The Eugene Souleiman Story: Podcast Special (Bonus Episode)


This is how cut in address an industry by show wisdom lane and Eugene Solomon. To how to cut it in the head. Jesse industry broadcast this show, you that gives you that incites rations and information to take your handwriting and offering to the next level as your host dome. And welcome along to these very special Wednesday because I am delighted to bring you this. How to cut it podcast Bashar with myself dumb lane. Because today, I'm in the company of none of than Eugene Sulaiman. One of the most influential has always in the world Eugene is joining me for this podcast special to Shay, his magnificent career story in hedge in I mean, this is going to be a very special. Listen few from a very special address. Now, anybody the knows anything of Eugene will know that he is an absolute true visionary who inspires and Setzer trends of a starless follow. So to have him on the show is truly an honor for us. Or mean, we really are in the company of somebody who is at the top of the game now ever since launching need. How? Cutted podcast two years ago. Eugene has always taught my list as a wound. Guess I've most wanted to interview, and I have reached out to g many many times, and our know how busy is out to get him on this show is off the charts of mechanised for me. And hopefully for you to now, I'm gonna be asking Eugene all my burning questions upping wanted to ask in two years. And I want to learn about his journey address in and I want to find out about his out of the box, creative vision rethinking, and of course, life as one of the world's most famous session stylists of all time. This interview with Eugene will give us all a very rare insight into the mind and life of a hairdressing genius. And may showed that you stick around to the end of this interview because we're going to be learning how we can watch Eugene's live online event with hairdresser in live, and is going to be saved is going to tell us how this works. In what's going to be going on? And when this will be and how you can sign up to this event. So let's not say anymore. This really is a proper good podcast that you are not going to want to miss selects jump to it. I poke a'special we've Eugene Suliman today. I have got probably the the most influence you has dollars today. Is somebody's been top of my list from day one of start in how to cut podcast. So I am just. I am. I am. So so made up to finally get onto the how to cut it podcast. The amazing Eugene Solomon, Eugene, welcome. I think I've been pestering unify some time I not Eugene to be. You find you funding. I only eleven year. Just shows you listeners. That's what you get with persistence or I say serious works. But you are so busy are no choice. I difficult. I mean, you you just traveling the world, so where are you at this mode? When we talk in Eugene just to give our listeners are literally just I studio in my well outside my house in a living countryside now. The literally just been studio you crumbling. I may of spike insanely in my new money spice. Love it. Swung a studio. Then Eugene, what's the reason for that reason? The reason for is a bit of Sarah sleeping, dying for my own of little place, where I can am player ramming ideas. You know, have my stuff instead of doing hair in the kitchen when the kids are impedance, I it's just a it's just more spice. It's a convenient place because it's obviously where live and I can still lies stuff. Here will can ideas play music. We'll career in more boxer shorts in one to and just do HALE, but his vision for civil I mean, so you're a man in the shed I much is stable, but it's beautiful. So this is a a works basis is not for you to in any clients his view for your creative output, certainly about daily Clinton more, which are communists released. I what do you miss that? Now. Artists artists miss them because like like turning to prince that night coins. United new you you build up a relationship with them, and you know, generally have tie with United. Upi very lucky with them. I guess so I've done because I think you at strikes what you all United side. I've otherwise had off caught. Interest-? Interesting clientele that so. Really, really great personalities. They're allow you always look forward to do. You never really kind of handed climbs health at spinach, Rama unite the Willett like just thinking about on a PayPal. I'll I've she I mean, we would just took it before. I'm not unhappy with put it that way. It's a dollar, absolutely. Ju just gonna pick up on you just set you move to the country. Would you live in the city prior to this move? Mark. I lived in York, we live in New York and never knew that they lived in New York. I've lived in Australia lived in London. I've always lived in confirm big cities or my life and. A literally in the countryside two and a half year about two and a half years now. And what might that move? Well, obviously the kids to his. Wanted to beat a spice fool room in a garden. You enjoying it? I'm really, I'm really enjoying it. I find it difficult because I'm caught fast paced person. Eventually a slowdown gripe. Go into that whole kind of village community life used to Dan the Bouza getting to know people not so Kate sales pretty proper. No, it's so is is. I guess I've counted three areas to to Milan live unite in marriage. My case, Molly session career also have another career where you know. I think I'm global create what I think on the global. Of central Wella professionals. So it also half that as well. And end of golly. Oh project room to I'm trying to work on a book at the moment. Yes. Yes. I can you. Tell us more is. Harmfully? It will be it. It will be an ongoing book. And I kind of see it as. In a in a full Matt of volumes much like lot the niche now National Geographic where I'm by newly. I'm going to bring out book any expert will be I different area of my working life. They will be a collection of Polaroid's dedicates pyrites. A book dedicated to a postulate mighty Orioles. There'll be a book on shows, and then they'll be another book, which which how very dear to my heart, which is. I a book which I think we can account be on which encompasses the creative solid of hairdressing analyzing other elements to inputs ROY at craft and creating. Guess what this on? Need? I think I think a real room need full me to actually kind of sit down and work in a slaughter day for why a type stuck of what I've done and and do something. Is a strongly directed towards the future of O'Hare Jason about cross a real creative. So is the stuff that I dream about. The I probably not at the trees. A US she working on this now on when can we expect? Working on this in my head for about fifty. As now, you can feel Tom on those airplanes. Finally feels like it's. The right time to do it. And I I always coated like look to book says a kind of a bit of a full stop to someone's career. In intranet fields, always thought biographies, and what I really wanted to do was. I wanted to tell a book that was about a month old son have my history and aware say going in the future or I would like to be in the future. So I really see as a full stop. I see as a an aviation reached shine love butts off in these books are just they will just go can already failing hearing people say when can we get hold of these and wet you know, that the. We re really quiet quite fantastic to book in volumes. And we can just exercise volumes as a win. We we we need. We might even provide binding service level. We'll have to bring you back again Eugene of worked-out to get your first mobile ready planning the second would that's so we took even more about about the book. It'd be great. I think so I think so look when you you will the fifteen year old Eugene, let's just tell you right back. Okay. And somebody said to you now. And if you know, mommy, asking here, we are two thousand nine hundred how old are you Jin? I am fifty five still looking super cool. Okay. Fifty-five as that fifteen year old Eugene, yes, did you ever envisage a career lot unit? You know? No, no, no. I million years. Not not. So what did you expect when you came into this Caribbean? I will I be really honest with you. When I came into the career, obviously, I didn't come into the career directly as a left stole a climbing. Sue Hendrickson kind of much lights up. And I I would say come from quite humble beginnings. You know, I grew up with a counselor style in southeast London. They weren't particular a job opportunities. You can eat a work in show working. Factually. You could lead adopter lawyer. Or accountant. Pretty much the options that were kind of open. So you. As a cake, I've always been different and on a ni-. And on a ni- otherwise been different and I'm very comfortable with being different. I didn't really fit into any of. Is areas. A wasn't particularly good at school or events. Also, I was really bad school. Now, there's a term for I think up believe his dyslexia. And it's time we didn't have those labels. And now we didn't have I was like. And it's all I I was knocked tickly goodness go, however was created if which is a an actual picture of dyslexia the gift of this light series. He lie. So I realized very early on. I was really good at jewelry knows good at crise solid things. Was good at scouting. Wasn't bad at maths because I a like a like numbers in a not to think about systems and away things were couple of ways. One of those cases, pending, Chris if an kind of lived in their own little, Brian, you know, when I was a kid I used to Mike bikes from a pulse. Another bright of how'd you might pay the I wanted, and you know of a of a waste. Pulling things Paul in two thousand one to stand how they work and choice to might better more interesting. So so so that was a guess my my early start. I was in a band as well as in a punk band. It had to be Pengfei it why back in his diet like most case in in a guarantee United average brand. And as you know, it was advice player, ROY. I got I was terrible audited. And and I finally got placement in in an obstacle. And I really honestly the always Hawaii too young to truly appreciate. School when I was lowering to the band because the band was more fun, and I really didn't go so. Did not get Cates out of a ghost his colleague a very early any. That's one for the bullet. I should and. New parents split up really think of a toy. What's to be honest with you? And I went to jobs saints and filled out. The questionnaire lot multiple choice questionnaire in the light events that you'd make really good up. What was your reaction to that? I had never been in a here. Salam to be only really didn't know about what she say. But a really didn't want to go to work did want the job 'cause arms disarming way too, much fun. So I ended up doing city, of course, Ayers, college of technology in a bothering ladies hairdressing week, Mike king. Well, that that was a real cut the seventeen. Where boy found I should in my love of mon- cross began. I love that. You could just literally you could touch someone's hand will hair and do something to China's you could transform them. You know, love your daily, you what you were looking at could change in you could actually change it. So that's where my kind of love for hairdressing salted end. It was really very instant. And it wasn't something. I felt that I had to work at it was something I just kind of really dive into a love from the getting Mary beginning. You know that was that. And then I got a jump in a barber shop. Gymnasts. Just stop you that so many top headresses styling barbershops. Well. I session coin pony said that because I think being a Bob, but gives you really a great understanding of of of of the head and of griped patterns. Yeah. I'll get that. Completely is quite is quite a microwave thing to do as well. It's really about little details. So it it really kind of Heinz you kind of find mine too skills in get you to study what you're doing. So you'll really spa. Shop is his show papers. A very high end on sale in a Impala playing Gordon the house hotel. Headed china? Bow shots magazine awarded fund sandwiches in the old witch in WC animals, another one in a really an amazing Hartselle with Churchill hudsell, which is a open square in life L. I'm. And were were there. Obviously, I had an estimate Haleakala shows a one side the other side was was hanging from oil. Burgundy an awful, you send plot new romantic very, very, yes. Here's an not sound what I was. Vivier whistle. It's you know, and I'll still love baby whistling side. Never, leslie. God bless. So I started what they're in. There was there was a manager. A young lady could seal Sylvia Lacrima. She sits mate will on ener for you doing here. Why are you working here is not look at it time for in you. Units units units. All you need to work somewhere on this trendy and up and coming at interest in United fashionable. Some you know, you need some life. This is this is like for you. You know, shaving planning Pohan. And I didn't show bike inside annoy Ciccio up can review more civil to an appointment of the Saillant. Trevor sylvan. Get your haircut boy by the owner Trevor sober what you asking for a job. And I got there. You know, went from my head cut oversleep Trevor wasn't around. But the manager the manager the manager was John Nixon back in dynasties, probably the very early IT's of price when you met me tell. I just got my head cotton. I Austin for job, and he said, oh, actually, we're looking for assistance. You know? I wouldn't you comforting to the Trump is intimately, and this is really weird, you know, back in back in die. And I think there are lot lot lot more younger people that were interested in doing hair. I was having this chat with them. The kirwin won't show. You know, you say CJ is real good really ties night. Mine. Nicole monday. And you said this is amazing. And we were talking about. And I think there was something like about two hundred awhile joke, but in a mess like. Oh. At travel United waiting for my mouth verbally incident where your to late may and. I was quite shakier south by lane of China that much thought. I thought I we love you for it. I think he quite likes me. Oh, yeah. Your your your mail. Let's see if you can let's see if you can actually will walk it. I listen. What did you do? I'll see your job and he just signed off. And. And he was like, well, you know, if you if you if your chest is good as you were unite. I've been quite impressed. So luckily want check what's is going to smell it. And so I got a job as system and I worked to Trevor's full. I think about fifteen years before doing session. I cannot just stop you that you just might reference when we simply full end on a half dimension it because you are a complete hero of mine needs to be in a big part is the I briefly worked to Trevor's as well. They nine thousand nine hundred six Shielfield homesick full months, but I was actually Eugene's assistant. He may not remember this. But he was just incredible. And I have to say. To see your career as well. Go on from that point in one thousand nine hundred eighty six but you would just a love how you have a one. I just I had to pleasure view, cutting my hair once, but how you scissor over comb, and there was a lot going on to that period. Wasn't there? It was. But also one of the big memory's, not only will you just an incredibly great guy to be around and work with, you know, your personality with brilliant made me laugh, lots. But also we said about I could see you'll visionary. And you're thinking back then because they used to be an area downstairs in a stock hair is dot cupboard and you spit. He's Paula sarin heads wasn't there. Eugene where I think you will preparing looks for show. Sound rule? Let let's give him some ham prices today for the next shot. But that was kind of of your. It would just we would software ideas. You know, and not be really honest with you. I would we loosely with him. And I went just up bungling the dungeon. I rented ice on with not and tweet just be playing around with hands. Anything season ended up? In some driven showers that we use the kind of tight home tool. So was this early part of you, then Eugene where that real connecting creativity fashion? Call it what you want. But that away from the commercial side of the seller. Floor was this where it started to happen for you? Yeah. For sure I mean, I. I wouldn't side. I was. I commercial hairdresser Lee nets in that sense. You know, I can't do commercially obviously because of had such great joining United peak. Peak travel out on Coppola. His is another is absolute genius. Or was an absolute genius. So up very Fulton it in the fact that. On I wanted to Trevor's because not only did on lens cut hair precisely, but I learned to dress hair as well and believe right? That was probably one the only real places in world where you were you were you trained in Susu by cutting ham is trivial swear physicians and he's like, the I guess that the the the man was in charge of a the education. So I learned technically have cut hair, and I also have to dress in. Little realize that there was a Paul more personnel eating which was missing which was the rebellious soy in in doing hair that pump. And that was the thing that we can't fight may from the beginning. Was the fact that you you could actually bright the rose the US tool, and if you knew those roles, you could brighten them, and you could create a new set of rows, would you turn? Once you've done that. If you're anything like me, you break again, you know, ongoing China of creative thinking, I I think for me the a lot too bright rules a lot to do things that haven't been done before. And then again, a lot of kind of alleged destroy what I've done in create something else in places that that's been the theme. This guess five we creatively through L career. You know? Just standing little listening to this is incredible to get that thinking that really just take us all the white back to that. Eugene the ladder at school took have Finke par. And then we put it back together. And and create new. As an that still carries on so walk us through then. I mean, as I said at the side, you are probably. One of the most influential has solace in the world not Cape in the world. And you know to get to that you have an you are and sometimes probably you're in Eugene's, but book sometimes you don't realize sometimes definitely the the greatness it goes on round. And and I think but you'll humbleness is. So what makes you so wonderful this what you are? But so mega mega talented. When did that break away moment come from the commercial side to become in? We use the word session star. Let's even back then Eugene nominee people really knew what says she started. As was did, they really know? I saw I mean, I is pretty much everything in my life of I've never really have had this plan. Right. Brian another people have and I think that works for them. But I'm very much one of these people. That's a guess you'd be in the moment counter people and an fa may. I guess the most the the the thing I love about. What is a love the journey. I love the end result. But I I really love the journey and the process because for me, the price is is is is is is the is is a sanctuary right? And at its it's that place, the helps you create you know, you you things at if you crisis is sign, and when you when you working you results Lewis bay, the sign, you know, the journey is the most important thing that leads you to these places amo- live at up getting my famous goosebumps. Otherwise mentioned is about the journey and the any experience in how you feel emotionally about what you doing. Yeah. It really for me is very personal. Do you need to move on and develop then say, yeah. So you cannot sit still for a period of time. You of was that whole process starts to dry up. Well is not even that process starts the joy up. Just the icon. Hey, I'm just not my that, y you know, I was talking to someone about retirement. With all white to retire onslaught county think about how lie. House lie. I think when you stop you just stop riot unfamiliar. I wanna I wanna keep Gabby in when it keep spiracy and things on July things I to try things out. This only got some new places every night. I wanna week beans on Thais therapy guy on United. Another one would be feeding. You the soup in the ball. You know to say. Say phone. I mean, I think that's that's the issue. I'm definitely a thrill seeker. I'm not I'm not into standings oil. I saw is believable everything that you're saying I'm on the same page, and it's people like you not on putting us hope anyway, your quality. But I resonate completely in what I feel and see and oil way. See you was you are revision rate and visionaries are. People that those few visionaries often, but ruled wise people that don't want to do what everybody else is doing. An and I see that and that is kind of gone through and and then you entered into this world of session before everybody else was a session star. Let's now on I want wanna get to join up in the world of session because I know it becomes a real. Topical deterrent. But how have you found his world as a session stylist? The really really funny thing about this is when people talk about session signing as if it's lis- brines kind of thing is nothing grind about a toll a moist. Not well because you know, like, you'll you'll Florence's I align. You'll take an evening slot. Your land in LA. United eleven thirty at night, spend, two hours in customs Rolette, you'll get your hotel. And then you got a Feith pickup coal to drive to the desert. Unite Andy finish probably about seven o'clock, eight o'clock at night. Not never I wanna off drive back. Ten o'clock. So didn't you you were really low as you might be jet like. You you what we've already high pressure twins like Calvin Klein unit. Just provin. You recall has a lot of energy or not focus and any as as hard work. It really is hard work. It is any anyone that even fakes like wanna do job lightly style. You have to be really aware. The. It really is work, and he's much more work working is not on much more work dating. We just want going. You dating clients. You know, you dating people set of lot says he equal. With them pressures in the early days. On just for me. I I'm just very focused on my work. Roy. And the goes and everyone I want to commute having a good time. I really won't pay telling and have enough and feel comfortable, and there's a lot of work the way do that people aren't really aware of unity. Oh, yeah. You to head for should well either much more than that. You know, for instance, if you go you're on a shave, and you got an actress on the show or a motto. I spend time with you any any sound. So might feel beautiful and fantastic. Given the confidence to have that pages. Heineken you not. So so there's a lot of background were that actually goes on behind just hand over showed. Because you can't just walk up to a shoot all runway up. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know, and and it's like for runway as well. I'm not you. You know, you can have very early on that five six o'clock in Mony. But what is it? So that it's difficult is challenging. But what is it that you've lived about it? I love doing hail unloved doing. Head is larger launches by. I love. Working on depression, a tone brings out the best in may a lot. The Thais of it is really fast. Perfect. So you've been doing session stall in for twenty five years how you can't energy and infuse Yasim and the just that keep going thick. I just love what do. It's that simple. That simple. If you're not passionate about what you do. You just not a passionate person. An on really passionate about while. I'd say. A lawyer absolutely of what. Why? Really sorry for people that. Deng enough. What do I don't know? How that is possible. A really done. Pack that failing gal words die you. It'll be okay. When weekend comes never be net person ever. So if you we have a listener he's sitting here day in I've had them getting such a mandate. You know, some of them have said look these pop cans of really helped them just to get that excited about that career. I mean, we'll advice would you give to any hairdresser baba? That's just aren't into Wayne with their love of what they do in. How can I get that Mojo for what they do? I think he's everyone's personal responsibility to find that job. And generally on phone what people that are not mighty in in in work, really probably not motivated in other areas of life. United is really a question of I guess. Finding a strong connection with what I do. I think that's the most the most important thing to be at without being today bail obeying one with what they're doing. Because it doesn't just happen. Does it simply you have to work everything that we do to get excited and to get engaged? Yeah. I think I think the the wonderful thing about well onto and handwriting this will because he Chinese. I mean, if you if you look at hand through the ages, and you look at how much is changed and has fifty it's as become. Can you not be interested in new phones technology when you you're doing a? Techniques. Made a think it really really Isabelle. What you say, you know, everyone's different. Everyone's going to say something different. It will in what later, and that's the way it should be. But I think some might figues interesting. I think you've you've got Sabet quite free visited and NFC. The other thing is everyone saw talks about. Be doing things. Rightly right, sometimes ROY it find use combined the things that really might see like you. I might see light may. So while he is that then Mikey mistake in combatting a pop Pov, your crave prices and Ligi somewhere else. That's a good to shed at. Thank you. When you talk about your creative process. I am really came to just get an understand it. So again, I'm not super pollute upon the everyday world of Yuna session when you work for a runway working for design book. A creative process. How does that star? So for example, you're working for designer a collection. Let does that start for you? Well, first of all you've got to think of a designer as person, that's we stop and people everyone's different every house has its own energy fine chemistry. Every house is different. So is much led to redefine what I do is. I tap pain too. And why have working? What they understand. They're living with heist. How bravely have have create you follow like, what's the music like what the shoes? Like, what's the what's the big picture? And I think I look at things as a whole to begin with and. Ivory periods and quite quickly something in the collection or something with dissolved what the designers said all a reference picture will spark an late Magana pass. Sometimes someone will just want opponent tail but this tiny style in town. Two very the I it's quite a generic con of look. But this this is there there were piney sounds near piney tells unite this clean piney tells texture piney styles. Punish house, Bryce different types of pro-nazi. Ponytails taxes? You know, it's it's is actually. Quite ruled. And so when you work in you've got that from design, a you go back to your studio now or previously you kitchen. What is it that way of working at that? Eugene Solomon, I remembered in nineteen eighty six who will get polystyrene heads workout these break say that's the fame. This the thing is I I kinda done that mary-anne only my career so. It's kind of ingrained in might not that but kind of not philosophy but that wasn't working. But sometime for instance, I'll give you next of the activity sample, which is someone not your GM emerged, ROY. Now, he's he's Japanese guy who they say is the most wrote black and absolute genius now on much Japanese, right? And he doesn't speak much English. But he was the first show that I have dated Paris, right one. The first shows, and I've been Tony for got nice any years. And when people look at like showers, they got a, you know, they think of Lee young g as as as as in innocence. And and Pat McGrath. Now, you you you might you might think took hours to crawl ISO ideas, right? The lost show debut. Yaojie? The fitting was an hour and a half. That's incredibly quick. Well, right. And. I because I understand him. I know I level of ties non level. It does on very much is world in any sat me down. At least said UJA Choi really hard this season because I think faculties date. Well, obviously, it's not a question show, you these fashion in the sense of. Something that's sunk precious. Takeaway is lacking so's like spirit, and I want I want to go back to win. April. Plus, not might of people might Orion close, and he said in that for me is very hard to kind of design we've on tonight. And I said, oh, kind of like the fact that you know, you've Conaco is craft is profit the elements in there. They're very so you even record. But when you when you when you used to work can be someone that you just pick up those things the arena collection. Or things that revisit low pay notice. But that quite important these house, I'm. Analysts say to sell them. When we starting the hand. Ryan is not. Yes, he said, I want anti style. Well, that really want anti style you want. Something that's not been joint gazillion Blige is by then you don't want anything this been cold. You want it to look like it was done very quickly. It's not starting conventional sense is very is is really about something does some. Spontaneous. And also, I'm really like that blankets states that you've done. In. That is Lee went. Yes. That is the original stage. Right. That is having mine close originally unite, and I always like great. Let's do these hairstyles or not. Cutting a hedge wa hairspray by kinds lis- stitch, the herrings who hey style. And that's really what we did. We literally got NATO WinCo sincere threats, and we literally blanket stitch the hair opinions as kind of a kind of broadcast win win eight five of the net. We just lot left the the threat hanging with the NATO on as well. And the goes went down we have that way. So really, it's it's just a question of carnival Gubbay into fencing really clean head. Not really kind of having. I. A any preconceived ideas of what you're seeing what you should ROY is you should go into fixing. An experience the collection. Okay. That comes back to that journey and that process that you were talking about and really kind of really enjoy and many inspired. You relax. Let let let let it get. You. Coming is mega. Well, how cool is that? Have you share that we were? So just brilliant stuff an are one. And now the hairdresser that you've nail because you'll Thais level. How how do you combine you'll ties level with some a designer making sure that it works? So you've got the just connects because if you get an ask to do. Really strange. Roy painful that are really strange and creative nine hundred eleven is really not is really that. Simple. Soi wanted an interview with John Lewis. Colorado failed which across the Donut center physiology. Mr. Valentin, I Calvin Klein, the manage self Ralph Lauren in I've worked for lots of mainstream designers. And. Dishonestly right. A few years ago that is just a little bit bulled. Was there any? And I wanted to. What we pay that won't count. Maybe be more like minded, but more autism. And I just thought I'd play one Catlin. I'm just really loved. And and the work and the designers. I kinda went we've now all they're the kind of note. Then they all might Streep is honest, but then not commercial mainstream designers that people yard today. Tom brown. Junk Eliana for mice emotion law. You know, they're all kind of brands that creative. Other people that I don't work we club design is that you use e they closed down the high street. I mean, I tell you but working with people on a sane. Saint full processes now musician museum the. The books, you know. I counting books about careers. And you know what? Like, Don unite the were Enlai mcquaid and people like that, you know, group ISIS, and they love working remain all of where it can be then because we're law Monday PayPal. You saw a young. Yeah. We just saw glad to have you as as Eugene and doing, and it just blows my mom when I stand here, and you're just rattling off these names that you work alongside and. People. Yeah. Absolutely. They United Stu really jump for someone you have to really like will. They do you have to get them. I'm not providing a service on giving something, you know. I mean on Taekema Mijo in-inside can be on Nejad. We're going legitimate together. You're not unless very much how I see it you do and I'm just gonna come away a little bit from now. And I just wanna get your force on just the culture the culture shift in what we see in in the world now. And do you feel that this has a big reflection in the word that you'll create an under designers? Creighton do you see things really changing? You're not. I'm thanks so much faster. Now, right. Let's deal. Nice. We've social media. You know, why wait why the Weiming were now? And. I think there's great in it. And there's bad in it the positive the positive side of as because things are happening quicko. Well, I can only talk about it from a personal point of view. Because this will I feel it might not be anyone else fails. But this is how I feel about it. I think that is maybe less precious because I have to Quaco. It's kind of I will be up low. Maybe more relaxed and free. The the I guess the bags bad soil is you never really have time to truly appreciate what you've done. Roy you feel that you don't appreciate or maybe what you've always done. Well, you know, you want to the next thing. Right. And it's like, well, sometimes when you've done something it will be nice to conham be allowed to have the time. So pre shite what you've done think about what you've done in think about if you could do it in other. Why all where it could go? You know is very is. Very frightening should at the moment. United State you you didn't want Jovan his tongue next, but none of them kind of inspire. One. Another roaring full one. Another very separate. Which is obviously why what really creative designers because on. They don't. They designed with the concept, but is very much this United not just Mike and Clive biking close 'cause they have tonight lies is that may now. And as law may all loved to do hair. I don't have to. Isn't that simple? And what legacy you're gonna leave? You choose one. Are you gonna remember of that that? Good lasagna. I have no idea. Mica your world. You know, when they talk to their might scene, you, you know? I think it's really quiet. Finally, you know, I was talking to this the other day, and she's my oldest Rosie fees just turned twelve. Just before Christmas, and we were talking about Frings, and she's very much likely. She's quite she's calling out outwardly going kind postage quite loud. She likes people, but she wants her own space, and she's a creative. She's definitely not an academic by any stretch of imagine is nine. She's naked hamic joys are amazing the way she thinks. He's amazing. I'm we were talking about friends, and she was talking to me. She's well, you know, I really haven't go that many frames. Go 'bout four or five friends and that kind of worries over a little bit. And always knows what what did you say nice. She said will probably cause I'm different from law. Paypal. I know says. Yeah. She's all I thought that some good unless it will. I actually think he is good. She said well that is good. Well, I think he's really good because PayPal that actually really didn't understand you really think like you really day. Like you love that. And I think you're not with those things that people think really strange is a nobody we'd about you. I says you're gonna find as you get older they in the best things about you. They innovative themes that give you carry. You know, how you Julia loss? And she was process. It seems. Kanev in agreement which did it by consumer that the wheels win kind of United Saturday. She's of she got what I was cited. And and I think that was that was that was a source come for for athletes. Right. I think so. And you know, so anyone to to my son at similar things. And actually when I think of the people that I really really love and connect with people that have their quirks. Don't you know, always do things? Norman, I find them people so exciting and interesting. Sure, I mean, I find it hard to connett workout wear when what with women not starts way career. And I mean, somebody they're all the same thing. You kind of I kind of work together. And I guess you'll probably like many people the passion you don't get to where you are without loving. What you do? But it is just part of you is probably you'll live it units of it. As is is probably not. Yeah. Sure. Now, it's amazing. I mean time is just annot. I could just site on deathly gonna bring you back. Suddenly when that book comes out because I can't wait. I can actually see how that Oates is going to my brother is. Darren is ending credibly good street photographer long before that became fashionable. And he gets his books at some amazing world famous street talk. Visit I love looking in books. I'm kind of magic that you could look saying similar to that. Yeah. Probably be a lot with. Kawhi. So we are going to because you know, I always have a little bit of a flow in front of me. But I haven't even looked at it just gone off in a lovely. It really is unfunded really kind of an interesting time by mid because on signs of. Of. I guess title of Lucas as a very different law like originally. I I saw in Ceylon. And I saw it educating and then unless boy Anaconda soy's do session because it was, you know, twenty one years older those extremely attracted to young lady models. If Mazel advice surprise. I'm not spent lie gets the best parts when he followed years very night. And then I kind of go contracts with will professionals ONA southern unrealized. I was back in Detroit again, which is quite an interesting. You know, I feel right things kind of coming round full circle there. Yeah. It's it's almost like the exactly on that globally heads rolled it. You have their G HD incredible rose. And and also haven't even touched upon the British hairdressing awards hairdresser of the year nominations. I mean, generally briefly how was that the felt like all the industries? Welcome me back with open arms. Off the so being a wife. You know? I mean, it was it was really quite mind with that creative environment. And it was. Really got me kind of thinking about. United kind of commit by kids Detroit goal divvied things the United. The Laura educational again because I learned quite a lot since I've been away and different things, you know. And I think maybe it's time now to bring order those things back into this ROY just I just journey is up process in the planet. Let's just see. But when you just fiery Kentucky gunning into Nova, you might meet I wanna ask you another question. But you sort of say I feel like being away. Do you sort of say you feel like you being away? Because been working so hard to not being Sifi focused on. Working with these on this. I mean because like tight capo law of time, you know, and a low of energy United. I really do get you know, what someone junk getting on fade from my salon jello is like four days every models different character. And it's saw immediate have to think about it. You know, I think site for instance, you you look what you have thirty two gals was he to Motta was in a show. Right. You have to create a specific look for that. One. Post sounds haunted tight about three or four gutters to find. That thing. The the worse with some if you if you multiply ROY thirty two by four selectivity doing the dying of so. Clients. Right. You know, what I really so? But that's the really great thing. You know, not lost shine was I was like that is starting often. It was it was very colorful. What it was? It was loaded and the idea was Jones saw it off with something that was lot reloaded, and it became minimal became turned into nothing. And we were talking about is this is what you know, you really minimal. Would. I is. Oh my slot. We kind of saw the shy bites from, you know, like, the, you know, the big pace ROY is nobody at the end of the show. But it was not it was right at the very beginning. Ryan us ethnicities thought we've done shied bytes bytes from you know, in reverse he was low. And we was we were talking about it. And I we'll. What we start off with something really maximal loads of kala this loaded. Right. Impair it down. So like the laws person should have shied pace. I should have known hair an excellent idea. You know, what I made? So you really you really have to kind of understand paint, we work with you know. I want to go come on with you know, Mckee night. They they just got out the shower. And bits of hair stuck in clothes and stuff like that. And I'll sit. I said is you know, when it's like stomach highs. I said could I have had the shallow but forgot to rinse the shampoo out. And he's a love the idea. And we say goes out with like five minutes. Wis shampoo thought bubbles. Is very own pun, ROY. And he's a real creative. So you know, we played that is Justin joy you have to remind yourself. I guess up, you know. And I know it never wanted to Joe, but never do wanna joke and interested in avenue Joel I just wanted to something really just really passionate about love. It just comes through. And it's why way we're glad we have you as I was British hairdressing hairdressing live. You have got a master class coming up on the fifteenth of April. Tell us what's going on here. What we told about me could've like coming back into the industry. I've ever seen twenty five twenty parents. A lot of things and a lot of different things outside Aaron destroy. And I think for me. I really love supremo realize influences and ideas and bring into the Hendrickson audience unim- hyping. The people are going to be inspired by that. Could you give us a little snippet of maybe what we might see? Well, yet is three sections. It is obviously essentially is in our first session would be an introductory section of wear. I kind of to briefly about in my philosophy. And I. Use Nokes of creative designers lay McQueen and yard GM might side. But. I titan for the United. I mean spy binds, look, so I found and we do something different. With those looks. Then there's the third section which will be a a section on ham prices a week work. Which way Paul the process, and then they will be a completely free style section which kind of give you really good insight into modern philosophy and how I fail and narrow none on deers for that. It's all I am gonna might not his up on the day in front of everyone and put Moines Nick other than the lowing. Enters. This is live, isn't it? I just really kind of go. Put my parts on the Trump your block and just put it out there for everyone assay enjoy to do something that I haven't seen before and tight myself out of a comfort zone. And to show everyone, ROY I guess. Sometimes when you step out of your comfort zone, you can create things that you never thought you could know to be comfortable with been uncomfortable. That's another one eight full of most motivation on really excited about this. Can't tell you because I've got there are a few tickets a big sold in a hell, we can get those tickets in interesting life, you can get on their on their website on the lake and there's also an audience there as well. Amazing. And you'll use just gonna pay paper. The I truly value idiot industry. The I think of. The best people in the world that have it spied my in my career, and I feel really surely been. Am I z ambassadors this travel? I haven't asked yet can come July seminar, Mark high as. Tim Harley you, not answer the impact Nick this. This is going to be laws headdresses that are. Really have a bright respectful, right respectful. I to be an audience call why? And I'll just tell anyone down. But I'm sorry. Use. This is this really is one of those industry events. The are just. Be just amazing, and we're gonna put all the links to hairdressing live to this event on the show notes as well listeners. Don't worry I'll give some links are mentioned some of them are failing. I think the amazing thing about is. I think everyone, you know. And there's there's some created heads the journal. You know, those guys are coming at I'm high pin? Roy is going to be not just a seminar is going to be a little bit of a a bit of a of swale a club people. And we're gonna have really great compensation as well as educating United. So it's. It's more of any vein. This is really fancies could be till it very special. You know, a whoever applies Mike awake might some very interesting clients. I'm not going to tell you about. We'll just have to wait and see everything about is about up slightly. A recently. Are- appropriate in something and put it somewhere else. And creatively on very happy with where where we where we are at the moment. You know, brilliant. We'll thank you ought to say. I cannot wait what she's say listeners. Don't worry. We're gonna give you all those links that you need to know for this spectacular event. I mean, it's really is a one off event, and that you just have to get on an what she's Weldon PU DIVY former guests of the show. I think yeah, he's he's done a brilliant thing. Big fan of Paul really, good games. Right. So we're congratulations. Eugene. I wanted you to be my longest ever interview. We have is fantastic. I could run sometimes I I just have to Sean things out a little bit. But few I've just kind of just this has been brilliant. So so engaging up in fruit in every power what you're saying. But I'm just gonna finish on five questions fun lighthearted has nothing to do with hair whatsoever. I just wanna leave some thoughts on you a wife and have industry. So just as quick as you can if you don't mind answering these just fund, so of course, you one away from work. How do you best light to spend your time eating he's and that lasagna, I've got your lasagna my mind. All music, and I love my kids, and I love sweet love the social up going on in life. You ought to be nukem nothing. You'd be great great guests to go to and house. Right question to what's the one song that makes you jump up and hit the dancefloor? Ooh, hit dollars full. Does he have to wait? It don't slow. It could be wherever you want as long as you bust in a move. Boston. My it would be I records on a Bank Ruutel Quint. Yup. And it would be all gone accumulates. So we're going to be checking on Spotify AK so question free. What was you doing last Saturday night? Law saturday. Woah, what was either I was actually working? Question full. What was the last big treat? You gave to yourself. My studio. That does sound it Australia. I came on final question to just bane. The best interview ever. I could've ever asked is tell us one more thing that we really need to know about you. Booth. I would say you should expect the unexpected valley. Lovely puppies, and everything I think of it. Absolutely perfect. Perfect interview. Perfect guest, you'll just brilliant and you're on Instagram. Where can we go find you there Eugene sue owner AG and a as a U L, E, MIA brilliant? There we got listeners again, I'll put in a link, and I'll say again headdress in live links in so just want to tell you this opportunity to I just say thank you for that you've done for the industry on behalf of our industry. Eugene, you you're you're brilliant. You're gentlemen, you humble. And you're great. And you're just amazing. So thank you really coming onto the Cutty podcast. It's been my pleasure. What an absolute on a that. Was he was a true gentleman who shed I'm Pugh agree so much incredible. Inspirational insightful information, you could ever get from a true headdress in great now, if you are interested in finding a anymore at the things that we talked about in the show today as well as some images from Eugene. But most importantly, his online masterclass with headdress in live than we have prepared some show knows for you with them links for you to sign up for this Monday's event, April the fifteenth two thousand nineteen and you can find it bug going to WW dot how to cut dot it slash podcast special zero one. And if you want to learn more on hairdressing live, we also have more information there, again, we'll put the links there for you. They've got so many incredible guests some of our. Have been on this podcast show of also performed for hairdressing live nephew on new to the how to cut it in the headrest in industry podcast. We bring you these shows every Monday morning, we've got so many exciting guests coming your way every week as well as Lori of over ninety seven interviews, including the lives of Antony Moscow. Trevor soobee and read lease staffer Sophia Hilton. The list is endless go and check them out. You will just be blown away by some of the information and insights down sharing you now if you don't want to miss any of the shows that simple, you can subscribe to them using your podcast provider. And once you sign up to them if allows that will give you a notification straight to your phone every time, our episodes, go live, and if you are listening on I tunes, then please do leave us a writing and review. And if you're loving them, your friends and colleagues all. About them. And also if you would like to reach out get in touch with myself, you can find me on older social media platforms by searching how to cut it. Thank you all for listening to this very special podcast special bonus episode. I look forward to speaking to you again on Monday sun to then peace loving, smiles all the way goodbye. How to cut it in the head of the industry. Taking your hairdressing. To the.

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