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It's summertime and that means it's time to get outside and enjoy the weather with some crisp refreshing bud lights bud light has the perfect summer lineup with with bud light lime and Bud Light Orange both brewed with real citrus peels new and just in time for summer is bud light lemon tea with real lemon peels and tea he leaps. It's the ideal drink for summer but it's only here for a limited time so get it before. It's gone the guys welcome to another episode of ti-time. This is a weekly sleep pop culture podcast on the Ringer podcast network. I'm was Kelly I'm Pete Hollow and I'm a newlywed admire and today we are going to investigate keep homers career army hammers in recent instagram posts involving his sons no his toes right yeah okay and what's going on with Lori Loughlin daughters and before that we are going to also share our August streaming recommendations chock full of good stuff this week every time you hear the bell we have to change topics now. Let's spill that T- okay first category Teton checks in with I've seen a close the loop for for myself for the public for everyone who's been following on. I promise you guys that I would like update and finalize what's going on with Jordan Woods Kylie Jenner and it has appeared that like all of the dust has settled like everything is. Do you really believe that kind of says. She was on the cover of the September issue of Cosmo U._K.. Hey good gift for her totally big and she was interviewed. Obviously and of course the <hes> the Jenner Kardashian drama came up and it was first of all really boring in interviews. She had nothing to say about it. <hes> she was talking more about her hair. Extensions line or eyelash line heard length sportswear company anyway. Here's her official quote on Kylie. I I love her. That's my homie. I hope everything falls into place and that we can all grow and build relationships with their family and God and come back together one day and be stronger and happier and that's kind of like it. That's all she said Kylie Jenner followed her and instagram. It feels like these two are now just going about their lives separately and there's no other updates I have and I feel like I won't for a long time good so we can Clo Clo never in the next week. We're like Jordan was up there. Kill me okay a million next run. Yes Titus Burgess who is on the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt net. He's very funny. He went on what watch what happens. Live and host slash the ruler King King of Bravo's Andy Cohen he- questioned tight us about working with Eddie Murphy on a new film and he mentioned that he was quote very problematic for the gaze at one point two which titus said that Eddie wasn't problematic with him and that any troubles that he might have had with gay people I guess are gone because he loved me and so this was just the start of this very awkward interaction and then titus went onto instagram and was like Andy is a messy queen. Jean and Andy should remember his talk. Show is an episode of the real housewives of Atlanta which was like damn yeah yeah and then titus went on Wendy Williams our girl with her hot pants in short shorts. You can't stop capturing and she even said she she was like I didn't speak to Andy for six years and it wasn't my fault and day I know how any I feel like has been not not controversial but but like he's been kind of in public feuds Kathy Griffin and it's just not been do slow messy. He's maybe a little bit of a Messy Queen. Gee and titus went on to say listen to track five on my EP and it'll explain phone which is a great plug. It is that's true. I really liked titus per not expect this from him really yeah. I didn't expect him to take this much of a stand against. I kind of an awkward in her. I just I mean I guess if he's trying to listen to his album like he will smart move. It almost seems like I don't know he's like spins such a Broadway like like the broader community ready for so long and he's so talented. I'm like I feel like he's almost like above this little bit. Do you need to be telling people as you back five your e decipher I for your future. The Andy Cohen Andy Cohen and he is extremely famous. well-connected is involved in a lot of this stuff so it makes more sense coming from hands yeah yeah all right next one are checking in with is a big week. This is okay for months and months now. Amelia has been looking forward to once upon a time in Hollywood. It's been you've been like it's my super super bowl. I'm going to see this movie seven million times. I literally cannot wait so now we're checking in with Amelia the week following Amelia assuming yeah before we start are you gonNA. Is there any spoilers that we didn't warn people about for those guys going to big okay so I've seen the movie twice Kate. You've seen once Kaya. Have you seen the movie. No I haven't and Liz I saw the lion king said and I will not not fine this is he's like almost three hours long but it was like everything I wanted and I loved loved it. I thought it was so funny and like yes. I know there are problematic moments but it's like you kind of know that going with the movie and just just like don't just don't focus on that okay like it right. Yes you have valid points but at the same time it's just like can you just enjoy it for the piece of art that it was. I love of it. What was your favorite thing about? It Okay Leonardo DiCaprio would he do you remember that in the trailers spoiler in the trailer. He's like you embarrass yourself in front. All those God damn people. It's like going crazy that scene and it's such a good. It's so funny right theater yeah. He's on shopping trailer again. It is in the trailer. <hes> what were your thoughts on Brad Pitt's general hotness great super hot is great eh advertise. He takes his shirt off in one brief scene and in the first showing that that I went to a CH- was like on opening night so people were like really into it some some woman God bless her was like that woman you be honest. I wouldn't put it in the mind. People might also made actual noises really literally the nine thirty A._M.. Showing on a Saturday at the growth k what the Hell is wrong with you. I'm a morning person we know this. I like going on that day. I had to watch it in the morning so I could do other things thinks this is our point is Brad. PITT'S ADS at age. Fifty five are in great yeah. I mean great. Everyone looked great in the movie. You know it is one of those movies is where you're like. Everyone in this movie attractive Love Movies Real Quick. Who is the most random person in the movie that you thought that you forgot was in it and then you're like Oh shit? There's Dakota Arctic fanning for fifteen okay. Also I'm obviously a very bad judge of acting character because I thought Dakota fanning was like good in it but I guess everyone was like she was so wouldn't Indian and bad fifteen seconds. They don't even know man she was. There was like a run at the Manson farm where people popped up and then like left never to be seen again and I was like why are you here right. Yeah looks like landed on. I'm like low key. Just could've just like showed up in what she wears. On a day to day. She came in like a nightgown mcgown and I was like you probably when she said she was like we love our pussies. Because one of the characters pussycat that is such a leader Donald Wandered on Korea and they were like well disease that exactly I think I was there's this guy I think his name is Martin Cra. I don't okay sorry sorry sorry he he was in the Cobra Kai series and he's in the karate kid. He plays like the evil <hes>. Oh the older say yeah okay for like one second. They cover yes. Yes so that was like I was like oh cool very random carry random. It makes sense because everyone's a piece of this pie. I don't know maybe like you get me in this for ten care. What you're absolutely what happened and I will say awesome Butler? He worked Orwell bio-pic. Now we're moving on God. You loved it. Thank you I next category this week and social media media again. Now's your corner owner. These are my ladies Olivia Jay and Bella Jim Newly Lori Loughlin daughters. They're back on instagram. Jade took to idea to wish her mama happy birthday which is is is Laurie forcing them to do this. Don't know isn't very interesting uncreative decision yeah and then also the comments were on but I looked at the comments and they were all positive. Yes I gotta do so. She must have someone who's like deleting all filtering or only allowing a certain like set of people comment. I noticed that too. I also think it's interesting because it was her birthday. Obviously they're like I love would be so much yellow. There was way back when at time when people thought that those two girls are going to testify against your mom and dad and be like we had no idea there at fault were not on obviously this is kind of a standard like we're on our mom's side. We love you sometimes past. Maybe they like spent some time on a yacht. This summer will cure cure everything yeah and maybe a little bit more calm about. It realized that U._S._C. wasn't for them anyway. I don't know it was really weird that they popped out and then I think Bella <hes> the older sister who also has the at Bella handle which is just him thrown please Bella Hadid and that it keeps them both up at night that she was forever. Yeah I don't know and they thought they were GonNa get it but now so she's back and she also posted with like very the pretty much the same caption like lab you mom happy birthday and also the comments. I think we're on that one too but they were all positive so oh I don't know what's going on. Oh Yeah and they got kicked out of their Sorority at U._S._C.. Allegedly that's to be expected. Oh girls will be just fine they will. I'm not really that worried about them. Next time next one is <hes> on twitter. I love an interactive threat on twitter. Those really big these days. We're like somebody asked the question and then it gets like seven million pies and it goes viral that way web audience participation. This question was okay. Today's game is this. This is by Gail Simone name a marvel character then pick worst possible actor choice to play them. Please resist the temptation to say Scarlett Johansson for everything so there was just a wide variety of responses. What made me include? This was absolutely curse bigger of Shell Amazed Bannon like it's as bad as you think it is. Let that sit in your brain still into I'm not not in so other choices were Paris as long as she hulk. Honestly I could see it yeah and then just in general some people who could play any character in would be horrible. Tommy Wiso was popular the Kellyanne Conway and Danny Devito really just any variety of characters. Use your imagination to fit them into the M._C._i.. And then some asshole was like Noli Portman is thor the word which I was like okay I o mean I mean I will say this. Love and thunder was the best title you could. Oh no no no no cheesy but like to against Yeah I don't know how to transition that. We're just going to hop right into my girl Kamilah Maroney. She is coming back at all of her haters. Obviously for a long time people I've been like your relationship with Leonardo. Di Caprio is not real. He Will Dump U._N._C. turned twenty five and you're pretty much meaningless to him. She obviously appreciate that right but this all started started she posted an instagram of Humphrey Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall who got married in the nineteen forties and they shared a twenty year age gap so obviously it's very obvious what she's comparing this to her. Caption was a love like this. It's really sweet yeah. They're very much in love but people on Instagram <hes> didn't like it anymore. I mean yeah people are really really mean. It is a little bit of a Flex Camilla Maroney being like I'm Laura McCall. I mean I agree but also it. We're posted Leonardo DiCaprio ever which is such restraint is at twenty something on maybe like something she signed before that we know in those pictures of her like doing the weird poses that took and can they anywhere there on her. INSTAGRAM are posted one of them so you at least got one certain screener anyway she went on instagram live and said good morning people happy Friday I just read some of the comments on my instagram and Oh my God people are so mean full of anger with people they know nothing about and she wants people to live with less hatred and place your time and interests elsewhere so that live on instagram live is like cut a brave. I know a great respect that actually she was obviously very much. In the moment she got mad and I appreciate you <hes> and I respect you and I you know I love this relationship so I'm well. Thank you all right next. One is tee times August streaming recommendations so kate you WANNA start. I really do so yesterday today a big day for me personally a movie appeared on Net flix called the Red Sea diving resort and I just want to say before I get into this at this movie is extremely bad. It's bad on take a meal. Yesterday's was out. It's quite bad it's bad because it is just like boring white back. It's very much like a white savior narrative. It's on so many levels however Chris Evans and he is never taught in his entire life. I his whole career. He has never looked better than he looks. The Herald that is a statement really is is longer than it's ever been. The beard is thicker than it's ever been. He is shirtless for more of it than not ever but in recent years or he's in like it's sudden eighties. He's in like short shorts. He's like working out during like all of it now in a major part of his character which I'm like great but also like this is a bad movie yeah so anyway. I'm not telling you to watch the movie. Although I am just for him though watch for for him or just like go on Tumbler and look at the gifts of the movie like just like the shirtless seen just like the hair the flannels the the like you know the workout Oh yeah just do that but going tumbler and look at the content under shed yes. My recommendation for August is the the T._v.. Show younger you guys. This is a sleeper. Everybody's been sleeping on his T._v.. Show for many seasons. It just got renewed for season. Seven is a long-standing inch T._v.. Okay good for them. Good for TV land right and it's streaming now on Hulu like seasons one through five still stream it there. You can catch T._v.. Land if you have that channel. I'm assuming somebody don't <hes> anyway. It's a really good TV. Show <hes> Hilary Duff is an absolute star in it very good. Certain foster also just huge fan. Yes Mariscal Harte's really hot husband. Who's that Oh yeah? Oh yeah main love interest in the show L. Sign me up. I've started watching it a while back and I really liked it and I felt perfect for the month of August because it's just like really cutesy drama trauma. It's kind of funny it's thirty burn burn through them and also we support Hillary Duff. Yeah Liz Kelly the next one <hes> okay so a new movie starring iconic actress Song is on Netflix. I wrote that down in this economy matters. He said it out loud secret obsession. It's on up. Let's go watch now. Apparently people either love it or they hate it and it's just it's very much a lifetime s kind of movie called Secret Obsession Obsession Russian and yes it starring Brenda Song Zack and cody fame so anyway I will say this. If you WANNA watch it what you should. It's just like it's two hours. It's really like dumb and Environ do not watch the trailer because the trailer gives away everything including like the decent twist wow so do not watch the trailer trailer and also other people starring in this are Mike Vogel who is very attractive of Pan Am fame and Margot Robbie breakout role on the C._W.. Hit show one season iconic and Dennis Hays Bird. Who is the guy from the allstate commercials with the Roller Boys? Oh He's goodness to your line real quick renaissance still with MacAulay Culkin. I like living in Paris. It ended a couple Brenda Song. It should operate from trae Cyrus that is fair. I W renaissance equally bad ticket next <hes> <hes> okay so speaking of support does not support Liz Kelly does not support Anna Kendrick. Amelia Does Not Support Blake lively however I have to recommend a simple favor streaming this month. This moving transcends any grudges against these actresses. It is so buck wild. We talked about it. When it first came out yeah you've been standing in this movie for Awhile Eighty two long? The most bonkers viewing experience I've had in recent memory innocent about the entire audience was just losing their mind. It's such a weird movie. There's so many weird twists in choices and just great suits and outfits but mostly we're choices and I highly recommend it okay. Where's IT streaming? Not I believe Amazon prime. Okay got got it cool all right finishing up a million. Yes sorry this we very quick but <hes> if you're looking for something to read you know Sir. Try The hunted by Jeffrey Goldberg in The New Yorker. It was a piece back in twenty ten but it's kind of relevant because there was a book called where the crawdads Oh yeah have you. You guys read that book no but it's like a bestseller and re re is on like reasons. I was like Oh my God first time author good for her but it it's come out that the author Delia Owens is the same Delia Owens in this New Yorker piece which is about like her and her husband and they were involved in a murder of an alleged poacher that took place like a nice Janney five right and it's she's not implicated but like people have said said that they saw her husband and her stepson like right. It's like at her family and it's just it's really interesting because I guess the book it's about a murder as well and they're very weird ties into and it's like just a very dark story and it's it's really interesting so when you destroyed in your brain cells with a secret obsessions valley's go okay next category's biggest relationship news ever. We were interested in a lot of weird men men in this category people are just kind of exploring different a lot of new penn in their lives and late this summer the first three or like some guy this man new God man and boy toy okay so the first one okay. The first new boy belongs to Lady Gaga weeks out Bradley Bradley Cooper has been like having lunch with brand women yes including Laura dern and like all these people are GonNa win. Tour tour and people look dirt. Is he dating auto having lunch with them. It's finally the guy turned spark some rumors and she is lip locked with her monitor engineer. Dan Horton Horton. I love it thirty-seven during Brunch date in studio city. It seems pretty serious based on the P._D._F.. It's happening. They purposely took a seat outside obviously a purposefully are you know publicly displaying exactly this is purposeful for sure one set for their their locking lips but I'm looking at this picture right now kate and her hand on his chest much like this is also excrete asked shorts Gaga on the button that why not sure does actually like a strong word. They're feeling more like denim underwear very little close on Gog I hear but she looks fabulous. She us and yes she seems happy with her nude. Yeah good for like literally people can hop off her and Bradley Cooper one single minute. You heard that right in style yeah. It's an opponent for so long blake. Let them have separate lives. He happens to be recently divorced but you know maybe that has nothing to do with her. So you're yeah also yeah. You're innocent. Just crushing it. She sees they'll just churn Marino sue good for her next new guy yes Elizabeth Olsen. She's engaged to him some man. I've never never heard of his name is Robbie our net and he is the front man for Milo Greene and because I'm not cool. I have no idea what who the band is. I don't know either who this man is but <hes> congrats to her even dated for two and a half years interesting I did not know I didn't know that either. I was obviously because he's not someone that we accept her about Golsen good for her sewing next lean boy toy other. This one's a bit more complicated because as sinister edge oh boy obvious no celine dion has been passed in twenty six day on Jalil yes to do that <hes> so since then obviously been single and spent a lot of heartbreak in her life so a court like this is all allegedly. She's been relying a lot on her backup dancer and who's a close friend. His name is Pepe Munoz. Yes <hes> but people now are afraid that he has too much influence over her and he's isolating her so she's she's lost weight recently. She's gone through completion dial transformation like she looks like a completely different human being in the last year and people are just on her team. I guess and otherwise arise are worried about this guy's presence in her life so then according to page six so people thought they were romantically involved right which is totally cool. She's fifty one. He's thirty four for but it does matter get a girl yet girl but has different idea to page six. She knows he's gay is accepting of that. They're just veer but then others think that Selene Dion is in love with him and has made her personal boy that's according to page six but then he on instagram. If you look him up he also might have a boyfriend. WHO's another another dancer because they're in all these photos and these romantic cities very reaching couple slugging? All we need to know is that she's she's okay. She's in good hands but sometimes just have you know Britney Spears's sometimes the backup dancer thing works out as we've seen by Iraq Kerry true and Brian who was extremely hot boyfriend for awhile trail. I liked I kind of like when like female pop stars or whatever like well and she was spotted. I think it was Paris fashion fashion week and she was giving all these looks her so which to influence over has looked great so we're gonNA keep an eye honestly. Oh yes don't you worry. It's okay all right last one another teatime favorite this really is all who is this man really is <hes> she <music> seemingly has a new liberal arson bree like Oh yeah sorry sorry Brie Larson. She apparently has Director named Elijah Alan Blitz know if that's his donated just pick two of them yeah but they were spotted out and about in Calabasas Kissing Ooh these photos if you've seen them are staged it's like Oh yeah real like arms around the neck like he's like flabby three and it's in the parking lot of like a girl she serves no that that's not real not authentic this literally four for four all within that we talk about regularly dating ran masters but I love it your lock watching a movie or TV T._v.. 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We're GONNA talk about her life in general where she stands now like what her brand is etc.. This is tea time Investigates Investigates Kiki Palmer. Yes okay so the hustlers trailer came out a couple of weeks ago. We're very interested in this movie and one of the Stars of Hustler's is Kiki Palmer shot it to my friend. Lindsay friend of the pod college remained who has been sending me various things from Kiki Palmerston scream including interviews with Jaylo and I was like Oh kinky Palmer Akilah the FBI is now vlogger interesting and another thing where her single twerk and flirt drops tomorrow Yep and I was like keep homer has music career and then the more you look Keke Palmer the more different careers she has exactly the more I found out about Kiki Palmer the less I really knew that she released bottoms up and then disappeared disappeared in stratosphere is like the only akilah bottoms up the only two things is a bad good but it like she has had an extremely prolific career both in the music space and the act hard she really does just about key. Seven different income uncovered okay. She was born in Illinois. He's twenty five years old right now. So obviously as we said music and acting are like her two main lanes right her is so insanely long for years. She credits on Degrassi E._R.. cold-case law and order ice age continental drift had to throw that in there too now campell M._p.. Like it goes on and on and on and then we're fueling the be was in twenty two thousand six recently shoes in scream queens in two thousand fifteen and then Greece live in two thousand sixteen seen grief live. Oh my God this woman sleep no. I don't know okay so more recently though <hes> she has been subbing in on the A._B._C. Daytime Talkshow Strahan and Sarah was Michael Strahan and stare hands and now she's finalizing a deal to be the third co host of this T._v.. Show time talk show while also having bit roles in movies and a thriving music ear yes and blogging. Yes yes with J. LO right. It's extremely confusing also this is I'm really confusing. I'm curious about your thoughts on like what her brand is right now by signing ending this deal this is a daytime shock talkshow that apparently the execs are really trying to attract a younger audience which makes sense time has a skews older and she's become a frequent questions is on the show because she subbed in well. One of the the Sarah was on maternity leave and wowed people so much that they're like we have to make you a permanent part of the show but but she has good geds she interviewed Bella Thorne for this show and Bella Thorne ended up opening up about like Oh wow what she would tell her mom when she was a kid like what she wished she could have said as part out of this daytime talk show so sh- obviously she's extremely gifted yeah. This is like extremely positive investigation but like what is she doing right is she. She reminds me a little bit of like how Hailee Steinfeld was like. I'm an actor but also I want to be a pop star like the steps. I'm going to take to become a pop star and just like ca has been just like slightly less successful in the acting department and the pop star department so far like now that I think she can't be better but like sure she also also real quick. I have to mention keys. Snapchat show God keeping it real with Kiki Palmer and some episode titles episode quote Unquote. I assume they're like a minute at long sometimes include is this outfit too sexy how to never answer to an adult again and this trick. We'll get any attention to me. I'm not quite sure I like Sam taught a lot. I don't watch any shows on SNAPCHAT BUT NEITHER DO I. Maybe will now the office sexy ideas you so. She's got paychecks. Obviously the A._B._C. Show would be like a very steady good income. Maybe the supplement and do like expand her music career which obviously she's been like releasing yourself. She's got a EP Yeah Fart tomorrow so she's extremely busy. I just don't know I don't know she was always like always in there but not really there yeah and I think she had a very very successful like child actor career she was on she was the lead on True Jackson V._p.. Of nickelodeon and it made her she earned twenty grand per episode which made her the Photo Wise Age Child Star on T._V.. Brow so maybe she doesn't need that A._B._C.. Pace out who knows but honestly I I mean I guess if if you had an opportunity to do this like morning show that's broadcast millions upon millions of people like why not that's a good move. Also I feel like she's a pretty recognizable name for someone who has been doing yeah big thing like a key line the be like she immediately was like the girl from Keelan to be hammered. Are you like everyone immediately knew who she was and like kind of been around but like recognizable yeah and she is followed her presence so much bigger than I thought she's point eight million followers on instagram program which is a shit ton point seven million. Isn't that like his alley big projects right now a lot yeah I do remember when she was like announced that she was going to be on screen Queens Geeky Paul Yeah exactly sometime talk brought scream queens because that has had like Glenn how Michelle those random carry lady bird yea queens underrated like rich text that was the time so how do we wrap up this investigation. She's doing extremely well yeah. She's got her hands on like a thousand different podcasts yeah ah respect her drive and her ambitious and like keep her on your radar. You guys 'cause she's GonNa keep popping up by machine for Jerry. Lewis is going to unseat old town road it also I would love a lifestyle brand. ooh That's what next you're right all right. The next category is this is not where the date you guys. We've are on a run of like four weeks straight where people are doing insane disgusting things. This week is no different France and by discussing. I mean just like what the Hell is going on just bizarre behavior in the celebrity World Yeah Kate Start Asaf. Oh boy so I up I originally originally pitched investigates on this topic and then I was like I can't talk about this for longer than one minute yeah so this is armie hammer son sucking on his toes. It's a major news topic this week. As when armie hammer just gets up two random shit so armee hammer posted a video on his instagram stories stories of his two year old son Ford I'm a big Fan of the hammer family and keep up on their antics. This was big news for me. I was not surprised and I was disgusted because he posted a video idea of Ford sucking on his father's toes and he said this happened for a solid seven minute Hashtag foot fetish on fleet and hid for so armee armie hammer big guy six five these toes his big does my guy that whole thing in his mouth it basically goes past the male but not much further discussing any time he really tried. I got on the wheel. Will you know what he looks like. He looks like that little girl. Who Have you seen that twenty twitter video where she's like crimping her hair and she's like crying and she yeah you had it looks like he's like trying to eat the toes and he's like he's got a real mouthful toes so he it's really disgusting so anyway? People obviously flee immediately. We're like what the Pres- Hilton obviously. It's instagram story so it's now gone but president captured it put it on his grid of saying reservoir service and so- Elizabeth Chambers Hammer Army's good comment on President's post to clear things up after the immediate media backlash and this has since been deleted it said our son likes to play with people's feet and I put the video on our family stream because as an ongoing doug excuse me sorry this army's comment This it's just really gross you. Just you gotta go all in or just don't even show US should've gone at most to an email to army and Elizabeth parents kids grandparents do it is literally cursed here next next up. Just throw Jennifer Aniston's dog died this weekend very sad. They both our big dog. People just throw extremely a dog person it had been rumored that when they split up part of like the struggle was like like Justin dogs were like driving done crazy they were driving their neighbors crazy like he is so into dogs but rarely she also is really into dogs. They're German shepherd Dolly who had been living with Justin throughout had her for a long time. She died this weekend R._I._P.. Dolly I just want to say we're very animal-friendly on time. I'm about to make fun of how they so sort of pay tribute to this dog again very sad that the family dog has died yes that's they went extremely over the top. Jen Jen had a decent reaction she posted in all black and white picture of herself with Dolly basically it was like all right be Dolly Sad EMOJI. Whatever then Justin throw decided to document the entire funeral process on Instagram mm-hmm he had a picture of the dog then he had pictures of her dead body strewn with flowers with someone's hand with burning sage over the dogs said by eyes are open and maybe not there's a picture of the dead fee with flowers? There's picture of their hands linked. That's Jennifer Aniston Yeah. It was her dog. I I believe this is on his official insists eventually and the picture that dog's head in a blanket again. This dog is not alive in these pictures yeah yeah and then the dog's face closer up not alive with the blanket is you're still open and he said tonight at sunset after a heroic struggle are most loyal family member and protect your Dahlie a lay down her sword and shield quote. She was surrounded by her entire family. The one that never desserts the one that never proves ungrateful is the dog faithful and true even death. That's go by George vest which thanks thanks to the cut told me George vast is a nineteenth century confederate senator from Missouri. Let's owing part. He delivered a quote famous to Dog People the Question Mark Eulogy for a dog named Old Drum who is thought to have been unjustly killed by a neighbor being up with the Guy Brad. Just throw commit dog person but yeah so you know just throwing Jennifer Aniston reunited to arrest these photos look like either they were done in portrait mode or like professional artfully dines artfully again. Maybe an email blast out to your close friend eight right. I just find it odd when when just throw like just is too much of a dog person. Yes perhaps perhaps next one. Arianna `Grande is putting her foot in her mouth. <hes> okay okay. I thought that was gonNA go over better. That's fine so her friend Doug middlebrook posted a picture of the <hes> a child L. Jon Benet Ramsey Jeff who she's extremely well known because she at six years old she was murdered in her home on this was in the nineteen ninety s anyway her her face is is pretty iconic because it was plastered everywhere and it's ever been solved so it's just been like really just like always kind of ongoing that people know about it anyway. Doug middlebrook posted a photo of her Jon Benet Ramsey on a newspaper cover and said no one has done more covers so that was bad. That's not then Ariana Grande Day with like a Jillian people following her commented on that post and said I can't wait wait for this to be your Halloween Look God and then he was in that he come back again working on it or something. Everyone was like Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa whoa like no no no you know off trial was murdered Doug Middlebrook. You shouldn't have done that like look up who that is or whatever right grand daily think about that for a two second rate. She has so many millions and millions. I just don't get yeah how gummy so everyone came after it was like this was so in bad taste she was brutally murdered like this was horrible of you to do and then she obviously deleted it and then tweeted very quickly she goes yeah. No I deleted it very quickly and I understand that it's not funny at all that was out of pocket and I sincerely early apologize. She just like Chris don't like yeah and that will never possibly go away unforced. If I heard it is wearing like an Aria grounded he short yeah last one <hes> okay so Mario Lopez of who cares anymore fame he went on the Canvas Owens show and she's like this very conservative like she's come after Chris Evans and she like she's crazy and he pretty much said that it was quote dangerous for parents to support transgender kids and obviously he got a lot of flack lack for it and then it was like Oh actually I didn't mean it. I'm sorry I apologize now. You meant it so don't just don't yeah that's similar the year on a garden thing where it's just like an avoidable mistakes. It's don't be an idiot. Think about what you're gonNA say right exactly like if you just like journal it you know don't yell the military anyone just journal your thoughts also the way celebrity news has worked. Forever is no matter what like they will pick out these things you have to know how quotable bowl you regardless of context and I mean it was the worst thing to say so there's no excusing it but it's just like be more aware of the things that come <unk> out of your mouth. When you buy our t yep all right last category as usual tetons must unanswerable question of the week Texas your questions we got a question question? I was really excited about twitter questions and thoughts on following all right okay so I guess French is mustard. Mustard is coming out with a mustard flavored ice cream this summer and then you can get <hes> which sounds absolutely disgusting gusting because mustard berea. I don't know I I mean I mustard is fine ligon hotdogs right as a standalone flavored kinda gross and I feel like this is just a trend trend of like yeah but weird things that I can think of and that's like you know make it go viral and then trying. It's like try it. I would try it but I would not sure Eh. I feel like we're in a bubble Elliott. Ice Cream places have gone better and they they do have flavors like mustard blah blah so I feel like this is not completely like out of L._A.. Question but for the masses this is a disgusting idea and they're just trying to go viral yeah. They're just trying to like. It's just like we you know that's how we get it. What I want to know is what is the most disgusting ice cream flavor you've ever tasted or actually like just straw goes? I I love I've tried. I think they had a vegetable month. They have a different theme every month for for those who don't know first of all it was quite good eight a beet red velvet screaming. It was extremely good. However I really gross when I tried that month was I just tried a little sample of it? Because I was curious. <hes> it was pickles and peanut butter. Oh wait till you try to disguise and it was pretty gross. It did not work hey well. Here's the the farmer's market series that's going on right now. In Los Angeles uh-huh there is freckled chocolate Zucchini bread. It's a constant one. They have that a lot really yeah <hes> tomato and strawberry sorbet inducement ice cream caramel corn on the cob some that's okay yeah green fennel and maple the same month that I have. Is it a vegetable one. I Bet Aziza sonning yeah yeah. I don't know I'd rather eat mustard ice cream than catch up ice cream but that's not saying that's a low bar low bar. It's extremely low bar. Okay real quite Liz this okay <hes> my question is for the masses and also for the Ringer Dot Com. Why is everyone hating on the lion king so hard fully knowing it is a movie for children clear? This is the twenty nine hundred remake. Yes yes so you just saw last night. I watched it last night. It is exactly the animated version that came out in the nineties but you know upgrade with the animation everyone like the voice of different but it's the same story so I'm not sure why people went into it being like this is going to be like the most amazing elevator piece of cinema because it's a children's movie and yet followed the exact story but guess what it's not for you. I don't know I'm really shocked at the General General Public and I'm disappointed because it got fifty three percent on rotten tomatoes which is low and it got an eighty eight percent like the audience score and that's nearly sixty sixty thousand people voted is fifty three splat yeah so you liked it. Yes I like it. Yeah I mean it wasn't like captivated the entire time but like yeah. I think people need to realize going into this like you said it's four kids and also like it's just like the movie as is like what are your. That's the problem is like there have been so many amazing Disney Pixar movies that have come out with new stories like obviously things are elevated now John Nineteen <hes> but just it is a remake and I I enjoyed it and I'm curious to know like everybody's thoughts out there and the room like I don't know if you guys have seen it but my whole family went except for me on vacation without me and they loved I did like twenty people from my family. Went doesn't use literally daytime different beyond it as a little remix as a running in the area. Ah Right <hes> also just really quick. It was weird to hear beyond say speaking as Nala because she's such a recognizable voice felt like hearing house like I'm like really listening to be unsafe but that's okay. She liked transcends her character. I finish this off right related to my earlier rant about Chris Evans in the Red Sea Blah Blah. What is the worst movie or TV show US suffered through just because of a hot actor or actress? My example is that one I muscled through three seasons of peaky blinders for killing Murphy which which good for you is fine show but I never would have considered watching it if killing Murphy's cheekbones weren't the way that they are and I know Juliette Limit fucking loves Killian Murphy. Dan has watched all of peaky blinders peaky blinders heads at the ringer again. It's not a bad show but like I never would have committed however many hours of my life to this without and my other example well is sons of anarchy. I made it through five seasons of sons of anarchy which is depressing asked show. How dozens of sons of anarchy are there like seven or eight seven of anything but it's really depressing really violent and I just watched it for Charlie Hunnam and honestly at all regret it there you go so what is the do? You guys have an example yeah I every no centenary movie. I have watched the host to all the boys before that's a great point. I have suffered shorter by spend well worth it or yeah I like was we're talking about this. A little uh-huh yesterday and I was like there has got to be a Michael Jordan movie that is really shitty. Probably the one with <hes> Zach Ephron I mean I haven't seen the one more exactly doing pushups on a toilet with lyles teller. Yes yeah which I hate mail taller but like I would have potentially suffer through it for hot Michael B Jordan totally also I watched God probably the reasons of the tutors just for Henry Cavill yeah. I was like oh ooh started watching the tutors firm fast forward through all Jonathan Crazy is they get a lot in that though yes yes we do have boundaries some

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