The Invisible Kingdom Part 4


Welcome to enjoying everyday life with New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer on Today's program Joyce will be teaching from her series the invisible kingdom you believe God is working in your life even when you don't see results it's easy to get caught up in our own problems and limitations however when we trust God we begin so the biggest biggest biggest biggest problem that we have as Christians and the biggest while somebody's contemplating salvation and many many people are excited about receiving is but it's it's not it's I receiving him but it's also a surrender so you it's not and that's because of not having made that decision you're walking away from that old life you cannot just take Jesus album that the world has with Christians is those who talk the talk and don't walk the walk one of addiction can deliver you from any kind of mental disorder or mood disorder taking delivery back we'll give you an opportunity to receive Christ as your savior the highlight of all conferences and when to there's no person that could be truly born again and never change it is not possible in I james does he renewed and I encourage you to go to as many things go get your CD on wild has ignited to a specific area like water feeding medical project girl or wherever needed most please visit Joyce Meyer dot org to see more outreaches and how you can make it any kind of sad abusive unjust past hey restores US hatred believe in your heart if you believe in your heart speak it with your mouth you will be saved but there's gotta be action three nine the Bible says in the amplified Bible that anyone who is born again cannot have vitually per about praying what we call the sinner's prayer that's just a confirmation you confirming with your mouth if this is you can be in a good church not just a church but being a good church where where you're learning something don't go somewhere every week where you're not learning make you WANNA come up higher and be a better person challenge you WanNa know where you're at if you're not there uh-huh time for alter call everybody has already set their mind that they're going to be respectful and be still and you're not going to run attack him onto your life and expect him to go along and fix all your problems why you still live the same way that you'll have before and then thank God is what it comes into thank you you get you go there late and you can't wait to get over these somewhere where they make you squirm in your seat once in a while difference now here's Joyce today series the invisible kingdom all things are possible with God deliver you from any spirit in the form of seed and that's why the word is called the water of the word every time you hear the word for sleep continuing sin doesn't say he never sends but he says he cannot habitually purposely knowingly live in sin watering the seed of God on the inside of you and it helps you grow I'm not getting too far here and because the seed of God lives in him you know what that means when you are born again you become pregnant with every we only enjoy the Kingdom of God through the principles of the Kingdom for example Jesus said over and over if you want this now all of this would just be fine and work pretty easy if it wasn't for the devil This maybe I'm odd but I liked that system I like somebody to tell me if you want this you can do this can't do that if you don't help me then I make a lot more in progress matthew seven twelve so so whatever are you understanding me you can't be a Christian and live like the world you can't be a Christian and live like the world well that's pretty upside down well what if I coming I'm giving my life to this I don't plan a missing my rewards and we're not laying down because he makes it a little inconvenient the I didn't say you couldn't enjoy things in the world but some of the worldly things award coming coming did you hear me pay Diane it's like the devil just never seems to get it that we now did him and we know what he's doing can't enjoy because they wouldn't be proper and they wouldn't be appropriate I like to watch TV in the evenings when I rest but I usually watch it with the remote control the devil is a liar you're a spiritual laws thank God that Old Testament law is done away with but we do have spiritual principles treat them good and then they still don't treat me good back well guess what you're still obeying God and you'll still be happy and you'll still said that when you WanNa do good evil always comes it is hilarious the things that happen to us Emma steak was for a Lotta Years I've tried to do it on my own without humbling myself and asking for God's help so I didn't get very far but now that I've learned to say well I want to do that but come on don't make me work so hard but now we just trying to do these conferences I mean it's just gotten to be we we keep a record and at the end of the year my assistant reads view wish others would do to you do also to them for this is the law and the prophets now in the test but it's a fact that when you WanNa do good evil always comes never are one hundred percent in ten but it can also really draw you away from your relationship with God if you're not mature enough to really handle edited movies and I don't WanNa feel myself fully joke well the team members that had fights cancelled in all kinds of problems you know and then it gets everybody else is to have nice things and I think it's fine for you to have an abundance of things as long as you're generous with what you have almost everybody you know why because they weren't wise enough to realize what Satan was trying to steal from them that we have this new thing and the kingdom you don't do to others what they've done to you you do to them what you would like them to do to you the we don't realize that we're just passing through here this is not your home you said an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth somebody does you dirty than you do them dirty back we'll get another whole set did you ever wonder why no matter what you have are how many good things happen you just I don't need all that junk for something to still be good and I've got different editing things L. Kill and destroy that which gives the false impression whether by appearance statement or influence riches are said to be deceitful word but the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word and it proves unfruitful so let's just say that it's promises today package which includes three CDs and promises for your everyday life gray leather devotional this package is available now for a donation of thirty dollars or more it is the great deceiver means to cheat to Qiqu he only comes I'd be more concerned if you could get one hundred percent and there's no place like home it's nice to go visit but there's no place zero zero eight nine again the number is one eight hundred seven eight nine zero zero eight nine the Bible our instruction book for Life Leave they just got you like probably a large majority of you in the world is said to be deceitful San is said to be deceitful so let me just talk to you for a few minutes about the world there are probably weren't too many that just made a plan strolled around came with no problem how have you somebody was supposed to come with you and they backed out it sounds like one little group out here in the middle all in my hand and I can tell when the bad stuff is on its way before it gets there and is fast Flash Bible study you'll find ways to make your study time come to life with helpful resources study suggestions and encouragement from joints get the most you can out of your time study in God's word with everyday study sign up today at Joyce Meyer Dot Org Slash Bible study thanks again for listening to enjoy everyday life our mission here at Joyce Meyer Ministries is simple sharing Christ and loving people remember together we can do more spending time in God's word will change our lives but consistent and effective study can at times be challenging that's one reason why Joyce is here to help at Joyce Meyer Dot Org if you WanNa really climb the ladder of success you're going to have to compromise a little bit you can be Christian let's don't be one of those radical it was like then I got tired of it I'm like come on God I'm trying to serve you with my whole life and I have no in US funds and we do accept all major credit cards you can order today's offer from our website at Joyce Meyer dot org or you can call us toll free at one eight hundred seventy nine because we live in it but we're not supposed to be of it I wanna make it clear I believe God wants to bless us and I believe that he wants buddy is born again God wants to bless them and he gives them favor and they get a promotion at work and then all of a sudden here comes this temptation stout the devil all the devil

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