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This is fantasy football today from CBS. Sports your email us at fantasy football ed. CBS I dot Com it is time to dominate your fantasy league of seventeen. Not Nobody's playing. Well I'm playing. He'd Cummins Mike McClure playing playing some. I'm definitely played cannot not get enough of the late season action. It's going to be a lot of fun playing a lot of guys that I never thought I would ever put in the US lineup for actual American Dollars College by. We're going to do it this weekend. It's GonNa be a lot of fun we have an actual section called the replacements. So you'll get to talk about all of those guys in that section. Let's start with the big news. There are a few things that have come out for sure so the Ravens are resting their starters. We're not expecting Lamar Jackson. Play Mark Ingram is not going to play. We don't think Mark Andrews Andrews or Marquees Brown is going to play. You should probably just avoid any raven that you've ever considered before this week. Vikings and rams could could be a very similar situation. We've already heard that delvin cooks likely not gonNA play. I cannot imagine Alexander medicines going to play Kirk. Cousins is most likely not going to play. I don't know about the wide receivers but I'm not going to play them even if they do play rams going to rest players who are dealing with injuries. Jalen Ramsey is the the only name that we've received but I'm kind of thinking golfing girly could be in doubt I wouldn't. You're not playing golf or early ninety. Yeah passed this week pressure. There's there's no way you're getting. And then the the one that is the most frustrating so far the Houston Texans because they could legitimately be the slate breakers bill. O'Brien has over and over told us that they are going to play this game to win. They will know before their game starts if their game means anything because if the chiefs win then they're the four seed and nothing or the nothing they do matters. I can't Take Bill O.. Rien his word. Yeah it's a little fishy there It's unfortunate because if they do play play at full strength like deandre Hopkins someone you can consider playing just because there's so much value out there you can pay up for 'em treat him like Micheal Thomas and some of the other studs on the slate So I'm GonNa take a wait and see approach and see if we we might get some more definitive news on that maybe Sunday morning for example right and I think like it's going to be interesting because there are so many four thirty games with uncertainty right now We may not know if Josh Jacobs could this plane we may not know if Leonard Fournette is playing we do know we do know right before we started recording. We got confirmation. That Jacobs will will not play this week. Well done Mike. Excellent in Kirk cousins has been ruled out already. I knew her cousins. Had I had not yet seen Josh Jacobs. They came straight from F. F.. CBS Sports H. Q.. And on the walk across that changed so good so the Andre Washington absolutely one hundred percent. Let's get to the replacements. Andre Washington is a replacement but who are the replacements that you're playing this week the guys that you never thought you'd be considering during India's all one I think it's going to be miles boykin for me. I think I'm going to end up. Playing some miles Boykin draftkings. He's Bare Minimum Three K. So with that. That means I'm expecting Marcus Brown to not play in this game. Is We talked about Moammar playing Robert. Griffin's going to be the quarterback so I'll definitely have a little bit their mouths Boykin. I also Japan Wednesday. I don't know if we can call that a replacement or not Super cheap on draftkings as well Right now that's where I'm at with those two plus Washington. Those are the three that I've got the most interesting. My my favorite on draftkings in probably fan duel to is Hayden. I just because I think he's more likely to play that Mark Andrews Roll like. I don't even know how much nick boils going to play. But even if it's hearst and boil I would expect hearst I be the downfield tight end and I think the rubber Griffin the third is going to have a little bit of success in this game. I agree with you. I like that. We're kind of on the same page there in that we both want to target target a pass catcher in that Raven Situation See I'm with you there. I think Robert Driven third is a viable quarterback on drafting this week One other thing I missed in the news Terry maclaurin has been ruled out stoves even sims. I believe a scored three touchdowns in his past two games. I said earlier today the I would actually prefer to play Kelvin Harmon. I think because people are going to play sims and he doesn't have any floor at all and Harmon has the better pedigree the lower price. We'll have no ownership. Yeah if I was going to attack that situation I would take harmon. He's thirty nine hundred Simpson's forty seven hundred ob op still going to be difficult for me to get there over. Boykin Bare Minimum Three K.. Lights yet if I had if I wanted to play one of the Washington guys on the other side of in Dallas is obviously it must win game there Gabby Harmon Sims is six K.. On Faneuil Hall Pat Progressive Hard Pass. Let's talk about Vegas a little bit. The top implied totals in these numbers have swung wildly since the start of the. They've probably swung wildly in the last hour. Since I pull these numbers up this is what I have the Patriots by far the biggest number on this late thirty and a half or their implied total then the saints at Twenty nine point seven five the rams at twenty eight. I would expect that number to fall quickly. If you could bet the under on the Rams Twenty eight I would take that in a heartbeat. The packers and cowboys both at twenty seven point. Seven five and the chiefs at Twenty six point seven five. I think we should talk about the Patriots because it's not too often that a team has the highest number on the slate and I'm not really considering that many of their players DFS purposes. And that's how I feel about the Patriots right now. I'm probably going to play a brady lineup or two but other than that. I'm really lukewarm on them. Definitely it's just so. They're so good at distributing the scoring and in our purposes the fantasy points and kind of whatever. The other team is going to allow them to do so. Yeah it's never something you feel super comfortable with when you're locking patriots to your lineups so I'm in the same boat with you there. Tom Brady rates is a top three value quarterback on draftkings. This week At this point we'll see what happens with some of the you know when we run with some of quarterbacks likely setting so I'll probably have one Tom Brady lineup out on my Tan. Dan But I I certainly won't be loading up on him and playing them even in cash games even though they have the highest team total on sleet and there are four or five teams james with number below seventeen. I think you can probably stay away from these offenses except for one player is what I would say. The four offenses are the panthers Washington when the Lions and the dolphins and you can't you can't fade Christian McCaffrey. Although last week seventeen he crushed anyone who played by we playing one series. He's two hundred sixteen yards away from breaking David. Johnson's total yards record. I think he's sixty seven receiving yards away from one thousand one thousand season and the panthers have said. We're not holding back on Christian McCaffrey. He's priced too high. But I'll probably play a couple of laughs with them just because it's a record breaking performance. Yeah look I honestly. I think it's probably GONNA end up as a record breaking performance. I think that you know they verbally said they're committed to letting him try to get this. That literally could mean thirty. Plus touches in this game Literally might be three yard passes. I see a lot of that on. Oh that's good news anchor playing on draftkings. I do expect them that double digit receptions in this game so I will be playing some Christian McCaffrey. Fortunately we have value out there like like I've already mentioned Boykin This is a lot of value out there. So it's very it's not as prohibitive. Is it normally would be at that salary. So yeah play Christian McCaffrey for sure. I'm I'm not really interested in any of the the other guys though from Washington. Detroit or Miami. Let's just get right to the positions who is your top cash game. Game Play on draft kings at the quarterback position. I'm going to be a lot like you heard rummy last week I'm playing Carson once again a lot I'm writing this Z.. Eagles team I think they're gonNA come out there and half the play while again. Obviously so I'm going there. I have a little bit of back. I have a little bit of Mahomes Really GonNa depend on value as the week shakes out. But if I sort my a model here by value and going to get Wentz Brady Prescott Prescott and then Shawn Watson Patch homes are right there together Knots again. Assuming the Shawn Watson is actually going to try to win this game yet. I think on draft RAFF kings. It's pretty easy. Because Carson wentz sixty one hundred actually cheaper than Daniel Jones eight hundred dollars less than Aaron Rodgers who's given us one week in the past is two months is just not much question on faneuil. It's a little bit more difficult. I still think Winston is probably my favorite value if Zacharias plays if if Earth's is out I would lean towards Brady as the top cash game. Play he is one hundred dollars cheaper than hurts and I will like Brady more than than wince. If there's no words yeah I will definitely on Fan duel all want to have available draftkings. I'm probably GONNA play wins either way. Yup Yup top. Maybe Greg Ward or no handcuffs. Just kind of depends on the I I like. I like that wince ward got hurts. Let's just full on stack. Find a giant or to the problem with the giants. Pass catchers when you talk about it more when we get to wide receiver. But I think if I'm guessing. This is your favorite favorite game to stack the eagles and the giants. It's my favorite game to stack for sure. you know a weekly basis which of the three giants wide receivers. There's going to be the right answer. Yeah I I like what I've seen from sterling shepherd the cently so you know initially if we're going to stack that up it would definitely be stolen Sheppard v Party number one for sure. Slayton is the cheapest of the three and I do think has the most one play upside ed so I will have a little bit of Darius Slayton in my Carson Wentz lineups. I'll have a little bit of Golden State. I'll have a little bit of Sterling Shepherd who's your favorite Your a favorite stack besides eagles besides the eagles after that. I probably like probably play some homes. Travis CALC- I think it's GonNa me a really good spot to take advantage of that that duo again Because I think we all KINDA WANNA play Erz. I think there's going to be another tight end we're GONNA talk about. This can be pretty popular as well. If it's happens to sit dot it's going to be significantly higher ownership they're like I don't think a lot of people are going to end up on Travis Kelsey this week I got home in that top five value over also once again for me. It's going to be mahomes Travis. Kelsey favorites stack outside of the eagles. Yeah I think my favorite will likely Matt Ryan and Julio Jones There's enough value available on this slate just play those two over the last two weeks Ryan knows. They don't have anything to play for us. Let's just see much can get Julio. I mean he's just thirty five targets in his last two games. Julio's my number one wide receiver on the slate. And he's still significantly cheaper than Michael. Thomas on Fan Duel Eighty five hundred for Julio Ninety two hundred for Michael Thomas so I'll play that Ryan. Julio Stack running back. Who is your top cash game play? I'm have a lot of Alvin Kamara but now that Washington looks like he's going to be the play I think that I'M GONNA end end up with a time of Washington. The raiders as well at this point. I'm so glad that you said you can have a ton of Alvin Kamara. But his he to me looks like one of the top plays on the slate. Regardless of which site. You're playing on the touchdown thing is flu. Like it's not going to go back to where it was before her because the first two years of his career Alvin Kamara put up numbers that we pretty much knew he couldn't duplicate. The first year was his rushing efficiency and his is yards per catch. And no one. Does that came back to Earth. Last year the touchdowns were ridiculous. Matic and Juliet like twenty or something. That's one the complete opposite way this season season. But he's still getting significant work in both the run game and the past game and he's facing one of the worst defenses in the NFL. This Carolina team can't tackle at all whole huge opportunity for big plays for him and he's just seventy nine hundred on fondue. I think. Seventy eight hundred draftkings where it's full point. PBR He is. It's like most of my lineup's I suspect would just have Alvin Kamara and the Andre Washington definitely so I just ran it again at it as we're talking here When I run twenty lineups and draftkings I have one hundred percent exposure to Kamara hundred percent? Julio Jones so those guys are definitely going to be uh uh staples so what. We're talking about running backs. I find it really hard to not lay albemarle suit now. I don't know I guess the the Kamara Saints Stack works up pretty well. If you want to correlate your defense with your running back because will greer is going to turn the ball over. It's not my favorite though. Think my favorites is going to be Damian Williams and the chiefs defense with Spencer ware put on I. R I expect a few more touches for Williams. I wouldn't be surprised if they give the Shawn McCoy one more week off before the playoffs. They've been very very we care for with him. So I think the Damien Williams chiefs stack. I like quite a bit. Yeah I'm with you there on that. I like cheap stack. Allot another running back defense stack. That will probably end up. Having spent Sandal Leonard Fournette in Jaguars. Both in my I take so little too cheap definitely Jaguars. Thirty four hundred is worth of wire tournaments If you want to correlate that with winner for that yeah I like it a lot and I I plan on playing a bunch of four net. If he could just get to practice he did not practice on Thursday. I have not seen yet if he practiced on Wednesday or on on Friday if he if he doesn't practice at all this week it's going to be hard to trust him on Sunday especially in a four thirty game again. I think it's one of those situations where you might just want to plan on at three PM. Being ready. To make a bunch of swamps. Yes a actor playing some of those players like that especially if he doesn't practice Definitely have have a backup plan where you're going to be pivoting to some other players should definitely be prepared Blah well and the and the really interesting part of that is a we talked about the replacements and D Andre Washington's a great value even at sixty three hundred but he's GonNa share with Jaylen resort if litter for net for some reason can't play Reichel Armstead is getting twenty five inches and he's forty five hundred on fan duel. That's that's going to change. Thanks for sure so again again. Another opportunity where those hopefully we get a lot of information Sunday morning. We Need Adam Schefter and do their best work. But that armistead Jacksonville Stack could be ridiculous. So I think we've probably made it clear that our top cash game play wide receiver. Julio Jones. Yeah I mean I'm still gonNA play a lot of Michael comments as well just because I have the ability to do so with all this value popping up light Yeah I would say kills buying getting too. I saw Michael Thomas projected slightly higher. Julio's The guy will certainly have a hundred exposure to and the talk about all of that value. Is Greg Ward your favorites cheap wide receiver. Andre Kings I know he's cheaper draftkings fifty six hundred on Fan Dole. which isn't isn't quite as cheap as I'd like to see? Yeah it's not as cheap as I wanted to be His father's favorite value for me. Right now it's von Whims and it's going to be miles boy. I models are very high on both of those guys after that MM-HMM I could maybe sack if I if I'm planning Tom Brady lineup. Some of my favorite value might be like Mohamed Sanu. I might take a flyer on that. It's probably outside the country than it'd be great word yet. I do think it'll be interesting interesting to see which of the Ravens wide receivers are going to play. Seth Roberts Willie SNEAD. I would presume SNEAD's not going to I wouldn't be surprised if we see Robertson Boykin though and so either one of them could be in play. I was just looking on Fan duel. Boykin is forty six hundred very close. The minimum I'm going to go ahead and plug him in. See if that gives me enough room to play who I WANNA play the rest of my line up his skill. See your top cash game play Titan actually no as of right now I'm probably GONNA end up with OJ. Howard at least Sandal? I I like like they're also depend on the status Zakar it's I will likely force. The Hand Cup of Winston Hurts. As long as it's good to go I thought it would probably be Gutter Chelsea's in that mix. I don't think a lot of people are gonNA play Travis Kelsey this week. So that's why he's kind of my one of my favorite snacks but not necessarily the lock in cash games See how it's going to be a combination of earth's Howard and Kelsey just depending ending on who's active and ultimately which quarterback up with her and I do like I a lot at forty seven hundred cowards fifty five on fan duel. That's absolutely without a doubt underpriced. He's been super disappointing. But I'm just going to go right back to him. WHO's your? WHO's your favorite punch at the imposition? Probably GONNA be Goddard. I guess Or if I if I wanted to roll with hers Yep just cap on how much news we get out of Baltimore when we get it as far as WHO's playing But I do want Baltimore Pass catching so if I'm looking for value. Probably the hearse. That's going to be a really interesting game with the Ravens. Kinda they're still going to be Pittsbur- but the thing that makes it really interesting is on Fan duel. Pittsburgh's defense is priced as if they are facing the regular Baltimore Ravens offense. There are thirty five hundred hundred on Fan duel and I still think Robert Griffin has some success. But I don't know how you pass up one of the best defenses in the league so far this year. You're against an offense full of backups. That's that's really really good point there yet to be that's something to consider in my And some of my stuff I might and tournament applying lineups with the defense and one pass catcher against my parents this week which is weird. Feeling that that's not that it's not like you're playing Hang Robert Griffin and the defense or Mark Ingram and the defense I you can see very easily away at which the Pittsburgh Defense has success getting after. Rg Reggie three turning getting a couple of turnovers and then miles boykin has a huge fourth quarter and it works out. Oh yeah definitely now. It's something I will likely Egli considering when I'm optimizing off sugar. Change some of the settings to make sure I can allow that to happen all right. Let's get weird and listen. There's nothing more weird than week seventeen. We've been kind of weird some of the names we've already said let's get really weird. I'll get started through. Lock is over seven thousand dollars at seems like it's too expensive. I'M GONNA play seventy one hundred at home against the raiders. The most raiders thing ever and been Gretch said at this morning on podcast night. I'm convinced now it's going to happen. The most raiders thing ever would be for the steelers to lose the titans to lose the colts to win in the raiders to lose and everybody else does what they knew. The raiders into the playoffs and the broncos. Just smack them around anyway way. I see that Are you sure you don't WanNa Mention Gardner. I'm going to image. Everyone just knows that. At this point okay. AH YOU'RE GONNA play Gardner Michio. I not going to play. I will say he does sneak his way. He's like the number six overall value of quarterback though so he is climbing the climbing his way up as he remains fifty. Three hundred on Nice how weird is there anybody. Is that the weirdest you would get a quarterback gives you know getting weird. I'm getting over here David. Wow Yeah. That's that's something that might it happen. I failed to mention a mere of Dula early. I like Amir Beulah. That's how that's how you're getting running back perfect. Yes yes I'M GONNA I'M GONNA I'M GONNA lead off the. Let's get weird at running back. We're going to get weird at quarterback running back with that little stack or playing each one of those guys individually. We're talking talk in Detroit. Lions here David Plow Amir of Dula. I like both of them. I think there are scenarios in which both of them can score fifteen to twenty fantasy points former Detroit Lion Dula. Currently running is currently ruining my boone. And that's how I'm getting weird. There is nothing nothing that would be more twenty nineteen than for Mike Boon a week after he crushed teams in the fantasy championship to play against a bears team with all of his backup offensive lineman and run for one hundred and twenty yards and two touchdowns priced at sixty two hundred on fan will. No one should play him at that. That price is one hundred dollars less than the Andre Washington and that Mike sounds exactly like the way. You WanNa get weird that yes. I'm going to get weird like that in one lineup. It's well that's almost definitely going to happen. Twitter will be tell. It's going to be amazing because I'm going to have a pizza. Yes absolutely absolutely. Can you get any weirder than we already have at wide receiver. Not Re focus plenty weird. I mean look if you I wanNA get continuing with the theme play Gandola Param while I think that that's that's going to be pretty weird lineup Yeah that's about as weird as I'm getting on top of the value wide receivers have already given you there. I liked that a lot. I I'll just stick Dick with Kelvin harmon because I do think Sims is going to turn into a semi popular punt play on draft kings at least on Fan duel races six thousand. He probably won't harm in his fifty two hundred hundred on Fan duel. I'm definitely going to have some of him. We've already talked about tight end. It's Hayden hearst for me. You're probably I would say. OJ Howard's about that is weird is you're getting in some people with his production. Recently would call that weird. I've got a lineup here that I've put together during the show. Should I just give it out. I think you shut. WHO's the quarterback you'll never guess Carson Wentz Carson Wentz? Okay I love it. The running backs are Alvin. Kamara Andre Washington. I think he liked that. The wide receivers are Julio Jones. Michael Thomas and Miles Boykin decent. The tight end is Oj. Howard yes the flex is Damian Williams and the Deif defense you can listen? I'll I'll give you the choice. Choose your own adventure because there is enough money here to play the chiefs defense with Damian Williams and get that correlation there if you want to. I think I'm probably going to just leave. Four hundred on the table and play the Pittsburgh steelers thirty five hundred against Robert Griffin the third. Okay and you got waking in there. I like that If you wanted AH tournament I would go play Pittsburgh if that was a cash name. I'd probably take the correlation with the chiefs defense. Yeah I think that makes it and the Nice thing is like nick. People think when I'm playing a tournament lineup I've got to be controlling everywhere. No Julio Jones Michael Thomas Carson Wentz. They're going to be very high owned and that's perfectly fine line because no one is going to have miles boykin. OJ Howard Pittsburgh steelers Combo. Nobody so those three hits the the rest of chalk hits we make all the money Mike and it's a great way to end the twenty thousand season all of the mind. We're GONNA win all the money here in this this week Senator and I think I'm done I think you're done I think it's time go make some fan duel and draftkings lineups and enjoy. Enjoy the weekend. We will not be back next week for playoffs. DFS Or at least I will not because I'm out for the next two weeks. Maybe there'll be something that POPs up if you tell Adam. Can you really want to hear more from Mike during the playoffs. But thanks for listening and we'll talk to you.

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