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Live alive unharmed unscathed. Unfired wounded on kidnapped manner. Take a couple of days really. You read any of that stuff. Some of it. Good monday evening monday. Man my goodness plus matter he's enthusiastic. God bless her audience air right. I think our audience is made up of one hundred percent jewish and italian grandmothers where he works a complete and total warlords. And it's very comforting. Heartwarming lot of just warriors saw dozens and dozens and dozens of comments on twitter. I've got a very bad feeling. I don't wanna say what. I think it is because i don't wanna put it into words jury. Oh it's a ton of carrying on and it started. It started about i. It started on friday or your second factory. We yes immediate concern and worry and nowhere. This is the funny thing. Nowhere on twitter. That i see any of our beloved fans worry bodice night. I love you for it. I really do but nowhere. It any single person right. Maybe there's taking a couple of days now. They launched right into tragic conspiracy. Theories can share a couple of them or they fired again. We're at one time right. There's one time that i made mistake or somewhere. We could fart one time. I think just one that every time right see every time we go on vacation. Dozens of people good fire to get. It has me wondering wait a minute. How many times we been fires. One time once now feels like a lot. I don't know wall. Thanks for our audience. Fires us every. I take a couple of guys. Were giving me a eulogy on on the back washing. I was thinking about that. For every mile of the eleven hundred. I drove the week at. I'm not gonna die on this trip. put it out. They put out there. Which is actually good. I was more careful. Okay i did get same for that a listener. Dmz boyer cookie. Cross the bucket. I think like will you put it out there. I was like okay. Thank you so much for the concern. Taking a couple days off. I did hear the conspiracy theory that the big heads are making us. Take days off the great big giant half. Yeah the great big giant had. Actually there's only one had it's very big and very giant and he is the one who makes all the programming decisions that you love. Actually you may think that you don't like them but you're wrong. We have tests to prove that. You're wrong right. We have that show better and the great big giant wave dose in your face anytime you have a good idea for programming. Talk said bright down. Take the day off. 'cause they make play songs. I mean the truth is if if i took all the vacation time that i have you'd never hear me i. Emily got so mad at me the other day go ahead you took two two days off and you said in one of our meetings. What no one else is doing anything. I was a bit my tongue but my inner dialogue who takes weight off the big plans off. You're kidding three. And i want to go back home. I like to spend more time in the place. I traveled to than it took to get there and get back most people. I like that ratio to be. Most people are going to fall down on emily side on this right. Yeah i would like to have more of that inner dialogue on the outside because it cracks me up when it's two days of vacation and your what. No one's doing anything big doing with two days. Well i went all the way to chicago and came all the way back and had plenty of time between on both ends. I think he were in chicago leads and then anymore on a plane. It's about true there's plenty believe me like to stay longer. You must have better places to go. I don't know about that on my flight. The it all started. I i I tweeted a picture of someone who had You know these small houses that people are building. Now they're about a thousand square feet. Someone had one of those with them as carry on it was target was being tended for termites. Had brought it with them. And it's amazing to me what people are dragging along to the gates with them. Why do people do that. I was trying to figure out if it was a car seat. But it didn't look like it because we would have taken the car seat to the gate and then picked it up at the gate. There was a car seat. I starting forward to the nba. That's the only thing. I can think the gate. Yeah well if we check it then it's gonna be fifty dollars. It's gotta get checked anyway. Maybe they'll waive the fee. Yes i think is right. I think people dragging along. And i don't understand why they let him drag it through. Tsa right it. Sure is how does not go to. There's no way that thing goes through that x ray machine. Oh yeah it doesn't go through the x ray. So i mean big fat batboy that. They dropped on hiroshima and talk. The net thing could've had an atomic bomb on that thing from world war two was big enough for that They drag it along. Just if i have a suitcase. That's just a little bit big. I get grumpy. These people were dragging along tuba. The queuing crates and it takes up all that space. And the i mean there's just there are people are so annoying why you don't but they are. They're so annoying. Just wanna be a billionaire private of never done it but it's gotta be better. It's gotta be. I imagine it would be. You don't have to pull all that nonsense. I feel bad when i see people with kids but then i'm like i used to do this. The hell everyone you know. They hated me. And yeah well think about your parents and all the times. They flew with you my flight this weekend i saw lady. Does anyone here where you're pods your pods from apple. No certain heavier beds your pods. No no one's gone okay. So your pods from apple. Are these these things that they're weird looking. They almost look like earrings and They have those little white sticks that hang down This lady was wearing hers with sticks up what she was wearing them with sticks up on my plane had say she yeah she should not have been allowed to board. She shouldn't be allowed to own. Can't learn properly. I the hanging down stick thing which i think we all know hangs down. She had him sticking straight up. And i'm then i'm starting to question myself. I've been wearing them wrong as she onto something new. I dunno are her ears upside down. She a weird girl thing. I don't know what's going on. I didn't understand it. Did he look to see if she had it right. What do you mean you mean. Did i did i look it up online. Yeah you know the minute you get on an airplane. Your phone stops oregon. Forget that you can look anything out and then landing in chicago. The pilots on this drives me crazy. Kogo rich twenty eight degrees celsius eighty degrees fahrenheit. Why why it didn't work. We tried it. It didn't stick not give us the temperature in latin case. The pope's what is this giving us the temperature in celsius okay. Scientists pilot combination guy. Good for you you gotta thermometer up there. You press a button. We all have the button and no one uses the celsius static. Alright dumb ass. God and if you're a scientist you're smart enough to convert it in your head. Why no one wants to hear that. We're landing in london. We're landing in chicago or they can barely handle fahrenheit. Let alone what. There's another way to time temperatures down nuts and then twenty eight. I didn't even bring a warm jacket. All you're trying to be we got on first of all i playing. They tell you right away masks or go on on mask sir. Stay on. And i don't even wanna hair any let for many of you. They're sick of it. They are sick of it on my flight back. We are the nicest flight attendants the nicest but then they have that moment. Where like now. We're going to have a flash of rage so you understand where serious nobody's going to be on cnn. Today is what area flight attendants said the little mermaid ariel. Hi everybody cheese welcoming people all my god. I liked your mask off nice things. They're the nicest people but they had that one moment that one flash of anger no one's getting on c. earned. That was their quote. Nobody would see if they weren't and and you know. I don't blame them for this because just last week. They had that idiot who got drunk and naked. They always have to get aching and they had duct tape that yup passenger seat. Yeah have you heard from this flight attendant. Now i've got tape of the flight attendant. Good what's matter. I've heard this person's speak and it's fantastic l. Frago rivera was the flight attendant onboard. All right and i'm in favor of duct taping half the people on my plane here a single complaint from me about this the more the better but you know that they are going to take a lot of crap for this inhumane treatment and this guy this guy there was a question of whether or not his union was back in a mop or if his employees was offended employers. Gonna to fight with the union. Anyway this guy told the story the guy who actually had to do the duct taping. You're ready to hear this. Here's his account. And i'm sure it was on one of those airlines where they should every passenger should have to bring their own roll of duct tape should be. Don't be we're gonna sit on you if you're gonna fly on our crappy airline that somehow put you in a mental state that you'll lose your mind you gotta bring your own roll of duct tape just like bad guys in the old west had to dig their own grave bring your own roll of duct tape so we can use it on you get out of control and this guy had had and so he told the story of his encounter with this idiot drawn partially naked guy who was like spitting on people and cursing doing all kinds. Listen to this guy understands. I'm a flight attendant. That means i attend flights. Sometimes our job has us attending to crazy. If you push us too far you won't have to attend this ashwin. You see because on this particular flight. I'm sitting in the jump seat. And i'm just looking at an actor damn pool. He spitting in cussing and going crazy. I say that's enough. I got up. And i walked over there and by the way this man. Smell a pack of marlboro cigarettes Fo shots of ever clear alcohol. In rigor so i know something about to go down at this point. He touched all over my coworkers breast and where he is when he touched martinis. 'cause i don't play that so what i did is i took the duct tape. He got to stay star stutter. Say who'd will wait a minute. Seven eight right. I say yeah. We bought the menendez. The minimum. Mummified you ask koby wrap them up better than any christmas president you ever see. He won't becoming on no more frontier. They should have promoted. That guy pilots right there. The airline fly the plane. Love that guy touch my martini. Great duct tape sound effects. Beautiful laurie in southern california. It's about twenty degrees celsius. Put about four thirty a tokyo house. Can we misdirecting zoos chase. What will be next. He's an ace after all. Usa women's volleyball to the rescue and a gilded double for usa hoops. All right. get ready for the chainsaw. Play one of the one five. Kgb on iheartradio around again. john. Bounceback pat you down now this hour of the. Dsp is brought to you by pecker stone. Get twenty six thousand square feet of the world's finest natural stones one of a kind slabs of marble granite quartzite quartz crystal italian. Porcelain slaps two hundred colors to choose from. It's affordable elegance that awaits petra stone. Nancy rich dr pepper stone. Llc that com. Talk at four on the kgb today and how much the sports world. It's a monday. So let's check up on the major league baseball standing xiaowei. No no okay then. I highlight from yesterday's game. Trivedi right back town pro connects sixty thousand a year. These two hundred. Thank you donna pillow. Yes indeed the padres. Take two out of three from the diamondbacks with yesterday's to zip win and as blake snell back and cy young form sure looks like get striking out. Thirteen in seven scoreless. Yesterday the padres remain in third place in the division now seven and a half games back in the first place giants and now just two and a half games up on the red hot reds for the second of two national league wild card spots padres host. The miami meyer loons tonight through wednesday in the glove. The marlins are in last place in their division and they have. Let's see one two three. Nobody on their roster. You've heard twenty twenty one summer olympic games in the books and with television ratings down fifty three percent from last game for many people are supposedly tuning out because of all the woke protests or the threat of them. That's certainly the fox news narrative in yet another totally objective article. Chris boyer sent me. Thank you for that or could it be also about being four hour blocks of mostly sports. We don't care about and we're too lazy to wait for the ones we do. And even those lack the energy of a crowd. I mean could it be all that or i don't know i don't know neither do i. Combination perhaps a lot of cool events and stories though and in the end thanks to the usa women. Winning the golden volley ball usa edged out china for the most golds in these games thirty nine to thirty eight and also the most silver and bronze for a total of one hundred thirteen usa metals. Twenty five more than second-place china's eighty-eight beijing china will host the twenty twenty two winter games next february where the games are expected to be completely free of controversy refreshing yesterday. We celebrated the new. Nfl hall of famers which included a san diego's own. John lynch the great. John lynch and legendary quarterback peyton manning. I wanna give special. Thanks to my old rival. Ray lewis for being here tonight ray. Just finished giving his speech that he started in two thousand eighteen. My good friend. Tom brady is here tonight by the time. He is in dublin. Mixed by the time. Tom brady is inducted in his first year of eligibility in the year two thousand thirty five time to post his acceptance speech on his instagram account. I countdown to kickoff thirty one days. Thursday september ninth. The dallas cowboys will open the season visiting super bowl champion. Tampa bay Meanwhile in cash at all my ex-boyfriend may he rest in peace. He's not dead he just has trouble sleeping he's like he's like this depressed hipster which is like saying chai tea just two words. That mean the same thing. Have you ever seen a couple. Walking down the street and gotten board for them. Association Both the usa men and women won the gold medals at the olympics in basketball. After losing an early game to france the team usa man won the rematch by seven points. In the gold medal. Game kevin durant leading the way and the usa. Women beat japan by fifteen further gold in other sports. Do congratulations to team. Usa's molly sidell. She won the bronze metal in the marathon this weekend. At as expected a couple of people from kenya won the gold. The silver molly was seconds behind the gold and the silver went up the golden the silver winners from kenya. You know the usual suspects always win. These things. molly was seconds behind previous to this marathon. Molly had run two marathons. Inner life showed up at the olympics stroll in and won the bronze seconds behind the world class. Kenya's ya as if maybe she made an effort. She don't want to go back to work out next. That was the third marathon in her life and won the bronze see there and press writes stories in there every single day every day. I really enjoyed it. And this is your what one five kgb fm sports network o. I would bet. A million zillion naked bacteria trillion dollars. I was the only one wash. Watch the closing ceremonies on. tv last night. Madhavan is conversation with myself about chainsaw. Brought to you by semper solaris who reminds you to go solar they'll help you with all things solar including roofing and battery storage as well as heating and air conditioning known for their american style. Visit sempersolaris dot. Hey siri remind me to watch on. Tv mornings at seven forty k. I hey can you get me tv gig. Do who wants to hear what. President trump said about the women's soccer team at the olympics. I would love to To get any any encouraging bought nope meghan repeat on company. No nine soccer if our soccer team headed by a radical group of left. There's maniacs wasn't woke. They would've won the gold medal. And that lebron's woke means you'll lose everything that is woke goes bad. Our soccer team certainly has they should replace the woke stors with patriots and start winning again. So meghan repeal had a response to that what's better goody goody. She said she's still going to speak out on issues feels are important she says. I think it's important for everybody to do whatever they can to make the world a better place. We obviously have huge platforms. We get to be at the olympics but the reality of it is you heard chainsaw. Sports is that when the ratings go away then sponsors go away and when those two are gone it's over. I mean even little leagues got to have a sponsor and these are the olympics that you hear they had to. Nbc has to her head to appease the sponsors by giving them free commercials which is what the audience loves. audience can't get enough of more free commercials given the money back. That's for sure. And i gotta say megan's attitude is is shockingly ignorant of reality this whole thing about how we have huge platforms. We're at the late the olympics a not for long. There's not going to be an olympics with this kind of attitude. She's gotta know better than this doesn't she. She's got to know that you've got to have ratings. And you've got to have a sponsor to have a game those who have to come. I accept people are disillusioned and they give themselves credit for more than they're actually get it. The ratings on these olympics are the biggest bombs since there was an actual bomb at the olympics splintered. Television is different platforms. And what do you watch. Where is it. What is i mean. I used to hate you know. Oh i hate to like the the to our capsule. I wanna see more well now that you have more cookie. It's so spread out there uninteresting. What's interesting well. I find it difficult to wrap my head around a four hour block olympics when it promises the events i wanna see. And they're not gonna come in until about an hour. And a half in gotcha. And so. That's i know that's a lot to wade through. Sometimes and especially with all the commercials et cetera. and they put them all all these zillions of different platforms. Why to pay for the commercials or two from platforms to put the commercials on so they can pay and fund the olympic committee in japan. And all that other stuff well with more platforms though chainsaw you get more opportunities to see. Virtually all the olympics now which in the olden days you would not get wrecked it is great that they they have these multiple platforms to bring you four times five times seven times more coverage and make no mistake they take all of their platforms together and combine them to get their ratings and they're still down your standard fifty three percent. This is this is not an adjustment. For calvin this people not watching right flat out. Not watching. And i gotta say. I enjoy the olympics. As much as i ever do. Every time. I turn it on. And i know what you're saying. Get a four hour block here and they're going to go from one segment every twenty minutes to another site unless a basketball game or something like every time. I watched something i was interested in. I enjoyed it. I saw something remarkable or sensitive or exciting. Every time i was a fan. I'm still a fan of the olympics. I hate to see it suffering like this. Because i really enjoy the nbc sports chairman. Pete bovine walk. Bevaqua insisted to the associated. Press that the network is still going to make money on these olympics. He left out details on. How much variety senior tv editor. Brian steinberg wrote that. The drop has spurred advertiser anxiety. It has not been eased by the news. That simone biles withdrew. They only was eliminated from the tennis medal competition. Well these are things that you can't count on right can't y- you probably can count on the fact that a big name is gonna get bombed out quick and maybe a big name was going to get injured. These things happen every year. So that's not unusual but the the incredibly underwhelming ratings fueled by the backlash against protesting. Athletes is people are sick of it. They're so sick of it and you look at the similar shows. Were these things are happening complaining. Bitching moaning a hollywood sucks. They know he make good movies anymore. Put out by hollywood people and that's why they're award shows are suffering fifty percent connect the dots people were sick of it. We don't want to watch grumbling and griping anymore. we don't. I've never met anybody ever. Who says i'm really glad that they do that. I've met people will say i don't care i've met a ton of people. Say they hate it. But i've never seen anybody going. I'm really glad they're doing that. I just don't. I don't run in that circle aware it is and it sounds like you watch more than perhaps the rest of us Certainly more than i did. God i even watch the closing ceremony. Chainsaw did you. And the reason. I brought that up because you know that that nation is one of the leaders in technical wonderment and what they did for about. Two minutes at the closing ceremonies was so good. You washed it like three times. It would so cool. They did some kind of crazy fairy dust thing that went all throughout the entire stadium and ended up being the five olympic rings suspended in mid air over the stadium and no one knows how they did it. Wow typical japanese. Magic wizardry with technology was so cool. I have a question for ya as someone who saw list stuff. How much of it really was Sprinkled with protests relative to the specter of it and the you know the the perception that this is all about you know woke games. And there's i don't want to watch because there's so many protests going on. How much of that did you see. I don't know how much i saw We certainly knew that the one of the i think one of the disappointments for people whereas there was a lack of the superstar to root for this year because we didn't have the superstar olympic soccer team going for the gold Which was a big disappointment for people. And we didn't have the superstar gymnast. Simone biles going to win lots of goals and stuff like that so that was a disappointment. You think an olympic episodes past there have been people like michael phelps or teams like the soccer team. I remember was at four years ago. The women's soccer team. Everyone dropped what they were doing to go. Watch that team fighting win for the gold medal. And we didn't have that this year honor no or like the dream team in basketball which i want america that but you didn't see that many protests just here and there i hear about it all the time i did not see them on the olympics. But i heard about meghan repeating. Oh i heard about the simone biles thing to me was a different situation. But it got caught up. Simone biles withdrawing for the olympics. Got caught up into a big debate right and it was stupid. It was a stupid debate. You had people wanting to hang a medal of bravery honor. You had people like chris boyer saying get up. Get off your ass get over it and get out there and do the flip and stuff and so. There were ugly debates on that right which was completely unnecessary object by the reason i ask is how much of the pre pre you know. Perception going into them watching. I'm not going to watch because it's going to be saturated while those woke stuff. I'm just wondering how much of it really was on television. I don't know how much of it really was. But the damage is done. People are sick of it and they aren't tuning in because they don't wanna see it anymore though. They're they're predisposed to say. Forget it. i'm not gonna watch anymore i am. I won't watch. i used. I used to drag emily into these emmy and oscar shows And the grammies. All the time. I'd say emily got gotta watch this so i have someone to talk to about this because no one else on. The show is going to watch this stuff. And i told her this year said i'm done. I'm done with this crap. I can't stand watching these pampered. Millionaires and billionaires. Go out and bitch about their jobs at the awards show. I'm sick of it. And i won't predisposed to not watch it. That's why their ratings are going down. Their ratings are going down because people tune out in the middle of this show Going down because no one's tuning in in the first set up. So that's why i mean they might have been surprised. They tuned in this time and missed what they hate about these athletes who they're sick of seeing protesting. They might have missed that they might have enjoyed the games but it doesn't matter the damage has been done. They have created this atmosphere. An attitude of discontent and people don't wanna see it anymore. I don't think a doubt about it. They're sick of it. No doubt no doubt in maybe possible fix for that is to okay all right. I believe in freedom of expression and people having their causes everything but the reality is it's hurting your product. You're you're you're betraying your country for one thing by putting on a jersey. Usa you know and using the united states is a platform to get your personal glory and then once you get there you betray the jersey. You're wearing what if we had a waiver if you wanna come to. The games represent usa. You can't say anything bad about us. Whoa that may crop off a few people that may not want to attend because a reason but it would take away that pre perception of people not wanting to tune in because of that. I think that crashes headlong into your original your earlier statement that you're a big believer in freedom of expression but not not in the game except for you right believe except except if you want to sign on for the. Us a team you can just the usa. I find it other place for it but not here well. They won't get very far without sponsors and without ratings they just won't exactly it's dead dead in the water i mean. I'm sure that these olympics are stolen up for the next couple years because these things have to be done so far in advance the winter olympics in china and the next summer olympics in paris but for the foreseeable future how many of these networks are excited about paying is it a billion dollars now to host the olympics. Well japan talked networks. Yeah while the japan is talking about. I read and ziegler's colin today. They're gonna lose fifteen billion or they spent fifteen billion and the price tag might be double that as a country to host these games like thirty billion dollars and if they're not going to get the money back especially this year without ticket revenues and such plus diminishing interest because it all comes from tv. But how much is tv paying for move. I don't know. I mean it's not cheap for tv. No tv has to buy these olympics. Have to buy the privilege to cover the olympics and when they look and say Nbc which did a great job right. They were spectacular artwork to watch it was poetry and their ratings are down more than half fifty percent. I if people who don't work the ratings industry understand what a torpedo into the weapons magazine that is it's a loss. Nbc paid seven point seven five billion dollars for the right for that for that game not for multiple olympics but for that one and then they had the cost of production on top of that. So what are they going to. What are they gonna be able to get for the next one when they go and say. Well the raiders down a half because everything is a. Everything's a formula. You know they look at how go to the ratings and then once they have a number with the ratings are they can figure out how much they can charge advertisers. Because they're able to tell the advertisers this is how many people are watching around the world. Well when they're down more than fifty percent now we're going to get eight hour blocks of olympic coverage just to have time for all the commercials. Now i apologize that seven points invite billion for the olympics through twenty thirty two multi go so they did a multiple thing. How much how much will help fans back because certainly the energy of a crowd does help even as a television viewer as we've experienced in football That it it it is you do miss it. It's better with with the crowd. So i think they're going to hang their hat on that. One yeah. I wouldn't buy that for a split second. I watched every single every single time. I watched whether or not there were audience there. Yeah so as a buyer is a guy who's trying to buy time on nbc. Good luck trying to tell me all. It'll be better because there's an audience there. Give me my fifty percent at least a decrease in the airtime costs or give us twice as many commercials which they're already doing ratings go sponsors. Go the games. Go you gotta have in that order. You gotta have sponsor i then ratings. Then you're gonna have a game and this here's what we're not going to change anything. Well it's a good thing you're at retirement age. 'cause that attitude is not gonna fly. It's a business. Are we ready with the rock and roll three. So that's the worst news. I've heard yesterday. What's i ready to do that. next curve. pick your player. Boyer trade off. Mother she india goes classic rock today. Home of the dnc five kgb. Has your chance to win. A trip to our iheartradio music festival in las vegas coming up. September seventeen eighteen. Plus we're going to throw in a thousand dollars for you in case you find yourself in the mood to spend some money while you're in las vegas. The ultimate once in a lifetime experience with performances. You've never seen before us and we'll never see again woah. How shut off. Protect listen every weekday nine. Am one pm at five pm for the keyword and text it to two hundred two hundred for your chance to win so nine o'clock this morning is your next chance to win more chances for you. Also at one kgb dot com stream is on the free iheartradio app when you go to work so you don't miss the key word more chances coming up today. I one nine o'clock emily. You're playing for martin by boyer. You're playing for gary own. Daddy chainsaw your plan for sea. Salt and trap is open. That y'all fall on your faces Someone is going to win tickets to see true. Tv's impractical jokers scoops ski potatoes. Tour starring the tenderloins coming up on saturday november twentieth at pechanga arena in san diego. These tickets are available at axs dot com brand new tour from true tv in the impractical jokers. Sixteen years older suggested and it's all produced by outback presents. You know the impractical jokers and stuff their staple in our household on in the background at all times. Yup yup good time get into some antics. Just so andy antics hijinks. Yes the whole thing and you'll get to be there and see it live when chainsaw or for emily for nobody wins right now in the rock and roll three some. You know what that is. Yeah we're going to celebrate. It never created it's mark knopfler us klopp flers birthday today k. You know who he is. Go ahead go ahead. Yeah you don't know all right. I recognize the name is the silver medal winner in the men's four hundred meter relay. He's also they lead singer of dire straits dire straits them. Okay we play them here at san diego's christiane play three three. They have three. I'm gonna play the rio. They've got more than three. All right all right is not a very encouraging start. Three songs by dire straits all played at the same time. And you gotta try and pull them apart and be the first one to buzz in and name them correct. God way easier than i thought it was gonna be. Easier gotta chainsaw Maybe sultans of swing money for nothing so far away. Yes listen again. Okay right there. I heard money Heard money for another refer to rada heard that Okay was way ahead of me on this thing. You guys are all so much better on me at these games food there. So that leaves you with one more. And what was the third one swe sultans of swing there. It is wow chainsaw. Gold medal very impressive fellow nicely. A victory for seesaw medical city impractical jokers and happy birthday to mark running for chainsaws next. Ds's show k. j. Everybody here sports worlds. They call people from arizona zone as well. They were put in a zone yesterday. Fell back to the zone. Chick connects his sixty. These which is loaded into ours. Oh and the padres. Take two out of three from the arizona diamondbacks with yesterday's to zip win where blake snell. Was the ace pitcher. We've been hoping for striking out. Thirteen in seven scoreless and a low background. The krone zone celebrates anything and everything about our all star. Second baseman jake cronin worth wherever he makes a great player wherever his home runs land. That's the krone zone. However i google chrome zone and one of the first things that popped up. Was the krone zone. Retreat a women's gathering carefully organized or regenerate and invigorate the feminine spirit by trading on their ability to transcend and empower themselves which l. provide lessons for future crowns which sounds very very gwyneth. Paltrow the krone zones spelled the same. Might be different thing. Well no kidding. Padres remain in third place in the division now seven and a half games back of first place giants and now just two and a half games up on the red hot reds for the second of two national league wild card spots padres host. The miami marlins tonight through wednesday in the glanville the twenty twenty one summer olympic games in the books and thanks to the usa women's volleyball team winning the gold medal. The usa edged out china for most golds thirty nine to thirty eight and we'll also the most silver and bronze the usa one hundred thirteen total medals twenty-five more than second-place china's eighty-eight but as The union tribune's mark ziglar points out today by winning just under twelve percent of the available gold medals. This was our lowest total in modern olympic sports history which dates back eighteen ninety six for We celebrated the new. Nfl hall of famers yesterday which included san diego's zone. John lynch very deserving and legendary quarterback peyton manning. Here's part of his speed fags to old rival ray. Lewis for being here tonight ray. Just finished giving his speech that he started in two thousand eighteen. That's funny. I don't care who you are my good friend. Tom brady's here tonight by the time he is inducted. Mix there tom. Tom waiting by the time. Tom brady is inducted in his first year of eligibility in the year. Two thousand thirty five all. We have time to post the speech on his instagram countdown. To kickoff thirty one days. Thursday september ninth opening night of the twenty twenty one. Nfl season the dallas cowboys will visit the super bowl. Champion tampa bay brandon ears. Meanwhile in the whole impression. I like to call anybody. Whoever wins an oscar at the academy awards and they're stupid acceptance. Oh my goodness. I can't believe that i won zone. I'd like to start off by thanking god for making this all possible and i'd like to say my beautiful for standing by me for all those. Thanks honey we did it by times going. Oh i just can't believe i one. What do you mean. you can't believe you one. You had an aisle seat. Nobody's ever seen this at the academy awards this year. The winter is daniel tosh times already up back to my little speech to start off by thanking l ron hubbard for making this all possible. My beautiful wife for standing by me brothers years they say my girlfriend for keeping everything on download shot out the retail people association. Both the usa men and women won the olympic basketball gold medals. The beat france on a rematch by seven points in the gold medal game while the usa women beat japan by fifteen in their gold medal. Contact ask bad. It's so kind of yes in other sports. Data look for the padres. Easing fernando tat. Tease back into the lineup. I am in in the outfield. All right yeah centerfield right-field. Maybe they feel that. He has less of a risk of injuring his shoulder in the outfield. Yeah sinking fly ball. You think he's not gonna die for. It really doesn't give all out effort. They've had practicing as an outfielder ways. Went into home. Given ten overall maybe less vulnerable than shortstop. I guess three and one second amd boosts your what one five kgb offense sports network mile chase on brought to you by zerorez where you get three rooms carpet cleaned for only one hundred thirty five dollars and twenty percent off all additional services but that salan soon zerorez is the safe carpet tile hardwood and upholstery cleaner cleaning without harmful toxic chemicals. Nope it's patented empowered water that safe for you and your kids and your pets go to zero sandiego dot com then. Call her book online today. Zero san diego dot com. tv time. Simulcast time yes. We have a special surprise. For one of our good morning san diego's stars this morning. In fact emily you might wanna bust your skin flute out of its belva. What do you call it corridor. Get it out get her ready. Wanna win five. Ktbs of the da radio a little tv action every morning right about this time. We join our friends on k. U. s. i. Tv we love this segment. I hope you've love it to where we We do the tv and the radio at the same time. I was trying to explain this to my dad this past weekend. Wait a minute what are you talking about got we go on. Tv on radio at the same time and we have a very special pictorial essay. That is gonna handle today here and emily. I would like you to stand by with your skin flute recorder. I could hear emily practicing all the way down the hall it was. It was soothing to hear the dulcet notes as they crashed through the soundproof door. The notes shrieking from your skin flute could be contained buyers soundproof door. They escaped somehow. Yeah break their. Ifp's i'm hoping that you can provide the piece of resistance. It'll be a piece of something now. I think this is going to be pretty funny. Actually This is it. Thank you sir. This is a surprise presentation that we are bringing of our performers. We've got paul. And lauren is backing her vacation. Mark breakdown utility. That's lorne peasants mark. Hello mr rudy. How are this more. I am well. Let's simulcast day gration here this morning. Yeah celebration doesn't count roses we're talking about. Let's let's just hold our horses here and seeing what's going on. Welcome back lauren. From your eight month long vacation it's nice to have you with us here We are presenting a happy birthday. Pictorial bouquet here today. And it is starring our very own little darling. Mark mathis yes. We're celebrating a birthday. Hang on a second. Wait a minute. That's it's not mark matt. This is not mark. Matt this birthday is it. No of course not yet is we're very sexual beings. She never needed to know right. Emily scorpio is yes permanent right here on. Tv we are celebrating the fortieth birthday for our beloved lauren. fini- Are we isn't she. Darling look at her nine. We brought forty ounces. Did the first picture lawrence sir. How tommy is in so much trouble concern. I'll bet you a thousand dollars. Even at that age. She was telling the photographer what turn just a little bit to them. We're not long. After that pictures taken. Lauren was enrolled in school. But not just any school. It was a school for the children who refuse to smile. Let's take a look at this Your kids off the art no matter how joyful other star pupil the class are lauren. Look at that grid. Man cheeks We actually see that face on the wheaties. I looked very upset. Hourly no one in that class was the little lord growing up fast though yes dear. Who's in trouble for this. No one we're all enjoying this. Little lauren was growing up fast. Here we see a flashback to thirty one years ago lawrence gear. And here's a good morning. Sandiego insight secretly lawrence still wears headgear during commercial breaks to keep her smile tight. This is amazing. Goodness gracious nice torture. Kids like that anymore still happen. Yeah you did you. Did you wear that gear. Oh no my parents didn't splurge on me. we didn't bother with. He's got a mouthful. Iraq's talk showbiz fame called early for lauren. As we see here from this mojo city shot with. Lauren was the original lead singer for rack. Wow yeah and loving the hair their sick my finger in the socket was in sil- that's great height beautiful hair too by the way it's good stuff high school years where a little iffy for a lauren or is her high school friends called her captain early for space cowboy and lady gone jar as we see the gift from her boyfriend. Jeff's becali read from over. This is terrible news that long and before you know it. The big time called and lawrence skipped all the small towns when right to thirty rock as we see her here with tom. Brokaw al roker getting ready to anchor the nightly. That's a good team me. Jennifer aniston haircut. Tom brokaw hasn't changed. Much out of it was was back to california where we call her home to be with us here today on her happy fortieth birthday and we have a special special treat for lauren right now if they would bring that out on the set for her Just for lauren. And your instructions. Just grab the top and pull straight on as scranton knob. Grab the knob and pull it straight up as you've probably heard countless times like snakes. It's gonna be something nice nice snake. It's a snake. oh oh of mall. It's so beautiful kyowa. Now there's a little serenade you to serenade you with happy birthday on her special broken float one. The only commission see recognize happy. How you words while rest all the flourish. That was something. Thank you in the doghouse for those pictures. But thank you great. That many rust though and happy birthday select. I'm not take the over on. Go on the kgb one on one kgb sandy our website what a one kgb dot com. That's where you go to see those pictures of lauren. Tiny those you heard driving and couldn't watch along on tv this morning. I want you to look at that later today. We always post are k. U. s. i. Segment on our website. So make sure when you get a chance today to go to one one kgb dot com and see those pictures and watch the stoning performance of emily on the flu greats. This hour of the dsp is brought to you by sids carpet. Barn for nearly seventy years sids has been san diego's leader for high quality flooring at the absolute lowest possible pricing so for that huge selection at their everyday low prices. Visit any sids or sids carpet. Dot com sits carpet barn. Come on down tired when we come back. Emily is gonna hap us. What's going on in the world. Find out what's going on happy. Crackpot news can have a visit from these celebrity death abso- dirt. I'm sorry to say yes we are and you guys know paul rudd. Don't you yeah. This is an odd fact. I just saw this this weekend. I thought i would share with you. Don't you think paul rudd. He's a young looking guy. Paul rudd is now older. Then wilfred bramley was in cocoon. Nah yes paul. Rudd older than wilford grimly. In woofer bramley was just one hundred years old for the day was born to the day Paul rudd is older than the oldest looking guy in mile. That's a true story. God bless him. what's that he does. Not age is gotta be face for sure. We'll find out what is happening in our world company way next on the at the gbi one zero one five kgb. Has your chance to win. A trip to our iheart radio music festival in las vegas september. Seventeen and eighteen plus. We'll throwing two thousand dollars. It's the ultimate once in a lifetime experience and you can listen every weekday at nine one and five where we will tell you the key word for you to text to two hundred two hundred for your chance to win and we have more chances at our website. One kgb dot com stream us on the free iheartradio app when you go to work so you don't miss any of those keywords now quick look at your commute the dnc on pay tv eight. Oh five northbound. An accident is blocking the carpool lane before imperial avenue. Traffic is slow in national city. Other than that fifteen found an accident is blocking the off ramp. At how way road something else just popped up. I'm sorry on the five northbound and there's an overturned accident. Now blocking the carpool and look at bo need a road. Traffic is stopped from telegraph union. Thank you sarah. Ladies and gentlemen. I am summoning. These celebrity deaths are chris boyer and is the one who determines if someone famous has died. Who's the celebrity coroner. People people say least comes in threes. Well that's if you're loosey-goosey first of all we have chris boyer to determine whether or not this person has obtained true celebrity status and secondly we put a ten day window on it otherwise course they come in threes. We gotta have a an expiration. Chris boyer is anybody waiting right now for company or has the celebrity death window in fact closed since we last visited the cdw closed on the second of august. All right. i have some presentation candidate presentations for you. Jane withers no you know jane withers is. She was Sam the plumber or something and she played josephine. Josephine the plumber. Yeah and she played opposite of shirley temple movies is the opposite of shirley temple but she really wasn't known mistake weather's so she she wasn't what she she was. Only on jane withers his her friends. the people would not recognize her name and immediately tire to lean. The plumber josephine. Still whatever she ain't in all right josephine. The plumber. Jane withers is welcome in celebrity death. Purgatory i will take gladly. Woman had a long career in show business child star all the weapons or nineties. Next up coach. Bobby bowden probably a famous guy. Not somebody i know. And he made millions of dollars teaching voice to run around on the grass. And he's not in jim derek college. Wow that's a big swing and a miss there in my opinion. Yeah dare. I comment on the celebrity deaths are. I will certainly welcome coach. Bobby and he was i mean. I don't think i ever played for him but he sure looked fun. He was entertaining me. I think he did some tv commercials and he was an entertaining guy. Certainly a successful coach. Florida guy isn't it us. Yeah you're gonna have fun with him. Yeah he seemed fun. Like i said. I don't believe i ever played for him. His players might have a different opinion. On how funny was. But i certainly enjoyed them all right. Now that leaves me with my final offering for the deaths are and that is night court star markie post. She played christine sullivan. The public defender in night court which was a tv show about Kind of a crazy markie host. Yes she's in. You're not gonna sleep with you. She never did in. My time is probably path she is associations all right very died on the seventh of august which gives us a crack opening until the sixteenth. At which time we'll seal it up and mortaring over law right very good. So tough lock for jane withers and is it. Boden or bowden bowden. Tough luck for bobby. Bowden but bobby will have lots of laughs with josephine the plumber and all the other greats like chris boyer has passed on. That sounds like fun those those alone. We'll have a ball. Yes markie post with one credit to her. Imdb list apparently night court tv. That you don't know love boat The jews in the fall guy and a couple of others. She started as a production assistant for tom. Kennedy second. that's enough. That's an emily. Yeah what big stories had cracked into the half-baked crackpot news for today. This morning you were talking about the guy being duct tape to his seat up on the airplane reminder you can see that guy if you missed it. At one one kgb dot com slash dsc center website you can see the gift that the current bachelorette there is a bachelorette season happening right now. Katie is her name and she already went to hometowns. That's how deep into the season. We are near down to the final few and you go home to meet the families. The mom of one of the contestants. You can check out the gift that she gave katy very curious. If anyone here has received some sex twice from significant others parent in the mother gave katya. But plug you know. My son is really inadequate so this you might need this. If says a lot doesn't it brings up a lot of questions. Yeah as a young lady when you went to. I me too when you went to the dark comment when you went to the dark continent to meet your fiance's Parents did you have a whole village. Was that like a whole tribal thing would happen back. Did anyone anywhere like halloween. A dildo for you from a tree trunk and present it to you. Well you know what's incredible about the brazilian culture. We get lavished with gifts. Every time we go there you go to someone's house and they have a gift for you. I get new clothes new shoes jewelry. And i'm not kidding. Every time we go down there but no sex toys learn zedillo. If you're brave enough for sarah where you present with a dildo by a Jason's parents when you first met no chips. France did not give me any sex toys. Not i'm surprised you know. They got him. God knows maybe they were already made to you on accident. Here's appeared. of course you know that already because they mailed to you. I yes dear dave. Here's email to the show so you took a vacation two and a half days com on. It's obviously someone in the democrat. National convention heard you trashing their commercials. Tuesday called up your station crying. Maybe the great big giant ahead had no choice but to call you the principal's offices and send you home for the rest of the week. So you gotta mid week vacation and we got to hear ruth trashy on a hot microphone again. Now be a good boy and play more black. Betty like the great big heads wants. Love your show. And that is richard. That was another thing. People were weird it out on wednesday. When at nine o'clock we went to the best of show. And i can let you in on a very secret secret secret. Let him have just left early to catch a plane. There's not much excitement to the truth. But the conspiracy. Theories are way better than what happens in real life Yeah that was it the imaginations of our audience. Death impressive yeah. I asked the blouses here. You just take wednesday off her work until o'clock and then run to the airport and they said work until nine them run to the airport and that was the reason for that Morning show dear dave. I believe the reason we didn't see a lot of protests on the olympics was because they never really showed the metal ceremonies. Love your show. that is pat. They did show them. They did show them but of course. everything happened. Many many allman almost a day ahead of time so a lot of those things you saw. Virtually everything you saw was recorded edited and prepared dear. Dave good morning. I love your show. Did the airline offer drinks and peanuts. Yeah you gotta you gotta get the mask on the entire time like i told you they were very very serious about that. No taken the mask off with the exception of consuming your drinks and peanuts or did you. While you're actively eating drinking you can pull the mass down by get it right back up ghani then. I got this from debbie. Dear dave am. I the only one who hates the analogy jar. I love chris boyer's analogies. They are funny and part of borders crazy out their personality. Love it or hate. It is still always makes me laugh. i say let the analogies fly. Thank you and love daddy. Here's a personal note to debbie. The analogies never stopped not a one not a single one now. We just get paid to listen to him. We get money for him. But you say i love is analogies. Let them fly nothing changed. Nope sorry we confused you on that one demi but getting pulled back on us single one. Okay here's a pat on the head in the milk bottle for you. all right. What big stories are happening in the crackpot news today hollywood hypocrites from a birthday bash to privacy for me but not for the what does having some people are calling. So sophie turner in orlando bloom. Big fat hypocrites for their latest. Wait what is the big problem here. I mean she just had a baby stopped with a big fat thing. I don't like that at all. Parents gain weight when they first jewel in orlando a sympathy weight. Okay all right. We'll hear them Let's birthday bash. Was going to happen but then no we're not gonna have it. Oh we're actually really going to have it. Well you remember last week. President obama had announced he was going to have a few hundred people out to his estate. And martha's vineyard right and people freaked out. They're like hey man. We can't have these huge gatherings right like we do every day at baseball games. Basketball games soon to be. Nfl games. but we can't have five hundred people show up at a party now. We can have thirty nine thousand show up at petco park but not five hundred at a party. Possess sturgis cool hundred thousand people lollapalooza seven hundred seven hundred thousand at sturgis. But we can't have five hundred at obama's party. I didn't understand that. But here's the part that i found interesting. President obama said all right. No problem will cancel the party and then they wouldn't totally had been lied about cancelling the party. They totally lied about it. I mean i never really saw the big deal about them having a party so what. We have huge gatherings all the time. Now big deal but then they said okay. We'll cancel it. And then they didn't so technically he said well significantly scale it back to include only family and close friends okay. And then they didn't well maybe he just and close friends right. They lie five people you know. The only way they cut out was nancy pelosi you. I think that's really what they did. I think they bragged about this thing enough so that they could just uninvite. Nancy pelosi because they didn't want it there in the first place. Did you know she got uninvited from nancy. Pelosi and me were the only ones who invitations got cancelled. I don't think they've wanted us in the first place significantly scaling back sure is a good time. We had a significantly better time. And they're all right. What else according to a new study. There's a very good chance that we all work a psychopath. Yeah yeah you know. I looked at those numbers. You're going to hear like the one. In how many which means we've got them here in the building is no question down song gonna want you to start naming names on who you think they are because according to the ratio i've seen we've got to have a good four or five here in the building. Doodoo yeah understanding is a psychopath is someone who understands the difference between right and wrong and just doesn't care exam i'll get the exact definition not interested. I just gave my understanding. Sorry okay. I said as i understand it. I'm not interested in reality. Okay go could be me all right. What else are we're splitting. The bill at a restaurant is a lot easier now that there are digital money apps but now there's the way people can be really petty to any opportunity for people to be even more than they already on. I was just about more into the psychopath. The story when the great big head reminded me. Then you want to hear the eagles the kgb one one five kgb where this hour of the dnc brought to you by point loma electric and plumbing. Leave your plumbing and electrical issues to the experts. And that's not you dave. You are no matter how much you think you are. You are not experts. Hope it's point loma and plumbing. They're the ones who've been providing friendly five star service over thirty years. The put the wrench dow day today whole house electrical or plumbing checkup for one hundred and forty nine dollars scheduled today at point. Loma electric dot com on sports non sportsworld. Spain's as you know the gas lamp east village is well known as a vogue glove. Yeah yeah i'm surprised. There's not a t shirt and a gift shop to commemorate. There is a krone zone shirt. Isn't there dawn or shallow driven to write back. Jake accident sixteenth of the year. He's doing it all. Yeah padres take two out of three from the diamondbacks with yesterday's zip when where blake's now was the ace pitcher. We'd been hoping for striking out. Thirteen in seven scoreless yesterday. Yeah wow the padres remain in third place in the division now seven and a half games back to the first place giants now just two and a half up on the red hot reds for the second of two national league wild card spots padres host the miami marlins who are last place in their division tonight through wednesday in the glove twenty twenty one summer olympic games in the books and thanks to the usa women's volleyball team winning the gold medal. The usa edged out china for the most gold medals thirty nine to thirty eight and also the most silver and bronze the usa. One one hundred thirteen overall twenty five more than second-place china's eighty-eight here's the moment and moments after our women won gold in volleyball gold medal point for the united states for the first time. They've eric and women at won the olympic gold medal. It's everything we wanted it to be. The hard work put in the sweat. The tears the blood. It's been worth it so for this team and these amazing women in this program. I told them not only are they bet cisco they are now. Gold escalated quickly. And here's a highlight from an earlier volleyball match and welcome back to women's olympic volleyball. Wow who is that tall goddess of the indoor court that is rushes natalia goncharova. I'd like to call her over. Well jim she's thirty. Two years old stan. Six foot four and just an absolute tremendous force on their teams. She can spike me anytime. Al highly inappropriate jim. Nothing close compared to what women shows have been saying about the bodies of male swimmers. Is we how well we are here to cover sports. And i'm here to point out double standards. Okay thank you bought summer. Games will return to their original four year model returning in two thousand twenty. Four to paris france where parisians will be stocking. The olympic village was something completely foreign to the french community soap yesterday. We celebrated the new. Nfl hall of famers which included san diego's zone. John lynch the great safety tampa bay denver and legendary quarterback peyton manning who was who is a big hit. All right louis for being here tonight. Rage finished giving his speech. That started in two thousand eighteen. Speaking arrivals my good friend. Tom brady is here tonight by the time. He's inducted mixed reaction there. Tom what do you think you want to get into it by the time. Tom brady is inducted in his first year of eligibility in the year. Two thousand thirty five. We have time to post his acceptance speech on his instagram account. Countdown to kickoff thirty one days from now thursday september nine opening night of the twenty twenty one. Nfl season just a month away The dallas cowboys will visit the super bowl. Champion top obey brandon ears. Meanwhile in all the lsd incident or the dope show as some summer calling someone had placed the hit of acid in my coffee. But you can imagine we were all a little taken back by some of the events that happened during the during the news guys are said was mild astonishment by bush and insistence that. I'm both the both had away in. Joe locke flashers only trans gotcha may have time bomb. You see that. The role professionals and i think I think i think we're professionals. I think we. I think we handled with channel. Twenty two action news with dick brown alvarez mathias at five six and eleven both the usa men and women won the olympic basketball gold medals usa men comprised of nba stars like kevin durant led the way they beat france in a rematch by seven points for the gold medal. Usa women beat japan by fifteen in gold medal contest. In other sports. A french marathoner has been labeled quote the biggest dickhead at the olympics. I don't know if there's a metal that goes for that one but he's got an award you know how they line up the drinks for all the marathoners grab drank. They're all lined up in a row like that. He was towards the front of the pack and is he came up to the drinks. He rural not dumb all over so that no one behind him could heidari. That's why he has won the coveted award. Dick biggest dig and there's just and because of that. They just took away the olympics from the next paris game. Sorry you're out it's going to be nell central after on. It was like thirty seven. Forty seconds mrs show. What an five. Pfm sports network. Hi jason's brought to you by a chicken. Charlie's well that's where san diego's best home-cooked stick to your ribs. Comfort food is all your fair favorites. Locates fried oreos kool-aid floats. Am come and get a chicken. Charlie's table and rancho bernardo and chicken. Charlie's dot com now. They are the men who are at work on one five. Kgb our iheartradio music festival. It's coming up september. We want you to be there. We want to send you there along with the thousand bucks in your pants or wary. Keep your money please. I'm hearing ladies. We don't want sweaty money out of your bra. And why are your boobs sweating so much. Anyway what is going on they're trapped. I noticed that Have you ever done that. You ever kept your stuff in your bra. An- and so women will come hustling into starbucks and reach into their braun and pull out there money and it's got to the point our some sort not a lot but some stores have said no sweaty bra money and women were getting offended by that will harvest supposed to keep. Where am i have pace as like i. Don't i know take that back. I know you wouldn't appreciate it if i whipped out of five that i had wrapped around. My boss wouldn't like the good pie but we do have a thousand dollars for you that you can keep it any where you want. We send you off to be i. Heart radio music festival. There was more to that but the liner away. A soul veered off. I'm sorry you're not for yourself. Yes it is back once in a lifetime experience with performances. You've never seen before and you'll never see a gap so come up here in just minutes. I will have the first word for you to text today. Two hundred two hundred for your chance to win and of course we have more chances to win one. Kgb dot com stream on the free iheartradio app when you get into work don't miss any of these keywords. We do it at nine. One and five. Emily i want to say. Congratulations to duff's dogs desktops. Duff's dogs dogs dogs duff's dog. You know what duff's dogs are no so there is a thing online Late last week the best hotdog location in every state and lo and behold duff's dogs. Which is this tiny little stand in the home depot. Parking lot in carmel mountain one best wehner in the golden state. Wow yeah i know. And i've seen it a million times. Because i go to this week all the time and i've never stopped and enjoyed the food there duff's dogs. I'm wondering if anyone can verify that duff's dogs are the best hot as anyone been duff's dogs. Can you tell me that. These are in fact a great hotdog experience. Feel like we need to send on there. She is our weiner specialist is. She loves him more than anyone else. She'll chug him down. Get whip up a good old case. The meat sweats for us. Ask bright my. This is so funny june. My neighbor just told me about this place because they catered a party. She was at duff's dogs. Dogs did yes. Dogs cable a poker party honest their birthday next year and she was going on and on and on about them and she she'd new at that point i had been planning shane's ninth birthday party to drop off the other plants and make sure they come shane's ninth four eight in june in so that's why number that the drug party. It was the drug party. I god yes. They were dropping acid. Weren't they something that tongue leaving She was going on and unfortunately it was to sort of noticed by the words out that we're out in this place. Yes it's just the tiniest little right there in the middle of the home depot parking lot and they got the best hotdogs in this entire state betrays the said yet. Wait go duff's dogs mamata. Try them out and see how darn good they are. Pictures look amazing. And what else is coming up in our happy. Crackpot news today Just going over that right now. Let's the have you seen on our website when when keach dot com slash. Dsc the ball girl. Who's the ball girl at the dodgers game. What happened. there's a fan. That was making a run for it but not on her watch bella. He was reaching for an air ball. No he had made his way onto the field only the looting security now. We can't have that. She took him out. Cannot have that all right. Good video is on the website lutely. Hello you're on the dnc show. I'm calling about death dog. Tell me it's the best they've got in and out dog that's got The special sauce and crispy onions and bacon militia. Damn it is it legal. That doesn't even sound legal chicago dog and all all right so you recommend. Oh yeah every. Every time i go to home depot gotta get one. What is your name. Aj tonight tell them that you sent me are you aj from aj's playhouse. No i'm not shirk. Yeah yeah thank you. Aj bound love your show on a crane right now collecting toys for children. It's okay to tell me no. I'm sitting in my office. Is your office radio station where you do a morning show. No no no. I love your show. I think that was. Aj just play house here. Sarah in iraq gives me the cold shoulder every time he's author weird says nice things about doodoo big times. Hello you're on the. hey david. It's cody what is he. I gotta tell you man up stops. He's the best. That's what i heard the best in the state of california louis man they got. He's got he's got brought. he's got it all he's got he's got brought idea. I didn't know this was on there all right. Well oh man ya gotta do it. I mean it looks like a little hole. Looks like a photo hunt. Yeah it's it's awesome friend of mine turned me onto it a few years ago and every time i'm in the area i go. I had no idea that they cater to services they katya event. I need these guys do an event to. I don't have to cook well. Hey you know what if they they could. Just bring it to the show. I like that idea brother. Thanks man no worries not johnny. I love yours tony. Thanks i know why tony because boy is not on my show about dealer by the fact i look chris boy or more than anyone. Thank you david. Lock and load. Look gotta crackpot news porks up next. This is the dnc computer. Smart device or radio wouldn't five music festival fans one five kgb with your chance to win a thousand bucks now and the trip to our iheartradio music festival. If you'll just text the nationwide keyword win to two hundred two hundred. It's that easy win that the two hundred two hundred. You're going to get a confirmation text and information. Standard data and message rates apply in this nationwide contest. Word is win texted in two hundred two hundred and more chances to win at our website. One on kgb dot com quick at your commute with the dnc on kgb eighty five northbound. They're still clearing up an earlier accident apnea road. Which was blocking. The carpool and left lane. Traffic is stopped from orange. Avenue and five northbound is a much better decision this morning. If you can use it is as you're heading out of national city and other than that heads up one twenty five southbound. There's metal debris walking the right lane. After hammet saw vegas sarah spring out the happy crackpot news to Crinkles titan. how. I'm going outta mind. Sarah she will. Dan prohibition a kid on let's kick off the news. Today is back to school. Approaches the governors of texas and florida have enacted measures to ban mask mandates for schools. This comes as many american children are prepared for in person returned to the classroom at the education secretary. Miguel cardona was speaking about this on face the nation yesterday number one. I understand the fatigue wearing masks. I i don't like wearing masks. I know my own children. Don't want to wear masks on their vaccinated but we also understand that. This is bigger than us had my fourth grade niece over this weekend. I asked her. They're going to have masks on when you go back to school. She's like yep said you care she goes note. Don't really care does done. Matter is similar and out. Whatever if i have to wear to be here. it's on. He doesn't care not not really an opinion either way. It's like whatever summer is yesterday. She goes she screamed. Not oh you care notice before. But she was pissed. I'll show she She exhibited a diva like personality. Ashi ran away. Screaming yelled it. What if well. We have the unicorn. One unicorns mermaid mass. It worked for a while. She never really cared but but now all of a sudden has a strong opinion against what she say she. We had We had someone come to our house yesterday and we had to wear mass while this person was there and Smart don't sober. She just she yelled and ran away. She screamed and ran away. Over the word she screamed. I'm not wearing a mask. No after eating. I'm not gonna wear. Thank god saves church right so yeah and the woman was like. I don't care about the candidates. Fine so is better the masks that are up against your face the ones that stretch right across your mouth and your nose or the those like an ninety five ones that are like a big tupperware bowl over. Your face would like money inside. I've never worn one of those. Those are available now. You remember last year. This time like you couldn't find anywhere now on amazon. Here's ten thousand nine dollars. It's like i'll hunt. you know. Supply and demand is caught up and they stick way out on your face. You look like you're wearing like a duck's bill. I've never worn though. So i don't know what they're like. Yeah i wonder if that helps people say they feel to fall. But i wonder if it helps. If you get that kind of a mask or maybe can you wear see now. I got told you can't wear those net gators anymore on planes. Oh yeah. I haven't run into that yet. Let me tell you about this. I get on the plane and the flight attendants had been walking up and down. You know it takes a long time to get everybody on board. And you've got your mask on as soon as you get on board. So i had this thing pulled up over my face and i had worn those just because it's easy just to be up and down with it as the only reason for it and they shut the door and then this attendant aerial lovely girl. She comes up to me. I didn't tell this on the air. I told the story on the air. Yeah about the mask. Uh-huh about your personal told on the air just to you other commercials in the opening break. But i'll you said on air was. We're not gonna have any one on cnn today. Yeah but i didn't tell about the yes. I don't think i told this part. so anyway. She said you can't wear gator on the plane. I didn't tell this on the air. Now i this is news to me. I have not heard this. That tells them there. I don't recall the no not detail so she says to me she stops from me. She goes you're gonna hate me. I'm like oh jeez what is gonna happen now. I'm going to be this person. I've caused a problem. And she says you can't wear this gear and is like i didn't know that these things were not effective or not cool or whatever so i was like okay. Don't worry i've got one of those goofy blue paper ones mirth and so I put that on and off. They go about their business by ten minutes before we land she comes up and she hands me a note aerial and it says I just wanna thank you for understanding about the gator. I hope it didn't Disrupt your flight too much. It was a pleasure being with you. Today that the nice meeting you signed aerial she gave a personalized signed card. To every person in her segment of the airplane. Everyone so lovely Every single person in her section got a handwritten notes from her about their experience on the plane and every single person asked for her employee. Id number 'cause they all wanted to call american airlines and say this aerial should be. You should get a race not yeah. I'd never experienced that. My life was so nice. But yeah those gator things. Apparently they don't do the job anymore. So those are gone. yeah. I didn't know a little. Summer's gonna kick up our heels. Oh god i guess oh and she starts school week. And i believe they're following the state of the state you know says that there needs to be messin schools than she's going to have to wear one so and i was back in illinois this weekend and parents were protesting i saw one parent say we're not leaving until you take a revolt right here. A vote of the people by the people then for the people. All right sam. Sit down relax. They can't stand the masks on their children at school. I don't like it as well. But i'm gonna i'm not gonna fight it if the ruling rule go to school but your mask is like it right. I mean maybe some people do some people are like hey. Did you notice that. The flu went down to like zero this year. I'm agean there's some people who like it but no one is loving it and that's why the guy was saying. We all have masks fatigue. It's not unique to just you. That one person that's like i'm over and i'm not wearing it anymore. We all sick of it. I believe boyer has announced. I don't care what they say here in the building. I'm not wearing a mask again. I'm out i'm done. I'm not wearing it. I've taken care of it. i've been vaccinated either. They work or they don't and I'm done if you wanna wear. Well that's your business you have added an and if your boss is telling you here you gotta wear one. You're going to say okay. I'll wear what i've got fifteen weeks of education. I'll see in fifteen weeks. That's what you're going to say. Are you calculate my vacation time. You let me much either. I don't need to do that. you'll really do that. Yeah i'm not wearing a mask. It's ridiculous so you'll really take fifteen weeks vacation rather than wear masks. Yeah do i need to start looking for someone right now. Probably not why. Because you don't mean this. I don't know there's a lot of fussing. There's a lot of talk. No walk i just i. It's it's it is a stupid rule. I'm not gonna debate that with you. I don't like it either. I just need to know if. I need to look for someone the last time i had. Someone say i'm not wearing any bar and start looking okay. Do i need to start looking. Probably not. I need to know whether or not to take you divas seriously when you tell me you're walking. I'm the only diva on this show. No one on our show got sick at all and we don't wear masks. Put it out there. He put it out there. Did you hear that your first year and a half of the chinese communist virus. I think that anything has never counts but if you ever not. I don't know if you've noticed. It is in the news again today again. There's another conservative radio. Talk show host dick something or other. It wasn't dick brown but it was dick. The radio talk show host. Who spent the last year and a half carrying on about how masks or stupid and the viruses not real. And he's dead of the virus. Did you see this guy shows up about every two weeks it's usually a radio talk show host. You know you ever notice and you are this close to me and that guy. Well the guy the chinese communist viruses real but you like complain about it like it was our idea when they say to us. We gotta wear masks here in the building. You complain to it like it's our fault. They don't work and their restrictive and you wind up looking like a fool. Okay looking like a fool. That ship sailed so long ago right and you purposely wear it like a fool to look. Fool your way way way way doesn't work. Don't jump away from this. You wear it like a fool to look foolish on purpose. Do that on purpose. Right i do it because i want to Loosely comply in the least possible way and we sure appreciate that. But i mean you do you do when when these things are foisted upon you and sometimes it's for the show like the chin dong stuff like that you walk around looking like a goofball on purpose of the children was fun but you said you object to the mass because it makes you look like a fool yes it makes you look like someone who has had the kool aid. Always really wyler's. I think but but you go out of your way to be the foolish moss. Understand why that part you care about you. Know i don't know doesn't mean anything you're just. Are you just complain. No i think wearing a mask shows. I'm so afraid. Got to comply with what they do. I better just gosh darn it. We're all gonna die. I don't think it says that. I think it says i gotta do what i gotta do. And we're not all going to die. I some people will. You'll never get to a point where no one dies. Everybody dies and it's important for the safety. Will you know if you really want to save like fifty thousand people a year. Cut the freeway speeds in half. Okay all right. Let's see where you did your off topic again already. You're so good at it. I just stay with me here. I know it's difficult one topic. Some people will die the people who are all right all right. All right never mind. Vulnerable have been vaccinated. I never mind that. I understand that i get it. It's frustrating for everybody and if you don't want to be vaccinated god. I understand that you're right as an american to choose. I let the monster out of the bout of the jarred night. If they don't work. I was cold and flu down last year. When we didn't have the vaccine yet what will let me. Just tell you right now. I just saw what you did when you see what i do. It the exact same. I don't want to upset you. But i'm getting a little peek abroad and that's all i can think about all right. Thanks speech betty. that's all i can think of erica. I stopped caring about boyer's tirade a longtime. What else do we We have an increase in cova cases here in the county fourteen hundred new cases yesterday. Three hundred six thousand Active cases or caseload is three hundred thousand whatever Live nation says they artists can now require proof vaccination or negative cove in nineteen tests at all of their venues if they want to tour if they want to make that a requirement to go to a show the bash plan for barack obama sixtieth birthday on. Martha's vineyard was scaled back but leaks photos. Report suggests it was still one heck of a party. He hosted the star it event at his twenty acre property on saturday night Any photos that had been posted to social media have all been deleted since then and printed in every newspaper on her ayla celebrities like john. Legend and chrissy. Teigen dwayne wade and gave Gabrielle union don cheadle stephen colbert Beyond saying gee z. Were reportedly on the guest list though on if they actually made an appearance. Those who were kicked off the invite list include david. Letterman larry. david. Conan o'brien oprah apparently pulled out due to concerns about the delta marian and the white house said joe biden would not be attending. That's yeah so president biden said okay. We're gonna we're gonna scale this thing way down to just family. Yes but i say. I beg your pardon. President obama said that and then they didn't do anything talk christian is for you lying you lying now. Totally not in fact chronic and habitual ramp it up and they had an extra day and then the police were saying naked. It traffic was bearable. It's like it was six hundred people. We get thirty thousand downtown petco. This was six hundred. You can't handle six hundred. People apparently knocked six hundred. People go through granite ridge drive every time the light changes. God what is going on there. At martha's vineyard are the amish or something like that. It's like totally six hundred. People threw them into a tizzy. Here is Mary on the dnc. What's going on here. I just wanted to say. I mean why is the big deal about mass. I mean doctors and nurses where mass all the time are they idiots to. I mean if you were having surgery would expect your doctor de wearing a mask while you're getting cut up on on a table warriors crazy anyway but i mean what is the big freaking deal. It's all political. It is for some reason. It is a big freaking deal. People have taken time out to go to meetings at night. When i'm like oh. I give up two in the afternoon. I don't wanna go and do anything. Let alone go to a school meaning at night. I don't know how these people have the energy to do it either. Home in my house. People are protesting. And they're carrying on. And i get that. They're very upset about it. I get it. I don't understand why they're upset about it. But i fully accept that they are upset and so mary wants to know boy or do you think. Doctors look stupid when they are in masks. They wear them so that you don't squirt blood or pus into their mouth. That's not true. There's no patient that is more or less protected. Doctor wears her doesn't wear. That's nice who don't score inside the doctors that's not true at all. That's only been. The nurses and doctors are practically crying on the television telling people to mask up so they don't have to deal with thousands of people coming into the hospitals already. Look at florida. Look at all these states. Now there are increasing with all the covet. I mean even kids. No i mean before there you hear about any kids. Having covert now rampant. The only thing that how many cases they have they don't tell you how many people are dying they don't tell you who's in there People dine boyer for for to matter. Yes otherwise it just as stupid statistics that scares people. But what about what about her original question. Do you think doctors look stupid. Because they've been wearing masks for a century now yes they look stupid. Yes okay there you go. There's later they look like an idiot. And if a doctor was cutting on me and didn't wanna wear one. that's fine. I probably gonna get squirted with goo. Why even wash your hands right. Run your hands through the solvent tank about that solid scientific evidence that you don't want to go from cutting on the cadaver. Delivering a vein. Is that right. Yeah they used to do. And that's whether we're a lot of people who die what's coming up in round two for that big. That is very much the attitude that is alive and well you know that right and by the way here's my bold prediction there'll be another variant here lamba or something like that. Do they name it. Finally it was something that isn't a well known commercial brand of pressure but yeah i think there's a new variant here yeah. I don't think it's ever gonna stop out of the various are ever going to stop. Thank the flu right every year. The clues slightly different in alternative by the flu. Shot is i guess of what strain it might be. Well let's come around to we're gonna talk about psychopaths dildos and hypocrites. Sounds awesome ensure here. That's built ford tough test. Drive once your san diego. County ford dealers go five four now dot com. Emily would you rather listen to chris boyer and his diatribe on why doctors look stupid wearing masks four. Sit at the bar at on. The border with some tasty eats an ice cold margaritas. Healthy you at the bar. Ice cold margaritas tasty eats on the border in mira. Mesa escondido are open for indoor and outdoor dining. Maybe try at one of our ice cold watermelon margaritas on the border. Sorry chris hoping that. I could build you an audience where you talk about it at the bar. That's fine you can't drink eight. What else is in our happy. Crackpot news follow the new. Variant is the lambda variant. Lambda lambda lambda. Do you know what that is animal. Health prevented hurts the tri lambs. I've had the delta letter. Were you in a sorority Not really not really is not really an answer. Not in a sorority and greek letter says i was in honor society. What do they call it. I don't know now. I don't remember something now. I don't remember what probably the most hated of all the three. Greek letters dorks agree cluttered georgia's nervous rudeness darkest nerd. Just be ours. Were you know you just were friends. With all the frat bros. I was all my roommates. Were i was not the ones who tried to get you to jump into the fraternity by saying what happens if you come back to town and you don't have a place to stay with that. The pitch they used on yours at somebody else. I'm thinking of that was not me. Oh yeah maybe. Just get hotel. You the fred brother. Man darkest darkest is that. What would your fraternity was also picked out that. Allocate a doubt. The cabot doubts the honor society of social. Were you in a jesus. Greek society sorority kind of thing over at jesus college did not want me in any other clubs. That's for sure they had the need there. And i as soon as i wasn't a policy. Peteris julius judy sorority of jesus college alpha and the omega honey. How many people went to jesus college. What was the head there. No i no handed. I gotta have no idea i have. I couldn't even guess it wasn't big. Nah i don't think it was. I think you were like two thousand. Maybe something like that. You're still what if maybe you're probably right on fifteen hundred thousands on like that and the day that i moved out of that dorm room. Cute moved out kicked out and told never to come back. No i like the day we moved out of. Kgb the first time because acquitted. And i moved in to an ocean front place in mission beach and my three roommates. Were all ak. Oh sorority sisters. At st so i was like the adopted sorties sister but never officially you seem so sorority girl. I would've loved to go to school. Yeah i think you like. Have just a teeny. Like maybe two atoms of regret in your life that you never got to experience sorority life in college. Oh my god totally totally. Do you seem what's a cayo. Is that the glamour puss. Barbie doll what you mean. You don't dance for remember was it. What was it. The glamour puss barbell sorority. Probably you remember the one. I didn't know any already. Yeah i know we can to the square root of their address that nerd. You honestly gonna my grandmother douchebag. But that's back in ohio tart. What else is in our crackpot news today Is it possible. You work with a psychopath. Yes i know why to dea. Yeah you saw the study. No oh i've worked in this business one hundred years you kidding Yeah god with the exciting news here. And he said he found four point. Five percent of the general population are psychopaths which one in twenty two people and the top jobs for. Psychopaths number. three in list is radio host right after. Ceo and lawyer so one in twenty two. Ah which means when this building is full which it is not now right but when it's full. I think there's got to be two hundred people in this building. Sounds about right. Maybe not maybe a hundred now. Two hundred something. They've got to be a good five psychopaths here. Yeah so there's gotta be fifty in here on any given day to so there's a good to psychopaths walking around. Who is do you want. The common signs of psychopathy socially irresponsible behaviour boyer disregarding violating the rights of other spoiler inability to distinguish between right and wrong boyer difficulty with remorse or empathy tendency to lie off tin manipulating and hurting others and recurring problems. With the law auto. They boyer manipulates hurts other people he manipulates things. But it doesn't hurt anybody. And what was the last one recurring problems with the law. Not really didn't get arrested but there's a long time ago and he was trying to save someone's life while he i don't blame him for what he did he was he was. He was acting nobly. Six of the seven times see. I wouldn't have even pegged boyer's psychopath here in the building. You wanna make me. Oh anybody who was an am talk show host. Yeah that's gonna be one so are you. It's not my career path. That was the question was. Do you want to be one no. I enjoyed listening more than i enjoy talking to them. Yeah i just. I i listened but i don't aspire did you not do guests shifts on the. Am talk show. I did. I was forced to it was my head to that was not my decision. Make i had to her. They would kill me. Tell you always say thank you. I was not cut out for it. You did it. Yeah a a week on. Kfi yeah and how did they go for that. Well no no i. I made up some stuff but between the commercials minimum. Always do very good stuff when they catch on it. No i just Yeah field. You're out you're on performance and you think that could have gone better. Yeah i know. I get that percent all right yeah talk. Radio stations are hot. Bread hotbed for psychopaths. Yeah tv and radio personalities toll especially weatherman. If you're doing tv weather and you say about my mark mathis. Well i'm just what are you saying about my mark man better watches. Ps and qs. Because there's probably already an indictment they're just waiting to sign in dated. What are you talking about. Tv weatherman have a bit of a assorted a background. Marked us knows a sports hero in high school but his career path is iffy at best. I mean Rich barra talked about this this what. Tv weatherman who found out his wife was cheating on his private pilot. I'm i'm sure there was one or maybe two. A couple of guys getting caught looking through blinds two in the world but in that so that becomes all of them. Yes okay good. Thank you for that. The other top careers with psychopaths. Salesperson surgeon journalist priest police officer chef and politician. Those are all one hundred percent. A hundred percent agree with that a hundred percent all of my experiences with all those people says that. And mind you. I come from the number three career for psychopaths so believe me And we had a cop turned politician. Show okay thanks chris. What else do we have Bachelorette katie when In her one of the contestants family blake is the name and the mom gave her canadian flag pattern dildo. She said i wore an effing sunday. Church outfit so i received this gift from his mom. I should appreciate it While she says she calls herself sex positive. I think she was just kind of do you think by it. Do you think mother tanked her son's chances of being selected by katie. Don't know so. Apparently i wouldn't want to do that. Mom apparently katie. When she was on last season of the bachelor with matt james you know how they all come out of the limo and they try to do something to catch attention. She came out with a pink vibrator in her hand and said this. Got me through a lot of alone time this year. I can't wait to you know. Put it to rest in connection with you. And she's called herself sucks positive. So i think the mom was trying to connect with katie's bunny opening vibrator thing for the previous season. Young people don't want to hear about old people and their grow sex lives mom grow up. Mom understand you're not young katie anymore. Old mom now they don't want it Check out the dill one cage be dot com slash. The dac custody esi other drivers the bachelor that mom. Thanks a lot mom. Go back to my day job now. Thanks mom gonna win this contest. He's in the final two good luck. Lincoln justin blake chesting. Gosh editor which one to depict. They're both perfect baghdad. I well have you heard about the new animated series on. Hbo called the prince. So it just dropped dropped at the end of july. It's an animated show from a family guy writer which follows the life of the british royal family through the eyes of prince. George pokes fun at the entire. Royal family and kate middleton is portrayed as an alcoholic prince harry and meghan markle or struggling to find work in california as they start an hd tv show called royally screwed. George torments is butler. Owen can't stand his younger sister princess charlotte and his constantly sucking up to the queen. Who was painted like disney villain johnson larousse so It was here tonight to here. It is they. It was supposed to come out. In the spring they pushed it back because of prince philip's passing then and fans of sophie. Turner in orlando bloom are taking issue with them voicing characters because they so often speak out about wanting privacy for their children in here. They are starring in a show. That is mocking the privacy of a child. But it's not really him. So selvi is the voice of princess charlotte sophie turner as she was Some sunset since so. Whatever on game of thrones. She married to jonas brother. She is okay. I know who that is redhead And who's the other one orlando bloom. Nosy married to katy perry got it. So he's the voice of prince harry now so if he hasn't said a word about it she posted that this. Hey here it is. Here's the series. I'm prince charlotte are princess charlotte and then all our fans are like what a hypocrite. How dare you. How would you feel if it's your kid you all. You've asked for his privacy with your kid and now you are voicing child. I don't understand so she hasn't said anything since then. Costlo meanwhile orlando is trying to defend his decision and his wife hundred with him he said. Initially i was like How do i feel about this. I'm a british boy who's very proud of my roots. I understand how the royal family is loved by some and loved by others always understood it as part of my heritage and background. I'm not someone who wants to poke fun at anyone normally. Except for when i do this is so clever. Witty and affectionately done katie. Bit of it and said you've got to do this. This is genius. I sure hope that prince harry's oh thanks for dragon katie. The bigger star under the bus. I in in summing up. What he said about prince harry. That guy is so nice. I hope he sees it as a sign of appreciation. Whatever hollywood way to go once again big just like you said before rules for the not for me right so the prince is the name of the show if you wanna check it out on. Hbo map let me tell you. What's on the website please. Oh one one dot com slash. Tse as we talked about the canadian dildo gift from mama. be dodgers. ballgirl gets credit for leveling a fan that ran out onto the field during a game. Check it out pretty bad ass and happy birthday to lauren. And you can check out the photos of lauren and the birthday surprise we soccer. Yeah i hope you will look at that if you're listening to. You didn't have a chance to see it when we did the simulcast on tv. I know that was a very visual thing. I do on the radio. But they're great pitchers so if you heard it on the radio take a chance to go see it one. Kgb dot com. It's great stuff. Yes i really thank you pretty darn good. God awful monday monday. Crackpot news the chain saga you. I wrap up on sports. Next of the dnc be on the down. Slide right now. Nothing about a tuesday. Wednesday thursday friday. Like the way you look at that south ruling monday as over just a piece of cake. Now you've thank you to the san diego ford dealers for bringing you this monday. Show the twenty twenty one ford ranger build for your next adventure. Visit your san diego. County ford dealer. Set up a test drive today and don't forget one. Oh one five. Kgb with you to work extremist through the free iheartradio app or do an online one. Oh one kgb dot com. What happens now. i'm going to go get pricked. That's what i anticipated. More that the entities acupuncture works She mangrove vicki is the only one that has made any progress with me so yeah done acupuncture a couple times and both times eventually whatever it was it was bugging me got better so i don't know if i should give it credit or not. It didn't happen instantly but eventually did that's like well. How do i know how you can just get better. Yeah then bummer. Placebo effect is really strong. How do i know it in. Just get better versus that speed right. Maybe it cut the recovery time in half. Yeah perhaps ever ever done acupuncture bore. No sir never done it. Sarah time and what did you. What was your experience. Didn't feel it right away. If i did it for my for my back back something i was on my back But yeah. I didn't. I didn't go back because it didn't really get the relief i was before. I guess it's magic vicky. now. I don't know donald few times and i can't tell you get that is trivial looking down your body with all those needle sticking out and i'm so afraid to move and they fall asleep on the table and then a jerk. You know you do that like when you're falling asleep jerk like this. Do you want to hear horrifying horrible story about acupuncture now pitcher about going for a motion. Sarah you know brahmos story about acupuncture down so he used to go all the time because he he cramps a lot from his running and so he would go get acupuncture for cramp relief and to try to prevent them from happening You get a crap when you're running your toast. Yeah and he said he was getting treatment and it was. I can't remember what one of his leg muscles started. Cramping up back in the needle started twisting and bending and the doctor's like better relax. Relax you're going to break the needle and we're going to have to take into surgery to get it out. And how do you relax. Relax a cramp away. You can't i. I don't know how you can't just look at a cramp and go okay. Chill out right. That's a muscular reaction. They control. I said the neal started bending. And twisting and they said if you don't relax that needles going to break and then you're gonna have to have surgery to get it out and it's like well that relaxes me so much right now. I'd so don't do that today. Body don't cramp. Don't do that today. Got it if you do. Just relax azure lanes I have no fun planned for today. I only have plan none of them. Got it But let's look and see what we did. That was and were fun and always will be fun. We did today here on the show sir hello. Dse listeners. We are back and alive and well. We did not die and we were not fired or all the other things that were floated and suggested you know it's summertime so sometimes people take a couple days off in the summer. I thought a couple to. Oh my god bitter pants. How much do you want how much you have to take for it. To be considered two days is not vacation right. No that's a long weekend. What does it have to be for vacation a week off make four week. Okay all right. Do i have to take a week off you to take a week off more often than not. Is that right. Yeah yeah yeah. Why just works that way just makes me feel better you can you know i'm never going to stand in the way your vacation so but not making a week long breaks iverson Am i sound doing it years ago other than christmas. Yeah you don't take a week at a time. Hardly ever do you guys do right. You did take one liken mayor so when i went to hawaii so we all. That's happening next year. already booked. we're going for ten days of may so ten days. Yes but i'm i doing you know we're glad to take no. I'm doing a wednesday to the next friday so like you know. Oh that's a really long vacation. A forty th birthday you know turning forty tip is turning forty and we're doing it big in away and the kids have to come and all that so what i know. Why do they have time. They have to why because we ditched them this year. Which was the best thing we've ever did to them and way tell me what the the mindset is on this. Why do you feel like they have to go It's one hundred percent stupid guilt. That i should not have you feel parent guilt pairing guilt. Mostly it's actually not pair. Y'all it's pushing my crazy three children onto other people for the time that we're gone. No i feel so bad when people have to take my kids for that long put. Your parents live like next door ever. We spread them out so my mom took a kid chips. Parents took a kid and then His sister took a kid for a little bit in the kind of mixed him around. Why can't the kids stay in the house where you live now. I just have people look in on them. That with a dog. I mean what's wrong with that. Just having just carry on and we'll look in on you from time to time apparently. Cps cares about that stuff. Who's gonna tell them difficult so they're gonna come along You are going to be like these poor bastards. I see at the airport. See i've forgotten all about it. Like childbirth blanked it all out when we used to travel with our kids. I don't remember honest. I don't remember it being hideous as it looks. Well his family is going to be coming as well. My mom's going to be coming in my mom booked her flight. God i can hear banjo music already. Flying it's going to be a big chickens and stuff with the onboard. He's going to be like an like an indian bus chickens there. And why waiting for you right. You're gonna feed them their right hotpot. How many are going on this trip. i'm already get irritated and annoyed thirteen so far. She's going months away. Tell everyone you know and you have to do the same thing. What do you mean. Gela go everywhere as a group. No no. there's only going to be you know a couple of things. I'll definitely want to all do together officially like on chips actual birthday But then i will expect them to take our kids for at least two days so can disappear for two days so you are going to stick your kids on people. You're just not going to do it here to a different state. Yes i understand that a now that we're hearing why you all this money to be here and get away. Take our kids ask for a little bit. That's worse. No yes no no they do now. They know it no. You don't know they're doing it for tips birthday gift claude. Can i just give you one hundred dollars instead they gift. It's the gift that you decided they're gonna give you. Well you know. Ask if they're okay with that and they say yes absolutely true. I told my mom that thousand times to you by the way you do not to fight with us you can take your own plane. You don't have to go. I wouldn't even use the same airport just in case we ran into each other. Now i know so you might be taking vacation next week next may might not coming here and relax just hearing these stories from me if my blood pressure up this meal upset. I see these people. Traveling through the airport car chairs by the way car seats for kids have gotten bigger. Yeah they have not gotten smaller. They're out of control giant. They're like almost ladyboy size now. Yeah i saw some of this this weekend with my nieces is like chafe this contraptions that people have the light around Just put them in a capsule at this point. My kids car seats weren't that big at all different. Now they're gonna ride the damn thing until they're sixteen or something. There's quite that bad. There's a booster seat. All you gotta have you hundred and forty pounds. Six nine odd. You know if if she goes and you stay here. Dave barons cusack or could be the producer. He's got a very soothing manner and he might be able to just relax you. I need idea. What else did we do today here on the show. Well you did tell us that. Yes you saw freaks on the plane. A guy who thought a build your own house caved would fit in the overhead and a woman who wore her air pods with the sticks up and pilot who give the temperature in celsius celsius. Flight attendant area was lovely. And we love her. She's aerial. you'd never meet like a gross aerial. They're all cute and darling. There darlie pleasant yes. I should've asked her to sing that crap and he told us that president trump shared his thoughts on the women's olympic soccer team thing if they weren't so well they wouldn't have lost. Megan re pinot disagreed. But that doesn't really matter because the ratings are so bad. Nbc had to give sponsors free commercials to make up for it and it looks like the olympics Maybe that is not the sign of a good broadcast when you're giving away. Advertising that makes sales managers cry. We had a dire straits threesome today for mark knopfler birthday week and chainsaw knocks out of the park on the first passing. gets off. Three a close were you to I was really damn close. I was just beat the buzzer. I add them all and he beat me to the buzzer. Okay let me listen nielsen. Back in my we make sure. That's right let me uh bic well there you go there's an instant replay there. Okay thank you at seven forty. We celebrated lauren penny's birthday with good morning. San diego crew on kayla. Sei we learned that mark man. This is a scorpio and a very sexual. We saw lawrence nine year old headgear. Regretful hair choices her teen years but she did rock the jennifer aniston haircuts. Can i ask you. Why did the child have to wear her headgear when the birthday cake came. I mean there was a party going on here and they brought out her cake and i really studied that cake close. It looked to me. Like i'm gonna have to ask her for clarification. it looked like it was chester. The cheetah from the cheetos bags or. I'm not sure. I know she'll know this i'll find out i'll dig into this. But she was clearly at whether it was just a family party or a big blown out thing. She had her big orange birthday cake out. She was wearing her headgear. Don't you get to take care of headgear off for your birthday party. So you know. I'm paying for that. We're getting done on a dare. Keep it on their grumbly. Old bad saying that kids still wear headgear. By the way. I think them. Why would it or my sister or that stuff. For seven years. Think orthodontics is really advanced for the younger kids. Invis- and things of that nature of come along but you have to be at least sixteen. I believe to us that the headgear still I thought that was thought that went away. The dodo bird. I didn't know do your kids. At braces now. None of They're all good. They were all born with perfect little picket fence teeth. Summer hasn't any teeth yet. So she still has her baby teeth. Shane chain still losing his so certain. Even he's not even there. We don't even know what they're gonna look like at any idea with your child. He got my mouth. he's getting teeth more. We gotta burs got what we've got a racist fun going. Is that right. Yes you can tell someone. I could tell that. She was going to need braces. I can tell. He has teeth versus eric erickson. Both me and my brother have the same teeth. And they're all jacked up in all cricket so it's just same thing happened with our kids. I could tell carly right away. She was going to need. Braces can tell. Allie was perfect. Tune is i got teeth. You could tell you ben. I'm not gonna make them wait till he's an adult and get invis- line. I want him to enjoy a nice smile. So what is the racist fund. Is that like every day in any money that is how does that work. We we three hundred dollars savings account. We said okay. Let's just add to that slowly because by the time he's seven or eight we'll probably want to get it started. She'll so far you got a hundred dollars a little bit of time. He's lost two teeth. I get it i understand. I think for each tooth will probably throw a little bit more in there about ten thousand that if the tooth fairy full the braces don't think there were ten thousand dollars. I don't think at them. No war no. I don't think they were two to four. Yeah that sounds more like it. That's cheaper than i thought wage. Is you have yeah. I don't remember exaggerated some. He didn't understand the price of something how to great. Bits of entertainment when you exaggerated and to when you are stunned to find out that you exaggerate it. That's great good entertainment. I like it all right. What else does celebrity the celebrity death czar was called in for jane withers aka sam. The plumber joined the plumber. No from boyer so dave tucker into purgatory a coach bobby bowden also called in Or passed as well and it was a no as well. Dave takes him into purgatory post. That was a very long winded. Yes she is in and she starts her own window. What you let his reason for. Not letting jane withers an no one knows her by her name just by her character which is pretty much the same for markie post. No one knew her by her name. They he went on about the character. Kidding me everyone does spark mark the for one but up the other. What else can gots to. Duff's dogs voted the best. Hot dogging california right here in our own backyard and carmel mountain Then dave let the monster out when you mentioned that masks aren't going away and that's when boyer told us he is going vacation for four months. If i hurt tell me up where one. and then. When threatened with a replacement he caved immediately like the government mandated rules. Do you know sir. Why doesn't boy protest wearing pants to work. Dave ones aren't born with them. Why is the government forcing him to wear them as avoid restaurants with no shirt. No shoes no service policy to g zaas short. Love your show. That's terry checking nothing about pants in that restaurant. Yeah but the government mandates that you wear pants. You can't walk around naked. You'll get arrested for not wearing clothes. You know complain about that. Atta small deck. I'm okay with that. Most be the reason. What else do we have. Finally we learned that radio host are psychopath and approved is accurate. Lawyer checks of the seven bucks. I wish that wasn't true but it is one hundred percent thanks to be on. Tv at seven. Forty one k. U. s. i. But it all starts on the radio at six on the kgb. Love your show.

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