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Interestingly yeah so there's the idea of destiny that's like you are meant for something in this world and the universe is gonNA steer you that way but right termism is more like there are causes and effects in the universe and everything is a well oiled machine and totally predictable if if you knew all the relevant pieces. So that's determinism. It's like to me it kind of it feels like the opposite of destiny. Because it's not like right. You think you're making choices but everything is happening because of what happened before. Yeah exactly so. It's not like things happen for a reason is dead. It's like things happen because of the endless string of causes and effects that go all the way back to the beginning of time but I also don't believe that I don't believe either I don't believe in destiny or determine reading a lot more about theories about space time and The Block universe and I think there's re- well I I do I believe We make choices take that philosophers who I think I for a long time believed halfway in destiny just enough to give myself extreme anxiety that I believed I was meant to accomplish some big thing but I didn't believe in destiny enough to believe that it would happen without me doing it home. It was meant to happen but I was. GonNa screw it up. Somehow I was GONNA be Frodo that quit new and destroy the world sad pretty sad and it was very freeing to kind of realize. I think that maybe people just choose things you don't have to fulfil some purpose. Maybe you can just choose what you want to do. People choose yes a large purpose if they want one if they want one. That reminds me of emily shuttle. Thanks Leslie Gordon. Thing is to be clear about what one wants to be and what one wants to do and this is what almost all people lack. Yes I was actually thinking about her. A lot in this one because seeing emily to go. I want to go live in a ramshackle rundown villa and do science. That was just because yeah people should do what they want. If it doesn't hurt someone and let myself off the hook and let everyone off the hook of you have to somehow discover the secret path that you're supposed to follow and follow it. Yeah it's much losing produce you know this halfway belief in destiny was probably pretty much the worst place for me to lay right on this mental health and productivity wise? Right the woman that we're GonNa talk about today absolutely believed in destiny She believed in destiny to the extent that she was absolutely fearless that she would ride her horse directly into cannon fire knowing that nothing was going to stop her from fulfilling her destiny So that's the freedom of being full on destiny. Yeah whatever way. You know that it's going to happen. You can do whatever you need to do. Yeah that sounds freeing immensely reassuring and empowering. Yeah if you truly believe that you know what you need to accomplish and that God is on your side and nothing will stop you. Nothing will stop you and for this woman. It worked this belief in her own invulnerability. Got Her through some pretty astonishing circumstances. I'm Olivia Michael and I'm Katy Nelson and this is what's her name fascinating women you've never heard of. So the woman we are talking about today is named Anita Garibaldi. Oh have you ever heard of her? No well there's a whole bunch of places and streets in Italy right It's like A. Yeah her Paul the Square and St and yes how many streets and squares descend also a statue on Genyk Ulama Hill in Rome and it is one of the coolest statues of a woman that I have ever seen. I haven't seen it. I mean I've seen a lot of statues in Rome. It's definitely the most active statue of a woman. I have ever seen aside from. Maybe a Greek goddess. Any Air Baldy was born on a Maria Rivera Silva Wow yes in Brazil. Okay in eighteen. Twenty one she was a Gaucho which is essentially cowboy. A cowboy. Wow she is from Akao Joe Family in Brazil. That's where cowboys came from in the. Us was importing this data culture. Okay from South America And she absolutely loved this lifestyle. She was wild and reckless and her mother despaired of her she was riding horses shooting. Gunson roping cattle and she loved it somehow extremely skilled at all cowgirls Skills Lover Already incidentally eighteen twenty one that year she was born. That's the year that BOO boo. Lena started the Greek Revolution on the other side of the ocean. Oh that's interesting because she is also reminds me of booby. Lena and there's a few things come up links to bellina cool. They were definitely sisters at heart. Toss him to learn more about an easy Garibaldi. I talked to Diana Giovinazzo. Who is the author of a book coming out in August called the woman in red told from the perspective of Anita do which I highly recommend? Everybody needs to preorder right now. Hi I'm Diana Giovinazzo and I'm the author of the woman and read a novel about Anita Garibaldi. She is also the host of the wine. Women words. Podcast I'll call I was initially researching my own heritage. 'cause you know obviously with the lesson like Jovan out so if you can't tell him Italian and I was just so fascinated by her when I came across her story this. Here's a woman who I never heard of who had such an impact on three different countries. Who is just amazing? In her story was never told from her perspective or from a woman's perspective. Her biographer was male the people who write about Giuseppe Garibaldi. They're mostly male some of the stuff that they say. It's very contradictory. Mother is just blatantly. Not True when Anita Garibaldi was twelve years old her father died leaving her mother and Anita and her two sisters alone now nineteenth century Brazil. Not a great place for women to be on their own and her mother. Mary's off her two older sisters quickly and moves with twelve year old Anita to Laguna. Which if people know is the place the famous port in. Brazil where the dolphins chase the fish in for the fishermen every day for hundreds of years. There's this pod of dolphins that come and chase all of the fish into the bay for the fishermen to catch and when Anita is fourteen. Her mother tells her that she has to marry. This is young even for this time for her to be marrying. Her mother thought that by marrying her off. She team her. Her mother said something very startling to her on her wedding day that she had the look of men in her eyes and it scared her mother. Oh what does that mean? I don't know what that means. Yeah it must be independence or refusal to be cowed. Yeah whatever it was. It scared her mom so she married her off to a much older man. A drunken cobbler. This goes about as well as one might assume this would go. She hated it. She considered it to be a former slavery in her opinion and it was a terrible marriage. She eventually ended up leaving him. And we'll be back in with her mother but they were still technically married. People like to downsize. The child died much later in her life. Anita Garibaldi was in confession with a priest and he asked her about this early marriage and asked her if the marriage was consummated and she had to ask him what that meant because she didn't even know what that word myths he you know. I'm sure very awkwardly explained and she said Oh that yeah we did that. It was terrible. So though her male biographers have tried to downplay this marriage it was a Trotha or it wasn't real marriage. Anita's own words. It very clear this was a marriage and it was terrible This place anti in which Anita Garibaldi is. Living is an extremely tumultuous time for Brazil. If you look at the history of Brazil there are wars every two years for her life but in eighteen thirty five one of the most historically important wars in. Brazil is just starting off and it's known as the Ragamuffin War and it stems from reaggravated the soul. This really unique area in southern Brazil and they broke away from the rest of herself and the Gauchos rose up against the government and they're called the ragamuffins because their clothes all tattered and torn and it kind of is a good thing for Nita which is said to think that wars end up being a good thing for people but for her. It was fortunate for her because her husband. Whose name was Manuel he decides. He's going to go off enjoying the imperial Brazilian army and at this time. Or she was warhead really come to Laguna so he leaves takes off and she's on thrown and so she kinda has this period where she's working cleaning houses and she's working in a local hospital. P- and she's starting to get a little radicalized by the ideas of freedom and not being oppressed by government and then on a fateful day destiny destiny intervenes Giuseppi Garibaldi sales in to Laguna. Happy is quite a character already. He's very high and so we'll ask. He gets expelled from Italy. They kick them out for causing problems with the Austrians. Because at this point Italy isn't really even a country. It's just a peninsula where you have a kingdom in the south called the Kingdom of the two Sicily's and then you have Austria to the north and he starts causing problems for the Austrians. Has HIS DREAMS HAVE A UNIFIED ITALY? So he goes to. France gets kicked out of France boards. A ship causes a mutiny on the ship sails around North Africa on this ship that he has taken over and eventually ends up in South America. Because he's heard from some of his Italian friends that there's a Lotta great revolutions happening. He is just sort of an adventurer out looking for a fight He is a mercenary. Essentially a gun for hire and willing to go in and start up a revolution anywhere Legend says as sales into the port at Laguna. He sees this woman standing on a balcony. She is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in his life shouts out. She must be mine. He dives overboard off. The SHIP SWIMS INTO THE PORTS. Runs up to her balcony. Rose her over his shoulder ties back into the water and they sail away from the south. Don't tell me any other version. That's the version moving on. It is the ultimate nineteenth century. Romantic story vets wildly terrifying to our twenty first century but this woman was Anita Silva and though he may not have dived into the water in snatched rush he definitely did see her on the balcony as he sailed in and he definitely did say who is she. She must be mine. Okay and then find a way to find her. Okay I'll take it. And so he starts making a quarries and he needs her through mutual friends but she was still married. They had this affair that they tried to keep secret. Their revolutionary rebel spirit. So they don't care right right they don't care but she's eighteen and living with her mother so she cares enough to try to keep it secret for a while. He is thirty so I serve a age difference than her previous husband still maybe not ideal but common at the time normal for the time eventually the affair becomes public. Her family is furious and so she runs off with him into the war. Yes the Ragamuffin. More is raging. He's anxious to get involved. She is fully equipped with all the skills necessary to be successful in a nineteenth century. War I she can shoot. She can ride. She's fearless and so off. They go awesome. They truly seem to have been incredibly devoted the way that they speak about one another the way that they treated one another the way that he spoke about her throughout his life even after her death was really amazing and unusual for the time period. He called her the queen of his soul and they really seem to have been passionately devoted to another so off. They go on his ship. Maybe the same one that he stolen a mutiny. I'm not sure she is actively involved in seabattle 's and they are headfirst into this Ragamuffin Rebellin. So there's that Boo Boo Lena. Connection again exactly Faring Warrior woman. Yeah no one else is GonNa do it. Oh do and off. She goes mainly because of her Gaucho. Background I just like I can shoot a gun. I can be a sailor yours. Nothing to it and then they end up. Losing the battle go now. They ended up going into Rio grounded. A soul and the fight through that and it is during one of these battles that this absolutely astonishing story takes place during a major battle. Anita is right. In the thick of it is on horseback. She's writing around the battlefield directing lines in the middle of this battle. Things go badly. She decides she has to get off the field and so she barrels directly at the opposing army their cannons there gunfire all of their soldiers and just runs right through the middle of their line. Why because destiny? Why run away when you know you're going to win. She knew she had a glorious destiny to fulfill she's untouchable. And if need to get off the field why not go out the most glorious way possible take out as many people from their line as you can on the way out gun in hand shooting her way through the lines. Wow and in the course of this wild attacks. She is captured and waiting in the tent. The opposing army officials come in. They know exactly who she is. They come in to announce to her do sappy. Garibaldi has been killed and she needs to give up and put her safety in their hands and then they produce his Poncho and it is covered in blood and she's terrified maybe he died. This is impossible. How could this have happened? And she says fine. I'll tell you what you need to know but you gotta show me my husband's body. This is not enough for me for a moment. There's a panic and then they're like okay. You can go search the battlefield. We don't have it. You have to go search for it thinking that she's going to give up on this and she calls her bluff and she's out there searching the battlefields for his body looking at every dead body trying to find her husband hundreds of and she doesn't find him instead and once realizes he's not dead they don't have him she escapes. Yeah they have soup. Ridley allowed her to leave. The tents go search for her husband's body. She takes off. Yeah she feels a horse and gallops away soldiers are chasing her. There are under orders to bring her back dead or alive. Her horse gets shot out from under her. No and she fall from her horse. The horse rolls on top of her. She somehow escapes on foot from the oncoming soldiers and runs directly into the river soldiers. No there's no way she's gonNA survive this river. It's way too fast. It's way too deep. So they leave. She's not that of course doesn't mean we'll never allow her today in this way and she spends four days wandering around the wilderness trying to find gio sadly with no food or water in the forest. She finally finds a couple of little old ladies who give her food and offered a shelter her for one night and finally is able to discover where he is and is finally reunited with him the next day and go straight BACK INTO BATTLE. The ultimate action hero. She truly is. Oh did I mention that? She's eight months pregnant during all of this. Did I forget Chumash? That did you did not mention that. Now I have to recast the whole thing in my mind. Yes when she's charging into the Canon horses shot out the worst running. They're telling you to go search for the dead bodies that must be why they let her go and serve as they're like. This is a pregnant lady. She's not going anywhere not do they underestimated Anita Garibaldi. Now I just. I've been pregnant three times and I can't even imagine getting on a horse. Yeah let alone in a battle it. She must absolutely have been sure That her destiny was assured. Nothing was cost oppor. Even being told that her partner in destiny was dead was not going to derail her faith that this was meant and nothing was going to stop them. They were revolutionary heroes. And they were going to change the world Let's pause for just a second. Thank OUR SPONSOR. Girls can create at girls can create. Our mission is to inspire girls to believe that they can be and do anything. Every month they deliver a fearless female role model to your door or to your inbox. Every crate features an inspiring woman and her own unique story of why she's awesome a twenty eight page activity book. Plus everything you would need to complete two or three hands on steam activities and more. I love their new digital subscriptions which come straight to your inbox. It comes with a colorful printable notebook. Or you can view it on an IPAD or your device. If it's a craft they'll give you templates and instructions. Printable worksheets puzzles art activities and more in addition to the digital subscriptions. If you're on a budget they have many mailers and then the full crates which come out every month. Check them out. They are really amazing and for our listeners. If you go to girls can create C. R. A. T. Dot Com and enter the code. Her name. You'll get twenty percents off your first great on any subscription check them out at girls can create dot COM. And make sure that you use the code. Her name all one word so they know we sent you. Destiny was very much at something that her and Giuseppe thought as tangible thing to the point where she kinda unearth. Feliciano thinking that destiny's this goddess. You think that this is a real person that's like standing here next to you and then he just. Kinda was happy Garibaldi. Later the way he describes this adventure her just absolutely a goddess of war. He talks about her as the you know. The army is coming across the river Under fire under Kantar. Everyone else's huddled down hiding in the boats and she is standing upright in front of the boat with her gun outstretched. Just absolutely fear you will not be cowed and nothing will stop her. Which again bellina this vote just refusing but apparently this isn't just artistic license. She actually did. He actually crossed the river George. Washington's style standing upright and didn't get killed. Yeah I mean. Of course she believed in destiny because she should been killed constantly and she'd never died awesome. It's astonishing what she'd lived through so as the Uruguayan war lines down Giuseppe is out that he is now free to come back to Italy and pursue his dream of a united Italy and so off they go the Airbus on their children to start the next war and as they arrive in Italy she again dives right in. She's campaigning with the people to join in. Do you separate care about the revolutionary plan. And she's basically running PR for his war. Oh Wow convincing. All of the people to come and join in from Brazil and they're in Italy and she's wildly successful so she has learned. Italian has now started to learn to read and write. She is has never learned to read and write. Whoa so she's doing all of this gene being unable to read and write. And Gosh so she ends up. They go from there to his home. Which is he was born and raised in which is now niece France. And that's where the children ended up staying for most time and she starts going back and forth to do the campaign stomping but also she starts fighting on the front. She dresses up as a man to fight for the first time. Oh she was just maybe so well known in South America that she would just fight as herself but in Italy she starts dressing as a man. Oh interesting to fight. Maybe like Italian. Men couldn't handle a woman. Yeah I don't know if people knew she was Anita Garibaldi dressed as a man or if she was actually trying to pass as a man but we do have an amazing photograph of her in her men's clothes at this point to Seppi Garibaldi. These goals are you know modest small. He just wants to completely take over the papal states unify Italy. You know take over. Parts of France and Austria create an entirely New People's revolution. I it's it's a small town but he is determined to push the pope out of Rome. Oh he is determined to create a secular state and that the Catholic Church should not be in a position of government. This is a fairly big deal at this point when all of Rome is a papal states. But they do it. They succeed and they form the first Roman Republic in thousands of years. Tako her own. They kick the Pope and the Catholic Church out of Rome and they take over Rome and declare it the Roman Republic. Wow that is full. On Revolution absolutely revolution and four year. Rome is an independent republic and the other nearby countries aren't too happy about this. You might guess that in this time of spreading revolution. They don't exactly want this going on. And so France and Austria both come raging in to fight against the revolutionaries to very Catholic countries and after a very long siege and a whole lot of history. That again I'm neither qualified nor have time to discuss. The Red Shirts are defeated. Rome falls to the French army and on the retreat out of Rome. Anita Garibaldi catches. What was probably malaria? And she dies on the retreats from Rome at the age of twenty eight she died is on retreat from Rome and they had to bury her just outside of Norby. Now some unfortunate things have been. She gets dug up by dogs and they ended up. They had to cremate her and they put her to rest and it's not a great anding no for her and do Sepe Garibaldi again. Talking about having to leave her in this grave in the shallow grave while they're retreating. Who talked about it? As leaving behind the treasurer of his life the Queen of his soul and he is just shattered this but that is not the end for care. Ball these ashes this or her legacy because she is still recognized as the mother of Italy then she and she is happy created. Italy they together. Yeah they unified a bunch of small kingdoms and papal states and stuck together a country that is a very handy legacy for future people to have used Ha and so in the nineteen thirties. When Mussalini is also waging culture ward and a literal war against the pope? This is a very convenient sewri to take up. Oh as justification and historical predecessor That he can claim just considered in many ways to be like the mother of Italy and they already have his remains. He's buried in Sardinia off the coast of Italy and so they had everything they could of him. In here there was this hero revered mother figure and she was buried in France. You know this is a way for him to bring home this hero. Connect himself to the Unification Story. This point there is already a magnificent statue on Genetic Elam Hill. To Giuseppe Garibaldi. And the pope asked Mussalini to take it down. Oh that shouldn't be there He unseated the pope. He's not a hero. And please take the statue down and Mussalini says actually in fact I am going to put another statue of Anita Garibaldi on the same hill because they were grades. And you don't boss me around so he not only builds this incredible statue of Anita Garibaldi. He sends for her ashes. Well which are now in niece they need to be in. Italy goes and gets her ashes from niece and her ashes are now inside the statue of her. It is also her grave and now instead of justice. Atchoo of Giuseppe Garibaldi. There is this incredible statue of Anita Garibaldi. On her horse gun in hand back just I mean it. Looks like the most fantastic fantasy cowboy art you've ever seen and it's unbelievable. I've never seen a woman depicted like this old woman in a statue and it's amazing. Wow a gorgeous piece of art but it's also so complicated because its most who built it. Yeah coopting this legacy has nothing to do with what he's doing to justify his fascist regime and he really tried to style himself after the all these Garibaldi Army. Where the red shirts he calls his army the blackshirts he is invoking. This legacy of this heroic coppell Over and over again to solidify his position yeah classic when he probably would have hated Anita Garibaldi because his fascist regime is immensely misogynous. Yeah and yet. Even in invoking her such an odd statue for him to choose because in the way he talked about Anita Garibaldi. It was always about her as mother. Mother of her mother of the Nation Pass in traditional mothering. Figure which is the opposite of everything that she was. They emphasize the mother aspect. For like when you see her. The foot of Giuseppi Statue. They really emphasized the mother of her. I don't think she would have been too fond of him. That's interesting so like if they were presenting her as mother. You'd expect a statue would be motherly. Yeah but don't cheese instead. She's this airtight time Roic. Yeah it's so fascinating and I just the psychology of choices so interesting you know. It does the first time I saw my gut response before I knew anything about her was. Yeah just yes. She is awesome. I don't even care who she is. And so I'm sure it worked on that level fearlessly confronting the enemy but but what a complicated legacy now for her to have this dual legacy of what she really did and the way she was used and literally the way her body was used after her death To to signify nationalistic goals. That didn't align at all with her nationalistic goals and and for a nation that she is not from. The mother of Italy is Brazilian. That's that's amazing. Yeah a Brazilian Gaucho. And did she have any nationalistic goals rushing in all kinds of countries everywhere? If she just a fighter yeah he's if he's Han Solo and and of course she gets marginalized and left out of the story in in all of the men writing about her now. Finally with people like Dianne over not so when people trying to bring her story back we have the true story. But if he's Han Solo. Who is she she yeah? She's not Princess Leia. We don't have a female Han Solo. We don't have an icon. We don't have an Avatar for that. Maybe that's why it's so complicated. Mussalini to take her story. Because how do you tell this story? What even isn't story. I guess he created the Avatar a fierce horse with a gun which you we don't have an Avatar for that but right they have one in Greece. Yeah Yeah they've got sees the Avatar. She is in Greece. Your boob Alina in Brazil in Uruguay and in Italy. You're at any DIG Air Ball. So what are the sources we have on her to know her real story right because she she couldn't read or write off so she didn't write her life down in this case we must all be incredibly grateful for gossip and for unethical. Priests she had this conversation with a woman named Feliciana and Feliciana. You gotTa love that Little Dos from the nineteen th century. Because thanks to her. We have the record of her. In her own words she talked to Anita go home and scribbled down her whole conversation. That was such a treasure for me especially in writing this book. She just started talking to this neighbor and they would meet for coffee and just discuss their lives and Donna was so staggered by the stories. Coming out of this woman that every time they would meet she would run home and write them down right down. Anita gear have all these words in her journal? And say you won't believe what. Anita told me today and now we have this incredible first-person archive of an how Anita her own life. Oh cool and that's the source material that Dan was able to use to uncover some of these things that have never been told or that have been told wrong or that has been downplayed or race cool and then in a moderately unethical turn. We also have her confession to the priests that we mentioned earlier. T. should not happen sharing with laundering. How do we know that? But he did. And this confession actually came about because in her conversations with Feliciana. It came up that she wasn't actually married teaches at the and Feliciano had a panic attack about that. 'cause she's a good. Catholic woman and so she got this priest involved and a scheme to get Giuseppe and Anita married and when she went in to talk to the priest about everything the priest asked her to confess their sins and out of that comes the last story. I wanted to talk about which I think is fascinating and heartbreaking and incredibly illuminating at also incredibly unsettling a whatever this priest expected to hear. I don't think it was this. She said I WANNA impress in Vanity. And he was kinda thrown off by this because she was not as bait long and that's when she tells a story about what happened in the battlefield from her perspective. It wasn't about just finding her husband's body additive. Ocean it was what if he is dead and if he was fed she could have a life of her own apart from him she could be just as famous as him and those were the thoughts that were going through her mind when she was eight months pregnant on the battlefield. People to know my name. Wow now bearing in mind everything that we know about this marriage that this was a devoted passionate absolutely loving marriage. This story is confounding I think it it really demonstrates how desperate someone can beat to be known for themselves to be their own agent to be recognized for their own individual identity instead of as an adjunct. Yeah few something else that even in this apparently happiest of marriages most devoted and loving marriage. She feels so overshadow under her husband's name that her worst sin she can confess. Is that for a moment? She thought about what it might be like to be known for herself. Wow I can't stop thinking about it because it's so complicated And you can imagine this poor priest trying to deal with this. This is how many hail Marys for wanting to be what a light she had. And even though this belief in destiny saved her life over and over and made her the terrifying warrior it really seems to have also tracked her in this belief that that her destiny was so inextricably tied to gop destiny. Yeah Yeah I don't know how to think about this. Yeah did she want this destiny for did she feel stuck in it? Yeah maybe a belief in destiny is comforting in that way like you were talking about at the beginning. Yeah couldn't have been anything different. It's useless to think about what might have because because destiny. Put me here interesting. Because she's the heroine of two continents. Yeah but almost like there. Is this disconnect between the two where Italy sees her very much as the bone and Oh yes. She's Brazilian and Brazil and Uruguay. See Her as their own and she goes up to all of those places claim her yeah and sort of disregard the other half of her life that she is a Brazilian hero. Who and they barely mentioned the Italy stuff. She is the mother of Italy. Yeah no mention is made of her Brazilian experience that need to claim an icon. Right make her hours and make her uncomplicated. Yeah is never clearer when two people are doing it at the same time And that the truth of that very complicated double icon. Legacy is way more interesting. So that's why I run should read the book. It'll be release on August fifth. Which is the anniversary of the day that Anita Garibaldi died? Oh I'm glad she has a statue. She has several statues. She has a statue. Laguna has a statue in Uruguay. Just two statues in Italy. That's awesome as you said. There are streets named after her that she does have her story in these places and that the rest of us just need to start paying. Attention awesome huge. Thanks today Hanadova. Also whose novel. The woman in red comes out on August fifth and our intern Isabella Martinez. If you'd like to learn more about Anita Garibaldi and find links to books photographs pictures of the amazing statue and several other statues of Anita Garibaldi. That we were talking about visit our website at what's your name. Podcast DOT COM there. You can also sign up to become one of our patriots supporters. You could support us for little as a dollar a month and we have great. Thank you gifts like our trading cards your own. Thank you on an episode of. What's her name? And lots of custom cross stitch patterns become a supporter at our website. What's the name PODCAST DOT COM and Click donate? You can also follow us on instagram twitter and facebook where we post lots of photos each week. Music for this episode was provided by Alejandro. Crashy Amanda Settling Wilson Letaba Doug Maxwell and Jeff Kuno. Our theme song was composed performed by Daniel Foster Smith. What's her name is produced by. Olivia Michael and Katie. Nelson and this episode was edited by Olivia Mickle.

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