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Quickie: Carter V Review, Lil Wayne vs Kanye


It's a Friday quickey here. Sorry, relate. We had the record at this morning because we had to bring my man Kay Marco into the mix. It's a three man show today. Casey radio. Today's episode is brought to you by de que m s if you haven't heard yet, we've been telling you about for the last couple of years. They are literally saving lives by finding bone marrow doctors for people, donors for people who might not have a chance at recovery baby Elias, he's only a year old along with twenty two other people who have recently been diagnosed with MS the rare genetic disease. He's got no immune system. So a cold or an infection could be devastating. He's a little guy though who's fighting strong, but he needs your help to find a bone marrow donor. You could save his life right now. Just think about all the things you take for granted playing outside playing sports, stood on his fun stuff. When you're growing up, he can't do any of that, but you can help them if you find a donor sign up now go to dot org for free swab kit. All you gotta do swab your cheeks, return. The kit decay. MS. They'll check the bone marrow registry and we'll see if you're a match if you get the call from decay MSA. Yes. And you could be a donor today. Save guys like baby allies or you can text barstool two, five, zero, five, five, five or go to decay m. s. dot. Dot org to find out if you are a donor that is three Kevin attitudes in a row that I will be participating in. Yes. This one for sure. Save lives kid. Who knows baby Elias, you know, he's got a fight ahead of them and if he didn't stay alive, you wouldn't be able to fucking listen to the Carter five. It took through how many years to come out. There are people who were probably suffering from diseases who are like God, I just want to hang on and time to listen to Carter five guess what happened? They fucking died. They fucking died and they didn't get to listen to Carter. Five. How long has it been waiting to put this out? He doesn't thirteen fourteen I heard about it. And then the whole, like lawsuit with with baby or whatever. Holding it hostage? Yeah. Why he sent me a, he's a big Drake's, low Wayne, STAN. He sent me this whole time line of it. And I mean, it is a if you are a die-hard Lil Wayne fan. This is a long time coming. This starts this dates back to two thousand eleven when the Carter four drops. So everything after Carter fours, like, all right, Carter five next Carter by that. And then it just became mix tapes and drama and fights, and lawsuits, and seizures, and Katie Couric interviews Wayne, no, Katy Kirk. Injuries before then because I remember I was at mardi gras and I was in college, and I said, MS Gedi, I'm gangs. One thousand times anytime anyone asks me anything stadium, gangs. I guess. So they finally make up. They're all good. Like I guess it was maybe a month ago. Birdman was came out on stage flat out said, I'm sorry, which was the most mature thing. The rat game has ever seen like there's been beef and there's been squashed like even recently Drake brings meek, mill onstage. Obviously it's cool, but baby was on stage and he was like, I just wanna say, I'm sorry. I apologize. Little Wayne. People forget they kiss on the lips. We're everyone's focused on Tom Brady now, baby and little. The I actually, I forgot just about baby and men. Me and Logan went to that party goes at the after they BMA's beam as that's what I was after the amaz went to the party and slim and baby were there. And I was like standing right next to the baby and he was talking to whoever the head of Republic records is, and he was standing there listening to him and the whole time just doing the hands thing. He got. He does real life. I was so excited. Really. Sitting there, listening to guys constantly rubbing his hands. I may. I, honestly, they are. So the cooler guys in the rap game or at least or you know, it important bad ass. You take note, you know their gift. You know their moves, you know their lines, you know everything. Where are you a little wing guy, Keith? I mean, we all are, but like you're, you're a big way. My favorite robbery of all time really say when he came out on stage at the patriots SuperBowl party, it was electric city. Almost more euphoric. Then coming back down twenty three hole because it was, I think we knew some people were there, but I don't think we knew Wayne was there. So he came out and this is like that. He was kind of like the whole team came out on stage and the whole team was like, I got to see this fucking stage. You know how you remember like very specific images of like VHS tape covers and DVD's and stuff you had when you were a kid and the and your mind. The block is hot album cover with him standing watching the cartoon firebomb. That's probably the the those original. I, I guess it was cash. Money was was cash, was juvenile when juvenile on them were? How is it cash money at that point, whatever record label that was, I don't know if it was called casper not their album. Mart was always ridiculous. Flames and money. Gold coins followed Illinois was the same Photoshop like people were just like mess around and Microsoft. And paying the same thing for each artist to like June now is the same as little way was the same as like with the big timers or the one of them that was, I mean, that's I feel like you gotta be you gotta have some miles on you into? No one little Wayne was like the just like the guy they were putting on features here, the kid back that Asom. Yeah, was he was so young and it was like juvenile was like popping, and then it was Manny freshman Birdman wrapping and they were like coming up. There was all these other guys on the crew. We'll throw a little rain out there and and it was like, oh, he's like fifteen. So he's kind of like a little bow joke, but hey, he must be like pretty good. If you put them on a song. Thirteen. When you dropped out of school at fourteen, he was like, you know, he was like an honor student straight a.'s like head of the drama club. Like really, they say that about everyone who drops out of school though. He went to university of Houston, graduate, whatever while I don't know. But they say that will Bella win. Let me just savant, which is very, there's so many subs. So many things you've heard about Wayne where I heard there was there was one thing when he would make albums by just torturing and he had an extra bus that was just a studio and he never made by. Yeah, you would just go in there and you have to be super smart to do that. And then he wasn't like guzzling lean is right now. He's been like in this lean induced haze for like a deck. He's like, Jesus. Oh, I mean he's died three times at least Bill Cosby, not Jesus Loewen I could use. I could see he twelve when he shot himself twelve. Remember that period where it was like a live like death watch for Lil Wayne. Yeah, we're just hanging reported Lil Wayne's death at least sometimes it's been on the plane having Caesar's that that's where Caesar came from the Caesar salad seizure. That was one of the all time. Twitter, screw ups when everyone was like, oh my God, low Wayne, how to seize. He got this. If I remember correctly, he like got on a plane. They had immediately because he had a seizure. He said he was fine gun. Another plan. In the same day which can't be placed getting on planes. You're not healthy man and just as whole. I mean, he's like he's Meany right? He's like five foot two. He's like diminutive. He's always little one hundred and thirty five pounds. I saw him at the Nassau Coliseum in what had to be the worst concert of all time. It was like Rick Ross, Loa Wayne and they, it was up the shitty. I mean, the Nassau Coliseum is the worst building on the planet. So amazing picturing you out this call and, and so it's get in. You had to go through the metal detectors and they just had like two metal detectors on like either end of the Coliseum. With the entrances, those just a line, like a thousand people out to the parking lot, and it was just like, wow, so Yankee Stadium? Yeah. Yeah, which makes that. I mean, the Nassau Coliseum. It should be like that it's a fucking bar in the middle of Long Island. No one knows what they're doing, but it was just like, well, we got to check all of you for guns, and I'm so we're all walking through these things. Why he went on a little stretch doing tours where he just basically got too fucked up every night to cancel it in the middle of the show. When I was at you, he came to like the arena there just didn't show up. Right, didn't come. Rappers the best you just get to do that? I didn't. I didn't go to the concert. So I I'm not speaking firsthand experience, but I remember I was out that night and everyone was complaining like he did. He just didn't come. And then we were at the club in Tallahassee Cubbies after that he was there. Was like, dude, you just didn't go to the concert where you do it the fucking bar man. That's like when you're in school, you couldn't play in the game that night. If you cut class because school, you know, you got to be there for the fun concert. You're going to be at a party afterwards Wayne. So what's I mean? Imagine this though? Like he gets the drop this album, big album. Twenty-three songs Carter five, huge fanfare not doing any work. I like the work has been done just how you. Blogs and drafts for like, put him up later, Chapelle Netflix, right? We'll give you twenty million dollars for an old stand up. Yours. So he gets to just drop this. He hasn't even working hard. It's not like he's been slaving away in the studio. I don't know if that takes away from the release. You know, usually people like this is the culmination of such hard work and it's like it was hard work, but it was like eight years ago, so I don't really care anymore. I hate the Twenty-three song thing. That's the other end to though I don't like the seven songs from Connie, but twenty three's like just a normal album, but they have to do it because of the streaming set up like the more songs you have the more streams and money you make like it makes sense. That's why like Drake did amigos. Does it have to do. Stop right spot. They also sell the merge with an album attached to it. So you buy album like they don't charge you for the album, but it just like you get an album. I got Travis Scott's Astro world, merchants, fire shirt, and then I got an Email to, and here's Spotify. I'm also didn't even open that Email. I mean, I get why they do it from like the streaming services take so much money off of it, so they have to do it. But like it sucks from a listener experience like it dropped midnight. I was tired, but I need to listen to everyone's talking about it and I'd stay up to like to listen to each song's twenty three. And I couldn't. I said, give me the top. Have someone have top ten dollars right in the morning on a put that on a play. Listen to this. I made the mistake of waiting until midnight and seeing all the buzz about it, and I did not want anybody. I can't be left out. I would've have been able to sleep. Fuck everyone's talking about this and I'm not. Do you like. Like the way like modern album releases versus like old school where it used to be like, we need to go get the CD or you would even like be there just download the actual songs versus now where it's just like that. Like what you just described, it drops. There's buzz. People are excited, but usually it's at like midnight or overnight. And there's a lot to stream through verses like, I guess you kinda us to be able to do it on your own time. It was just like when I get to the store and a fucking CD do it. I mean, it's definitely great how you can have it instantly and there's like social media, so you can instantly be in a conversation about it. That's definitely better waiting in line at best buy to buy the CD and like holding the CD in your hand and putting it in your disc man and like it's skipping every other song. I mean, that was awesome. Awesome. Love that. Love that. I mean, I like it. I don't like how there's so many songs now like how you can get it instantly. I remember the day that I downloaded my dad downloaded Napster for me and we'd download about it tired at a song that's that's willing to a lot of people have that as their first like pirates all forgot about dry. Yeah, of mine. I know my first my first cassette ever bought. If you wanna be my lover Spice Girls first, two, CDs, same time telcos starfish podcast, play water man. Jaylo on the six one, an eclectic mix. I always keep it guest. I remember. I feel like green day Dookie was like my first CD. I remember I remember I remember legal drug money lost boys was up there. That was a good one. That was when I was like a eight year old black kid. I don't. I don't like I've ever pretended I never wanted to know much about rap. When I liked a rapper. I fell in love like I was, I knew the country grammar out CD front toback. I knew every single word don't respect what Nellie used to do that was diamond, ten million records. Really. You had to go to a fucking storm by STAN online and even though diamond was million. Yeah. Oh, yeah, exactly. He for that was the country grammar album because I'd had ride with me and country grammar and only just so good house, Air Force One. So that was everything. That's like, I mean, that's there's not many who have gone diamond. I don't think rappers gone. Diamond is like a very exclusive sweat suit was good. It was ridiculous premise pose like. Like an Elliot's. Ridiculous. So where do you rank? Do you like Carter five So you probably have listened. I've given it like a one through like dug into it. I did the snippets last night. I've been listening at my desk today. I mean, it's good. It's not. I like I like middle-way in the best like early way in is obviously how he started. But then when his voice gets like deep Bernie gets older as when I like in the best, like as soon as this came out, the first thing I did was download the drought three. I said the drought three since I'm like, does your out to white drop at the job little Wayne, the drought during his mixed that he just threw out our his best stuff? Do I'd spent all I want to go to class. I spent all DAT Piff listening to low and he literally for that mix tape, just listen to the radio for awhile, recorded songs over the beats. And then he was like, I don't even know how many I came up with. Let's put it on a mix tape and they're like, you have three mix tapes of material are fucking put him at all. Yeah. Awesome. I mean as far as the car is I feel like car three is like the one, right? The main, the main considered like the hose, the hit song from the one that I think that had a bunch. I feel like that had the one that the song with Jay z. Mr. Carter. Had MRs officer shot had had a Milli. Yeah, lollipop when they have my car that I bought in college had a little Wayne CD in the in the player like they left in their, oh, blasted around. It was Carter's the Carter the car too because it started with a flying. Yeah. So that's the song that I would blast like cruising down frat row as eighteen year old white kid, and it was a on car car. Three had mister car, a Milli got money. MRs officer, let the beat build lollipop, let the be build. That is never real video when it's like a one shot with a orchestra. I don't know. There's there's a I, I don't think. Yeah, I think it is the official video for it and it just weighing like walking through a music studio of sorts. And that's how you let the Bill be be here. It'll be the beep Bill. Bits re rebirth was such trash, but everyone hated it so much that I decided that I would like it can try and drop the world on his one of his best. There's a flux pavilion will dub step remix of that song that I would encourage you download because that was on my like running workout mix back when I used to do those things. I. I mean, there was a time I feel like if you were growing up, if if you were of the right age for Wayne's prime, it was monster. It was. I think it's a big thing that at least Tyler actually tired to kind of debate a lot. He was kind of doing a little bit last time before I fell asleep where he's saying, you know, people try to tell me that Drake's peak was higher than Wayne's peak and it's it's not even clone strikes BUSTER, but Wayne was as March. People were concerned. Wait, Wayne was the only artist alive for like three or straight guys like Caleb, why we're right in that wheelhouse. No, he's absolutely the greatest like rapper and artists of all time, like no doubt about it. So this has been a long time coming, really if you really dig into the time line of the baby cash money, lawsuits the shootings, the tour bus that got shot up the Caesar's Caesar's. I mean, all of it, but I gotta say, based on all that, I feel like it's kind of anticlimactic. I don't know how many songs off of this people are going to be like banging forever. Yours your fucking hot, and, but that's like it's funny because I always get this debate with people about old average new rapid. Everyone's talking about uproar and it's like, well, that's special delivery from two thousand one. So it's good. And then it goes into the Travis Scott one, which I don't know if it's just because I love Travis Scott, but I think that's, that's my favorite one. That and what's other fucking when we were just talking about the one that I'd like highlight that throwback right wedding. What was it was he did a rap over like the too late to apologize remix stew. They do a high. A high pitched voice like that was can't be broken. Oh, yeah. Dope. And that was like, does just like explosive. The rest are Jackson lights. Like, I'm gonna listen to a more, but the rest were kind of filler to me. That's what I feel like I am, but you can't say that low Wayne is up there with Konya for like I tweeted out that it sounded like low Wayne made special delivery again in twenty two other songs were in my mentions all fired up and you click on them and they have little Wayne as their fucking Abby. Okay. Well, I know we're at, how'd you feel about your boy extend tossing on via non song? Number two, he s my boy. I mean ultimate takedown blog. I actually taken down a dead dude. Deserve it. People were telling me, I'm back after this week. I was back when I was Dan. So that guy's grave. I don't. I don't actually take it or leave it with XXX ten tussey own. I don't actually care about his music woman or the other. I want to be one of those guys. It's like, I'm not gonna listen to the song so he doesn't get the streams. I'm listen. Chris Brown song, Chris Brown's a scumbag, but absolutely man. He. Betters just win baby. Tiger Woods wins games matches. Good bucket. Chris Brown puts up beats and condensed go to go, doesn't matter. They always, I actually saw an interesting question. Got oppose. If there, if there's an like your favorite artists, is there anything they could do that would make make you read it off for good? Yeah. I mean, I would imagine if there's like if you see there's a video of of your favorite artists like murdering someone. Oh, I don't think I care Bill. Yeah, it'd be like murdered a child. Oh, child shorter to a girl. If murder girl, like Chris Brown, like killed Riano one beating her. Yeah. Okay. So a murder murdering, a guy, I wanna hear murderers. I automatically assume male on male violence because that's what it usually is. And some dude murder. All good, man. I'm fine or female murder. You're not listening. Probably same. No, I in even like probably. Beker in the practice argue to visit. Really. Anyway, I come. I would probably if we're being straight up in the trust tree, I will probably listen to whatever I want to listen to in the privacy of my own home, but about the bar for could dance into it. If you man. Tweet about Ted by say, this is songs fucking hot. There's vacuum here, but I be one of the things like like, Mike Tyson is a terrible terrible where I'll laugh at him. We all got a face tattoo, so it's fine. Yeah. Well, he's a hangover drum to drum to in the air tonight in the hangover and it was fine. There's really, I. I don't think we talked about a lot. I don't think anything is redeem -able. That's, hey, let's hope. Final verdict gimme a letter score Carter five. B. minus now because we didn't match Mona. Lisa. This is my favorite one yet, but that one I don't like Kendrick and I want to and I just don't that one I heard. He's bothers me. What's his name? Farm bitch, boy squarely skelly leak. That one in like twenty, whatever that was happening and he put out the livestream. He leaked that song like I'm excited about it. That was what two, three years ago. So I forgot until jail. Skelly. Yeah, he for for he's off. He's currently. He got big time jail time. I don't. I'm I was rich villain like him. That's what I would do that I do. He does because there's nothing better than having music before people. Have you heard this yet? Like I'm stream when you give someone a any recommendation? I think Dan actually wrote an article about it, blog about it. A few years ago, but how great news break knew someone. Yeah. And unfortunately he posted that blog rep for the bombing or Newtown right moments before I remember that. Cans. Yeah, ended up taking it down, but it was like he posted it at nine AM and it was a good news, bad news, tragic news, whatever. And then we, we stopped blogging that day. Right? So it wasn't a top was he ended up having to take it down, but it doesn't matter if it's news TV shows movies, you know. The l. someone else doesn't know it's the best thing in the world. Music is especially like yellow. I've heard that and it's fucking it's a banger. You haven't heard yet. Oh, why does that? Why peace still does the the, like the elite, the streams that aren't exactly legal many has. So that's what I used to do. I used to have it a week before everyone, and I became the guy that was like, oh, I heard that. That's not like doing that anymore. Like to wait till it's out so I don't get it with everybody. Why piece still does it? So at like the day before it comes out, he's tweeting about all the bangers and stuff, and I feel so fucking left out in lane. Right? And in reality he's just waiting to nobody because nobody knows what he's talking. You could do that to actually, yeah, next time, just all my God that to trust them, they dislike awesome. Oh, you, did you see the post Malone thing? No post Malone will if you googled the Carter five last night, all the top stories were that post Malone at the last minute, like literally sprinted to the studio to do a verse for the Carter five. And that was all of the headlines was posted loans on a post Malone's on it, and then it came out he's not. So that would have been cool. I would. I would have been also that would have been actually hanging out with our boy. Stud for Tommy. Living with him texts, Mike about that and be like, can you? He's very similar post Malone. He also almost keeps dying. Almost died on a plane just like little Wayne, I feel rockstar, there's their music and their style or kind of similar. Like I feel like those guys just get together with like singing rapping with live instruments, kind of like rock music, and they just get fucked up. He drinks his beer. He drinks his lean. They both almost die. You just watch my brain work in real time. You can do that. You look like Connie in the studio. That was that was maybe it's more that goes for that speaking guy near you see his tweet getting ahead of the fact that that qualifies you think if I was going to beat them tomorrow, he tweeted like Yandi is coming out. Coming out on the twenty ninth of Saturday, the twenty ninth we're gonna come in second to to Wayne and that's okay because the world just needs. Yeah, and Wayne going that I like you fucking hedging motherfucker that. But I mean, it's, I mean he's all thousand percent right way. No way will absolutely be number one. No, yes. You don't think so. No, I guarantee will. I would've said entrepreneurial. Your confidence has me down to like. The US or show car. If I do like huge numbers. Let's move that we want that. I don't know. I'm stained from the back because I, I don't know. I don't know how to gamble, so I don't know whatever you wanna bet. Well, I'll just prides the line. I say Kanye west said, I'll take the okay, healthy weight. All right. You're so confident. I'll take a little one. I don't know. So I just go with confidence. You seem very calm. Algebra people who've waiting. Barstools shirts. Nostalgia, please. I'll just say very, very big thing. No doubt, it's a fucking political figure. Now he's he's got Kardashian effect. He's got the music affect the art, the clothes effect. How how much how many tweets leading up to this week did you see even from Barcelona, poise, soap on about Carter five. You seen one about Ganga. Yeah, but I mean, there's a lot more than so employees. I don't. I think it's a good samples is a couple hundred people. I'm gonna. I've seen zero tweets since since I tweeted quote we, they went s very good point. I do think that like the there is less buzz for this kind of album. I don't know. I usually just put up last night. I listened to Carter five. I don't think many people going to do that with vonda I think, or. I'm gonna play this. Exactly. Like I played the rap, battle feud with you. Nate right down the middle play right down the middle, but beyond Kevin, Stanford. All right. We'll catch you guys on Monday. We'll find out who's right, who's wrong way in on Twitter, you think's going to win the weekend Yandi or codifies seven years in federal prison for Shirley just looks at him.

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