburg brought it to their attention. And had a tremendous impact on every woman in this country. There's an audio recording that you have of than a private lawyer Ruth Ruth Bader Ginsburg appearing before the court, and she's arguing a case. And I think it's chief Justice William Rehnquist who says isn't enough at Susan B. Anthony is on a coin. Before the law, you won't settle for putting Susan B Anthony on the new dollar, and it's not clear that he's totally joking. Yeah. The kinds of casual you could say sexist remarks that were made to her in the course of her work as a litigator appearing before the supreme court. We ask her how did you deal with this kind of dismissive remark? And her response characteristically was never an anger, and then my favorite comment that she made was I almost felt as if I were a kindergarten teacher explaining to these justices that yes. Discrimination against women exists. It was Justice Ginsburg, then as a lawyer explaining to justices. No, you know, women don't have it all they're not on a pedestal. Title and treated better. The pedestal is often a cage, it seems to me there'd be kind of a fundamental difference between sane we need to make documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg to how do we make documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg because you have to do this. Well, probably get her cooperation and supreme court justices are famously private well, it was a step by step process. Let's put it that way. We started Julie Cohen. I started about three years ago, we propose to Justice Ginsburg that we would like to do a documentary about her life story. And at the time she said, well, I'm not I'm not ready yet eventually two years ago. She gave us the green light to go ahead and to film her at some of the events that she does around the country where she speaks to legal groups and eventually we filmed with her with her granddaughter. With her family. And then the most fun thing, filming Justice Ruth, Bader Ginsburg in her Jim doing her legendary workout routine. I think it's safe to say that when you started this documentary the world was different than it is today. We did not see the election of Donald Trump defeat of Hillary Clinton. We didn't have all of these reports about sexual harassment and assault and rape across popular culture and into government. How do you think that changes the way that her story is relevant and the way your film will be received? It makes our film more relevant in a way because I think our film, and the story of Justice Ginsburg is a context that people need to understand that it wasn't so long ago that women weren't even allowed in too many workplaces. It was a hard-fought battle. For women to get the right to use their brains and to contribute their talents to our country. And yet we're learning that sexual harassment, and in some cases of violence has kept women from really contributing. So it's another stage in in a long battle for equal rights for women. That's been going on for over a century, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, played an enormous role in women winning rights for women a couple years ago. I was fortunate enough to go to the supreme court in here or arguments and Ruth, Bader Ginsburg is a tiny woman. She doesn't have a booming voice. But her questions were remarkably astute. She knew this case, backward and forward, what do you think keeps her going? She loves the law. She absolutely loves it. And that's been the case ever since she was a student at Harvard Law School, her children talk about waking up in the middle of the night and going into the kitchen, and there was mom and the dining room table with all the papers spread out, and she's writing into the wee hours that still the case we're told that she really is a night owl. She is very well prepared from what I'm told you come into that courtroom. And Justice Ginsburg has read everything she's got an extraordinary memory. And I think she figures as long as that's the case and she's capable of doing the job. She has no intention of of stepping down. You can watch RV on Hulu, and Amazon, and you can hear interviews with more Academy Award nominee on the frames fifth annual Oscar preview special it starts airing on KABC tomorrow night's and we'll be in our podcast feed coming up on the frame singer-songwriter Roseanne cath. KPCC podcasts are supported by. One brothers pictures, presenting the sole fli authentic. A star is born. Starring Bradley Cooper, lady Gaga and Sam Elliott in their Academy Award nominated performances now nominated for eight Academy Awards, including best picture invested Apted screenplays. Kenneth Durant of the Los Angeles Times calls it passionate, emotional and. Fearless. An af I calls the film of stellar achievement in its own universe for consideration in all categories. KPCC podcasts are supported by marvel studios, presenting Black Panther the LA times raves. Black Panther is the cinematic event of the year Vanity Fair calls it, a political and social triumph USA today. Claims. Black Panther is arousing cultural movement and now nominated for seven Academy Awards including costume and production. Design score original song all the stars performed by Kendrick. Lamar syzza and best motion picture. Welcome back to the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas. John horn is off today. Thanks for joining us. She may be country music royalty by birth. But Rosanne cash doesn't consider herself part of the Nashville mainstream over the past twenty years. She's gradually pulled away from the pop friendly country music that made her a star in the nineteen eighties in favor of a more stripped down introspective sound that emphasizes very personal songwriting cash's latest album. She remembers everything caps trip. Gee of sorts that began in two thousand six with black Cadillac now inspired by the death of her mother. Her father, Johnny cash and step mom, June Carter cash she remembers everything continues along a similar path with tender love songs and folk ballads peppered with songs about gun violence and the weight of grief cash, and I spoke at the fabled capital records building in LA or label for the past twenty five years during a break from a lengthy US tour cash grew up in nearby Ventura County, and she says it was a household filled with music, my parents listened to a lot of different kinds of music, particularly my dad, he was somewhat of a musicologist in listen to everything even when my brother was born. He started listen to meddle as well. Because when my brother like Madel, you know, he listened to them new. I remember he took me to see strawberry alarm clock. Once we sat in the front your father did. Yeah. I don't even know you do. Okay. And. When Joni Mitchell's blue came out it occurred to me that woman could be a songwriter up to that point. I kind of thought well only men are songwriters. You know? That was the only experience that I had and not only could a woman be asong songwriter, but she could write about her inner life with these vivid scenes and raw feelings turn it into art and put it out in public sphere. And have it be legitimate and people take it seriously that was a revelation that changed my life, and I started writing poetry. And then at eighteen started writing songs, I see. Well, I if I understand right when you were still a teenager, your father brings you and your stepsister out on tour. And you end up being backup singer terrible one to. Yeah. I mean is that something that you wanted? Or is it something that he wanted? How did that come about? It was really just like having fun with my dad, you know, he's like well, come you girls come out on stage at the end and just saying on that? I mean, he was used to having family around. The Carter family was on the road with him. My stepmother, you know, so we just did it for fun. And we Trimble ING with fear. It wasn't professional in. Anyway. But I did start writing songs around that time. And then one thing led to another will your first appearance on a record. I think is on your dad's nineteen seventy four album the junky the chew said minus me this family title. And you sing broken freedom song, which is a Kris Kristofferson song. I don't know if you've gone back and listen to that now anytime in the recent past, but who was that Rosanne cash. My child. God of song. Laden some. And I was terrified of being a singer to tell you the truth terrified, but I look at people young people. Now, you know, eighteen twenty year old singer songwriters are so confident. And just I stand in like, how did they get their that y'all? So you didn't know then at that time. This is what you wanted to do. So when did that starts it did start on it started dawning on me them? But I had no idea how to do it or how to become better yet. And also, I didn't want to be a performer. I wanted to be a songwriter thought that I could live in a private world and Sin Song's out into the world other people would record, and that, you know, these depth charges of emotion would be set with my lyrics and. You know, and then one thing led to another. I started writing songs, and then I got this recording contracts, and then I was performing. We're talking with Rosanne cash her latest album is she remembers everything a theme that's run through a lot of your work in recent years is is grief. Yeah. And in two thousand three within a short period of time, you lost your father. Johnny cash. Your step mom, June Carter cash and a step sister. Rosie nix. Yeah. And my mother thousand five I've talked to other artists who've tried to deal with their grief in their art. And what I'm wondering is is grief for you, a fuel in a sense for creativity. Or is it a has it been a hindrance? Well, I mean when I wrote black Cadillac that album was about mourning and loss and death. And you know, some part of me thought people are not gonna wanna hear this. It's too dark, but I have to do it even if it's for myself because these of the. Songs? I wrote and their powerful to me. Well, people started coming up to me. Thank you me. Thank you lost. My dad this help me then I started hearing from hospice, nurses. Thank you. We gave this out to families. You know? And that was incredibly humbling and beautiful because you think you're so special in you have original emotions, no, it's universally personal side to get personal interviews come on get personal I lost. Both my parents and two very close friends all in a very short period of time. And I'm seeing and before then songs and music like this didn't speak to me the way it did before. And I'm a great lover of music. So I'm one of the ones that would like to thank you for so covering on. I'm so sorry. You know, I I wrote about loss in my memoir too. I said losses the terrible club to which we all have intially belong because you live long enough you lose. Well, I was struck by a line in your new record. She remembers everything it's from the song everyone, but me. Chill. It's not. Stolen, see too long. And I got that. But when I look at the words, I don't quite get. But I got it. And that's it really. It's like you don't necessarily have to get the exact meaning of the words to get it that one was just this amorphous feeling like their lives with me didn't seem long enough and yet too long because some of the after-effects are difficult to resolve in yourself. You know, some of the traumas that you live with that you spend your life trying to either get away from or she'll and there's both rage and grief. You know? There was a song recorded last year for this record Johnny cash. Forever words. Yeah. And these are songs by various artists, very well known artist willy. Elson and on and on who took poems. Poor existing lyrics that Johnny cash had written dot recording. You created a song called the walking wounded? Lear inland church sneezing down. We're in the subway zone to ground. I usually say no to all of these kinds of projects because it's not my job to feed my father's posthumous career. So this came along this forever words project, and my brother was spearheading it. So he sent me four or five lyrics, and I saw them walking wounded and just pure st-, my heart. It was so. So revealing of where my dad wasn't that time in his life, and it was very dark. She was identifying himself as one of the walking wounded, you know, like that Teran's with PTSD or people who were alone. So I call my brother, and I said, yeah, I'll work on this homes stunned dreams. Goals tone to ski, you know, my dad had periods of. Great darkness and also great redemption in light. Of course, I think that that's what people respond to about him his it. He was complex and that he carried both dark and light. Where are you on that spectrum within yourself? Definitely both. But I I try so hard to be normal. I can't tell you how hard I try to do that. In fact, from childhood I would read books about how normal people lift and. Try to pattern my life. After that. I think we're good anything else that you wanted to before I start crying. That's good. Actually, there is more to add coming up. More of my interview with singer songwriter Rosanne cash, and why she advocates for gun control through music. You've seen the movie San Andreas, right? Beaches, stick any. I've got some bad news for you. When the big one hits the rock won't save. You want to know how to get ready for the next major quake? I'm Jacob Margolis science reporter and host of ABC's new podcast the big one your survival guide prepare yourself. Listen in apple podcasts. KABC podcasts are supported by. Fox searchlight pictures, presenting the favorite now nominated for ten Academy Awards, including best director Yorgos length. The most best actress Livia Coleman best supporting actress, Emma stone and Rachel vice best original screenplay best costume design best, film editing. Best production design, best cinematography and best picture of the year for your consideration. Welcome back to the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas in today for John horn back to my conversation with singer songwriter. Rosanne cash twenty cash drew a lot of criticism and a lot of praise for an opinion piece. She wrote for the New York Times called on country music artists the distance themselves from the National Rifle Association, and after last year's mass shooting at the borderline bar and grill Thousand Oaks, she tweeted in part, I don't wanna hear about thoughts and prayers I want gun control. Now. It's a sentiment expressed with the help of Kris Kristofferson in Elvis Costello in this song gods of Harlem of her latest album. Medics. They do on. Street is all in. Street is he? Oh, you know, I've been an activist for gun controls for over twenty and this for in my mind and extension of motherly. Really? So I was going to live in New York City. I was going down in the subway one day, and this Hispanic woman was coming up, and she was talking to herself. And I don't speak Spanish. But I thought she said Ocho deals eight gods. And I kept thinking why would she say that? What does that mean? I couldn't get it out of my mind. And then I heard about another shooting of a child, and I wrote this I I for a God's parliament. And I wrote it from the perspective of the mother I kept thinking about doing a song with Chris and Elvis and they both wanted to. And I said would you be interested in finishing this song? I've got this one verse. And Chris would you right in the voice of the father? A hand. Nothing. All this right in the voice of the brother. And they wrote their verses and we recorded the song in the same day after the mass shooting at the borderline club and Faouzi oaks last year. This wasn't too far from where you grew up. You tweeted in parts twelve killed. I don't wanna hear about thoughts and prayers I want gun control. Now speaking today, right now, what kind of legislative change would you like to see really reasonable common sense laws? Universal background checks closed. The gun show loophole ban assault weapons ban military style weapons from being owned by private citizens. The second amendment does not guarantee the right to own an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. That is commonsense and start there. You know? I know you don't consider yourself a commercial country artist. No, do you feel you're sort of outside of Nashville, but at the same time, your country music royalty. And I know you've called on Nashville to resist efforts by the NRA to reach out to country artists for lobbying efforts marketing efforts in your time in the music business. What kind of efforts have you seen the NRA make these inroads to to music artists? They wanna sponsor tours, and they have they function as corporate sponsors for country music shows. And you know, what's particularly insidious. There is that they've woven together. This idea of patriotism and gun ownership, and I find it incredibly insulting I consider myself profoundly patriotic, and I am offer gun control. Well, I've seen people invoke your father's name in their criticism that in their criticism of you saying, hey, man. Man. Johnny cash own some guns, really were they behind the door. When my dad, and I talked about politics at five in the morning while we watch CNN. I don't think so and not only that he was on the board with me of an organization that was devoted solely to preventing gun violence among children. What kind of response did you get from Nashville artists? Specifically was there any I was aware of some who spoke out after Las Vegas after the mass the massacre there at this country music festival. Some of the artists who were actually on stage for that festival. Did your effort your your call for action getting any traction? I don't think so I think that the people who are already of like minds they contacted me into. Thank you for saying, this appreciate it. There was one young man a musician who was out the Las Vegas shooting who did reach out to me. And he was kind of he was. Oh devastated in brokenhearted. And he said, privately, I've changed my mind. You know, I used to believe that we all should be able to have whatever gun we want. I don't believe that anymore, but going public I know that some people who are not total mainstream country have spoken out. But going public is dangerous how so death threats not not just the verbal attacks. You know, I mean, I got death threats someone threaten my daughter. It just this point. I just can't not say it to me. It's immoral not to say it and to speak my conscious about it. And also to try to do anything. I can if one child is exempt from you know, being in a shooting or saved than it's worth it. Rosanne cash. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed this conversation. Rosanne cash is latest album is she remembers everything she's on tours spring, including performance this Sunday at the Seraya theater. Cal State Northridge. Do it for us this week. You can catch the frames daily podcast on Spotify. Stitcher, apple podcast. Subscribe. So you can make sure you never miss an episode frame is produced by Oscar Garza, Darby Maloney. Monica bushman, Jonathan shiftless and Julia Paskhin. Andrea Gutierez is our news clerk Davida is our engineer, and I'm Steven Cuevas. Thanks for listening a great weekend. Dick. Podcasting is supported by FOX searchlight presenting the favorite now nominated for ten Academy Awards, including director your goes length. The most actress Olivia Colman supporting actresses, Emma stone. Rachel vice original screenplay and best picture of the year. Now playing.

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