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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Nora Raum. Hong Kong seeing some of the worst violence since the pro democracy protests began nearly six months cingo demonstrators have been holed up in a university now. Police are reportedly moving in with rubber bullets tear gas and batons. The protesters are attempting to escape. Eh being rounded up by security forces. NPR's Julia McCarthy has been following the story. The culmination of this clash has focused a global spotlight on the increasingly violent and desperate protests stretching. Six months it has focused too on the growing aggressiveness of the Hong Kong. Police who overnight warned they would deploy live bullets. Let's if the protesters did not cease. Police arrested dozens as they tried to flee. The building. Unrest has raised doubts about whether elections scheduled for next week. We'll we'll take place Julie McCarthy. NPR News Hongkong. Meanwhile Hong Kong's High Court Monday struck down on emergency law that had banned protesters from wearing face masks to hide their identity. President trump is attacking an impeachment inquiry witness ahead of her public testimony. This week in treat in a tweet trump calls White House staffer Jennifer Williams Williams. I never trumper. NPR's Bobby Allen reports Williams is an AIDS Vice President Mike Pence for Europe and Russia. She listened to the July twenty fifth call between trump and the the president of Ukraine as was happening William says she was taking notes House. Lawmakers on Saturday released a transcript of her closed door testimony in it. William says is the July call was quote unusual and inappropriate saying she was taken aback by what she called. Trump's personal political agenda trump's tweet about her questioning in her loyalty comes before she and seven other. Witnesses are scheduled to give public depositions later this week Bobby Allen. NPR News Washington New York State Governor Andrew. CUOMO CUOMO is ordering the state. Police Hate Crimes Task Force. To investigate racial problems that have surfaced at Syracuse University. In recent weeks Tom Kerala from member station W. R. V. O. Reports members of Syracuse University fraternity allegedly harassed a black woman and yelled racial slurs. She walked by them Saturday night. In response. University suspended one fraternity and the social activities of all its fraternities about two weeks ago. Racist Graffiti Viti aimed at black and Asian students was found at a residence hall. Students became upset. That only those who lived on the floors involved were informed about the incident by administrators administrators since then swastika more racial slurs and a hateful email have been reported. A student sit in is ongoing. Students want school. Officials goes to address issues of racism on campus for. NPR News. I'm Tom MAGNA rally. In Syracuse police in Fresno California are investigating a mass shooting at uh-huh football watching party Sunday. They say at least nine people were shot some fatally this is. NPR news from Washington. The checks are marking thirty years since their velvet revolution which saw communism fall across. What was then Czechoslovakia? Teri Schultz reports on the the latest calls for change in that country three decades ago check. Police brutally attacked students protesting communist rule strengthening the opposition movement that pushed the communist meanest party from power many checks their current leader to quit his job to prime minister. Andrei Babich a populist. Billionaire was required to transfer ownership of his businesses is to trust funds when his party. I won a parliamentary majority in two thousand seventeen but he's accused of maintaining control. Bobby also under investigation by the EU commemorations nations. Sunday were celebratory. But the night before an estimated quarter million people marched through Prague many of them waving e you flags to demand Baba's either get rid of the businesses uses in media. He still owns or resigned by December. Thirty first bobby rejects the allegations for NPR news. I'm Teri Schultz in Brussels. Much of Venice is flooded again. The the city saw another exceptionally high tides Sunday. For the third time in five days the city has seen the worst week of flooding officials began keeping statistics in eighteen seventy two. They closed historic saint. Mark's Square and Saint Mark's basilica was locked to the public most stores and museums were also closed elsewhere in Italy. Floods hit Florence and Pisa. The problem in Zimbabwe is not enough water. The African countries experiencing the worst drought in decades officials say more than two hundred elephants across the country have died from a lack of food and water. I'm Nora Raum N._P._R.. News in Washington.

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