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Are you troubled by strange. Hockey trades in the middle of the night do you experienced feelings of dread about. NHL Free Agency have you or your family ever seen it New York rylander scheme. If the answer is yes. Don't wait another minute. Pick up your mobile device and subscribe to Lighthouse Hockey podcasts. From espy nation today are courteous and efficient hosts Are Ready to serve. All of your islander needs and worries lighthouse hockey podcasts for New York islanders fans Hello giants fans and welcome to a new edition Eh. Valentine's keys podcast here on big view radio part of your SP nation family of podcast. I'm your host Ed Valentine and we're coming to to you on Friday a date two days before your New York giants face. The New York jets at metlife stadium the giants. It's will oddly. Of course be the visiting team on Sunday in a game between two very much struggling franchises. This is in here to help us break down. What we're GONNA see talk about the New York jets? A little bit is McGregor wells. Deputy Manager for SB nations gangrene nation. McGregor thank you very much for taking a few minutes today. Oh It's always my pleasure. Thanks for having me on so you know we have two teams James here. You know neither neither team obviously having the this season that they wanted to have that they pictured that they thought they might might have your jets are one in seven coming off an unimaginable. I guess lost to Miami. Hi It's Jamie at this point. You know Miami which is trying to lose these days. Could you have imagined this season turning out at this point turning Out this badly for the jets. When the season started now? This is a big surprise. I mean there were always many skeptics. upticks of Adam gays head coach and what he was going to bring to the team. But I don't think anybody expected it to be this bad and you know I. Obviously it all started with the with the Sam Darnold you know with the Mono and and and all of that but since you mentioned Adam gays I think we have to talk about out gays in your mind. You know just knowing what you know at this point. Is there any way that Adam Gay schizo second season as jets head coach coach. Yes if it was me making the decision the answer would be now but not make the decision and the Johnsons have been Rather patient with the coaches over the years and I don't know that they want to fire their head coach a year after they brought him and basically gave him carte blanche with franchise. I mean once. They brought him in. He eventually undermined the old. GM might mcalinden then brought in essentially zone GM am and Joe Douglas and handed over the keys to the franchise to this man and I. I don't know if they want to undo that decision this quickly although although I I certainly would if it was my choice it just seems like it just seems like such a such an overreach by the jets to give Adam gays ace so much power. Considering that he was head coach in Miami but he really didn't do anything in Miami. I mean the the question is what on Earth did they see in Adam grace to to give him this kind of power I mean basically to hire his own. Gm You know a a guy who now has to. I guess you know if they were to move on turnaround fire him. Yeah the thing is with the jets. Technically Mickley the Joe. Douglas doesn't have the power to fire Adam Gates or vice versa. Every both of them report to the owner but Joe Douglas certainly at this point has has a better hand to pay. That I'm gays. Dodoko says a six year contract. He's not going anywhere so adam gays could be fired but it won't be by Joe. Douglas and what what what made the jets ever decide they were doing something like this. And the First Basin Give Adam Gates the keys to the kingdom is is somewhat of a mystery. I mean he I guess he must have had a good interview and then he had this whole thing. Where Peyton manning vouched for him Gave a call to to Chris Johnson than said look you. You need to hire this guy. This guy is great and I think Chris Johnson may have been a little starstruck starstruck at Peyton manning calling him And take give him the good word travelgate and I think that may have been a tipping point. I based on databases track record. It's it's hard to imagine why anyone would give him the power that they gave just man all right McGregor. Lets you know. The giants have their own coaching issues. At this point with the patch Shurmur. So let's let's actually Kinda get off the The head coaching Carousel here. For just a minute. Let's talk about Sam Darnold. I need to say this when when the two thousand eighteen draft came around the giants had the second overall pick I was a guy who was more or less banging the table for Sam Darnold. I thought the giants at that point. We're in. We're in the right position to go quarterback quarterback I thought darnold was was the guy in that draft class. Obviously the giants went to saquon Barkley and and no one's ever going to question Russian. You know the greatness of Barclay you know how wonderful of a player he is giants have got their guy now or the guy they hope is going to be there guy and Daniel Daniel Jones. Where are you guys at this? Point on Sam Darnold he. Obviously he had the the quote unquote unquote ghosts. Game Against New England which was not a good look for him. You know he's always Kinda GonNa follow him around but we're are you who and his development in what you think he can be. You know for the jets going forward. I think most jets fans are having trouble parsing. How much of his struggles are his own problems? How much are the head coaches problems? And how much are they. The lack of talent around him and the jets have been the jets are not a deep team and they had some decent talent on the front line but as soon as people started going down they were reduced adduced to really poor talent surrounding Sam Darnold and everyone even the guys who have some talent or having the worst years of career this year he just hasn't had any we support. The offensive line is probably the worst offensive line in in the league and in my experience having watched over many years. It's the worst I've ever seen It's just hard to really truly evaluate. How much of darnold struggles are his? When he's just he's not getting any support from any on the offense that being said he does make some questionable decisions that have to have to be corrected? No matter how poor your the protection as you have to know when to eat the ball. WanNa throw it away and right now. He's just doesn't do that. He gets under pressure just chucks the ball up and you know that has to be corrected to regardless of how bad the town around. Yeah the I happened to see. The was happened to be watching the game when he made the the really really really awful interception at the goal line in the Miami game and that as talented as as he is. You know that your local high school. JV quarterback makes that's right those kinds of decisions of the kind of citizens that are plaguing him right now and no matter and how bad the talent around him no matter how little time he has to throw he has to understand. You can make those kinds of decisions. Throw the ball away. Take the sack do not. I'm not having an interception at the goal line especially as bad as that was okay. There may be times when you're trying to fit so tight window and a guy that makes a play. That's fine but that wasn't the case that that was just a horrific decisions. You made all right so let me ask you about basically the former jet and a new member of the New York giants Leonard Williams. He's a guy that I think giants fans were buying large surprised to see Dave gettleman and make a move to add talent. You know at the trade deadline they were two and six at the time you know. They gave up a third round pick again in a conditional fifth which is going to become a fourth if and when the giants signed Williams to to an extension or a new contract in your remind what. What are the giants getting here? Well I mean let it away has been a player. That's always sort of been a bit of a disappointment because he was drafted so high and number six that year and he was drafted when he was drafted. Many people thought he was the best supplier out of that draft. And you know he's just never really he was a pro bowl made one pro bowl but he's never really reached the height people thought he would so the jets fans are somewhat disappointed. Ever really rush the passer as well as people had hoped puts pressure on the quarterback but rarely get sacks but Williams is a very good player. He's it's just not a great player and number six jets fans were hoping he would be a great player and he's just not that but he's a very very solid player very good around stuff he he does put pressure on. The quarterback. Just doesn't get sex. You got a good player. I was honestly the same as I was surprised at the the team. That would trade for him. We'll be the giants because you know there's going to be very expensive player for you. It's not going to be the case where you get picking up cheaper contract and the rebuilding along those lines. You're you're getting a very expensive fire. Next year he resigned him so I was surprised that would be the giants got but that being said you know for a third round pick you got a good pires. Here's the way I look at it. You know he probably is a better player than a third round pick. He probably is a better player than a fourth round. Pick yet but your cnet sort of. JV And clowney situation where it's going to be a really bad look for the giants if they don't resign him and I'm sure that Leonard Williams in his agent know that and they're gonNA hold the giants feet to the fire and get every last penny out of the giants and I and I don't blame them. I just hope opie winds up being a player. That's worth it. Yeah the the one thing I would say though is that if he doesn't resign with the giants I don't know what the giants ends caps situation is. So I'm not sure if this will work but if if you're not going to be signing of other expensive free agents next year and underway and walks then you will be getting probably around three sandwich pick with for for compensatory pick purposes so it may be that at the end of the day you don't give up much of you. Let him walk. But I don't know what your situation is if you're going to sign a lot of free agents and that won't work well you know we'll have to see. I know the giants have some some cap money. That will be available McGregor. Let's do this. Let me take a quick break for a word from our sponsors. We'll come back. We'll talk more about Jets giants. We'll talk talk a little bit more specifically about Sunday short. Hey I'm Spencer Hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk Mark and we're the hosts of the shutdown full. Cast your avengers of college. Football podcast it says in the script onto riff on what that means and basically what I mean. Is this all already spoiled. Every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling. Too unfashionable. Those pants worn middle school. We also do talk about college football every now and then like Mascot Scott fights announcers fleeing the early. And unfashionable. Pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe. Subscribe for free on Apple podcasts. or in your favorite podcast APP. Hello Listener I'm Sean. Rav firm host of today explained. Vox Daily News News. podcast every day Monday through Friday my team and I look at what's happening in the world. We pick one essential news story that defines our moment and asks smart people bowl to help us understand it in about twenty minutes or less. It's the perfect way to start or end. Your Day subscribed today. Explain for free on apple podcasts. or or in your favorite podcast APP. It's from stitcher and the VOX media. PODCAST network alright giants fans Ed. Valentine here on Ballantine's views podcast talking with McGregor. Wells of SB nations. Gangrene nation about Sunday's jets giants game team at Metlife Stadium McGregor. Let's let's talk a little bit. You know specifically about the game itself. Obviously you know not act Not much on the line here in terms of Both teams are bad. A win isn't going to make either team really good But when you when you look at the jets do you guys still have some optimism for the second half of the season. You know D do You feel like you you should be better could be better you know and maybe a win could help you. Guys knew could help the jets at least end the season. Sort of feeling a little bit better. I think they're they're always when you get to this point in the season where you're out of the playoffs. I think there's always two camps one that says why not just lose the rest of here games they get the first pick of the draft and the other thing we don't want to ever goose. It's better to finished wrong. And you know establish a winning tradition for next year and I think with this team there are rock bottom line is jets have the easiest schedule in the NFL based on you know the records of all the teams remaining in the NFL for the remainder of the season. So you would think that even though the jets are obviously everyone else's easy game when their schedule that amongst amongst these many relatively not so good teams that somewhere online you could pick up a few wins but you know. I don't have any hope that this is going to be a big turnaround and suddenly rip off a five game winning streak and everything like that I think they may win. Game or two from here and maybe finish up three or four wins if you know if they turn around and things around a little bit but I don't have much hope that the debts have been devastated by injuries. And I just think this coach is is in over his head and I think the quarterback struggling too much to really get count him for doing much with those three things together and I just don't see much hope the justice here all right now. I hope you're not going to be offended by this but the giants are are you know. As far as I know. They opened as a two point favorite. I think there are still a couple point favorite on Sunday there. There seems to be this this feeling in giants land there too and seven lost five straight games. Couple of those games. To be honest they probably were in position to win and coaching decisions. Turnovers mistakes whatever you know. What have you? They didn't win those games. James there seems to be this feeling among a lot of giants fans and giants writers that you come into Sunday and you just can't lose to the New York jets. They're bad they're the jets. You just can't lose to the jets that that would be you know sort of the end of the world for the the giants from from the jets Fan perspective you. How do you guys look at at the outcome on Sunday? That was how we actually last week against. The dolphins will win. Listen to they beat the jets and any team from here on forward until the jets prove otherwise should look at it this way against Jeffs I mean we are the weak link against any team. There's a good argument to me. The jets of the worst team in the NFL right now. Now I know the bengals are still winless. But I'm not so sure they're not worth. They're not better than the jets. So yeah I think especially. Since it's a New York New York thing it would be any fan would be like. That's the one team. We cannot lose to the jets and I perfectly understand that I mean. Just look at this this also as a team that the jets may be able to get a win against the giants also are obviously struggling but from a giant standpoint. Yeah I think you've got to go one saying this is the one team we cannot lose so so I gotta ask you on on a lighthearted note are you. Are you rooting to see a cat on Sunday or not. Oh yeah you know the Kevin Harland call of that was just a credible. I WanNa hear that call again. We can get that on Sundays. Heck Yeah I WANNA see that that'd be inject some web to the situation. That was kind of a not very fun situation for the defence either team so far. So that'll be fun. Now that was the call was the best part of the whole deal. It was brilliant. It's really great all right so yeah so we'll see we'll see if we see another cat on on Sunday before I let you go. I forgot to ask you earlier so I need to ask you now. The what is going on with the jets and Jamal Adams I mean let me let me put it this way if you guys. Don't want Jamal Adams. The giants really really really could use a free safety. Because they're sort of playing with with ten and a half defenders right now with Antoine Buffet on the field. So if you guys don't want him you can glad we'll gladly let you just this ship into the locker room. Yeah he's he would be a little bit out of place as a free safety he really plays more in the box. And it's more pass rusher But he you know this this guy can can do that to you. Want to put him up for your safety do it. He's that good but Jamal Adams is seems to be somewhat disenchanted with jets. And why wouldn't you be. I mean the jets have won. I'm something four games. Five Games one game vast three years. It's guy comes from a very successful background. And he's one at every level when it comes to the jets and he thinks he's GonNa win again again they don't at all the worst human the league I mean at some point. You know it gets to people. And I think he's disenchanted with the franchise. I think he's like Oh. You know you you guys got to do a better job with coaching. You got to do a better job getting talent search around me. I mean I'm I'm a pro player here and you're not getting any help and I think there's a there's a reasonable chance to the jets will trade him in the off season because they revised they're not going to be able to keep him right now. Both sides are saying that's not going to happen. Both sides are saying no. We want to stay together. But you know we'll see we'll see how how sincere that this but yeah next player but I think there's a good chance just divorced worse happens over the offseason for some draft picks with which suggests desperately need all right Mcgregor last question for you and I mean if if you talk about bragging rights no matter who wins on Sunday. There's not a whole lot to brag about at this point but but which Fan dan base comes out of Sunday or which team comes out of. Sunday's game you know with with whatever bragging rights there might be. I can't ever pick the jets. The jets the jets are just. I really think that just may be the worst team in the NFL. And doesn't doesn't please me to say that. But yeah I would pick the giants but how much can you really brag that you beat the jets. The rights aren't worth a whole lot right now. All you know we we do. We do staff picks every week at at big blue view and and you have no idea how many times I've gone to make my pick in written a sentence in something like I'm sorry I simply cannot pick the New York giants to win. It's a rough time for New York. Sports I'll tell you I mean you know we we we got. We got the Knicks. You Know God knows God knows what else I mean you know an and I mean the the the mets are. The mets are a mess. You know and I'm a Yankee Fan so I can't feel too bad about the Yankees. He's but but still you know everybody else's water for still you've got. What is it like the first ever a ten year? Stretch in the franchise history where they haven't won a super bowl or the haven't won a world series. I mean come on you know nobody what a championships in New York for a long time. Now than the Canyon of heroes is a is a lonely place these days All right well we know that that the jets giants won't be having any parades real soon but will hope for a good game on Sunday McGregor. Thank you very much for joining us. Giants fans please remember to subscribe on all of your favorite podcast. Applications will talk to you soon. Bye Bye are you troubled by strange hockey trades rates of the middle of the night. Do you experienced feelings of dread about NHL Free Agency. Have you or your family ever seen it New York islanders

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