Truth & Movies #135 - Whimsical Hitler plus a one-shot WWI epic


Today on Truth and movies Sam Mendes goes over the top in the immersive first. First World War drama one thousand nine hundred seventeen. I have a brother in the second battalion. Except walking into a trap Otis onto deliver a message calling off tomorrow morning's attack if you fail it will be a massacre tyco. It rest the Hitler youth or coming of age comedy. Joe Joe Rabbits attended. Did he know shoes can need each other's might towers. You know who saw one just like us. The trump takes a shot at the fuhrer in. Charlie Chaplin's the great dictator brain streak of the ruthless dictator and Charlie resemble each other like like to accept that while Adenoid Hinkel makes millions of people tremble. Charlie makes them die of laughter. Paul coming up in truth and movies white lies podcast. Hello there movie. Truth is happy New Year. Welcome to twenty twenty. It's Michael sitting in the host chair. Sitting across this week from Adam would would hire an Hollywood. Hello how are you doing. How are we all doing very? Oh Yeah see to be rested and watch movies over the holiday season so yeah and just so many movies coming so many awards corridors where we're getting big hitters every week. We have the benefit of being sent stocks of awards. Screen is pre while when the vote and I guess is happening so of at that point of just basically not knowing when things actually coming out and forgetting that something like Josiah Robert is in cinemas. Now we've forgot. Cover it before so the film. That's been coming out for ages right because you saw in Toronto or something and then there's other films which are out until much later like April or something which must go screen is fourth. Is Bill Weird and films like parasite which everyone's talking about right now which coming here in February. It's been so long and portrait as well because we saw those at cannon may obviously they're coming out like basically ten months which I get but it does mean we're sort of sadly removed but you know I am happy that good movies again recognition and some. Good some not so good movies again. Where conditions very discombobulating populating time of year? But before we dip into twenty twenties new releases we do have some we have. We have a matter to attend to from last year's films a film that you didn't do very well the box office over the Christmas. Break with cats We got the letter from Helen. McGrath who Says here I was listening. Reese your cats review. I've not seen the film but on the BOVRIL overall sign of if listeners may remember we talked about how he's very conspicuous that one of the neon lights up there in cats London was bovril. That won't that spe- to mark the area of Piccadilly Circus as opposed to any in Congress product placements for years. There was famously. A massive. Several sign of the circus see attached. Pick back and Helen's hash the pig. Hey away where it has a big bottle sign Stephanie. piggly circus with also Wrigley's and big sign saying Guinness is good for you well. I'm happy that Tom Hooper. Got One thing right. You know there was a lot wrong with that film but no one could accuse him of not knowing where the big buffer sign was. Well I think I will accuse him of not only Burleson. What's I think in the film? Eight central square not Piccadilly Circus. which this picture show still managed to myself the thing we we're getting out with? Just how absurd it was that all other neon signs. All of the MARQUEES had puns around campus. Not something that. Have some deep in joke that we know gassing today may maybe they were simultaneously trying to be accurate historical and get in the pocket of big bubble offering offer films not made any money so maybe like the buffalo money is GonNa tied the Viper giving a blank check by. It sink it. We've had quite a lot of feedback about that focused very good. Don't you for the General Kennedy. We get a lot of people were like. Actually I think you'll find the buffalo does it. Why does everyone know about this bubble side apart from me? Is this like part of when you aborted London. You kind of guess. His the the big book offer few feel baby baby because I only moved. If I've years ago and I didn't have any idea about this ball. Business he learned something New York. Thanks so much. That's the kind kind of trivial I love says you got any more Trivia for is for these days send them an on the The box office flop That was cut out. We're really interesting piece. I think it's four pts this week just really acting why. The film failed commercially. And it's really interesting so if dives into how much of an anomaly this is for this kind of big you know award season Baiting a star-studded movie actually not not just like underperformed. But basically it's not gonNA make anywhere near its Its budget back so really interesting. Read if not interested in that and so forth and so sort of our good friend. The SAFDIE brothers uncut uncut gems released over Christmas in the United States and made more money than cats at the box office which I think is pretty incredible. An independent film. That wouldn't have gone anywhere near as many screens casted Michelin Cottam sound. Let's be the magical mystery stuff lease choice. So that's a good segue because of course we're big fans of the Saudi brothers on on this show. We had an into special Wednesday with Christmas break with the two brothers and also this Thursday. We're having the screening of daddy long legs that one of the features. Ah Yeah that fast feature direct together. We'll be down at the Prince Charles What are they watching? We will be watching it We will also be the hosting a live episode of trees. You me and I get good. Boy David Jenkins and we'll be talking about Daddy long legs and cut gems so come on down. We've got some signed on GM's posters to give away as well so as well as staying in your seat after the puck after the film inches said he a hundred minute. Maybe maybe it's not like long. One show is going to be a truth movies after dark. Some soft jazz playing a little Whiskey have energy into twenty twenty but I mean I highly. I know anyone that is has been listening to his book. I saw indeed following outwear. We'll have probably noticed my mercy campaign about uncut gems. But I do think if you're gonNA watch jams or if you are if you've seen uncut Joe's that was You'll enjoy your Gallo out of watching daddy long as I think you can definitely try to the niche. So yeah I highly recommend even if you don't come to screen and just watching weightman blatantly and if you are interested please do come that screening especially if you're free in around in London in the Prince Charles Cinema on th on Thursday night January. That's today tickets at their website. Eight eight forty five pm before we crack with nearly three US Adam any other business from the white lies towels. You just a tease. That we've got a new issue coming out Put up just before Christmas hitting shots hitting newsstands this week. We're going to be making an announcement about on Thursdays. Well David I think he's on next week who talk a bit more about the issue and what to expect from Eh look out for that announcement brilliance anyway. We should crack home with this world war special becoming both world wars hair non-eu releases this week up first tossing appropriate with the first world war in nineteen seventeen at the heights of the first world. War Two young. A young British soldiers are given a seemingly impossible mission in a race against time. They must cross enemy territory and deliver a message. Stop a deadly ambush on thousands of British soldiers. Yes that's hair clip. You have a brother in the second battalion. If they're walking into a trap the oldest ought to deliver a message calling off tomorrow morning's attack if you fail it will be a massacre with quotas the cross. That is the German frontline. If we're not clever about this no one will get to your brother. How will so adam nineteen eighteen seventeen? This sort of came out no halfway through last year. We heard that Sam Mendes was putting together. This first world war thriller spectacular thriller. Roger Deacons doing talk about it being almost shot in one continuous take how out. Yeah I guess we should tackle the one tate aspect of this film first and foremost because I'm not really sure where that came from The first ice of heard about the film Towards the middle of last yes j when he was talking about the shooting and then suddenly the trailer I think just dropped and an an yes. You're like wow. They've made this film and seemed like a quite a big thing especially for director. Sam Mendes who directed lost to James Bond films and is generally quite. I don't think well regarded in inspiration. The Marin Yeah. I'm not sure whether that came up. His campaign and that was a message that misconstrued slightly the whole one shot thing but really the film I think is Is more accurate to describe describe as a taking place in real time right so it takes place over essentially twenty four hours and this this is nice symmetry to the narrative We should say it's very light on. Plot is if you do like more action from your films this appropriate one for you because it does kind of three straight into the action as pre am relentless as well once it gets going the first scene when when the two young privates are given their mission and they have to initially. Leave the trenches and crossover no-man's-land land just that sequences one of the most nerve racking in an immersive sequences. I've seen in any war from I think it's wonderfully shot by Roger Deakins on cinematography. Gt's just the actual not just the technical aspects of how they filmed it in a continuous newest take or to feel like as a continuous take but actually the the logistics and the mechanics of how they followed the two actors because essentially sliding through Mudan stepping over kind of dead Ed bodies and horses and all sorts and I I was just watching it thinking how they actually filming. This is quite. It's quite amazing. And they're of using like steady cams. It was shot and digitally as well which obscene able to make it feel like a of one one take thing Is a little bit of a shame that they stick with that. I think they using that technique using that four morbid showmanship initially works really. Well immerses you in the film. I think the longer the film goes on the more. This this whole mechanic actually is ever roadblock. For the the immersive nece that is supposed to be engendered by my so yeah yeah just just kind of gets to a point where it becomes a little bit boring actually. I think it's one of those films where it shows the value of a good car and a good editor I bet the actual I mean. I'm not sure how this film was edited essentially where there was like multiple takes ultimately stitch together much like Birdman can in recent years and famous Alfred. Hitchcock's rope that there's a there's a little bit of like effects work going on here like little cuts hidden in the shadows and things like that right so you can kind of look out for them and we should buy this one really hard cut in the middle which essentially separated from night and day. But yeah just really left me feeling like this. This is a film probably needed. An editor needed some cuts cuts can release tension as much as they can build it right. I if if you correctly so I think so off into a corner up at this film which caused me to get out of it. I'm going to invoke the D. Word quite early in this segment. dunkirk Kirk and it feels like that long take approach is some menaces wave differentiating. This film from what. Christopher Nolan did in dunkirk which is the exact opposite right with cutting back and forth and multiple timelines multiple threats. Some having this play out in real time what I think differentiates this good way particularly early on in the film is is the fact that it takes place toward the end of the first World War. Everyone is really beaten down by this long. Slog of a war and part of the setup is the German line has retreated and the crossing into no-man's-land former enemy territory. That's been deserted. So there's so much tension and suspense in these early scenes of just open Agra phobia and juicing space with no one around the complete opposite of dunkirk. which really did you know the into submission with with the tension of of of another fly by But maybe doesn't sustain. That's how I three hundred did he make a nineteen seventeen. Was this your jam. I'm not like a huge which war movies person. I didn't really like Dunkirk. I thought it was a K.. I wasn't really sold on it as much as George MCI so I was quite excited to see him. Do his Do his thing and I think it's it's it's interesting. How the film sets him up? Basically as the Initially initially at least he feel like he's kind of a not not really the lead character thing happens and it very much becomes this. He's he's completely on his in both physically and mentally. He's very kind of like you. Say Very warm down and beaten by this set relentless war and I think it's getting that sense of kind of how desperate it was towards the end of the war is really I wouldn't say I enjoyed it. I think was the most interesting wresting thing you know the way that they the soldiers are sort of Skim- Byron everyone off that commanders are just in pieces. There's a lovely Andrew Scott seen seen in this hot priest of feedback fame Where he said he's on screen for about ten minutes? ARTEM hot sergeant. But he's just kind of say withering and and disinterested in in the very very important mission that George mckeon Dean Charles Chapman have and he's just just like do what you want. I don't care anymore. We're GONNA die which I very much enjoyed that. There's a real sense that all the kind of supporting players in this half their own story lying on in in in In Tangent tanned rather to the the actual storyline which I liked. Because when you've got kind of these big hit the very famous putting this for about eighteen minutes at times because I suggest that does not spoil in this film but if it was interested in seeing this film and they don't know who's in this is just playing a game of of guests the guests the cameo because you can almost think okay. What sort of middle aged or just in the middle aged older actor would play? The general also took took place in a left Hannan and you can probably guess he's going to be really hoping Stephen Fry of pop up in blackadder at some point and suddenly. He doesn't Knife Rhino. I knew phew lifts off. The cheese. Missed is interesting. How saw follows loose video game structure as well so they're on this big mission but each chopped chopped slightly so you have different locations even though you're following these guys There isn't really a break in terms of continuity the geography There are very distinct. I think little chapters emission submissions almost within the film. And it's like you get to a point where the stillwater bridge character comes in check check point. It's like a little cut scene. That happens in the movie. I don't know whether that was intentional. I feel Sam Mendes. Maybe isn't a video game guy. But I'd love to know because this I go. Oh suffice say I wish this was a video game. That film the fact that the that real time aspects Really lend itself to to feeling like a playing a game or watching the last play video game. It's like watching someone else play but then also the aesthetic Is very similar to a few recent video games. One I will go to a reference Eddie. OKAJIMA is death stranding which is a walking simulator across a barren landscape. But then also the last of us The the the naughty dog playstation game a couple of years ago. Where is he's just mainly long stretches of people talking while walking through desolate locales? And that's what this has. It has set pieces that you get got to get to an abandoned farmhouse and it's like it's somebody in there and what's going to happen the main thing you you have planes flying over in dogfighting but then most of it is just these Tommy's sharing stories with each other in between the moments of of suspense and that's really is like certain stranded video games right now which I'd love to play rather than have Sam Mendes playing it for me. I think the fascinating points about this film is supposedly based partly on summonses grandfather's a father's Experience in the war and which he kinda diarist and it feels like it doesn't feel like a very personal film Is some end is up on the poster. Ever if you'd showed this to me and that's helped me. who directed it? I probably wouldn't be able to tell you. I think he isn't necessarily someone who does have. Have you know a a signature style. But this doesn't feel like the work of someone who is is pulling a kind of really personal story on the screen and that's not necessarily to totally thirty two films detriment but I think when you're talking about maybe less so nowadays the first World War but certainly those the two was basically you know they are invariably everybody they bring up very personal feelings and connections for people Much like Jackson documentary did for people last year. and Yeah I mean some Kirk I think to a lesser extent. Stanton still there was. There was a little compensation on that and one of the things I thought was fascinating. The criticism around that was the decision not to show the enemy. And I wish he'd Kinda stuck with that. I think that would actually have made much more sense than doesn't Dunkirk goes through to get this item in anticipation enjoyment. In retrospect. I was kind of intrigued. I think the fact that came out of nowhere that that always instantly excites me when something as seemingly just been made surreptitiously oh to stay in and just dropped. So it's maybe a four Francis patient and the and also just the idea of Sam Mendes doing anything other than bond film I I'd say probably alias. Three three five enjoyment immense respect. I'm kind of the same. Maybe three in anticipation discount Radio Radia Mendez had his belief. The fans called An an enjoyment. In retrospect three not feel my very soul about much I saw. It doesn't ugly Henry. Stay with me I will say. It looks fantastic. I think deakins might be on for another Oscar after all these years. I think this is the threes down the line for me. It is spectacular. It's really good to see on the big screen. But it's not this. This film gets is racking up so many award nominations. Of course you can't spell awards without war and this sorta film is what gets a big nominations nine after this week. Got Drama the Golden Globes. And we'll see in the coming weeks how it doesn't after an Oscar give. I think it's just a very uncontroversial film for them to give awards to. It's not joker which I think they'll be a certain subset of the people who evoke these water well carbon whereas nineteen seventeen is just a very handsome looking prestige drum drama A made by a director who has a lot of good faith and goodwill towards him. So I can understand why it's getting would I just don't think it should be okay. I suspect talk of technical awards and possibly lose on the big ones. I think he's deserving who I think is a I did solid bit filmmaker. That's kind of what has solid call may nineteen seventeen if you do go and see that film this week. Let let's not make the usual channels true movies on twitter truth and movies at Linden Dot com via email or the comment section elderly lies dot com slash. podcast up next. We're moving on to the Second World War TYCO. It's Joe Roberts writer-director writer director Tyco. Itt brings his signature style to the second world. War Comedy Joe. A young German Ladan a keen member hit the youth in the waning days of the war has his world. You turned the upside down when he discovers. His mother is hiding a young Jewish girl in their attic. Aided only by his imaginary friend of Hitler played by TYCO. It himself Joel. must face some tough questions about his beliefs and his country. Let's hear clip celebrated war and talking politics. It was Schmaltz. Young boys had your blind fanaticism. Did he know shoes can each other's might l'otage who saw one thank. You look just like us you know what I am uh-huh q.. Because tense wasn't my going to the House Church negotiate the trailer for Joe Joe Rabbit there. So how'd you saw this at Toronto last year. Where the what's quite excitement about this film because tycoon Itt after thunder and so on is is quite hot right now yeah He seems to be attached to every we project gangs since Thor Ragnarok came out in twenty sixteen no he's been accused accused of not being hardworking And this has been a passion project of his for many years. I remember hearing about this who years ago. I think it was on the block in two thousand twelve twenty eleven. So it's been knocking around Hollywood for quite a long time. I think it was just a case of him. Getting ever higher high-profile in order to make her oversee after making Ragnarok he kind of got lost your goodwill and so he assembled this big old. A Hollywood cast to do this anti-hate satire as as they're calling it and there was a whole thing after the Fox Disney merger. There was a lot of news stories stories that came out about this film and kind of The conflict I guess between Disney and Fox causes the Fox film and panic dizzy. Disney went on CPA sure it would fit in with that audience. So I'm not entirely sure. If this is the vision of Jesuit rabbit that was intended right but but it's the vision we've got and what did we get ready. you start with with Jesuit. Wrap it so we have Raymond Griffin Davis. WHO's a young British actor very charming twelve year? Old playing this very idealistic fully paid up member of the But he's also at the cow salad and that's where he gets his name because he won't kill rabbit which apparently is a thing that they do in the Nazi do strange a strange nickname origin and anyway he discovers that his mother Scott Hanson is hiding a young Jewish girl house and he is kind of forced to confront and his prejudice because he meets this Young Jewish girl played by Thomasson. Mackenzie who is wonderful. Young actress shoes leave no trace and and yeah I get I give you giving you the plot because as with a lot of business around the story right so of course. The big is. It's all over the posters. Thai tea is playing Hitler in this movie in a very comic caricatured complete recognizable sense. Yeah I think that was the kind of whole joke around the film was that you have. He tyke his very playful twitter and he said I can't piss off the ghost of Hitler more than having a marriage. Did you play. Play him in a film which is fair enough. I'm being very diplomatic about this because I do understand you know. He is a person of color and has Jewish Jewish parents. Were I think his mother's Jewish so I don't want to you know kind of paperless chips and say the he doesn't have a right to tell a story in the way he he finds helpful and productive to him. But I do think this is one of the worst films. I've seen a very long time and I hated it in in the space. They say there's a there's a wonderful quote from another critic. I remember who is exactly. They said the It doesn't satire is not as it infantilises. The Holocaust which I think is tightly. There's no better way of summing up this film it reduces the systematic extermination of millions of Jewish people. Any people of course you know they would not the victims of the Holocaust ages it to the psych. Oh Hitler was a bit city. BET which I think. He's just like abhorrent. I don't really think that Joe Girardi tries to satirize anything the reason there is even a scene in which it kind of tries to like Redeem Nazis and be like watch either with some Nice Nazis to which is just a very strange thing to point out in Twenty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty S. You know but the problem is that they were still not even though they were nice people. The slot into the sub genre of Second World. War films like the Boeing Strike Pajamas. Life is beautiful which takes juvenile the view of a young child Trying to process these horrors visit successful. I'm without hair and I've had the argument a lot that it is told Machar's perspective. The problem is not that the problem is that everyone in the film behaves. He's like a child So the other Nazis that we see And spend time we're like Sam Rockwell and and rebel Wilson and Stephen Merchant. That ought behaving. It's a very like Aussie cartoonish caricature. Oh of of of of Nazism. But that the stuff they do is just not ready plausible. They basically acting like total buffoons acting acting like children. Playing to Jessup awesome and I think that just undermines any attempt at satire. The film could attempt because Eh if you have essentially adults behaving childishly even a twelve year old boy. I don't think would look at it and and be like. Oh yeah that makes sense. Sounds like what they're doing is something that I could get behind. Doesn't really try to explore on the stand his fanaticism and why he suddenly so you know what I guess why. He's so devout in his in his belief in in the few earn his country's doing because he seeing adults and he's seeing people who are you know essentially supposed to be guiding figures in his life behaving like people who who've Gone Iq that was below his and then you're adult that actually accent accent space his mother and it doesn't really seem to pay much attention to have some reason. I think the big thing the film lacks ultimately is context right. So you know you can you can depict and and quite easily satirize lampoon. Nazism and Hitler is obviously a very easy target and has been widely ridiculed. We'll come onto Charlie Chaplin later. But you can't really do that without providing some context of what was actually going on and exploring like the root of what was happening in Nazi Germany at the time. And I think the thing that really sums this up for me so today is David Bowie's birthday as we're recording this and his his his son heroes plays plays ended. This film which I think just on on a very superficial level is like if you're using heroes at this point in time in in your film then you have a word with you because it is such passe even a cover or foreign language version of it. That's such as a passing to but at the very start of the film. There's another the song very famous pop. Song by loan called the Beatles Playing over the opening credits of the film and it's their German language version of. I WanNa hold your hand. And it's matched with archive footage of rallies and basically like rapturous. Nazi crashes the looting going on lots of saluting and and when I was watching this I was kinda thinking. This is this is actually quite ingenious. Like drawing a comparison between Beatle Mania on what was going on in Germany in Nineteen Thirties. And it's such a shame that he doesn't really explore that and again provide context to that I think he just uses it as a cue opening. Refrain for the film to set the tone in. And you know this possibly a little bit of a suggestion of what we can expect from. Joe Joe his relationship with his imaginary friend character but I think so. Yeah sets up this idea of how fanaticism what fanaticism looks like basically and then just doesn't really explore that yeah. I think the lack of interrogation in this film really officers a bit slapdash. The other thing that I've had many conversations about this film with my friends is that you never really. We know where it's meant to be set. That's very important thing would too. So it's in the dying days the Second World War and maybe somewhere in Germany. I think he's meant to be the point. But it's very lie on kind of where because at the end we kind kind of see The end of the war basically and it's kind of I really three and maybe this is coming so I you know I studied history at university. She so maybe I'm coming from a very pedantic point of view but it just feels very solve Generalized Very Babies I history lesson and and I I really think past that stage now. I think you con- talk about Something as vile as the Nazi regime without kind of being a little bit serious he. I think it's just. It was so disappointing to me to watch US film. I really thought if anyone could do this right it would be take Ott. I'm big fan of his ready like love his work by just. I'm not sure that the kind of key see whimsey. Whimsical approach works for this. This kind of content. It makes me look again at his other films. I've liked all his films to date. And you know full disclosure. While I have been programming screenings in the past asked I helped figure out the right situation. Around his wakened citizens proper debut boy after his shock we put screened the first screenings on in the UK for many many years here. And I think that this film shares some DNA with boy in with hunt for the wealthy people films where he has created these greats young boy protagonists lists but it shares the very silly comedy of something like what we do in the shadows where it can't take anything seriously for second until there is a moment in the film which we touched on where it does trying bid for a sentimental emotional points and it doesn't feel earned it doesn't feel like taking itself very seriously and it makes me think he's actually not very graceful consistent or thoughtful filmmaker so it's a shame to make that realization six films into as well. I think I think it does feel quite shocking. In the context of the film because up until that point everything has been very cutesy and whimsical and on the Nazis. Funny But then after that is kind of just life goes on and I think most people see the film. They'll realize how implausible that is But yeah I mean. It's just forecast to be so kind of wasted. There's any well maybe Thomas Mackenzie daily. I think it's kind of a thankless this role she has at Sam Rockwell. I found incredibly grating. I think the one person the one not saying who kind of I thought Radi Brady could have brought this home. Was Stephen Much because I think he really has this. Very creepy kind of Indiana Jones and the Covenant Vives to him in this. But that's the thing like I think there were times when it really could have gone away from this cutesiness and taking us down a darker Bethany and it would have made it more kind of interesting. I ready to just think it's such a sad waste of a film I. I will note before we go to the scores. This has been we. There's always one. Green Book was last year. Ed Three billboards outside of there's always a film. The everyone seems divided on between we critics only the original initial screenings versus critics on widescreen than the public seats and then Oscars and awards come out and this seems to be the one that people are disagreeing on quite strongly this shit and so- opinions may vary if listeners have seen this woman love please let us know what you make of it. But let's get the scores Come see I three schools and so it was probably a full an anticipation. I generally any sort. This could be quite good Was a little bit friends after the first trailer dropped but then yes then went in Toronto had the benefit I think coming to it before the discourse and it was like a a one horned I really could not jive with this and it may be quite angry because I think Taika is a re go. Filmmaker included a very intelligent man. And I just can't understand what drove him to make the show. That's all well. I'm not a huge fan of his stuff. Generally I think are quite an for the world of people actually saying that but but I think his his particular mode of humid isn't meeting my thing and actually if if you have enjoyed his previous films email just like on the on that level. It is very much the same kind of humor that he's he's delivering. I'd say probably a two in anticipation and just from everything you've said about Hanover. Everything I'd seen it has the air of lack of one for me. Kana film when a director as you say has success with a a major studio feature and then is is basically given inkata launch to do something like this and they rarely turn out successfully. And I'd have to say to enjoyment of one. In retrospect they think is a film that editing. It's a film I would WANNA watch again. I just auditing is a film that will live long in the memory for a lot of people in will will will probably be spoken about and they'll be accademia Britain about it but not not in a good sense I'd say four to two for me. he's is my favorite filmmakers but this one just didn't really work chameleon I take this opportunity to recommend boy so strongly. That's a film where he brings. This is very similar to Rapid Taika. waititi plays a father figure. That is an outsized character that comes into life. This boy I mean Sachi is his father in that case and but it's a study of identity and community and and and it's this this thing if you want to make a film about war from a child's perspective and about fanaticism and how the people not just young people but people can be indoctrinated just set in any other period of history or or at any kind of fictitious officious war. Don't make it about the Nazis. Anyway that's Joe Joe Robert. Let us know what you make. It's unusual channels up next film club with sticking with the Second World War for an of the satire the time from Charlie Chaplin is the great dictator released least in one thousand nine hundred forty. The great dictator saw Charlie Chaplin using his comic genius to skew. The Third Reich as war broke out across Europe using his onscreen resemblance to hit. Let's full of facts. Chaplin plays a jewel of both the fascist dictator adenoid Hinkel and a trump plank Jewish barber. He faces antisemitic. Persecution under HINKLE's tyrannical regime. Let's hit our clip from the vintage trailer. ADENOID PINK Old Dominion. I bet you recognize him him to. Its Charlie wonderful the extraordinary Charlie Chaplin by faith the ruthless dictator potato and Charlie resemble each other like two peas in five except that while Adenoid Hinkel makes millions of people tremble. Charlie makes makes them die of laughter. I Love I love hearing these old trailers Charlie makes them Di. Did he die watching this film. Wow Yes did Obviously not literally his speaking to you. the reason I wanted to pick this. Actually I think there are possibly better was war to Sata's and ones which held up from the period I think to not to be is a really shining example of that. Abide just kind of wanted to see how this held up now Not just in the context of Judge Robert but just with with the kind of thing that's going on in the world and You know to provide a context to this. It was written. Actually as Hitler was coming to power and I think Chapman had famously said that had he known the full the extent of the Nazis atrocities. What was going on? He probably wouldn't have made this film release. You wouldn't have made it in the way that that he did Which I think you know with hindsight insight is a pre both thing brave thing to say as a filmmaker but it just shows the context? Is Everything in this situation. This scenario and a accrue Khrushchev. I think what he's doing here and why this works was a satire. Is You know he's really he's really going after the the the head figure of this regime and you know again even at the time it was very easy to ridicule Hitler I think chaplain especially as someone who hit a famously aimlessly borrowed his his his own look partly on based on chaplain was a big fan and a chaplain. I think the film is banned in Nazi Germany. Obviously Veasley wasn't shown for many years across kind of postwar as well and chapter Noah's been fascinated to know what Hitler made event I. I'm sure oh he would've watched it just out of curiosity and someone who is that much narcissists than egotist with definite given a well but yeah I think the the reason it works for fundamental. Today's because the the humor is I guess it's a lot more like you always know who you're supposed to be laughing at what side. Not only Charlie Chaplin's character and I think this is the brilliance of having the to let the jewel role because you have that contrast between the guy who's been persecuted in the guy that's essentially responsible for it but yeah. I think think you always know where you are with. You know who you're supposed to be laughing with Anna via some enjoy. Your rabbit doesn't quite understanding and get right just just to go back to that but you know what even just on a basic comedic level I think as as one of his first. I think it's his first full sound and full dialogue movie away from from the silent era and there are a moment's early. On where the the the soundtrack will the sons on movie actually and there are just like slapstick. Moments Played Out in silence which is is misled him acknowledging that is in this transition But I think the moments that stand out for me we still are the the little slapstick touches that he throws in the bit where he asking co when he's in his office and he shimmied up the curtain just gets me every every retire is I I think I am I saw. I was just crying laughing watching that. If there's just so many SM small moments I think in this scene around the dinner table That's that's like classic chaplain. I think just on on a Saturday and just basic slapstick comedic level. I think it's already holds up. It's really fascinating watching this film alongside assigned to two films. We just watched because I wore sequence of the beginning in fact opening sequence the great dictator is almost a parody of nineteen seventeen. Because it's like the first World War with the visual witter some light Charlie Chaplin as some of my favorite bits are in that sequence where he gets in the flak gun and he's just like constantly wheeling around going upside down. It's a person person looking at war and trying to see what is visually absurd about it but then the naive not maybe the straight. The straightness of the satire doesn't come come from the de-politicised or the ignorance of the other two films like leaving out. The context is the fact that he didn't have the full context which is so fascinating so he can just look at the plane visual ridiculousness these characters. I don't think the bit that doesn't age very well from it all this. I don't find making fun. Of how the languages sounds you know. All the German and Italian gibberish whereas the the miscellany standing comes in. And he's just like a pizza cannoli rebuilding of the the time. I think it right now and it wasn't just chaplain doing that. Kind of show from shows from the British sitcoms from the seventeenth doing similar thing. It definitely hasn't aged particularly treasurer Robert. They make a joke. But when Hitler is talking to Jerry Jones says do you even speak German and like he just is like screaming hall. Hitler even ever again. It hasn't aged well. I do get it very hard language to learn as well. I love how this film at Times. Just looks like a political accounting comes comes alive and it has the individual whip but also that this this pointed nature when this does the ballet with the inflatable balloon globe which which gets to the heart off. You know that that sounds Harry madness but also how he sees himself as this graceful baletic bigger muscles must also being an obsolete. Embezzle medialab is when he says stripping the one of his generals of all his medals it does. He know you know they they used to. How does the sentimental ending this? Oh you know Charlie Chaplin compared to all the great silent. Comedians is always always charged as being the great sentimentalist. His final monologue hair is seen seen as almost the his his grow sentimental moment. How does that work? I think watching that today it stands up because of how much what he's saying rings true today. I think it almost like torpedoes the film because it so it's such an obvious I- breaking the fourth wall moment like he isn't the trample all the Jewish Babo hinkle anymore. Anymore he is. It's just Charlie Chaplin speaking basically directly to the audience. But you know this is organic. Bill paid off massively at the time is his biggest box of success. And I mean when when this came out remember the the. US was still officially in a knock knock par allied movement and was was very much like not involved volt woman really and I think they were especially the the US government were a little bit wary of criticising satirizing. Hitler and Chaplin was this huge movie star and he had he had the the the the money festival must be he was able to get a put up. A film is made and it just showed how I history has shown how how Roy was basically. It must have been absolutely exhilarating to be a a film. Go and not not deign age and have that happen happen at the end. Why Charlie Chaplin a personal relationship with for many decades by that point and I haven't heard him speak and speaks at great length writer? You must have been chilling. Wanted to say I must say this. Isn't this where does this rank few in the movies. I actually think it's one of his best and I think a lot of what we're talking about here. You know how it holds up on. Its own if you're talking about. I mean he made so many great movies silting. Modern Times is probably my favorite stove but yeah he's just M- he made so many amazing see movies But I think certainly that if you just take that monologue at the end on its own and I'm sure you can just watch the whole thing on youtube or wherever but of Serb would talk to go out and watch the whole film You can't you can kind of an exit from the film in a way and it does it does. It doesn't how hold up on its own and I'm I'm really resonates and you know I think I think it's also colored slightly by the knowledge of what happened shopping after this. Because you know he he. He wasn't someone who is necessarily persecuted by external forces he was someone who's persecute Bison country and essentially exiled to Switzerland and I think he was. There was a lot of talk at the time of him. Being a communist potentially in the house at American Committee will after Durum and he he he basically when lift rest of his life and I slow from the US and is is really sad watching this film now in the in the knowledge of that and you know if only they had kind of casually taken on board what he was he was saying the message Shona Get Crossed Fascinating Sniping turning point in his career because he never really is this. Massive titanic figure again is why I probably prefer to make before and after so you have the films he made during the sound period where he was resisting. The coming of the talkies with with city lights modern times than the two after the great dictator where he makes mischief Asia the do which is his almost like darkening of the Charlie Chaplin mythos and limelight. which is him looking back to his days on the stage but these films that he's making kink in like in exile? I mean in exile in a nice cushy mansion and Switzerland but he was self imposed exile to a point but essentially it was very difficult for him to continue making films in Hollywood and even someone with his clout and financial backing. While if we agree with Ricky Jay. It's no none of these film. Stars can tell us anything because complicit in the Hollywood system right anyway eightieth anniversary this year. Maybe we should go and rewatch that recommend anyway. That's is the great dictator. Please do let us know what you think if you watch that. So if you watch any of the Charlie Chaplin Films Go further down the rabbit hole so many good movies and shorts as well to find their Next week as Hannah teased. We have a hidden life. The latest film from Terrence Malick we have bombshell awards contender and fulfilling club. Because we're doing Terence Malik. WE'RE GONNA go back to his second feature nine hundred seventy eight days of heaven let us know what you think of days of Heaven seen that. Or if you're catching up with it for the first time the usual channels. That's that's truth in movies on twitter truth movies at London Dot Com by email or the comments section at elderly lies dot com slash podcast until then and Adam. Thank you so much for joining me this week on Mike leader as always this is a seven digital production.

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