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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer. Negotiations will continue into the holidays about the parameters of the Senate impeachment trial the House of Representatives has not technically transmitted articles when Peach Mint to the Senate. NPR's Tim acas more Senate majority leader. Mitch McConnell raised Sti- Browse in an interview on Fox Monday morning saying he hadn't ruled that witnesses in coming Senate trial he had previously stated that he did not want any witnesses to appear here meanwhile his Democratic counterpart Chuck Schumer elaborated on the document requests. He thought would be necessary for a fair trial. Schumer argues that the White House House and trump administration's documents deserve as much attention as witnesses. The articles of impeachment will not be transmitted to the Senate until after the house names names. It's impeachment managers. Those who will argue their case before the Senate House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi said she will not do that until the details of the trial are set to Mac. NPR News Washington as millions of Americans out for the holidays heavy rain is wreaking havoc in parts of the south. NPR's Debbie Elliott reports flood watches and warnings are in effect for parts of Louisiana Alabama Georgia and South Carolina flooding stranded motorists and closed roads in Charleston South Carolina where forecasters say a combination of coastal high tides and torrential rainfall caused flash floods. The city is using pumps to help clear the water and Atlanta several. The trees were down due to the wet soil and high winds blocking roadways. The heavy rain in Florida caused flight delays and cancellations at the Fort Lauderdale. Hollywood International L.. Airport forecasters say creeks and streams are on the rise across the region. DEBBIE ELLIOTT NPR. News Arabia has sentenced five people to death for the killing ailing of Washington Post columnist. Jamal Kashogi Kashogi grisly killing at the Saudi consulate. An Istanbul last year sparked international condemnation killing drew suspicion about the involvement of the Saudi Royal Family and Crown Prince Mohammad. Bin Saw Mon Stefan Dejoras is a spokesperson for the UN secretary. General and says there's concern more investigation should have been done. The secretary general continues to stress the need for an independent and impartial investigation into the murder to ensure full examination of can and accountability for human rights violations. Committed in the case. Kashogi is believed to have been dismembered after being killed inside the consulate. He was a vocal critic of the Royal Family. Boeing housing today. It's CEO is stepping down with a crisis continuing amidst the grounding of the company. Seven thirty seven Max. Jet Boeing says Dennis Muilenburg will leave immediately to be replaced next month by the boards. Current Chair David Calhoun the seven thirty. Seven Max has been grounded since early this year. Following two fatal crashes ashes they claim the lives of three hundred and forty six people on Wall Street. The Dow is up ninety six points today you're listening to NPR. A popular author of Romance Novels has died at the age of sixty seven as NPR's net. It'll be reports Joanna. Lindsey was being treated for lung. Cancer answer she wrote fifty five bestselling romances and sold more than sixty million books over the course of her career Joanna. Lindsey picked up writing as a young housewife. Her first book was was published when she was twenty five years old. Captive bride concerns the not entirely consensual relationship between a handsome but cruel Arab share and a passionate but submissive. English should venturous that template word for Lindsey whether set on the barbary coast the Wyoming frontier or in outer space. Join Lindsey was part of a group who redefined the bodice ripper by sexing them up in the nineteen seventies. Her books often featured a shirtless Fabio on the cover and were part of a romance renaissance. That at one point made up around forty percent of mass market paperbacks barbeques Joanna Lindsey October. The family was too distraught to make an announcement earlier according to one of her sons Netto Ulaby. NPR News Is Walt Disney shares took a bit of hit today after a worse-than-expected opening weekend for the company's final film in the latest star. Wars Trilogy Star Wars. The rise of skywalker industry analysts had forecast. Its first full weekend in theaters. Movie would take in about two hundred million dollars but at one hundred seventy five and a half million at fell short still. It was good enough enough to rate as the third largest weekend release of this year with the coming holiday period expected the rise of Skywalker will dominate the year's most lucrative week of movie going on Wall Street crude oil futures prices up eight tenths of barrel to end the session at sixty fifty two a barrel in New York I'm Jack Speer N._p._R.. News in Washington.

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