The Devil is In the Details


in the darkness yawn the railed wealth and the pleasures of the material world which many spiritual leaders hypocritically say is our pleasure and wealth on Halloween those clad in its likeness delight and the rebel it's a symbol of free thinking the freedom from oppressive beliefs aunt a vehicle for self in power easily as it creates it's this version of the devil which gets the most impassioned reactions S. nature of the costume symbolically empowered by the ultimate taboo it often represents on Valentine's Day written mystique and power it's a symbol whose true meaning likes to hide about in plain sight its presence an often has a certain element of playfulness about it tempting us with treats its ambitious smile we'll you're one which can exist both on the spiritual and physical plane one which destroys as e ornaments there are others who believe it's an energy oppress its likeness can be found on everything from chocolates to Alcoholic Beverages Lord Sin for some it represents the release of inhibitions and the game of personal power horned ambitious figure with a two pronged fork over the years it has been a symbol of rebellion it's a piece of imagery that has popular around Halloween and Valentine's Day the red often lost in the details the devil is a creature which throughout most of history then we may think there are secrets waiting to be heard secrets that are only whispered during the night tide the adversarial type one which is the antithesis of morality it often represents the desire for power has been deeply rooted in the folklore and belief systems of much of the Western world it is commonly seen as it it's a symbol of the more carnal elements of our nature those which throughout history society has pressured US tour that it's not just a mere force but an entity one which bodes a dark chaotic in destructive power there are many who the humidity believe you that it is a truth threat to humanity a Predator who feasts on Seoul's rather than flesh a Predator which has been on the parral since time itself you rescued me tapped into manipulated and used to bring up about personal gain they're even those who believed peers unanimously nominated theophilus for the position now while this may have seen like an answer when your deepest desire all it requires is a small payment your soul Chery it seems to have all begun around the year five thirty eight C. with a Roman cleric no for others it is seen as an ends to a means and for a fee it will help you and bring into fruition listen one which also allowed him to dip into the collections box to avoid this fired a considerable amount of responsibility and an exhaustive public display of piety his prayers in actuality the office had no interest in becoming a bishop it was a position that require and after some years had managed to make quite a name for himself when the church was in need of a new bishop his during the next few weeks the office made known and what he thought was around about yet humble way ability he humbly turned the position down stating that his rival will be a far greater and holier man for the job he put on quite the performance playing the role of the pious cleric in what he thought would be an admirable display thus locking poor theophilus in the role of lowly cleric Theophilus was enraged ask of helping him contact the devil it's unknown exactly how the Necker Manser went about helping the contagious position and he soon saw the entire church as a corrupt institution that was purposely trying to the latter has been a classic cautionary tale in folklore and legends and can be traced all the way back to the sixth sense destroy his future thirsty for revenge the office sought out necker mansor and hired him for the the other man quickly accepted and the office was certain that his humble and pious act would put him in good you as the Palace of Dana the obelisk was ambitious cleric who was working his way up the church ranks laid out his demand he wanted to see the current bishop in ruin and also one of the position of Bishop that he felt called to the position of archdeacon feeling certain that the new bishop out of gratitude would grant him the Louis contact the devil but whatever the method the attempt was apparently successful devil appeared and the Palace one humble request the Philis was absolutely shocked when the Bishop assigned another man to the position unwanted and cumbersome position of Bishop the Palace devised a plan when offered the position before his peers the awfulness must keep the contract safely hidden away if any effort were made to destroy it the Philis of his actions and their true consequences had suddenly come into realisation worried for his soul the awfulness of his place within the church a week later the peers had once again unanimously elected would perish the devil was true to his word and within days it came to light that the bishop had been immediately sprung into action he told the awfulness the thieves contracts are not always permanent and if he was true instead the Philis had his sights on the position of Arc Deacon a far more comfortable position early repentant the kind and merciful God would forgive him but the most important thing to do was to destroy thus the deal was sealed the devil told him that he would collect his debt in due time but until then Lee Trinity and pledge his soul to him the aphoristic read and the devil presented him with a contract this incident and saw this as an act of betrayal he soon regretted ever giving this horrible man such an ad using his powers and the scandal in uproar caused led to not only the loss of his position but the loss the other thing if the contract was destroyed the awfulest would die or himself the devil agreed and said all would be so as long as the office agree to denounce the whole contract if either the signer or the devil destroys the contract it will become null and void six and material for fire the priests consecrated the ground with holy water carefully piled the sticks. Am for Bishop this time he graciously accepted though he sought out the position of Bishop solely for based on fathomable talent those whose compositions and performances outshone the rest those the Ovallis has intently held out the contract as if he was fearful of what was about to happen but then and a pen with a sharpened tip the awful is pricked his finger with a pen and signed the contract in his own blood full and astonishingly complex piece of classical music the piece is so difficult to perform then the awful listen the priests clutch crucifixes and said a prayer together after the prayer was finished whose musical range was unequal to anything which had come before or after their appearance on stage national purposes the awful soon found himself haunted by the dark deal he had made it was as if the severity the awful is smiled in raised his hands up into the air and said to his friend I've been forgiven oh sing prayer and then lit the fire the wood was nice and dry and the flames rose quickly later that evening the Polis and the priest found a private spot in the churchyard and work together to gather seek a deal with the devil do so for fame and it seems that in many of these tales the devil seems to have a soft gathered his strength and tossed it into the flames the flames rapidly rose and as this happened uh after which the office collapsed to the ground it seems the devil was true to his word about one confessed his actions to a friend who was also a priest the priest who is genuinely fearful for his friend's soul discovered something called the difference tone the dictionary definition of it is a tone whose frequency is equal to the spy for musicians history is filled with stories of musicians with all difference between the frequencies of two tones generating it to break down an easier terms it's a lower tone that is heard time is not only being an incredibly gifted violinist but also as being a brilliant mathematician in his brilliance suddenly took center stage for many composers of his time there was often a notable Koos ticks all based on his love of Algebra and Geometry Tur- teeny is the one who is to their fame with Kartini it just seemed as if suddenly you were there this beautiful enigma graces with the new bishop and the awfulest is is the man owed him a debt of gratitude other explanation for how this brilliance could have taken the musical world as suddenly as dead now while the trill is more than just a striking piece of music it's also an interesting story the devil's trill was all the while increasing the tempo it's enough to put most fingers in knots he not only composed hundreds of complex violin pieces he also contributed to the science of arrange it requires the violinist often requiring them to play simultaneously onto adjacent strings notion may seem rather silly Tarquini shared that during his life this was perhaps the case not all of these stories a such packs in with regret and rejection of the deal there are those who displayed curious as to if the devil himself could play Tur- teeny handed his violin it is sad to be one of if not the most difficult pieces to play on the violin post as if he was this brilliant light that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere it was as if without warning this man one which very few can play accurately it's known as the Devil's trill a sixteen minute long hauntingly beautiful there are many at the time who believed that Kartini must have made a deal with the devil there was no -opoly make such packs in trade for the fruition of their dreams and desires and fact most of those who tortilla knees rendition is magnificent he often lamented that it was rubbish compared to the composition he eight and told him that he can make his dreams of becoming the best and most wealthiest violinist of his time a reality related complexity that created a sound that seemed to grab as very being after he awoke and the devil gifted him with the skill and musical knowledge far beyond that of which any violinist before him had ever in part at least the impression of my dream in vain the music which I at this time composed is indeed when to higher notes are played with steady intensity once Kartini discovered this it became a signature heard or thought possible the composition was beautiful it went from subdued the frenzy in such cal post around seventeen thirteen by Italian composer goose separate Kartini Kartini was well known during his I heard the devil play that night Antarctic ozone words he said of the event one night ah the devil ran the bow across the strings and produced the most exquisite musical piece Kartini had ever heard the best I ever wrote and I still call it the devil's trill but the difference between it and that which moved me chanted by breath failed me and I awoke I immediately grasped my violin in order to retain Tortellini and his devil's trill is where dot originated from the devil told her teeny that he could give him fame wealth and all the earthly delights that come with it in seventeen thirteen Tarquini had a most peculiar dream he dreamt the he had awoken in his bed compound something which set him apart from all the rest during his time Tur- teeny seemed is full of twists deceit and often provides no better example of the folly of mayor hey how great was my astonishment on hearing a Santana so wonderful and so beautiful played with such sales or see images in which the devil is portrayed yielding fiddle or violin this particular tale Kartini immediately began trying to compose and replicate that haunting performance you'd heard and in the year seventeen thirteen I dreamed I'd made a pact with the devil for my soul everything went as I wished I've without the enjoyment it affords me if you've ever wondered why are we often hear Ed defined the devil standing next to him in the dream the devil told him that he had heard Kartini desperate thoughts that night lenient religion Zoroastrianism Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest continuously practice religions according to him it was how his most famous composition the devil's trill came into fruition great art and intelligence is I had never even conceived in my boldest flights of fantasy I felt enraptured transported over to the beastly looking creature before him and asked if you play him a song to Tortilla knees utter dismay in the world and it predates sixth century B C e Zoroastrianism was formed by the Zoroaster now along with creating this religion Zoroaster is also known as being the teacher of Pythagoras the benevolent creator which represents the forces of good and the destructive anger brilliant Iranian religious reformer Zarathoustra or more commonly known by the Greek form of his name all Tartan had to do was renounced his religion and pledge his soul to the devil thirteen agreed to the pact however the devil is quite fascinating history and the way this character has evolved throughout time and how our attitude the devil is an interesting character one who has often been portrayed as the artists Muse way we know it today like the beast itself the origin of the devil is quite a tricky one to pursue it religions their concept of Heaven Hell in the battling forces between God and the devil we're heavily influenced the devil you know today is primarily a Christian construct with ancient by Zoroastrianism Judaism Christianity and Islam all have roots in Jainism and the long whipping tale of a lion and Zoroastrianism there is an ever-present battle between the Benun much of the attributes imagery that we associate with the devil came from Zoroastrianism 's Angara alive free of the temptations of Sen will enter heaven living in eternal happiness with their creator to Zoroastrianism also gave the devil another one of its important attributes its origin story it's towards it have changed makes for quite an interesting tale in of itself the devil certainly didn't start out the the story of Zeus casting out the monstrous winged typhon was another bit of Lee monotheistic religion which incorporates dualistic elements in Zoroastrianism there are two main deities zoroaster was a brilliant mathematician amongst many other things Zoroastrianism is a most we're the idea came from of the double making you rich by buying your soul the integration of Greek culture in so great that I would have destroyed my instrument and have said farewell to music forever if it had been possible remedial live were the imagery of the devil sitting on a black throat wielding a two pronged fork came from the integration talk with the head of the man capped with sharpened goat horns the body of a black stallion the wings of an Eagle Haiti's into the character on Ramon you gave the devil another characteristic as well Haiti's rainy in Greek and Roman influences r-maine associations with the devil comes from the ancient Irish last minute survey and -ticipant my every desire among other things ah gave him my violin to see if he could normalcy mysteries waiting to be uncovered mysteries at suggest that there is more lurking in the darkness on you who represents the chaotic forces of evil on Karamanou is said to be a terrifying creature to behold god of the underworld gets incorporated into ceramics jainism merging his attributes with anger menu this was not just the morose God of the underworld he was also the god of wealth and abundance this menu when Alexander the great conquered the Persians and three thirty one BC Haiti's the however those who are tempted by the evil ways the anger mon you will have to go to darkened underworld forced minutes. It's believed that those who dutifully worship the benevolent creator God a Horror Mazda and Lee spend the rest of the attorney being tortured never to know the love of the Divine Creator and Abraham allege a horror Mazda and the destructive on German you as the forces of good and evil are always battling for dom a culture that got absorbed into ceramics Jainism in this story typhon was a giant weaned sir unlike monster that rose up against Zeus attempting to overthrow the God thus making himself supreme ruler ace or centers would burn for all eternity so gehenna the combustible rubbish heap from old Salaam was essentially the inspiration behind the imagery and the tortures of hell the demons by the first century see the devil Jerusalem it was called Gehenna Gehenna was a disgusting smoldering rubbish heap in by eternal burning in his fiery dominion. Have you ever been curious as to how the flames Agana execution was seen as the harshest punishment as it was a humiliating Daf as it fit well with that embattled duality between he and her Mazda in this new rendition in out of Heaven along with all of the surly angel followers thus giving us the devil and his minions over time it became a metaphor for punishment in over the years gained a more Supernatural Association by the Second Century the devils imagery gets another update large bat like or Dragon Mike Wings and fact for centuries afterwards dragons in illustrations and stories symbolize metaphor for good triumphing over evil are in this case God triumphing over Satan passes it would release during decomposition the heap was known to COMBUST SMOLDER and burn for weeks at a time during the defeated and cast down into the dark shadow world of hell centuries later this story would be adapt burning bodies made it into the devil story believe it or not it comes from real life place in old hotter days of the year the stench that permeated from this rubbish pile would make the surrounding area almost unbearable to be the here Gehenna was also a place where criminals would be taken to be executed and left to burn has evolved into a dark and powerful figure who reigns over a fiery underworld torturing those damn to be in his presence the devil so when you hear those tales of Gallant Knights pure of heart slaying the Horrid Dragon it's essentially list lowest region of the underworld this got incorporated into the story of Angra Mon you to defend Christianity with the Christian God casting the rebellious Angel We know today is Lucifer or Satan quickly and socially they become obsessed with keeping it and all the luxuries that went along with the thunder bolt into typhon the defeated typhon was then cast into Taras the deepest darkest Eamon they began illustrating the devil with pants most notable features the devil then and begins two-wheeled new power as the Roman bishops gain real power and influence both genucel lem it was a place for the area's waste was disposed of including human waste due to the gas in the fires of Hanna became the fate which awaited the wicked in the afterlife a dark and foul smelling pan was so high in those days that the bishops of the Roman Church felt threatened fearful of losing their power keep a tight control over the thoughts and practices of the general public since Pan Nation a platform for sin and thus punishment by the time the Middle Ages roll around the mighty battle the power hungry on Ramon you attempts to overthrow the mighty a horror Mazda but he that the idea of the devil begins to evolve a little more it's at this point the devil gets another makeover for the bishops decided that they needed to find a way to unify the people under the state religion and were particularly vulnerable for this sort of possession and that some may even be purposely seeking it out areas repercussions from that on the devil was everywhere and the world was nothing more than temptation those accused of heresy would be tortured until confession was rendered and then would be put to death gods and goddesses of the old religion had deceived them and that they were really the Devils Legion of Demons Dan the horned goat like God of nature and good times in fact the popularity the people were told that they worshipped any of the old gods or revered nature that they were in league with the devil which he claimed was none other than the devil itself the Church was happy to execute coach has successfully convinced it's followers that the devil in all of its evils is real and not only that but which made them not only an enemy of the church but an enemy of the state a charge which would have to worship the gods of old during three twenty three Ce the most popular and celebrated of those gods was show features and a furred lower-half like pan the church sold the deal I telling the P and becomes a cloven footed half man half goat like beast with large sharpened horns upon his head menacing is there most serious threat the bishops decided to turn the lovable nature guide into a go legged D uh while Christianity was the official religion of Rome at that time most of the population still the decree as they too had been unhappy with the Knights templar tumblers at this time have been front of the wrong faith or anyone who dared to speak out against or question the authority of the church to make matters worse the criteria for heretic was incredibly vague and essentially encompassed anyone who was deaf who's who performed any type of witchcraft sorcery or Necker Mansi not even priests were spared it would sued progress even further and the heretic hysteria was often a tool used for political gain want so on Friday October thirteenth of thirteen o seven the nights were hunted down and King Philip the fair had grown envious and even threatened by the wealth and power of the Knights templar to read executed this is also how Friday the thirteenth became associated with bad luck and evil forces we're all around summoning the devil and plaguing the land with its dark forces caused witch hunt fever tempting peace negotiations with the Muslims an effort to put the long war at end something the Church did not the devil is incredibly powerful now double doesn't just tempt you with sin it can inhabit role in the devil magic and then she was burnt at the stake this campaign self this past he formally accuses them of heresy stating that they had been seen worshiping a goat headed idol you're very body and force you to send because women were now viewed as the weaker sex it was believed that they and with it new interest in science people began pushing superstitions aside and focusing on what can out fear that sorcerers Neckermann answers witches and even renegade priests as it was believed that those who performed extra systems might very well be inviting the devil in rather than casting it the inquisition happened in thirteen twenty four in Ireland the woman's name was Alice and she was there were even those who summoned the devil to do its bidding to confront these growing threats the inquisition was told the target though once grew to alarming levels no one was safe from its grasps and it seemed that in every village there's stop mother was a witch and that she had killed their father with the help of the devil now an hour three twenty three Ce Christianity became the official religion of Rome and it's during this time in exchange for your soul all you need to do is ask it's from this time period that many as was the case with the death of the Knights templar in thirteen o seven Francis title that nature all of its worldly delights is controlled by the devil the also informed the people that the guy the material world specifically in the areas of wealth power and sex it's during the eighteen hundreds to purge the world of devil worshipping witches lasted three hundred years and killed around sixty two three hundred thousand lucky she was captured and tried in Alice's place the poor woman was brutally tortured until she confessed her this caught wind of what was going on she immediately escaped and fled to England however her lady servant wasn't so Satan becomes a tragic hero and becomes a leader for rebellions he is portrayed an art as a beautiful angel once again evolved in undergone yet another change no longer powerful or beautiful the devil the devil during this time period is often featured as tall well dressed individual he is the controller of uh in the thirteen hundred's before there were the witch hunts there was the hunt for heretics the well-known stories of packs and deals with the devil come from the early to mid eighteen hundreds also brings house and innocent people by the eighteen hundreds the age of modernism had begun breaking up the smothering power of the monarchs and empowering the People by the twentieth century the devil has hours begin to wane he's no longer a fearsome beast and becomes more human like in appearance shorter than humans with its new associations with mischief and fon advertisers `Bout Romanticism period which gets us yet another view of the devil during this period to officially began the first case of a devil conspiring which Kat leading his army in the fight against unjust dominant forces or some he is a symbol of social reform Camila stations the devil now is often considerably smaller as well often being depicted as being far begin using images of the devil to sell all matter of things including beer and chocolate approvable by science it's during this time the devil seems to lose his grip on the world and is evil accused of dealings with the devil by her stepchildren she in her step children were in a heated dispute over an inheritance increase sales. The image of the devil added in essence of alluring temptation and decadence and fun this version of the devil is not fearsome but is a rather impish looking fellow often wielding a mischievous grin rejection of the theocracy Anton Levay born Howard Stanton levay founded both the step children angered of this already wealthy woman was trying to keep their father's land from them all of the church human behaviors that the church for so many centuries at sought out to oppress all of those traits that were a half goat cloven footed creature that is associated with fine food abundance and drink Elliot's figure of the Romanticism period comes back into play and at once again becomes a symbol of uprising against unjustified adding a dancing impish devil to packaging or adverts was a way that older brands could rejuvenate their image and op believe in or worship a literal Satan it seems to be more about embracing those natural the devil has been ever changing evolving and morphing to fit the needs beliefs and attitudes of the times associated with and said to be influenced by the devil such as design higher materialism heading one's own self I first and taking part in earthly pleasure for them the double in this sense is more symbolic uh-huh a figure of just it now once again in bodies more of pans attributes a horned half man the highest reverence in value given to the self through history the concept already and that and nine hundred sixty six the devil takes another turn the Church of Satan and the religion of Lavalin satanism now while the vein Satan is sixties the Devil's path takes another turn and it once again becomes a symbol of revolution the beautiful awesome does make use of ritual magic it is very important to note that Levine satanism and its followers do thank you for listening to this episode and hope you enjoyed finding the devil in the details You can

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